Lake Effect (2023)

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Horror, Scary, Halloween Movie Collection.
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Lake Effect (2023)

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I'm telling you.

If you Noah would've

just made that field goal,

things would have been

all been different, you know?

We would have won four in a row, you know?

The whole city would have been different?

Yeah, well... Yeah, we probably

would have won five,

- six in a row, you know?

- What if, right?

Yeah, that's...

Let's throw that anywhere.

Hey, what do I care?

It's not my property.

Yeah, but it belongs to my mother.

And the way things have been going lately,

she's gonna meet her maker any day now,

leaving this all to me.

Yeah, well,

it's too late to go back to look for it.

I, I forgot where I threw it.

In short for you don't give a sh*t.

You called it like you see it there.

I can't get anything by you, can I?

Hey, when are you gonna

bring Kyle out here with us?

- Ah.

- He's old enough

to hunt with the men now.

You know, Kyle's soft.

He, he just doesn't have the

stomach for this kind of thing.

Yeah, but he wouldn't have to hunt.

You know, it would do him some good

to get outta that house and,

and to bond with some older men.

Well, g*dd*mn kids

these days, you know, they,

they just don't have

any kind of appreciation

for this kind of stuff.

I mean, example,

last time I asked him to

come out here, uh, he said,

he acted like I was asking him to go

to boarding school or something.

I mean, it's just a weekend with,

with your pops, Steve.

I, I'm sorry I even asked.

It's a shame.


He's coddled, I mean, that little sh*t.

Can't say that I don't love him, though.

Do you see that?

Yeah, I, I did.

Storm death toll is rising tonight.

So far, seven people have d*ed

in incidents directly related

to this massive winter storm.

County and state officials

cannot stress enough,

stay off of the roads.

It's simply not safe to be out.

By going out tonight,

you're not only putting yourself in danger,

but the lives of others as well.

Storm-related deaths on the rise.

Now, seven people have d*ed

during this lake effect event.

The roads so bad,

first responders having a hard time

transporting those who are truly in need.

Again, county and state

officials can not stress enough,

do not leave your home.

Of course, if there is an emergency,

call the first responders at 911.

Hey, where are you going in such a hurry?

Grandpa, I'm going to Sarah's.

You should lay down, you need your rest.

Ah, sit down, boy.

Sit down with me.

I don't have too much time.

What's up?

Jay, what are doing with yourself?

I don't wanna sit here and be lectured.

No, no, listen to me.

When I was your age, I could

Yeah, yeah, I know.

You were in the army,

had a family of your own,

blah, blah, blah.

No, I didn't have time to be a kid.

I had to grow up too fast.

I just wonder if you're happy, Jay.

I don't know.

I know.

There will come a day in your life

when you will ask yourself:

"Is this what I'm supposed to do?"

You may not get a choice.

Like now you can do whatever you like

that makes you happy,

but someday you're gonna

have to stop being a follower,

stop taking the easy path.

You're gonna have to be a leader.

And you're gonna have to make a decision

that's gonna scare you.

And there's gonna be consequences

no matter which path you take.

But then people will to you for answers,

and that's the day

you'll know you're a man.

Well, thanks for the wisdom, old man.

But I gotta get going.

Aye, all right.

See ya.



Sarah, breakfast is almost ready.

There's hot water on the stove

if you wanna make some tea.

Actually, I want some cocoa.


Over 75 inches in

three days, a new record.

Wow, that's crazy.

Yeah, and 132 miles of the I90 closed.

Looks like I won't be

going to work for a while.

Well, I think it's safe to say

that no one's going anywhere for a while.

I know if I don't get

out of this house soon,

I'm gonna go crazy.

Sarah, please, don't do anything foolish.

It's dangerous out there.

Mom, I'm 20.

It's not like I'm a kid still.

You live with your mom and dad

and you don't pay your rent or bills.

You're not grown up yet.


Oh, deadbeat Jay is here to save the day.

Hi, Mr. Seaver, Mrs. Seaver.


I'd love some.

Hi, Jay.

Happy you could make it.

Thanks, Mr. S.

Can I get some cocoa?

Sure, Jay.

Thanks. You're the best.


These eggs are chronic.

What do you put in them?

Nothing special.



You are such a good cook.

That is genius.

So, Jay, any luck finding a job?

That's a funny story, actually.

Actually looking at the

time, we gotta get going.

Molly and Kyle are waiting for us.

But I didn't even finish my cocoa.

Oh, please, don't stay on our account.

I guess I'll just bring it with me.

I hate to just come in

here and eat and leave.

We'll get some quality

time together, I promise.

Oh, goody.

Thanks for the grub, Mrs. S.

You're welcome, Jay.

So, wanna have sex?


Hey, Molly.

Mind if Jay and I stop by?

Cool. We'll see you soon.

I thought you were already

planning something with Molly.

No, that was just an

excuse to get us at the house

because my parents hate you.

Your parents love me.

It's okay, Jay, they hate me too.

You, maybe; Me, no.

I bring excitement to their life.

Plus they make me food all the time.

If they didn't like me,

they wouldn't make me food.

What's wrong? Why are you stopping?

I just thought I saw something.

I'm so cold,

my penis shrunk into my body

and it feels like I'm f*cking myself.

Can we keep moving?

That's, you're disgusting.

- Hey, Molly.

- Hey.

Oh my god, you're freezing.

I know. It's so cold out there.

Do you want some coffee?

- Yes, please.

- Okay.

- Kyle, man.

- Hey.

I don't know what that is.

Dude, I'm so thirsty.

Can you grab me a beer or something?


Hey, what time is it?

It's time to drink.


It's a big mess in the South towns,

as you probably know.

Hamburg, one of the hardest hit areas,

with many people having a

tough time getting out the door,

let alone out their driveway.

The snow falling all morning.

And "7 Eyewitness News" reporter Ed Riley

has been there through it all.

Here in the town of Hamburg,

the conditions continue

to be absolutely horrible.

It's crazy, man.

There are still people

stuck out there right now.

I seen plow trucks in the ditch

on my way home last night.

It's unreal.

A friend of mine opened her door

and there was a wall of

snow on the other side.

Man, I wish I had a snowmobile.

I've never seen anything like this.

It's crazy.

And the weird part

is that Niagara County has

hardly seen anything yet,

but we're getting slammed

with six feet plus in snow.

Wow, it's so unreal.

Hey, good news is we

can stay in all day and party.

That's all you do anyways, Jay.

Yeah, but now y'all can join me

without feeling guilty about it.

And again, road conditions

are just terrible here... Speaking of which,

- who needs a beverage?

- They're advising everyone

- to stay off the roads.

- Dude,

you're the only one drinking this early.

- And that's a big problem...

- Stop taking all my beers.

- For emergency crews.

- Dude, I'll get you back.

- Relax.

- Yeah, I bet.

To see what was happening there.

And you can see that

conditions are nearly a whiteout

in front of the fire hall.

And inside, crews from

rural metro were watching.

Erie County executive Mark Poloncarz

talked about the state of emergency,

but they also said they've

had quite a challenge.

Can we do something?

All we've done in the past couple days

is listen to this crap.

Yeah, seriously, it's,

it's making me stir crazy.

Dad, it's me, Kyle.

Listen, I'm worried about you.

Will you please call me back

so that I know that you're okay?

Still no answer?

He hasn't taken any of

my calls in the past two days,

and he's in the worst of this.

Maybe he lost power and

he can't charge his phone.

That's what I'm worried about.

No power for two days,

he's gonna freeze.

Should we go check on him?

There's a driving ban right now.

There's no way we're getting out there.

Dude, you're gonna

let a driving ban stop you?

You're right.

He's my dad.

Listen, will you guys go out there with me?

I could use an adventure.

Count me in.

Of course I'll go with you, hun.

You know I'm in.


Let's go.

There is a travel ban,

so we urge people to stay off the road

so they're not blocking the road

so we can get to calls,

and that.

And as I was leaving,

there was another call of an ambulance

stuck with a patient on board.

Oh, sh*t!

Crews were heading out, you can see

- Hello there.

- Morning.

Where are you heading?

I'm going to see my dad.

He's in the South towns right now,

and I haven't heard

from him in a couple days.

Everything's blocked off this way.

Nobody's coming in or out.

Okay, well, he's been pretty sick lately.

So is there somebody that

can go check on him for me

and make sure everything's all right?

Well, we're doing the best we can,

but we can't get any vehicles through

to help some of these people out.

I mean, we will get there,

I'm just not sure when.

Hell, even the snowmobiles

are getting stuck.

Okay, well, what do you want me to do?

Because I can't just wait all this out.

Your best bet is to try to

contact one of his neighbors

and see if they can check on him.

I'm sorry, but that's the

best I can offer right now.

Okay. Thank you, officer.

Yep. So long.

So now what do we do?

Go home?

We find another way.

Let's do this.

To everything and anything.

Hold on.



Hold on, lemme step

outside so I can hear you.

Frank, where are you going?

We're gonna do another sh*t.

We just did a sh*t.

I'll be right back in.

He's not going back in.

He's a liar.

He don't like to have fun.

Forget about him.

Let's do sh*ts.

Sorry about that, man. I'm here.

Hey, man,

I'm trying to get to my dad's

and the roads are blocked.

Are you close by?

No, man, I walked over

to Jesse's house, you know,

pass the time.

I can check on him

later if you want, though.

No, forget it.

I'm working on another plan.

- Thanks.

- All right, Kyle.

Stay warm, man.

What the hell?

This can't be real.

Monica, where's my gloves?

Check your pockets.

Why do you keep doing that?

Where are you going?

I'm going out to help Doug

dig out some driveways,

maybe drop off some supplies to open doors?

Just be careful.

Of course.


Yo, dog, you wanna hit that sh*t though?

Nah, I'm good, man.

Hey, pal, don't be a bitch, yo.

f*ck you.

We cool. We cool.

Yo, bitch, you gonna hit that sh*t?

Nah, yo.

I get drug tested, dog.

True that.

Yo, so listen up.

I got a plan, yo.

I'm not even gonna ask.

f*ck. I'm gonna tell

you anyway, m*therf*cker.

You my accomplices.

All right, so here it is.

Yo, all this snow,

it's got the five-o blocked out and sh*t.

All them streets be closed.

Yeah, nobody's coming up there

to open up them shops and sh*t.

It's prime opportunity

for us to go out there

and start busting up that

sh*t and stealing that sh*t.

You know what I'm saying, dude?

Yo, we ain't looting sh*t, dog.

It's too f*cking cold, man.


It's ours for the taking.

I'ma get myself a 1080p m*therf*cking TV.

Get myself a DVD m*therf*cking player.

You know what I'm saying, dog?

I'ma get myself a

PS-m*therf*cking-4, m*therf*cker.

I gonna hit up that liquor store

and get a bottle of Cristal.

And all 'em b*tches are

gonna be coming up in here.

Yo, f*ck you, Jimmy!

Look at this sh*t, man.

I'm sick of this sh*t.

You used to be a suburbanite-ass white kid

till you saw a Ice T video,

now you think y'all gangster and sh*t.

This is our f*cking town.

What you think this is, Ferguson?

You be busting sh*t up?

Yo, those are our people

running them f*cking shops.

f*cking idiot.

Yeah, where's your sense of community?

Yo, I didn't choose the thug lie,

it chose me.

Yo, let's get the outta here.

f*ck it.

Get outta here, b*tches.

f*ck you.



What the f*ck?

What, you think this is

Halloween, m*therf*cker?

Yo, Jimmy. It's Jay, man.

Just looking for some magic.

Hit me up.

- Damn it.

- Magic?

Oh, yeah, that was my weed dealer.

I was just trying to score some reefer.

Are you serious?

The city is in a state of an emergency

and you're trying to buy weed?

I need to stock up before

I'm stuck in my house

for a week.


I don't even know what

to say to you right now,

just wow.

You need to lighten

up a little bit, Molly.

- Excuse me?

- All, guys, cool it.

Listen, everyone get out, okay?

We gotta walk from here.


Yeah, we can't drive any further, okay?

We gotta try to walk in.

And if anyone says anything to us,

we'll just tell 'em that

we live at my dad's

and we're going home.

Come on, Jay.

Let's go.

How you feeling?

Like I'm getting a

little bit too old for this.


how about we run some supplies in

after this last driveway then?

That sounds just right.

All right.

Am I hallucinating

or did you just see that too?

I, I haven't had much

to drink yet, have I?

I mean, those are g*dd*mn aliens.

Don't come any closer.

W-we don't understand.

Who is it?

I don't know.

I, I think that creature's trying to use it

to communicate with me.

What do you want?

We are not your enemy.

We seek your help.

Holy sh*t!

What's happening?

I have no idea.

Our transport malfunctioned

and crash landed here.

We were not meant to

make this confrontation.

Can that thing take photos?

No documentation.

We will leave you unharmed,

but this encounter must be kept between us.

How can you understand us

if you don't speak our language directly?

Our comprehension apparatus

is capable of helping us

understand you; However,

speaking is made more effortless

through your electronic devices.

Tell us, do we have an agreement?

We won't harm you in

exchange for your non-disclosure.

I don't think you're in the

position to be making threats.

I mean, I've got the g*n.

I, I, I make the calls.

Henry, we're talking

with alien creatures here?

I'm not scared of 'em.

This could be huge for us.

Uh, let's not do anything crazy.

Think of all they could offer us.

Think of if we k*ll these things


We could show off

their bodies and their ship.

- Yeah.

- Yeah.

Think before you act.

We have been here since

the existence of your kind.

We are the guardians of this planet.

Choose to help us and you will be rewarded

with gifts beyond your mortal dreams.

Choose to defy us and you

will reap the wrath of our gods.

You're all talk.

Gimme some proof and

maybe I'll reconsider my options.

Careful, Henry.

I'm not scared of them.

Heat wave, Chicago, 1995,

739 dead.

North American drought, 1988,

5 to 10,000 dead.

Hurricane of Galveston, 1900,

6 to 12,000 dead.

We are responsible

for every natural disaster

in your history.

These are what we call the cleansing.

For millenniums,

humans have been destroying this planet,

neglecting their gifts from

the gods, harming each other,

doing incomprehensible evils to one another

for a moment of pleasure

or to better themselves above all others.

We are here to observe, document,

and report on your behavior.

We see all that you do.

If k*ll you, you mean,

th-then I'm doing the world a favor?

We are merely pawns.

k*lling us would only bring you death.

What's in it for us i-if we help you?

Say no word of our existence

and we will spare your lives.

I want more than that.


We are not the kind for second chances,

though we can see through

your shell into a man:

A father, a man in pain.

How do you know that?

We are willing to give you a second chance

and take away your pain,

but you both must promise us

that you will live a meaningful life

absent of the evils of man.

Cause no pain to another of your kind

and we will cure you of illness

and protect you from this world.

Maybe he's not here.

Then we're gonna have

to find another way in.

KOKW calling.

Come in.

KOKW calling.

I'm on international frequency.

Come in.


They can't bear to see their image,

it repels them.

Mm mm.

I'd like to say it's my own recipe,

but I know you watched me empty the bag.

It's really delicious, though.

So what are your plans for Thanksgiving?

Monica and I are just gonna have dinner

at home alone.

You know the two of you can have dinner

with my family this year.

I've gotta warn you though,

there are a lot of them

and they are loud and obnoxious people.

Monica doesn't really like

being around people these days, so...

I really appreciate it, though.

Sorry, I, I didn't mean to.

But even if just you wanna

get away from the house

for a little while, come over and join us.

I'll save a seat for you at the table.

So either way, if you wanna come over

Just stop, please.


Yeah, yeah.

Hi, hi, hi.

It's, it's me, Steve again.

Yeah, um, y

Yeah, I'm looking at the

hot water t*nk right now,

and it seems to be working fine.

It's just, uh, I'm not getting

any hot water in the house.


H- hello?

Are, are, are you there?


W- w-w-who's there?

I'm calling the cops.

Wha-what the hell?

What do you want from me?

The time has come for you all to die.

What, what, what for?

We are the guardians of the district.

You have polluted the

sector, mistreated each other.

You have abused and neglected

everything we have given you.

You are selfish, you are weak.

The district must be purified.

You're mistaken.

I, I haven't done anything.

You are a liar, an immoral deviant.

You will atone for your transgressions,

you and everyone else in this district.

He's not home.

H-how do you know about that?

Nobody knows.

Get outta my head.

Now what?

I know he keeps a key

underneath the rocks out front.

I know it's around here somewhere.

Dude, just get out of the way.

Lights aren't working.

It's freezing in here.


Kyle, get in here!


Okay, I'm coming.



He, he's ice cold.

I should have been here sooner.

This is not your fault.





My father's dead.

He's frozen.

You okay?

Something is not right here.

I do not feel comfortable.

We need to leave.

72 Headley.


How long is this gonna take?

How long?

They said it could be up to six hours.

The storm's coming, Kyle.

I'm not leaving my father here alone.

Then we stay.


Look, I know emotions

are very high right now,

but we have to stay here

and support our friend.

We have no power.

The storm is coming.

If we don't leave now, we won't be able to.

I'll try to get the power back on.

I'll gather some

blankets in the meantime.

Thanks, Molly.


- No!

- sh*t.

New York State Police sent out a message

that they had over 100 cars

stuck near the Lackawanna tolls.

And, again, road conditions

are just terrible here.

And they're advising

everyone to stay off the road

because you will get stuck,

and that's a big problem

for our emergency crews.

Part of my walk this morning,

I went up to the Scranton Fire Hall

to see what was happening

Do you really think anyone's

gonna come out in this?

We don't have any power.

We should have left.

Look, even if I did

wanna leave right now,

it's not even possible, okay?

We'd have to walk all the way to the car

in the dark

in this.

So you don't need to keep talking about it.

We're gonna be fine.

I'm going to get something to drink.

Anybody thirsty?

I don't suppose there's any way

we can make some cocoa right now, is there?

No, sorry.

Well, look, my dad usually

keeps a bottle of whiskey

in the kitchen cupboard.

That ought a warm us up a little bit.

Oh, hell yeah.

Four glasses coming right up.

Everything all right?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Ah, yes.

Sweet nectar of the gods.

To my father.

To his stubbornness, his vices,

and his heart.

And his terrible taste in whiskey.

You know, he always told me

it was about the quantity

of the drink, not the quality,

how by the time he was done drinking,

he didn't even remember

what it tasted like anyways.

That's just an excuse

to buy the cheap stuff.

Don't you insult my

father in his own house.

Sorry, Henry.


So, hey,

Jay and I were in the back of

my dad's car one time, right,

riding around in the parking lot

on some quality or something,

waiting for my mom to

get done grocery shopping.

And my dad, he gets bored,

so he starts driving

around in circles backwards

in the parking lot.

Large circles around the whole lot,

in reverse.

Yeah, around and around,

yelling at people as he drives by.

So some employee walks

out wearing an apron,

and he's marking down prices on some sh*t.

And dad yells out to him,

"Skirts and g*ns?


Well, that went out years ago!"

Oh, no.

Oh, your dad was hilarious.

Never a dull moment.

I'm really gonna miss him, man.


me too.

Well, I gotta take a piss.

Thanks for letting everybody know.

You wanna hold it for me?

Get outta here.


Oh, yeah, that's good.


Oh, man.

What, did you fall in?

Dude, I swear I saw

something looking at me

through the window, man.

So a peeping to was watching you?

Whatever it was, it wasn't human.

It's just the storm.

The dark's playing tricks on you.

I don't often piss

all over myself, Molly,

unless if I have a good reason.

And how often is that?

I'm serious, Kyle.

Now do you believe me?

Oh, man up, Jay.

It's just a storm.

Molly, wait.


We need to leave this house.

Oh my god.


Leave her alone.

What do you want from us?

You're all going to die tonight.

No, no, no.

No, no.

No, no, no. No, no, no.



Is she okay?

She's dead.

What the hell is going on here, man?

We have to leave, Jay.

I want to go home.

Is anybody in there?

It's the paramedic.

We have to tell him to leave.

He can help us.

It won't open.

Help us!

Open the door.

I can't. It's stuck.

Oh my god. No!

Son of bitch.

f*ck me! We need to leave now.

We need to run.

Now's our only chance.

I'm not leaving her.

She's dead, g*dd*mn it!

You'll be the same if

you don't come with us.

I don't care anymore.

You son of a bitch.

We've been friends since we were kids.

I'm not gonna let you die here.


We have to go!

Damn it, Kyle.


What are we going to do?

The paramedic had to get here somehow.

Maybe there's an ambulance

or something close by.

What if he has the keys?

Let's hope he doesn't.

When is it enough?

When restitution is paid.

For what?

For everything you have done.

I don't care anymore.

You son of a bitch.

We've been friends since we were kids.

I'm not gonna let you die like this.


It's pretty tough driving.

So, again, the advice to everyone today

is to stay home and

especially stay off the roads.

And here in Hamburg,

we don't know when

the snow is gonna let up,

but right now

What are we doing here?

My cell's dead.

Let's see if we can't go inside

and call for some help.


Smartphones, right?

Let's go see if the garage is open.


Yeah, we need help.



Is there anybody in here?

Same bullshit.

Looks like no one's gonna

be able to come out here

for another six hours or so.

Should we just try to get home?

I don't know.

We should be safe in here for now.

Besides, with my sense of direction,

I'm not even sure which way home is.

We should start a fire.

That's the best idea I've heard all night.

This is the warmest I've been all day.

I love it.

If only I had a hot cup of cocoa

and some warm brownies right now,

my life would be complete.

Do you think Kyle's

still alive out there?

I hope so.

That thing, whatever it was,

I've never heard or seen

anything like it before.

Maybe it's just nature's

way of getting back at us

for slowly destroying the world.

Either way,

I don't think anyone's ever

gonna believe any of this.

Me neither.

Hey, Nick, what's going on?

Hey, Doug.

I just need to get outta the house.

I can't sleep.

I just need you to send

me in the right direction.

I just can't get my mind off of, well,

you know.

Yeah, of course.

I just heard a call come over the scanner

that there's two kids held

up in a garage out your way.

I'll text you the address.

Looks like they're just

trying to find their way home.

Okay, I'll swing by

there to help them out.

Thanks, Doug.

No problem.

Monica, it's Doug.

I'm gonna say something to you

I should have said a year ago.

I know you're hurting

because you lost your son.

Well, Nick is too,

and you can't keep blaming

him for what happened.

Your husband's still

alive and he needs you.

When he got in that accident,

he didn't just lose his son,

he lost everything.

He lost the love from his wife, his son,

and any love he had for himself.

He goes out of his way every day,

giving everything he has

to help people, hoping somehow,

some way it's gonna take away all the pain,

that it's gonna balance things out.

Well, guess what, honey?

It's not helping.

He needs you.

So stop being selfish,

stop acting like your whole life

is already over because it's not.

Forgive your husband.

He already,

he already carries enough guilt around

for the both of you.

I say this because I love you both

and I miss my friends.

Thank you.


I'm sorry.

I know that Danny's

death was not your fault.

And I just want you to know

that I don't blame you.

And I'm so sorry

for the way that I've been treating you.

I just want you to come home.

I want us to start again.

I love you.

How long has it been?

I'm not sure.

Long enough.

Is that me?

I thought your phone d*ed.

I thought your phone d*ed too.

Okay, that's starting

to freaking the f*ck out.



Is anybody there?


You're all going to die tonight.

Sarah, don't be afraid.

Come towards me right now.

What is going on?

Sarah, just come here.

We're getting outta here.

What are they?

I don't wanna stick around and find out.

Let's go.

It won't open.

f*ck this.


Everything okay?

Yeah. Yeah, I think it is now.

Who are you?

My name's Nick.

I heard you needed help.

I'm here to rescue you.

I'm Jay, this is Sarah.

Nice to meet you, Jay, Sarah.

How'd you kids get out here anyway?

It's a long story.

You wouldn't even

believe us if we told you.

Well, I'm sure you've

been here long enough.

It's time to get you kids home.

Are you kidding me?

Who would have done this?

More like what.

Is there something you need to tell me?

Get back in the garage.

- What the hell is that?

- Get back

in the garage, Nick!

Does somebody wanna

tell me what's going on here?

That thing, whatever it is,

it's been stalking us all night.


it's k*lled people.

I told you you wouldn't believe it.

What does it want?

It wants us to die.

Well, that doesn't leave

the odds in our favor, does it?

Do you have a g*n?


Is there anyone else we can call?

Nobody is gonna come out in this storm.

We already called the police.

No offense,

but I hope you're not

who they sent to rescue us.

No, I, I heard it over the scanner

and I came out.

They might be here soon then.

Maybe we should wait.

Do you really wanna wait here, Sarah?

What other choice do we have?

Does that thing lock?

Not from the inside.

There's nothing we can do for your son.

I'm sorry.

Monica, If I could take his place,

you know I would.

What are you doing?

That thing will k*ll you!

Leave them alone.

They don't deserve this.

You are all going to die tonight.


You have no choice.

I lived with despair,

I will not die in despair.

Take me and let them go.

There is no bargaining.

For what purpose do they need to die?

They're just kids.

What purpose do they live?

Who made you the judge?

I am judgment,

and your day has come.

Then end this, you son of a bitch,

and let them go.

Please, let me die knowing

I did something that matters.

Very well.

He's dead.


is it over?

I hope so.

There's someone here.

Oh my god!

Sarah, where have you been?

- Mom!

- Oh, we've been so worried.

I have some water on the stove

if you wanna warm up.

What happened?

Are you okay?

I don't even know where to start.

Oh, did you get caught in the storm?

Oh, you don't know the half of it.


And what's your plans

for the rest of the day?

I was hoping to spend

some time with you, Grandpa.

What do you got going on?

Oh, not a g*dd*mn thing.


You know, when I was your age,

one time we get so much snow.

We were snowed in for weeks, no snow plows,

that it was family time,

the kids were happy.

Oh my goodness gracious, we had a ball.

I am sorry, ma'am.

She's a nice girl. Dougie.

You need a nice girl.

Yeah, she's a little thin,

but she comes from a wealthy family.

I'll invite you two over

for lunch sometime.

Aunt Bernice, I don't

need your help with women.

I love you and I appreciate it,

but please stop.

She's got a sister.

She's a little thicker.

You can see she knows

her way around a kitchen.

Maybe I could bring her over for you,

see what you think.

We're getting ready to say Grace, Dougie.

What are you doing?

Leslie, your sister was distracting me.

Please get her out of here.

Oh, stop it.

You are just afraid of women

and you want someone to blame.

B, like I said, I love you,

but if it wasn't Thanksgiving,

I'd choke you.

Marcia Thompson's got a daughter

that's into that sort of

stuff if that's what you like.

I find it repulsive, but,

you know, her girls,

they have no self-respect.

Oh, Jesus Christ.

I'm just gonna sit down.

Don't use the Lord's name in vain.

Sorry, Leslie.

Okay, everyone's here.

Let's say grace.

Bless us, O Lord, and these, thy gifts,

which we are about to

receive from thy bounty.

Through Christ our Lord.



It was hard to explain

what happened to everyone.

I wouldn't have believed it myself.

Hell, most of the time I just lie about it,

say it was a storm that k*lled Molly, Nick,

and the others.

I guess that's not lying.

The creature, whatever it

was, came with the storm,

so in a way it's true.

For some reason, Kyle

was spared that night,

I guess we all were,

but he changed.

Molly meant the world to him,

and his whole world was taken away.

The way I see it is we

were spared for a reason.

So now I owe it to Nick

to make sure that I keep pressing on,

that I make this life count,

because if not,

then he d*ed for nothing.

They did something to me, I feel it.

We hold you accountable

for the rest of the

humans in this district.

Break this commitment to us

and everyone here will pay the consequences

for your actions.

We will send a cataclysm

of momentous proportions to your realm.

Do you understand?

I, I understand.

Yes, I understand.

Do you believe anything that thing said?

I, I don't know how to explain it to you.

They did something to me.

I feel different.

I feel better than I

have in my entire life.

Of course I believe that.

Yeah, but, but what

about what you said before,

a- about the money we could have had

if we would have proved

those creatures existed?

What about that, huh?

Well, don't you see that,

that it's bigger than this, Steve?

I mean, they, they just

gave me a new chance.

They gave us a purpose.

Don't screw that up for us.



Come in.

Sir, this is the footage

I wanted you see.

Good. Bring it here.

What the...

Oh my god!

I had a feeling you'd say that.

Is this the only copy?

Sot the kid says, but who knows?

And has anyone else seen this?

You, me, and the kid.



Let's keep it that way.

Whatever you say, boss.

Sir, I have something here

you're going to wanna see.

The police confiscated the footage

I sh*t with my video camera.

I did my best not to ever

talk about those creatures,

but somewhere along

the way the word got out.

We were never given a second chance.

There was no warning.

At first the county froze over.

People were freezing to

death by the thousands.

Before we knew it,

the entire state was in a permanent winter.

I don't know how far it reached.

My communication to the outside world

was cut off shortly after I heard the news.

Everyone I cared about d*ed

or I lost them somewhere

in this frozen hell.

I buried my grandpa

shortly after the first winter.

I searched for Sarah and Kyle,

but I don't know where they went.

Maybe they traveled south

hoping a warmer climate still existed.

For whatever reason, I was spared.

Either that or I was

kept alive to be tortured

in this arctic world,

left alone to travel aimlessly,

hoping to one day reunite with my friends.

These creatures are

the only company I keep.

I call them the creeps.

All they ever do is follow

me around and haunt me,

a constant reminder that

this could be all my fault.

Somewhere along the way I

must have broken the rules.

Everything was fine at first.

But I've come to the conclusion

that by capturing that monster on film,

it must have somehow triggered all of this.


I'm not here to harm you, man.

I'll be the judge of that.

Come on, I'm just

looking to share the warmth.

I know the feeling, man.

You can't trust anyone.

There's a lot of sickos out there

that would skin you alive and eat you.

Name's Corey.


Good to meet you, buddy.

I haven't seen another living person

in I don't know how long.

And we're the lucky ones, right?

It's like the whole world went crazy:

People hoarding food

and fighting over g*dd*mn toilet paper.

It's weird what fear will do to a man.

It wasn't long after people started dying

that it went into complete chaos.

No more law, no more rules,

every man for himself.

You don't even know about it, do you?

I lost communication early on,

kept inside for a while.

By the time I came out,

whole city was frozen.

It's funny.

Someone I knew back in the old world

told me they'd target the people

that were bragging about hoarding first.

You know, the ones that posted it

all over their social

media before the blackout,

those were the big targets.

You can't be too careful.

You don't know who's watching.

After a while, though, it didn't matter.

Everyone was a target.

Survival of the fittest.

I mean, I just kept to myself,

stayed locked in until

the resources ran out.

I always kept to myself, though, really?

I wasn't worried about anyone

stopping in to check up on me.

But I can tell you when I did come out,

I heard and I saw some crazy sh*t.

I couldn't make it up even if I tried.

Have you heard anything

about the West Coast?

I wonder if it's frozen there too.

Not much.

It's where I'm headed, actually.

I had a brother drive a

snowplow out this way.

I'm trying to find him

or his truck at least,

clear my way out to California.

You can come with me.

Road's a lonely place, huh.

I don't know.

I have a lot of unfinished

business to deal with here.

Besides, no offense, I don't even know you.

Yeah, of course.

Look at me barging in here

trying to turn your world upside down.

I'm sorry, buddy.

Let's just en-enjoy the fire, eh?

Hey, I hate to be a bother,

but do you have any food?

I haven't eaten something in days.

I mean, rats mostly.

And I always find those frozen.

It's hard to get the

taste outta your mouth.

It's even harder when it's skunk.

My hand smelled like that for weeks.

I mean, it's actually not as bad

as what you might think it is.

Yeah, I have food.

Smith, I got him!

Oh, oh, oh, oh.

Don't move a muscle.

g*dd*mn, he's got a full bag of food too.

Oh, I see all the food I need right here.

You waste him, I'll skin him alive.

Oh no, no.

No that, no that.

I kind of like him.

He might stick around a while.

Let's do this outside.

Wait, wait, wait.

It's too damn cold outside.

Let's do it in a corner or something

and use some blankets to clean it up.

There's gotta be more supplies upstairs.

Do you have access

to the rest of the house?

No, everything else was boarded up,

except for the entrance to the basement.

He's lying!

He's not gonna help us

when he knows we're just gonna k*ll him,


I can help you.

You don't have to do this.

Oh, you're gonna

help us just fine, buddy.

Don't you worry about that.

Where do we start?

I say we put him down and go from there.

Wait, you need me.

I have access to food,

enough to last for years.

I'm listening.

You better not be playing games, though.

I ain't stupid.

Yeah, show us where it is

and maybe we'll spare you.

How do I know you won't

k*ll me as soon as I do?

You don't.

No, you have to ensure my safety

or I ain't telling you sh*t.

This is a waste of time.

I'm hungry.

You know how I get when I'm hungry, Corey.

You don't wanna make him mad.

He doesn't know how to control his temper.

Just tell us what you know

and we'll take it easy on you, all right?

Okay, okay, fine.

It's just a few miles from here.

Nope, we ain't falling for that sh*t.

I'm not going on a wild goose chase.

You're done.

Come on, Smith.

Let him finish.

He's lying.

He's gonna lead us into a trap.

I'm not!

There's a storage container full of food,

but I'm the only person

with the code to get in.


Why wouldn't you keep it here.

In case something like this happens.

Horse sh*t!

Tell me this wasn't for nothing.

Who the hell are you talking to, boy?

Oh fine, forget it.

Let's just k*ll him.

Please, help me.

And so my only friends are creeps.

They protect me from a world gone mad

and torment me to a sleepless end.

It's hard to say I'm a religious man

after all I've witnessed.

I doubt everything I ever was taught,

yet maybe this is God

and these monsters are His angels.

Maybe this is the end of times.

But even now, even here

in my weakest moment,

as I stare death in its face,

I must move on

for Kyle and for Sarah.

I must go into the unknown,

down a path with no direction

because staying here

and hoping things get better

isn't going to make the difference.

I need to leave this place

because I am my only hope for survival.
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