Peter Five Eight (2024)

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Random Movies that just don't fit anywhere else yet. Miscellaneous Movie Collection.
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Peter Five Eight (2024)

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And here we are, back where we


Your future mountain abode.

Fit for a king or a pair of

queens, as I should say.

In your case.

We could be kings.

If it's more apropos.

We like to think of ourselves

as modern folk.

Well, in that case, my queens.

What were you thinking?

Do not give this place to

anyone else.

No more showings posthaste.

Our representative is going to

call you within 48 hours to

make an offer.

I'll hold it for you.

No more showings.


I was secretive.

I didn't like to talk a lot

about myself.

I'm a rotten woman with a

checkered past.

A woman on the run.

Once I chose what I wanted to

do in life, I was going to be

the very best in the world at


That's how I took on my career

as a huckster of homes.

That's how I took on my

marriage, and that's how I

took on rectifying a life that

had gone to the dogs.

Just a few short years before.

Those people, that couple you

showed the place to.

We can't have that

materialistic sort around here

muddying the waters.

Who are you?

I'm Marlene. I live over


Well, Marlene, chances are

they're going to be

materialistic if they have the

kind of money that can afford

them a place like this.

There. Now, you know, I

Strongly advise you not to

sell it to that couple.

I didn't ask for your advice.

How are you doing today,

brother? I ain't seen you

before in these parts.

Well, truth be told, I haven't

been in these parts before.

What you doing here, mister?

A little hunting.

Tell me. You seen this guy in

this girl before?

I know who she is.

Well, that'd be great if you


You make my day.

You know what would make it

even better? You could tell me

where she works.

Well, you see, that's going to

cost you.

Cost me what to identify

someone in a photo

Made your day a stranger.

Now listen here, you local


Local what?


What's that supposed to mean?

Well, it's like, uh, you're a

townie or a hillbilly.


That ain't nothin too nice

there, mister.

You know what would be nicer?

You want to know who that girl


What's your prize?

I want 100 bucks in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin, huh?

Who's the hillbilly now?

I'll tell you what.

How about 50 in cash?

That'll do. Uh, just watch

what you call me.

No, I didn't mean anything bad

by calling you yokel.

Oh, I see.

Which way did you mean it?

Well, it's like a terms of

endearment means you're part

of the local color.

You're a real character,

that's all.

I guess that ain't too bad.


First things first.

First name first.

Her name's Sam.

It sure is.

No. No. I got a few more

questions for you.

Look for work today, hon.

Any new leaves.

Um, you know.

In other words, you didn't

look for anything.

So in other words, how about

you stop riding my ass first

thing after getting home,


Are you doing?

Give that back.

Get a job, Travis.

I'm tired of supporting your

sorry ass.

Every day you just sit on that

damn couch getting more and

more depressed. Meanwhile, I'm

the only one holding this

place down. Barely.

All right, all right.

What job?

You say that every month.

Meanwhile, we're not paying

our bills.

If you ever opened a g*dd*mn

piece of mail, you might

notice that

The minute you walk in the


Do you even know what a job

is? Do you even get the

concept of work?

Yeah. At least my d*ck still


Yeah, barely.

Give me that bottle, baby.

Come on.

How can you even drink this

f*cking swill? Boy, I really

landed a class act.

You don't got it.

Insult me.

You backwoods, lazy sh*t


Got something to say? Say it.

Been drinking a bit yourself,

have you? Insult me about

getting a g*dd*mn job.

I got a question for you, Sam.

You sold any real estate

lately? You know, just because

you work. Don't mean you get

any money in this broke d*ck


You're pathetic. What the f*ck

is wrong with you?

Oh oh. What are you going to

do, big man? Huh? Huh? f*ck


f*ck is wrong with you? What

the f*ck are you laughing

about? You know, Travis,

you're really starting to piss

me off. Will you please stop

laughing? Will you stop

laughing? I'm.

That a girl think you're so

tough now.

I see him.

I'm glad you think this is all

so funny.

Meanwhile, you still don't

have a f*cking job.

My damn ball!

That's not funny anymore, is


Damn, Sam. I'm trying to tell

you I got a job or a lead and

a job. Oh, sh*t.

You got to kick my g*dd*mn ass

from here to m*therf*cking

Valhalla before I can get the

g*dd*mn words out of my mouth.


Are you being serious right

now or are you just making

sh*t up so I don't kick your

ass some more?

I'm serious.

Well, what is it, then?

You got a lead on this job?

I'd pay for weeks.

What is it? Repairing a dock

on a lake.

Not too down the road.

Well. God damn.

I'm sorry, I hate you.

It's f*cked up, baby.

I'm so sorry.

I got a job here for this

French fella.

He's got a remote house on

this lake.

It's a big house, baby.

It's so big.

I'm going down and take a look

on Saturday.

I got an appointment and


You'd be so proud.

It's so sweet.

Babe mere inches from selling

that big house I've been

telling you about.

Oh, yeah. And now you got


Yeah. We're gonna be all


You and me.

Okay. Okay.

I'd say it deserves a drink.

I think we're looking good on

Terrace View.

We'll see where they land on


You are

A machine. Beautiful.

Every agent in this office

knows that we'd be lost

without you.


Stop it. You know it's true,


Oh, honey, one more thing.

When, honey, I just want to


How are things with you and

Travis? Things going better?

You're so sweet.

We're doing great.

Well, you know, I'm always

there for both of you.

There's a couple blocks down,

and either you need a couch.

Talk to you later.


Sam's great, isn't she?

Love her to death.

I just worry sometimes, that's


I mean, she's the best,


But the drinking, I worry.

I'm not saying this.

I hear it around.

Not just for her, but how it

reflects on this office will


I know you're an agent.

I'm just a lowly assistant.

Would you kindly knock it the

f*ck off?

I just finished a showing.

I was talking to Brenda.

Coming home now.

I know last night was rough.

But I love you.

I just want to meet your mama

on a Sunday.

I make love to you all day on

a Monday.

I'm hanging up now.

They were clandestine

airstrikes somewhere.

Environmental manipulation

somewhere else.

A world gone mad with


Possible harbingers of a

coming apocalypse.

But that was all background


Like the blue smoke I often

wheezed over

Long summer evenings.

As I scratched out the

troubles of the passing.

Lingering swirls hanging in

the air, as inconsequential

and disparate as the struggles

that permeated this garish

life dream. If I was grieving,

it was because I hadn't let go

of the past.

The ill winds of fortune that

led me to this desolate town.

If I was anxious, it was

because somewhere in the

depths I sensed a forlorn end

to punctuate this existence

after the coming v*olence that

will have led me to it.

With little regard for idle

pleasures, I was doomed to

play the villain's part.

Here I am, a rail town amongst

the vulgar and profane.

In the depths of hell.

Can I help you?

Oh, ma'am, I'm afraid there's

no hope for that.

I'm a fallen soul.


Well. Well, what may I do for


Well, what can you tell me

about Sam lives over there.

Ah, well, she works a lot, but

she's always down for a good

time. Good time, Sammy.

That's her. Also, she has a

deadbeat husband.

Well, they're both drunks and

they fight a lot.

Do you mean physical?

Oh, sometimes I don't know.

I hear a lot of banging going

on in there, and I ain't just

talking about the usual kind

of banging.

You know what that is, don't

you, mister?

Well, I think I remember that.

I meant. More like physical


No, I never seen no bruises.

I mean, no, sorry, not a one.

What did you say a deadbeat


I didn't, and he doesn't.

Doesn't do anything.


You know, he's probably drunk

in there right now.

If you want to go see him.

Oh, no, I don't

Want to go see him.

But I'm actually in the market

for a house of my own in the

region here. What you've done

with your place, I mean, these

flower beds are lovely.

Um, you know what? I have to

go back inside and fix dinner

for herb. I'm really sorry

about that, sir.

It was nice to meet you.

I hope I was of some help.

Well, as I told you, there's

no hope for me.


By Mr.

Tata. For now.


Cool. Can we be friends after

the sale, like the three of


Oh, that would be sweet.

I would love that.

Well, you both have my

personal cell and email, so by

all means. Oh, no.

Uh. Uh. Marlene.

Was it? Marlene, I'm

incredibly busy with clients

at the moment, but I'd be more

than happy to talk with you


Are you the neighbor?

There's a special energy here

that needs preserving,


Some say we have a special

energy, don't they? They do.

This area is changing, and not

for the better.

I know what type you two are.

I'm going inside.


Can we discuss this after?

It's a slippery slope.

You know, the way a place

changes, the energy gets

destroyed. One materialist

couple from the city at a


Jerry, can I see you for a


Yeah. Sure thing.

For the record, I have nothing

against the fact that you were

both women. It's just that,


I've been incredibly patient

with you up until this point.

Let's not escalate here.


This is not your home.

It is I who is patient with



Well, there you have it.

It's a lovely home, but she

comes with it.

You and Darla will just have

to factor that into your

decision making process.

I appreciate your honesty,



No one's ever said that to me

in all my life.

I smell gas inside the house.

The house smells like gas.


This cabin is leaking gas


I'm sure it's not.

No. It is.

I smell it.

This room is filled with gas.

Your husband is looking for


That means perfectly fine at


Are you sure about that?

Who are you?

I'm interested in the house.

How much?

Jenny wants our house?

Yeah. How much?

I'm afraid these women have

already entered negotiations

on a deal.

Which means the deal isn't

done yet.

Right. And I got cash.

Anyone mind if I smoke?

No. You know what? I've been

trying to quit.

Cigarettes are K*llers that

travel in packs.

Remember, your husband is

looking for you.

Have a nice day, y'all.

I'll be damned.

The audacity.

Now, I really, really want you

both to have the house putting

that out there in the


That man was evil.

Does Travis know about your



Travis is my husband.

Ma'am, this line needs to


Hey, lady. Whew.

I'm so sorry.

Does Travis know about


Keep the change.

Do not follow me.


Hear my words when I'm


Move the crypto down.

Let our surrogates in the

press frame it.

Move it down.

Know that that is another


Again, I repeat, that is

another topic.

As you know, I do not discuss

biotech on this line.

I think I'm not aware of that.

There are degrees of security,

the replication tech in

particular. I do not discuss,

you know, this.

I got to go.

I found her.

She's here.

The past won't let me go.

All those hateful things haunt


Evil. Rotten to the core.

A fallen woman.

And living inside of a lie.

If I d*ed, the world would

just go on.

All my greatest fears.

Already come true.

So be it.

Oh, there she is.

You okay, sunshine?

Just some bad dreams

Again, huh? Oh, God.

Careful there.

As always.

Hey, uh, I'm gonna go hop in

the shower right and left your

breakfast on the table.

You're standing in my

neighbor's house.

I bought it.

The house.

The whole thing.

Without my knowing about it.

Right across the street from

where I live.

Details I want details.

Come on now.

Give them up.

Details, details. Why fish for

the devil.

Now, what about it?

What of what?

Your husband.

My husband, Travis, is having

a nice, relaxing, hot shower.

And that house that you just

watched me walk out of there.


Um, no.

I'll call the police.

Oh, I think we both know that

involving the police isn't in

your best interest, is it?

Who are you?

Shall we discuss? Madeline?


I don't know what you mean.

It's all coming back, isn't


What's your relation to what


Alluding to.

Well, let's just say that you

have a very powerful adversary

out there somewhere.

Very powerful adversary


You know the question I must

have answered Peter.

Before I give the command

before the Blitz.

That's right. Peter.

I do know the question that

haunts you, Mr. Locke.

I have a lead on that.

Her friend, local woman named


The closest thing she has to a

confidant in this whistle

stop. It's wonderful.

I await your next dispatch.

The start of spring.

Oh, baby, that's not a thing.

Are you with that?

I used to think that life

could be so.

Oh, predictable. I kept

My heart in a cage and was so


But then you came along and

turned dark into light.

I was cruel to those whose

secrets are exposed.

Right. You set my heart on

fire and often fly.

I used to think that love

could be so damned ridiculous.

I kept my stiff upper lip and

was so meticulous.

But then you came along and

you showed me the way.

You turned the long, cold

night into a brand new,

bright, shiny day.

Well be no great.

Skies. Only blue sky.

Highs and deep in your.

I'll see the sun shine

brightly on a brand new day.

Now life is

So adventurous I know.

True love is meant for us.

I'm so

Darn glad. Hey, what'd I miss?

Nothing. Some idiot just

jumped on the pool table.

Dark, cold night.

You turned the dark, cold


You turned the dark, cold

night into a brand new,

bright, shiny day.

Every bright, shiny day.

He bright, shiny day.

How do.

Uh, my my friends and I are

heading to a table in the

back. If you.

If you want to come.

Oh, maybe some other time.



Uh, that was quite a


What can I do you for?

Scotch mist on the rocks.

Coming right up.

Chelsea. There you go.

Thank you. Welcome.

Well, you are just the lamb.

This lion was hoping to meet.

I never saw someone command a

room like that.

I was just blowing off a

little steam.

You want something?

Just you.

Oh, you don't mince your


I don't mince actions either.

If you prefer to retire.

To more private quarters.

The lovely. Well, since we are

talking so directly, how about

this? Sir, you and I have a

couple of drinks, and if you

give me a nudge.

I'll be happy to retire with


Hell, I'd retire to Florida

with you.

Oh. How's that sound? I'm all

for it.



Oh, baby. I still can't

believe you bought this house.

Furnished no less.

Oh, and how it's furnished.

Have you met my nephew? You

see, I happen to believe in

taking things to their logical


Oh, I saw a vacation rental,

which does not suffice.

Oh, believe me, this

Will be the talk of the real

estate world up here.

You fascinating man.

You my girlfriend? Sam lives

right across the street.

Oh. Does she? My new neighbor.

You want a sh*t? Hmm.

Do tell me about her.

Oh, we work together.

Oh, in, uh, real estate.


That's right. Now, can we

dispense with the small talk?

I work in real estate.

Enjoy pina coladas and long

walks on the beach there.

We're all caught up.

Whoa! Ah! What makes you tick?

Well, I run on controlled

substances and inappropriate


So tell me how you want it.

You treat me like a queen.

And I'll treat you like a


You treat me like some game.

And I will show you how it's



Would you stop talking like an


Of course I talk like an


How else could you understand


Oh, go to hell, woman.

Oh, honey, where do you think

I came from?

Oh, I see you only leave me

with two options.

Is that it? Yeah.

Well, I had to stop and, you

know, wait for the storm to

pass. Or I grab an umbrella

and I dance in the rain.

Well, I

Think you better grab yourself

an umbrella.

Yeah. There's always a wild

side behind an innocent face.

You know how I explained that

in the beginning, God created

man. But then God had a better


Oh, so you want a God's good

girls, or do you have naughty


Oh, please. A good girl with

naughty thoughts is still just

a good girl.

A woman was naughty thoughts

knows just what to do with


Oh, and tell me some of your

naughty thoughts I scratch and

I fight I'll make you crawl

and beg.

We need

You. The bite of your teeth.

My mind. The things you say to

this man.

Well, my mother's always been.

Be just as picky with your man

as you are with your selfies.

God, do you ever stop?

I should have been born with a

warning label.

I guess you don't know.

See, I should be getting

f*cked to sleep right now.

But instead I'm lying here

with you on top of me talking.

How old are you, by the way?

58. Going on 16.

Um. That's what I thought.

This is the moment when.

You hold my hands over my


Pin them down.

Look me in the eye.

And then slowly, slowly slide


What you doing there, Sam?

Just sorting out some HOA


Why do you ask?

I'm just making sure you're

doing okay.

I'm doing great, Willoughby.

How are you doing?

I'm good.

Good. Glad we had this


Now back to work.

Good call.

You know, I can always smell

it on you.

Always. No matter the time of


Excuse me.

I'm talking about your

drinking, Sam.

Everybody knows you really

ought to get that under

control. You're an alcoholic.

I'm saying this as a friend

and coworker.

I'm an.

Well, that's a strong

accusation, Willoughby.

Not too professional a thing

to say to a co-worker.

This isn't a personal att*ck.

I'm just saying I can smell it

on you, is all.

And there's concern.

More than just me.

Well, Willoughby, fat boy, I'm

a bit concerned about your

relationship with Twinkies.

Diabetes is no laughing


I say this from a place of


My relationship with Twinkies.

Nice diversion. Sam.

You're drunk.

And by the way, large man,

stop talking to Brenda about

me. Yes, I know all about


I'm the f*cking alcoholic.

What the f*ck

Are you talking about,

Willoughby? You have a g*dd*mn

clue. Just out of nowhere, you

start prying into my personal

doings. You f*cking hear what

I'm saying to you, you low

level Twinkie breathing


Okay, you're

Getting unhinged here.

I wasn't accusing you of


Well, what the

f*ck were you doing then,

Willoughby? Giving me

compliments, you limp d*ck


I'm sorry. I didn't mean it.

Next time you come at me with

a f*cking attitude, you best

get yourself in shape first,

you understand? Because I'm

liable to kick your flabby ass

over some sh*t like this.

Got it?


Dear sir, your former wife can

be found at the following

coordinates. Surely you've

been curious where she went.

Your presence is expected at

said coordinates, and

precisely two days, arriving

no later than 2 p.m..

Failure to arrive in time will

result in her termination.

For you to acknowledge this

letter, or an attempt to

involve authorities will

result in termination of your

current wife and child.

We look forward to seeing you


Sincerely, friends.

Everything okay?

Uh, yes.


You look concerned.

Just some from the tax guys.

Is it bad that the taxing.

Nothing to worry about, babe.

I'll handle it.

I'm gonna go take care of some

emails while you finish.


What the hell happened? Where

did you go.


I used to live across from


I mean, you used to live

across from me.

Another strange, f*cked up man

lives there.

Drives a black sedan.

Yeah, I did sell it.

Man. Gotta live.

And it was a generous offer.

Twice what it's worth.

The catch was I had to move


And so I'm stuck at this hotel

until I can find a place.

Where's this f*cking guy?

I can't shake him.

Oh, Sherrie. Hi.

Nothing of concern.

Give my best to Chuck.

Chuck d*ed last year.

Oh, darling, you were too good

for him anyway.

Move along now.

Move along.


You're going f*cking crazy or


Your husband just received


I have a husband, and he's


AU contraire. You left your

husband just after it

happened, didn't you, Sam?

Although Sam is just a name

you made up when you got to

this little town, isn't it

back then? You were called

something else.


We'll meet again.

Don't know where? Don't know.

But I know we.

Meet again some sunny day.

Keep smiling through, just

like you always do.

Tell the. Drive the dark

clouds far away.

Keep smiling through.

Just like you always do.

Do. Till the blue skies drive.

The dark clouds far away.

Thank you. Thank you.


You told me it was over.

Grant, this isn't

What you think.

Not what I think.

I saw you making out with her.

We're old friends.

I missed her old friends.

How you treat old friends.

The f*ck makes you think that

this is any of your business

anyway? You dumb f*cking

Bitch! Ah! Ah ah

Ah ah!


You're despicable. Grant.

It's over.

Of course it's over, bitch!

Dear Grant, what we shared was

often sweet.

I'm leaving you.

I'll never be back.

Don't look for me.

Signing off your former wife.


Anything you want to say or

convey to me.

Got anything?

Because I'm all ears.

And this is your last chance.

Ha ha.

Got anything?

Her name was Madeleine.

Yes. That was her name.

Why are you here?

You can think of me as the

spirit of justice.

You're going to pay for what

you've done, and I'm here to

provide that service.

Service to this adversary.

You mentioned.

Well, you just think of him as

a concerned party and we'll

leave it at that.

Maybe. Maybe I can make amends

in another way.

More. Positive way.

A conversation, anything at

all that might change the

dynamics of the situation.

The intended payback is


Anything. Anything.

I bet you would do anything.

But no. Tell me about that


It was.

An accident.

It was raining.

I was confused.

It's all so confusing.

I see. Were you high? Sam? No.

Were you drunk?


You were drunk.

Let me ask that question


Were you drunk? Lydia?

No, I


I I.

I don't know.

You don't know.

You're not sure.

You can't remember.

It was so confusing.

You know what? You know what,

Sam? I don't know why you're

putting such significance on


We all exist in this sort of,

you know, absurd chaos.

You know, the most important

thing to do.

It's just really important

that you just try to keep a

positive attitude as you

continue to walk on this


And have accountability for

the things that we've done.

Uh. Uh. Hell.

Damn. I was hoping day would

never come.

In the throes

Of a passion.

I taste him and realize I've

been starving.


I. Want to know more about my.


Your neighbor. Sam.

Oh, is

That her name?

Sam is married in about 20


Too young. Not to mention

you're mine.

I'm going to ask that you give

me a little more credit than


Yeah. So what is it, then?

Well, I want to know about

your life.

But your friendships, your


I mean, who do you confide in?

Does she confide in you?

Oh, you're so inquisitive.

Well, Sam's a dynamo.

I love her.

And sure, we talk.

This is just

One of those things, because

if I stayed and tried to

explain, I knew I never would

have left.

Everything is just fine to us.

I need you to understand me on

this one.

Here, darling. This is just

one of those things that.

It's more than that.

In theory.


I just have a sip of yours.

So then do you and


Like, have a, I don't know,

like, deep rooted


You know, about.

I don't know, past regrets

Or heartbreaks or that kind of


You are so persistent on this

topic, and I really don't know


I think it's because.

You've started to touch my


I'm honored.

No, no. Sit with me for a bit


Good girl. Sit.

Bad b*tches. Right.

I should really go.

Well, well, you're on your


Just give some thought to us

getting married the next time

we see each other.

Oh. Speechless for once.

Are you serious?

Well, since you're so curious.

SIM talks to me about her

husband, Travis.

They fight and they fight a


That's terrible. Hmm'hmm.

I wonder if the.

Drinking and the fighting is

concealing some.

What's the phrase? Yeah, like

some deep seated

Guilt for

Some past action.


I really don't know.

She doesn't ever talk to you

about things like this.

Well, what? Her past before

moving here?

Correct. I'm afraid not.

Are you sure?


Now, what is this really all


To be continued lover man.

You have something juicy for

me, Peter? The first husband

got the Geo chords.

As per your request.

I suspect he'll arrive in the

fun zone sometime in the next

24 or 48 hours.

Well, that ought to work out


As you know, she's remarried

some small town Gomer named

Travis. She apparently loves


I was surprised of all but the


I'm happy so far, Peter.

Thank you

Sir. And the questions.

You've had the burning


The question of guilt.

The Morse.

Is it tearing her up?

Or is she living a life of

wild hedonism? With no care

for what she did.

Makes all the difference to

me, Peter.

The friend is a dead end.

I'm afraid I've exhausted that


And that lead exhausted me.

Sam revealed nothing to her.

Can you get it from her? From


Name a strange credulity.

Lydia. Here's the name of

Madeleine's k*ller.

Can you get it? From that.


I can certainly try.

That's neither here nor there.

The husbands are your target.

Yes, sir. She will.

We made vulnerable.

People will know what she did.

She will experience loss.

As I did when she took my

dear, sweet Madeleine.

I got you, sir.

I feel you right here.

Just remember one thing.

What's that? Sir?

Make it messy.


You turn that f*cking sh*t


They call a town upside down.

You got me, Peter.

I got you, sir.

Thanks, Peter. Great work as


There's just.

One more thing for you, sir.

What's that? Peter?

You're doing the right thing.

Know that.

You're doing the right thing,

sir, and I'm happy to be part

of it.

I'm adding a bonus of 8


There. Your standard rate of

That drop will happen in the

usual manner.

That's very kind.

Curious, what are your plans


One of my homes.

Costa Rica, perhaps the


I'll take some months.

Mission. I'm signing off now,


Thank you sir.


Over and out.


Is it tearing her up? Or is

she living a life of wild

hedonism with no care for what

she did?

Time will tell.

Is this an unbreakable spell?

This isn't a dream or trance.

It's the realest thing that.

I can say.

One true love.

That's our romance.

For you, baby.

No time will tell.

Is this an unbreakable spell?

This isn't a dream or trance.


It's the realest thing

That I can say I've ever



That's our.


I see you found the side door.

How are you?

I've never been better.

I am amazed, just stunned at

my luck.

It's like my whole life was

spent just waiting for these

perfect moments. All my

mistakes led me here and I

realize they weren't even

mistakes at all.

That's sweet. Tell me about


It's just, I don't know.

There's. There are no words.

There's a kind of perfection

in the air.

It's like the whole world just

snaps into this dream state

and you just know it was

perfect all along.



Your services are no longer


What? I'm serious.

It's been nice knowing you,

local lady.

Is this supposed to be funny,


No, it's supposed to be


You mean

I do? May you live out your

remaining days in peace.

I don't believe

It. Believe it.

Am I Paradise?

Has just turned into a hell.

Is this true? Peter? Yes.

I don't believe it.

Believe it.

Oh, God, no it isn't.

You're just joshing with me


I get it

Now. Get the f*ck out of here,

Brenda! Scram, you whore!

Before this bark turns into a



You talked about getting

married the next time we saw

each other.

Words have no meaning, Brenda.

Let this be a lesson to you in

false hope.

How dare you call me a whore?

And what about how you're

obviously attracted to me?

Attracted to you? You are a

trite and inconsequential

person, vile and profane.

Now get lost, will you? I have

things to do.

I'm not kidding.

I never want to see you again.

How could you do this, Peter?

Seriously? At the.

How can you do this?

Are. My God.

g*dd*mn. So you're.

Going out in the.



Travis. Tomorrow's a big

Day. Going out in the lake to

repair the dock.

Peter. Peter.

There you are.

I've been

So upset. What the f*ck

Are you doing here?

Peter, you owe me an


Stop it right there.

I don't owe you anything.

I want you to turn around and

walk away from here before

it's too f*cking late.



In 3.6 miles.

Take exit 730 onto Dunsmuir


In 1.4 miles, turn left onto

Pine Street.


Turn left

Onto Pine Street.

Then arrive at your



God damn it.

Had my say six times and I've


You still up to this old man?


What can I do to make this all

go away?

Tell me what you want.

I want you to hurt.

Option. Anything.

We're to carry out the will of

the injured party.

Sorry. Madeline's loved one.

Who's behind this? If you only


Who's my adversary?

Hi there. Can I help you with


Hi. My husband Travis.

Oh, you're Travis girl.

Yeah. Nice to meet you.

You just missed him.

He was here.

Yeah. He's eager to get

started on the dock.

I'm sure he'll do great.


I'm not here to k*ll you.

If I was, you'd be dead


But that Travis boy, he's a

whole different story.

That boy is going to be dead

as a doornail by the close of

business today.

And there's another one I have

on my radar to take care of by

sunset. Grant.

Tell me about the past, Sam.

Tell me everything.

First of all, let me go.

Other set for things.

They aren't me.


Rotten to the core.


I love this.

I lost. So.

Codependent and I think inside

of a lie.

If I d*ed, the world would

just go on without me.

Oh my God.


And do you feel remorse for

what you did?

Your adversary wants to know

this more than anything.

Ah ah ah.

Let me explain something to


All right. Let me make it


I'm not supposed to k*ll you.

But if it happens, I can

easily explain it to my boss.

Ha ha ha

Ha ha ha ha ha

Ha ha! How's that for a trite

and inconsequential person,



Huh? How did you know him?

He's been following me.

He wouldn't stop.

He was using me to get you.

He charmed me.

Tossing me a marriage.

And he turned on me like a

f*cking cobra.

Who's this guy?

He's an old flame of mine.

All right. Well we're going to

talk about this more later.

I'll tell you everything.

All right.

Well, I got to get out of here

because I am going to throw

up. I'm gonna roll them out of


You got this.




I'm sorry about our marriage.

All things I did wrong.

Never had a chance to tell you


I'm sorry to.

I did something terrible.

Something much worse than you

ever did against us.

Something I haven't


All those years.

Until now.

That's what this was all about


You don't need to apologize.

I never meant to drag you into

any of this.

All this running around and


We got it with me.


Both of us.

I need to make some changes.

I'm not doing it right.

This life thing.

You're alive, Lydia.

That's all that matters.

I just wanted you to

Know the truth.

Miles from the ground.

I am so happy to see the two

of you

Alive and well.

Let me get you both a drink.

Oh, no no no no no, thanks.

Good. Gave up the sauce.

Is that right?

Yeah. We did.

Wow. I'll drink to that.

Brenda? Yeah. Thank you for

setting this up.

Hey. Anytime, kid.

Jesus, I'm so nervous.

I don't even know if I can go

through with it.

It's been so long, I.


You're going to be great.

Thank you. Brenda.

Thanks, hon.

I'll go knock them dead.

Feel the need again.

Don't know where.

Don't know where.

Um, but I know we'll meet


Some sunny day.

As the days turned to weeks

and the weeks turned to

months. Since that fateful day

he arrived in town, I find

myself asking. Have I atoned

at all?

For what I've done.

Humble yourselves, therefore,

under the mighty hand of God,

so that at the proper time.

He may exalt you.

Casting all your anxieties on


Because. He cares for you.

Be sober. Be vigilant because

your adversary, the devil,

walks about like a roaring


Seeking whom he may devour.

And after you have suffered

for a little while.

The God of all grace.

Who has called you in his

eternal glory in Christ.

He himself. Will restore.

Confirm. Strengthen. And

establish you.

Greet one another with a kiss

of love.


Authorities still have no

leads on the triple homicide

and mysterious expl*si*n.

The Rock the truck stop hamlet

in in May.

That the victim seemed to be

random targets of a sn*per

whose motivation remains

unaccounted for.

Bill. Bill, Bill Graves and

Cindy Cindy Cabin Cavendish

were both sh*t dead in the

parking lot of Ketch's General

store. Rick Hoskins Watkins, a

wealthy landowner, was later

found dead sh*t in front of

his lakeside manor.

An autopsy showed he was sh*t

the same day.

Authorities still have not

ruled out terrorism.

Jesus, honey.

I can't believe

Rick was sh*t the

Same day I was there.

Honey, I was really looking

forward to that job.

Oh, hon, there'll be plenty of

other jobs.

Mm. Darla. Hi.

Hi, Sam. I wanted you to hear

it from me first.

We were a bit spooked by the

gas leak, but as time goes on,

we can't stop thinking about

the home.

We'd like to buy it.

Well, Hallelujah. That's


It took some deliberation, but

we're terribly excited and

can't wait to be your new

neighbors in the county.

Darla, I'm gonna have to call

you right back.

Sam, is everything all.

I used to think that life

could be so.

Predictable. I kept my heart

in a cage and was so

unreachable. But. Then turned


Into life turned each wrong.

You Set my heart on fire.

And the film fly.

I used

To. That love could be so damn


I kept my stiff upper lip and


Home and take your loss.

But then you came along and

you sold.

Only the way.

You turn the long, cold night

into a brand new, bright,

shiny day. There'll be no grey


Only blue sky.

And deep in your eyes.

I'll see the sun shine

brightly on a brand new day.

Now. Life is so adventurous.

I know true love is meant for


I'm so darn glad you show me

the way.

Here. You turn the dark, cold

night into a brand new,

bright, shiny day.

You keep me young at heart.

And you had me right from the


Oh, you got me singing.

Skipping and jumping and


I feel like I can fly with


We're sh**ting across the sky


To cloud.

Where? Miles from the ground.

The roses and the daffodils

smell sweeter than ever

before. Late nights.

Lips and passion lips lead me


You keep me young at heart and

you knock me off the charts.

Yes, you

Are the only

One for me.

You keep me young at heart.

You keep me young at heart.

At me right from the start.

Though. You got me singing.

Skipping and jumping and


I feel like I can fly with.

sh**ting across that sky from


Where? Miles from the ground.

The daffodils smell sweeter

than ever be.

Late night shifts.

Passionate lips laid me.

Wanting more. You keep me

young at heart.

Knocked me right off the


Yes, you. The only one for me.

Cause you.

Min-yung at.

Young at heart.

You keep me young at heart.
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