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Deadly Justice (2024)

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You always this early?

Only when I'm concerned.

Any word from your ex?

I'm sure that filing

a restraining order

is not gonna sit very well

with him.

He is an unpredictable man.

Judge isn't gonna risk doing

anything to lose his bench.

Jealousy is a devilish emotion.

You spoil me.

Once my divorce is finalized.

I'll spoil you forever.

You expecting someone?

Not that I know of.

Stop the harassment

or I will call the cops.

You hear me, Halstead?

Oh! You scared me.

Come inside.

Don't let him ruin our night.


Jacob, no!

Judge and Jury, this Friday

9:00 p.m. central.

And Judge Halstead

never actually

admitted to the m*rder.

Yet you seem to get

a conviction based on

circumstantial evidence.


Which leaves an air

of innocence, wouldn't you say?

Well, I-- I do want to say that

whoever wrote this scene

took some creative license.

It wasn't jealousy

that caused him

to go back to her house.

It was the restraining order

that she was set to file

the next day that would have

damaged his reputation

and career.


Now do you think this being

your first case, pushed too hard...

...for the conviction

instead of

looking at the lack

of physical evidence?

Uh, well, it's not up to me

to decide the guilt.

That's for the jury

and they decided that

he was guilty, so.

Now your father was chief

of police at this time.


Did he help you with the case

in any way?

He did not.

Now it's rumored he

and the judge didn't get along.

Well, he knew what kind of man

the judge really was

and that's all I'm going to say.

Well, that's

a very broad statement.

What kind of man is that?

A man who murders his wife.

Right if you've somehow

proven innocent,

how would you feel?

He wasn't innocent.

Well, some think he was.

Name one person

who thought he was.

Well, our producers took a poll

after a local screening

of the TV movie.

60% of those that watched

the movie thought

he was likely innocent.

Yes, and that's why it's a movie

and not real-life, Dale.

That's a dramatization

and I lived it.

Well, thank you again.

We appreciate your time

and perhaps,

we can do a follow-up

after the movie release.

Absolutely, but I do want

to say that I've just recently

left the DA's office and started

my own private practice

here in town.


-Oh, thank you.

That must be very exciting

for you.

It is, it is.

-Uh, one last question.


So, if some definitive proof

came out that,

that cleared the judge.

Will you come back on this show

and admit you were wrong?

I would, yes I would,

but he is not innocent,

he's not innocent.

And that's the final word.

Thanks for tuning in to another

episode of Real Crime with Dale.

That's me.

And we're clear.

Good job.

Okay, I thought this was going

to be an interview,

not an ambush.

Hey, it's the producers

that push me to have conflict.


No conflict. No drama. No drama.

No ratings. No ratings. No show.

Well, maybe that would be

a good thing.

Oh, hey, listen,

I'm on your side.

Okay, I am team Holly.

Alright, to prove it.

I'd love to ask you

out to dinner.

Thank you, but I don't mix

business with pleasure.

Nice to meet you.

Oh my God.

What a disaster.

You haven't been out on a date

in five years.

My favorite talk show host

asked you out and you said, no.

Oh, hey.

-Thank you.

-Oh, thanks.

Uh, I need a--

a pen.


Did you watch

what just happened?


What about that made you think,

"Oh, these people should do

this again, but with food."

Honey, you knew it was gonna be

a tough interview.

Yeah, and I don't want

to go on a tough date.

He isn't just anyone,

he's smart.

He's successful.

-Here you go, ma'am.

-Thank you.

Super good-looking.

Well, he obviously

asked out the wrong woman.

Maybe I should set

the two of you up.


I think he only has eyes for you

and I'd just like to see you

open yourself up

to that possibility.

Before you work yourself

to death.

What are you talking about?

I love my work.

I know, you're amazing at it.

But now with the new practice,

there might be room

in your life for something new.

I just bought a new ficus

for the front office.

I meant something fun.

-Is this an intervention?


This is me telling you

to go on that date.

-Do it.


-Do it for me.

-Oh, don't even, stop it.

-Just do it, he's right there.

-No, Carla. Stop it. Stop it.

Stop it, stop it!


Do it for me, please.

Ah, uh.

Mr. Jones? Dale.


The answer to the last

question is, yes.

That's fantastic.

Uh, I'll call you later,

set somethin' up.


Okay, here's the deal

if this turns out

to be a horror show.

You're never allowed to meddle

in my private life again.

Got it?



You know me agreeing

to go on this date with him.

It's officially

Stockholm syndrome.

He's officially cute

and I'm officially jealous.

What are you jealous of?

You have good-looking guys

b*ating down your door

every single day.

Nope, I finally found one

that I really like.


Yeah, he's broke and he's weird.




Great job today.

Yeah, right.


I'll see you tomorrow.

k*lled it.

Worst interview ever.

No, awesome.


Dale, are you stalking me?

- Hey, sorry,

- I had to hurry off earlier.

You know, it's so hectic

in show business.

You know, actually, I--

I gotta rush off right now.

But how does

tomorrow night work?

Oh, yeah,

tomorrow night's good.


we'll get it over with.

I mean,

tomorrow night's great.

I'll take you to Mahoney's?

Incredible menu there.

Uh, yeah,

Mahoney's right by my office.

I love convenient.

Say 7:00?

7:00 is great.

See you then.


You look like

you need this today.

Thank you.

You okay?

Yeah, uh, I was att*cked

last night.

What? where?

Are you alright?

Yeah, I'm fine.

It was at my house, and I don't

think they wanted me dead.

They tasered me from behind.

I woke up and I found this note.

"Your turn to lose someone."


that's a pretty clear thr*at.

What did the police say?

I didn't tell them yet.

Well, we need to call them now.

Yeah, I know, I just

I feel like this--

whoever did this wants me

to report it.

Like they want to freak me out

and get attention.

I think this has to do

with the interview last night

with the Halstead case.

Well, will you at least

call your father?

You can't let this slide,

you know, it's important.

I know, but I don't want him

to be upset

that he isn't on his game

as he used to be.

When it rains,

it pours with you.

I know you hated being

on the show,

but at least 27 voicemails

on the company line

and four of them

sounded like legit clients.

Well, you think

these legit clients

are gonna want to walk

into a construction zone.

I've been hounding the painters,

they're coming in on Friday.



I'm so sorry to bother,

but you look so familiar to me.

Do I know you from anywhere?

-Or I just--

-Are-- are you from here?

New Orleans actually,

I just moved recently.


Yeah, I used to go

to the Jazz Fest every year

with my dad.

Now, that is a fantastic event.

I've been there

loads of times myself.

But did your mom

not enjoy jazz or--

Uh, she did like jazz,

but she uh--

she d*ed very young.

Would you roll those calls out?

But you-- you may have seen

her last night on TV.

Real Crime with Dale?

That's exactly what it is.

I was watching that

while I was working.

That is you.

So sorry,

you had to watch that.

Mystery solved.



Or Theo is fine.


Carla Fuentes, Holly Powell.


Well, the pleasure is mine.

Believe me,

uh, being new here

I could desperately

use a tour around town

if you feel like being

a guide ever, I'm--

Oh, yeah, it's just,

it's not a good time

right now for me.

It's just starting

this new firm and...

Of course, no.

No, I--

I shouldn't have bothered.

It's uh, nice to meet you both,

but I tell you what, um,

change your mind.

I'll just leave that there.

No harm. No foul.

See ya.

I really think last night

is a bigger deal

than you're letting out.

It's fine. I'm fine.

I-- I have-- I'll handle it.

I'm okay.

Thank you.


Hey, dad. Are you busy?

Oh, never too busy

to talk to you.

Okay. Well, I-- I don't want

you to freak out,

but um, I-- I was assaulted

last night.

What? Nobody from the station

called me.

Are you okay?

Dad, I--

I didn't call the police.

What? Why not? What happened?

I-- I-- I was tasered

and um, whoever did it.

They-- they left a note.

Well, I'm gonna send

Barnes over there

-... and he'll be there shortly.


Please not right now.

I-- I have a full day.

I just started this firm.

It's a bad time right now.

I'm at least sending you

a g*n over.

No, absolutely not.

You know how I feel about g*ns.

That's why I took self-defence.

Well, how did that work out

last night?

Well, dad the g*n

wouldn't have helped either.

Okay, listen,

I'm only calling,

because I don't want you

to worry.

I want you to know

that I'm okay.

Please don't rush over here.


I'm still sending over Barnes.

I may be a retired cop,

but I am not a retired father.

I know. Okay, fine.

Just have him come over

at the end of the day. Okay?

Alright, dear.

Whatever you like.

I love you.




I really wish

you'd called me earlier.

I mean, there's really

not much to go on here.

I could go to your house

tomorrow and have a look around.

Oh, thank you, detective.

Yes, I know

I should have called.

I think I was just in shock.

Uh, understandable,

but by the looks of it,

this isn't over. Alright?

You guys stay aware.

Stay safe. Okay?

Thank you, detective.

You want to stay

with me tonight?

Oh, no, no, I'm fine.

I really don't feel like going

on this date tonight.

That's for sure.

Well, you can cancel

or take a rain check.

No, no, then it's just one

more appointment

I'm dreading instead

of getting it over with.

Oh, stop.

It's a date not a root canal.

You deserve to have a life

outside of your job.

You've taken a huge risk

starting this firm

and if you don't take some time

to yourself to enjoy it,

then really what's it all for?

I feel happier

when I'm too busy to think.

I think.

Call me after.



-Oh, I'm so sorry.

-Oh God.

-I'm so sorry I'm late.


Why, you look lovely.

The producers wanted me

to interview Judge from the jail

and we're busy

cutting red tape and--

-It's fine. It's fine.


-Are you hungry?

-I'm starving.

I just really always

wanted to know

what other people didn't,


I mean, I-- I actually

become obsessed with this.

I drove my teachers crazy.

Man, it was so hard to pick

a major in college.

But anyway,

I got in a radio

and I started a show

on campus.

Uh, Crimes on Campus.

We actually solved a bunch

of assaults and some thefts

and uh, we actually took down

a little drug ring

and that's when I knew

I was hooked.

And so, you know, I stayed

in radio another dozen years.

But you know ever since

I'm just trying to get on TV,

which is so hard to do.

I mean there are so many shows

out there about real crime.

There are so many out there.

There are,

and that's why we came

down here, right,

small network, local stations,

zero budget.

But after a year on air,

we got picked up by

the National Affiliate.


Sounds like it really

worked out for you.

It-- it really kind of has.

Didn't work out so well for me.

Look, I'm-- it wasn't me,


I mean if I ask the questions

the producers want me to ask,

you would be hating me

right now.

I was att*cked after

your show last night.


Like social media,

I mean, it's pretty bad.

I hate it.

I was physically att*cked.

Are you okay?

You don't think it had

anything to do with the piece

we ran, do you?

Uh, I don't know.

Halstead isn't the first person

I've sent to prison.

He's just the most famous.

Well, I didn't make the movie.

I mean I didn't write it.

That's the producers,

that's the network.

They just want us

to run a piece on it,

you know to promote it,


And that's you know, they paid.

Well, everyone's got

to make a living.

You said it.

Are you gonna finish that,

because this is amazing.

Hey, hey, tell you what?

Let me walk you to your car.

Oh gosh, no,

you do not have to do that.


I parked right there.

Oh, Holly, I would--

Listen I get it.

I talk a lot when I get nervous.

No, no, don't be silly.

-You're fine.

-I do.

Listen if you go out

with me again,

I promise you could

put the mute button on me.

-Just like-- Boop.


Oh, no,

you know I'm so busy.

I've just opened up

a new firm.

-Hold on, hold on.

-Oh, okay.

It's my producer.

Hey, hold on one second.

I'm trying to find out

if this very beautiful woman

will go out with me

one more time. Hold on.

I'm about to get an answer.

Um, I'll call you.

-Okay. Awesome.


She said yes.

Got you.

Well, hey there.

Oh, hey.

So you barely got a word

in edgewise at dinner,

you have got the patience

of a saint.

Yes, uh well,

that's why I hate dating.

Ah, I'm generally too busy

to date myself.

Me too.

Oh, we have that in common.


Alright then.

Well, stay stafe.

What's that supposed to mean?

Nothing in particular.

Just a courtesy, I suppose.

How about goodnight?

-Is that better?

-I'm sorry.

They're-- they're both fine.

Goodnight, Theo.


A small town.

I'm sure I'll see you around.

Well, he put me on the spot

and I stupidly agreed

to another date.

Well, he said he was nervous.

You know, that happens

even to really smart,


and attractive guys.

I'd say he was

really self-obsessed.

And dimwitted himself.

Oh my God.

Just tell me

how you really feel.

Was that too harsh?

No, he's harmless.

Okay. I-- I just--

I just think after last night,

I just don't want to be around

a guy for a while, you know?

Well, how do you know

it was a man who att*cked you?

That's a fair point.

Oh, by the way,

I bumped into Theo at the bar.

Oh. I need details.

Well, I think I scared him off


but it's probably for the best.

Okay, I'm home now

safe and sound.

I'm staying on the phone

with you until you get inside.


That is very sweet,

but you don't have to do that.

You do not have to sit

on the phone.

I'm sure you have better

things to do than phone-sit me.

Nope, I ordered takeout,

I'm gonna watch some old movies

and have a self-care night.

Plenty of time to make sure

my boss friend is safe.

You are very hard to argue with,

I'll give you that

and that's high praise

coming from a lawyer.

So, tell me more about Theo.

Well, there's nothing

to tell really, I just saw him

and you know, that was it.

I don't know, Holly.

Maybe having a guy around

right now wouldn't be

such a bad thing.

I'm just saying.

No, see that's exactly

why I took self-defence.

So I wouldn't need a man around.

Got it?

Okay, I'm in, all is well.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Alright, girl.

See you tomorrow.


-There you go.


Hey Carla, can you pull

all my old notes

from the Halstead case

and my DA case files

that ended in convictions

under Halstead?

I want to go through

everything page by page!



it's Carla leave a message.

Hey, sorry about that.

Um, ever since that

damn interview,

crazy stuff's been happening.

I'll tell you when I see you.

Hey, where are you?

Huh? You always pick up.

Oh my God.


Hi, this is James Powell,

leave a message.

Hey dad, uh, my office

has been trashed,

um, I'm gonna go

to Carla's place.

So just call me when you can.

Carla, it's me Holly.


- Hey, it's Carla.

- Leave a message.

Okay, dad.

Listen, my-- my office

was ransacked

and Carla's disappeared.

I went to her apartment.

Her front door was wide open

and I found her phone

on the floor.

So if I text you her address,

can you send Barnes

over to have a look?

Sure, but I'm in

a meeting right now.

Oh okay, if you're in the middle

of something, dad, I--

No, no, no,

come by the golf club.

Alright. Okay.

-I'll see you there.

- See you in a moment, bye.


Now-- now this is the area,

the old guys are always

squawking about this.

-But come on.

-Yeah, right.



-Hi, you know my dad?



-James is your dad?

-Yes. He is.


That is a small world.

Well, we just met recently.

Actually, I-- I bought

the golf course and the resort.

Well, myself

and some investors did,

but we're uh, changing out

nine holes for some new houses

and he's helping me redesign

the golf course.

Doing an amazing job,

by the way.

I'm-- I'm so sorry.

Dad, can I borrow you

for a minute outside?

Well, yeah.

Oh, no, no, no, please, please

both of you stay here.

And uh, I--

I will excuse myself.

I have some other things

that I have to attend to,

but uh, amazing

to see you Holly,

such a small world.

-It is.


Well, uh.

I don't like any of this.

That note said, I was gonna

lose someone

and now Carla is missing.

Let's not get ahead

of ourselves.

Does she have a boyfriend?

Um, yes.

His, um--

Did I even ask his name?

Oh my God.

I'm such a terrible friend.

If the person who att*cked you

is a serious thr*at,

you need to arm yourself

or come stay with me.

Dad, I have a list a mile long

of murderers, bank robbers.

Any of them could have a grudge.

The thing that separates this

from the rest of them

is the timing,

this has to be related

to the Halsted case.

Is there anyone else

that you can think of?

Any family?

I don't know, dad.

We're just work buddies.

We all end up sharing more hours

of life with our co-workers

than our loved ones.

I tried hard to make you

priority number one.

Especially after your--

your mother d*ed.

What are you talking about?

You were a incredible

chief of police

and you were a great dad.

You are a great dad.

Maybe there's something

at the office.


Barnes is there now,

looking around.

Let's go by.


Help me.

Who are you?

You ever wonder what happens

to the families of those that

you send to prison?

Especially, the innocent ones.

You know, my mother

was a criminal,

my father took pity on her,

he got her an apartment.

He took care of her

and when I was born,

he took care of me, too.


why would he risk everything

to not watch me grow up.

He loved me very much.

And when he was sent to jail,

my mother went back

to prostitution

and she d*ed on the streets.

And I was left for the system,

no mother, no father.

Now just like Holly

took everything away from me.

I am gonna take everything

away from her

one little step at a time.

Do you understand me?


Now feel free to scream

as much as you wish.

No one can hear you down here.


-Quite the day you've had.


So I found this outside

of Carla's apartment.

She never took it off.

That could be nothing.

Well, it could be something.

Oh boy, this is really personal.

No alarm system?

No, we haven't turned it on yet.

-You moved in here a week ago?


Look, there's not a lot

to go on here.

And I noticed that, uh,

in your past cases

you put a lot of bad guys

behind bars.

You know, a lot of them

are out now.

Yeah, and now my paralegal's

missing, Carla Fuentes.

That's who I'm worried about.

- She-- she had a boyfriend.

- Yeah.

Could you maybe not go

through the crime scene

and wait for forensics

to get here?


Thomas, that's his name.

She said they were going

to Mexico this summer.

Right, right.

Maybe we can uh, go by--

Go by his house.

If he has anything to do

with Carla's disappearance,

we don't want him

making any moves.

You know what else

is missing, the Halstead files.

Well, now we can safely say

it's all connected.

Do we even bother

with the boyfriend then?

You can just say you're going

by his house

to check on a friend.

Nothing more than that.

Good idea. I'll drive.

Come on, dad.


Somebody help me!


I'm pretty sure I arrested

someone here a few years ago.

I miss working with you, James.

Can I help you?

This is my house,

what are you doing?

Are you Thomas?

You're trespassing.

- Hey, take it easy.

- You take it easy.

-Are you Thomas?


-You're Carla's boss, right?


I recognize you from the show.

When did you see Carla last?

-Night before last.

-Oh, yeah.

No, uh night before that

I guess.


-Because we can't find her.

That's why.

What's in the shed?

I just rent the place.

What are you saying?

You can't find Carla?

What's in this shed, Thomas?

Are y'all crazy y'all think

I have her locked in a shed?

We just want to take a look.

Oh, God.


It's a start.

Look, I love Carla.


So, you can check the whole

house if you want, whatever.

Here, look, take my card.

Check and see

if anybody's seen her.


But don't put anything online

until we give you the okay.

You got it?

Look, if anyone's life

is in danger,

we don't want anyone to panic,


-You think she's in danger?

-We don't know.

No, we don't know that,

we just can't reach her.

Does Carla have any enemies

or any ex-boyfriends

we could visit?

None that I can think of.

I mean she was always so busy

with work.

I'm the first

serious relationship

she's had in years.

We're gonna find her, okay?

They're finished with the

forensics at the office.

-I'm gonna take you there.

-Got it.

Let's go.

Please, God help me.



Detective, it'd be nice not

to publicize this.

If the media gets a hold of it,

it could be really bad for us.

Police tape

is standard procedure.

Come on, I'll walk you

back to your car.

Look, I'm gonna go check

on things.

I'll call you

if I find anything. Alright?

-Thank you.



I still think you ought to stay

with me until we find Carla.

Dad, I know

it's not gonna be easy

to understand this,

but I can't go there.

I have to--

I don't want this guy,

whoever's doing this to--

to frighten me

out of my own house.

I still have a spare g*n

in my truck.

- Oh God, no, dad.

- Thank you. I appreciate it.

But no.

Whoa! Whoa!


What the hell?

You scared me.

Oh, I was just making sure

that you were safe.

Oh dad,

you can text me next time.


Alright. Okay.

I'm-- I'm sorry darling.

It's just that,

I guess I'm the coward.


-I'm scared.

I don't know

what to do with the--

Oh, dad.

With you gone, if anything

happened to you.


I'm telling you it wouldn't--

I'd be lost for a while. I know.

Alright, I'll make sure nobody

gets rough with you at all

in any kind of way.

Hey, nobody is getting rough

with me, dad.

I'm gonna make sure of that.




Yeah, oh, I know strong, steady

you got it all down

just like your mother.

-Yes, I do.


-Yes, you know what?

-Both of you.


-I love you.

-I love you, too.

-I love you, dad.

God bless you.


-You go on home. Okay?


-Drive safe.


I know you don't sleep, dad.

God bless you.

I know I don't sleep.


-So, call anytime you want.

I know.

- Love you.

- I love you, too.

Oh, yeah.


It's your time to shine.

As long as you cooperate,

I don't need to go find out

whether or not your boyfriend,


enjoys his alcohol

as much as Detective Barnes did.

Why are you doing this?

I didn't have anything

to do with the Halstead case

and my boyfriend had nothing

to do with it either.

Oh, oh, oh, so exciting.

Listen if you cooperate,

he will get out of this alive.

You understand me?

I am going to call the Dale show

and you are gonna read

this note.

I'll do whatever you want.

Please don't hurt, Thomas.

Oh, I won't hurt Thomas

as long as you cooperate.

Okay? It's gonna be okay.


let's call the Dale show.


You've reached the lead board

for Real Crime with Dale.

False tips or threats

will be dealt with legally.

Leave your tip at the beeper.

My name is Carla Fuentes.

I work with Holly Powell.

Currently afraid for my life

and in hiding.

Holly is not

who she pretends to be.

Detective Barnes.

Oh, oh my God.

You kids go on, please.


Just hear me out.

If we get rid of the pond,

we can put the ninth hole bar

right there.

It's perfect.

-I mean--

-I don't know.

I like it.

Yes, hello?

Dad, I'm so sorry

to tell you this.

- Barnes is dead.



What happened?

I-- I don't know.

It looks like su1c1de.

He's in my driveway

and I don't know what to do.

Alright, dear.

Alright, we'll be there

as soon as possible. Alright?


Uh, ladies and gentlemen,

I just have some family

emergency come up,

so I'm gonna have to go

and take care of it.

I'm sure you'll be fine here,


James. James. James. Hold on.

Look, this can wait,

family can't.

I'm coming with you.


What is it, Dale?

Oh, that was curt.

Well, it's not been

a good morning.

Can I help you with something?

Listen, I wondered

if you want to comment

on a story

we're running tonight.

Your former paralegal

Carla Fuentes

left a message on our hotline.


Is-- is she okay?

Where is she?

Did she say who took her?

Well, she said that

she has proof

you've been falsifying evidence

dating all the way back

to Judge Halstead.

That's ridiculous.

There's no truth

to that whatsoever.

She's obviously speaking

under duress.

And if you go with that story,

Dale, I will sue your ass

to hell and back.

Do you hear me?

My name is Carla Fuentes,

I work with Holly Powell,

currently afraid for my life

and in hiding.

Holly is not who she pretends

to be and has falsified evidence

for years starting with

the infamous Halstead trial.

She goes on to talk about you

blackmailing Detective Barnes.

Your father's involvement.

It's-- it's--

it's really ugly, Holly.

Okay, listen to me right now.

Not one word of that is true,


Obviously, someone's trying

to frame me here.

I'm afraid it's my duty

to play it, Holly.

She left the message

for a reason

and I intend to find out why.

Okay, alright, you know what,

why don't you play

the rest of it?

What else was she forced to say?

Play it all, Dale.

Well, you'll have to tune in

tonight to find out.

You'll be very excited

to see who we have on live

from prison.

Oh, are you gonna interview

Judge Halstead about this?

Dale, this is wrong.

Don't you understand

what you're doing?

Carla also said she'd come

out of hiding as soon

as you and your father

are arrested.

You're gonna regret this.

Is that a thr*at?

That's a fact, mark my words.



Just got back word

from upstate, Halstead agreed.

The warden hasn't yet.

Apparently, they've become

like bitter enemies.

That's because

he knows he's innocent, Jeff.

And we--

It's-- it's Arty.

Sh-- Arth--

-We are gonna prove it.


You and me, Jeff.

We're going places.

Never give up.

I don't know what

the hell's going on, dad.

Carla called that crime show

with Dale

and left some insane message

about my falsifying evidence

in the Halstead case.

And how you and I are trying

to blackmail Detective Barnes.

And if he plays that message,

then it doesn't matter

what the truth is,

because people will think

we're responsible for this.


and believe everything else.

We'll get to the bottom

of this, I promise.

I just don't know

what the hell's going on.

Honey, let me have,

you take back-- take--

Take her back to

the country club, will you?

Sure, whatever you need, sure.

- Let me talk to the police...

- No, dad...

I'm staying here

to talk to the police.

And I'll get back to you

right after.

I know.

This is not the first time.

Barnes had issues with alcohol

and depression.

He was fine.

That's all we know at this time.

Dad? Dad?

He was fine yesterday.

Well, he's not fine now, honey.

I have to go over there,

and take a look,

and find out why not.


What do you think

this is all about?

I don't know

but this whole thing started

after that Dale interview,

now someone must

have seen it and gotten

triggered by it.

-But who?

-I wish I knew.

Believe me.

I'm just so sorry this happened

to you.

It's just-- it's crazy.

I-- I--

Yeah, it is crazy.

You know who showed up

after that interview aired?


-What does that mean?

-What does that mean?

You tell me?


I just saw the way that James

left the conference room

in such a state and figured

you might need some help--

Why do you want to help us

so much?

Honestly, I-- I don't know,

I just want to.

That so bad?


It's not so bad.

Alright, let's find out

what's going on here?

Ginkgo liquor.

God bless you, old friend.

God bless you.

Grab you an iced tea

or coffee, something.

No, you know I'd rather not be

around people.

I think.

Well, there's a lot more

to this country club

than just the bar,

I can tell you that.

Where else is there to go?


I saw a sunset right here

that was so beautiful.

I had to buy this place.

I've never ever been down here.


Well, my-- my dad wasn't really

into water or boats.


Yeah, I-- I never really

had a father.

Didn't have a mother,

to be honest.

I had to do everything

on my own.

Which, fortunately for me,

I had a plan.

Oh, yeah, what was your plan?

Well, to build a life that I--

I never thought

that I could have.

You know, to do everything

that I ever dreamed of.

Which, I have accomplished.


I, on the other hand,

have never left the gulf once.

Well, too much to do.

Never traveled,

last-minute vacations.

No ex-husbands.

No pets, unless you count

feeding a squirrel

in my backyard.

I think that makes you lucky.

How is that?

For me I've--

I've pretty much done

everything that I set out to do.

So, what adventures

really are there left

for me to have?

You, on the other hand,

every single day

from this moment forward

can be a new

and exciting adventure.


Yeah, that's one way

of looking at it.


I'm gonna show

you something else.

Um, okay, okay.

Uh, here we are.

-Oh, yeah. Really?

-In there?

This is my pet project.

You ready?

There she is.

Yeah, it's the first thing

I bought when I made any money.

I had uh, started a--

a lawn mowing business

when I was a teenager

and it just-- it just took off.

Made a bunch of cash

decided, you know what,

I'm gonna buy myself

an RV and cruise the country.

So, went to this RV dealership

and this baby

was sitting in the back

of the lot

and she just spoke to me,

you know.

I had to have her.

And now?

Well, now I plan on restoring

her to her former glory

and maybe you know, sailing

down to Jamaica

like Errol Flynn.


Excuse me, it's my dad.

Hi, dad. Any news?

I just left the scene.

I don't think it was su1c1de.

I don't either.

Where are you?

I'm following up some leads.

I'll meet you at the club

at 6:00.


-6:00? Okay.

I'll be there.

Dad, please be careful.

That was James, huh?

Everything okay?

Uh, yeah, he's um--

he's gonna meet me here

in a few hours.

Your boat is--

it's really lovely.

It's not as lovely

as some things I've seen,

but she'll do for now.

What's up, chief?

-How you doing?


I need to know,

you sell this man

a bottle of whiskey

in the last few days?

Bro, he looks like every

customer that buys whiskey here.

You store your security

in hard drive or a tape?

Seriously, tape?

Whoever uses tape anymore?

You'd be surprised.

I only need to see what

you have from yesterday.


That's him. That's the man.

It's not Barnes, but whoever

bought it.

That's the man.

So, what did he do?

Did he k*ll someone?

Where's the other footage?

I need to see his face.

I can't see it.

There is no other footage.

You got cameras

all over the place

and angles from everywhere.

Man, boss man is cheap.

He didn't want to link up

the cameras.

Yes, sir. I understand

the security situation.

That's why I'm only sending

one sound guy, one camera guy,

and I will satellite it

from there and run live

from here in the studio.

Hey? Hey? Where are you going?

We need another hard drive.

Uh, you got a key?

'Cause I need

to get in the storage, and--

No, no, no, I already checked.

There's not one back there.

Just go buy another one.

It's not my money.

I'm sorry about that, Warden.

Listen, I think you

and I can both agree

that Judge Halstead

deserves to be heard.

That's-- that's all

I'm looking for.


No, sir, you will not be


I promise you that.

Well, thank you, sir,

I appreciate it.

We got Halstead!

Oh, let's see,

my friend is missing.

My law firm is ruins

and some psycho

is stalking me wherever I go.

Did I get it all?

Maybe you need

something stronger.

-How about a bottle of wine?

-No, no, no, no.

If I start now,

I'll never stop.

I've gotta clear my head,

figure out

what the hell I'm missing.

Well, Judge Halstead,

he's been in prison

for decades, right?

I mean who's left

from his family

to even come after you.

Hey, guys.

-What are y'all doing in here?

-Hey, dad.

Uh, those idiots

at the liquor store.

Gee, they had one

maybe two cameras.

Welcome back to Real Crime.

Tonight, a follow-up episode

on the double homicide

allegedly perpetrated by a man

known to uphold the law,

Judge Halstead.

First, I will play you

a never-before-heard recording

from Carla Fuentes.

Paralegal to ex-DA,

Holly Powell.

Now Carla is currently

in hiding, fearful for her life

from Holly's father,

ex-chief of police,

James Powell,

whose protg, was found dead

outside of Holly's home a day--

How on earth does he know

any of this?

There wasn't a media release.

Let's play the recording

of Carla's frantic,

heartfelt message.

Holly is not

who she pretends to be

and has falsified evidence

for years

starting with the infamous

Halstead trial.

I also have evidence that

she's been blackmailing

Detective Barnes,

along with her father

James Powell.

If anything happens

to Detective Barnes

the blame lies solely

at the feet

of Holly and James Powell.

This is unreal.

Now going live to

North State Penitentiary.

A man very well known

to this show

and to this community.

Welcome to the show,

Judge Halstead.

The floor is yours.

Happy to be here.

Well, not exactly here,

but happy to be here with you

to set the record straight.

Now, what record would

that be, Judge?

Holly Powell, fabricated

evidence against me

to not only

get me off the bench.

But to send me to prison

for life for a crime,

she knows, I didn't commit.

You have proof

that she did this?

Well, I will soon enough.

But know this,

my ex-wife never

filed a police report

nor sought a restraining order

against me.

Those documents were

conveniently planted

by Chief James Powell.

Her friend and paralegal

Carla Fuentes seems to agree

with you.

Well, that doesn't surprise me.

Holly Powell and her father

have faked evidence

in numerous cases.

They most likely staged

the break-in of her office

to destroy evidence

of their crimes.

Now the detective on that case

was found dead

in front of Holly's home.

He probably found something

they forgot to dispose of.

So they disposed of him instead.

This is all BS.

You laid out some expl*sive

accusations, Judge.

Why would Holly

want to set you up

in the first place?

You'll have to ask her.

She knows I'm a good man.

I always took care

of my wife and child.

She's the one who took

me away from them.

Not the other way around.

What would she have to gain

from that?

Ask her father.

He never liked me either.

I dismissed a case

against someone

he wanted locked up for good.

Who would that be?

Well, you'll have to ask him.

Looks like it's uh,

time for me to go back

to my small confining cell.

Enjoy the free world

and give my best to Holly.

This is garbage!

Turn it off!

Well, we've certainly opened

a Pandora's box with this case.

But in all my years

covering real crime.

Nothing surprises me anymore.

We'll see you tomorrow

on Real Crime with Dale.

You don't really

believe this nonsense.

Do you?

You've known me

and my dad my entire life.

Do you think if there

was any truth to this,

it'd go unnoticed this long?


Come on, dad.

Let's go.

I'm gonna prove our innocence.

You'll see.

- Honey!

- What did he mean?


He-- he has a kid, certainly

not with his wife.

Look, nothing they said is true.

And why was he talking

about letting someone go

that you want to put away?

He let dozens of people off

with light sentences,

you know that.

Dad, think.

Was there someone specific?

Uh, it's been a long time,

so many years.

I-- I don't know maybe--

maybe-- maybe that woman.

What woman?

It was decades ago.

Dad, please.

- Carla's life is at stake.

- Alright, alright.

She was a prost*tute

who k*lled a John.

Open and shut case.

I remember she had a son.

I'm not-- I'm not sure, how old.

Uh, but some reason

Halsted fought

with every legal tool

at his disposal

to rule in her favor.

Finally, in an obvious

act of desperation,

he threw the case out.

When he said he had a kid,

he meant her kid.

What if he was the father?

You know,

I know he was married,

but maybe he had

a son out of wedlock.

Oh, bingo.

We'll get her name.

I-- well,

the first thing I'll do,

I'll go to the station


Have a sergeant there.

He'll get it.

Who the hell did his son

turn out to be?

We'll find out.

In the meantime, it's time

for you to go home.

-Call me if you--

-Call you?

-Yes, call me if you need to.

-You're sending an officer--

I love you.

I know, I love you.

I love you, too.

God bless you.

Who the hell are you, Theo?

Dale Jones, are you here?

Mr. Powell!

I don't believe

we had an appointment.

I was just leaving.

Oh, well, I'll tell you--

Let me guess, you're here

to tell me that my show

is nothing

but journalistic cesspool.

The information I spout across

this city is nothing but trash.

Good, I like it.

You're also probably wondering

what my end goal is here, right?

Is it just ratings?

Perhaps it's something deeper.

Perhaps I'm involved

with Halstead.


Well, very good.

You're a very bright young man.

Well, let me tell you one.

I was at a liquor store

this morning.

And uh, I watched a videotape

of a man buying

a bottle of whiskey.

Oh, I didn't know buying

liquor was illegal.

Well, it is if it's connected

with a m*rder.

Who are you really, Mr. Jones?

Tell you what?

Let's clear the air.

Let me show you my evidence.


Halstead's guilty

and you know it.

Well, if you believe that,

you're dumber than you look.

-Follow me.

-Oh, really?


There's nothing you can show me

to change my mind.

Halstead was always a snake.

Well, some people like snakes.

You one of 'em?

Come on.

Listen, I'm gonna show

you some evidence.

Alright, stop babbling.

And then show me

what you have for evidence.

-Where's it at?

-It's right inside here.

We're gonna boot it up.

What you got?

Alright, you got

the lights in here?

-It's all-- yeah.

-Give 'em a click.



- Oh my God.

- Behind you.

You just signed your

boyfriend's death warrant.

You got this, you can

take care of yourself.


You snake.

Do you have any idea

what your lies have done to us?


It's my producers that are

pulling the strings here.

It's not me.

Oh, you have no spine, Dale?

You just bark

when they say bark?

Roll over when they say

roll over.

And play dead.

I don't blame you for hating me.

But I think there's something

you need to know.

- No, the only thing

- I need from you, Dale,

is an on-air apology

and a correction.

Do you hear me?

Come back on the show tomorrow.

And-- and make your case

to the world.

Come back on your show tomorrow?


Alright, but I'm not

gonna be set up again.

Do you hear me?

If I come on your show,

it's gonna be under my terms.

Okay, well, we'd be happy

to work with you.

But listen, Holly,

I've been investigating

this case for

a very long time now

and I think I know

who's behind this.

What are you talking about?

There's a person, you know,

who is not

who they say they are.

Okay? They are classy,

they are charming,

they are rich.

They are on top of their game.

But they are also lying to you.

You're the only one

that's lying.

I'm the one trying to help you.

Why would you do that?

Because I'm not a monster,


Okay, no matter what you

and your father may have done.

I can't stand by and just

watch harm come to you.

What the hell are you talking

about, Dale?

I have reasons to believe

your father's life is in danger.

In fact, I know it is.


Do you now?

Well, I was actually

just with my father.

We were watching that travesty

you call a TV show, Dale.

Is anybody else with him

or is it just the two of you?


Oh, oh, are-- are you telling me

that you think

that Theo is

Judge Halstead's son.

I'm just saying that

he's not who he says he is.

And if you confront him

about it,

he will deny it

and you need to watch your back.

No, you need to watch

your back, Dale.

Because I'm gonna tell you what,

I'm gonna use every single legal

means in my power

to prove that

you are an absolute fraud.

Well, go ahead.

But for now, if you have any way

to track your father down,

I suggest you use it.

Hi, this is James Powell.

Leave a message.

Hey dad, can you call me

when you get this? Thanks.

You lying bastard!

Thomas, oh God.

What the? Not again.

I saw you going there

I don't know where Carla is,


Now leave my property

and I won't press charges.

I'm filming you, you know.

I watched you walk in here.

So come out now or face

the consequences.

I'm not here for Carla, Thomas.




Oh, you're kidding me, right?

Turn it off, right now.

-Now! Okay.

-Calm down.

It's not a problem, here.

It's off.

Look, put the Kn*fe down, okay?

Where is my father?

And don't you lie to me, Theo.

Or whatever your name is.

James left the same time

you did.

Oh, yeah?


Then what the hell is his phone

doing here? Huh?


It's over, Theo.

What am I even calling

you that for?

What's your name?

Let's start there and then you

take me to my father.

Theo is the only name I have.

I don't know how your

dad's phone got in my boat.

He's never even been in here.

Do you think I am stupid?

Who are you?

Are you Halstead's son?

I may not know who my father is,

but I definitely know

who he isn't.

Where's Carla?

What have you done

with my friend?

Where's Carla?

I didn't do anything with her.

Calm down. Alright?

Put it down.

So, you can k*ll me, too?

Like you did Detective Barnes?

Now, you are talking crazy.

Look, just give me the Kn*fe.

You'd love that, wouldn't you?

Defenseless woman,

easy to att*ck.

Whoever told you that

I am the bad guy is wrong.

That's what all

the bad guys say!

Move it.

-This way.

-Okay, just-- just easy.



Okay, alright, just-- just--

just-- just--

You tell me where my father is,

where Carla is

and they better be alive.

Look, someone is trying

to turn you against me, Holly.

Shut up!

Keep walking.

Put the Kn*fe down,

we can call the police.

Open the door.

I will do anything

I can to help you out, I swear.

Only way you're getting

out of this is,

if you take me to my father.


Holly, I don't know where

James is, okay?

Yes, you do.

-Just give me the Kn*fe.


-I just-- just--

-No, Theo.

-Stop it.

-Give me it.

Why did you do that?

-I don't know where James is.


Listen to me.

Look-- look at me.

If you tell me where they are,

I will take you

to the hospital right now.

You can watch me die

for all I care.

I am not the person

you're looking for.

I swear to God.

I'm just telling you

what Dale Jones found out

about you while investigating

the Halstead case.

You're believing him?

Over me?

I mean, just think about that,

Dale Jones?


Oh, oh no, oh no, no, no,

oh God.

Oh my God. Oh my God.

Okay, listen.

Oh, I'm gonna

take you to the hospital.

-Be careful.

-I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.

Okay, I will make

this up to you. Okay?


You know, you appeared

out of nowhere.

And you were likable,

but mysterious, so--

Holly, look, I'm not trying

to ruin your life.

I'm not gonna report it

to the cops.

I know it was an accident.

I really like you.

-You do?


Well, you know what?

Then you better not die,


because I like you, too.

Oh, James, James,

please wake up. Pl--


- Ma'am? Ma'am?

- You can see your friend now.

He's sleeping.

-Thank you.


I'm glad you turned out

to be a good guy, Theo.

If that's who you really are.

Do you mind?

As a matter of fact, I do mind.

What are you doing here?

Aren't you Dale Jones?


I'm also a friend of Holly's.

I came by to check on her

after everything that's been

happening, you know.

Yeah, it's been crazy.

Could say you stirred the pot.

Well, I mean,

unfortunately, it's--

it's kind of my job, right?

My wife does love your show.

Do you think I can get

an autograph for her?

Come on.

Of course, you-- you got a pen?



Good morning.

Good morning.

You know, you look like

an absolute angel--

Shut up. Are you okay?

Are you gonna live?

I am going to be fine,

as a matter of fact.

I get to get out of here


- Oh, thank God. Thank God.

- Thank God.

How are you doing?

I'm uh, I'm really very worried

about my dad and Carla.

And I think that it seems

like either Dale

is the one behind this or--

or he's the puppet

of the person who is.

I mean, I think we should

just call the police.

We can't.

What would we tell them?

We have no proof.

It's our word against his.

-How do we change that?

-I don't know.

But I think we're running

out of time.

I think he wouldn't have

risked sending me

on this wild goose chase

after you if he wasn't.

I suggest that you go home,

get showered, rest.

Have something to eat, 'cause

I guarantee you

with that brilliant,

legal mind of yours,

you are going to figure

this out in no time.

Thank you.

I don't deserve your help

after last night,

but my dad and Carla do.

Oh, you said

you'd make it up to me

and I'm gonna hold you to it.

I will.

Give me a call

if anything changes.

Feel better, okay?

Oh God.

Officer, officer!

There's a dead man.

Oh my God!


Alright, people put

on your welding mask.

Holly Powell's coming back

on the show

and sparks are gonna fly.

Hey, give me a maple bar

half-caf, decaf chai latte.

Tonight, I'm running the show.

Oh, oh God.

Oh, oh, I'm gonna--

I did you, sorry, Carla.

No, no, it's--

it's okay, it's okay.

We're gonna get out of here.


I'm not officially released yet.


What's-- what's wrong?

Carla's boyfriend, Thomas was

in my bathroom dead.


And I um, I--

there was another officer

that was in my driveway, dead.

You're kidding me.

How do I know

if they're all dead,

that my dad and Carla

are still alive?

I-- I don't know.

I mean, I--

Just the first thing is-- is--

is you can't let anyone know

that you found these bodies.

I mean for whatever sick reason

Dale wants you to find them.

My God, I'm being set up.



Dale wants Halstead

out of prison

and he wants me in there.

Oh, I'm correct, then I can't

go to the police, right?

No, no, not yet. Not yet.

You have to prove that Dale

is the one behind this first.

I mean really behind this.

Well, uh--

Maybe you need to go back

to the beginning and talk

to the person who started

this whole thing

in the first place.


I have to question Halstead?

James, what do we do?

I think he hurt Thomas.

Why is he doing this?

He's Judge Halstead's son,

that little bastard.

Oh God, I am so sorry,

excuse me.


-What the hell?

Uh, post needs a tablet.

I was running back there

to grab one.

Uh, listen, I can grab it.

Okay, just uh--

I gotta get something from

my laptop anyway, just um,

take five,

go get a coffee, relax.

-I got it.

-Okay. Okay.

Sorry about that.

Try to find your end

of the loop.

I can't feel anything

and my hands are numb.

Twist your end to the left.

My left or yours?

Oh, boy.

Hey, hey creep, over--

Got your coffee, buddy.

You know grab a coffee

means you grab a coffee,

not for me.

God, are you--

here's a tablet.

My bad, I thought that

you said-- No, thank you.

But now that you brought it,

let's get back to set.

I got--

What do you got

going on back here?

Oh, I just found the hard drive.

Let's get back to set.

I know they need that.

Yes, Warden, I'm pulling in now.

I appreciate this favor.

Yeah, it shouldn't take long.


Thank you.

Well, well, miss priss.

I can't believe you had

the gall to come see me

after all you--

Oh, cut the woe is me crap.

It doesn't suit you.

You did it.

I know it and the jury knows it.


I'm here about your son.

I don't have any children.


That's not what you said

in the interview.

You said wife and kid.

Is that who you sent after me?

The son you had

with that prost*tute?

You call her that

one more time, I dare you.

Hey, Halstead, simmer down.

You think you're in a world

of hurt now?

My apologies.

You know, whatever

did happen to her?

I tried to track her down

for the trial,

but she just disappeared.

Did you k*ll her, too,

Mr. Halstead?

That's Judge Halstead.

And no.

You k*lled her.

I spent every last dime I had.

Defending that case against me.

It's a case you never

should have even indicted.

You blew so much smoke

through that jury.

They never could cut through

the fog and confusion.

I did my job.

Who is this woman?

What's her name?

You broke me.

And without money,

how could I--

how could I

take care of them?


Her and her son?

Marilyn Rose.

I met her the night

of my bachelor party.

I got her pregnant

the night before I got married.

So that's why you threw

out the m*rder case then

to keep the baby's mother

out of prison.

No, I dismissed that case

against her.

Because she wasn't a m*rder*r.

She was drugged,

and r*ped, and when she came to,

you would not believe

the things that man

had done to her.

So she k*lled him.

Well, at least your heart

was in the right place.

Don't you dare.

Hey, Judge,

I'm on your side here.

I-- I agree with you.

Every child needs its mother.

I know from experience.

It's a hole that

cannot be filled.

I-- I was lost

when my mother d*ed.

Well, his mother d*ed,

because I was sent to prison

and couldn't take care of her

or him.

You selfish bitch.

How did she die?

Sadness, I suppose.

Not dr*gs.

You know for such

a smart lawyer,

You sure know nothing

about the ways of love.

I don't give a damn

about the ways of love,

to be honest.

What I care about,

what I'm interested in

is your son.

It's clear to me that the fig

falls very close to the tree.

The good news is you

might be able to spend

a bunch of quality time here

in prison with your son.

You leave that boy out of this.

What boy? What's his name?

Why won't you say his name?

Are you ashamed of

who he's become?

No, no.

Then what's his name?

He's become a great man,

no thanks to you.

Then say his name.

What is his name?

His name is

none of your g*dd*mn business.

Then say his name.

What is his name?

His name is

none of your g*dd*mn business.


Hey, does the offer still stand

to come on your show?

My offers never expire, Holly.

I have new information

on the identity

of Judge Halstead's son.


I mean, what is his real name?

Well, you'll have to find out

live tonight.

Okay. Well, I uh--

You know, I-- I just--

I-- I like to know

that way I can prepare

for the show and be ready.

You'll find out tonight.


Oh g*dd*mn, stop it.

Come here.

I need you watching

the news every 10 minutes.

I just got a tip.

There's been a body--

a body found

at Holly Powell's residence.


Should we just call the police?

Do you get paid to think

or do I?

Producers do really.

In fact, they need you

in their office now.

What is your name?


People call me "Arty".

Arty, good.

Now, I know who to get fired.

Did you want this maple bar?

No, I do not want

that maple bar!

What's his name?

Why won't you say his name?

Are you ashamed of

who he's become?

No, no.

-Then what's his name?

-He's become a great person.

-Then say his name?

-No thanks to you.

What is his name?

His name is--

How do I play this?

What do I do?

Dale, we need you in wardrobe.

New ties are in

and make-up wants last look.

Do you have anything better

to do than just ride my ass?

Give me a break. Come on.

There must be something

around here

we can use to cut the rest off.

Not anymore, he took everything

that was sharp.

Oh, can we get you in makeup,

Miss Powell, we'll be ready--

No, I'm ready right now,


You know, it'd probably be

better though

if they just got some last--

Do I look like I care about

makeup right now?

God, I love that woman.

You did it, James.

Oh, oh, thank you.

Oh my God.

He could come back

at any moment.

Where are we anyway?

The studio.

Welcome back to another

episode of Real Crime.

Ex-district attorney

Holly Powell,

you are on the hot seat.

Dale, it's so nice to be back

and have the opportunity

to clear things up.

You presented a theory

about a case I prosecuted

20 years ago to your audience

that was entirely false.

Well, theory isn't

quite fact yet.

It needs time to be proven.

This is true.

Let's stick with the facts then.

I have some evidence

that runs counter to your story.

Evidence, well,

we'd love to have it,

but I'm sure it needs to be

cleared by the producers.

So we'd love to schedule you

to come back with that

at any time.

I would imagine that everyone

here wants to know the truth.

Truth yes, let's jump right in,

the man you believe

has been stalking you,

Theo Dalrymple.

Theo has nothing

to do with this.

I just learned that

Judge Halstead had an affair

with a call girl the night

of his bachelor party

just before getting married.

Wow, I believe somebody

sold you a false bill of goods.

I've had plenty of hours

of conversation

with Judge Halstead

and he's never brought

any of that up before.

Well, then you would know that

this woman gave birth

to his son,

Judge Halstead's son.

A son that he hid from

his wife and public life,

a son that he cared for

and paid every expense.

A son who lost his father

when Halstead went to prison

for m*rder.

Does that sound familiar?

Well, it sounds like

a total fabrication.

Which is just so beneath

even you Holly.

All you have to do is get one.

One undone.

I can do the rest.

You try doing this

with acrylic nails.

Listen, if you continue

with this babble,

I will shut you down.

You are not going to

shut me down, Dale Jones.

I have a recording

of the very person--

Okay, I have recordings too

of Holly Powell

threatening my life.

Just like she did her paralegal

Carla Fuentes.

My father's also missing.

Have you shared that

with your viewers?

No, of course not.

Why would I share that?

Aren't you the one who called me

and told me about it?

I was sharing something

that we got a tip

on our hotline.


-That her father...

-That's right.

...had been kidnapped.

And I am so glad that

you did that, Dale,

because I think we both know

how much we love our fathers.

Speaking of fathers, let's hear

what Mr. Halstead has to say--

No, no, okay.

You broke me.

And without money how could I--

how could I take care of them?

Them? Her and her son.

Marilyn Rose.

I met her the night

of my bachelor party.

I got her pregnant the night

before I was married.

So, that's why you threw out

the m*rder case.

Oh, I got one.

I think I got it.

Oh, good-- good job.

Now a little bit carefully

back the other way.


You know for such

a smart lawyer.

You sure know nothing

about the ways of love.

Alright. Can we-- Enough.

Is anybody believing

any of this dribble?

Be able to spend a bunch

of quality time

here in prison with your son.

You leave that boy out of this.

What boy?

Alright, I've had

enough of this!

-Just stop the recording!

-Why won't you say his name?

Are you shamed

of who he's become?

-No, no.

-Then what's his name?

What a woman.

Then say his name.

What is his name?

Enough of that.

-You turn that off right now.

-Whoa! Whoa! Get--

Turn it off!


- Dad!

- Darling.

Carla, I thought you were dead.

Oh, Carla.


-I'm sorry.




You want to hear how your father

ended that statement, Dale?

It doesn't matter what he said.

And it won't stop me

from loving him.

Then you should have

trusted him.

His name is none

of your g*dd*mn business.

I just wanted

to get him out of jail.

Well, now you get to join him.

Turn that thing off!

I thought you were my friend.

What's my name?

Wonder what Dale Jones

is gonna think

when he's the star

of someone else's crime show.

Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

I'm not dead yet, Holly Powell!

Oh God, ow, easy.

You did good, kid.


I've had enough of you,

turn it off!

Get out of here.

Get out of here.

Excuse me, Miss Holly.

-Can we get an interview?

-Get out of here.

Okay, sorry to bother.

Well, who would have thought

that investing in a country club

would be detrimental

to my health.

Oh, hello, darling,

it's gonna be alright.

It's over now.


-It's over.

Well, if there's one

good thing that came out

all of this, the producer

has offered Holly

to host the show.

Oh, whoa, whoa.

I haven't said yes yet.

Real Crime with Holly.

-I love it.

-I would watch it.

I would watch it.

I am so sorry that I got you

into this mess

and for stabbing you.

Alright, no, no, no, no,

you did not s*ab me.

I stabbed myself.

I never should have reached

for the Kn*fe

in the first place.

So have you thought of any way

that I could

make this up to you yet?

Uh, um, I have thought of one.

Oh, yeah. What is that?

This is not what I had in mind.

When we finish her up,

what should we name her?

Lady Justice.


-Is that cheesy?

I love it.

Now back to work.

Adam David 105.

Gotta do an inmate check?

Dale Jones, check in.

Where's your son?

It ain't over yet.
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