07x03 - Capsized

Episode transcripts for the TV show "9-1-1". Aired: January 2018 to present.*
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Emergency response providers who put their lives at risk to save others.
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07x03 - Capsized

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[LONNIE] All right. Car's pulling up.

Just put your bags
on the curb and get inside.

We're already late.

The car's still two minutes away.

That is our car.
Jan... hello... is our driver.

This is our car and Malik is our driver.

I was supposed to order the car.

That is not how we set up the list.

You had A through M
and I had N through Z.

[LONNIE] Right. C is for car service.

T is for taxi.

- Babe, who still calls it a taxi?
- Everyone.

Technically, it's only a taxi

- if it's licensed as a taxi.
- Not now, Ma.

Get in.

I already said I'm
not sitting in the middle.

- Now I'm saying it.
- We can't both not sit in the middle.

- Why not? There are three seats.
- There's two cars, just get in one.


[SIGHS] My goodness.



♪ ♪

[ELIZA] Cory.

♪ So I'd like to know where... ♪

[ELIZA] Ah, how about this view, kids?

Sure is a lot of water.

Like, what is that smell?

That's the ocean air, son.

That's the pungent aroma
of old people having sex.

How about we go to the pool,
burn off some energy?

Oh, good. More water.

[ELIZA] All right, everybody.
Let's go. Get your things.

♪ ♪

Cory. Come on.


If we get separated,
find a safe place to wait.

Don't go looking for us.
Let us find you.

We're going the wrong way.

- How do you know?
- 'Cause everyone's going that way.

- I love your hat.
- Thank you.

Oh, if you're going to Mazatlan,
it's this way.

- Told you.
- Whatever.

- "Whatever."
- O-Okay.

♪ I'd like to know
where you got the notion ♪

♪ Don't rock the boat... ♪

- Cory.

- ♪ Don't tip the boat over ♪
- ♪ Rock the boat ♪

- ♪ Don't rock the boat, baby ♪
- ♪ Rock the boat ♪


Please tell me it's not another buffet.

What's wrong with a buffet?

Like, norovirus,
rotavirus, listeria, legionnaires?

Maybe we should play a game.

The "let's not talk until Mom's had

at least two cocktails in her"
game. Yeah?

♪ Don't let me drift away,
my dear ♪

♪ Love can see me through ♪


♪ Our love is like a ship ♪

♪ On the ocean. ♪


Sweetheart, you heard
what the captain said,

she said the danger had passed.

Then something went boom.

I heard the crew saying
there was a b*mb.

[LAUGHS] Okay, I don't like this panic.

Attention all passengers,

this is a general muster call.

Report to your predesignated
muster stations.

Okay, fine, the boat is sinking,
I get it, okay!

The life jackets. Where
are the life jackets?

[ELIZA] I don't know...

P.A] Attention all

passengers, this is
a general muster call.

Oh, hey, they're in here.

Kids, we found them!

[ELIZA] Here.

Does anyone remember
how to put these on?

I totally wasn't paying attention.

- Put your arm through here.

It's the pirates!

It's not the pirates.
Why would they knock?

What's taking so long?
We need to get to the lifeboats.

- I want to get a good seat.
- [LONNIE] All right, you heard her.

Let's get off this floating petri dish.

- Grandma, wait!
- Wait, everyone stick together.



Attention all passengers,

this is a general muster call.

Report to your predesignated
muster stations.



No. Oh, no. No. No, Cory!

- No! Cory!

- Stop! Eliza, stop!
- Mom!






- Let's get you up.

All right.


- Here.
- [ATHENA] Oh, God...

- [BOBBY] Let me help you down.
- Okay, okay.

I'm turning around.

[BOBBY] Okay, all right, I've got you.

Nice and easy.


You good?

Everyone else okay?

I don't think he is.


Oh, my God.

[EXHALES] He's gone.

- Oh, my God.

Norman! Norman!

He's not dead, is he?

- [LOLA] Oh, my God.

[BOBBY] Dead men don't bleed.

But we need to get him down from there

before gravity does it for us.


- [BOBBY] Okay.
- Oh, my God.

We'll get to him, Lola.

Please. [PANTING]

Don't touch to me or speak to me.

This is all happening because of us.

Because of you.

Any bright ideas?


But I'll need rope or...

something like it.


Hey. Wes?

I need to remove that
roulette table from that base.

The base that's connected
to the... ceiling?

Yeah. Anything around here
that might help us do that?

There's a maintenance room
one level below.

Or, I suppose, above us, now.

- Can you get there?
- Yeah.

Um, wouldn't it be through that?

[LOLA] Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

We're all trapped.

Bobby, what about that?


[BOBBY] That's it.

Oh, come on. Come on, come on, come on.


[BOBBY] What do you think?

[WES] Seems stable enough.


What are you all doing on the ceiling?

Okay, go.

Oh, God, it's me! It's me!

Norman, try not to panic.

It's okay, Norman.
It's okay, sweetheart.

I'm on the ceiling!
What am I doing up here?

[BOBBY] Just stay still, Norman.

I'm coming for you.

♪ ♪

[NORMAN] I'm gonna die.

I'm gonna die.

You're not gonna die.

He did.

But he wasn't strapped in.

Yeah, and he didn't shop at

the Gentleman's Big 'N Tall
Shop, did he?

- Oh, God.
- [NORMAN] Oh, God...


- Okay, Julian, you ready?
- Yeah.

[LOLA] Yes.

[JULIAN] Got it.

Oh. I feel like I'm gonna puke.

- Oh.
- Yeah. All right.

All right. We're nearly there, Norman.

And then what? Ah.

You just let me worry about that.

[LOLA] Be careful.





[LOLA] No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, please.


[BOBBY] Hang in there, Norman.


[LOLA] Yep. Careful.

- Careful, careful.
- Oh, my God.



Your husband's incredible.

He sure the hell is.

- How we doing, Norman?
- [NORMAN] Oh, fine.

Captain Nash. Could you use a wrench?

Yeah. Toss it over, but then I
need you back down there for ballast.


♪ ♪

[BOBBY] Norman, get ready.

Ready for what?


What... Oh, my God. What are you doing?!

[BOBBY] Hang in there, Norman.

- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

- Please, God.
- Okay, we do this nice and easy.

I know you can do it, Bobby.

- I know you can do it.

[LOLA] You got it.

[BOBBY] Nice and easy, Wes.
Nice and easy.


[NORMAN] Ow, ow, ow!


Oh, oh...

- Oh, ah...
- Okay, you guys have those stools ready?


[BOBBY] Okay.

- Ah!

- Easy.
- [NORMAN] Oh!

- Careful.
- You're almost there. You're almost there.

- You got this, you got this.
- [NORMAN] Ah!

[ATHENA] About ten more feet.

- [LOLA] Almost there.
- [NORMAN] Oh...

- Got about five feet, baby.
- [LOLA] Almost there. Okay.

- [NORMAN] I'm almost there.

- [ATHENA] Three...
- [LOLA] Yeah.

- Yeah.
- [JULIAN] Come on, come on, come on.




Chairs down. All right.


- [NORMAN] Easy, easy.

- [LOLA] Whew.


My goodness.

Wish Buck could've seen you do that.


Honestly, I would've much rather
seen Buck do that.

- Oh.

I need you to remain calm.

Remember, I'm right here with you.

It's important that you breathe.
In through your nose,

out through your mouth. Just breathe.

I am breathing.

I'm talking, so, obviously,
I'm breathing.

So, I'm looking at the 118 roster,

and I see that Captain Collier
is still active.

Yeah. He took over
when they sent Hen home.

- But you already know this.
- And you haven't talked to Hen at all?

No. I've been reaching out to
her ever since she got benched,

but she won't answer my calls
or return my texts,

which, at this point, I'm, like, fine.

If she wants to blame us, she can.

I don't know about "us."

Yeah, think it was more you.

[MADDIE] Well, I guess the good
news is,
nobody's getting blamed.

Um, Chief Simpson cleared her
to go back to work.

[CHIMNEY] Oh, he did?

Thank God. Hey, guys,
Maddie just said Simpson

cleared Hen to come back to work.

- That's great.
- Yeah. Hey, it's you.

Wait, then how come
we haven't heard from Hen?

And how do you know any of this?

Well, because she came here
to see me and Chief Simpson

came here to see her.

Why did Hen come by to see you?

She needed a favor.

What kind of favor?

Mm-kay, remember what I was
saying about breathing?

Bobby and Athena's cruise ship
might be missing.

- Missing? What do you mean, missing?
- Who's missing?

I mean we can't find it.

Hen asked me to contact the Coast Guard.

They haven't been able
to reach the ship either,

but there's a hurricane down there

and the connection has
been pretty spotty.

Why would Bobby and Athena's cruise ship

be anywhere near a hurricane?

Wait, Cap and Athena?

Uh, cruise ships turn away
from hurricanes, Maddie.

Right, a-and we,
and we think that it did.

Probably. Look, like I was saying,

it's not officially missing,

but it is possible
that some emergency calls

have been dropped
in the vicinity of the ship,

and Hen seems very concerned.

Yeah, I can see why.
Did she tell the chief?

She did, and he asked her
to report back to work anyway.

When was that?

About two hours ago.

- [DISPATCH] Engine 118...

- Uh, you have to go.
- Yeah, uh,

let me know if you hear
from any of them.

Yeah, I will. You, too.

Great, so-so who's missing,
Bobby and Athena or Hen?

[SIGHS] Yes.






How you doing?

I feel a little nauseous,
to be frank, but...

Oh, you mean the patient.

How you feeling?

Like my world's been turned upside-down.

Right there with you, Mr. Peterson.

You got him down, now what?

Now, we go back up.

Back up?

We have to get to the lower decks,

which are currently that way.

You mean the ones surrounded
by-by carbon steel hull?

- Those lower decks?
- Yeah. There's a way out.

There's a way out.

The hole that those pirates made
in the side of the boat,

it's above water right now.

[JULIAN] But a way out to what?

A hurricane and the Pacific Ocean?

To a fighting chance to be rescued.

By whom?

The pirates disabled the transponder.

We didn't even get to send out an SOS.

Who would be looking for us?

Why don't you just
lay down and die? Please.

[BOBBY] All right, okay,

look, we don't know what's on
the other side of that hole,

but we do know
what's gonna happen in here,

- and soon.
- He's right.

This ship will sink.

So we go up.


- Leveled.
- Get him up.

[GROANS] All right.

How many more times can we do that?

As many times as we have to.

Julian, we're gonna need you
to give us a hand with Norman.

[NORMAN] No, no. Not him.

Not him. I don't want him touching me.

Oh, my God, Norman, don't be an idiot.

Hey, Lola, how about this,
I won't be an idiot

and you don't be a selfish harlot. Uh!

- Too late.
- [ATHENA] Norman,

you got to put all of that, all
of that behind you right now.

I mean, if we're gonna
make it out of here,

- we got to all work together.
- [NORMAN] If I'm gonna die,

I'm gonna die with
whatever dignity I have left.

I'm walking.

- All right.

All right, let's get him up.


Oh, God!


- Okay, okay, okay. It's good.
- [BOBBY] Okay, okay. Easy.

[NORMAN] I'm walking.

No, not you. Not you. Not you.

[GRUNTS] Thanks, Doc. Okay. Good.




Hey. Any news?

The Coast Guard

still haven't made contact
The Uno.

Look, I'm trying to get anyone over here

to take it seriously, but...

Nobody wants to look for a ship
that hasn't asked for help, huh?

Not when they're
responding to so many

actual distress calls.

Yeah, well, I appreciate you trying.

Hen, where are you?

What do you mean?

Well, you never went back to the 118.

Maddie, are you checking up on me?

In every way that I know how.
Look, whatever you're doing,

you don't have to do it alone.

Listen, I tried official
channels, didn't work.

I'm going another direction.

[SCOFFS] What does that mean?

It means the less you know, the better.

Fire station 118, R.A. unit

- to Greenleaf and Channel Avenue.
- I have to go.


[SIGHS] It doesn't feel like
we're going up.

We're not. We're going across, then up.

We get closer to the port side,

we'll have a more direct path
to where we're going.

[ATHENA SIGHS] I'm wondering if maybe

up is preferable
to direct at this point.

She's right, we're taking on water.

The back of the Pelican Cafe's
right through there.

We could use it to take us
toward the maintenance shaft.

Get to higher ground.

[GROANS] Thanks for the assist,
Doc. I appreciate it.


Do you want me to take over
for a while, doctor?

- Yeah.
- No, he does not.

I'm fine.

Norman, I-I just want to help.

You have helped enough. Go away.

There's nothing you can do
to win back his trust.

You know nothing about him.

- Or me.
- I know a little about you.

That little squeak you make.

Go to hell.

There it is. Let me just
make sure I can get it open.

All right.

How you managing?

It's pretty difficult.

Oh, you mean him?

Wes, Wes, Wes, keep your eyes open.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's it.
No, stay with me, stay with me.

Don't move, okay?

How did this happen?

Did the pirates set more expl*sives?

No. Do you smell that?

It's a pocket of gas,

probably from a ruptured line.

A spark must've set it off
when he opened the door.

Hold on. You hear me, buddy? Hold on.

I feel like I'm...
[LABORED BREATHING] ...drowning.

[BOBBY] All right, Wes,

you have a wound
that is keeping your lungs

from inflating,
but we're gonna improvise a way

to seal that up, okay?

You just need to stay calm

and take short, steady breaths.

[NORMAN] Wes, don't
give up. Don't give up, buddy.


We got part of a seal,
but we still need...


That's it, okay. Grab a piece of plastic

or a bag, anything you can find,

anything we can tape to his chest.

Okay, Wes, believe it or not,

we've got a little bit of good luck.

[INHALES] Thank God for...

small victories.

I got it!

[BOBBY] Come on. Yeah,
yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yeah. Okay.

All right, you hang in there, Wes.

Hang in there. Look at me.

Look at me. All right.

We're gonna get this done
before the water

gets too high, all right?


Take the... tool bag.

- [BOBBY] I will.

I will take that tool bag.

Don't you worry about that
because you are coming with us, Wes.

You are coming with us, okay?

That feel better?

[JULIAN] Stay with us, Wes.


We got to get him up.


that's not gonna work.

- I'm sorry.
- No, sorry is for later.

It's time to get on your feet. Come on.

Come on, Wes.


Tell Carly and my kids

I love them.


♪ ♪

No. No.


Okay. The ship is sinking
in that direction.

We can't go that way.
We have to double back.


We need to move.

You have to show us the way out.


This way. Let's go.

[BOBBY] Lola.


[BOBBY] Lola! Come
on, let's go, let's move!

- [BOBBY] Let's go, go, go.

This way.

[LOLA SOBBING] Oh, my God.

♪ ♪


Can I help you?

Acting Captain Henrietta Wilson
from the 118.

I have an emergency requisition
for a helicopter and pilot.

A search and rescue.

You want to take an LAFD chopper
down to Mexico?

Off the coast of Mexico, yeah.

- About a 90-minute flight.
- A cruise ship?

I haven't heard anything
about a missing cruise ship.

Situation's fast-moving down there,

due to the hurricane.

Uh, wouldn't this be under
the Coast Guard's jurisdiction?

- [TOMMY] Actually,

anything off the coast
of Mexico would fall

under the Mexican
Maritime Search and Rescue.


I assume that's who put in
the initial request?

Uh, yeah. Could be.

It's good to see you, Hen.

You, too.

I forgot you were stationed
out of Harbor.

Could be why I haven't been
getting your Christmas cards.

Captain Wilson and I used
to work together at the 118,

back when she was just a probie.

- Look at you now.

It's been a minute.

Speaking of minutes, the longer we wait,

the tougher it's gonna be
to fly through that storm.

We should move.

I've got your bird fueled
and ready to go.

- Oh.
- Uh, wait a minute.

- You knew about this, Kinard?
- Well, yeah.

You didn't get a call
from Central Bureau?

Uh, no.

I'll have words.

- What is going on right now?
- What do you mean?

I'm just helping out an old friend.

Thought you'd be a little more grateful.

I-I-I am.
But I'm just a little confused.

Who even called you?

Who do you think?

What? You wouldn't return our calls.

- Let's go.

[BOBBY] Come on up, nice and easy.


[GRUNTS] Oh, my...


- Crew quarters?
- Yes.

- We're almost there.
- Just this way.

Hold on. Let's not
get complacent, not now.

I want to see where we're going,
one step at a time.

Hey, Doc, take this bag.




Pressure door, must've triggered
when we capsized.

Well, it's not closed all the way.

♪ ♪



♪ ♪

Maybe you should say something.

I should say something?
Why should I say something?

It is kind of tense in here.

How is that my fault?

How much more proof does
she need that we have her back,

besides me lying to Captain Collier,

telling him that
we all had bad sushi for lunch

so we could skip out on
the rest of our shift

in order to aid and abet
in the virtual theft

of an LAFD chopper

for an unauthorized jaunt
to a foreign land?

Who asked you to?

Oh, I-I think this is an open channel.

Do you, Buck? Do you really?

You didn't do anything wrong.

Okay? You don't have
to prove anything to me.

Can we just drop it?

No, no, no, no, no,
no. We're not dropping it.

If I didn't do anything wrong,

you didn't do anything wrong first.

- Okay.
- Fine!

- Good.
- Good!

Come on, guys.

Stop agreeing with each other
like you're fighting.

It's weird.

Okay, so we're good?

We were always good, Buck.

So why didn't you reach out to us?

Because I knew you'd insist on coming,

and I didn't want
you putting everything at risk

over some wild hunch
that I can't even prove.

[BUCK] Hey, listen, I'd back your hunches

any day of the week, no questions asked.

[EDDIE] Truth. Besides,

- it's Cap and Athena.
- Right. Exactly.

If there's any chance
they're in trouble,

let them fire us, who cares?

[CHIMNEY] You hear that, Tommy?

That is the spirit of the 118.

Yeah, that should be our motto:
"Who cares?!"

That's not a very good motto.

Well, not if you take it out of context.

I don't think anyone should worry about
getting fired right now.

Because our cause is righteous?

Because we're flying into a hurricane.

Probably all gonna die anyway.



All right, stop, stop.


♪ ♪

Okay, all right.
Stay with me, sweetheart.

- What's your name?
- Eliza.

I need to get my little boy, Cory.

He's only nine.

I was trying to get to deck 12,
our stateroom.

- I got turned around.
- [ATHENA] Yeah.

We all did.

Hydraulics are still working.
There's too much pressure.

We're gonna have to disassemble it.

Nah, it's useless.
Can you grab me that tool bag?


I never knew you were so brave.

I'm-I'm not so brave.

I'm-I'm getting through it
like everyone else.

No, I meant having sex
with a guy that much younger.

You could've given yourself
a heart att*ck.

You're right.

He used me and I let him.

- Why, Lola? Why?
- I don't know. I don't know!

- I don't know!

I mean, you stopped touching me, Norman.

We've been together
since we were 17 years old.

I'd never been with another man.

Neither have I.

Did you fall out of love with me?

I thought I did.

- Oh...
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no,

but-but-but... I-I was, I was wrong.

I was wrong, Norman.

I always figured you and me, we'd...

we'd be together till the day we d*ed.

No, I-I-I still want that.

Lola, you might still get it.

♪ ♪

Damn it.

Bobby, she's fading.

Julian, you said
these are crew's quarters?

Go get me some bedsheets, now.

♪ ♪

All right, to protect yourself.

- [ATHENA] Yeah.
- [JULIAN] Okay.

- She's unconscious.
- Okay, Doc.

Ma'am? Can you hear me?

Her axillary artery was torn.

The door acted like a tourniquet.

- Doc!
- Julian, give me that flashlight.

It-it doesn't work.

Give me the gosh darn flashlight!

Athena, bedsheets.

On it.

This bedsheet is not gonna cut it.

See? Not where this wound's located.

This tourniquet has got to be...

- Junctional.
- Exactly.


We'll use this to apply pressure

to match the curve of her armpit.

[ATHENA] Okay.

- [BOBBY] You got it?
- Got it.

- Diagonal.
- [BOBBY] Yeah.


You're gonna be okay, ma'am.



Guess you got more doctoring in you

than just seasick pills, don't you?

Julian, you and I are gonna
have to carry her out of here.

No, please.

My son, Cory.

[OCHOA] Her nine-year-old son was
in their stateroom when the wave hit.


- Deck 12.
- I'll go.

No, you will not go. I will go.
You're gonna stay here.

You're gonna take these people
the rest of the way,

and I will find the kid
and I will come back.

There's a maintenance tube on this deck.

You can climb it up...
down... to deck 12.

- It'll be faster.
- [JULIAN] Pardon me,

but given the state of the company,

how are we to travel this woman?

We can't just grab her
by the arms and legs.

Where did you get these bedsheets?

- You doing okay?
- Mm-hmm.

Please, find my boy.

I promise.



Bring him back to his mother.

And bring yourself back to me.

♪ ♪


This should be the general vicinity

where The Uno last pinged.

Took us 90 minutes to get here
and 90 minutes to get home.

How long can this scud run out here?

We have about 12 minutes to play with.

There won't be enough time.

Well, unless you feel
like swimming back,

that's all we got.

LAFD Copter 1701, do you read?

Firefighter Kinard,
come in, please.

Go for Kinard.

Hold for Chief Simpson.

[SIMPSON] Firefighter.
I know you're not doing

what I think you're doing.

And Captain Wilson and the 118
better not be with you.

Chief Simpson... [MIMICKING STATIC]

Trouble reading... [MIMICKING STATIC]

Can't hear... [TURNS OFF RADIO]

Think he bought it?

What's our motto?

[ALL] Who cares?!

That's the one.


You weren't wrong. That is one big hole.

I'll say.

We made it this far.

And this is as far as I'm going.

Lola. Lola, come here.

You tell Zach his daddy loves him.

- Do you hear me?
- What are you talking about?

I'm never gonna make it out of here.

Don't you see? Look at me.

We're not giving up now!

This is all very touching,
but pointless.

No one's getting up there,

and it wouldn't matter anyway.

Sergeant, I appreciate that

you and your husband gave us a goal.

It kept us alive this long,

but there's nothing out there.


You care to try that again?

Yeah, I-I can't see anything.

Yeah, it's goo out there all right.

[CHIMNEY] And a cruise ship that size,

it should stand out like
a floating Christmas tree, no?

Yeah, except a Cat 5 hurricane
passed through here.

We could be miles off target.

What do you mean, passed
through? What-what is this?

Intermittent showers.


- [NORMAN] They passed over us.
- Wait, where are they going?

They're searching,
they just don't see us yet.

They're looking for a cruise ship,
not the bottom of one.





One in the chamber.

I'd hate to miss.

Then let's not miss.

Give it to me.

I can climb up there,
get right under it.

You think if you just do this for us,

that I'll end up letting you go?

Better alive in prison

than dead at the bottom of the ocean.

All right, guys, that's it.
We got to turn around.

LFAD chopper 1701

- returning to base.
- [BOBBY] Cory!


[CORY] Hello?

- Cory?
- Hello? Over here!




- Ah!


- [LOLA] Yes!

Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

[HEN] That's it.

That's it! Go back, go back, go back!


Wait a minute, was it, uh...

It's capsized.

[TOMMY] Mayday, Mayday, Mayday.

This is LAFD Search and Rescue 1701

on an open emergency line.

We have located
the Oceanus Blue cruise ship Uno

in severe distress.

Dispatch all available rescue units

to our location immediately. Over.

Now will you... let me go?

Yeah, I'll let you go.

Thank you...

for choosing Oceanus Blue.

[BOBBY] Cory!

[CORY] Hello?

[CORY] Hello?


I'm gonna bet you're Cory.

Your mom sent me to get you.

I'm not supposed to go with strangers.

Okay, well, that's good advice.

Cory, I'm Bobby.

Now we're not strangers anymore.

- All right?
- Okay.

Okay. Let's go.

Hovering burns more fuel
than just flying, right?

It sure does.

Then I think we need to land on it.



[BOBBY] Just keep going, Cory.

Just a few more levels.


All right, you see
that opening up there?

- That's where we're going.
- Okay.


Cory, let me get up there.

Let me get up here,
just back off, all right?

Let me get up there. Okay.


What are we gonna do?

We're gonna keep trying.

Come on, Cory! Push!

Push! Push!

Keep trying.

Push, push.


Hey, Cap.

Need a lift?


[BUCK] Yeah, we got you.

[SIMPSON] This morning,
shortly before dawn,

commercial lifeboats were spotted

off the coast of
Baja, California,

launched from the Oceanus
Blue cruise ship
The Uno

after a catastrophic event
disabled the vessel,

leaving it directly in the path
of Hurricane Ethel.

The cruise ship capsized,
and at 6:18 a.m.

Pacific time, it sank.

The United States Coast Guard,
in cooperation with

Mexican Maritime
Search and Rescue,

have been working tirelessly

to retrieve all lifeboats
still at sea.

Isn't a maritime rescue by LAFD

in foreign waters
a little unusual?

Yes, but not unprecedented.

We go where we're needed,

which is why, when I was
informed of the dire situation,

I didn't hesitate
to authorize this mission.

[REPORTER 2] Was anyone on
the cruise ship when it went down?

Hey, are you watching this?

Yep. Looks like nobody's getting fired.

Except the mayor.

I think Chief Simpson's
coming for her job.


Maddie, thanks for tattling.
I appreciate it.

Hey, we've always got your back.

And you'll be talking
behind it, too, I guess.

When necessary.

All right, kid.




♪ Don't know why ♪

♪ There's no sun up in the sky ♪

♪ Stormy weather ♪

♪ Since my man and I ♪

♪ Ain't together ♪

♪ Keeps raining all of the time ♪

♪ Oh, yeah ♪

♪ Life is bare ♪

- ♪ Gloom and misery everywhere ♪
- [BOBBY] Cory.

Let's go say hi to your mom.

♪ Stormy weather,
stormy weather ♪

♪ And I just can't get
my poor self together ♪

Sorry for your loss.

- What?
- I guess,

despite everything,

that Julian guy was
a pretty decent human.

He was a rat,
but he didn't deserve to die.

And you,

you didn't deserve any of it.

[NORMAN] Which "it"
are you talking about?

The hole in my belly
or the hole in my heart?

Will you forgive me?

We'll talk about it in...

in ten or 20.

♪ Oh, yeah, if he stays away ♪

I love you, Norman!

♪ Gonna get me ♪

♪ All I do is pray... ♪

Bobby. I mean, Cap.

You have no idea
how much I've missed you.

Apparently enough to charter a
helicopter and crash my honeymoon.

I didn't have a choice.

[BOBBY] Yeah, you did.

Could have done nothing.

And then I wouldn't be
standing here in front of you

telling you how proud I am of you.

Thanks, Cap.

No, thank you...


♪ Oh ♪

♪ Oh, keeps raining
all of the time. ♪

- [BOBBY] Oh...


- Mm.




I need a vacation.

I need a toothbrush.

Because yours is sitting on
the bottom of the ocean floor?

Mm-hmm, along with
the rest of our luggage.



- Ah...





Alone at last.

Ooh, mm-hmm.

♪ Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Raining all of ♪

♪ The time ♪

- [ATHENA] Mm-hmm.
- ♪ Stormy, stormy ♪

- ♪ Stormy weather ♪

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