06x13 - Operation T.R.E.A.T.Y.

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Codename: Kids Next Door". Aired: December 6, 2002 – January 21, 2008.*
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Show revolves around a group of five 10-year-old kids (later retconned to be varying ages), using codenames Numbuhs 1 through 5, who are the main home operatives of what is known as Sector V, which is part of a worldwide espionage-style organization called the Kids Next Door.
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06x13 - Operation T.R.E.A.T.Y.

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- [ Gasps ] - you're right, abby... This

Nigel uno kid is pretty good.

Told you.

He's a little high-strung, but

Totally kids next door material.


i'll be the judge of that.

[ Hands clapping ]

Numbuh 274, sir!

At ease, cadet.

You handled that octopaddler

Pretty well, but do you have

What it takes to fight me?

Fight you, sir?

No way!

I don't recall giving you a

Choice, cadet.


[ Gasps ]


My shoelaces!

Tied together.

Oldest trick in the book.

[ Laughs ]

You pretty good, kid, but

Just remember... I'm the best

There is.

Yes, sir.

Hey, numbuh 274!

How's about a picture for

Tonight's kids next door news?

Sure, numbuh 8x10.

[ Camera shutter clicks ]

Hey, numbuh 1, I just

Downloaded the new tree house

Program from the super-big


Hopefully, this one won't fall

In love with you.

It wasn't the falling-in-love

Part that bothered me... It was

The trying-to-blow-up-me-and-my-

Girlfriend part.

Ex-girlfriend, you mean.

Lizzie dumped you cold,



Hey, the ice-cream supply

Ship's gonna be here any second.

Want to go see if they need any

Help eating... I mean, unloading


Nah, I'm gonna go see what's

Happening up on the bridge.

I'll catch you guys later.

All right.

Well... Later, numbuh 1.

It is time numbuh 1 finds out

The truth about the splinter


Time, indeed.

Oh, no!

There's no way I'm letting you

Guys on this ship!

Relax, numbuh 48 flavors.

Yeah, we just came to help


Well, the last time you guys

"Helped," I was missing 75

Gallons of choo-choo chocolate

Chip, and it came out of my


Don't worry.

We'll just take a little taste.


Too late.

We just finished it up.

What was that?

Sir, all defensive systems

Have been knocked out!

What's happening?

Who's attacking us?


[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Gasps ]

Full power has been restored!

Where are the teenagers?

Track them now!

They're gone, nigel.

long gone.

Well, what's that, sir?

A message.

Fellow kids next door, for as

Long as we can remember, we have

Been at w*r with the teenagers.

We've been picked on, given

Noogies, pink bellies, and

Wedgies, and called "shrimp."

But we've given back as good as

We got.

We've read the teenagers'

Diaries, told on them, and

Created the acne virus, but

Today, I'm here to tell you that

We are at the crossroads of a

New relationship with the teens.

Their pituicolonoid hormones

Are finally suffering hypothalic


We're gonna launch a

Full-out nuclear cheese strike

On them?


We're going to make peace with


[ Crowd gasps ]

That's right!

The teenagers have asked for a

Truce, and it's in the best

Interest of kids worldwide for

Us to accept it, so this

Afternoon, our diplomats will

Meet them aboard the kids next

Door gihugecarrier to sign the

Soon-to-be-historic "you don't

Mess with us, we don't mess with

You," kid/teen treaty!

[ Crowd murmurs ]

Yes, fellow kids next door!

I understand your concerns, but

I, numbuh infinity, assure you

That the teen diplomats have

Vowed their utmost sincerity in

This matter.

Tell that to my older brother

After he promised not to give me

An atomic wedgie!

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Yes, yes, but there is much

Preparation to be done, and I

Assure you I will be available

After the meeting if you have

Any questions.

[ Crowd jeers ]

That was his polite way of

Saying "put a sock in it!"

Kids next door dismissed!

[ Indistinct conversations ]

A treaty with the teenagers?


It has to be a trap.

Numbuh infinity, may I have a

Word with you?

[ Glass shatters ]

You've got to be kidding me!

I've worked too hard to be

Double-crossed like this!

You know it was not my


They just told me to tell you!

Tell him what?

Numbuh 1.

Thank goodness you're here!

This teenager broke into my

Office and att*cked me!


Come here, you!


[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Grunting ]

Numbuh infinity, are you


Excellent work, numbuh 86.

But your job is only half done.

Arrest that boy!



You're lying!

Hey, get off of me!

- It's you who's working with - chad!

I saw you!

Take them to kids next door

Arctic prison!

I will not have anyone, kid or

Teen, get in the way of peace!

He what?!

You better not be saying that

Just to get us to stop eating

Your ice cream.

It's true!

- Both chad and numbuh 1 were - arrested!

They're being flown to arctic

Prison any minute now!

And stop eating my ice cream!

We won't have enough for the

After-treaty luncheon!

Let's go, traitor scum!

Move it!

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Oooh, nice bracelet!

Get off!

Numbuh 1, what happened?

I caught infinity planning

Something with chad, and now

He's trying to frame me.

Why would he do that?

The only thing I can figure

Is that he's one of the splinter

Cell and is working with the

Teens to set a trap at the


You've got to warn numbuh 362!

But what about you?

These two are going on an

All-expense-paid trip to

Kids next door arctic prison.

Contact your travel agent or

Commit high treason if you'd

Like to join them.

It appears your position has

Been compromised.

You should return to base.


The treaty must go as planned.

[ Scuffling ]

What are you and infinity up


Tell me!

Listen, uno, the absolute

Last person I want to be

Handcuffed to right now is you!

And the only thing keeping me

From knocking your block off is

That I don't want to drag your

Unconscious butt around when I

Bust out of here!

And just where do you think

You're going?

To stop that treaty!


And, unfortunately, wherever

i go, you go.

Now, if you don't mind, it's

Time to rock.

[ Rock music plays ]


Turn it off!

She's breaking up!


We've lost her!

Eject, eject!

Um, arctic prison?

Yes, we're going to be a wee bit


[ Indistinct conversation ]

Yo, check it out!

No, no, no!

I will not hear another word!

- What do you think that's - about?

Maybe he's asking for an

Extra serving of ice cream at

The treaty luncheon.

Or 48 flavors is part of the

Splinter cell, too!

Come on!

We'd better go find numbuh 362


That was brilliant, chad.

Any other ways of getting us

k*lled, aside from crashing our

Ship into a mountain?

Well, at least I got us out

So I can stop that treaty.


And what makes you think I'll

Help you do that?

Because it's a trap, genius!


Well, of course it's a trap,

But then why would you want to

Stop it?

Unless you're being

Double-crossed, as well!

Of course!

This splinter cell's goal is to

Rid the world of all adults, so

It would make sense to include

You teenagers, as well.

Brilliant deduction.

Now will you shut your yap?

We're here.

A minimart?


I'm glad you got us here.

Now we can stock up on microwave

Burritos and slushees.

Just sit down.

Oh, that's an even more

Brilliant idea.

Hanging out in a parking lot

Will get us to the

Gihugecarrier real fast!

I said sit down and shut up!

Both: whoa!

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Numbuh 362!

We got to talk to you!

Of course, numbuh 5.

What's wrong?

It's numbuh infinity!


- Wondering why you and your - teammates aren't on your way to

The gihugecarrier.

Oh, right.

Uh, well, we just have to talk

To numbuh 362.

after the treaty.

Uh, no!

We want to talk now!

Or perhaps you would like to

Join your illustrious leader at

The arctic prison?

Uh, no, thanks.

[ Chuckles nervously ]

We'll just see you at the


Come on, y'all.

On your feet, princess!



Where are we?

Secret teenager hideout.

There's one beneath every



Of course.

Why else would teenagers hang

Out in boring parking lots?

And speaking of "boring," I'm

Cutting you loose so I can stop

- That treaty without your whiny - butt!

But first, I'm gonna pound the

Tuna salad out of you for taking

What should be mine!

Taking what?

Yo, chad, what are you doing

Here, dude?

Uh... What's up, guys?

Aren't you supposed to be on

Your way to the treaty?

Hey, is that a dumb kid?

Um... Yeah.

You know the penalties for

Telling some stupid kid about

Our secret hideouts!

Who are you calling stu...



Come on!

We're getting out of here!

[ Groaning ]


Get him!

Honored participants, I would

Like to begin this historic day

By not greeting you as kids or

Teenagers, but as youth, for

That is what we truly are.

And united in this youth, we are

Here to erase the jagged line

Between kids and teenagers in

Order to make us one in our


Thank you.

And now it is my honor to

Welcome the leader of the

Teenagers in this historic


Friends, I give you...

The steve!

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Crowd cheering ]


[ Whispering ]


[ Whispering ]

Oh, yeah... The treaty.


It's cool.

I just thought we were stopping

To get some tacos or something

Before we came here, you know?

I swear.

- There's gonna be tacos at this - luncheon thing, right?

Yes, sir.

And ice cream, too?

And ice cream.


Rock 'n' roll!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Excuse me, but isn't the idea

To avo getting hit?

you're about to get hit if

You don't put a sock in it!

Attention, teenage aircraft!

This is kids next door

Restricted airspace!

Stand down or get sh*t down!

No way, man!

Those dudes we're chasing stole

My bro's bike!

Get out!

Kids next door squadron, open

Fire on those bikenappers!

Great... Now we've got both

Sides after us!

Let me fly this hunk of junk!

[ Alarm beeps ]

And now the signing of the

Kid/teen treaty shall commence!

[ Cheers and applause ]

Shall we?


You know, before we do this

Thing, the steve would like to

Play a little song that my band

Wrote for just such an occasion.

[ Loud rock music plays ]

[ All screaming ]


Is it that bad?

'Cause, like, none of us can

Hear it.

We teens are wearing protective

Earplugs, baby!

But what about the treaty?


Don't you get it?

We, like, totally, b*rned you

Like little, itty-bitty pieces

Of toast!

See, that's not my band playing.

That's just some junk our

Science nerds came up with to,

Like, destroy you all!


Dude, check it out!

Laser light show!

That's no light show!

[ Both screaming ]

[ Gasps ]

Kids next door... Battle


[ Indistinct shouting ]


It wasn't supposed to happen

Like this!


Plug that into your amplifier,



[ Whistles ]

Hey, guys!

Infinity's getting away!

[ Groans ]


What's the idea of trashing my

Totally awesome plan?

I'm gonna, like, totally...


That kid is mine!

[ Panting ]

Going somewhere,

Numbuh infinity?

- I wa... I-i was just going to - get help.

You'll need help, all

Right... Help patching your butt

Together after we kick it into a

Million pieces for selling us

Out to the teenagers!


I had no idea they'd

Double-cross us!

I was trying to...

Don't move!


I have had it with you!


You think you know


Well, you...


[ Both scream ]

You heard me.

I said, "drop 'em!"

Not those.

The ice cream.

But, yeah, drop the weapons,


Excellent work, 48 flavors.

Now, let's take your ship and

Get out of here before...

Oh, no.

You're staying here, with

Everyone else.

- But I thought you two were - working together.


He's been trying all day to

Bully me into giving the

Diplomat table an extra serving

Of ice cream at the after-treaty



Well, forget it!

I am sick of everyone eating all

my ice cream!

All day, every day, I deliver it

To every sector's tree house,

And do I get any thanks?


Well, guess what.

I have rigged this ship with

Enough chocolate sauce to break

It in two.

After today, no one is ever

Eating my ice cream ever again!

[ Laughs evilly ]

[ Clears throat ]

This calls for some diplomacy.

[ Clears throat ]

Get him!

[ Indistinct shouting ]

[ Panting ]




[ Straining ]

Oh, no, you don't!

Let go of me!

[ Straining ]


[ Straining ]

Like, totally, abandon ship,






- [ Gasps ] - [ laughs ]

Guess I'll let you slide this

Time, nigey.



And I'll give you the boot!


[ Strains ]

Why couldn't you leave the

Kids next door gracefully?

I looked up to you.

We a did.

That's not my problem!

You were the best there was.

I... Still... Am!


You're not.

Waaah! Ugh!

Why, you little...


[ Grunts ]

My shoelaces.

Tied together.

Oldest trick in the book.


Don't do it!

Why not?!

Give me one reason why I

Shouldn't finish this traitor

Once and for all!


He's one of us.

He's what?

I'm still a kids next door


I always have been.

You expect me to believe that

After all the things you've


Everything I've done has been

To help the kids next door.

Yeah, right.

Trying to send our moon base

Into the sun really helped us.

Cree was on her way to do the

Same thing, so I had to stop


- And today I was trying to warn - numbuh infinity about the teens'

Trap, until you had to come and

Blow my cover.

Practically every mission you

And sector "v" did, I was right

There, helping from the


And you didn't even know it.

But they still picked you

Instead of me!

who picked me?

The splinter cell?

There is no splinter cell,

You dope!

They just use that to cover

Their tracks!

W-who did?

There are others, others that

Numbuh 362 doesn't even know

About, higher up than her,

Higher up than us teenage



That's enough, numbuh 274.

Nigel uno will find out what he

Has been chosen for in due time.

In the meantime, our positions

Have been compromised.

We must return to base.

Wait! What's this all about?!


Don't go!

Please, tell me what I've been

Chosen for!



No one ever saw numbuh 274 or

Numbuh infinity again.

Where they went, we may never

Know, but it's clear there's

- More than the kids next door out - there.

[ Indistinct shouting ]

Come on, numbuh 1, let's go

Raid the pizza-supply ship.

Well, I'm not really...

Oh, come on.

[ Indistinct talking ]

[ Deep voice ] nigel uno is

Finally ready.


It is time to take him... Away.

But enough with the

Voice-changer things already.

[ Normal voice ] aw.

But it makes me sound so cool!

[ Deep voice ] nigel uno, I am

Your father.

Give me that!

♪ The big ship went boom

♪ Sent us all to our doom

♪ And I said, "like, dude, is

Everyone okay?" ♪

♪ They said, "yeah, man, we're

Cool ♪

♪ Every dude, chick, and fool"

♪ 'Cause we went high off the

Ground ♪

♪ Hey, man, we're okay

♪ That's when we all say

♪ It's a good thing there were

Parachutes all around ♪
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