Godzilla x Kong The New Empire (2024)

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Godzilla x Kong The New Empire (2024)

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( Kong roars)

( Ape roaring)

Dr Ilene Andrews: For the majority of human civilisation
We believed we were the Earth’s most dominant species
At a certain point you have to wonder what else were we wrong about?

We’ve mapped out 5 per cent of Hollow Earth
Our ecosystems are linked, we’re not two separate worlds, we’re one

Kong’s settling into Hollow Earth
: So the big guy likes his new home?
Ilene; We think so , Kong’s species was a social one, it’s not natural for him to be so alone
What about Godzilla?
Ilene: Godzilla’s on the surface world, Kong’s below, as long as they don’t venture into each other’s territory
We have nothing to worry about
Humanity should be grateful Godzilla’s fighting the battles we can’t

Kong’s heading in for the night
That’s the farthest he’s gone
Maybe he’s looking for a date
Good luck with that, I don’t see a interspecies relationship


Your daughter’s intelligent, she’s not engaged, she’s not interacting with her friends

We have a number of students who are culturally displaced
Ilene; She’s not culturally displaced, she is her culture, the last surviving member of the Iwu tribe
: We’re just trying to reach her
Ilene: That makes two of us

( Speaking ASL)

What’s wrong?

I’m worried about Kong

Why did you draw this?

I don’t belong here, I don’t belong anywhere

You belong with me, i belong with you

Ilene; Tell the Italian military , Rome would be flattened if not for Godzilla , they can thr*aten him all he wants, find another scape goat

Jayne: Frequent spikes
Could be regular interference
Ilene: But it keeps happening

Ilene: How’s Godzilla?
Jayne: Sleeping like a big angry baby

Narrator; The Iwu tribe was annihilated , one surviving member, a young girl found and rescued among the rain

Bernie: Where will you be when the next Titan att*cks?
Today’s podcast is brought to you by Gigantuan insurance, providing insurance for property damage by Titan att*cks, Godzilla might not care about your hopes and dreams , Gigatutan insurance does
Ilene: Bernie
Bernie: In the middle of a recording
Ilene : Ilene Andrews, we met in Hong Kong
Bernie: Yeah, yeah, yeah, that was so long ago
Ilene: My hair was longer
Bernie: Got highlights

Ilene: On the right are signals interfering with our comms in Hollow Earth, these are drawings by my daughter
Bernie; The patterns in the middle are the same

Ilene: Our analysts don’t know what to make of this, they say radio interference
Bernie: And they don’t have a telepathic kid
So they sent you?
Ilene: They didn’t send me
Bernie: Monarch won’t confirm my crucial part in taking down MechaGodzilla which cost me thousands, hundreds of subscribers , the trolls, this one troll Ghidoras 168 , heard of him?
He’s a trash bag , i knew what Godzilla was doing
Ilene: Which is why I’m here

Ilene: You want to go to Hollow Earth?
Bernie: I’m glad I didn’t have to say it

Ilene: If we do this, Monarch gets what do you call it? Final cut
Bernie: That would hurt my journalistic integrity, no documentarian

Ilene: We have to go now, Godzilla’s on the move

Sedative’s in place

Trapper: Luckily just an infected tooth, you’ve got the best doctor in the world

What did you have for breakfast ?

That composite is the same one they use on helical vehicles

Ilene: Trapper, when i heard you’d become a vet, i thought too boring, you became the weirdest vet in the world
Trapper: It’s pretty much me and Dr Dolittle
Mine’s bigger
Ilene: I thought you’d finally grown up
Trapper: Someone tried that in college, what was it she said?
Trapper, you are not a serious person
Ilene: She sounds smart
Trapper: She’s got a PHD
Ilene: Two actually

Dr Andrews your guest is asking for you

Bernie: These signals happen at the same time, Ghidorah , discovery of skull island

Ilene; What are you saying?
Bernie: Distress signal, psychic energy S.O.S

Jayne: Got a working theory?
Bernie: Telepathic alien language

Jayne: The wolves are already at the door
Ilene: The government is trying to take over operations
Who would want to get rich making money off Titans, not such a bad idea

Bernie: I get it, when you want something, Bernie you’re so smart, Bernie you’re so capable, Bernie I’ll subscribe to your blog , when I deliver
Ilene: This could be dangerous
Bernie; I’m no stranger to danger, I didn’t mean to rhyme that time

Bernie; Any in flight briefing?
Mikail: Yeah, no parachutes, no flotation devices, if you touch any of this , you lose a hand, if you’re going to die make sure you do it outside of my vehicle
Trapper: Don’t take Mikail too seriously, aggression is his love language

Mikail: Try not to swallow your tongue
Bernie: I don’t know what that means

Ilene: How far from the outpost?
Mikail: Comms still aren’t working

( Ape talks)

( Kong roars)

Bernie: Is this what it was like the first time Neil Armstrong stepped foot on alien soil?
One small step for me
Trapper: Who are you talking to?
Bernie: Are you kidding me? Right down the lens
It’s a documentary

Radiation levels are dropping
He’s absorbing it

Jayne; He’s consumed large amounts of radiation, he’s preparing for something

Mikail: No heat signals, so much for survivors
Ilene: Have some respect, these people had families
We’ve had this outpost for years without incident , why attack now? What changed?

Mikail: Kong did that?
Ilene; That isn’t Kong, that’s something else
Trapper: Let’s get off the ground before that something else comes back

Mikail: I’ll take my state of the art thermals over your Ace Venture hippy dippy sixth sense
Bernie: No need for name calling
Mikail: I’m going to take that camera and shove it straight up your ass
I’m in charge! I’m in charge!

( Screams)

Base to Alpha 15
Submarine commander: Godzilla’s position has him Heading to the arctic ocean
What Titans are out there?
AI: Tianus Tiamut, Titan 19, extremely aggressive and territorial , weaponising her body into razor sharp skin
Her lair is in the direct path of winds making it the largest pile of energies on Earth
: If Godzilla takes down Tiamut, he’ll super charge

Trapper: The water runs underneath, this is organic, bio electrical hum

Ilene: We’re not alone
Trapper: Come on then, it’s going away

Bernie: They already live in a nightmare monster hellscape, what could they be scared of?
Ilene: She can hear you
Bernie: She understands me? And a nightmare monster hellscape is a wonderful place to raise a family

Ilene: In the beginning, Hollow Earth was in harmony with the surface world , the Titans were guardians , the Great Apes protectors , an ape desperate to conquer the surface world led them into w*r against the one they call the monster that ate a star
Trapper: Godzilla
Imprisoned them in a fiery tomb , their false king remained obsessed with reaching the surface world, the Iwu call Scar King

( Scar king laughs)

( Ape laughs)

Ilene: Trapped in their subjugated world , scar king harnessed a terrible power , Shimo from Earth during the Ice Age
We brought Kong down here, he’s been getting deeper, looking for a family , they knew it was only a matter of time, that’s why they called for help, why Godzilla’s changing
Trapper; He’s gearing up for World w*r 3
Bernie: Godzilla barely survived last time, what’s he going to do on his own?
Ilene: He won’t be on his own

Trapper; I know, no one likes a dentist

Trapper: I was thinking more along the lines of Project Powerhouse
That prototype was finished when they pulled funding

Trapper; I love you a lot too Doc

Ilene: Threats Kong couldn’t face, making one of the strongest Titans even stronger didn’t go over so well

Luckily for us, the prototype was transported to Hollow Earth for testing
It’s stored at outpost one

Trapper; He’s either going to love it or rip it off with his teeth

Bernie: I think he loves it!

Ilene: If Godzilla won’t come down here
Bernie: The last time they met up, it was nearly the end of Kong
Trapper: Hell of a risk , it’s a su1c1de mission
Bernie: Invades godzilla’s territory, could start a w*r
Ilene: If he draws Godzilla down here, they could make their stand on Hollow Earth, stop Scar King and Shimo from reaching the surface world

( Kong roars)

( Godzilla roars)
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