21x1098 - The Eccentric Dream of a Genius!

Episode transcripts for the TV show "One Piece". Aired: July 22, 1997 – present.*
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Japanese animated television series based on the successful manga of the same name.
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21x1098 - The Eccentric Dream of a Genius!

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[All of us] us, us

[Dream save us us] us, all of us

The end of a dream, the end of the sea

We all have different places we want to go

But first, we need

To make a shining legend out of ourselves

Sparks fly, no limit
This is where it starts


All of us, I ask you travelers

Are your dreams still pure?

Sleepless cells are shaken and burst

Still, all of us
In the middle of an adventure

All of us, I tell you travelers

No such thing as a pointless fight

When random contexts

Start to make sense on their own

The threads of time are spun back together

The world keeps changing along with us

[All of us] us, us

[Dream save us us] us, all of us

Shaka revealed what happened on Ohara

Why are the Giants doing that?

It's been a while, Vegapunk.


They know the value of the books.

Their captain is a strange man
with bandages all over his body...

He said, "Ohara saved their legacy
while sacrificing their lives,

and I won't let it be erased
from history."

I will build an army that can fight!

Just you wait, Vegapunk.

I'm gonna change the world!

I won't let Clover's death...

and the will of Ohara go in vain!

Later that year, Dragon teamed up
with Bartholomew Kuma

to create the Revolutionary Army
that now rocks the world!

The mystery of the world
that Ohara unraveled

lives on in my brain
and I've been working on that research.

The name of the Giant captain is...

Saul, isn't it?

He is hiding now.

I must keep it a secret from everyone.

Thank you, Vegapunk,

for not letting the battle of
the people of Ohara be in vain.

Meanwhile, Bonney ran into Vegapunk
at the scrap heap, and...

Now change my father back!

If you say no...


It seems like that person ate a failed
Devil Fruit I left at Punk Hazard.

I spent 20 years
and a lot of research money

to create it
from Kaido's Bloodline Elements.

How about this robot?! Move it for us!

Is this your creation?!

No, it's not...

This is the legendary iron giant that is
said to have att*cked Sacred Marijoa

"The Eccentric Dream of a Genius!"

att*cked Sacred Marijoa?!

Once it wakes up,
it's gonna be big trouble!


Is it a deadly w*apon?!

In addition...

it was built...

What?! No way!

It's a little hard to believe.

Oh, so you're quite something!

How did you att*ck them?
Did you sh**t laser beams?!

Hey! Let me see it! Robonosuke!

Please! Please! Please!

You're hitting it too much!
You'll break it!

What did the iron giant
att*ck Marijoa for?!

About that!

I don't know what it wanted...


I heard it ran out of power
so no damage was done.

But it must have been quite a surprise
to the scientists of the time...

Because that advanced technology
was so out of place!

It's even surprising now after 200 years!

I think it's better
if it just stays asleep...

After all,

no one knows where this iron giant
came from and what it was trying to do.

The World Government ordered
its complete destruction,

but the curiosity of scientists
would not let that happen,

so here it is,
passed down to the present day...

Even the Government
doesn't know it's here.

Hey, why don't you fix it?!

I wanna make it my own robot
and operate it!

Don't be a fool!

Anyway, I'm surprised you made it here.

The entrance to this place must have
looked like just a wall from the town.



Luffy vanished!

I was in a hurry and senile at the time.

We wandered in here
while our brains were feeble!

Sorry to hear that.


That year, Fish-Men were granted rights.


That year, the Kingdom of Ryugu
affiliated with the World Government,

and was allowed
to participate in the Reverie.

The robot att*cked the Celestial Dragons.
I wonder who was behind it...

If you're raided by that giant,
there would be no way to stop it!

I still can't believe it.

Are you saying this humongous robot
climbed the Red Line?!

It would seem so.

If you look closely, this robot looks like
the one that carried us here.


was modeled after this iron giant.

But there was something
I couldn't replicate

even with my scientific capability.

Something that even you,
a genius scientist, can't replicate?

It's the power source.

The power source?!

There was some power in the past

that defies common knowledge
of the world today.

We can't replicate
that iron giant perfectly

even with our scientific technology.

It's shameful...

I'm glad that Luffy and the others
are okay, but...

who is that girl?

That's Jewelry Bonney, a pirate!

Wait a minute! I thought it was
a little girl that we found at sea!

And look at Vegapunk's head!

Is Bonney okay?

I think she'll wake up soon.

I feel really bad for Bonney.

You should, old man!
Get down on your knees!

You don't know a damn thing!

There is something...

I have to give to her.

By the way, Straw Hat Luffy.

I feel it was fate
that brought you here today.



I need you to take me away
from Egghead-Quasar!

What are they?

Sea Beast Weapons...
They're like the gate keepers of Egghead.

-Prepare to fire at any moment.
-Yes, sir!

This is Cipher Pol.

Allow us to enter the port of Egghead.

Respond! This is Cipher Pol.

Oh no!

Allow us to enter the port of Egghead.


What badly trained pets.

There was a sighting of Jewelry Bonney
heading to Egghead!

She escaped repeatedly. What a nuisance.

She is no longer of use to us, right?
We'll eliminate her once we see her.

Shaka, there's a Government ship!

The Government?!

They want us to let them enter the port!
It's not good to have pirates here!

Of course not.

We don't wanna get caught, either.

Furthermore, for some reason,
they have CP-0...

I mean, Rob Lucci on the ship!



Why are you panicking?

We can just turn them in!
Rob Lucci is an assassin, right?!

Hey! Release my feet now!

-No! I don't like him! Didn't he quit?!
-Stop it! Let me go! Stop it! Let me go!

-Don't let him in!
-Stop it!

Lucci, that bastard! I'll fight him!

Robin-chan, don't worry! I'll protect you
as many times as I have to!

Thank you.


Pythagoras, tell the ship...

to leave the Seraphim and go.


Prepare to intercept! We'll deny
the World Government's request to enter!

It's rare that you're willing to fight.

Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!

Kuma-san, you should not move!


You're still under repair!

Dragon-san! Kuma-san is acting strange!


-What's wrong?!

Is he still being manipulated
by the marines?!

Kuma-san! Where are you going?!

You're not even fully healed yet!

What's going on?!

I don't know! It was out of the blue!

He should have lost
all sense of himself by now...


Kuma-san, come back!

What happened, Kuma?!
Where are you going?!


Stay here!

The Revolutionary Army's battle
is just beginning!




Cipher Pol!
Thank you for returning the Seraphim.

We deny your request.
Please leave the Seraphim and go.

S-Bear can come home on his own
from there.

Please excuse the businesslike response
necessitated by our busy schedule.

Please order S-Bear to return,
and with that, your mission is complete.

Thank you for your work.

Whoa-whoa, don't be so cold!

Did they catch on?

It was a long trip!
Let us have a cup of tea on the island!

It's cold, too!

Marine Branch G-14 is nearby.

Please go there to relax.

Oh, come on!
How could you be so cold?! Gee!

Are you Dr. Vegapunk?


The disappearances at Egghead
ring a bell with you, don't they?

What's that?

Who disappeared?

Two months ago,
one Cipher Pol No.5's ship...

A month ago, Cipher Pol No.7...

Two weeks ago, Cipher Pol No.8...

Not a single Government ship
that has visited Egghead

in the past two months has returned.


Is that true? That shouldn't be.

Our records confirm
that all ships have departed...

Hey, what are you talking about?!

Do you suspect
we're messing with Cipher Pol?!

Screw you!

Lilith! Don't be aggressive!

I'll let you in,
so why don't you look through?!

-Don't do that either!
-Let go of me!

We have nothing to do with it!

Please leave!

Okay. I got it.


Nothing you say seems to help.

What should we do, Lucci?

We have no choice...

Take you away from here?

Why? This is your lab, right?

That's right!

This is the island
where the future is created!

I've used all the facilities as I want,

extracted a lot of money
from the Government for research,

and continued my research as I please!

Egghead is amazing, isn't it?!

Even now, ideas are flowing
and I can't stop them!

There are so many ideas
that time, number of hands,

and funds are still not enough!

Are you gonna make something
more awesome?!

Do you guys want to see it?!

I do! I do!

I'm gonna change the future
with my own hands!

And what are you gonna make?!

Tell us!

All right!

With science,
I want to make a world like this someday!

A world where energy is provided
to everyone, free of charge!

You don't seem to understand much!

Are you gonna give everyone something?

It sure would be great if it could happen.

The resources that produce energy

are always the seeds of w*r
as countries fight over them.

That's right! How stupid people are!


You can feel it!

It's here, there, and everywhere!

This world is full of energy!

If we can convert it into tangible power,

we can eliminate one major cause of w*r
from the world!

I'm sure science can get us there someday!

You don't seem interested!

No, anyone who tries to
make everyone happy is admirable.

I'm not interested in
becoming a hero myself though.

Now, why do you wanna get out of here?

The thing is

the more I try to create
the energy I seek,

the closer I get to the power source,
the ancient energy

that powered
this ancient mechanical soldier.

And my nature as a scientist
makes me want to take a peek at it.

I wondered what I would learn
when I unraveled the forbidden history!

In the process of carrying on my friend's
will, I went deeper and deeper into it...

That's how I went too deeply
into the forbidden history!

The Government's gonna eliminate me
just like Ohara!

How far I have run

Without knowing it, I counted scars

A treasure map in my head all along

Still looking for the future

The real promise

Lies much deeper in my heart

A dream

That no one can catch up with

That's all I hold on to

To you who smiles like the sun

I'll sing the same song as that day

This wish I don't want to forget
Even when I grow up

Until it reaches you

"Dive into the Sea of Information!
The Punk Records Library!"

Hi, I'm Lilith one of the Satellites of
Dr. Vegapunk, the genius scientist!

I'm Edison, also Vegapunk!

Today we'll introduce this one!
Emporio Ivankov!

He's the ruler of Kamabakka Queendom and

the captain of Revolutionary Army
Grand Line Forces.

He is a Horm-Horm Fruit power user

who can manipulate people's hormones
and alter their bodies.

He was born on January 8th
and likes grilled organ meat!

When he was being held at Impel Down,
he secretly created New Kama Land,

built an army,
and waited for the time to rise in revolt.

There he met Straw Hat Luffy
who showed up to rescue Ace.

Ivankov healed Luffy
who had been exposed to a deadly poison.

Ivankov is an officer
in the Revolutionary Army,

so when he found out that Luffy is
their Chief Commander Dragon's son,

his eyes popped out!

And in the Paramount w*r that he took
part in after escaping from prison,

he feverishly protected Luffy again
from Akainu of the marines.

Keep your hands off of Straw boy!

After returning to Kamabakka Queendom,

he met Sanji who had been sent there
by Bartholomew Kuma.

They had a good relationship
despite their bickering.

Ivankov is a compassionate person.

Let's see what he'll accomplish
as a member of the Revolutionary Army!

That's it for today!

Now that you've seen it,
donate to our research fund!

See you next time!

CP-0 makes a forced landing at Egghead.

Fabriophase is confounded by the arrival
of the ruthless m*ssacre w*apon,

Rob Lucci, and his team!

To protect the people trembling in fear,

Atlas now confronts the enemies
with her huge, raging fists!

On the next episode of ONE PIECE!

"Preparations for Interception!
Rob Lucci Strikes!"

I'm gonna become the King of the Pirates!
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