Wages of Fear, The (2024)

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Wages of Fear, The (2024)

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Holy sh*t.

Where are they?

I can't see! There's too much dust.


I can't see them!

Come on!


- Leave it, get in.
- I have 3,000 vaccines in the trunk!

Go! Go!


- You all right?
- Yeah.

Ever see them this close?

On their territory,
but never in this area.

Are you doing anything?

Nothing. You?

Why do you keep doing these trips?

Can't stand being without me now?

Seriously. It's too dangerous.
You should stop.

See that?

It's all I have of my dad.

I grew up here with him.
This is my country.

So I don't care if it's dangerous.

And you, why are you hiding here?


Senior officers,
junior officers and privates

are involved
in this unprecedented m*llitary coup.

The president who was almost ousted
last month has just left the country.

This coup puts an end to the government
that had overthrown the monarchy.

- Hello?
- Any news on the boat?

We leave tomorrow morning.
I'll pick you up.

- You at home?
- No, at the office.

- Disposing of expl*sives.
- Weren't they seized?

Hey, my job is demolishing buildings.

I didn't give all my gear
to the guys blowing up the country.

Giving them your expl*sives
won't change a thing.

At least I won't have blood on my hands.

Where are you?

Fred, can you hear me?

I'm in the middle of the mess.

I need to expatriate a client.
Not easy with this rioting.

Be careful.

You too.


Thank you.


The plane is ready.


What is she doing here?

This is for you.

Thank you.

Wait for me outside. I'm coming.

Are you going
to tell me about oil wells again?

Look, it's Fred.

Is she your client?

I thought you'd left.

My boat is in eight hours.
Last night working, then a new life.

So it's for sure? No regrets?

No, it's too messy here.
I'd rather go back to Paris.

It's a shame, you know?
Messy means more money to be made.

But you know that already. Right?

What's going on?

Where's the owner?

Search the place. You, with me.

Stay here.


How are you, sir?

Go by the pool.

Where are the others?

I can make you a rich man.

It's too late.

Let's split up.

You are attacking police officers.

Do you realize what you're doing?

Come on. Let's go. Let's go.

Come on, open the doors.

- It's beautiful.
- Yeah.

The panther mother is
very protective of her cubs...

I don't want to go live in Paris.
I want to stay here with my friends.

I know, but we've explained.

We can't stay. It's too dangerous.

- You read your messages?
- No.


- Uncle?
- There's my favorite niece!

- The prettiest girl!
- I missed you.

Give me a kiss. Another one!

Hey, Fred.

- Ready to leave?
- Are you?

Right behind you.
I told you when you married him.

You can't take one brother
without the other.


Come here.

We need to talk.

What do you want?

Where are the expl*sives?

I buried them. I kept some,
but nothing dangerous.

Enough for a safe?

A tip from my client before he got k*lled.
There's more of it, in a safe.

He got k*lled? What are you suggesting?

- We go get it.
- No.

- Hey, Alex!
- No, no, no!

I've got nothing.

I'm screwed if I go back like this.

Do I go back to driving trucks?

You need this as much as I do.

Do you know what they do to thieves here?

Hey, you're my brother.

If there were any risk,
would I even suggest it?

I need you.

You're a pain in the ass.


Hey. See you at home.

Okay? Go on.

- Hey, Uncle!
- How are you, sweetie?

I'm okay.

Were you with your girlfriend?

What? I don't have a girlfriend.

You do. The doctor.


She's a friend, not my girlfriend.

Let's stop there for today.

Go play.

What's this about bandits?

- What bandits?
- Don't. Everybody's talking about it.

You brought them here
with your shitty job.

That's what pays, and we need the money.

To do what?

Get out of here.

My husband, your brother,
got arrested instead of you.

- I know that. I know.
- No.

You k*lled cops. Did you forget?

Let me get you across the border.

You're both wanted here.

It's dangerous.

Do what you want.

I won't leave without him.

- Come on!
- Malya!

And the rest.

That's the rate for cop K*llers.

It's fine if you don't want it.

I'll teach you discipline, dumbass!

Everyone on the ground, now!

On the ground!

Get on the ground, now!

Come here.

With the trouble you caused,
you owe us at least ten fights.

I won't fight again.

Find someone else.

If you won't fight anymore,
what good are you?

Okay, you decide.

But if I were you,

I wouldn't close my eyes.

Good night.


Cops k*lled your client?

Crooked cops.
What difference does it make?

If you'd told me,
I wouldn't be here. And you know it.


trust me.

Come on.

It's here.

You got this?

Let me work.

I'll check outside.

I don't like this. Call for backup.

Don't move!

Turn around.

It was during the att*ck yesterday.
They hit a gas pocket.

It's getting dangerous for locals.

Get some sleep. You've been up all night.

Go get some rest.

See you later.


One million, as agreed.

As head of security,
you have to save this well.

Any news?

Our fears are confirmed.

Beneath the pocket, a larger second one
stretches under the village.

If the fire spreads, the wall separating
the two pockets will give way.

Only 100 kilos of nitroglycerin
will extinguish the fire in the well

and prevent
the second pocket from exploding.

If it blows up, we're both dead, clear?

Are you sure of your team?

We got the go-ahead from the NGO rep.

She'll do anything to save the villagers.

As for the other two,
you've read the file.

We'll make an offer they can't refuse.

You have just over 24 hours to put it out.

Can I count on you?


Fred, some people
from the oil company want to see us.

It's been a while. How are you?


We've met.

Anne Marchand.

I'm the company representative
for this well.

What do you want?

We need you. To put the fire out.

I could blow or piss on it, but that's it.

A gas pocket under the well
is fueling the fire.

The only way is to blow it up.
We have a stock of nitro for that.

We need you
to drive a truckload of it here.

Where is it?

At a solar power plant.

You want me to drive 500 miles
in a truck full of expl*sives?

Given where the nitro is,
couldn't you find a decent driver?

They all refused.

You'll understand if I refuse too.

We know your brother's in prison.

I can get him out.

We need an expl*sives expert.

Let me explain.

You drive the truck.
Your brother will handle the nitro.

Gauthier's team will provide security
in the occupied territories.

You'll get one million
on arrival at the well.

And we'll get you out of the country.

All four of you.

All four of us?

Is this sh*t serious?

Do what they're asking.

Bring back my husband. Bring Alex home.

Let me handle this, okay? Leave it to me.

We'll take you home.

- How will you get him released?
- We're handling it.

And how will you get the nitro
into the well?

The company's specialist drilling team
will take care of it.

Don't worry.

And we won't be alone.

I believe you know each other.

They're coming with us.
They'll be our guides.

I'll check the chopper.

Why the hell are you here?

We've been driving this route for months.

Nobody knows it better.

We're not transporting meds.

Do you know the road?

No. So quit acting protective over me.

What exactly is your relationship?

We f*ck sometimes. When we have time.

Okay. Can you put it aside
or is it going to be a problem?

There is no problem.

All right.

I'll handle the drilling team.

Wear this.

I told you to put it on.

Why don't you fly the nitro?

Too unstable.
With the altitude variation, it'd explode.

Fred. Look.

This is the m*llitary zone.

The bandits are here.
My men will take care of them.

We leave the capital tonight.

- What about m*llitary roadblocks?
- There's only one.

How do we avoid it?

We don't.

We'd waste too much time.

We'll pass ourselves off as an aid convoy.

How do we do that?

We have passes at the NGO office.
We'll go pick them up.

Think of the villagers.
We're here for them.

What about them?

There are other gas pockets.

One goes down to the village.


The wall between the pockets
could collapse, wiping out the village.

When were you going to tell me?

- My brother's wife and kid are there.
- I know.

If anything happens to us,
they'll be evacuated.

What about the other villagers?

We can't take everyone. It's 5,000 people.

The bandits wouldn't let us get far.

The experts gave us 24 hours
before it happens.

We'll make it.

Hey! We're stuck
with each other for 500 miles.

We need to trust each other
if we want to make it.

Masks on. It's gas.


Clear! We're out of range.

There are clean clothes
in the locker room.


- Stop!
- Let me go.

Stop, Alex! Calm down!

Alex, calm down!

Stop it. Wait!

- Calm down!
- Let me go!


I know why you're angry. I get it.

But people will die
if you can't look past it.


At least think of your family.

How are they?

- How are they?
- They're fine.

They're waiting for you.

Is that nitro?

From the solar plant.

When they install new solar panels,

they use it to blow up the rocks

and level the ground.

That kind of expl*sive
hasn't been used for 30 years.

A stockpile has been
sitting idle since the coup.

We'll go and get it.

A team is there.
We just need to load the truck.

You need to understand
what we are transporting.

How much do you need for the well?

One hundred kilos.

And we'll find that at the plant?

Twice that. And we'll take it all.

Why carry 200 if we only need 100?

That's the job I'm being paid for.

- One truck won't be enough.
- Why not?

To stabilize 200 kilos of nitro,
we need two trucks.

We only have one driver.

I'll be the second.


We'll head to the NGO.

Get the trucks ready.

Do as I say and shut your mouth.

Grab some crates. We need eight per truck.

Okay, wait here.

- Shouldn't you be at the village?
- I came back for you.

I came back for you too.

Didn't feel so good, did it?

- Here. Grab this.
- Thank you.


And the two brothers?

Real ball-busters.

But we need them.


We need to talk.

What don't you understand?

If a well wasn't on fire,
I'd still be in prison.


Is it working?

It will.

- How is it going?
- Ten minutes out.

The plant will be secure for your arrival.

Perfect. Meet you there.

Got one for me?

Thank you.

Your daughter's name is Malya, right?

I see her at the village.

She once told me
she wanted to be a doctor.

That's her dream.


You'll be reunited.

That's all I want.

Come on!

Let's go!

We have less than 20 hours
to get this done.

I didn't find anything.

Well, keep searching.

Put the logo on your vests.

Just stay calm.

I've never been calmer.

Your papers, please.

Check this out.

HQ. This is Unit 4.

We need a confirmation on ID A153025.

We're supposed to be informed

Wasn't it done?

- No.
- Sorry.

We really must get through.

We have medicine for urgent delivery.

Okay, it's clear.

Fine. But next time, if it happens again,
you won't get through.

There won't be a next time.

Let them through!

You did great.

Let's go! Keep moving!

Show them to the storage. Follow the bike.

Hang on, I don't get it.

It's your job, guys.

We'd be quicker together.

If I wanted to handle expl*sives,
I'd have kept your share.

What are you doing?

I'll help them. We're in a hurry, right?

No, you know the route. We can't lose you.

I'm just being pragmatic.

Go on, Fred. Let's not waste time.

That's it. You're good.

We'll take this track on our way out.

Then get back on this road to save time.

What's the status?

Almost done. We're leaving soon.

All done!

What's your problem?

Are you going to sulk for long?

Men d*ed, but it's fine.

So? You think I don't care, is that it?

Is there a problem?

We have 200 kilos of nitro back there.

Lose the smug attitude
and focus on the road. Understood?

Go straight. You can't go wrong.

No, it's fine.

What a d*ck!

Why didn't you ever mention your brother?

I don't know what happened.
I don't wanna know.

But you look after his family
and you can't tell me you're a coward.

m*llitary roadblock!

m*llitary roadblock.

There's never any m*llitary here.


They definitely aren't soldiers.


Where are you going?

We've got medicine for a refugee camp.

That's a lot of people.

It's a dangerous road.

Get out. Let's see your papers.

To get through, you must pay.

We don't have money, just medicine.

- Can we see the medicine?
- No.


He said it's impossible.

- I'm going.
- What?

Don't worry.

Know what this means?

We're here to help people!

We're with an NGO!

If we can't pass, people will die!


Don't move.

I said, don't move.

Show me your hands.
I said, show me your hands!

- We're not dangerous.
- Who are you?

- We're help...
- Where do you think you are?

Drop your g*n or we both die.

Okay, let's calm down.

Let's all stay calm.

Ordering us around like dogs!

You. Let him go.

Get away from him.

It won't...




No! Djibril!

- No!
- Come on!


- Let me go!
- Let's move! Get in your trucks!

Go! Go!

Let me go!

Let's go! Let's catch them.

Let's go!


k*ll them all!

Turn right!

We went too fast.
The straps need tightening.


The pickup is out.

- Why'd you sh**t?
- Don't touch me.

Don't touch me.

- Let me go!
- Calm down!

assh*le! You should have d*ed!

- Let go of me!
- Stay calm.

Djibril's death is on you!

He knew the risks.

Leave me alone, please.

New route.

With the time left,
we'll take the northern road.

Clara, did he consult you?

No, I didn't.
Did she know about those bandits?

I'm still in charge, so what I say goes.

We're taking the northern road.
It'll save us some time.

We have eight hours.

Echo, take the lead.

Come on, let's go. Move out.

How did you meet Djibril?

After the coup. He'd lost his parents.

The NGO took him in.

We must save the village.
He can't have d*ed for nothing.

It's risky around here,
but we're saving time.

Stay alert.

Get down.

Cut your engine!

Don't move!

We're not being att*cked.

It's a minefield.

It must go down to the river.

What do you suggest?
We've lost too much time.

Can you defuse a mine?

No, but I'm not leaving you.

You'd better go back to your truck.

Get back as far as you can!

Come on.

Come on.

Don't move.

Don't move.


Sorry for what I did.

Can we talk later?


It's an anti-t*nk mine. I can't defuse it.


Give me your hands.

I can't let you die here.

If you do that, we both die. Leave me.

You're my brother.

Now listen, and do as I say.

Give me your hands.

- No.
- Do it!


- Yeah.
- Let's do it!

No, wait!

Do we do a countdown?

On three?

- On three.
- Three!

Their equipment is so shitty.

Get behind me!

Rock, two o'clock!

Single sn*per!

We'll k*ll you, assholes!

One by one.

Do you know how to fix this?

A hose must've popped off.

I'll handle it.

I'm sorry.

He knew the risks.

As we all do.

So, it doesn't affect you?

Who cares what it does to me?

- What counts is...
- Getting the job done.

If you think acting like an assh*le
is helping, you're wrong.

There are two routes.

Either we go north

or we bypass it going west.



We have two options.

Which one is the safest?

Neither of them.

They merge 30 miles from the village.

Let's split up.

You and I will go first.

We'll go west.

You two can leave when the truck is fixed.

Head north.

He's right.

We only need one truck.

Splitting up
doubles our chances of making it.

We'll make it.

All four of us.

Stay in touch and meet at the well.

Why are you taking him and not me?

I can't drive with you next to me.

I knew you were a sensitive guy.

Be careful, all right?


It's fine. Okay, we're good to go.

What are you doing?

If I get there alone, I get your share.

And theirs too.

You'll never make it.

It's only 30 miles.

I'll manage.

If they made it, so should we.

Drive. I'll guide you.


Keep coming.

Keep going.

Hit the gas.

Well done. The truck needs to settle.

Are they already up there?

We're all gonna die.


Help! A man is hurt.

- Someone's hurt.
- A man is hurt.

He says someone's hurt.


What happened?

- What happened?
- Nothing.

We found him like that.

He was sh*t by a man
in a truck like yours.

It was Gauthier.

Hey, I...

I'll get the truck.

Hey! You gotta grit your teeth.

Okay? You grit your teeth.

Fred, look at me.

Fred, stay with me.

Look at me, please.

That's it. Keep your eyes open.
Breathe slowly.

I'm still waiting for the drilling team.

I've had no news.

The chopper got sh*t down.
I can't send another team.

It's bad for the company.

Find a solution.

What solution?
I'm alone in the f*cking desert!

You are responsible for the site.
If the well explodes,

you're history. Understood?

Find a local solution.

What do you mean by that?

You heard.

When you get the nitro,

make sure it ends up in the well.

Bring the chopper.
And get the wife and daughter.


What are you doing?

Hold on. We're almost there.

- Alex!
- Stay here.

Come here.

Don't try anything.

What are you doing?

Where is Gauthier?

He's dead, but we have the nitro.

Call the team to put it out.

There is no team!

No one is coming.

We're the only ones left.

And the only way to save the villagers

is to drive into it with the nitro.

A chopper is on its way.

Save your family.

Drive into the well.

I swear I'll take your wife
and child with me.



What are you doing?


Fred, open the door.

What are you doing?

Please don't do this.

Don't do this!


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