01x07 - Chicago

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Based on The Never Game by Jeffery Deaver follows Colter who travels the country in his old-school RV to help police and private citizens solve crimes.
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01x07 - Chicago

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- Stay where you are.


Please, no.


Came as fast as I could.

- Appreciate that, man.
- Yeah. Of course.

Of course.

Tell me about your friend.

Uh, her name is Sun Mai.

Did you get those clips I sent you?

I did. Very impressive.

Oh, hell yeah, man.
She's been blowing up.

She's been having trainers

looking at her from all the majors.

Been helping her out with a website.

You know, making clips, taking footage.

You guys a thing?

[CHUCKLES] Nah, not a thing.

No? How'd you meet?

Uh, she came by the shop that I work at.

You know, we just vibed.

She even got me to work out at the gym.

When was the last time anyone saw her?

Uh, Monday.

It was after her workout.

You talk to her before that?

No, just texts.

We were supposed to meet up
Tuesday morning,

so I could show her the website
before it went live.

But when she didn't show up,

I gave her a call, there was no answer.

So I showed up here.

The owner actually said she

exited out the back alleyway last night.

Police involved?

Uh, no, her mother didn't want
to call the police.

Why's that?

I don't know.
I don't think she trusts them.

So I called you.

Honestly, I'm worried, man.


- You said she left out the back alley?
- Yeah.

- Can you show me where that is?
- Yeah.

- No cameras back here.
- Nope.

Believe me, I checked.

[SIGHS] Why would Sun leave out the back

if she could just go out the front?

Sometimes people use it
as a shortcut to the bus stop,

but she doesn't usually take the bus.

She do anything else unusual recently?

Heard she got into it
with one of the fighters

Some guy named Dake.

Oh, yeah? About what?

- I don't know.
- Did you ask him?

I tried,

- but it didn't go so well.
- Why not?

You have to put in a lot
of time and effort

to get the respect
of the guys around here.

Dake is...

- You'll see.
- Sun afraid of him?

No, Sun's not afraid of anybody.

But he's in there working out right now.

So, we can ask him what's up

or you can ask him what's up.

Maybe in a minute.

What kind of phone does Sun use?

Oh, burner. Always.

They're cheap and you don't have
to use your real name.

It's one of the things
we have in common.

She has a very healthy distrust
of government intrusion.

Dial her number, will you?





BOBBY: Is that...?


A bunch of missed calls
on Monday from a blocked number.

Can you trace that?

- Blocked number on a burner phone.
- Yeah.

I'll see what I can do.

Let's go talk to your friend Dake.





So, which one's Dake?



Yo, Booby. Your friend
want a date or something?

- It's Bobby.
- Whatever.


Look, man.

I don't want any trouble, all right?

Then get out of my way.

- Just want to talk.
- DAKE: Yeah, man.

After I'm done.

Now unless you want to roll,
get the hell out of the way.

Not like that. I just have
a couple questions.

And I said I'm busy.

Hey, hey, hey, hey, whoa.


- The hell is going on here?
- BOBBY: We're good, Art.

We're good. Um, Colter, this is Art.

He's the owner of this place.

Art, how are you? Colter Shaw.

Just have a couple questions about Sun.

Sure. No problem.

She turn up yet?

No. That's why my friend is here.

And you think Dake's got something to do

with Sun ghosting us?

Come on, Bobby.

Tell the man, D.

I ain't got nothing to do
with whatever happened to her.

But you had words, right?

Who told you that?

I did. She told me about it.

Look, I just want to know what was said.

All right, she vanished

- and I'm worried about her.
- For real?

You were the last one to see her.

One of the last ones to see her.

Right? What happened that night?

ART: Look, Sun's good people.

Now if you know something,
you tell the man.

We look out for each other
around here, right?

- Yeah. All right.
- ART: Go on.

DAKE: Here's what happened.

I was out of line on some stupid stuff.

She was using the bag,
I tried to step in,

she corrected me.

I flew off in the moment.
It was nothing.

We were all good.

I hope she turns up.

I really do.

Now, if you don't mind,
I got work to do.

Okay, go on.

That really what happened?

Yeah, I was here.

It was nothing.

Dake's a good kid, but he's a hothead.

It was just two alphas
arguing over gym equipment.

Look, I'm telling you right now,
he's got nothing to do

with whatever the hell's
going on with Sun.

Anything else going on with her
we should know about?

I don't know. I mean, she's been
stressing a little bit lately.

Really? What about?

Well, it's none of my business,

but her visa had ran out.

Her mom's, too.

You know, maybe it's got
something to do with that.

I mean, I've seen them snatch
guys right out of the ring.

No warrants or nothing.

You're talking about ICE?
You think ICE took her?

Look, I'm just saying
it happens, that's all.

And if it's not that, she'll turn up.

It was nice meeting you.

I got to get back to it.

See you, Bobby.

Hey, Dake, let's go!

Sun ever mention anything to you
about her immigration status?

She might've mentioned something

when I asked her about her
contact information on her site.

Mm. All right, well,

I'm gonna call Reenie,

I'll have her get a line
in to immigration,

see if they got her.

Might have something
to do with why her mother

didn't want the police involved.

APPLE: Who is it?

Ms. Mai, it's Bobby.

- I got that guy I told you about.

Hi, I'm Colter Shaw.

- Have you heard from your daughter?
- No.

Please, I don't need help.

I'm not a cop, I'm not from immigration,

if that's what you're worried about.

I can't pay you or anything like that.

Ms. Mai, if your daughter's in danger,

I think I might be able to help.

Okay. Come in.

COLTER: And you haven't heard anything

- from the immigration authorities?
- No.

The owner of the gym said
she mentioned the visa trouble.

If Sun has been deported,
I don't know what I would do.

BOBBY: We have someone
looking into that.

But, uh, it might not be
what's going on here.

What do you mean?

Well, we found her phone

in the alley behind the gym, broken.

Now, we suppose Sun
was gonna meet someone

behind the gym Monday, after her workout

and things went wrong.

- You have any idea who that might be?
- No.

She have a... a boyfriend or anything?

No, not that I know of.

Sun was focused on her training.

At first,

I was worried, then I
saw her in a tournament

and she was so good,
my baby was so good.

I could see why it was
so important to her.

Did she have any other devices?
A laptop?

- Or tablet?
- Her laptop.

- It's okay if I look?
- Mm-hmm.

Was Sun trying to get a green card,

maybe on the black market?
Talk to a lawyer?

Yes, a lawyer. George Prine.

He promised to push
her applications through,

said he could work miracles.

But that didn't happen.

We paid him up front.

And then suddenly, "Oh, no, sorry,

the rules have changed, no refunds."

Mm. That made Sun angry.

He cheated us.


I told her there was
no use in being angry.

I told her to let it go.

There was nothing we could do.

Did she do that? You think, she, uh,

let it go?

She said she would.

- But she's always been stubborn.

- Hmm.
- Ah.

Check this out.

What... what did you find?

It looks like she didn't let it go.

Love. Excellent choice, Jonathan.

Kind of surprised to get
a call from you, Reenie.

We haven't exactly seen
eye to eye in the past.

Just because we've gone
a few rounds in court

doesn't mean I can't take
my favorite fed lawyer to lunch.

No such thing as a free lunch, Reenie.


You got me.

Go on, ask what it is
that you need to ask.


In particular, ICE detention.

That is my specialty. Go on.

I'm working for a family
of a missing woman, Sun Mai.

And we think
she might've gotten picked up.

Need to see if ICE has got her.

You know damn well
that I can't do that, Reenie.

Well, you could.

- Reenie...
- Look.

The family was dealt a bad hand.

Okay, mother and daughter,
both born in Vietnam.

Mom marries an American,

and she and her daughter have
visa eligibility.

Then American husband dies,

putting them both in legal limbo.

That's rough and I feel for them,

- Reenie, I do, but...
- Okay.

Okay. You drive a hard bargain.

So let's horse trade.

Your case against
the Colombian businessman

with the sketchy imports?

I might have a client

who might know something.

I'm... interested.

- Of course you are.
- Okay.

But I can't promise the reversal
of a deportation order...

First things first, I just
need to know where Sun is.

Let me see what I can find out.

Great. Oh, chopped salad looks good.

TEDDI: Hey, Colter.

You on the way to this
Prine guy's law office?

Yeah. He screwed Sun's family.
She can't get over it.

Well, here's a tidbit
you might find fun.

- He's not really a lawyer.
- Of course.

Yeah, so his real name is Marv Johnson.

Failed out of DePaul Law School in 1988.

He's been operating
under aliases and offering

scammy legal help

to needy people ever since.

TEDDI: And under at least
one of these aliases,

"Mr. quote-unquote Prine"

was convicted of as*ault and battery.

VELMA: So, Colter?

Please check in with us
after you meet him.

Always do.

- Hello, can I help you?
- Yeah.

Here to see Mr. Prine.

- Sure, what's this about?
- Sun Mai.

Oh, you'll, you'll have to excuse me.

Intermittent fasting.

Little scatterbrained, but, uh, yes.

Mr. Prine's in court at the moment.

"In court"?

Yet he's not even a lawyer, that's...

- that's impressive.
- Uh...

Excuse me.

I told you he's not in.

Well, when Marv returns...

that's his real name, by the way...

ask him about Sun Mai.

What do you think?

Undercover cop?

- Somebody from the city?
- Hmm.

Maybe some kind of P.I.?

Only one way to find out.


You and I are gonna have
a little chat, George.

- Or is it Marv?
- Get the hell off of me, man!

- What'd you do with Sun?

Nothing, man. I swear to God. [GRUNTING]

Sun came to you for legal help.

You strung her along for
six months, promising a visa.

Okay, okay, easy.

Just tell me what you want.

I want to know where she is.

I got no idea.

Well, someone snatched her.

I'm guessing she was on to your
scam and she threatened you.

- That's not what happened.
- You know something.

You'd better tell me now.

I'd be doing society a favor.

It's the money guys you want, not me.

What money guys?

A crew I work with sometimes.

Financial types.

Unlicensed "you need a loan,

they give you a loan" kind of deal.

Loan sharks.

Look, man, most of my clients are poor.

Victims. Your victims.

Okay, I tell them where they can go

to get the cash to pay my fees.

I give them a number they can call.

So you just pawn them off
on these money jackals?

Again, I'm not the bad guy here.

I'll be the judge of that. Keep talking.

So Monday morning,

I get a call from these guys.

They tell me Sun still owes them.

So what, they tell you
to set up a meeting with her?

Yeah. I called her, told her

I had an important update on her visa,

and to meet me behind the gym.

I thought they were just
gonna scare her a little.

Where do I find these guys?

I got no idea.

We always operate
through intermediaries,

anonymous calls.

If they got an office,
I've never been. [GRUNTS]

You're gonna have to do
better than that, Marv.

Okay, they drive around
in this crappy old van.

[STAMMERS] I've seen the license plate.

I can describe it.
I promise you'll find it.

If you're jerking me around,
I will come back here.

You understand me?

- The van, go.


- It's so good to see you.
- Hey.

- It's been too long.
- Thanks for helping out.

Always. Now where's my client?

Uh, Mrs. Mai, this is Reenie Greene.

The lawyer I told you about.

Mrs. Mai.

You're not Vietnamese.

No, but my dad was
on a special assignment

at the U.S. Embassy in Hanoi
when I was 12.

Air Force brat.

We've worked so hard.

And now everything is at risk.

If Sun has been taken by immigration,

- I don't...
- She hasn't.

BOBBY: What'd you find out?

Sun's not being held

in administrative detention,
and she hasn't been deported.

So we can rule that out.

- That's a relief.
- Yeah.

- But then where is she?
- Colter's on that.

And he's the best there is.

So, in the meantime,

I'd like to get some more
information from you.

Information? Why?

To get your visa situation
straightened out,

so when Sun does come home,

you guys will be back on track.

How much will it cost?

We spent thousands
already on Mr. Prine...

Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

- Okay?
- Really?


APPLE: This kind of generosity?

You will receive many blessings.

We got this, Auntie.

We're gonna get through it together.

You're in very good hands, Mrs. Mai.

- Call me if you need anything, all right?
- Bye.


What up, C?

Looks like Sun was trying
to repay a loan she'd taken out.

Who was she borrowing money from?

Well, it sure as hell
wasn't JP Morgan Chase.

Loan sharks.

Yep, that scumbag Prine lured her

into an alley to meet the money
guys, she fought back,

and then they took her.

Okay, so where would
they take her and why?

I don't know.

I got a partial plate of a van.

Give me five minutes.

Texting you right now.




- Hey, you got anything?

COLTER: I found the loan shark's van.

Sweet. I'm on my way.

No. No, I got this.

Come on, C. This is my scene.

I know the ins and outs. Let me help.

You did help. You found the van.

I'm just gonna hang back
and follow them.

Okay, but I know Sun
and I'm not gonna be in the way.

Two of us are better than one, right?

I'm good for now. I'll let you know.

I need to move quick and light.

- Got to go.

MAN: It doesn't make sense.
Explain that.

MAN 2: What do you mean,
it doesn't make sense?

We got specific orders for the drop.

- Relax.

MAN: What the hell took you so long?

I had to take a leak, man. Back off.

Hey, you want to make him mad,
that's your funeral, not mine.

Are you done? 'Cause we're good.

We're not good.

We're supposed to be there by 7:00.

Yeah, maybe I was unclear

'cause I understand that
the practice of your office

is not to certify an I-130

if the sponsor has
subsequently deceased,

but I think that you'll find that

the actual statute says otherwise.

Oh, well, on the other hand,

if your office wants
a civil rights lawsuit,

I would be delighted to provide one.

Great. Oh, great. Wonderful.

I... I look forward to your email.
Okay, bye.

Does anyone ever say "no" to you?

- Yeah, Colter.

I know the feeling.

- That man is all boundaries.

Seriously, though, I get the whole

self-reliance thing, and I respect that,

but Sun's my friend.
I should be out there

trying to help find her.

The guy lives in a camper.

How inclusive do you
think he's gonna be?

- Airstream, actually.
- Oh, right.

Hey, um, has he

- talked to you at all about his family?
- No.

It's a lot to unpack there.

All right, you can't just drop that

and then not tell me.

What, all this time,
and you haven't snooped?

No, I have a strict code:

No snooping on friends.

Good on you.

If you had, you'd know that
his dad d*ed when he was young.

I mean, circumstances are complicated,

to say the least,
and it is not my story to tell,

but if I was a betting gal, which I am,

I'd say that loner thing that he does

has something to do with that.

Ooh, he would

[LAUGHS] Yeah, he would.

But someday, it's gonna
come back to haunt him.

Trust me, I have seen it.

For now, I guess,
lone wolf's gonna lone wolf.

Yeah, but I owe the guy.

He got my ass out of a bad situation.

Let's just say

I got in too deep with
a cyber hacking job.

How was I supposed to know
it was the Russian mob?

He didn't tell me this.

He wouldn't. You know C.

Silos in silos.

What the hell?

What? What is it?

This is Colter's truck,

and it's just been sitting
in this location,

but that's his cell phone signal.

That's going somewhere fast.

- I tried texting him, but no answer.
- Vintage.

I really hope he knows what he's doing.


Yeah. Yeah, copy that.

We got a stop to make.

Change of plans. Boss wants us to

drop the money on the way.

Take a left on Keller.


- Here, pull into this alley.
- All right.


You sure it's all here?

Yeah, I'm sure. Get inside.

- I'm making sure because...
- You always do this...




I'm sending you an address.
I need a lift.

Why are you calling me from Sun's phone?

I'll explain when you get here.

All right, let's go.

We got to get close to that van,

find out where they took Sun.

I'll take that as, "Thanks
for the lift" in Colter talk.

You know where it's going?

- No, but you do.
- What?

That's why I called you
from Sun's phone.

I hid my phone in the van.

Just follow that signal.

[QUIETLY]: All right.

Let's go.

Hold on, I'm coming, too.

No, you wait here
until I come out with Sun.

Colter, come on, man. She's my friend.

Best if I go alone

'cause they probably know who you are,

or at least they've seen you with her.

Now, if they see you before
I see them, we got a problem.

Okay. But I don't like it.

Keep the car running.



Screw this.




MAN: Come on!



MAN: That's my girl!

- Give it up for Sun!




Hey. The hell is all this?

You kidding? Greatest show
on earth. It's like MMA,

- except there's no rules.
- You pay to see this?

Me and a lot of other people.

You, uh, seen a fighter named Sun?

Hell yeah. You just missed her,

but she'll be back.

- She win?
- Barely.

Said they might bring
her out in a few minutes,

make her fight again.

But these matchups,

- they're crazy.
- Nah, man. That's messed up.

- Seriously messed up.


Sun Mai?

- I'm here to take you home.

And who are you?

I'm a friend of Bobby Exley.

He sent me to come get you.

Yeah, well, I can't.

- You can.
- You don't get it.

If I leave before my debt is paid,

he'll k*ll my mother.

- He's gonna k*ll your mother?
- Who told you that?

Look, I just have to
fight for two more weeks.

- Two weeks?
- And then my debt's paid,

and then I can get out of here.

You don't have to do this.

[SCOFFS] Look, it's the only option.

No, you don't understand.
It's not the only option.

Prine lied about how he could help you,

and these guys, these guys here,

they're never gonna let you go.

Look, it's my fault.

I took the money.

I just need to get us visas.

It's not your fault.

You stay here and you die.

It's that simple.

Well, they're watching me,
so it's not like

I can get out of here,
even if I wanted to.

Maybe you can't, but we can.

Now, come on, Bobby's
waiting outside. Let's go.

- Wait, Bobby's here?
- Yeah.

Sun, you got to trust me. Come on.

It's time.

- Yeah. Okay.
- Come on.

- Look out!

MAN: Stop!

Nice and easy, tough guy.

Your g*n. Let's go.

Come on. My boss is gonna want
to have a word with you.


You okay, Sun?

Yeah. Yeah.

- Who's responsible for this?
- MARCO: You want to sh**t me?

Do that, but I'm not
telling you a thing.

Thought I told you to wait in the car.

Thought you needed a hand.

Yeah. Appreciate it. Come on. Let's go.

Let's get the hell out of here. Come on.

Almost there, let's go. Come on.

- [g*n CLICKS]
- ART: Ah-ah!

I wouldn't do that.

- Art?
- Hey.

Sorry, folks.

This ain't personal, it's just business.

Now step away from my star attraction.

Move it.

You're the one running
the illegal fights?

ART: Sure, I love my gym.

But there's a lot more money
in this version of the sport.

So you're making her fight
to pay off her debt?

I'm not making her do anything.

You see, these fights
are big business for me.

And Sun can earn her way out of debt

by helping me bring in a crowd.

Now that's a win-win.

No, you're going to let her
out of it right now.

Hey, you ain't making
the rules here, pal.

You're awfully tough
with a g*n, aren't you?

How do you do without it?


Maybe 20 years and 20 pounds ago.

But nowadays I got other people
doing my fighting for me.

Ain't that right, Scotty?


Drop it.

- Drop it.
- [g*n DROPS]




Thanks, Bobby.

You should go now.

You want to get her out of here.

- Hi.
- Hello.

How's Sun doing?

She's much better, thank God.

She's already talking about

- getting back to the gym.

- Hi, Bobby.
- Hey.

You need to eat more. Too skinny.

My daughter likes a strong man.

REENIE: Yeah, Bobby.

- After you.

Oh, my God. It smells incredible.

It is. Do you want a bowl?

I'd love some.

Uh, before we do that,

I've got good news

and better news.

The good news is that George
Prine, or whatever his name is,

is facing a litany of fraud
and other charges.

- That is very good news.
- REENIE: Mm-hmm.

And the better news is that his arrest

makes you eligible

for something called a U-Visa,

reserved specifically
for victims of crime.

Wait, that's amazing, how did you...

REENIE: It's not a done deal yet,
but the hearing's next Tuesday

at 10:00 a.m., so I've worked
a little magic into my schedule

and I'll be able to fly back
to represent you.

Thank you. I don't know
how to repay you.

Mm, a bowl of that soup maybe.

- Two bowls of soup, coming right up.


Auntie, let me help you.

Thank you.

For what you did.

It was nothing. Really.

Well, when you came out
from behind that locker

and helped disarm that guy, um...

I was impressed.

- You know,

you're a better fighter
than I give you credit for.

Oh, okay. I see.

So, you underestimated me.

- Yeah, maybe... maybe a little.

Well, maybe we should grab a drink

and talk about your site.

You know, that is if you
still need my services.

- Yeah, I'd like that.
- Cool.


- Cool.


♪ Come into the world ♪

♪ Alone... ♪


♪ And you go out of the world... ♪

- COLTER: Hey, Teddi.
- So Sun is safe and sound?

Yep, she'll be back
in the ring in no time.

Just the legal ones.

What about Art Arfano,
his shady business?

Going down.

His looking at charges for
loan sharking, kidnapping

and operation of an unlicensed
place of amusement.

Good. And what about Sun?

So, uh, Reenie made sure that her name

isn't on any of the charging documents

for the illegal fighting.

- She was never there.
- Perfect.

All right, listen, I got to go.

Bobby and Reenie are heading my way.

So, uh, I'll call you from the road.

So, how do you want to be paid?
Bitcoin all right?

No, let's not deal with that now.

We'll, uh, we'll square up
down the road.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

I call it discounted services
for a friend.

Well, I hope this isn't one
of those I-owe-you things

because I don't do that, all right?

I like to keep my books clean.

Oh. I see, I see.

No, it's nothing like that.

The truth is, I couldn't
have done it without you.

I'm just glad you didn't listen to me

when I told you to stay in the car.

Well, I went with my gut.

We're good, honestly.

You know, it's very rare
that the three of us

are all in the same place
at the same time.

Yeah, my flight's not
for another few hours.

- We can go grab a bite to eat?
- Ooh.

I got a k*ller place. If you're
not gonna let me pay you

for bringing back Sun,
the least I can do

- is buy you lunch.
- Uh...

I'll tell you what. Rain check.

Come on, man, they got
Korean short rib burgers.

Sounds good, but, uh, next time.

"Next time"? What is this next time?

What, when you're in Chicago?

Yeah, seriously, what's so important?

Sioux City, I got a job, I got
a lot of miles ahead of me.

So, uh, next time.

♪ Whoa ♪

BOBBY: Hold on.

I really appreciate your help, man.

You're welcome.

♪ The days and nights
are k*lling me... ♪

- Bobby. Reenie.
- See you.

♪ The light and dark
are still in me... ♪


♪ But there's an anchor
on the beach... ♪

- What?
- Lone wolf's gonna lone wolf.

♪ And bring a falling star ♪

♪ Oh. ♪
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