04x05 - The Whistleblower

Episode transcripts for the TV show "The Equalizer". Aired: February 2021 to present.*
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An enigmatic woman with a mysterious background uses her extensive skills to help those with nowhere else to turn.
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04x05 - The Whistleblower

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Previously on The Equalizer...

- Robyn?
- Hey.

The infamous Trish.

- Great to meet you.
- Great to meet you, too.

Canceled on her so much lately.

Why do you keep canceling on her?

No particular reason. Just...


I don't know, Pop.

Like I said, I'll get back to you.

Big Ben?

I'll admit,
he's been on his best behavior.

As long as I'm there to supervise.

- And now he wants unsupervised visits?
- Bingo.

HARRY: Where have you been all night?

I was worried sick!

Something happened to Edison.

Your brother? Wha-What's going on?

- Eddie. Thank God!
- What are you doing here?

I'll explain everything later.
Right now,

I got to get you to safety.

I'm not gonna let anything
happen to you.

MEL: Thank you for coming, everyone.

Let's get started.

Go ahead, Eric.

Hey. There's no judgment here.

I'm not sure where to start.

Other than... it was
like living in a storm.

Inside my head.

You were deployed to Afghanistan
at the time, yeah?


You know, uh, I-I... I don't think

I'm ready to talk about this.

That's okay.

One day at a time, right?

When you're ready, we're all here.

Mel. Yeah.

Hey, um, I just want to thank you

for organizing this thing.

I'm sorry it's so hard for me.

Don't apologize, okay?

We all share in our own time.

What's important is
that you keep coming back.

I'm not going anywhere.

Good. And you're gonna be fine.

We're all here for you.

All right?

- Yeah.
- Okay.


All right.

See you guys next week.

- All right, get some rest.
- All right.



- You don't smoke, do you?
- No.

Never too late to start.


♪ ♪

- [g*nshots]
- Who the hell is that?



To what do I owe the pleasure?

There's nothing pleasurable about this.

Director Greene's asked for a meet.

Wants a formal debrief
about what happened

with Michelle Chambers.

Why now?

It's been months since Michelle escaped.

Yeah, I thought
I'd gotten Greene off of it,

but apparently not.

Okay, I'll meet you there.

Good morning, ladies.

Morning. Morning.

[CHUCKLES]: Y'all practice that?


But, okay, I have been practicing this.

Okay, ready?

Come on...

That's okay. It's...

It's all in the wrist.


- Okay, absolutely not. I'm over it.

Listen, just keep
practicing. You got it.


She's tearing those knuckles up.

What you got going on today, Aunt Vi?

Trish is coming over for
a little home spa day.

She's been a bit distant lately,

so I thought it'd nice
to have a relaxing afternoon,

just the two of us.

Well, that sounds perfect.

I would love some strong hands
on my neck and back.

Try calling 911,
maybe Dante'll come over.

- Mm. Mm-hmm.
- Hmm...

See, you being messy.

Those drinks still on pause?

- For now.
- Mm-hmm. [CHUCKLES]

It'll happen when it's supposed to.

Where are you off to today?

Uh, unfortunately, I can't tell you.

Nothing dangerous,

it's just classified, so, sorry.

Fine by me. That is one less thing

I have to remember to forget.


Well, have a good spa day.

- Love you.
- You, too, my love.

ROBYN: Good morning, Mel.

Yeah, not really.

I've been spending it dodging
b*ll*ts and knives.

And apparently, a sn*per,
but I'm fine, though.

- Wait. What?
- Yeah, they were trying to abduct me.

I have no idea why.

Are you okay?

- Harry?
- Yeah, he wasn't with me,

so other than heart
palpitations, he's fine.

Anything bad come your way?

No, seems like they were just after you.

Listen, I've been summoned
to a CIA debrief,

but I'm gonna bail. I'm coming to you.

No, no, I'm almost to the sanctum.

I'll get into this with Harry.

We'll call you when we know something.

All right, Mel, stay safe.

Hey, son.

Pop, come on,
you can't just show up anytime you want.

I've got to go run ballistics.
What's up?

I was thinking maybe
I could take your boys

to the game tonight.

Got a line on three tickets,
right behind the dugout.

Three, huh?

I-I know you're more comfortable
with supervised visits, but

I was hoping to get some time
alone with them,

do some bonding.

Could've used some of that
bonding 30 years ago.

- We went to games.
- Did we?

Sure. You loved the Yankees.

I'm a Mets fan,
and you never took me to a game.

You sure?

I could've sworn we went to some games.

Look, Pop, I'm knee-deep,

so I don't really have time to chat.

W-What about the game?

Let me think about it.

MEL: Babe, I told you,

- I'm fine.
- Fine?

You know, I... you could've been k*lled.

- But I wasn't, okay?
- I just don't understand.

We didn't have anybody on our radar.

- Who were these guys?
- I don't know.

I don't even know if the sn*per
was aiming at me or them.

All right, all right, let's... [SIGHS]

let's just see if we can
get a visual on this.

Okay, uh, M.E.L., using, uh, GPS

from Mel's car, show me

any camera footage
from where it was last parked.

M.E.L.: Checking.

There are no cameras active.

[SIGHS] I mean, they chose
that place for a reason.

All right, well, let's see.

Judging by the angle

and the sight lines,

the sh**t was probably
on this rooftop.

M.E.L., show me any camera coverage

from adjacent buildings.

No cameras active.

Well, the sh**t had
to come down at some point.

All right, M.E.L.,

show me, uh, any camera coverage

from the exits of nearby buildings.

One camera active.

All right.

My meeting let out at

Okay, uh, M.E.L.,

- show me all camera coverage
- Ugh!

starting at nine... What's the matter?

This thing is supposed
to increase efficiency,

but you literally have to
repeat everything I say

- Okay, all right.
- 'cause it only responds to your voice.

Honey, you know that that's because...

Security protocol, right. Okay.


- Anything?
- No. No, no, no.

Hold on, this...

Right there, the grey hoodie.

Well, that bag definitely
looks big enough

to be holding a
disassembled sn*per r*fle.

Yeah. Can you get his face?

I'll try.

It's tracking him.

All right, he's getting into a car.


Almost got him.

Uh, am I going crazy or is that...

MEL: Oh, my God.

That's my brother Matthew.

- Are you sure it was your brother?
- It was him.

And you had no indication
he was in town?

No. Far as I know,

Matthew was stationed
at a NATO base in Turkey.

I haven't spoken to him in months,

but neither he nor my family

said that he was gonna be in New York.

I got M.E.L. checking
to see if he was reassigned.

Well, we know one thing's for sure,

your brother wasn't sh**ting at you.

Yeah, no, I mean,
he was sh**ting at those guys

to protect you.

I-I can't even imagine him
sh**ting at all.

He was always a bookworm.

My whole family was.

I was the one that was the outsider.

Even when we both enlisted,

I was the one that was out in the field

and Matthew was in analytics.

I didn't know he had it in him.

Sounds like had it in him and then some.

He is a Bayani.

Okay, fine, but still,

who were these guys
and why were they after you?


M.E.L.: Search complete.

Babe, what did you say Matthew did,
for the m*llitary?

m*llitary intelligence.

Mostly resource analyses. Why?

M.E.L. checked every available database,

and there's no record of Matthew

ever having been in the m*llitary, like,

at-at all.

That's not correct. Check again.

M.E.L. did an exhaustive...

You check.

- You check.
- Okay.

No. Sorry.

He's been lying about that f...

for years?

Why would he do that?

My guess is to protect you.

That's usually why people
lie to the ones they love.

So, we don't know anything
about these attackers?

HARRY: Actually, when Mel

was att*cked near her car,

it triggered the car's security mode,

and its cameras captured
an image of one of the guys.

Sending it to you right now.

Already did a facial rec.

I mean, there's nothing on this guy.

Zero results. He's a ghost.

Just like Matthew.

Listen, I'm about to see Fisk.

He can access databases we can't.

Maybe he can get an ID.

MEL: While you're doing that,
I'll figure out

- what my brother's doing here.
- How?

By talking to the one person
who can answer that question.



Hey, Harry. What's up?

Hey, man, I was wondering
if you could, uh,

run a BOLO on a vehicle

of interest for me.

Send the plate.

Do I want to know?

It's Mel's older brother.

She's tracking another brother?


Long story. Part of a long line

of messy family dynamics.

Oh, I get that. Got plenty

of family drama of my own going on.

Oh, yeah? Want to talk about it?

My father asked to take the boys
to a Yankee game.

Just the three of them.

Oh, right, right. What'd you say?

I didn't say yes, I didn't say no.

But this whole thing
with him coming home

has been hard.

Well, that's rough. I mean,
there's no way around it.

Well, I don't know, I mean,
didn't you say he's been

really trying extra hard lately?

He's been persistent,
I'll give him that.

Well, I mean, that's something.

If the kids go and they end up having

the kind of relationship with
him that you never had, then,

you know, you don't want to be the guy

- to stand in the way of that.
- Yeah.

I don't know that
there's a right call here,

but if there is,
I'm sure you'll make it.

Thanks, Harry.

Yeah, man.



Morning, Diana.

Mr. Fisk.



As you're both aware,
I've asked you here for a debrief.

Who's on the other end of that?

That's not important.

We want to review the events

that led to the escape
of Michelle Chambers.

Well, as you know, I wasn't there,

so I can't help you.

And everything I know

is in my report.

I'd like to hear the details
from you directly, Mr. Fisk.

- Hey, Ed.
- Hey.

You sure you're okay? Yeah, I'm fine.


Are you sure Matthew hasn't reached out?

Maybe an email to an old account?

I've checked everything.

Besides, if Matthew was gonna
reach out to anyone,

it would have been you. Yeah.

That's what I thought, too,
but after today,

I'm gonna have to reevaluate
our whole relationship.

Mel, is this really so surprising?

You know our family.

Yeah, but not him.

We never kept anything from each other.

You told him about you and your friends

running around, saving the world?

No, not yet.

I was waiting to tell him in person.

He's been overseas.

I don't know.

Maybe we're not as close
as I thought we were.

- Hey.
- Hey, babe.

Any luck?

Well, I tracked Matthew's car
until the East River Greenway

and then I lost him. That's near
the FDR, the Brooklyn bridge.

He could be a hundred miles
from here by now.

I doubt it.

I mean, why protect me from those guys

who are still out there
and then just take off?

Okay, but where is he?

East River Greenway.

You know what's by there?

- Rollie's.
- Rollie's?

It's this arcade we used to
go to when we were upset.

We'd, uh, eat junk food
we normally couldn't have.

We'd play games, we'd talk it out.

Yeah, but Rollie's has been
closed forever.

Been boarded up for years.

Well, that would make it
the perfect place to lay low.


- Wait up.
- Oh, you're not going.

- [SCOFFS] He's my brother, too.
- Well, yeah, but,

I need to know that you're... safe.

- Okay? I'll...

I'll keep you posted. I promise.


Oh, look at you.

- Hello, beauty.
- Hi, baby. Hi.

- Come on.
- Okay.

Oh, you ready to get your spa on?

I am so ready.

Well, you can't have a spa day without

the proper safety equipment.

You are the best.

Look at that. [GASPS]

We are going to luxuriate!

These robes are perfect.

You know, I've really
always loved this statue.

And I... Where is it from?

Uh, Indonesia, I think.

Maybe Benin.

Wow. So your niece...
she's really racking up

those frequent flier miles, huh?

Yeah, well, the charity
that she works for

needs her to travel all over the world.

It's amazing.

What kind of charity is it again?

Oh, it's a midsize NGO that has a name

that I can never pronounce.


TRISH: Cheers.

Oh, uh, hey, Trish.

- Hi, Delilah.
- Hey.

Hi. Does your mom know
that you have that thing?

Uh, yeah, yeah. She gave it to me.

Anyway, us, sorry for
the quick hi and goodbye,

but I actually have to run.

So, have a fun spa day.

- VI: Bye, sweetheart.
- Bye.

- See you later.
- See you.

Is Robyn really okay with her
daughter playing with that thing?

Listen, I do not judge.

So, I was thinking that
the massage tables

could go over here.

FISK: It's like I said:

the prisoner managed to work her way

out of her handcuffs.
She att*cked the driver,

which resulted in the vehicle crash.

Beyond that,

I'm a little foggy.

The Agency doesn't do foggy.

That's all I got.

I was hurt, in and out of consciousness.

What I know is that
in all the confusion,

Michelle Chambers escaped.

Well, that much we know.

But how, exactly, did she
get out of her handcuffs?

- Is it possible she had help?
- From who?

You had a previous relationship
with Chambers.


A close relationship?

A long time ago. So?

Maybe you have an idea of how
she got out of those cuffs.

Are you accusing me of something?

Should I call a lawyer?

Why? Have you done something

that would require legal defense?

Director Greene, am I being detained?


Neither one of you is.

Then in that case, have a nice day.

Easy, mall cop.

This can't have come
as a complete surprise.

- It is Greene.
- I'm not surprised.

I'm just sick of people
who make their living

on lies and agendas.

Look, I don't know what she's up to.

Let me see what I can
figure out. In the meantime,

I got some info on the pic you sent me

- of the guy who att*cked Mel.
- Go on.

Even with my clearance,
it was nearly impossible.

Redactions all over the place.
I was never getting an ID.

But it seems,
putting the pieces together,

he was part of an elite unit
called Red Cell.

MEL: Red Cell?

It's an off-the-books strike force

firewalled from normal m*llitary command.

Units like that exist for one reason:

to do things that the government
doesn't want traced back to them.

The question is why do they have
your brother worried about you?

Yeah, and if my brother
knew all of this,

why didn't he pick up a damn phone?

I'm sure he has his reasons.

You making excuses for him now?

I'm not. I just know what it's
like having to keep the people

you love the most in the dark.

Right. [SIGHS]



Harry, you and I need to talk.

Uh, yeah, I'm a...
I'm a little busy right now.

Not now, not over the phone,

but I need your help with something.

Does McCall know about this?

No, and you can't tell her.

Or Mel. Especially not Mel. Understand?

[SCOFFS] How could I?

You haven't told me anything.

I'll explain when I see you.

Hands up, slowly.

- Bumblebee?
- Matthew? Oh, my God.

Oh, thank God you're okay.

Hey, what's going on?
Who were those guys?

They're part of a group called...

Red Cell. Yeah, I know about Red Cell.

I just don't know why they're after me.

To send me a message.

I thought they were gonna try something.

That's why I kept an eye on you.

Why is Red Cell after you?

Because I'm one of them.

And they don't trust me anymore.

You're in Red Cell?

I was recruited a few years ago.

They trained me and they
scrubbed my background.

Yeah, that's-that's why Harry and I

couldn't find your m*llitary records.

Like, at first, I really felt
like I was making a difference.

Okay. Then?

Red Cell works in the gray.

I knew that going into it.

But recently, our missions
got more extreme.

- How extreme?
- Last week,

I watched our unit leader
gather these innocent people

just to get information about
these Somalian b*mb makers.

Men that they thought were
hiding in these local villages.

And when they didn't talk,

he slaughtered them.

Who is this unit leader?

The man who att*cked you,
with the scar on his eye.

A few month ago, we got
bad intel from a local.

Lost a few of our best guys.

It changed him.

He became convinced

that we need results
by any means necessary.

And then the rest of the units
fell in line.

And that's why you fled.

No, I came here to blow the whistle.

They're planning something
in Somalia that's gonna result

in significant loss of life.

Now, I need to contact someone
to stop them

before it's too late.

And they followed you here to make sure

you don't get the chance.


- You got my back?
- Yeah.

I should catch you up on a few things.

I'm using all available cams,

but I'm only getting about 80% coverage.

So keep your eyes peeled for tails.

This is what he does.

Appreciate the assist, Harry.

We need all the help we can get.
These guys are good.

Well, you're pretty good, too.

Yeah. Explains how you managed
to evade them for so long.

It's a combination of training and luck.

But luck eventually runs out.

If they were able to find Mel,
what about the rest of your family?

I mean, over
the years I've taken measures

to firewall Mel, but I mean,

these seem like guys with means.

No, that's not their M.O.

Now that they've lost
the element of surprise,

there'll be no more warnings.

They're gonna come directly after me

with everything they've got.

M.E.L.: My search has yielded a result.

Hey, Matthew, I don't know
how to tell you this,

but, um, that thing in Somalia
you came here to stop...

I think it already happened.

Early reports are calling it
a mass casualty event.

I'm too late.

I know that village. The people there.

Good people who just want
a peaceful life.

Okay, well, let's make sure
it doesn't happen again.

What exactly are we up against
with this Red Cell group?

We don't know each other's real names.

Or any personal details.

My code name is Boa.

The leader is Cobra,
who Mel ran into this morning.

All well-trained, heavily armed

and highly motivated.

They will work their mission to
completion no matter the cost.

Well, if you never shared
any personal information,

how'd they know to come after Mel?


A few months ago, we were pinned down

in a firefight and it looked bad.

In a moment of weakness, I asked Cobra,

if I was k*lled, could he
deliver a message to Mel.


I was too late

to stop the decimation of this village,

but there will be others.

And countless innocent lives
that will be lost

unless I stop him.

Seems to me you're the only who can.

Which means they're not
gonna stop until you're dead.

Okay, so, how do we blow the whistle?

The only way is through my handler.

The thing is, we've never met.

We communicate via encrypted message.

- I reached out to him earlier.
- You think he'll help?

Only one way to find out.

We're set to meet in an hour.

Wait, you... are you sure
you can trust your handler?

I mean, everyone in your unit
is a suspect now.

She's right, it could be a setup.

You're the only one
who can pin all of this on them.

Going to that meeting could put
you right in their crosshairs.

I got to try.

It's my only play.


But there's more
than one way to play it.

Thank you, ladies.

Yeah, have a good one.
I'll see you soon.


Oh. That was so good.


I really love this piece, Vi.
Did your niece get it on her travels?


Sees like that charity's been
an amazing experience for her.

What kind of work do they do again?

Ooh, they, uh,

they raise money for a lot
of different causes, you know,

mostly humanitarian aid.

How long have they been around?

Why are you suddenly so
interested in my niece's charity?

I don't care about her charity.

I'm trying to understand
why you're so secretive

about your niece,
about so many things in your life.

You're always canceling plans

'cause of some emergency
and you're blaming it

- on your niece, or...
- Oh, Come on.

You trying to tell me you've never had

an emergency come up?

Of course, but when I do,

I tell you exactly what's going on.

I don't make vague excuses.

I'm just, I...

I'm starting to feel like I've
let you into my life completely.

You haven't done the same.

I understand how
you could feel that way.

Okay, so...

now's the part

where you're gonna tell me
things'll be different.

I'm sorry.

I can't make that promise.

Relationships are based
on honesty, Viola.

If we don't have that, what do we have?

All right. We're in position.

Comms check.

MEL: Check.

ROBYN: Copy.

MATTHEW: We've got action.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Easy.

Who the hell are you?

I'm here on Boa's behalf.

Approach code?

Alpha, eight, Dallas, Clementine.

So, where is Boa?


He's somewhere safe.

But he's not gonna stay quiet about

what happened to those villages,
and we need your help.

I know him.

He used to be in our unit
under a different call sign.

But a few weeks after I joined,
he got injured on a mission

and got pulled off the field.

That is a very serious accusation.

Yes, it is.

So, will you help?

Look, if what you're saying is true...

then yes.

But Boa's gonna need to step up
and be the face of this.

MATTHEW: He and Cobra were tight.

Always together.

Think it's a setup?

MATTHEW: It's Cobra.

I knew it.

MEL: I don't have a sh*t.

McCall, it's a setup. Abort.


- Comms are jammed.
- Rob!

sn*per! Cover me!

sh**t! One o'clock!

MEL: They've got McCall surrounded!

I got cover!

Go, go, go!

On the left! Move!


Move! Move!

Boss, she's moving! Let's go!

- Moving!
- Covering!

Move, move, move.



Come on, head for cover.

Cover me! Move, move!

- I'm out.
- Me too.

I can't believe Cobra k*lled him.

He was my only tie to
the program's chain of command.

My only sh*t at taking those guys down.

When all else fails, follow the money.

How were your operations financed?

Funds show up in an encrypted account.

But even if you could track
them, you would have to be

a financial savant to interpret
what you're seeing.

I have an idea.

- MEL: Harry.
- Hey.

I need you and Edison
to track some money.

Is-is that g*nf*re?

It's nothing.
Matt's gonna send you some information.

Call me when you have something.

Did you bring a laptop?

I found a way out.

- Movement.
- Let's move.

- Covering.
- Moving.

On your left! Go, go, go!


Move! Move, move, move, move,
move, move, move! Move!

The exit is blocked.

Okay, clear. Your turn.

All right, got a shell corp in Sweden,
but it bounces to Norway.

Got it.

- You're good.
- [CHUCKLES] We're good.

Hey, um, thanks for helping my brother.

Man, are you kidding? We're family.
That's what family's for.

Normally, that means lending
an Allen wrench,

not stopping a black ops team.

Yeah, well, who needs normal?
Normal's boring.

Denmark. You're up.

Okay, got it.

MEL: It's too heavy.

We'll never move this in time.

[GRUNTS] What are you doing?

I'm buying you time.

Open this door right now.

- It's me that they're after.
- Matthew? Open this door!

Open this door!


sh**t the barrels!


MEL: No!

- Matthew!
- We got to go.

MEL: Matthew!

- No! No! No!
- We got to go. Now!

Sorry to interrupt, Sergeant Major.

- Who are you?
- You know me by my code name, Cobra,

leader of Red Cell.

I'm sorry, he just...

It's okay. Leave us.

Apologies for barging in, ma'am.

But I'm afraid it couldn't wait.

I'm listening.

Recently, a member of our team,

code-named Boa, had a mental breakdown.

He deteriorated quickly

and, at some point, snapped, went rogue.

First, he carried out
the recent atrocity in Somalia.

- The village?
- Yes, ma'am.

That was him. Against orders.

And earlier today,
he k*lled our handler.

Ultimately, we tracked Boa,

and there was a confrontation.

Despite all efforts to talk him down,

Boa forced a firefight

and, unfortunately, he didn't make it.

I see.

He was our brother, once.

And while it saddens me,
we had no choice to stop him

before he k*lled again.

Exactly what I told her you'd say.

Whatever this woman told you,
you should know

that she had personal ties to Boa.

She can't be trusted.

Oh, I questioned
her motivation at first.

But then I got a second opinion

from a high-ranking member of the CIA

with an impeccable reputation.

And he not only vouches for this woman

but has provided intel
that would suggest

Boa was in the States

when the Somalia bombing went down.


That looked like it hurt.

He's lucky there are witnesses.

He's all yours.


♪ ♪

Move it.

Dad, where's grandpa?

- _
- _


Change of plans.

Just got a text from Grandpa,

he's not gonna make it...
his car broke down.


So, we're not going?

Of course we're going.

He made sure to leave me
the tickets at will call.

So I'm gonna take you.

He'll take you next time, all right?

Come on.

Who's calling shotgun?

STEFON: I call it.


Got your message.

So, how bad is it?

Unreal. Um,

I'm gonna go call Mom and Dad.

You okay?

Sorry, stupid question.

I wish I could just make it all go away.

Look, I know you're strong,

but I'm here

to help you carry this. Okay?

Just know that.

I got you. Okay?

I love you.

♪ ♪

Look, um, I know there are no words...

But if you need me, I'm here.

Thanks, I just, um...

I think I just need to be alone. Okay?

Yeah, of course.


MATTHEW: Why all the long faces?



I thought... I thought you were dead.


You and me both.

Wait, I... How? How is this...
how is this possible?

It's just pure luck.

COBRA: sh**t the barrels!

- [LAUGHS] That is a wild story.
- MATTHEW: Yeah.

Well, besides a bit of smoke inhalation,

I came out relatively unscathed.

I mean, that is... just nuts.

EDISON: That's the Bayani way.

We have a knack
for getting out of trouble.

Yeah, and into trouble
in the first place.


I planned to pull a Keshegian

and let everyone think I was dead.

That way the unit stops coming
after me and my family, but...

I got wind of their arrest
when Townsend reached out.

- So, what now?
- MATTHEW: I'm not sure.

I'll be stationed at Fort Hamilton,

temporary assignment

until they decide what
to do with me, but

in the meantime...

I don't know. How about a drink?

- Oh, my gosh. I will k*ll you.

None for me.

You need some time
with your family and so do I.


EDISON: You scared us.
I was worried about you.

- Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.
- MEL: Here.

Hey, can I ask you something?

Yeah, of course.

That story you told

about when you thought
you were gonna die

and you told Cobra

- to get me a message...
- Mm-hmm.

What was it?

That I was okay dying,

Knowing that you'll be around
to watch our family.

And that I was proud of you.

I was proud to be your brother.

Always have been.

Something I should have told you

a long time ago.

I love you.

I love you, too.


- Oh, man. [CHUCKLES]
- What about me?

Ruining all things. What about you?

- I-I'm glad he's alive, too.
- Thank you.

I need a drink with you too.

Thanks, babe.

- Hey.
- Mm?

You okay?



♪ ♪

I know my family has
a habit of keeping secrets,

but, uh...

I'm glad I have you
to share everything with.




Mm. Toast?




Oh, hey.

Thought you and Trish were
going out to dinner.

We were, but, um...

We had a little disagreement.


It's about what?


Or the lack thereof.

It's about your mom.

I've kept this whole situation

away from Trish, but...

...the woman's smart.

It is... rough

keeping Mom's secret,

'cause... even what we

don't say can do damage.


We do what we have to do, right?


Let's keep this between ourselves.

Your mom's got enough on her plate.

Hey, Mom. How was your day?

Hey, Robyn. Come join us.

Hey, Aunt Vi.

I thought you were having
dinner with Trish tonight.

She had to, uh, cancel.

Everything okay?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah. Yeah, why?

You two were talking about something

and then you stopped talking.

[CHUCKLES] Just...
you know, something silly.

Well, I have had a very serious day.

So I would love to hear something silly.



We were talking about how keeping yours

can be, uh... trying, sometimes.

Trish has been asking
a lot of questions lately

that I...

...I can't answer truthfully.

Y'all get into a fight?


That's been brewing lately.

What about you, baby girl?

This messing with your life, too?



Also my peers talk about how much

they hate their parents
for trying to control them

or something, but...

Turns out

some kids at school resent me.

They think my life is perfect because...

Because you don't talk about
what happens at home.


Well, we have to do something.

I mean, sure, discretion is necessary,

but it doesn't have to mean lying.

It-it really isn't
that big of a deal, Mom.

It is.

And I don't want it
to impact your lives like that.

You sacrifice enough.


I don't have the answers,

but we're gonna figure this out.

To be continued.

What's up, Fisk?

That camera in Green's office...

I figured out
who's on the other end of it.

I haven't got a name yet,

but they're part of the special counsel

for CIA internal investigations.

Well, in my experience,

the longer the title,
the more you have to worry.

Doesn't it bode well for either of us.

You know, when I left the CIA,

I thought my life would simplify.

That I would have a direct, honest line

to the good that I'd do.

And yet,

the more things change,
the more they stay the same.

I wish I could tell you
that you're wrong,

but there's no other way to spin this.

There's a storm's coming.

♪ ♪
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