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Kung Fu Panda 4 (2024)

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That's right, it is

I, I love you, Carrie.

I have returned to take what is mine,

which is everything that is yours.

If you know that the highest mountain to

the lowest valley, the Thai long lives,

and no one will stand in his way, but

even the great dragon warrior.


Oh, where is Paul?

He was supposed to be here hours ago.

Hey, will you please just relax?

I am relaxed.

Okay, I'm sure Paul is fine.

What if he's sick?

What if he's hurt?

What if he's hungry?

Don't get your noodles in a twist.

I know our son, he's probably just

kicking back and catching some rays.



That's bad.

Getting worse.



Okay, big guy, we're really

gonna have to wrap this up.


And next time, keep

your surf off their turf.


I'm late.

I'm late.


What is it always will be?

We love you, Dragon Warrior.

And I love you too, adoring fans.

So much more.

Okay, okay, I'll do whatever you want.


Master Sifu, here, let me

just, there, that's much worse.

We have to talk.

Absolutely, let's talk.

Right after the ceremony,

ceremony, what ceremony?

For the staff of wisdom given to me by

Master Oogway himself,

it is said that whoever possesses this

staff has the power to

travel between the realms,

the power to unlock the

door to the spirit realm.

And now, the power to open the all new

Dragon Warrior noodles and tofu.


We're the brass-ass bitch.

The women's feet hurt

the knoth development.


Dragon Warrior, will the

curious five be hurt too?

Unfortunately no, they're off on super

cool kung fu missions.

Tigris is taking on the free-range

chicken with that monkey's hawk on the

trail with the missing the cact.

Crane was crowned

king of the crocodilians.

Long story.

Viper is wrapping up his talks between

the cobras and the mongooses.

Or is it mongeez?

And man says, well, he's just trying to

keep his blushing right

from biting his head off.

Just because they're not here in person

doesn't mean they're not

here as a lifestyle cut out.

Now who wants a picture?

I'll tell you okay, one at a time.

Uh, you.

My turn, my turn!

And then you.

You really captured

your disapproving scandal.

We need to talk to...


Hey, can I get one of

those in a wallet size?



Do you remember the first time you

finally stepped into a J-Force?

How could I forget?

I thought I'd never make it to the top.

Yes, but you persevered, and once again,

Destiny calls for you to take the next

step on your journey.

The next step?

What are you talking about? I've already

taken all this stuff.

Haven't I?

It is time for you to

choose your successor.

Successor for what?

A successor to be the

next Dragon Warrior.

Oh, yeah, I get it.

Funny, because I'm the Dragon Warrior.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, wait, wait.

You mean I'm not going to be

the Dragon Warrior anymore?


Then what am I going to be?

Once a successor is chosen, you will

advance to the highest

level in all of Kung Fu.

Spiritual leader of the Valley of Peace.


I don't know what that means.

It's just like Master Uglie before you.

You will oversee the Valley, passing

along wisdom and aspiring hope.

Look, I appreciate the promotion.

I think it was just going to stick with

the whole Dragon Warrior thing.

Dragon Warrior thing?

What is it you're hoping?

Our cooking?

Other hand.

The Staff of Wisdom?

It was given to you by Master Uglie.

You couldn't really think it was so you

could open a

restaurant for both textures.

You wasn't super specific?

Uglie entrusted you with that staff.

So you could follow in his footsteps and

become something

better than you already are.

You take it.


Uglie did not give it to me.

Paving the next Uglie is not my destiny,

which I have accepted

and am at peace with.

Really, it's fine.

You don't sound fine.

You don't sound fine.

I'm very fine.

It's okay to be your prize.

This is an honor.

Uglie chose you as his successor and now

you must choose yours.

Master Shifu, I finally found something

I'm good at and now you want

to just take it away from me?

No one was taking anything away, Po.

Who you are will always be

a part of what you become.

Yeah, but where's this caduce?

You know what I mean?

The shh of worry!

I don't want to seem ungrateful, but I

don't know anything about passing on

wisdom or inspiring hope.

All I know are two things.

Kicking butt and taking names.

And if I'm being completely honest, I'm

not even that good at the name taking.

Like, who's that

fire-breathing crocodile?

I want to say Steve?

You were chosen to

bring peace to the valley.

And there are other ways to bring peace

than simply kicking butt.

Well, sure, but not any fun ones.


Being the Dragon Warrior is all I know.

It's who I am!

Not anymore.

The Valley of Peace needs a spiritual

leader and Master Uglie chose you.

You'll start interviewing candidates

first thing tomorrow morning.

Candidates? What candidates?


Got you.

Fantastic pose.

Woo hoo!


Master Poe will now

choose the next Dragon Warrior.

So many great candidates.

I'm gonna let the finger decide.


Whoa, whoa.

What is happening?

The Dragon Warrior!

It's me!

If I could have not told you,

I'd have to choose a successor.

Nothing about them

says Dragon or Warrior.

You will know what you know.

How do I know when I know?

You know?

When I'm conflicted, I come here to ask

the universe for answers,

just as Uglie did before me.

I'm not conflicted, I'm

just not ready for a next step.

What is that you're holding?

The Staff of Wisdom?


A Chewed-Up Peace Bed?


Every pit holds the

promise of a mighty tree.

How is this gonna help me find answers?

Don't ask me.

Ask the universe.

Be the pit, Poe.

Be the pit?

Yeah, there we go.

Alright, universe.

Give me some guidance.

Inner peace.

Inner peace.

Inner peace.

Dinner, please.

Dinner with peas.

Snow peas.

And a sesame soy glaze.


Inner peace.

Inner peace.

This is not working at all.

Maybe focus on your breathing.

I'm trying, but it's kinda

hard when you keep talking to me.

Technically, you're talking

to you if you think about it.

Will you two be quiet?

I'm trying to concentrate here.

Wait, if my Poe's inner

voice, then who are you?

Uh, I'm Poe's inner voice.

How many voices do I have in there?

You do not want to know.

I just love you.

What am I gonna be?

Are we alone in universe?

Did I talk about something?

I'm not gonna be.

I'm not gonna be.

You are gonna be.


Is that you?

Attention mysterious fandier.

The dragon warriors

here took her for justice.

I know you're in here just a matter of

time before I find you.


You can't hide from justice forever.

The dagger of Dengua.

You've got excellent

taste. I'll give you that.

But I can't give you that. Give it back.

If you insist.

Oh no! He's got a walking stick.

What are you gonna

do, stroll me to death?

This stick is not for the strolling.

It's the staff of wisdom.

The dragon warrior is gonna be mad when

he finds out you took his stick.

I am the dragon warrior.

I'm just gonna say nothing

about you says dragon or warrior.


You desecrate the holo-gira.

Who's desecrating what now?

That's your ostrich you say.

No, it's not bad.

You destructible chain

hammer of faster fangirls.





b*at the hand of whispering warriors,

which I've already broken. Twice!

Why would you keep an urn of souls?

Feels kind of creepy.

Are you doing okay there, big guy?

You're looking a little tired.

I've never felt more.

The warrior of faster chubac?

You're gonna pay for that.




You faker!

It's not faking. It's called method.

Catch you later, panda.



I think I'll catch you now.




I'm not a guy!



Told ya!

You got me. Oh, great, a

powerful dumpling warrior.

That's dragon warrior!

Let go of me!

Just tell me one thing. How could someone

like you become the dragon warrior?

That's a mystery for you to solve during

your two years day at

the Valley of Peace Prison.

Valley of Peace Prison?

Sounds like a daycare.

It is a daycare on the

weekends, but it's also a prison.

There it is!

Dragon warrior!

My oldest, my long-nest returned.

He demanded all of our items, then

destroyed our quarry!

He's supposed to be the spirit world.

Well, he's fastened, and he's not going

to stop until the Valley of Peace falls,

and the dragon warrior bows before him.

He's fastened!

Please, you've got to do something!

Looks like I'm not the only one around

here with a mystery to solve.

Well, you know what they say.

Every step leaves a

footprint, no matter how small.

Every step leaves a

footprint, no matter how small.

Every step leaves a footprint, no matter how small.

Very clever, Fox. You know something.

Maybe I do. Maybe I don't.

Okay, I do. I really, really do.

Tell me.

And why should I? I don't

know what's in it for me.

The peace of mind knowing

you did the right thing.

You're adorable. I

don't ever tell you that.

And I don't even just

look at my cuddly side.

I don't have time for games.

Tylon is running loose

in the Valley of Peace.

Maybe, or maybe she wants

you to think it was Tylon.

Wait. She?


The Empress of the Sky is capable of

taking any form, mimicking anything.

The Master of Deception.

The lizard of lies with

the glowing teal eyes.

Stop talking about the chameleon.

This is kind of a private conversation.

Who's the chameleon?

Only the most powerful

shape-shifting sorceress.

So she's shape-shifted in the Tylon!

But what does she have

against me in the Valley of Peace?

These are good questions.

You should ask her.

You're right.

How do I find this the chameleon?

She isn't someone who can be found.

At least not without someone in the know.

And how do I find someone in the know?

No. It's me. It's

obviously, it's me. I'm in the know.

I mean, I'm in the know.

I'll find her on my own.

Good luck. After all, how hard can it be

to find someone who can look

like anyone blended anywhere?

Fine. You lead me to the chameleon and

I'll see what I can do

about reducing your sentence.


What do you think you're doing?

There's this

shape-shifting sorceress on the loose.

That's a job for the Furious Five.

Well, they're not here and someone needs

to protect the Valley of Peace.

Look, I know the change is difficult and

that you enjoy being the Dragon Warrior,

but your job is finding a successor.

The Dragon Warrior and I have a deal. My

drone business, squirrel.

Mr. Shifu is not a squirrel.

I'm a red panda.

You know what? I love that for you.

Poe, this is your decision, but I think

you know the choice Master

Oakley would want you to make.

Thanks for the freeze day.

What do you mean?

What do you mean?

Not bad for a daycare.

Wait, not bad for a daycare.

There she goes.

Okay, please. Don't worry. I'll have her

back before you even know she was gone.

You were supposed to be passing along

with her and inspiring all.

Just think of it. It's one last Dragon

Warrior adventure. I'll be back soon.

Tell my dads I love them. I

can't hear you anymore. Bye!

Yeah! It sure is good

to be a free fox again.

That's a yay, backscratcher.


So does this really unlock

the door to the spirit realm?

It doesn't work like that.

It has to be given in

order to gain its powers.

Gotcha. Given to gain. So, can I have a--

No! What do you take me for?

An easy mark.

What's an easy mark?

Someone who's easy to steal from. Usually

because they're generous

and too trusting. Like you.

Ah, thank you.

I heard the chameleon is a monster with

an appetite of a thousand predators and

her favorite food is panda.

And I say this chameleon, Erica has

magical powers. If you say her name three

times, she'll take you away in the night.

This new one?

How should she look like anything?

It is you for you.

Mr. Lee, Mr. Lee, is it true?

I was going to take

down an evil sorcerer?

Don't know chameleon.

Dragon Warrior's work is never done.

I'm thinking Paul using up with the

commitment fella to take down an evil

sorceress. Who wasn't such a great idea?

Relax. Poe has faced demons, demigods,

and everything else in between. He's

always coming on top.

And you're right. You're right.

I thought if you're wrong--

Calm down, Ping. How bad

can one evil sorceress be?

Who is she to summon us?

Classic power move. We're the heads of

Jina for Citi's most

prominent crying family.

Is she just a bug-eyed, power-hungry

reptilian who runs--

You left out the evil sorceress part.

We used to run the city. Now we pay her

half the money for the twiddle.

It's like a primo can't

make an honest living anymore.

Yeah, but what can we do?

Together, we can take her down.

Oh, no.

But not if she's a shape-shifter.

She could be at this very

table, and we'd have no idea.

For all we know, you're the chameleon.

Or you're the chameleon.

Or maybe--

Oh, no.


Don't say it.

I'm the chameleon.

I said don't say it.

We obviously spoke out of turn.

Sorry, chameleon.

No, no, don't apologize.

You and your families prospered by

preying upon the weak.

So it doesn't feel good when

you're the one being squeezed,

especially when the one doing the

squeezing is just a

bug-eyed, power-hungry.

How was the rest?

Reptilian Runt.

Well, this reptilian runt wants more.

You already have the city. What else

could you possibly want?

I have something special in mind.

I am very close to achieving it.

As close as the blood moon.

The blood moon is two nights away.

So little times, so many expenses,

which is why I'll need to increase this

month's tribute to 60%.


What was that now?

I mean, no disrespect.

Don't worry.

I forgive you.

For the impudence, and the backstabbing,

and the blatant

disrespect you've shown me.

I forgive.

But I never forget.

You might say I have the memory.

Oh, don't say it.

Of an elephant.

You think I pushed you too far?

Then you, my friend, can't begin to fail.

Just how far I can pull.

I'd expect your tributes by dawn.

Are we gonna stop for lunch soon?

Justice doesn't stop for lunch.

But it does take the

occasional time out for snackage.

Wanna split my almond cookie?

You're just gonna give me half of your

cookie out of the goodness of your heart?


What's the catch? The rum, the bamboozle?

The bam-waddle?

You know, the fleece,

the rump, the flint-wam.

Do you want the cookie or not?


I got my eye on you.

How much farther is it

to this, the chameleon?

Just a little.


Please! What are you throwing out here in

the middle of the night?

I... I didn't want a

mis-scurbing blood moon rising.

Oh, cool.

You are just as worried as I am.

Right, alright.

I know Panda's come across as calm,

gentle and chill, but...

The truth is, I'm kind of freaking out!

Who am I? Who is it too calm, gentle and

chill to face a sheepshifting sorceress?

What if he's captured?

What if he's tortured?

Our baby!

Okay, okay.

Maybe Po has finally met his match, but

there's still something that he has that

the comedian does not.

What's that?


Now, let's go find our son, my proposal.

You know, Nate, a wise goose, once said,

"Worrying doesn't make

the broth boil any faster."

Who was that?

Me, of course. I was the wise goose.

Oh, yeah.


That's the biggest

village I've ever seen.

That's no village. That's Cunever City.

That's where I'll

find the chameleon, huh?

Just a boat ride away, and I'm gonna lead

you right to our front door.

Are you sure we'll find

a boat captain in there?

For the right price. Those cup throws

will take us anywhere we want to go.

Of course, we could always opt for the

four-finger discount.

No stealing. The Happy Bunny Tavern.

That sounds inviting.


Anybody lose a rabbit?

Oh, that's a giant bastard!

Welcome to the Happy Bunny Tavern.

I'll find us a ride, maybe you can get us

some food, and stay out of trouble.

Hey, what you guys playing?

Ah, John, at the stage, sir, hi.

Can I play?

Surely you'll go easy on a beginner,

because I'm near your beginning.

Hey there, what can I get you?

A boat ride to Cunever City.

Oh, this guy.

Who's he? He's the captain.


Oh, I want to get him.

Beginner's luck, I guess.

Emma, play me four.

Are you accusing me of cheating?

I would like to speak

to the manager, please.

I am the manager.

I'll give you a boat ride to Cunever

City, but I won't carry anything illegal.

I don't want any trouble.

Trouble runs for me.

Then he'll cost you double. I'm confused.

Should I have said that I like trouble?

In that case, he'll cost you triple.

Maybe we can go back to double price?

You got a deal. Great.

Do I shake his hand or your hand?

Can I give anything else to me now?

Yes, everything. Again, except for the

rock. It was very bland.

He's starting!

Whoa! One of

everything is my go-to order.

But how did you pay for this?

Freebilly, lawfully, fair and square.

I'm proud of you.

Oh, wow. Look at the time. Remember we

had to do that thing?

Now I'm out of place with that guy.

Did you actually think you

could drift a meal out of me?

There's got to be some sort of

misunderstanding here.

And apparently I'm the

one misunderstanding.

Please allow us to pay

for our meal and yours.

Because I am only hungry far.

Don't think spend it.

Well then, come and get it.

No, no, no, no! Don't come and get it!

Destroy them!


Ahh! I got it!

There you go.

Oh, Banner.


You need to start it.


I'll take that.

I think it belongs to you.

Go, Steely!

Yeah, I think it's a

little too late for that.

It's never too late

to do the right thing.

No. Get them!


Whoa, nice move.

You gotta teach me that.

Yeah, guys!

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah!


Whoa, whoa, whoa!





Who designed the timer on a glass?

We shouldn't have

eaten all those duck wings.




Hell, ho!



Not that I'm worried, but...


What if the chameleon knows we're coming?

Well, she could be anywhere.


Lee, would you please

show a little backbone?

I'm sorry.

The bravery was never really my special.


You don't have to be brave.

You just have to act brave.

Act brave.

Got it!






Oh, baby!

Oh, this is nothing!


I'm too real!


How was that for acty brave?

Keep prepping on it.

Juniper City, it's going to

be great to be back home again.

Does your family live there too?

They would.

If I had a family, it wasn't easy being a

little fox in a big city.

So I had to survive any way I could.

I'm being...chilling...gaffing...

Stop running!

Stop running!

Whoa, you're an orphan? So am I!

Well, I mean, I was.

My goose dad adopted me, and then later

my panda dad found me.

Goose dads! Panda dads!

Guess it takes all kinds. Right, mom?

Then, one day a local took me in, put a

roof over my head, gave me

clothes to wear, food to eat.

After that, I was never alone again.

I guess we both got lucky.

I guess.

Hey, tell me something.

Back in the Valley of Geese, what did

that angry little squirrel mean?

Red Panda.

When he said you had

to find your successor.

Now that I'm supposed to become spiritual

leader, I have to find a worthy successor

to take over as the Dragon Warrior.

That's where you want to stay, right?

No, it's just that...

What do I know about being a spiritual

leader? I can't even come up with one of

those cool sounding proverbs.

Life's greatest enemy

is...uh, I don't know...stairs?


Everyone knows life's

greatest enemy is time.

I guess it's just easier to hold on to

the life you know than

move on to the one you don't.

Hey, that was pretty good.

Yeah, maybe she should be the spiritual

leader of the Valley of Geese.

Boom, that guy. He drinks like a fest.

Should he be driving? We've come to pay

tribute as you requested.

Looks a little light. Go

back out and get me more.


For chameleon.

Go before I toss you down

another flight of stairs.

How bad was your flight of stairs?

At last, my destiny approaches.

I expand my rule from the city to every

city and town and village.

From here to the Valley of Geese.

And beyond!

We all know the name of the chameleon.

Shin, I had a vision.

I saw the chameleon.

She's gonna take over cities and towns

and the Valley of Geese.

A vision? While you were asleep. I'm

pretty sure that's just a dream.

Not a dream! A vision. Either I had a bad

dumpling before I went to sleep

or it's a dragon warrior thing.

We gotta get to the

chameleon and figure it out!

Well then, you're in

luck. Welcome to Juniver City.

This is the place where you can be

whatever you want to be.

Do whatever you want to do and steal

whatever you want to steal.

I think that's your thing.

Whoa! That came out of nowhere.

I'm sorry.

I've never seen so much traffic before.

You don't have rush hour

in the Valley of Geese?

No one's ever in that much of a rush.

Come on!

Get out!

The only thing that

matters is good to be home again.

The sights. The sounds.

The smells.

That's a wonton wonderland!





This city is the most

basic place I've ever seen!

I used to feel the same way until the

chameleon got her closet to it.

Tonight we take down the chameleon.

Oh yeah.

I'll show you where this villainous

sorceress lurks as

she dominates the city.

She lurking in that

villainous tower dominating the sea?

How'd you know?

Eh, not my first time

taking down a villain.

Let's keep moving.

Hey, Jen!

Hey Jen!

What kind of sea?

How you doing Jen?

Wow, you're quite the local celeb.

Yeah, I will.

Let's just say a face like

mine is harder to forget.


You're a wanted criminal?

You sound surprised. Is it surprising?

I don't think this is surprising.

You never mentioned you were wanted.

Don't worry.

The law has better

things to do than look for me.

Hey, Fox. We've been looking for you.

Must be slow work week.

I'll handle this.

Morning officers. Dragon Warrior here.

The Fox and I are here on

official Dragon Warrior biz.

Dragon Who warrior?


Dragon Warrior. Anyone?


Perhaps you know me better as...

The Time-boo Panda!

Wait, wait!

Oh my God.

Ah, come on!

Okay. So we tried it your way.

Now we try to time it.

Wait, what's your plan?


Come on, come on, come on, come on!

You can't run away from the

law. You're a wanted criminal.

Yeah, well, it looks

like I'm not the only one.

City Light really is fast-paced.

We gotta get out of here

before they call for...

Back up.

That's a lot of bull.


Let's go, let's go!


Let's go!

We're going!

We're going!

We're going!

We're going!


We're going!

Hey, hey, hey!

We don't have time for a truck so long!

We're trapped!


It isn't much farther now.

You always see that

guy's always so much farther.

What is this place?

Home, sweet home.

Some of the best crooks and criminals in

all of Juniper City live here.

Careful. These guys will steal your pants

right out here and you'll never know.


Now you kids be

careful of those fireworks.



So you're friends with all these people?

They're practically family.


Is that really you?

Ah, my old mentor.

I always knew someday you'll find your

way home back to the dead.

And when you did, I'd be sure to give you

a proper homecoming.

Family, huh?

More like distant cousins.

Alright, how should we do this?

Quick and painless or slow and painful?

Slow and painful!

Slow and painful!

Alright, you little scamps.

Slow and painful it is.


You really don't want to do this.

And why's that?

Because if you so much as lay one claw on

me, you're going to have to answer to...

The Dragon Warrior.

Warrior, warrior, warrior, warrior.


Oh man, are my

adventures really that regional?

Introduce them, Bo.

To your fists!


Remember, Po, there are other ways to

break peace than by kicking butt.

Oh, come on, really? Now?

Yes. Now.

Hold on. Shouldn't my inner

sheafoos have differing opinions?

We are in total agreement

with our mutual disappointment.

And you...


He who resorts to v*olence now...

Will only find more v*olence later.

So what we're saying is, if we don't hurt

her a little now, we

can hurt her a lot later.

What? No, that's not what I said.

Yes! If more v*olence later, it's better

than less v*olence now.

No, no, no, no. I think you're

misunderstanding the fundamental point.

No, why? Why?

Why do you think it's

like my tummy jingle?

You know, that pantomie

is a lot of good points.

I like it.

No, no, no, wait! Come back!

I'll come up with better wisdom.

You have got to workshop those proverbs.

The Kung Fu Panda?


The son of Mr. Ping and Lee?

No, so both very common names.

Mentored by Oogway?


Trained to my master Shifu?

Oh, Master Shifu!

Yes! Everyone's heard of the legendary

Master Shifu, but not you.

Can someone say legendary? Bring it in.

Look, Han, I know we've had our

differences, but we're really in a jam

here, and I was hoping

you could help me out.

Thank you.

Don't drink that.

We just need some place to lie low for a

while until the heat cools up.

And why should I help you?

Because deep down beneath that

iron-scaled exterior is a good-hearted

soul who still thinks of

me as one of the family.

Fine. But if he's still who by nightfall,

I'm calling the both myself.

Stay tight!

So tonight we take down the chameleon.

After you take your pants back.

Yeah, cool!

Guys, come on! Give them back!

Who's your custom?



Yeah, this place

doesn't look very friendly.

Oh, oh, wait here!

I'm sure everything is fine.

This is a restaurant!

These are my people.

We speak the same language!

You wait here.


I'm so sorry to interrupt.

I know you're having a good time.

But I was wondering if a panda happened

to be passing by these parts.

There was a panda here.

Do you know him?

Know him? Why, I'm a stan!

You need to pay for what

your son did to my tavern!

My boy wouldn't have

done this for no reason.

Is it possible you're brought with plan?

Try it!

No, no!

The broth smells excellent!

You should not add a single thing,

especially the nothing!

Hands off the goose!

The panda's back!

He's back!



But you're about to wish he was.

Because if you think he

made a mess of this place,

you have no idea what I'm capable of.

Everything he

learned, he learned from me.

Except one thing.


I don't know where he got

that because I don't believe him.

Now this can go one of two ways.

The easy way, in which

you tell me where he is,

or the hard way, in which

you tell me where he is.

But it's hard to understand what you're

saying because you have no idea.


I eat Maja on tiles for purpose!


Shida, sha--


- It is our son.

- He took a boat in Juniper City.

- It's right.

- You know a wise goose.

- Time to go.

- Yeah, right.



- Okay, let's try this again.

- Through the pot, roll

the wok, serve the dish,

and survive.

Hey, where's the golden dragon I'm

supposed to sh**t at?

- Not gonna happen with the broom.

- Yeah, still not bad though.

- Yeah, but stir later, roll higher,

and the word is sk-boosh.

- Sk-boosh isn't a word.

- And sk-blam is?


- I gotta say, you're not

like any of the other masters

I've met.

- Yeah, no, there's not a lot of pandas.

- No, you're like a good guy.

- Listen up, the coast is clear, see?

Hit the streets, and you

two get out of my sight.

[eerie music]

- I know, I promise

that I'll lead you right

to the chameleon's front door,

but the back door seems

a little more practical.

- I gotta say, Jen, you

really are a fox of your word.

- A Judah peach pit?

- One from Master Oogway's

peach tree of heavenly wisdom.

That's a valley of peace thing.

It's supposed to remind me that every pit

holds the promise of a mighty tree.

Maybe it'll do the same for you.

[eerie music]

- Are you sure you wanna do this?

- The wise spiritual leader once said,

"How may one kick butt if one doesn't

seek a butt to kick?"

- You're a real piece

of work, you know that?

- Thank you.

Wait, was that a compliment by himself?

- Yes.

[eerie music]

[eerie music]

- Oh.

- Ah, ah, ah, have you seen our son?


Ah, ah, ah.

- Sorry.

- Sorry, sorry.

- No.

- Tell us you've seen our son.


- Wait, why did he leave it?

He said yes.

Hey, look, Paul was here.

Amazing, Dean, but how can you tell?

- We parents have a gift

for seeing, others cannot.

Come on, there may be

more clues up ahead.

[eerie music]


- Shh.





[eerie music]

[humming] [screaming]



- That was close.

- Look out.


- Stand back.



- They're coming.

Hurry, help me with the cage.


- It's no use.

- We gotta raise it with something.

- Here, use my staff.

All right, stand back, here I go.


Where are you taking my staff?

- I think you need my staff.

You gave it to Jen and

now Jen has given it to me.

- Given you gain, I

believe is how it looks.

- You were right, Jen.

She was his music mark.

- Jen.

- First roll of the streets.

Never trust anyone.

I thought her dead.

- And you thought my

apprentice was your friend.

- Apprentice?

She's the one that took you in?

- Best thing that ever happened to her.

- You should have seen

the little better Skype

before I found her.

- Name Jean had starred.

Hanging out with those

rejects from the dead of thieves.


- She had no fear.

Such a potential.

So I took her in.

I made her what she is today.

Stand up straight.

- Yes, master.

So you went through all of this

just to get me to give

you the staff of wisdom?


- I too paid from humble beginnings

and dreamed of becoming something more.

I wanted respect and power.

I wanted to be a master of kung fu.

- Say what?

- I was turned away from

every training hall I went to.

They would say I was

too small, too lowly,

and that kung fu was not my destiny.

And so I chose a different path.


I grew.

I excelled.

And I got everything

I had ever dreamed of.

Everything except kung fu.


Just because I can look like Tai Lung

doesn't mean I can fight my king.

- You see, poo, kung fu

may be performed by the body,

but if she puts a house in the spirit,

and now that I have

access to the spirit realm,

- You're gonna steal Tai Lung's kung fu?

- His and those of every master villain

that came before me.

And once I do, no one will dare

underestimate me again.

You forgot about me?


- Don't bother, Po.

Those balls are

enchanted with some very old

and very powerful magic.

You'd need at least 10 dragon

warriors to get through them.

- Then I won't go through them.

I'll go under them.






- I'm not frustrated

with all sorts of reasons.






[screaming] [screaming] [screaming] [screaming]







- Po!

- Jen?

My staff, hand it over.

- I'm so sorry I lied to you.

I was just doing what I was told.

- Apologize later.

Right now I have to stop the chameleon.

- Po! - Po!

- Po!

- Jen?



- No!

- Well done, Jen.

- You never said you were gonna hurt him.

- Watch the second rule of the streets.

- Someone always gets hurt.

- And make sure it's never you.

- I just wish there had been another way.

- Third rule of the streets?

- Third rule?

- Some would say it's the most important.

No one is interested in your feelings.

- Chop, chop.

We have a spirit round the plundered.

- And smile.

Nobody likes a grouch.

- Honestly, Jen, I don't know where

it becomes such bad habits.

[ominous music]


- Be careful.

- Get on me.

- Oh God!


- Don't save me.

- Ah!

- Hi, son.


- It's okay, we got you, Po.

We got you.

So you followed me.

It was his idea.

- Ah.

- Okay, okay, it was both our ideas.

- We only followed because we love.

- No.

- You followed because

you didn't believe in me.

- And because we love?

- Well, you're right.

I screwed up big time.

I trusted the wrong person.

I gave the staff of

wisdom right to the chameleon.

- Oh.


That was a very big time screw up.

- Only I'd listened to Master Sheath,

who had stayed in the Valley of Peace.

The chameleon wouldn't have my staff,

and none of this would be happening.

I was just so determined to

keep things the way they were.

- Everyone is afraid of

the chameleon, even me.

There was a time not so long ago

when all I wanted to be

was the greatest noodle chef

in the Valley.

- So what happened?

- I became the greatest

noodle chef in the Valley.

- That's true.

- But I also became a

father, and nothing,

nothing's ever been the same since.

Change doesn't always

have to be a bad thing.

Why do you think I always

change the menu at the restaurant?

Because if things stay the same forever,

sooner or later, they

would lose their flavor.

- He's right, Po.

Since I left my village,

I've become a bit of a warrior.

Strong, brave.


- Oh!

- Move it.

This way.

Get those pages up there.

Come on!

- This looks bad.

- Really bad.

- Move it!

Come on!

- Don't tell me you

were actually starting

to become friends with that vendor.

- What?

No, it's just--

- When we want

something, we must use whatever

is at our disposal to get it.

That's all that kind of was.

- Something to use.

Is that why you took me in?

So I could help you get what you wanted?

I took you in because you were clever

and ruthless and unsentimental, like me.

And the day you

stopped being those things

is the day when, yes, you

stopped being useful to me.

So for both of us sakes, don't change.

[dramatic music]

- Tonight, when the blood moon rises

to its highest point

and the night's d*ed,

I will open the door to the spirit realm

and all of its secrets will be mine!


Does the blood moon

always rise as slowly?

I seem to remember it rising faster.


Just me?



It's just for dramatic effect anyway.

I think I'm just gonna

open the spirit realm now.

[dramatic music]

Bring me Tyra!

[dramatic music]

- I love you, big fan.

- Who are you and what are

you doing with that staff?

- This was given to me

by an old friend of yours.

- The puffy panda?

Poe might be an idiot,

but he never really had

a bookway staff to the likes of you.

- Who said anything about you, willingly?

[dramatic music]

- Apparently I misjudged you, listened.

Now, why have you brought me back?

- I summoned you here so

that you could teach me

your most legendary kung fu roots.

- I don't share my skills with anyone.

- There wasn't a request.

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]

- Yes, I got it.

- The Tylung Nerve Strike,

the power, the precision.

[dramatic music]

- What have you done to me?

- All of your kung fu is now mine.

And the best part is,

I'm just getting warmed up.

- Bring me General Nye.

[dramatic music]

Bring me the Stomp of the Spring.

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]

- Oh, why would this be reasonable?

- I'm not going anywhere

until I get my staff back.

- No staff is worth your life.

- As long as I'm

still the Dragon Warrior,

I won't let anyone else

get hurt because of me.

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]

- Hope, you're alive.

[dramatic music]

Please, I made a mistake.

- So did I, trusting you.

- I'm sorry.

- Did your master

tell you to say that too?

- She's not my master,

I'm leaving for good.

It's the truth, I was

wrong about everything.

- What are you doing?

- Stop it, you.

- Get out of my way, Jen.

- No.

- Move.

- You want me to move?

- Move me.

- First you betrayed me,

and now you wanna fight me?

[dramatic music]

Why are you doing this?

- To stop you from getting k*lled.

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]

- What do you care if

I get k*lled or not?

[dramatic music]

- Please, Pope, just

something to do with one thing right.

- You're not the only one

who's made some bad choices lately.

- You're really gonna go

through with this, aren't you?

- Afraid so.

- And there's nothing I

can do to talk you out of it?

- I'm afraid not.

- You can't b*at her, you know?

- You're probably

right, but I have to try.

Get as far away from

this place as you can.

- How?

We should never have let him come here.

We are such a terrible father.

- At least you didn't lie and betray him.

- Well, that's true, you're worse.

- I am a terrible friend.

- A friend, I feel a

little generous, not about us.

- Let's just give up, surrender.

- We can't let him go in there alone.

- What can we do?

- There's just three

of us against an army.

- Then I guess we'll just

have to get an army of our own.

[dramatic music]


- Hey, lift me up, everybody.

[dramatic music]


- Thank you.

The Dragon Warrior's in trouble.

- Who?

- You know, Bo.

The Panda.

Now, now, a different Panda.

- I'm his father.

- I'm also his father.

Okay, that doesn't matter.

What matters is that

my friend's in trouble

and he needs my help.

So, I need yours.

- Why?

- Should we help you?

- Because, because it's

the right thing to do.


- Stop it, stop, stop laughing.

I know you think it might be too late

for a bunch of cheats,

thieves, and cutthroats like us

to change our ways, but a

good friend once told me

it's never too late

to do the right thing.

So, what you're saying is,

the more right we do now,

the more wrong we can do later.

- But, no.

- And with the communion out of the way.

- We can finally do

all the wrong we want.

- I think you're

missing the fundamental point.

- v*olence, v*olence, v*olence.

- Are you guys ready

to do the right thing

for the wrong reasons?



- Now, you see the mistake

this dragon warrior fellow made

was underestimating his opponent.

- I never would have walked

into such an obvious trap.

- Hey.

- Now, you see the mistake

this dragon warrior fellow made

was shut up, Barry.

- This place is growing with more guards

than I've ever seen.

I'll never get to Paul in time.

- You just get to Paul.

- He'll take care of the guards.

- We will?

I mean, we will.

- But how?

- Just leave that to me.

[dramatic music]


[dramatic music]

- General Kine, Lord Shep,

those are all my old

nemesis' nemacy, nemacy?

- The chameleon is pulling

spirits from the spirit realm

and draining us of all our moves.

- And she's using your staff to do it.

- I'm here to get it back.

- I won't hold my breath.

- I'm sorry, do I know you?

- Do you know me?

It's Scott.

The fire-breathing crocodile.

- Oh, right, Scott.

Master Shifu and I were

just talking about you.

- And who made a mistake

choosing you as the dragon warrior?

I just didn't realize how

big a mistake it was until now.

- Whoa, Tai Lung?

I'm gonna get that staff

back, restore your kung fu,

and return you all

back to the spirit realm.

You'll see, all I see

is a broken promise.

[dramatic music]

- All right, you bunch

of cantankerous kamodos.

Now this can go one of two ways.

The easy way in which

you surrender willingly,

or the hard way where

you surrender woundedly.

The choice is yours.

[dramatic music] - I'm just kidding, I'm just kidding.

[screaming] - Oh.



- I've been.


- I can't help.

- Is it too spicy?

- No, it's got the perfect.

- I can't send a death

suit to my mouth every time.



- That scandal is right,

more v*olence later is better.


- I believe you have

something that belongs to me.

- Can't you even die right?

- Can't you even k*ll wrong?

- Nope, we're playing

it and coming together.

Now about that staff.

- Take it, I already have everything I

need from it anyway.

I think this was destiny.

A final face off

between the new adversaries,

alike in so many ways.

- If only I had a

jumpling for every time a villain

told me how much we had in common.

- It's true, we've both

risen to the highest of heights.

It's a shame only one of

us can come out on top.

- It is a shame, for you.

- My combined power, sorcery and control

make me unstoppable.

And once I dispense with you,

I'll expand my rule

from Juniper City to--

- Every other city and town and village

from here to the

valley of peace and beyond.

Yeah, I know.

- But how did you know?

- I saw it in a vision,

because I'm the track and warrior.

For now at least.

But I've realized that it's

probably time I made a change.

And so should you.

I'm the chameleon, I

do nothing but change.

- Only on the outside.

Real change happens from within.

And if we're really as alike as you say,

then maybe we could

both let go of who we were

and become something

better than we already are.

What do you say?

- I say--

[dramatic music]

- I saw that coming.

We're very proud of you.

You climbed it our way.

Now, try it yours.

- Take her butt.

- I'm way ahead of you.

- That's a hell of a strong twist.

- Master Force, push some terror.

Master Force, make some fury.



Master Force, pour some gold.

[dramatic music]

- What?

- Recognize this move?


- Is that how I sound?

I don't sound like that, do I?

- You didn't hear the light, I almost--

I just fell off.

I can't come down.

- You know what left?

All right, Alpha Kai,

which one are you rooting for?

- I'm not sure.

This is all very confusing.

I'm stronger than every

opponent you've ever faced.

Because I am every

opponent you've ever faced.


- Whoa, I gotta workshop

those heroic entrances.

- Nah, it was just right.

- I wish we had to do rotten

and gutter where you belong.

- Better to rot in the

gutter than under your thumb.


[dramatic music]

- Yeah!

- Who against one?

- Well, now, that doesn't seem fair.

I'll have to even the odds.

- Master Cobra, Master

Osprey, Master Scooby-O.

Master Moon, General Kai, Lord Shag.

- No, Lord Shag.

- That is awesome.

I mean, it's

disturbing, but it's awesome.

[roaring] - Whoa!



[screaming] [screaming]

- How?


- I thought we were friends.

Stand back, I'm gonna kick my butt.

[dramatic music]


[screaming] [dramatic music]

- Come on, Paul, get out of there.

- You have to do this.

- I can't b*at the chameleon.

- A wise old tortoise once told me

that you never know what

you can do until you do it.

- The fate of the

world hangs in the balance

and you're here giving me

life advice on a tortoise.

- Be the pit, Jen.

Be the pit.

[dramatic music]

- And what do you think you're doing?

- Finishing what Paul started.

- Oh, please.

How many times do I have to tell you?


- Don't say much.

[dramatic music]


- You ungrateful little person.

That's all I've done for you.

You betrayed me for the panda.

- Yours for all his truth.

Never trust anyone.

- You can't defeat me.

I know all your moves.

- Not this one.

- Roll, I have stirred,

served, and stunk lamb.

[dramatic music]


- Second roll, someone always gets hurt.

- Now that's a cool move.

- Paul, you could've

gotten out of that cage

any time you wanted.

- You faker.

- It's not faking, it's method.

Besides, how's a peach pit

ever supposed to become a tree

if you never give it the chance to grow?

- Hey, you stirred

faster and rolled higher.

But for the last time, the word is...



[dramatic music]

- Maybe your way was right about you.

You are completely useless, actual.

- Oh my gosh, thank you so much.

[dramatic music]


- I'm done, I'm done.

I think it's time to send us home, pal.

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music]

- Jen, do something!

- Third roll, no one's

interested in your feelings.

- I see you on the other side.

Dragon Warrior.


[dramatic music]

- Put back some food

for your time in jail.

- Let's hope it's not your final meal.

- Thanks, guys.

I was thinking, after I serve my time

and I'm a free fox again,

maybe I'll open one of

those acupuncture places

that are all the rage.

- I think you better sit it for a job

with a little more room for growth.

[dramatic music]

- Key balance.

[blowing raspberry]

- Oh, out of all the

candidates you choose

to train as your worthy successor,

you chose the fox.

You know when you know, you know?

- Fine, do what you

want, for me, for state,

for carrot, I don't

even know why I bothered.

- I'm going to meditate.

- A what?

- Don't worry, he'll come around.


- Maybe.

- Hey, you okay?

- He's right, what about

me says I'm ready for this?

- Well, as I learned from

working in my dad's kitchen,

sometimes the greatest dishes

come from the most unlikely ingredients.

- Hey, that's not bad.

Okay, I see you as spiritual leader.

- Yeah, I'm getting the

hang of this proverb thing.

One shouldn't do a deep squat

with a chopstick in one's pocket.

- Yeah, maybe you just

stick the cake in mine.

- Money can't buy happiness.

- But it sure can buy a lot of dumplings.

- Why does it always come

back to dumplings with you?

- When life gives you lemons,

make pear juice and

blow everyone's minds.

- We get it.

- You can't have your

mooncake and eat it too.

- Although, I guess

you could have mooncake

and then the border

men go putting on side.

- Can we just start the training now?

- Inner peace.

Inner peace.

Inner peace.

- Hey, Master, she food.

- There's two of us.

- We're doing great, she food.

- We're not breathing with your belly.

- Are you tired?

- There's a piece you mentioned.

- I'm tired.

- You know what this world is about.

- You know what this world is about.

- Aah!

- Inner peace.

Inner peace.

Inner peace.

[somber music]

- Are you ready to begin your training?

- Are you?

- Yes.

- Yeah, I brought a little help.

[dramatic music]

♪ Hey, baby, baby ♪

♪ How was I supposed to know ♪

♪ If there's

something worth all I can ♪

♪ Baby, baby ♪

♪ I couldn't help that ♪

♪ Oh, oh, oh ♪

♪ And now you're in the south ♪

♪ You're showing me

how you want to be ♪

♪ You got your name here ♪

♪ Cause I need to know now ♪

♪ I know I don't need help ♪

♪ You're k*lling me ♪

♪ And I always came here ♪

♪ I still believe ♪

♪ When I'm known with you ♪

♪ I live my mind to be a spy ♪

♪ You've been

waiting for your dreams ♪

♪ Oh, baby, baby ♪

♪ You're a piece of pie ♪

♪ Girl, you've got

the power to stand ♪

♪ I'm thinking baby ♪

♪ There's nothing wrong with you ♪

♪ I'm going out there ♪

♪ And I'm going to see you ♪

♪ How you want to be ♪

♪ I tell you, baby ♪

♪ Cause I need to know now ♪

♪ Because I know it now ♪

♪ You're k*lling me ♪

♪ And I always have this ♪

♪ I still believe ♪

♪ When I'm known with you ♪

♪ I live my mind to be a spy ♪

♪ You've been

waiting for your dreams ♪

♪ Baby ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Oh, baby ♪

♪ I know that you still believe ♪

♪ I'm going out there ♪

♪ I'm going out there ♪

♪ You're a piece of pie ♪

♪ You're a piece of pie ♪

♪ You're a piece of pie ♪

♪ I'm going out there ♪

♪ I'm going out there ♪

[dramatic music]
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