06x11 - Dog and Pony Show

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Hudson & Rex". Aired: March 25, 2019 – present.*
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Rex's keen nose and ears are instrumental in helping Detective Hudson advance the investigations in each episode.
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06x11 - Dog and Pony Show

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The driver saw him on
the side of the road

and called 911.

He was unconscious.

Did they say how long
he'd been there for?

No, no. They said apparent head trauma.

- JESSE: Well, that can mean anything.
- DONOVAN: Jesse.


Did they do a neuro exam?

Yeah, I think I passed.

How are you feeling?

[CHARLIE SIGHS] Splitting headache.

Any nausea?

Yeah, I guess.

Charlie, what happened?

I don't remember.

What's the last thing you do remember?

Rex and I responded to that call.



Where's Rex?





Thank you.

CHARLIE: Anything?

No, the man who found you
and dialed 911 didn't see Rex.

And neither did the
responding paramedics.

Rex wouldn't have left my side
unless something happened to him.

Let's not jump to
conclusions until we know

where you last saw him.

You were at Willow Farm.

Stolen horse case.

Yeah, no, I remember
that part. I just...

We were at Willow Farm. That's...

We saw the horse trailer there. The...

We were chasing it.


Police! Stop!

- Police!

- Ughh!



That's where it goes black, I...

And Rex definitely jumped
onto the trailer with you?


Did you see the driver?

- Anyone on the trailer?
- No.

Yes. Wait. There was...

two guys that were standing
by the horse trailer

when we first spotted it and then,

they jumped on it right
before it started to drive.

- Any description?
- CHARLIE: Yeah.

One of the guys was big.
He had a dark jacket.

- Uh...

No, I just... I didn't
get a good look at him.

Excuse me.

Look Charlie, why don't
we just try to roll

- everything back to the beginning, okay?
- Yeah.

See if we can jog some of your memories.

Yeah, we got a call this
morning that a horse, Athena,

was stolen from Willow Farm.

Athena is a championship broodmare

worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

DONOVAN: And you went to
go talk to the owners.

Yeah. We talked to them. We did.

We, uh... I... Then we went
to the stables to look around.

Um, Rex caught the scent of something.

We tracked it across a field.

And then, that's where
we saw the horse trailer.

It was...

It was on a road beyond the field.

What is it? What's wrong?

Um, there was blood on your coat

when they brought you to emergency.

- I sent it to the lab.
- Blood?

SARAH: Yeah, I put a
rush on the test results.

Charlie, the blood belongs to Rex.



WOMAN: Yeah.

You look like you've
seen better days, pal.



- Whoah, whoah, whoah!

I get it. I get it.
Yeah, I'm a new face.

It's smart to be cautious.


But trust me. I'm a friend.

And lucky for you, I come prepared.


Blood has a way of
making things look worse

than they actually are.

But I'm not the squeamish type, so...

If you let me get a little bit closer,

I'll be able to clean you up in no time.

And you're going to be good as new.


- Hmmm?





SARAH: Charlie, you have
a grade two concussion.

A doctor has not agreed
to discharge you yet.

Yeah, well, lying in bed is
not going to help me find Rex.

You're not gonna be able to help
him if you make yourself worse.

Charlie, I will send
uniforms to the farm.

- The rest of us can go.
- No, no.

I need to go, okay?

Jesse, can you, um...

Can you get me, uh...


Jesse, can you...

get me anyone who has a history of

horse theft or anyone at
Willow Farm that has a record?

- Yeah.
- SARAH: Charlie.

This is not a minor condition.

- You really need to be...
- CHARLIE: Look,

Rex could be injured. He could be...

He could... He could be...

Look, he's still out there. Please?

- Okay. I'll drive.


And Jesse,

let's put an alert out on
that trailer, okay? It's um...

red and white siding.

Just please be careful, okay?

SARAH: I'll keep an eye on him.

Thank you.


Good thing you getting
hurt has slowed you down.

- Hmm?


The fence goes around
the entire property.

It's nice, secure,



Hey, hey, hey. Come on.

Come on. I don't mind
a little stubbornness

but you've got to let
me clean that wound.

This is for your own good.

Come on.

There is nothing for you out there.





You having a little trouble there?

He's under control.

Why don't you just let
me take care of him?


And how are you proposing to do that?

What do you want with him, anyway?

Should've never let you see him.

Don't you talk to your mother like that.










I never should have let
him chase that trailer.

You couldn't have
known what would happen.

I put him in danger.

No, you were doing your job.

Charlie, there's no point
in b*ating up on yourself.

I was being a cowboy.


[CHARLIE SIGHS] God, if he...

Rex is tough.

You know that better than anybody.

He can take care of himself.

How much blood was on my jacket?


Okay, so this is the spot

where the paramedics picked you up.





There doesn't appear to
be any blood on the ground.

That could be a good sign.

We've got to go back to
Willow Farm. Retrace my steps.




That horse was the most
valuable one in our stables.

Athena was a gift from my father.

She's worth more than money.

She's produced three champions.

Her broodmare fees are the
highest this side of Ontario.

I've never known a more calm
or a more confident horse.

Or one who's more expensive to keep.

She was here

in her stall last night.

I took her for a ride before supper.

I brushed her down, I fed her

and then I locked up the barn.

Have you seen anybody

- unfamiliar around the barn lately?
- No.

No one besides our
usual riders and staff.

Billy's the only one with
a key to the barn. He's our groom.

I'm going to need to speak with him.

TANYA: Okay. I've
left him a couple of messages

but he just hasn't
gotten back to me yet.

Look, they took the hoof clippers, too.

What does that mean?

ROBERT: Well, the hoof
they hang over here.

Why does that even matter?

What did they look like?

Yay big.

Black with red handles.

I remember them.

I saw them earlier but...

there, though they weren't on the hook.

Rex was interested in
them and then he started...


TANYA: Honestly why would
you even bring that up?

- ROBERT: What?
- Is this where you went next?

Yeah, Rex was tracking
the scent from the clippers

then we went to that field

and then he was searching for something.

And that's when we saw the trailer.

And now the clippers are missing.


Maybe that's what they came back for.


- Yeah.

Just as I thought.

Your bark is bigger than your bite, huh?


You're gonna be fine.
It was just a graze.

You're a brave boy.


You remind me of my old dog.

Whip smart, just like you.

He followed me everywhere I went.

I was never lonely
when Rocky was around.

We were a good team.

And then...


I think he would be honoured
if you took his name.


Rocky it is!


Well, there you go.

You'll be better in no time.

As long as you stay out of trouble.







SARAH: Okay, so whatever
Rex was tracking

could lead us to the thieves.

Let's go over it again.

CHARLIE: Right, so Athena was taken

at some point before 7 AM

when she was discovered missing.

You and Rex responded
to the call
at nine

and then you were found
on the road just after ten.

So, somebody came back after that

to take the clippers.

Maybe that's what they were here
for when you first saw the trailer.


Okay, so, uh...

they steal the horse.

They come back. They see Rex and I.

Get rid of us somehow.

And then they take the clippers?

That's a big risk to take a tool

that you can presumably
buy pretty easily.

Yeah, that doesn't make sense.

- Oh.

Jesse's trying to track down the groom.

He said no luck reaching them so far.

He's sending uniforms
over to their house.

- SEARCHER: Over here!
- They found something.


CHARLIE: Tell Jesse to
call off the search.

This could be our missing groom.





CHARLIE: What can you
tell me about the victim?

TANYA: Uh, Billy Spencer.

Um, he's been with us for years.

Uh, he just worked his
way up to head groom.


He's the only one who knew Athena

like I did or

loved her as much.

You said that Billy wasn't supposed
to be in the stables last night?

I don't know what he would
have been doing there.

Did Billy have any money troubles?

What? No no, um...

Billy was not involved in
this. I can promise you that.

And him and his girlfriend
just bought a house.

Oh, Heather.

I mean, she's gonna be shattered.

I'm sorry. I really need to go and uh...

[SARAH SIGHS] Cause of death

is blunt force trauma to the head.

And Billy's lacerations are distinct.

- The hoof clippers.
- Yeah.

The gash is consistent with the
blade at the head of clippers.

Billy must have caught the thieves

in the act of stealing Athena.

The body was moved, too.

He was wrapped in the blanket

and brought out here in the
field after he was k*lled.

So, they k*ll him, then they
rush to move the body

and leave the m*rder w*apon.

They come back the next
morning to retrieve it

and find you and Rex,

just as you two were
about to discover the body.

We've got to find that horse.

We do that, we find the K*llers.

And Rex.



SARAH: What do you have on our victim?

A thirty-one year old, William Spencer.

I talked to his girlfriend, Heather.

He was out with a few
friends the night of the theft

but realized he'd left
his wallet at the stables.

Went back to get it.

He wasn't reported missing.

She didn't notice when
he didn't come home?

No, she was working the
night shift at the hospital.

Do we think Billy or Heather
could be connected to the theft?

Neither of them have a record.

I checked their phone
and financial records.

There's nothing there. I mean, they
both live well within their means.

They even have some savings.

Yeah, that lines up with what
Tanya Hughes said about him.

Yeah, I just don't think any of
them could have been involved.

Did you find anyone else
with a record of horse theft?

Nothing current. I mean,
horse racing stopped

on the island ten years ago
and all the valuable horses

were moved to different provinces.

There's not really
anything there. And Athena,

she's really the only valuable
horse left in St. John's.

- Making her that much more of a commodity.
- Yeah.

And we have no leads on
who might have taken her.

Oh, I didn't say that. No, I
cross-referenced theft arrests

with employment records for
equine businesses in the area

and I found a former
employee of the racetrack

with a substantial record.

I'm on my way to interview him now.

- Amazing. Okay.
- Okay.


JESSE: Okay. Shane Warren.

Shane Warren.

You have a serious history
of theft here, Shane.

History being the operative word there.

I'm reformed now.

Yeah, right but you used
to work for the racetrack.

So, can I assume that you're
comfortable with horses?

I know what this is about.

I heard about the broodmare
and the dead groom.

You heard?

Wow! Okay, you heard fast.

Maybe you heard from some contacts
you still have in the business?

You're barking up the
wrong tree, my friend.

I'm in hospitality now.

I don't even work with horses anymore.

Yeah, I see that. I see
that you're in hospitality.

I see you have a diploma in hospitality

and that's good progress
towards your reform.

I graduated top third in my class.

That's impressive.


I also see that you work
as a custodial engineer... ?

At a hotel near the airport?

It pays the bills.

Point is...

I'm not interested in
breeding for a buck.

And that's the only way

you're gonna make any
money off a broodmare.

But you do know who might deal in
the black market for breed horses.

I'm telling the cops about.


I mean that's a poor
attitude, Shane. I mean, look,

these charges on your record,

they're really getting in the
way of your hospitality career.

And a good word from
, I'm just saying,

a good word from us,

could open some doors.



Something to think about.

Jesse thinks he might get a
tip on possible horse thieves

from someone who used
to be in the business.

You know, I've been thinking
not just anyone can hide a mare.

Well, no. We're looking
for someone who had access

to stables or a barn.

Well, farms are registered
with the province.

Jesse sent me the records.

There are 273 registered
farms in the province.


[SARAH SIGHS] I know. Let's go.


SARAH: No luck at three farms now.

- Yeah, but we can't give up.

That's not Athena.

And still no Rex.

All right, listen to me.

This is the third
message I've left for you.

I don't like being ignored.

Now, I held up my end of the bargain.

You'd better hold up yours.



I'd better hear from you

or you're gonna have even bigger
problems. Do you understand?

Someone's coming up the drive, Craig.

All right, all right.

Keep the dog quiet

and I'll deal with it.






DEAN: This was supposed
to be an easy job.

Now it's m*rder!

CRAIG: That's why the price is going up.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

For me, too?

More risk, more reward, Dean.

Just keep your head on straight.

You'll get yours.

I need the money now. I've
got to get out of town.

That's not how it works.

When I get paid, you get paid.

Until then, you just
keep your mouth shut.

- Keep your head down.
- No, no I can't go to jail, man.

I'm not built for that place!

How is that my problem?

How about when you told
me to sh**t that dog?

- Or maybe when you...
- Watch...

what you say next. Watch it.

Okay the point is,
I'm not going down for

what happened.

Either you finance my trip out of here

or I might be in a position
to get some help elsewhere.

CRAIG: What are you
talking about right now?

A lot of people are
looking for that horse.

Maybe I might go looking for a reward.

Or a deal.


What? Are you gonna call
the cops on me now Dean?

- Are you threatening my son?
- CRAIG: Mom!

- I got it!
- Oooh!

This is between me and him, ma'am.

What did you just call me?

Sorry, Mrs. Peck.


You know, in all the
whining and the threatening

that you've done today,
you've had one good idea.

Get out of town.

That's my preference.

A hundred per cent but
I'm owed what he told me.

I don't care how much he owes you.

You should feel lucky that
you're getting out of here alive.

And you thr*aten my son again

and you are a dead man.



Get his phone.



Okay, well, that's dead end number seven.


And somehow, they seem to be getting

- progressively more ornery.


Hey, Jesse. Tell me you've
got some good news for us.

Oh, I've got something better.

I've got a name. Dean Curtis.

Your racetrack thief came through?

JESSE: Yeah, well, I convinced him

that having friends in law enforcement

could lead to a brighter future.

Yeah, changing the world
one ex-con at a time.

- Hey, Jesse?
- Yeah.


So, who is this Dean Curtis?

JESSE: Shane knew Dean when
they both worked at the track.

Dean was an exercise racer.

Why is he a suspect in Athena's theft?

Well, it turns out that
Dean had been dealing

in black market
performance enhancing dr*gs

for race horses.

Shane said they kept in touch

after the track closed.

He's been doing odd jobs
for shady characters.

I am sending you his picture right now.


Is it possible this is one of
the men you saw by the trailer?



Have the uniforms bring him in.

We're coming back to the station.

I want to talk to this Dean Curtis.

You got it.


LAURA: I don't trust Dean.

He's the wrong person for the job.

He knows how to keep
his mouth shut, okay?

You'd better be right about that.

You need to move the horse.

- I can't have it in here.
- It's for a few more days!

I mean, what is the big deal?

Nobody's going to see it in here.

If Dean doesn't go
to the cops, you mean?


Take it to the back paddock.

All right, fine.



Give me that.

You are useless.

No wonder you needed Dean to help you.

Hey, there.

Hey, girl.

Yeah, you're beautiful aren't you?

Yeah, look at you!

Okay, that's it.

Yeah, here we go.


This is why the farm fell
apart after your dad d*ed.

What kind of man is afraid of a horse?

I'm not afraid of horses.


Bring some water.

Here we go.



How did the farm search go?

No sign of Rex.

But, Charlie wanted to
come back to talk to Dean Curtis.

How's he feeling?

He's pushing through.

I know you've tried
convincing him to rest.

You know, let someone
else take the case?

I would win that battle
if it wasn't for Rex.

Ah, I can't say I blame him.

I'd feel the same way if
my partner were missing.

Yeah, yeah. Come on. This way.


Here you go. Come on.

Let's go.


In we go.

Okay beauty, come on.

Yeah, come on. Let's go.



- Broken.

I thought I told you to fix this.



I have to do everything around here.



No, I don't recognize him.

That doesn't necessarily mean
that he wasn't there though.

If he was on that trailer,
he'll definitely recognize you.


For all he knows, I could be dead.

Maybe you'll be able to tell
if he's surprised to see you.

Unless he's a really good bluffer.

Doesn't look like
much of a poker player.



Hi, Dean.


You look surprised to see me.

You got thrown off a
moving trailer, man.

- How did you even... ?
- No no, that's not...

That's not how this works. You see,

in an interrogation, the
police get to ask the questions.

I didn't know you were a cop.


And it got pretty
crazy out there, right?


Yeah, it did get
pretty hairy, didn't it?

But we made it through.

You know, I know my
side of the story but...

why don't you tell me yours?



You cooperate with us

and then we try and help you not spend

several years in jail

trying to figure out all the
mistakes that you've made.

So, why don't you tell me what happened?

It was crazy, man.

You and that dog chasing after us.

There was no way you
should have caught up.

- CHARLIE: Police! Stop!


DEAN: Help! Get him off of me!


sh**t the dog!




[g*nsh*t FIRES] [REX YELPS]





What happened to Rex? Where is he?

Last I saw, he was still there.

They dropped me off at the next
crossroad. I had to hitch home.

Ah, sounds like a real
rough day for you Dean.

Yeah. It really was.

This is why I don't do inside jobs.

They always get messy.


You want me to help you?

Then you need to give me something.

- I already said too much.
- A name.

The person who told you to sh**t Rex.

Listen, I'm in a dilemma here.

Either I rat on some
very dangerous people

- or I get sent to jail, right?
- Right.

- That's my nightmare.
- Mm-hmm.

Then maybe you shouldn't
have got involved in a m*rder.


Yeah. That's right, Dean.

We found the body.

- Billy Spencer.

A hard working young groom. You know,

I think his grieving
girlfriend is gonna make

- a real impact on a jury.
- I didn't k*ll him!

- But you know who did.
- If I say anything, then I'm next!

You already admitted
to sh**ting my partner!

- That was in self-defence.
- Dean.

If I were you, I'd be a lot more worried

about what's happening in here
than what could happen out there.

You don't understand these people.

I'm better off in jail.



SARAH: Do you believe Dean Curtis
doesn't know if Rex is okay or not?

I don't know, maybe...

Maybe Rex didn't make it
and he's afraid to tell me.

Seems like he's afraid
every which way he turns.

So, what do we know
about Dean's associates?

Well, I might have something there.

Dean made a bunch of
calls to the same number

- over the last couple of days.
- Great, who?

Well, I mean, the unfortunate
thing is, it's a burner phone.

I'm out for cell phone tower data

which could hopefully link
the burner phone to a farm

- but it could take a while.
- Okay.

- Mmmm.
- Hey, you okay, Charlie?

Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.

Okay, so Billy, he
went back to the stables

the night of the theft
to get his wallet.

He catches the thieves in the act.

Gets hit over the head.

The thieves, in their haste
to get rid of the body,

they leave the m*rder w*apon.

So, when they came back to get it,

that's when you and Rex saw them.

Yeah, but the hoof clippers
were gone when we went back.

So, after they knocked me out,

they must have gone back to the stables.

We believe the hoof clippers
must have had prints on them

to justify taking the risk.

JESSE: Which could mean there's
a previous record of prints on file.

I don't think Dean
Curtis was the k*ller.

It was his associate that
was calling the sh*ts.

So, how do we use Dean
to find his partners?

I'll check his contacts.

Maybe the other guy used
a burner phone for the job.

There's someone else we can ask.

Dean said this was an inside job.

Robert and Tanya Hughes.

SARAH: Okay. I'll call Willow Farm.

CHARLIE: Mm-hmm.




Are you active in the stables, Robert?

That's Tanya's thing. Her
family are the equestrians.

- But you're joint owners of Athena?
- We're married.

Mmmm. She's a moneymaker.

Did you take insurance out on her?

- Of course.
- How much?

I don't know. About a million.

That's more than market value.

Her coverage is based
on earning potential

- as a broodmare over her lifetime.
- Hmmm.


You think I stole my
own horse for insurance?

Kind of makes sense, doesn't it?

Find somebody to take
Make the insurance claim.

Set up a sale at the same time.

- I would never do that to Tanya.
- Ah.

Look, I was arranging a sale

but it was all above board.

What do you mean?

I had a buyer coming to see
Athena at the end of the week.

Did Tanya know about this meeting?

Are you crazy?


Cardinal rule of
marriage, Detective Hudson,

ask for forgiveness.

Not permission.

TANYA: I mean, I feel awful.

SARAH: Well, I'm sure
whoever arranged this

never wanted Billy to be involved.



Not at all.

Well, as you probably know,
if a m*rder takes place

while a crime, like theft,

is being committed, then everyone
involved is guilty of manslaughter.

Um, do you mean all the
people who were at the stable

when Billy was k*lled?

And anyone who hired them.

Now, if someone wasn't stealing

but rather moving a horse
that legally belonged to them,

that would be different.

- Would it?
- Yeah.

That person would be
guilty of public mischief

for reporting the horse stolen

but the manslaughter
charge wouldn't apply.


But if you do know something...

and you don't tell us now,

that's accessory after the fact.


Why don't you tell me
what happened, Tanya?

A few months ago,

Robert had some

investment losses.

And he started talking
about selling Athena.

I said absolutely not.

I love that horse.

Well, we fought about it for weeks

and then he just dropped it,

which is not like him.

So, I started keeping
an eye on his email.

And then sure enough, he
was looking for a buyer.

I was so furious.

And you hired someone to take Athena.

I wasn't thinking about
anything but protecting Athena.

I just thought that if I could...

make it look like she was stolen,

long enough to find a divorce lawyer

and to get full custody, then...


Billy wasn't supposed
to be at the stables.

Where is Athena now?

I don't know, I swear.

I don't know.

They won't tell me and I haven't
seen her since they took her.

And now they want more money.

But once I saw what they did to Billy,

I was just too scared to pay.

Who's the guy? Who did you hire?


His name is Craig.

JESSE: Okay, no Craig
on Dean Curtis's phone.

The only calls he made

were numbers that
belonged to Tanya Hughes

and a guy named Carl Goosen.

[SARAH SIGHS] Maybe Carl was the driver.

Uh, Jesse,

bring up Carl's records. See who
he's been arrested with in the past.

Yeah. Okay, here we go.

Yeah, he's got more
than a few misdemeanors.

Well, does he have any
known associates named Craig?

Let me see.

JESSE: Yeah, yeah, here.

He was arrested alongside a Craig Peck!

Yeah, that's him. That's
the guy from the trailer.

Do we have an address?

No, it looks like he lives
with his mother, Laura Peck.

They have a farm but it hasn't
been registered in years.

Okay, Jesse, have the
uniforms pick up Carl Goosen.

Sarah and I are going
to go visit the Pecks.



If she's not going to keep up her end

and pay you for doing
the job that you did,

then we'll sell the horse.

How're we supposed to do that
without getting caught though?

I'll make some calls.

You just get it off the
island. You leave tonight.



I'm gonna need a new trailer

- if I'm going to move the horse.
- So, get one!

What's the problem?

Why don't I just get out of town?

And you can take care
of it until it's safe.

Get out of town?


There was a... There was a situation

- when we were picking up the horse.
- What situation?

There was a guy.

And he saw us.

So, I had to take care of it.

- You k*lled him?
- To get the horse!



You told me to take the job!

Well, I didn't think that I would
have to tell you how to do it too!

A grown man who
can't even think for himself.

That was why Dean was
threatening to go to the cops.

- Did he do it?
- I don't know!

I haven't heard from him!

Okay, fine.


CRAIG: Listen, you've got to help me!

Oh, hey! Can you believe my son here?

Yeah, maybe it is
better if he does leave.

Then it'll be just you
and me. Right, Rocky?



Hey. Hey, what did you hear, boy?



This here?

It's just a little sedative
to keep you quiet honey.


Hey, hey, hey, hey!





Take him out the back way, Craig.

- What is it?


I thought I just heard Rex.



LAURA: Hello!


A stolen horse, huh?

Isn't that a sin?

Those owners must be crazy worried.

I would hate to lose
an animal like that.

It's just awful.

Um... you can look
around as much as you like.

So, you haven't heard
anything about Athena?

No idea who could have her?

Afraid I haven't been keeping track

of horse gossip these days. I'm just...

content puttering around
my farm, you know?

Do you have a horse trailer?

You know, we sold it years ago.

There was just not
much use for it anymore.


Do you run this place
by yourself, Ms. Peck?

- Or do you have help?
- Oh, please!

Call me Laura. Yeah it's a lot of work

but not more than I can handle.

This is...

a bit big for you.

Uh, it was my husband's coat. Um...

He's not with us anymore, unfortunately.

I'm sorry to hear that.

What about your son, Craig?
He lives here, doesn't he?

Oh, sure does.

I hardly see him though.

- He's at work right now.
- Ah.

You recognize this man?

Mmmmm. No, I've never seen that man.

I'm sorry I couldn't be more help.




That was the jacket Craig
was wearing on the trailer.

There was a wallet and
keys in that jacket pocket.

Craig's here.

Let's park down the road
and come back on foot.

Catch them off guard.

Any sign of Rex?

- LAURA: Take care now!
- Oh yeah, he's been in that barn.


That woman has Rex.




Stand back.

- Let's split up.
- Okay, I'll go this way.

Charlie, if you see
anybody, get out, okay?

- Backup is on the way.
- Don't be a cowboy, you mean?

Yeah, another blow to
the head could be serious.

I'll keep my head down.





Stop right there.

You're trespassing on
private property, Detective

- unless you've got a warrant.
- I'm here for my dog.

Let go of my son or I sh**t.

Where's Rex?

- CRAIG: Behind you!


Where's my partner?

You mean the one that
got sh*t in front of you?

I don't know. Must be dead by now.


Take him.






Hey! Buddy!

There you are.

Hey! Hi!


- You okay, partner?

Not hurt are you?



You found Athena, buddy.

You've got a new friend.

- SARAH: Hi!



I think Rex has got something.


I think Rex just
the m*rder w*apon.



Hey, you've been busy, haven't you? Huh?


Well, I think you both deserve a break.

- Forensics will take it from here.
- What do you say, pal?

Want to head home?



Better call in a trailer
from the station.

I don't think Rex is leaving
until his new friend is safe.




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