02x09 - What If... Strange Supreme Intervened?

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Reimagining famous events from the films in the MC Universe.
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02x09 - What If... Strange Supreme Intervened?

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THE WATCHER: London. 1602.

A world at peace thanks to a hero
from an entirely different universe,

Captain Peggy Carter, a
warrior out of her own time.

But then, she's used to that.

The super soldier from World w*r II
who thrust herself into the future,

saving her world, but leaving
behind the love of her life.

It was a loss that
could have consumed her,

but instead, it fueled her

to become a hero for all time and times.

Now, the captain once lost in
the future is trapped in the past.

But even 400 years from
home, she's not alone.

Your timing couldn't
be better, old friend.

I was afraid I'd be stuck here forever.

Oh, come on, you're already
tired of first-run Shakespeare

and outdoor plumbing?

Says the man with the
high-collared cape.

Yeah, says the woman who
wears a Union Jack as a shirt.

- At least mine's magic, Peggy.

By the looks of things, this happy hour

could use a little more happiness. Bing.

Single malt, a few centuries
ahead of schedule, of course.

Oh, Strange, you're a lifesaver.

Speaking of, any chance you
can offer me a lift home?

I'd call a taxi, but I left
my purse in another dimension.

Anything for a fellow
Guardian of the Multiverse.

Come on, Peggy, step into my office.

THE WATCHER: Theirs was
the bond of two heroes

forged not just in battle,

but in understanding.

For, like Captain Carter,

Doctor Stephen Strange had been
on a difficult journey of his own.

In his pursuit to save Christine
Palmer, he destroyed his soul,

his sanity, and his universe.

Then punish me. Not the
world, not Christine.

THE WATCHER: But it was only as
the world collapsed around him

that he saw the error of his ways.

Now, two legends must band together

to face a thr*at unlike any
the Multiverse has ever faced.




It's more than a linear path.

It's a prism of endless possibility.

Where a single choice can branch
out into infinite realities,

creating alternate worlds
from the ones you know.

I am the Watcher.

I am your guide through
these vast new realities.

Follow me and ponder the question...

"What if?"

to my humble abode,

the Sanctum Infinitum.

Well, this is certainly, uh, rustic.

STRANGE SUPREME: Yeah, view's not
bad. Kitchen even has a pizza oven.

PEGGY: Strange, you've
been here all alone?

Well, not quite, I've been kind of busy.

Let me see here, Infinity
Ultron, I think you know,

and Thanos, Loki.

Beings of untold power hell-bent
on destroying their universes.

You know, the usual.

You're collecting universe K*llers.

Yeah, well, someone's gotta do it.

And we both know the Watcher would
never stoop so low as to intervene.

Saving the Multiverse one
universe at a time, huh?

Your self-imposed penance?

Hmm, I knew you'd understand.

But look, there is actually
something I need your help with.

Uh, Strange. I'd rather
go home. [CHUCKLES]

Oh, oh, oh, you will. You will.
It's just... It's... I, uh...

Yeah, it's... [SIGHS] It's actually,

it's a bit embarrassing, to be honest.

One of them's escaped.

Yeah, how did you know?

Gremlins. Aliens. Jurassic Park.

Collect enough dangerous, well,
anything, and something always escapes.

Great, then you'll help me
save the world or several of...

- No.
- Pardon?

I can already hear the
Watcher intoning that

"Meddling in the Multiverse

is always, always a mistake."

Oh, come on, Peg. I know
he's a fifth-dimensional being

with that big head and
that soothing voice,

but that doesn't always make him right.

I mean, what, are you gonna tell me

that it was wrong of you
to save the world of 1602?


So, who's our bad guy?

[SCOFFS] Our bad guy is
a she, Captain Carter.

My mistake.

STRANGE SUPREME: I lost her trail
here, in the South Dakota Badlands.

Well, what's left of them
in that universe, anyway.

Wait. Strange. Why
can't you just do this?

Because you, my friend, are an unknown.

She'll see me coming a mile off.

Oh, and here. Bing.

- Oh, thank you.
- Don't mention it.

Look, this will work
out pretty well, Peggy.

You find her, then I'll be able
to bring you both back here.

And then I'm out. You'll send me home?

Cross my heart.

Strange, how will I know it's her?

Oh, trust me, you'll know.

Oh, that's a little worrying.


What in the world?

Or worlds, I guess you could say.

[SIGHS] Well, look who it is.

You here to help for a
change? Or just to narrate?


The b*mb at Project Rebirth packed
a bigger bang in this universe.

Neither you nor Steve Rogers survived.

Without Captain Carter or
Captain America to stop them,

HYDRA unleashed the Tesseract's powers,

won the w*r, and destroyed
the world in the process.

Right. So, you're here to narrate.

It's my job.

And what are you doing here, Captain?

If you aren't going
to help, you can leave.

I thought you learned
the dangers of interfering

in worlds not your own.

Spare me. We're never going
to see eye to eye on this.

I get involved, you watch.

It's not about watching,
Peggy. It's about seeing.

Great, well, Strange found
a way to watch and see.

He's getting involved,
making a difference.


Just be careful.

I don't think I can bear to
narrate what might happen next.


All right. Show yourself.


Okay. Come on, Peg,
you're better than this.

If you insist on ending this
in a fight, you will regret...


[GRUNTS] Yep, very good.
That was a good one.

All right. Well done.

My turn. [GRUNTS]

- PEGGY: Ha! Gotcha!



Let me guess. He asked you to
help him save the Multiverse.

To save it from you. Why do you ask?

[SIGHS] Of course he said that.

I'm not a universe k*ller. He is.

My name is Kahhori, and I
think we can help each other.

Peggy. Peggy Carter.

I am not your enemy.

That delusional radaen:
naras is lying to you.


- Oh, no.
- Peggy, move.



- Kahhori!
- STRANGE SUPREME: Good job, Carter.

Nice work finding her for me.

Strange, what's going on?

- Just tying up loose ends.

- Did he tell you about The Forge?
- What Forge?

Don't listen to her.
She's trying to trick you.

He isn't just targeting
universe K*llers.

He's gathering righteous heroes, too.

What? Strange, what does she mean?

- Ignore her.
- He's feeding everyone to The Forge.

Enough. [GRUNTS]




- KAHHORI: He's driven himself mad.

Strange isn't trying to save universes.

He's trying to resurrect his universe.

- The one he destroyed.

I will not let you stop me. [GRUNTS]


You're trying to bring
back Christine, aren't you?

Yes, I am.

And if anyone could
understand, it's you.

Strange, come to your senses.

I have to do this.

But this is madness.

Oh, come on, Peggy. You know
you'd do the same thing for Steve!



Peggy, please.


I would never do this for Steve.



And Steve Rogers wouldn't want me to.

The cost is too high.

Well... [SIGHS]

In the grand scheme of things,

it's a small price to pay. [GRUNTS]

- Strange, stop!

Not now. We're so close.

- Please don't do this.





Trust me, Peggy. It's better this way.



No! What have you done?



- Well, that should keep him busy.


You're just as crazy as he is.

We need to destroy that Forge
before he feeds the prisoners to it.


[IN ENGLISH] Hang on tight.








Okay, starting a prison riot of
Universe K*llers? Not my best idea.

We gotta go.


- What's this?

- Did you hear that?
- I was hoping I hadn't.


Oh, no. Not her.


- Fantastic. Be careful, they're...
- Yeah, I know.

Zombies are pretty universal.



Oh, great. Here we go.






What? What did you do?

It's not me.



Sounds like my kind of party.

Now, kneel.

The last woman to demand
that of me regretted it.

Oh, darling, I'm no ordinary
woman. I'm the Goddess of Death.


Excuse me!



I am Asgard's doom.

Huh? You?


[GROANS] I am Asgard's doo... [GRUNTS]

Yes, yes. We know. [GRUNTS]




It's Strange.

He's coming. Leave them to the Warden.

Let's go!



I didn't do that, either.

Oh, no.

Killmonger. He has the stones.

We'll need that Infinity Armor

if we're going to stand
a chance against Strange.


- Okay, that was me.

Where'd you send him?







[SIGHS] Fits like a glove.
This should even the odds.


Oh, no. Strange has started The Forge.

We have to stop him now. Before
he feeds the prisoners to it.



How do we destroy it?

Well, I'd rather you didn't. [CHUCKLES]

You changed your outfit. Pretty
cool. It's a good look on you.

But you might remember I
defeated that armor once before.

"Once before," I wasn't in it.



[GROANS SOFTLY] Okay, that was good.



Oh, come on. I thought
you were just warming up.

You want to really
play? Get a load of this.




No! Stop.





Yeah, guess you figured
that armor out. [GRUNTS]






No, leave it alone.
You're making it unstable.






KAHHORI: You've lived in
solitude far too long, Strange.

Perhaps you've forgotten, there are
more of us than there are of you.

That's the thing. [GRUNTS]

There aren't.


That's a great idea...




[IN ENGLISH] Captain Carter,

always the soldier out of time.


It doesn't have to end this way.


ROGERS: All this to
make one super soldier?


Steve, is this real?

What? Of course it is.

The Nazis are on the march across
Europe. We need to even the odds.

Agent Carter, wouldn't you be
more comfortable in the booth?

Oh, I...

Stay with me, Peg.

- Steve, I...
- ROGERS: Stay.

We'll finish the fight. We'll
win the w*r. You and me, Peg.

We can finally be together.



I love you.


[SOBS] I wish that were true.

But you're...

You're not him.


- Huh?



Cheap trick, Strange.

Then, so be it, Captain.

See what you've chosen?

- Huh? [SCREAMS]


KAHHORI: Oh, no, he's begun.
He's feeding them to The Forge.


[GASPS] Atahraks?

The protection around
The Forge is weakening.

I can portal them all home. [GRUNTS]












trick. But you see,

[CHUCKLES] I mastered
that one a long time ago.




My world must be reborn,

or countless others will die.

[STRAINING] Stop. Don't do this.

For what it's worth, I really
thought you would have understood.


I gave you a choice, Peggy Carter.


They will feed my machine.

I must resurrect my world.

- And you, my friend, are finished.

- HELA: Not entirely.

Give him Hel!








PEGGY: Kahhori, you did
it! You sent them home.


You'll never stop me.

I'll just get more
dangerous, more... [GRUNTS]





It's over, Strange.

Stay down.

- Strange?

Nothing is ever over.

Strange, if you're in there,
you need to listen to me.

No, you will listen. [ROARS]


I'll k*ll you.

Strange, this isn't you.

It is me.




I will bring her back.
You cannot stop me.












Oh, no, Peggy, it's gonna explode.

You built this. Come on, Strange.
There has to be a way to stop it.

[SIGHS] No, I can't.

My grief is too strong.

It's grown beyond my control.

Christine wouldn't want this.

- No.
- But we do.





No, Peggy!










I take it this means I'm not dead.

No. And neither is Kahhori.

I sent her back to her home universe.

So this is where you
do all your watching.


PEGGY: There she is. That's Christine.

Strange's plan worked.

Yes, but at the cost of his life.

He recreated this universe,
but was never born into it

and never will be.


To think of all the suffering he caused

for a world he would never get to see.

And I nearly helped him do it.

You saw the good in our friend.

And in the end, it was that part of him,

even if only for a brief moment,

that conquered his demons
and saved his world.

You saw it, didn't
you? The Forge, Kahhori,

the monster in Strange.

- We nearly lost everything.
- But we didn't.

The Multiverse didn't need
me to intervene, Peggy.

It just needed you.

So, ready, finally, to
get back to your universe?

I am. [SIGHS]

But perhaps we could take
the scenic route home.

Surely there's something
worth seeing along the way.

Oh, Captain,

just you watch.

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