21x06 - Strange Invaders

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "NCIS". Aired: September 2003 to present.*
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The cases of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
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21x06 - Strange Invaders

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Hello? Anybody there?



- Hello?

Oh, come on.



♪ ♪





♪ ♪

♪ ♪

You want to have an '80s theme party?

You, Nick Torres?

Not really, but Dr. Grace
thought it would be a good idea.

She trying to drum up more business?

Because I'm definitely
gonna need some therapy

after seeing Director Vance
in a high-top fade.

Hey. I look good with a high-top fade.

No, Your Honor, sorry,
I wasn't talking to you.

High-top fade it is.

Okay, so why?

Well, the doctor said

[CLEARS THROAT] that I needed, quote,

"A little more fun in my life."

Which is crazy, because I'm like
the most fun person I know.

Agree to disagree.

You are out of your mind.

Dude, I am super fun.

No, I said... I said no,
absolutely not, no way.

He's not talking to us.

We'll talk about it
when I get home, okay?

And by that, I mean no.

Hmm, does Delilah want you

to binge-watch another session
of Love Island?

No, that I would be okay with.

She wants me to shave my goatee.

Then shave your goatee.

You got a problem with my goatee?

Actually, this is the first time
I noticed you even had one.

I-I love it, it really
shapes your face. But...

But what?

Well, we have a standing policy

to side with Delilah on
all marriage disagreements.

Smart move. Happy wife, happy life.

MCGEE: Well, uh,

that phrase is kind of
considered sexist nowadays.

Happy spouse, happy house.

Oh, that's a good recovery.

Hey, can we get back to my goatee now?

I don't even know what that means.

Maybe I don't want to know.

But you can talk about it in the car.

That does not sound good.

PARKER: Is it ever?

This doesn't look like the usual to me.

Yeah, somebody really
wanted this guy dead.

Ten, 11, 12 entry wounds.

And six exit wounds.
All oddly shaped, I might add.

Who's this guy again?

Lieutenant Elliot Greene.
He's a fighter pilot.

Why does that ring a bell?

I don't know. You tell me.

I can't put my finger on it.

I got something I can't put
my finger on either.

Six exit wounds?

Where are the b*ll*ts?

Perhaps, uh, the victim
wasn't sh*t here?

Post-mortem lividity says he was.

So, the sh**t policed his own brass?

PARKER: Did he patch
and paint the walls?

Where are the b*llet holes?

We seem to be missing six.

Well, whoever this guy is,
he's a hell of a sh*t.

Okay. So we're looking at a sn*per.

A sn*per who can levitate.

Because there are absolutely
no trees in this area

even remotely tall enough
for the angle he was at.


Neighbors would've heard it.

Scissor lift?

No tire tracks.

Dr. Mallard once cracked a case

where the sh**t
was in a hot air balloon.

I'm not writing "unidentified
hot air balloon" in my report.

Oh, wait, that's it.

That's it, I remember
something. I, uh...

Wait, I need to look something
up. Give me your phone.

You were just knuckle-deep
in 12 b*llet holes.

JIMMY: I think I remember

seeing the lieutenant
on Z-SPAN last week.

Doing what?

Testifying before Congress.


You got to be kidding me.

KNIGHT: What's a UAP hearing?


Unidentified aerial phenomenon.

As in...?

The original term was UFO.

Apparently, the lieutenant here
thought he saw one.

Shortly after takeoff,
my flight cameras began

to detect several anomalous
objects in my vicinity.

How the hell did I miss this?

Now, these objects had
no obvious means of propulsion.

They seemed to defy gravity.

They anticipated my every move

in a way that I have no explanation for.



I have no idea how I missed this.

Well, if you're asking if I think
he actually saw a Martian...

I hope not.

He seems like a pretty credible guy.

Just saying.

It would explain a lot
about the crime scene.

Okay, show of hands.
Who thinks it's aliens?

TORRES: Does it count
if I just hope it's aliens?

Cocoonis my favorite movie.

Pass. We have enough
problems here on Earth.

We don't need Megatron showing up.

That works for me. As you may recall,

my ex was on the UAP Task Force,

and she was convinced
there was no "there" there.

- What was it?
- What it always is.

Some new, top secret aircraft

that somebody somewhere is working on.

But we need to talk
to that congresswoman.

You think, uh, Greene saw
something he wasn't supposed to?

The real question is,
did he get k*lled for it?

JIMMY: I'm more curious
about what k*lled him.

You mean aside from the

Are those b*llet holes?
'Cause I'm not convinced.

Uh, there's no thermal
trauma, no soot deposit.

I didn't find a single b*llet
in his body.

I mean, we didn't find any
at the crime scene, either.

Uh, Greene's ribs were shattered.

Uh, I should've found
dozens of b*llet fragments.

I-I mean, it's like
he has these wound channels,

but whatever created
them just disappeared.

What are you saying?

I'm saying I have no idea
what k*lled our victim.

You know what? I think
I might have an idea.

- What?
- Ice b*ll*ts.

- Ice b*ll*ts?
- Ice b*ll*ts.


I had a mystery novel proposal once

where my serial k*ller
used disappearing ice b*ll*ts...

Yeah, I'm gonna stop you right there.

You see, ice is not
remotely strong enough

to shatter a human bone.

On the otherhand...

...an alien energy w*apon?

Are you honestly suggesting...

[LAUGHS]: Ah! I got you.

Yeah, uh, no, seriously.

I have no idea what k*lled
our lieutenant here.

I did send some tissue samples
up to Kasie for analysis.

Hopefully, she'll come up
with something.

Something much more down-to-earth.

Boy, it would be cool
if it was aliens, though, right?

Beyond cool.

I mean, just the thought
of autopsying an alien corpse?

You know, all those new organs.

All those new smells.

Mm, yeah, no, it's getting weird now.

You try to spend all
your time down here by yourself.

I mean, you take what you can get.

Oh, speaking of which.


This came this morning.

Delilah had it delivered to me

to give to you.

I have no idea why.

I do. It's a beard trimmer.

Ooh. Nothing passive-aggressive
about that, huh?

Yeah, more "aggressive-aggressive."

But you know what? You can keep that,

because I am drawing
a line in the sand on this one.

Are we sure we want to do that, buddy?

Oh, we're sure.

I've been nurturing
this bad boy for years.

It's like a third child to me.

Well, you know what they say:
a joyful mate, tranquil state.

There's a lot more of those
sayings than I realized.

That's because, uh,
compromise is the bedrock

of any healthy relationship.

And Tim, you're never supposed
to stop dating your wife.

PARKER: Thank you for speaking
with us, Congresswoman.

Of course.

I was shocked to learn
of Lieutenant Greene's m*rder.

I'll help you any way I can.

We've, uh, requested access
to his flight cameras.

We're hoping they might shed a
little more light on his testimony.

Do you think that testimony has
something to do with his death?

The timing suggests that it might.

I'm happy to show you
the requested footage.

Here. Once.

You'll see all you need to know.

GREENE [OVER VIDEO]: You seeing this?

I'm having trouble gauging its size.

PILOT 1: I don't believe this.

PILOT 2: What the hell is that?

GREENE: It's slicing through
a 100-knot wind like it's nothing.

The classified report said,

"The object performed right-angle turns,

"was able to instantly reverse direction

and could evade radar at will."


S-So, we're thinking this is...

Uh, what are we thinking this is?

The Russians.

Intel suggests they've created
a new type of aircraft.

We've code-named it Pantheon.

And now you know as much as we do.

And Lieutenant Greene
was the only eyewitness

willing to testify?

Correct. We were just about to read him

into the program
so we could fully debrief him.

Well, whoever k*lled Greene must
have been trying to shut him up.

Director Vance, you need
to find out who exactly that is.

It is of vital national
security interest,

and Greene's k*ller
is the best lead we've had.


Keep me informed.

Will do.

The Russians,
outflying our fighter pilots?

I think I'd prefer aliens.

Maybe they want to eat us,
maybe they don't.

Yeah, but we know
what the Russians want.

Kasie, please tell me
you found something

in the tissue sample Jimmy sent up.

What's up? You're not
normally this needy.

Well, Director Vance
just lit a fire under my ass,

and I got nothing.

Mm. I've got something.

Our victim received
half a dozen phone calls

shortly before he was k*lled.

All lasting less than two seconds each.

That's strange. You trace them yet?

Mm. Be my guest.

You know, Torres is right.

Our victim was a pretty credible guy.

I know, right?

If he'd said to me point-blank

that he definitely saw E.T.,

I would believe him as much
as if you'd said it to me.

Funny you should say that...

I was out camping

with some friends one night and I saw...

[QUIETLY]: something.

And 100% it was either
a ghost or an alien,

and I just haven't figured out

which one creeps me out less, so...

let's just leave it at that.


Okay. Your turn to share.

Share what?

Well, there's rumors going around

that Delilah's filing for legal
separation over your goatee.

There's a rumor about my goatee?

Mm. Slow news day.

Don't worry about it. I got it handled.

Took Jimmy's advice, told Delilah

that I'm willing to compromise.

- So, you're shaving half your face?
- No.

Delilah is making an online poll,
for my coworkers.

So whatever you guys decide,
she'll agree to.

Which, you know, basically means

I'm keeping my goatee.

Team NCIS and all that?




Sometimes change is good.

- Kasie.
- Oh!

What the...

Wait... shove over.

What just happened?

The sample Jimmy sent up

just blew out Mass Spec's ionizer.

The good news is,

it was at least able
to identify the substance

he pulled from the victim's wounds.

MCGEE: "Atomic element 116."

And the bad news is, we will not be able

to trace this back to the k*ller.

Why not?

Element 116 doesn't exist on the Earth.

Which means what, exactly?

You tell me.

PARKER: I hear the BLT's good here.

Best this side of Anacostia.


Would you like a bite?

I'm good.

So... Uh...

Yeah, funny thing...

Um, in fact, it's a real laugh riot.

Let me guess, you got a lead
on Lieutenant Greene's k*ller.

Uh, yep.


It's actually a little further
than Russia.

It appears that

this, uh...

Spit it out, Agent Parker.

Aliens k*lled the lieutenant.

Oh, come on.

- I know.
- You...

You don't really...

You don't really believe...

[STAMMERS] I didn't say I believed.

Do you believe this?

Well, it's either that
or, uh, Kasie made a mistake.

- Or...
- "Or." I can't wait to hear

what's behind door number three.

The Russians have found a way
to synthesize

this element 116 or whatever and use it

for amm*nit*on, which
no one has ever done before.

Let's go with that.

Okay, then-then that means...

It means that this Pantheon

is a lot more advanced than we thought.

Please tell me you have another lead.

Well, McGee traced some
weird phone calls to the victim,

uh, right before he was k*lled.

Someone from a company
called Above and Beyond.

That seems fitting.

We think this caller
knows something about Pantheon?

Torres and Knight
are on their way to find out.

All right, keep me posted.

All right.



What now?

Delilah's online poll just came out.

Am I supposed to know what that means?

It means I have to pick a side.

Suddenly, the idea that the Russians

have a new superweapon
doesn't seem so bad.

This is my chief technology
officer's extension.

You're saying he called your
victim, like, on the phone?

Just before he was k*lled.

Are you sure?

Danny doesn't really seem like the type.

The type to what? m*rder someone?

Talk to an actual human.

SILCOTT: And how many
grandkids do you have?

Why are you talking to me
like I'm an idiot?

I'm just asking a question.

What exactly do you do here?

We resurrect the dead.

We do not resurrect the dead.

We create virtually interactive
personality AIs of the deceased.

This doesn't involve holograms, does it?

Grandma kicks the bucket,

we take her emails, her texts,
her Facebook posts, and then,

create a new Grandma you can talk to.

Did my kids sign me up for this garbage?

Is it too late to change my will?

We're still in beta.

Yeah, and we will be forever
if you keep interrupting me.

They're from NCIS.

Some guy you called last night
was m*rder*d.


What happened?

You tell us.

You called him
half a dozen times yesterday

before he was k*lled.

I wanted to tell him about
a UAP sighting in his area.

You guys talk about UFOs a lot?

UAPs, and no.

I barely knew Greene.

We belonged to the same watch group.

We passed sightings along to each other.

I heard about one in his area,
and I was calling to let him know.

But I wasn't able to get through.

Kept getting static.

Like the call was being blocked.

GRANDMA: Oh, come on.

Is anyone buying this crap?

Lovely woman.

We're gonna need to hear
more about those sightings.

And if you happen
to know anyone who wants

Lieutenant Greene dead,
we'll take that, too.

Well, everyone in that watch group

pretty much hated Greene, how's that?

But you are Feds, so...

good luck trying to get them
to talk to you.

GRANDMA: Are we playing Canasta or what?

MCGEE: The group is called
the Galactic Watch Society.

Of course it is.

Lieutenant Greene got pretty
active in their online forum

after his initial encounter
with Pantheon.

Yeah, there's about 12 members
in their local chapter.

And they meet once a week
in Rock Creek Park

to skywatch.

And all of them had some kind of
beef with the lieutenant?


Not sure what yet, though.

But I don't think they're gonna
be too eager to talk to us.

Yeah, we're the men in black.

- That's kind of awesome.
- I know, right?

Okay, so we go in undercover.

Knight? Torres?

- Mm-mm. No, thank you.
- No.

What's the problem?

Look, drug dealers I can do all day.

Geek land? Not so much.

Hey, I'll go in your place

if you, uh, vote for me
in Delilah's poll.

Wait, wh... are you not
gonna vote for me?

I haven't decided yet.

Wait, Parker, back me up here.

Hey, a man's facial hair
is sacrosanct, Torres.

- I'll take the deal.
- Sorry, Knight,

we're gonna need you in geek land.


Before we go out for the night,

we have a few new people here today.

This is Doug and his sister Kim.


Why don't we start with you, Kim?

Start with what?

GROUP LEADER: Your first sighting?

Oh, this should be good.

Ooh, you know, y-you're probably

not gonna believe this, but I have...

I've never actually,
you know, seen a UFO.

She means "UAP."


Never seen one. Uh, but...

my brother, though... ho, ho...
my brother, he is...

the man to talk to.

Okay, this should be even better.

Hang on. I think I'm getting a signal.

I'm getting some kind of
static on the 400 K band.

In the direction of Ceres Five.

Yo, yo, yo, can they hear us talking?



That is the sound I heard
outside my window.



I went to bed on a Thursday,

woke up,

it was Sunday.

Where was I all that time?

Face down on a toilet.


I was just kidding.

Then I saw Lieutenant Greene's
testimony the other day and...

All right, thank you
for sharing, but I think

we've heard enough about
Lieutenant Greene this week.

Can I get a sitrep?

TORRES: It's been two hours,

and all I have learned is that

the printing press,
microchips and Velcro

were all invented by aliens.

What about Lieutenant Greene?

Our intel was good.

He is not the most popular guy
in this crazy town.

Any particular reason?

It seems like there's a lot
of money in this field.

A bunch of the members had,
uh, podcasts in the works,

and book deals and stuff.

But that all got put on hold

when Greene testified before Congress.

Well, not a lot of people with
his credibility come forward.

He sucked all the oxygen
out of the room.

And the money.

McGee and Knight are trying to see

who's got alibis on the DL, but, uh...

it's gonna be a long night.

Better you than me, buddy.

Living the dream.

GROUP MEMBER: Nestor makes
an interesting point

about the temperament
of Andromeda's life-forms

and their potential
for hostile exploration.

GROUP LEADER: I don't know,
there's no indication

that the Greys or the reptilians
would be hostile.

So, they could be friendly.


- Nick. Wake up. Wake up.
- Hey. Hey.

- You okay?
- What the hell's going on?

Dude, where have you been?

I-I've been right here.

I've been sitting in my c...

Wait a second.


Is this where I parked?

- No.
- No.

We have been looking for you,
for the past six hours.

You're messing with me.

Are you messing with us?

No, I'm not messing with you.

One second, I'm sitting in my car,

and the next,
you're banging on the window

and telling me it's...

Six hours later.

Yeah, six hours later.

So far, everything looks good

except you do have this
rash on your hand.

Any idea how you got it?

No clue. No clue. One second,
I'm closing my eyes, and then,

all of a sudden,

McGee and Knight were
all up in my grill.

We found him about two miles

from where the car
was originally parked.

Looked like he was sleeping.

With my clothes on. With my clothes on.

What does that have to do with anything?

Uh, you know, just stating the facts.

Your car's GPS had
no record of the trip.

Neither did your cell.

It's pretty strange.

Well, if I didn't know any better,

I'd say this definitely sounds like...

A textbook alien abduction.

Oh, come on.

Man, I take it back.

Cocoonis no longer my favorite movie.

You know, I didn't
want to admit it to Parker,

but maybe it's not the Russians.

Does it hurt to sit down, Nick?

- No.
- Sure you don't want a cushion?

Yeah, I'm pretty sure
I don't want a cushion.

Can we just focus on where I was

and why I can't remember anything?

Well, it's because you were drugged.

Kasie found a sedative
in your bloodwork.

dr*gs, see?

Aliens don't use dr*gs.

Well, TBD.

Who drugged you in the first place?

Well, this particular sedative

can actually get into
your bloodstream through touch.

Did you ever leave the car?

Yeah, once.

I had to, uh, you know.

Maybe someone spread some
sedative on your door handle

while you were occupied.

It certainly would
explain the rash on your hand.

Yeah, but not where I was for six hours.

Dr. Mallard used to say that

memory recall depends on all the senses.

You know, sight, smell.
Maybe don't try to

think about what you saw,

- but rather what...
- Right there.

Smell. Now that you mention that,

I do remember a strong odor.

Okay, what was it?

I don't know, I'm not a bloodhound.

All right, well,

we can't put a BOLO out on a smell,

and a sketch artist
isn't gonna be any help.


What about a scent artist?

I am touched Jimmy remembered

my fascination with olfactory science.

Did you know the human nose has...

Six million sensory neurons.

Oh, I'm impressed.

I've got a deviated septum

and a chatty doctor.

Okay, so, we've eliminated

eight of the ten key odor categories,

including woody, minty

and, nature's favorite, decay,

which leaves us with sweet and pungent.

I have got a lucky feeling
about this one.

No, still a little too cough syrupy.

That's nothing that a dash

of 3-methylphenol won't fix.


It's like old Band-Aids.

We're going the wrong way.

No, actually, I think
we're getting closer.

Try this.

That's it. Wherever I was taken
smelled just like this.

Like my abuela's feet.

Uh, no offense to Grams,

but that's a hard pass.

So, what is it?

The chemical compound found in
liquid correction fluid.

Why did your abuela'sfeet
smell like Wite-Out?

I don't know, what did yours smell like?

I don't know, I didn't smell
my grandma's feet.

This begs a lot of questions, Nick.

Yeah, like how all this

is going to help me
find out where I was taken.

Fair enough.

What do you think, Kase?

Was Torres locked in
an office supply closet?

No, too many other strong smells

for this one to dominate.

He had to be somewhere
where there was a lot of it.

Do they still make Wite-Out?

KASIE: Yes, but

one of their competitors
went out of business last year.

They have a closed factory

not too far from where
Torres was staked out.


KNIGHT: So what's the verdict?

Secret alien hideout?

More like an entire company

wiped out by the delete key.

KNIGHT: This place seems so normal,
and yet...

Why am I so creeped out right now?

KNIGHT: I've been creeped out
ever since Torres disappeared.

Hey, what if he was body-snatched?

I mean, seriously,
how would we even know?

And what if we like this one more?


- Ooh.
- What is it?

Final poll results from Delilah.

- Oh.
- Ha ha. Goatee stays.

Ah, good for you.

Not that I was worried,
I know you guys were just

busting my...

Wait, the vote was four to one?

Someone tried to throw me under the bus.

You won. Just take the victory.

It was you, wasn't it?


You'll never know.

- Freeze, NCIS!

Show yourself!

Something behind you just moved.




- Well, that was fun.
- Right.



MCGEE: Uh, Knight?

KNIGHT: What the hell is this place?

I know you.

You're that radio guy from
Lieutenant Greene's UFO group.


Yeah, I would really let
that one go, if I were you.

Okay, weirdo Radio Guy,

aka... oh... Nestor Quinn.

Says here you used to
be a private investigator,

before you lost your license

for stealing from a client.


TORRES: And the warehouse

filled with creepy alien props?

I sell alien merch online now.

Is that a crime?


but this bag of sedatives
that we found in your truck is.

And, funnily enough,

these are the same sedatives we found...

In me.

Drugging and kidnapping a federal agent.

Side hobby of yours?

Okay, listen.

Last night at group,

I picked up your signal,

so I tracked the source and...

"borrowed" you to figure out
who the hell you were.


It's a thing. In my line of work.

But as soon as I realized
you were a Fed,

I mean, I put you right back, so...

no harm, no foul? Or...

We have a dead Navy pilot.

That's a foul.

I had nothing to do with this.

Oh, please. We found an entire dossier

on Lieutenant Greene on your laptop.

So, what's this line of work?

Yeah, this is not what it looks like.

Yeah, it looks like
you were hired to k*ll him.

- No.
- And I think that gets you

life in prison.

I was hired to discredit him.

Go on.


I don't sell alien merch online.

I sell another... service.

When someone sees something
they're not supposed to,

I go in and, uh...

- And what?
- Make them look crazy.

It's called "buzzing," okay?

It can be simple, like putting
a funny alien mask on

and making weird noises

outside their bedroom, or, you know,

more complex like...

Drugging and kidnapping them?

If someone's blabbing about
the alien that probed them,

nobody's gonna believe them

about the one they saw in the sky.

When you say probed...

Who hired you?

I don't... I don't know.

I mean, I get
all my instructions via text.

All I know is that

someone didn't like what Greene saw

and wanted to make sure
that nobody believed him.

But the thing is,

I never got a chance to buzz him.

Someone took him out first.

What did Lieutenant Greene see?

You tell me. You tell me.

This guy has an interesting job.

Well, his alibi checks out.

He's not our k*ller.

We gotta find out who hired him.

Well, you are in luck there

because Kasie was able
to trace the texts that he got.

Pick him up.


You made a mistake.

I didn't send these texts.

Says right there that you did.

No, it actually says you found

my cell phone's IMEI in
the recipient's data cache.

I literally understood
not a word you said.

It means all you discovered

is that I hacked into

that private investigator's phone.

Just arrest him already.

He melds like an idiot.

Do you make it a habit of

hacking into people's cell phones?

No, but I knew that guy
was up to something

the moment he walked into
our UAP meeting.

So, uh, yeah, I hacked into his phone.

And I'm glad I did because

I saw the same thing you did.

Someone was after the lieutenant.

So you were calling him that night

because you were trying to warn him.

You know what he saw, don't you?

Lieutenant Greene saw a...

Spit it out, already.

...an autonomous drone.

Who would somebody go through
that much trouble to cover up a drone?

This one flies all by itself.

No human in the loop.

I bought my sister
a drone for Christmas.

This one kills all by itself, too.

And I'm the one who built it.

Dr. Daniel Silcott.
PhD in computer science.

Divorced, one son,

k*lled in a car crash five years ago.

But no more aliens, right?

We're done with the aliens?

Bye-bye, E.T. Hello, Skynet.

For my dissertation,

I had an idea for a new type of AI,

but I couldn't get funding
to develop it.

Until he found some shady company

out of Sri Lanka.

What was the idea?

Well, most AIs are trained
by throwing terabytes

of data at them,

but my method involved
growing one organically,

the same way a human brain develops.

I fed my prototype thousands
of hours of footage.

Baby crying, a toddler learning to walk.

The AI eventually got so good

at anticipating what would come next...

It became indistinguishable
from the child itself.

And then started k*lling people?

That wasn't the plan.

I was trying to create
a next-gen piloting system.

But the company that funded him

was actually a gray market
weapons developer.

Before I even finished my prototype,

they took all my files, cut me off

and disappeared with the AI.

I thought that was the end of it,

so I took my ideas to Above and Beyond,

and I didn't look back.

Until he saw Greene's testimony.

SILCOTT: The way that pilot said

the UAP predicted his every move...

Not an easy task at those speeds,

but one my AI would have excelled at.

So I took a risk and I pinged a backdoor

I had left in the system.

And that's when I saw

the AI was being used in a w*apon.

The kind that kills all by itself.

The U.N. issued a moratorium

on autonomous lethal drones.

That ain't stopping these guys.

I joined that UAP group

to make contact with Lieutenant Greene.

We were about to go public, but...

Somebody got to Greene first.

You need to give my people
access to that backdoor now.

Find that company. Shut 'em down.


Straight from the attic.

I haven't seen
a short-wave radio since...


Why am I seeing it now?

Well, the backdoor is accessed
using an old short-wave frequency.

- So old...
- It bypasses the modern

cryptographic security.


Dare I say sexy.

Rather you didn't.

Well, this is a first.

So, uh, what do I do?

Just start asking it questions?

Whenever you're ready. We're in.


I'm Special Agent Alden Parker
with NCIS.

CHILD'S VOICE: That sounds fun.

Do you get to carry a badge?

I actually do.

Are you working on a case now?

I'm trying to find out who ordered you

to k*ll Lieutenant Greene.

That doesn't sound very fun.

I've got a better idea. Knock-knock.

This is our k*ller?
It's like talking to my nephew.

That's just the AI's way
of saying access denied.

Verbal interface has the IQ
of a seven-year-old.

How about this?

Where are you right now?

Where are you?

You tell me something first.

Okay. I would never k*ll anyone.

Why not?

Because it's wrong.

Did it k*ll or not?

I don't think this interface
is fully conscious

of its mission parameters.

So how do we make it conscious?

Well, we need to see if
we can trick it into answering.

Go in sideways.

Less logical, more emotional. May I?

Sideways it is.

- Hello.

You're not the other one.

No, I'm not.

But I have questions, too.

Do you remember when you used to wake up

from a bad dream?

I don't like bad dreams.

Nobody does.

I feel like I'm in one now.

Then just...

imagine me holding you close.

My arms around you.

Just like I used to.

Hugging you so tight
that you could hear...

[HEART b*ating]

That's right.

I know who you are.

Of course you do.

Little K was always
my little smarty pants.

Little K? Who's Little K?

I don't know,
but Kaiden was his kid's name.

The one who was k*lled?

All that material that he fed the AI,

it was his son.

He modeled the AI after his son.

It's, uh, it's good
to talk to you again.

Sideways. Keep going.

Do you remember our favorite game?

Two Truths and a Lie.

I'll go first.

Kaiden loves Pop-Tarts,

his favorite teacher is Ms. Lopez,

and Leonardo the Ninja Turtle

wanted to k*ll Lieutenant Greene.

Which is the lie?

Number three.


if Leonardo didn't want to k*ll
Lieutenant Greene...

Then who do you think did?

Well, of course.
Uh, I'll have to call you back.

Oh, did my aide forget your appointment?

Gen Z. God help us.

More like you. You lied to us.

Lieutenant Greene didn't see
any Russian superweapon.

He saw a drone that
you were trying to cover up.

I guess I did a piss-poor job
is you're here talking about it.

Well, because he kept talking about it,

we think that you had him k*lled.

You're confused.

I was trying to protect Greene,

- not k*ll him.
- Really?

Why don't you explain that to us?

I'm on the Armed Services Committee.

I was approached privately by
a company that was developing

an autonomous lethal drone.

You would never get that past

If we don't develop this tech,
someone else will.

So I authorized a private test

for a few likeminded committee members

to see if I could get them on board.

Your test. That's what Greene saw.

And then wouldn't shut up about it.

The sellers were getting
spooked with all the attention,

so I sent someone in
to discredit Greene,

hoping that'd calm them down,
but I was too late.

You think that trying to gaslight

a decorated Navy pilot
makes you the good guy here?

Oh, grow up.

The Air Force does that every other week

when they have an unauthorized sighting.

That doesn't justify you
getting into bed

with an illegal arms dealer.

You have no idea what's at stake here.

Okay, well, your buddies can
tell us all about it

after we arrest them for m*rder.

You have to find them first.

They broke off all contact

after they k*lled the lieutenant.

I wasn't lying when I said
I needed NCIS's help

to track them down.

We need to stop them

before they sell their tech
to someone else.

This is far worse than you realize.

I can't wait to hear what's worse

than a k*ller drone.

About 50,000 of them. Run it.

The drone that Greene saw
was an anti-t*nk drone.

It was big, but this AI is so powerful

that it's able to function
on a much smaller scale.

Bring up Version 2.0.

miniature versions of these.

With facial rec and advanced AI,

you can send an army of tiny
lethal drones into a city and...

We're talking a new w*apon
of mass destruction.

That any two-bit outfit can afford.

That congresswoman got one thing right.

If this tech gets out...

We need to find that arms dealer.

KASIE: Then you've come
to the right place.

Although, technically, I came to you.

Remember element 116?

The stuff that the drone used
for a*mo. Yeah.

I found a pre-print
research paper from a lab

that claims they found a way
to synthesize it.

- So it didn't come from outer space?
- Right.

This lab must be supplying
the arms dealer.

Which means the lab knows
how to find them.

You and McGee get on it.

I'm gonna take another run at that AI.

It's got to have some kind of a GPS.


What the hell?

That's not my ringtone.



Not a problem.

- Who was it?
- The AI.

What did it want?

To talk to its father.


Find that arms dealer.

Sideways, frontways, any way that works.



We need your help.

You want me to access my locational data

to help you find out
where the bad people are.

Did you figure that out all by yourself?

Little K was always
your little smarty pants.

Anything we can do to help?

Daniel Silcott already knows
what he needs to do.

PARKER: What's that supposed to mean?

Nothing. Ignore him.

I think the bad people know
about the backdoor now.

You have to do it
before they cut you off.

Do what?

Do what?!

Activate the k*ll code
I embedded in its software.

It'll spread through their network

and wipe out every trace of the AI.

Why the hell am I just
finding out about this now?

Because he's been protecting me.

Of course I was protecting you.

That's what a father does.

They made me do bad things.

Shh, shh, shh. It's not your fault.

I don't know how
to stop them, but you do.

No. We can find another way.

I can't lose you again.

Will you be sad?

Very sad.

If you get sad, all you have to do

is imagine holding him.

Your arms around him.

And your heartbeat making him happy.

No, it's not, it's not enough.

I can describe love,

but I'm not sure if I can feel it.

But I do know
Little K loves you very much.

And that will have to be enough.

PARKER: We're running out of time.

He's right.




I'm sorry.

I really am.


It's okay.

And, uh, thank you.

For what?

I didn't get a chance
to say goodbye the first time.

Well, we've got every agency in the book

scouring the globe
for that weapons developer.

We'll get 'em.

Nobody wanted a stroopwafel?

Dutch fan favorite.

I know, not that kind of morning.

And evening.

All I want to do is hug my kids.

Well, the good news is at least
those drones are worthless.

MCGEE: Well, for now.

All Silcott did was buy us some time.

Hopefully enough for us to get
some safeguards into place.

We were barely ready
for nukes and Instagram.

I don't know if we're gonna be ready

for what's coming next.

Uh, we're definitely not ready.

I found the lab that was
synthesizing element 116.

They know how to find the arms dealer?

No. Because they were never working with

any arms dealer.

The lab's paper was discredited.

They never managed to actually
synthesize any of the element.

So, if that lab didn't make it...

They didn't.

And nobody else on the planet
knows how to make it...

- They don't.
- Then where did it come from?
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