02x02 - The Golden Goose

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "American Rust". Aired: September 12 – November 7, 2021.*
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Set in a small Rust Belt town in Pennsylvania, chief of police Del Harris takes on an investigation when the son of the woman he loves is accused of m*rder.
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02x02 - The Golden Goose

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Professor McKenna, can you think
of any enemies Liam might have had?

Anyone who could have
wanted to hurt him?

He was an eleventh-grade teacher. I
know he made some enemies that way.

The principal at Liam McKenna's
high school called back.

He was friends with Liam.
His wife was having an affair.

Jesus Christ!

Are you trying to get
me to point a g*n at you?

We are prepared to cover all
of Mr. Poe's medical expenses.

In addition, we are
prepared to offer $28,400.

Write me a check right
now, I'll take it.

I hope you remember today,
and what you took from my son.

- Are you recording me? f*ck you!
- Yes, Grace I am.

- You're not a scientist are you?
- f*ck, no.



[DELUCA] Two drug dealers
and an old lady are dead.

You can't convince a jury it was
Harris, based on what you've got.

You're the chief now.

Take the win and move on.

[HARRIS] It's good to
be back in Pittsburg.

You still interested in
being a part of it all?

I've just been waiting
for someone to ask.

You passed your test.


I'm in.

- You didn't get anyone naming names.
- Next time.

What's up, Grace. Finally letting
this little dog off the leash?

Shut your mouth.

And if you can't keep your
mouth shut, I promise you,

I'll come back here and shut it for you.

[GRACE] God, it's so good to see you.

Where you been?

Couldn't sleep.

Just driving around.


[STEVE] Says here there
was no slug retrieved.

In my experience, slugs
just don't loosen themselves

from ancient pressed-pine
walls because of the humidity.

[SUE] No, they do not.

[STEVE] What is Harris, six, three?

Only his long Sasquatch
arms could reach that slug.

I bet he used this exact chair.

Unfortunately, we
still don't have enough.

The missing w*apon from the Buell
PD g*n locker was Karl Headley's g*n.

[SIGHS] There's no proof.

I recognize the damn cobra
etching on the handle.

I think Harris sh*t
both guys with Karl's g*n

and then somehow fabricated
Bobby Jesus' k*ll sh*t wound,

and then switched up the g*ns.

How? With a screwdriver?
A f*cking butter Kn*fe?

It says right here, Jackson's
g*n fired the caliber of b*llet,

that ripped through Bobby Jesus' throat

and exited out the back of his head.

I'm telling you, Harris did something.

Steve, I'm not disagreeing with you.

Unfortunately, theories
alone don't convince juries.

We have a motive, but no real evidence.

Without the all-important slug,

that cavity may as well be a
charming imperfection in the wood.

Not to mention the fact that
on the night in question,

Harris' cell phone tracks
him back to his cabin.

Did ballistics even evaluate that hole?

[SUE] No, says there it was corrupted.

Because the slug was f*cking pried out.

No doubt Harris used his
trusty little pocket Kn*fe

which he's probably had
since he was a boy scout.

And I wouldn't be surprised
if Grace put the damn thing

in his little m*rder kit before he

made his way out here to West Virginia.


Chief Park.


- Copy that.

What's going on?

Chloe Tatlock was just found
dead at the Main Street Bar.

sh*t through the throat.


[GRACE] Hey.

- [HARRIS] Hey.
- Is he being sneaky, or...

careful, she wonders.




records up to 160 hours.

You can capture a kitten
meowing in a f*cking snowstorm.

[FBI AGENT 2] The thing can
practically do your taxes.

I just hope it can
light a few cigarettes.

Goes without saying how important it is

that you are the main
custodian of that thing.

The only custodian.

The custodian hears you loud and clear.

By the way, next time we meet,

can you get a room that doesn't
smell like a breakfast burrito?

Names and plans.

The Brotherhood could embroider
an entire f*cking holiday sweater

with other details, but if
we don't get names and plans,

- we got nothing.
- Conspiracy wins the golden goose.

Holiday sweaters, golden
geese, kittens and snow storms,

it's like a regular
children's book with you two.

[FBI AGENT 2] Hey, you
came to us, remember?

This is your little passion project.

If you really wanna bring these
guys in you will play by our rules.

What are their names? What are
their plans? Get it recorded.

You of all people know how
ruthless these guys are.

Do not underestimate them.

Names and plans. Got it.

[OFFICER] Her body was found at

No sign of forced entry,
no witnesses, no suspects.

- Fingerprints?
- It's a bar, Steve.

Chief Park.

It's a bar, Chief.

There are fingerprints
all over the damn place.

Chief Park. Say it.

Chief Park.


[STEVE] I need you to find out
where Grace Poe was last night.

- What's Grace Poe got to do with this?
- Just f*ckin' do it.


Hey, Harris.

Whoa. Easy on the mug cupboard.


If I've learned anything
since I've been back

it's that the mug cupboard
is damn important. [CHUCKLES]

Everything okay?

Yeah, everything's fine,
I'm just... f*cking women.

No matter what you do, no matter
how many times you apologize...

- Oh, sh*t!


You break that one, I'm gonna
have to report you to IA.

What the f*ck is wrong with me?

Ah, looks like you need
to blow off some steam.

Tell me about it.

I hear through the
grapevine you hunt deer.

It's like my third favorite thing to do.

Second being bass fishing on Lake Erie.

Should I not ask what's
in first position?

That has to do with
something I do to my lady

- when we are intimately engaged.
- Ah, see.

I've done my share of
serious big game hunting too.

Apex cats, rhinos, buffalo.


But there's something
about deer, you know.

Mike Orr tells me you've
got a place out in Buell.

A cabin in the woods.

Ten plus acres, woods galore.

I bet you get a lot of deer.

There's an eight-point buck
that's been in my crosshairs

- more than a few times.

- Eight-point, huh?
- Uh-huh.

That would be a serious trophy.

Imagine that on the
wall of your man cave.

I've got a cougar head from 1908.

No sh*t?

I've actually got an
entire wall of trophies

at my dad's summer place in Michigan.

Taxidermy is, like, my
fourth most favorite thing.

You should come to the
cabin for a weekend.

I don't have any animal heads,
but my lady's a hell of a cook.

- Are you are bourbon man?
- Am I a bourbon man?

Do male sharks have two penises?

Do they?

It's actually a really
interesting phenomenon in nature

and they happen to have
really aggressive sex.

f*cking sharks.

But bourbon, yeah. Maker's Mark.

People are always talking
about Pappy Van Winkle

and Elijah Craig, blah, blah, blah...

It's Maker's all the way.

Yeah, I'd peg you for a Maker's guy.

Yeah, well, you know, if it ain't broke.

Truth be told I've... I've been
kind of longing for the woods.

Smell of the trees...

Well, sometimes a dose of good clean
air can make all the difference.


- Chief.
- Hey, Harris.

f*cking press is all over my
ass about the mail bombing.

I get to my desk this morning I've
already got two different reporters

from the Post-Gazette
clogging up my voicemail.

- Bring something in, huh?
- I'm on it.

According to our records, she stayed

in one of our newly renovated suites.

What kind of bed?

We have California
kings in all our suites.

One person staying alone in a
room with a Cal king, no way.

Cal king's a bed for f*cking.

[HARRIS] Do you recall anything
unusual about the professor's stay?

To be honest, I barely remember her.

This isn't a roadside
motel. It's a busy place.

You got cameras all over?

Not in the rooms, but everywhere else.

Mind if we look at your
surveillance footage?

Sure, come this way.

- That's her.
- [ANGELA] Nell McKenna.

See the way her hand's
lingering on his arm?


f*cking rooms never have a
corkscrew. What's up with that?

[HARRIS] Who's that guy?

[ANGELA] That could be a woman.

That's a lot of food.

[HARRIS] Maybe McKenna's stress-eating.

Gorging herself before
her big rock presentation.

[ANGELA] Okay, now
we're getting somewhere.

I wish we could see her face.

Show us the front entrance.

Okay, she had to go to the elevator
to ride up to the fifth floor.

Rewind from that
timestamp, four minutes.

[ANGELA] Okay, freeze it there.

- That's her.


You said you believe you had
a water test done in 2008.

We did. We did have one.

- Can I see the results of that test?
- Objection! Asked and answered.

Mr. Martino, that question was asked

of Mr. Howland when he was deposed.

I refer you to page

His answer was, "I swear we did.
We just don't have it anymore."

I said, "Have the results?"

And Mr. Howland said,
"We can't find them."

So I ask you now, Mrs. Howland,

may I see the results of this water
test you two keep talking about?

We don't have it no more, but
we did have it and it was clean.

Objection, speculation.

That's my client's memory
of what the water test...

- Purported test.
- [MARTINO] What the water test said.

- If you in fact did get a test.
- We did.

- If you did, where is it?
- We don't know.

Such an important document,

one that you claim said
your water was, and I quote,

"pure as the baby Jesus."

I am not sure what that
means, but you said it.

- Objection.
- [RINNA] Where is it?

You never did have that test, did you?

It was clean and now it's spoiled.

- I'm finished here.
- It's okay, Ter. Hush now.

Your witness.


- [WOMAN] Hi.
- Hey.

[WOMAN] Can I help you?

My name is Grace Poe, I own the
property at the other end of the road.

- Oh. Yeah.
- You're fairly new here, right?

Yeah, my husband and I
just moved in 6 months ago.

Well, welcome to Buell.

- What's your name?
- Lucy.

- It's nice to meet you, Lucy.
- You, too.

- Hey.
- Oh, this is my husband, Drew.

Drew, this is Grace, she owns
the house at the end of the road.

- Nice to meet you, Drew.
- Nice to meet you, Grace.

Do you guys mind if I come in? I've
got something I'd love to show you.

- Yeah, yeah, sure. Come on.
- Great.

So, these are my seven acres.

Here are your two, here's the road,

and here is where they have six sites

on six properties running around ours.

But there's no way out for their
trucks except for the long way around.

So if we work together,
we can charge them

for the drilling and for right of way.

I mean, I could lease mine,
they couldn't get through yours,

you could lease yours, they
couldn't get through mine.

Looks like we got
Landwill in a tough spot.

Thank you.

Doesn't fracking
seriously poison the land?

It can, if it's not done correctly,

but Landwill's a big company,
they've done their research.

My friend Susan just went into business

with them, she said they've been great.

I could honestly give two lethargic

shits what fracking
might do to the land.

- Drew, don't say that.
- What?

- First it was coal, then it was steel.
- You don't have to tell me.

Drew grew up over in Monessen.

In the late '90s, they set up shop.

Brought in a sh*t-ton of
so-called economy to the area.

After they gouged us
for their resources,

they left us with a
hellaciously polluted river.

He's right, Lucy, the steel
companies made off with millions

and they left us with a mess.
Did you get any of that money?

The monthly royalties could set
you up for the rest of your lives,

and from what I hear, the signing
bonuses are pretty amazing as well.

Grisparis said his buddy over in
Brownsville signed a fracking lease.

They've already made three times
what they put down for their mortgage.

- You're really gonna do this?
- I am.

And if you go in with me on this,

we're going to have a lot
more negotiating leverage.


It's a lot, I know.
Uh, here's my number.

Just... Just think about it.





[ISSAC] Dennis, come on man.




- Can you even taste any of that?
- [VIRGIL] Mm,

the concept of taste exited the
Virgil Poe experience decades ago.

I think that's what the French
refer to as a double Nintendo.

Taste and taste.

Okay, I'm having a
lovely time here and all,

but do you have the papers?

I do. I do indeed have the papers.

Are they on your person?

They are in a very special place,
intimately linked to my person.

- Are they signed?
- They might be.

Oh, Jesus Christ, would
you quit f*cking around?

What do you want?

Money? Really. Wow. I mean, f*cking wow.

f*cking wow.

I know for a fact that
Billy gifted you that land.

And several local mortals
who happen to be in the know

have been whispering in
my extremely handsome ear

that you're about to
jump tits-first into bed

with the exceedingly prosperous
and financially fortified

Landwill Energy Company.

So it just seems to
be that you could, uh,

loosen up your purse strings
just a bit for your destitute,

tasteless, down-on-his-luck
soon-to-be, ex-husband.

- How much do you want?
- How much did they advance you?

Because that's what they
do, they advance you.

I'm, uh... I'm hoping about 15 K.

I'm thinking um...

I think 12 K ought to do the trick.

Calm down. Think about it, Grace.

I'm pretty sure this is extortion.

That word is way above my pay grade.

- It's a small price to pay.
- For what?

To make me go away.

Look, it's like you're on a hiking
trail in a mountainous wilderness.

- Oh, here we go.
- No, just hear me out.

- Do I have a choice?
- Okay, look.

You're hiking on this
trail, you're 5000 feet up

and you're holding in your hand a
fully loaded double cheeseburger.

And suddenly you come
face-to-face with a starving

rather desperate-looking mountain lion.

I mean a tall, lanky, extremely
good-looking mountain lion,

if we're gonna be honest about details,

but it's a f*cking mountain lion, man.

And all you gotta do is
take that cheeseburger,

and throw it over the Cliff and
poof! There he goes. Cowabunga.

Because that mountain lion is
dumber than a bucket of Shoe Goo.

Okay, fine.

I'll give you your double cheeseburger.

You'll get your money as soon
as the Landwill deal is done.

And then you better disappear.


Check, please.

Can I ask what you're going
to do with that kind of money?

Oh, oh, I've got plans. Thanks, Kiles.

I am a man with a plan.

Oh, that reminds me.

I figured you might want

Found that out in the shed.

I'm well aware...

Of where you stashed it after
you b*rned the f*cking house down?

Yeah, those very special
papers are in there.

And you can thank me for saving you
from a second degree arson charge

some other time, because that is

a felony in the great
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Thanks, Kiles.


♪ Maybe you're right ♪

♪ I shouldn't judge ♪

♪ What's wrong or right ♪

♪ This is too much ♪

♪ I'm not judging you, I'm judging me ♪

♪ My academy ♪

♪ Your academy ♪

♪ My academy ♪

♪ Your academy ♪

- [FISHER] So how does it feel to be back?
- [HARRIS] Good.

Yeah, pretty damn good.

Your little test run
stoked your appetite.

That's why you came down here.


Chuck wasn't perfect,
but he was a good man.

He was my partner and what he did...

When something comes
up, we'll let you know.

Hey, can I ask you something?

Just because I'm still getting
the lay of the land here.

Of course.

Are you the new... Or is it Mike Orr?

Maybe you should go ask Mike Orr.


[VIRGIL] Well, stop touching it, dude.

[BILLY] I wasn't peeking, it itches.

[VIRGIL] Don't peek, don't peek.

- Don't you be looking.
- [BILLY] I'm not.

Hold on, I got you.

All right, come over here.

- You got it?
- Yup.

Right there. Don't look.

[VIRGIL] You may remove the blindfold.

Why have you brought me to Rylan's?

Introducing Snarly,

a place of beverages and merriment

soon to be operated by the one
and only, Virgil Alosius Poe.

- Really?

I sh*t you not, flower pot.

Your old man is about to come into
some serious change, and he figured

what better thing to do
with it than invest it.

I'm seeing Tiki torches, karaoke nights,

Foosball Fridays.

f*cking beer pong tournaments
with progressive rounds.

Dad, where did this money come from?

Look, while you were in rehab, I had

some side deals that finally yielded.

Dennis lent me a bunch of
it, I called in some IOU's.

Look, I'm still dotting the
T's and crossing the I's,

technically, we're
just touring the place,

but it is soon to be official.

Barring any unforeseen
natural disasters,

you are looking at this
establishment's new proprietor.


Yeah, well, I mean,

neon signs go for upwards
of a grand these days,

so I just repurposed the
original, saved a bunch of money.

Dude, people are gonna be snapping
selfies in front of this puppy.

And when you're ready,

there will be a job with your
name on it waiting for you.

Chief barback.

Executive slinger of beers.

Security detail. Dealer's choice.

Dad, I'm really happy for you. I am.

But, what?

But I don't think I'm
gonna come work for you.

What, Billy Poe's old man
ain't good enough for him?

No, it's not that. I
really am psyched for you.

It's just that after
everything I've been through,

I just sort of need to do my own thing.

Okay, yeah.

- That makes sense, right?
- [VIRGIL] Yeah.

I just want you to know that the
door's always open for you, man.

In case you should ever
wanna be part of it.

So, how was your flight?

Well, as they say, any landing
you can walk away from is good.

You're right about that.

- [RINNA] No turbulence, no delays?
- No.

No, no, no, those little airports

are great get right in, get right out.

That's what I love to hear.
We're very happy to have you here.


That is a Cosmopolitan.

- There's vodka in there and there's uh...
- [JOELLE] Cointreau.

Cointreau, there's Cointreau and...

- Cranberry and lime juice.
- Cranberry and lime juice, right.

There is so much
vitamin C in that mother,

it will practically keep scurvy away.

And from what I understand,
all the proper ladies love 'em.

Tastes like a muppet in a blender.

I f*cking love it. Ah!

- Guess it makes me a proper lady.
- You are.

- Can I get another one?
- [VIRGIL] Yeah, baby.

- He's a good guinea pig.

- Gentlemen.
- Chief Park.

Steve Park, Chief of
Police. Welcome to Snarly.

Hey Chief, we run a clean
operation here, okay?

Clean a freshly bathed cucumber.

Give it a week.

Do you fellas mind us asking a few
questions about what was going on

at the Main Street bar the other night?

I presume you are talking
about the Chloe Tatlock m*rder.

- I'm afraid so, yes.
- f*cking shocker.

- Crazy.
- Totally f*cking crazy.

Did you notice any
suspicious interactions

between Chloe and anyone else?

No, no, nothing out of the ordinary.

What about you?

Just a normal night, people getting
drunk on the watered-down bourbon.

Chloe talking sh*t to any jamoke

with two big toes and half a brain cell.

[HANNAH] Did she go home with anyone?

Oh, I'm sure she did.
I couldn't tell you who.

Every night was like a
sausage casino with her.

- Spin the wheel, choose a sausage.
- Choose a sausage.

I understand Grace was there.

Oh, yeah, I mean, briefly. She came by

to pick up some important legal papers

that I had inadvertently sullied.

You know, in case you hadn't
heard, we're getting a divorce.

Sorry to hear that.

This guys officially single.

- Go fetch the bugler.
- Go, baby.

- Clink!
- Is it true that she had words with Chloe?

Words? I mean, yeah, words,

but I wouldn't classify
them as serious words.

What exactly did they say to each other?

I mean, Chloe just gave her
sh*t about my nuptial freedom,

and Grace basically
just told her to shut up.

She actually told Chloe if she wasn't

careful she'd shut her mouth for her.

So it was heated?

A little, yeah.

- Come on, man, that sh*t was heated.
- Dude.

Grace threatened her?

Technically, but when we were married,

she threatened me on a daily basis,

all right, if you don't take out that

garbage, I'm gonna blah, blah, blah,

if you don't cut that wood,
I'm gonna bippity-boppity-boo.

Hey, Officer Geddy, what's
your drink? You a Cosmo girl?

That drink tastes like a
mouthful of Starbursts to me.

I f*cking love Starbursts. Bartender,
another Cosmopolitan, please.

- [VIRGIL] Jesus Ch... Dennis The Menace.

- Ah!


Can I help you with something?

It's really gonna be like this?

It's nice to meet you too.

Landwill appreciates all
your hard work. Thank you.





I'm fine with my
long-distance cell plan.


Just heard about your run-in
with Chloe the other night.

[GRACE] My run-in?

According to more than one
eyewitness, there was an argument.

Well, there wasn't an argument.
She was sh*t-talking my marriage,

and I wasn't going to take
that, so I told her to f*ck off.

She's always been a sh*t-talker.

- And now she's dead.
- Yeah, and...

That is really, really unfortunate.

I won't be attending her funeral,
but I do feel sad for the girl.

Would you mind if I
took a look at your g*n?

- Seriously?
- I'm serious, yes.

- In that case, I indeed do mind.
- What are you hiding, Grace?

Am I being charged with something here?

Because if not, I believe
you need a warrant.

So move your foot, and f*ck off.


- Do you wanna be alone?
- No.

Come in.

I can feel you holding back.

In what way?

It's like you're keeping
part of yourself from me.

Is it because I chose Isaac?


- I don't understand what you're...
- Over you.

Billy, I left you in that
prison knowing you were innocent.

And you almost lost
your life because of it.

I can't stop thinking about that.

I feel guilty knowing
the pain I've caused you.

It's okay. Okay?

We both chose Issac.


I bet he goes to Paronne.

- Think he'll get a warrant?
- No.

Not the Judge Paronne I know.

He'll probably laugh him right
out of his chambers. [CHUCKLES]

What do you think Park knows?

I have no idea but he's not stupid.

Definitely chasing something.

Why else would he be so
hell-bent to pin Chloe on you?

But you didn't do it, so there's
nothing to worry about. Right?

You've gotta be kidding.

- Del, look...

You're being safe, right?


This Brotherhood stuff, it
just scares the sh*t out of me.

I'm in and they don't suspect a thing.

I promise I'm being safe.

- Mm.

I miss this. Don't tell
me you haven't missed it.

I've missed... I've missed it,

and I want more of it, I do.

You taking on some new work?

Bethany dropped 'em off, her
shop is kind of blowing up.

So I'm happy to help.
It's just alterations.

Never really move on, do we?

You vowed you'd never sew again.
I'm back in the Pittsburgh PD.


- Are these what I think they are?
- Mm-hm.

- He signed them?
- He did.

- That's good.
- It is.

What's this?



Billy was stuck in prison, and, um...

And after all that bullshit
with the union stuff,

I was in a really bad place.

So, I...

I took all the pictures
of Billy off the walls...

they were the only thing of value to me,

shoved them in that
gym bag and then I, um,

poured kerosene all over the trailer.

I just couldn't be there anymore.

I'm not proud of it.

Del, I just... I wanted
to build a new life.

A life with you.

Well, I'm glad you finally
came clean about it.

You knew?

I had a pretty good hunch.

Why didn't you say anything?

Because I finally had you to myself.

Do you forgive me?

Please forgive me.


This is a joke.

- You're kidding me, right?
- I beg your pardon?

This is offensive.

Can I ask how you
arrived at this number?

I'm afraid that that's the best
deal you ladies are going to get.

We do have another appointment
coming in right after you.

I advise you to sign now so
we can get the process going.

Come on, let's go.

Mrs. Poe, there's no
guarantee those terms...

Save it.


- Hey.
- Grace.

- Can I come in?
- Billy just went for a run.

Uh, actually, I'm here to see you.

- Got a minute?
- Sure.


- So this is where he's...
- Yeah.

Issac set it up with all his PT stuff.

- And he's doing okay?
- [LEE] I really think he is, yeah.

Let's go sit in the kitchen.

- [HARRIS] Here you go.
- Thanks.

- Find anything?
- You bet your ass I found something.

A mystery woman was sporting a
raptor pin on the lapel of her blazer.

Roark College.

Exactly. So I checked the
conference attendee list

to see if there were any
Roark professors there

and sure enough, there
were three. Come here.

A man, an old lady and... boom!

Meet Marta Canter, professor
of undergraduate poetry.

Nice work, Burgos.

- What's wrong?
- Ah, it's nothing.

I've just been trying to reach Cynthia

all day, she out sick, so that's...

It's really unlike
her to ignore my calls.


- You in tonight?
- Yeah, I'll be there.

Good, good.

What the f*ck was that?

- Card game.
- Gotta be kidding me.

Hey! I like poker.

What's wrong with poker?

I'd rather watch golf
and that sh*t makes

me wanna put my head through a window.

What do you like?

I like pugs.

I like Italian reds
from the Tuscany region,

and I like old Chevy Chase movies.

- Pugs, really?
- Hey watch it, now.

A pug is a regal dog.

Don't they have respiratory
problems, and, like, terrible gas?

Minor issues, pugs have soul.

Anyway, have fun. Don't
lose too much money.

Full transparency,

Landwill is a client
of the firm I work for,

so I can't in good conscience
tell you what to do.

But I will say this. You have more
power than you think you might.

- How so?
- Ultimately, you're very valuable to them.

They offered you a deal. They
don't do that to everyone.

Push back on the signing
bonus and percentages.

- How hard?
- Hm, hard.

Like, I can ask for double
what they're offering?

I'm not shaking my head no.


Look, if you counter and they play ball

and I have no reason
to believe they won't,

I'd be happy to look at the
next draft of the contract.

- Really?
- Strictly on the down-low, of course.

You don't have to do that, Lee.

I know.


[MIKE] Your move, Del.

You're making big city
money now, come on.

Raise you 200.

- Mm.
- Get the f*ck...

[MIKE] Okay.

I f*cking see it.

- Mm.
- Come on.

Nice little straight flush.


Damn it! I almost had you.

- [MIKE] Come on.
- [HARRIS] Admit it.

[LAUGHING] f*ck me with a two-tone
hurdy-gurdy wrapped in chicken wire.

Balls to bluff a f*cking
deuce and a seven.

- I don't know.
- [MAN] Another hand fellas?

[ORR] Yeah, let's do it.

- Big money.
- You're late.

I had to handle a few things at home.

- What is this?
- [VIC] Deal me in.

[FISHER] Game is Texas
Holdem. Five to get in.

Triple Barrel. Is that
what you're drinking?

[MUNSON] Yeah, triple your hangover.

- [VIC] Yeah.
- [MIKE] Ease up that.

- Hey Fisher.
- Yeah.

- [VIC] Hey, Fisher.
- [MUNSON] I'll go blind.

Hey-o, Fisherking.

What's going on, Vic?

Have you given any more
thought to my proposal?


I have.



Vic, not now.

[MUNSON] Yeah, be in the
moment, play some cards.

Jesus Christ.

My grandmother's dialysis clinic
has more Chi than this table.

- What the f*ck is Chi?
- Chi? Chi?

I'll give you Chi.

[MIKE] You gonna put your chips in?

[MUNSON] Come on let's see some
cards, what are we waiting on?

- Patience is a virtue.
- [MIKE] Let's go, let's go.

Yeah just put all those f*ckin'
chips over here. [CHUCKLES]

- May I?
- Be my guest.

[MUNSON] You know it.

Save some for your
daughter's tuition, huh?

Got fluid in here?

[MUNSON] Here, you in? f*ckin' ladies.

- [MIKE] What are you doing?
- [MUNSON] Come on, jagoff.

- [MAN 1] You're full of sh*t.
- [MAN 2] Let's go.

- [MAN] Oh, yeah.
- [MUNSON] You play like that.

- [MAN] What is it? Two to call?
- Two.

- [MAN] Who's losing?
- [MUNSON] Oh here we go.

- [MIKE] Raise. All right.
- [MAN] Easy cowboy.

[MUNSON] Go all in blind, come on.



You gonna lock the door?

This can't happen again.

So, why did you follow me in here?

To say it out loud.

This can't happen again.

I like clean hard lines.
Separation of church and state.

Are you the church or the state?

[GUY 1] You're like an
octopus with all those hands.

And from what I hear,
octopi are geniuses.

They can, like, do
algebra, state capitals...



[STEVE] Mom loved your salad.

You're a horrible liar.

Okay, maybe she didn't say she loved it,

but she also didn't say she hated it.

She called your dressing interesting.

- She's trying.
- I know she is.

Did you help her to bed?

Yeah. Just now.

You, uh, going down
to the basement later?

I was able to get this started for you.

Chloe Tatlock.

Rest in peace.

Maya, this is perfect.



Making things hard on yourself.

I'll get the f*cking zippo back.

- I would.
- He goes to refill the lighter fluid,

- your cover's blown.
- He's not gonna refill the lighter fluid,

Vic Walker does not
refill the lighter fluid.

If it runs out, he throws it in a
drawer, looks for another lighter.

Besides, him having it
might be a good thing.

- Why?
- He's a loudmouth and a loose cannon.

And I happen to think he could be the

key to cracking this thing wide open.

- We need more than just Walker.
- We need all of them.

- [GARN] Conspiracy wins the golden goose.

f*ck your f*cking golden goose.

- [ANGELA] Come on Cynthia, open up.


I can do this all night, Cynthia.

Come on, Cyn, let me in!


Please, please, let me report him.

- He can't keep doing this to you.
- Ang, I know you mean well,

but there is no way
that I'm going to IA.

It would ruin my career.

It's not as bad as it looks.

Vic's got a temper, but so do I.

Sometimes I just push him too far.

- We're just going to rough patch.
- A rough patch?

- Do you think this...
- Ow!

Do you think this stops?

Do you think there's
a f*cking pause button?

- He's going to k*ll you, Cynthia.
- This is my life.





[VIC] Oh, hey...


didn't tell me we were
having guests tonight.

Guest. There's only
one of me standing here.

One Angela.

Can I get one Angela a drink?

Numero uno Angela.

Quiero una... una cerveza.


And no, thank you, I'm fine.

All right. [MUMBLES]



Trusty old light.


♪ I found some fast easy women
and some hard drinkin' men ♪

♪ Swore I would drown
all the sorrow in me ♪

♪ I once had a lot ♪

♪ But the future was not ♪

♪ Not what it used to be ♪

♪ Oh, the years they went by ♪

♪ And I went steadily downhill ♪

♪ Until I had no place left to go ♪

♪ Made the missions by mornin' ♪

♪ Made the dives every night ♪

♪ Until I made a wreck
of my body and soul ♪

♪ And then I met a lady ♪

♪ In time she made me ♪

♪ Forget, her love set me free ♪

♪ Oh, we didn't have a lot ♪

♪ But the future was not ♪

♪ Not what it used to be ♪

♪ I never thought I
would live to get old ♪

♪ The past cut a hole deep in me ♪

♪ But there was the chance ♪

♪ To be here a while longer ♪

♪ At least I wanted to be ♪

♪ Somebody told me ♪

♪ She was in town ♪

♪ I found out today ♪

♪ Lord, how it hurts me ♪

♪ To hear that she's down ♪

♪ But what else can I say? ♪

♪ I know her sorrow ♪

♪ I know her pain ♪

♪ I know her need ♪

♪ I once loved her a lot ♪

I put law and order first.

Excuse my f*cking
French, it's horse sh*t.

[GRACE] Next on
American Rust: Broken Justice...

[LEE] I was wondering if
I could see your records

for any water tests
in the last 20 years.

[ANGELA] I have a mind to go to IA.

You really think Cynthia's
in serious danger?

- Hey!

We know you were having an
affair with Nell McKenna.

I didn't have anything to
do with her husband's death.

- Cheers.

[DEL] I still need to
swap out his lighter.

- [GRACE] Let me do it.
- [MAN] Hey.

Officer, there's no need for that.

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