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Easter, Religious/Spiritual Movie Collection.
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An Easter Bloom (2024)

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(gentle music)

(gentle music)

(gentle music continues)

(gentle music continues)

(wings fluttering)

- I can't see anything, Dad.

(Craig laughs)

- Well, yeah, that's

kind of the point

of the blindfolded,

isn't it, birthday girl?

(both chuckling)

- All right.

- Here, right up there.

- [Grace] Oops.

(gentle piano music)

- This is all mine?

- That's right, Little

Ladybug. Your very own garden.

- And you can grow

whatever you want.

(Craig chuckles)

- This is the best

birthday ever.

- Oh, how could I forget?

You're gonna need this if you

plan on planting any seeds.

- My very own trowel?

- Amanda, remember this

when you use that trowel,

the key to any garden's success

is the love that

you put into it.

- I have plenty of love to give.

- Yeah, you sure do.

- Dig, dig.

(all chuckling)

(trowel rasping)

(gentle music)

(people chattering)

(gentle music continues)

(gentle music continues)

(oven bell dings)

- Mom!

(footsteps pattering)

(Amanda sniffs)

Hmm, (sniffs) smells

like snickerdoodle?

- Cinnamon give it away?

We've sold out every week

since the new pastor let me

sell them after Sunday service.

- Good because every

cookie sale counts

when the flowers

aren't blooming.

(Grace sighs)

So much for frost being over.

The bloom is so far

behind this year,

the only thing we'll be

harvesting for Easter is dirt.

- The harvest calendar

is just an estimate.

It's been off in the past.

Can't control the weather, but

we can control other things.

I should hear back soon about

our business loan application.

- Can't we just refinance?

- Not with the

mortgage in arrears.

Your dad would be proud

of how hard we're

trying, I know that.

- We have enough to make it

through Easter, though, right?

- Let's see what the bank

says about our emergency loan.

- I don't know what we'd

do without the farm.

- Well, we won't give up.

I can still hope for

an Easter miracle.

- Can I take a few of

these for the road?

- [Grace] Mm.

- Maybe the tips of the

cafe will be extra big

on this extra cold morning.

(Grace chuckles)

Okay, I'm gonna go. I love you.

- I love you too.

Whoa, oh

Yeah, I've been

through it all

- Okay. Right behind you.

Here's your coffee.

- Cool.

Awesome. Muffin.

I have a regular latte and

a double espresso mocha.

- Thank you. Have a good day.

Thanks. Your regular.


- Hey.

- What can I get you?

- Good morning.

I'll have a large lavender

latte with a dash of cinnamon,

some agave, and almond

milk, only if you have it.

- Yep, sure. Give

me two minutes.

- Thank you.


- Effie, I'm pretty sure

I need another two sets of hands

to make it through

the morning rush.

How do you do it?

- When in doubt, more caffeine.

- Ah.

- Cheers.

- Cheers.

(both slurping)


- Uh-huh.

- Mm.

Thank you, again, for

letting me pick up

some extra shifts at the cafe.

Things are pretty

tight at the farm,

at least until the

spring bloom comes in.

- Well, I know you'd do

anything to save the farm.

For example, used to

love our play dates.

You know, the ones

where you just basically

got me to help you weed?

(both laughing)

- My dad always said that

pulling weeds built character.

- Uh-huh.

(Amanda sighs)

- Almond milk, lavender latte,

two pumps of agave,

dash of cinnamon.

- Thanks, Amanda.

- Have we met before?

- No, you just have a nice,

beautiful, labeled name tag.

- Oh, (chuckles) I

forget that's there.

- Mm.


This might be the best

latte I've ever had.

Mm-mm, nope. That's all yours.

- Um, that's a $14 tip.

- And I'd give you a

15th dollar if I had it.

You see, some

people drink coffee

to, you know, drink coffee.

I drink coffee because

it's an experience,

and yours, it has

just the right amount

of lavender and agave. (slurps)

Mm, not too sweet,

not too floral,

and just the right temperature

for a cold day like today.

All right?

- Well, um, well, thank you.

- [Derrick] No, thank you.

- I've never heard anybody

talk about coffee like that.

- Well, that's

because we just met.

- Right.

- I appreciate your artistry,

your effort, most

of all, that smile.

Have a good one.

- Have a good day.

- Um, okay, that was adorable.

- What? He appreciated

my artistry.

- Uh, that was a $14 tip.

Think he was appreciating

more than just your artistry.

Just saying.

Hi, Gladys.

- Oh, hi, Gladys.

- Amanda Raymond. You're

in the coffee business now.

- Uh, just temporarily, until

the spring bloom comes in.

- Fingers crossed that spring

is hiding around the corner.

I'll just take a black.

- Oh. Yeah.

- You know, I really

do miss seeing

those dedication

arrangements from your farm

in the church

lobby every Sunday.

- That was really more

of my dad's thing.

- I know you two were close.

Just know how much those

arrangements lifted my spirits.

I sure hope we get

to see them again,

and we hope to

see you again too.

- Um, I'm sure you'll see

my mom in service on Sunday.

- Thank you.

- Have a good day.

- Bye.

Everything good?

- Uh, yeah, just...

It's hard, sometimes, when

people talk about my dad.

Brings up a lot.

- Everyone has nothing

but love for him.

I do too.

Except some of those gardening

puns were way too cheesy.

- Um, what was a good one? Oh.

"You grow, girl."

- Uh, "What incarnation?"

(both laughing)

(bell jingles)

- Oh. Here she comes again.

- Who?

- Someone who seems to lack

a little sunshine in her life.


- I'll take the usual.

- Yes.

- Mm-hmm.

(Effie clears throat)

- Muffin. Muffin.

Nice day we've been having.

Thank you.

- Here you go.

- Keep the change.

- Oh.

- Have a good day!

Not one for conversation

much, is she?

- Yeah, she's a

real tough cookie.

- Speaking of cookies-

- Oh?

- I think we deserve a

little cookie celebration

after having survived

that morning rush.

- [Effie] Mm.

- My mom made a fresh batch of

snickerdoodles this morning.

- Oh my gosh, oh my

gosh, oh my gosh.


(snickerdoodle crunching)


No words. I have no words.

- Yum?

- Yes, that.

Mm! Wait.

Idea. How many of these

can your mom make?

'Cause we could sell

them in the cafe.

- I was hoping you

would say that.

- You set me up?

- Mm, little bit.

- Oh.

And whatever profits we make

can go right back to the farm.

- Okay, you don't go that far.

- Uh-huh, Amanda, um, I just

died and went to cookie heaven,

so, yeah, we should do that.

(snickerdoodle crunches)

(both laughing)

Hi. How can I help you?

(shovel thudding)

(Amanda sighs)

- Come on.

(shovel thuds)

(Amanda sighs)

(shovel clatters)

(Amanda sighing)

(gentle music)

How come they

haven't come out yet?

- [Craig] Because they

still need time, Ladybug.

- But what if something is

wrong? I'm getting worried.

- You know what I do

when I'm worrying?

I say a little prayer.

- Why do you do that?

- Because it lets me

give my worries away

instead of letting

them weigh me down,

and I know God will

take them from me.

- You really think so?

- Yeah.

- I guess I'll try.

Hi, God. It's me,

Amanda Raymond.

I'm really nervous

about my garden.

Please help them grow to be

big, beautiful, and healthy.


How was that?

- That was perfect.

(Craig chuckles)

(gentle music)

(Amanda sighs)

- I know that you'd probably

be praying right now.

Prayers can't melt ice,

they can't bring you back.

(tires screeching)

(car crashes)

(door clacks)

Hey, are you okay?

- Oh, I think so.

Yeah, no bumps, no bruises.

Oh, thank goodness.

- Do you live nearby?

- Closer to town. My husband

and I just moved here.

Yeah, I'm gonna call him and

he's gonna come and get me.

- Okay, okay.

Um, I can also get your

car out with our tractor.

But, um, should we go inside?

It's freezing out here.

- Oh, you're a godsend.

- Amanda.

- Oh. Lori.

- [Amanda] Yeah.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Just watch your step there.

- Yeah.

I'm just a little shooken up.

- [Amanda] I'll

put the kettle on.

- Nothing better than a hot

cup of cocoa on a frigid day.

(Amanda chuckles)

- Cheers to that.

- Oh, you have a lovely home.

You live here with your husband?

- No, I am single. (chuckles)

It's my parents' house.

Well, um, actually,

it's my mom's house.

My dad died last year.

- Sorry to hear that.

I did see the sign on

your farm out front,

The Raymond Pick Your

Own Bouquet Flower Farm?

- Yeah, that's our

family business.

I know, it doesn't look

like much right now,

but, hopefully, in a few weeks,

it'll be a cornucopia

of color out there.

- Oh, yeah, the weather.

It's either they're a gardener's

greatest ally or worst enemy.

(both chuckling)

Let me guess.

Pink peonies and maybe a

row of purple hyacinths

to complement them, and, oh,

I can imagine a wide array

of tulips, perfect

Easter flower,

and, maybe a hybrid or two

when they cross-pollinate.

- Okay, Lori, most people

don't know the difference

between a daisy and a daffodil.

What's your secret?

- My whole life has been the

business of flowers, dear.

- So you're a florist?

- Was for 40 years.

I'm officially retired

now. It's just a hobby.

I don't even compete

in the annual

Easter Flower Arranging

Competition anymore.

- But you have.

Have you ever won?

- Oh, I haven't, but I

placed second last year.

My highest finish.

- So, um, I'm sitting

with floral royalty,

is what you're saying.

- Certainly not the queen, but

perhaps in her royal court.

(Amanda chuckles)

- Um, I can go get my tractor

and we can get you

back on the road?

- Mm. Oh, I certainly

appreciate that.

Thank you so much.


- Hmm?

- Is there anything that

I can do to repay you

for your help with my car?

- Um, well, can

you pull a miracle

and melt the ice out there?

(Lori chuckles)

- You really need a bloom, huh?

- You know the flower business.

We make most of our money

during certain seasons,

and with the Easter bloom

being so far behind-

- Well, sadly, my alter

ego isn't Mother Nature,

but what about that Easter

Flower Arranging Competition?

I mean, the prize is $20,000.

- Wow, I mean, that

would be enough

to get us through the season.

Except there's just

one tiny, huge problem.

I'm a farmer, not a florist.

I mean, that's why we

have our customers pick

their own bouquets.

- Well, that's where I come in.

I mean, I know six weeks

is not a lot of time,

but I can teach you

what you need to compete

if you're willing to learn.

- The cost of flowers alone-

- No, no, no. I can handle it.

And we can always practice

with silk flowers.

I mean, think about it,

we might even dethrone

Queen Constance Hughes.

- Constance?

- Yeah, she's won

10 years in a row.

Oh, oh, Amanda.

Come on, (chuckles) just

take my number here.

(pen scratching)

Here you go.

(paper rustles)

- This is a very generous offer,

and I'm sure it'd

be fun to learn,

but I couldn't compete.

I'd be going against people

with years of experience.

Thank you, but I'll

just have to find some

other way to keep us afloat.

- Okay.

But call me if you

change your mind.

- I will. Come on,

let's go get your car.

- Yes, please.

(gentle piano music)

- No, I understand.

You're just doing your job.

Thank you.

- Hey. Is everything okay?

- That was the bank, Amanda.

Our last two years of

sales just aren't enough

to give them confidence

to approve the loan.

- But that was our Hail

Mary to get caught up.

(somber music)

I have to do it.

- Do what?

- The statewide Easter

Flower Arranging Competition.

The first prize is $20,000.

It's at least enough

to keep us afloat

until the bloom comes.

- Flower arranging?

Is this a skill that

you've been hiding from me?

- Hiding from everyone,

including myself.

But I met a florist

yesterday and she's retired,

but she's competed before,

and she said she'd teach me.

- Your dad would

love to hear that.

- I have to at least try.

Maybe our last hope.

- Well, little bit of

hope is all we need.

- Amanda, I have to ask,

what made you change your

mind about the competition?

- Our business loan

application got denied,

so winning the

competition prize money,

it feels like maybe

the farm's last hope.

- Well, then let's

not waste any time.

Take a look at

your blank canvas.

(Amanda sighing)

Oh, I know that look.

- The "I have no idea

where to begin" look?

(Lori laughs)

- Yeah, that one.

Let's just have fun to start

and we'll see what

we're working with.

- Uh, so peonies and

ranunculus, iris,

and, go to a classic,

got some roses.

- Yeah, you do

know all the names

of the flowers

and how they grow,

but I wanna see you

actually create something.

- I think that my

creative side is

still hibernating for winter.

(Lori chuckles)

- It's a good thing

there's no pressure.

Come on, just have fun.

- Okay. You asked for it.

(hands patting)

(gentle music)

Do some...

And, um, mm-hmm.


(Amanda claps)

I call it "A Thorn

Amidst Roses."

- [Lori] Mm-hmm.

(Lori chuckles)

- It's rough, I know,

but I am ready and willing

to do whatever it takes.

- That's the spirit.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

You got a lot to learn.

There are five principles

to floral design.

You master those, you

got a chance to win.

They are harmony, contrast,

purpose, balance, and...

Uh, I'm gonna keep

the last one a secret.

- A secret?

Well, I mean, don't I need all

five to win the competition?

- A secret for now at least.

I mean, it's something

that you can only learn

after you've succeeded

at the first four.

But let's get on with it.

Now, the first

principle is harmony.

- Harmony?

- Yeah.

We're going on a field

trip for this one.

Come on, let's take a walk.

- Okay.

(gentle music)

- Your lesson awaits.

- [Amanda] Inside?

- Oh, is everything okay?

- I, I haven't been back

inside since my dad's funeral,

and that was over a year ago.

- So it brings back a lot.

(door thuds)

- A lot.

(alarm chirping)

- [Derrick] Hey, Mom!

- Oh, Derrick.

- Hey.

- Perfect timing.

Meet Amanda Raymond.

She's the flower protege

I was telling you about.

- We've met. Uh,

Mr. Lavender Latte.

- Mm-hmm. It's good to see

you, minus the name tag.

(Amanda chuckles)

I'm Derrick, the new pastor.

It's a pleasure.

Well, I don't wanna get in

the way of flower training.

Uh, late for choir

practice myself, so...

La la la

- Oh.

(Derrick clears throat)

- As you can hear, I need

all the help I can get.

- Well, we're on our

way there as well.

- All right, I'll

see you inside.

- Um, only if, of

course, you're ready.

- Yeah.

(door thuds)

(door clacks)

(choir vocalizing)

(choir continues vocalizing)

- I just need a moment.

- Take your time.

(choir vocalizing)

(gentle piano music)

(gentle piano music continues)

- Thank you. Just thank you.

Pink was Sonya's

favorite color. Yeah.

(gentle piano music continues)

- Lori, I just can't.

(gentle piano music continues)

(door clacks)

I know, I'm ruining the lesson-

- No, no. Don't feel

bad for one sec.

You know, it's not one

of the five principles,

but the key to any

successful arranger

is the ability to adapt.

It's not...

Not every arrangement's gonna

go exactly as you want it to.

(door thuds)

- Amanda, everything okay?

- Yeah, I'm just not ready

to go back in there, Pastor.

- Please, it's only Pastor

on Sundays. It's Derrick.

Don't be so hard on yourself.

If you're not ready,

it's on your time. Okay?

And I'd be happy to

open the door for you

if and when that time comes.

- I appreciate it.

Um, it's very chivalrous.

- Well, I was raised well.

(Lori chuckles)

Well, I'll let

you two get to it.

Hope to see you again.

(gentle guitar music)

(record clatters)

- [Amanda] This

is like a antique.

- It's very retro.

Now, for your lesson, I want

you to pay special attention

to each person's solo.

As I went down to the river

- Soprano.

Studying about that

- Alto.

And who shall

- Tenor.

The starry crown

- The bass. (chuckles)

- Right, okay. I'm following.

(Lori chuckles)

- Here's the best part.

Let's go down, come on down

- The harmony.

- Yes.

So, I think we can agree

that, individually, these

flowers are lovely, right?

- Right.

- Now, I want you

to close your eyes.

Close your eyes.

And I want you to imagine

that the quartet is singing.

Let's go down, come on down

O sisters, let's go down

Down in the river to pray

- Voila.

(Amanda chuckles)

- How did you...

- Your first

lesson, Grasshopper.

- I'm more of a Ladybug person.

- Noted.

See, the key is to look

for ways for the flowers

to complement one another.

Now, you give it a try, Ladybug.

(both chuckling)

- Okay.

- So as you can see, we've

substantially upped our offer,

really taking into consideration

the value and

acreage of the land.

- Tom.

We've told you before, and

we will tell you again-

- It's not for sale. Hi, Amanda.

Your father was a

good friend of mine,

and I'm trying to

help you and your mom

by providing

another alternative.

- That a letter from

the mortgage company?

- We're getting more

and more behind,

and without the business loan-

- It's a notice for foreclosure.

- Again, I don't wanna

be in this position,

but I'd like to

give you the option

to earn something

substantial and fair

based on what you've built,

as opposed to other options.

(Grace sighs)

- We still have time, Tom.

And you're right, you

and Craig were close,

so you'd know that he would-

- Decline my offer.


I'm rooting for you.

Reach out to me before you

hear from the bank again.

You know where to find me.

(door clacks)

(door thuds)

- Foreclosure?

How did this happen?

- No reserves and bad weather,

and your dad was the

flower whisperer.

- I should have moved back

here when Dad asked me to.

Maybe then I would know

more about the business and-

- Listen to me. This

is not your fault.

Have faith that things

will turn around.

- Why would God do this to us,

after everything we

went through with Dad

and frost and, now, foreclosure?

- God doesn't work

like that, Amanda.

I tell you what,

I'll get more hours

at the accounting firm,

and I'll keep baking,

and that'll give

you time to practice

so you can win that competition.

How'd it go today?

- Yeah, um, sorry, but

I wouldn't count on

winning the competition.

(Grace sighs)

- God wants us to be joyful,

but that doesn't mean we have

to be happy all the time.

There will be times in our

lives of struggle, of loss.

But even when there are tears

rolling down your cheeks,

there can still be

joy in your heart.

Ultimately, I want you

all to remember that

during the Easter season.

Joy can be steadfast in sorrow

and triumphant in tribulation.


- [Congregation] Amen.

- Amen.

- Amen.

- Ah, James, pleasure.

Thanks, Jimmy. Good to see you.

- Sweetheart.

Oh, sweetheart, great.

- Ah, thank you.

Papa, thank you.

- Wonderful sermon today, D.

Or should I say, Pastor D?

- Samuel Stevens in the flesh.

It's good to see you, my friend.

Don't tell me you came all this

way just to hear me preach?

- I know you're busy

now, but hear me out.

I'm starting a new

venture that could be

a really exciting

opportunity for you.

A way to connect to

your two passions.

- Okay, all right, well,

we should find time

to chat, catch up.

- We'll talk soon.

- Good to see you.

- [Samuel] You too.

- [Derrick] Hmm.

- Pastor.

- Ah, (clears throat).

- It's still Sunday.

- Okay, you get a hall pass.

- Uh, lavender latte?

Just the way you like it?

- And what did I

do to deserve this?

- You know, token of

my, um, appreciation

for your very generous

tip the other day.

But I don't wanna keep

you from the congregation.

- Please, my congregation's

too busy gobbling up

your mama's banana bread.

- Mm.

- So, um, I've got an hour

until my next service.

Do you care for a walk?

- Uh, sure.

(dog barking)

So how are you

liking town so far?

- I love it, although,

for me, it's a bit cold.

(both chuckling)

Yeah, my parents grew up in

Vermont, so they're used to it,

but I was raised

mostly in the south.

You know, come to think of it,

people here are like

the weather there, warm.

(Amanda chuckles)

- [Amanda] Your mom

said that are a bit

of an outdoorsy type.

- That's my mom, loves

talking about her son.

(Amanda chuckles)

But she's right, I do

love being outside.

It's my happy place.

- She also, uh,

mentioned four-wheeling?

- Did she?

- And ax throwing.

- Of course she did.

- Mountain biking.

- What else?

- Uh, skydiving.

- Well, that's

actually a lot of fun.

(both laughing)

- If I'd met you today,

I never would've guessed.

- Is it the clean-shaven,

tailored suit jacket,

polished dress shoes thing?

It's not your typical

mudding outfit.

- Can't say I've

met too many pastors

who like ax throwing

and skydiving.

- Well, if you can't tell, it

means I'm doing a good job.

- What does that mean?

- I'm new to this town,

so I don't want people,

you know, knowing about

my extreme adventure

side, just yet.

- You think that

they'd really care

what you do for fun

when you're not working?

- They have a lot

of trust in me.

And being a pastor is

a big responsibility.

I don't want people

thinking that I'm reckless

and irresponsible

during my downtime.

I hope you can understand.

Can we just keep

this between us?

- Seriously?

- Seriously.

- Uh, sure.

Only if you tell me

more about skydiving.

- [Derrick] I never

prayed so hard in my life.

(gentle music)

(soil rustling)

- Amanda. It's six

in the morning.

What are you doing?

- I couldn't sleep and wanted

to start prepping things

before heading

Lori's later today.

- Well, let me help.

(bag rustling)

Saw you got to meet her son.

- Mom, it's not like

that. He's the pastor.

And, I don't know, we're

just in two different places.

- You know, when I met your

father at the farmer's market,

we were both searching

for the perfect bouquet

and both found it

exactly the same time.

And he insisted on

buying it, and I let him.

(Grace chuckles)

Only to have him purchase

it and give it to me.

But while your father was a man

who was incredibly

firm in his faith,

he was also a man who was

always willing to meet me

wherever I was in

my faith journey.

- And I just met Derrick. I

don't know that much about him.

- Well, and I'm sure he has

a lot to learn about you too.

Just do yourself a favor,

don't let your own

fears get in the way.

(wings fluttering)

(Grace gasps)

You were always Dad's Ladybug.

- The ladybugs are returning.

There's a slight bit of hope

that the ground

will soften soon.

(wings fluttering)

- Well, a slight bit

of hope is all we need.

(Amanda chuckles)


(birds chirping)

(patrons chattering)

- Amanda. Are all of these

table arrangements yours?

- Uh, yeah, I'm practicing

for a flower

arranging competition.

- Why are you

using fake flowers?

- Well, the frost,

and I don't have the

budget for fresh ones,

so I've just been using

fake ones to practice.

- Practicing with fake

flowers? That just won't do.

Please, let me donate

to your flower fund,

and I'll take all of

your mom's cookies too.

- No, no. No, you can't.

Um, that's too generous.

- Of course I can.

Consider it an investment

in you and your talent.

My reward comes in the

beautiful arrangements

I get to see from you,

here and at church.

- Thank you, Gladys.

(Gladys chuckles)

Running into freedom

Dancing barefoot

like it's Eden

(bell jingles)

(door thuds)

(Amanda chuckles)

- Okay, as much as I would love

to take a break and go shopping,

shouldn't we be

focusing on flowers?

- Oh, Ladybug, you

have much to learn.

- Lori. Right on time.

- [Lori] Tiff.

- Amanda, so good to see you.

I am so excited that

you came in today.

Our spring line just came out,

and let me tell

you, it is amazing.

- Feels like you should be

focusing more on pushing scarves

and jackets with

the current weather.

- Well, you know what,

if you think spring,

then it will come.

But what do you say we

try on some outfits?

- Yes. Amanda, I want you

to pick out an outfit.

- Any outfit?

- Whatever moves you.

Yeah, yeah

You plant the seed of love

You plant the seed

of love in my heart

And it's bursting in

and out of my chest

(curtains rattling)

(Tiff gasps)

- [Tiff] Very cute, bright.

- Oh, it's bright.


- No, no, no.

- What do you think?

- It's lovely, but...

No, follow me.

Follow where the junk goes

(Lori humming)

- There you go.

(curtains rattling)

(Tiff gasps)

- Ooh.

(camera snaps)

- Yes.

(curtains rattling)

- It's really cute.

(Lori chuckles)

Ooh, angelic, yes.

(camera snaps)

(curtains rattling)

- Ooh.

So I think...

(Tiff laughs)


(curtains rattling)


- No, I'm not...

(Amanda laughs)

Try something else.

(curtains rattling)

- [Lori] Oh my.

- Oh my gosh,

looks very, very...

(curtains rattling)

- Ooh.

- [Lori] Please, twirl, twirl.

(camera whirs)

(curtains rattling)

- Oh.

- Oh, yeah, baby.

(Amanda chuckles)

(curtains rattling)

So, what seems like a fun

fashion show is actually

a valuable lesson

in floral design.

You're gonna learn

that very soon.

(gentle piano music)

Come on.

- So is there a reason you're

avoiding the Constance?

- Constance and I, well,

we used to be best friends.

- Used to be?

- Yeah.

We worked in the same

floral shop for years.

Why, she had such

an eye for design.

Yeah, there was

so much laughter.

We worked so many

hours in that shop,

creating arrangements

for every occasion.

It's missing something.

- Something bright.

- And yellow.

- [Both] A sunflower.

- There was a signature

to all our designs.

It was a single sunflower.

I like to think

that it represented

the brightness of our friendship

until, um, circumstances

changed that forever.

You see, we had a plan.

We were going to open

our own floral shop.

And then I, then I met Don,

fell in love, got engaged.

He relocated for work.

And I had to make a choice,

follow my fiance or keep my

promise to my best friend.

Broke Constance's heart.

She stopped talking to

me, and I did the same.

There was no coming

back from it.

- Sorry to hear that.

- You can imagine

how tense it is

when we see each other every

year at the competition.

And, now, I mean,

thanks to my son,

we're practically neighbors.

- Why haven't you ever

tried to reconcile?

- I think we're both just

too proud to forgive.

(gentle piano music)

So, take a look at

this first outfit.

You see how the black

skirt really makes

the red top stand out even more?

- Yeah, it pops.

- Yeah. It doesn't

have to be just color.

I mean, look at this one

with the free-flowing skirt

and the fitted top.

- So shapes.

- Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

And the stripes here

with the solid color?

- Patterns.

- Yeah, that's right.

You're learning.

The second principle

is contrast,

how contrasting colors,

pattern, shapes, textures,

can all make things

stand out even more.

Now, look, I made

this one earlier.

It's not terribly

exciting, is it?

- Could use a boost.

- Yeah, I think so.


(gentle piano music)

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

- So what you're saying is

that contrasting things

can come together

to create something

that is beautiful.

- Exactly.

- Kinda like you and Constance.

- You. You caught

me in my own lesson.

- Maybe you have

something to learn too.

- I think it's

too late for that.

But you know what, I am

gonna go make us some lunch,

you're gonna practice

contrasting arrangements,

and then I'm gonna see what

you have when I get back.

- Okay.

(gentle music)

- Hey.

- Oh, hi.

- Are you in the floral zone

or can I say a quick hello?

- I think I would

have to be skilled

to be in the zone,

so come on in.

- So I have to ask,

which one of these

flowers is your favorite?

(Derrick sniffs)

- Uh, a favorite flower,

that's like picking

a favorite child.

I mean, I guess I would

have to say the hydrangea.

- Oh.

- Or maybe on second thought,

carnations or,

nope, maybe roses?

I don't know. It's too,

too difficult to do.

- I love seeing how

passionate you are about them.

(gentle piano music)

Well, flower protege, I'll

leave you to your craft.

But I do have one very

important question.

(Derrick clears throat)

Will you accept this rose?

(Amanda laughs)

- Um, well, after

careful consideration-

- [Derrick] Mm-hmm?

- I will gladly

accept this rose.

- You have my heart

pounding for a second there.

(Amanda laughs)

I have another question for you.

(gentle music)

(gentle music continues)


- Is this because

of you, Pastor?

- Ask your daughter.

(gentle music)

All right, everyone, right

this way. Don't be shy.

- Thank you.

- Thank you.

(birds chirping)

So what's up?

- Well, like I said Sunday,

I'm starting a new venture.

It's a new mountain

retreats program.

We're doing week-long

spiritual retreats

for young men up in

the Shenandoah Valley.

It's a great experience

for our retreatants

to be in nature and pray.

- [Derrick] Hmm.

- I've actively been looking

for a spiritual

leader to guide them.

But then it hit me, you're

the perfect guy for the job.

God, the mountains,

it has Derrick Matthews

written all over it.

(Derrick sighs)

- I mean, Sammy,

you know I would do

just about anything for you.

I mean, I wouldn't be here

right now if it wasn't for you.

It's just-

- I know relocation

is inconvenient,

given you just moved here,

but this is a

once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Come on, don't you

miss the mountains?

- More than anything.

But, uh, I don't

rock climb anymore.

- That's not the only

thing this is about.

Your story is powerful.

The agony, the tears.

I wanna be able

to use your story

to draw others closer to God.

(Samuel sighs)

Please really think on it.

Our first retreat starts

shortly after Easter, so...

- So you need an answer soon.

(Derrick sighs)

(finger tapping)

- A new concoction? Why not?

I wanna see what your creative

side's been brewing up.

Vanilla. Solid.

Ooh, cardamom, um-

- Mm-hmm.

- Okay, I know that you,

Amanda, are still kind

of a coffee novice,

but, um, I just...

Let me let you in on a

little industry secret.

You never combine

vanilla with cardamom.

They're totally different,

opposite, flavor profiles.

They don't work together.

Uh, yeah.

- Okay.

Don't think, just

experience it. (sniffs)

- Yes, it's just that the

sweetness of the vanilla...

(Effie chuckles)

Contrasts perfectly

with the spice

and complexity of the cardamom.

You're a genius. What?

- No, just a good student.

- We have to put this on the

regular menu, like, right now.

What do you wanna call it?

- Maybe, how about

Ladybug Latte?

(bell jingles)

- Ooh, two pumps, extra

handsome incoming.

Ooh, Mr. Lavender Latte.

- Mm-hmm.

(Effie clears throat)

- Hello.

- Hi.

- Good morning, Amanda, Effie.

- Hi.

- I'll do my usual,

please and thank you.

- Oh, you know what, actually,

you should try

Amanda's new creation,

the Ladybug Latte,

Mr. Lav, mm, Pastor.

(Effie clears throat)

- Right. Sure, Ladybug Latte.

That sounds very unique.

(Amanda chuckles)

It's Amanda's

creation, I'll try it.

(Derrick slurps)

Mm. Mm, that is, that is divine.

Well, thank you. It's delicious.

- Oh, um, Amanda,

great shift today.

Uh, you should go home.

- Uh, but don't I-

- No, no, no, no.

Actually, um, we're out

of your mom's cookies,

so I'm gonna need you to

make another batch of those.

- Uh, yes!

Ah, cookies, mm-hmm.

- Mm-hmm.

And it would be so much easier,

um, if there were two pairs

of hands helping you do that.

I have to stay here,

though, so I just...

I wonder if there's anyone

else who could help you.

- [Amanda] Mm-hmm, hmm.

- Oh, um, yeah, I

mean, the whole reason

I came in today was

to get a little break

from my Sunday preparations.

I'd be happy to lend

a stirring hand.

Of course, if you don't mind.

- No, she doesn't.

- I don't mind.

(dial whirring and clicking)

(stand mixer whirring)

- Have you done this before?

- What?

- Have you done this before?

- Oh, um.

(dial whirring)

- Have you done this before?

- Is it that easy

to tell? (laughs)

- Just a little.

- My mom normally takes

charge in the kitchen.

I just kinda follow her lead.

- Yeah, I never

would've guessed that.

(Amanda chuckles)

- So, um, how did you get

into the business of God?

- Ah, I see you changing

the subject now, huh?

- Oh, just, you know,

redirecting away

from this floury fiasco.

(Derrick chuckles)

I was just kinda curious.

- You know, to tell you

the truth, I never thought

I'd be a preacher or a pastor.

I went to business

school, of all places.

Quickly found out the

corporate world was not for me,

so I decided to

follow my passion

for the great outdoors

and teach rock climbing.

I loved it, for

years, but, um...

And one event, uh,

changed my life.

I fell, 60 feet.

Yeah, cracked my vertebrae

in multiple places,

had five surgeries.

Doctor said I'd

never walk again.

- Derrick, I'm so

sorry to hear that.

- Yeah.

Yeah, that time in the

hospital, it was like my desert.

I didn't have much to turn to.

But then I met Samuel Stevens.

He was my occupational


He not only taught

me how to walk again,

but he taught me about God.

He saved my life.

I'd do just about

anything for him.

He gave me his

granddaddy's Bible.

I started reading it,

haven't put it down since.

That book, it gave me hope.

Hope turned into healing and,

before I knew it, I

was walking again.

- Wow. I mean, that's

an amazing story.

- Yeah.

- But do you ever wonder

how you would feel

if you were never healed?

- Of course I did.

But I'm a firm

believer in faith.

You see, things

happen for a reason,

even if you can't

see it in the moment.

- Faith.

Yeah, (chuckles)

that's a hard one.

- Yeah, it is.

Especially when things

aren't going your way.

- Kinda like now.

- Yeah.

Care to share?

I mean, it's just me

and a big pile of dough.

(both chuckling)

- So I've been struggling

a lot with that

because, every year,

my dad would pray

for a bountiful Easter harvest,

and, every year, it seemed

that his prayers were answered.

So why did he, of all

people, have a heart attack?

When he died, I came home

to help my mom on the farm.

And after his funeral, I

just, I stopped praying,

stopped going to church.

And then, this year,

of all years when we needed

our biggest Easter bloom yet,

we've had the worst

winter in decades.

So am I supposed to trust

that's just a coincidence

or is that a punishment?

- I don't think God's waiting

for us to get outta line

just so He can reprimand us.

It's not a punishment.

Look, I like to

believe that God,

He loves us just as much

in good times as bad.

Maybe during hard times,

He just wanting us to get

a little closer to Him.

Comfort, support, love.

God loves us, always.

- I mean, you're a pastor, so

you have to say that, right?

- Technically.

(both laughing)

I am, but I still make mistakes.

Also, supposed to

take care of people

and, uh, right now,

getting this flour.

- Ugh.

- There.

(oven bell dings)

- So these are winners

from previous years,

and then there's mine.

- Well, there's still

time till Easter.

(cellphone ringing and buzzing)

- Oh. Good timing.


- Good morning, Ladybug.

- Hey, please tell me that

you have another lesson ready

because I still don't

feel like I'm getting it.

- Patience makes perfect.

It's time for your third

principle: purpose.

Now, we've been working

on floral arrangements,

but it's important that

every design says something

on a more deeper,

personal level.

You have to find inspiration

outside the flowers

to put into the flowers.

- Okay, I'm following.

- So here's what

I want you to do.

The church is hosting

an Easter basket raffle

tomorrow evening at Parish Hall

to raise money for

the local food bank.

Church members and non-church

members are creating

and donating

individualized baskets.

Now, the items in these baskets,

they all mean something very

personal to their curators.

- So you want me to

arrange an Easter basket,

but how is that

supposed to make me

a better floral arranger?


- Sorry, dear, um,

not every lesson reveals

itself right away.

- Okay. I will do my best.

- You always do. I'll

see you tomorrow.

(Amanda sighs)

- Any ideas on where

I'd get some inspiration

for an Easter basket?

- I just might.

(page rustles)

(Grace chuckles)

Oh, here's a good one.

- [Amanda] I used to love

it when Dad would push me

around in that wheelbarrow.

- And you always came

in needing a bath.

(both chuckling)

(page rustles)

(Grace chuckles)

You remember that Christmas?

- That was probably the

best Christmas ever.

You know, I still use

those pruning sheers?

- Hmm!

Feeling inspired?

- I think I've got an idea.

(people chattering)

- Oh, thanks so much for coming.

Don't forget your

raffle tickets.

(Lori chuckles)

So what do you have?

- I did a My First

Garden basket.

- Oh.

- I got something like this,

Christmases many,

many moons ago,

and it really meant a lot to me.

It gave me a sense of

independence and purpose,

so, hopefully, it'll do

the same for someone else.

- You, Ladybug, have

aced the assignment.

When you have a special

connection to your arrangements,

it's gonna show in

the final product.

Um, Grace, can I have

your help, please?

- Sure.

(Amanda sighs)

- Where's the mulch?

- Ah, didn't go

with the aesthetic.

- Ah.

- Where's yours?

- Uh, it's a faith-based basket,

complete with mustard seeds.

- Very own brand.

- [Derrick] Mm-hmm.

- But why didn't you do

something that's, you know,

like a rock climbing basket

with some ropes, carabiners-

- I know, I know.

I can't control everything,

but one thing I can

control is how people

in the church see me.

- Maybe there's

something important

about sharing all

sides of yourself.

- It's a little more

complicated than that.

- But of course. I'm here

to meet you where you're at.

- I'm sorry, are you

coming for my job?

- Mm, I'll stick to

farming, for now.

- All right. Well, for now,

I should go MC the event.

(Amanda chuckles)

(Amanda sighs)

(gentle music)

All right, and now for all the

green thumbs in the church,

we have a basket donated by

the wonderful Amanda Raymond.

A beautiful starter set

for the next great

gardener out there.

Would you look at

all those tickets?

All right.

- Please be my ticket.

Please be my ticket.

- See what we've got.

And the lucky winner is 2842.


- That's me.

- Well, there we go.

Constance Hughes.

Constance Hughes, everyone.

Thank you, Constance. You enjoy.

Okay, everyone, I think that

wraps up our event for today.

Thank you all for coming out.

(audience applauding)

(gentle music)


Look over there.

- [Constance] This is for you.

- Really?

- Yeah, I think it's...


(gentle music)

You're welcome.

- Will you look a that?

- Uh-huh.

That right there? That's

the power of God's love.

- I do have to get

home and practice,

but, uh, I was wondering

if I could show you

something first?

- Yeah. Yeah, of course.

(gentle music)

- And voila.

- Wow.

(Amanda chuckles)

You've got good secrets.

(both sighing)

Look at those stars.

God's freckles.

That's what my mom used to say.

- Can I ask you something?

- Sure. Anything.

- I haven't been to church in

a year, and you're a pastor,

what do you see in me?

- So much. (chuckles)

I don't look at someone

and wonder how often

they're going to church

or if they're praying every day.

The size of someone's

faith, well,

that can change as life changes.

But the size of someone's

heart, that's what I see.

I see that in you.

The way you love your family,

your farm, those flowers.

- And I might be

losing all that soon.

- I know the stress of

all this must be a lot,

but have faith.

I see that in you too.

- You do?

- I do.

I'm praying for you.

Be patient with yourself.

That's my sermon for tomorrow.

The fruit of patience.

- Now that's a tough one.

- Yeah?

It is, but it's worth it.

(gentle piano music)

Um, you probably have

some flowers that

need to be arranged.

- Yes.

- We should probably get going.

- Yeah.

- Uh, thank you

for bringing me here.

(Derrick chuckles)

- Yeah.


- Yeah.


- [Lori] All right.

Everything's set.


Ah, Amanda!

- Hi, Lori.

(Lori laughs)

I remember doing these

egg races back in the day.

- This is your fourth

principle: balance.

- Oh.

- Mm.

- All right, kids...

Oh, and Amanda. Welcome.

The first race is a

practice race, okay?

Time to perfect your strategy.

If you drop your egg, don't

worry, it's a hard-boiled egg.

Just pick it back

up and keep going.

All right, come to

the starting line.

On your marks.

Get set.


(whistle shrills)

Go, go, go, go!

Careful, careful. You got it.

Go, go, go.

(egg bouncing)

- Oh!

- Oh, no!

That's it. That's it, Timmy!

Go, go, go! Yes!


- Oh.

- Great effort.

Great practice round.

Okay, the real race

starts in a few minutes.

Do your stretches.

- How did I used to be

so good at this as a kid?

- Think of it like this,

look at your floral design,

and you have an imaginary axis

going right the middle of it

and you can distribute

flowers on both sides.

Well, think of it the

same way with the race.

Center the egg on the

spoon on that same axis.

- Center on the axis

to create some balance.

- Yes.

- So, feeling confident?

- Uh, about as confident as

I can be after one attempt.

- Well, good 'cause

I'm racing too.

- Oh.

- Care to make a friendly wager?

- I'm listening.

- Well, if you win,

I'll make you lunch.

If I win, you have to

listen to my Sunday sermon.

- You know what,

fine, you're on.

- All right. Line up

on the starting line.

First one to the finish wins.

And get ready 'cause

this one's gonna be

a lot faster than the last one.

- Okay.

- Are you ready?

(Amanda sighs)

On your mark.

Get set.


(crowd cheering)

Oh gosh. Don't drop it.

Oh gosh.

- You cheat.

- I'm not a cheat.

- Okay, wait, wait.

- I'm a pastor. I'd never cheat.

Oh, no!

(egg thuds)

- [Amanda] Oh, no!

- No, no!

Oh, good job, guys.

You did great.

(Amanda laughs)

Good work! Wow!

You really got me.

(both laughing)

- I don't think I've

ever seen somebody look

so happy to lose a bet.

- Well, losing means I

get to take you to lunch.

(Amanda chuckles)

- Well, Ladybug, those

are the four principles

that I can teach you.

Harmony, contrast,

purpose, and balance.

- But there's still one left.

Master four and earn the fifth.

(hand patting)

- That one's in here, my dear.

You have to discover it.

And in the meantime, you

need to do the three Ps

of an expert floral arranger.

- The three Ps?

- Mm-hmm.

Practice, practice, practice.

(Amanda sighs)

(gentle music)

(door clacks)

- All right.

Almost there.

(door thuds)

(Amanda sighs)

- It's incredible.

- Come on.

(Amanda chuckles)

So, this is what I

wanted to show you.

- [Amanda] They're snowdrops.

- [Derrick] I had no idea

what they were called.

I just thought they were pretty.

- They're perfect.

Snowdrops can grow in adverse

conditions like frost,

but they also tend to be

the first flowers

to bloom in spring.

- Mm. They, uh, kinda

remind me of you.

- Thank you for taking me here.

- Oh, we're not done yet. Nope.

We are just getting started.

- So, the other

day at the raffle,

you were talking about

how it was complicated,

your image and how

the church saw you?

What did you mean by that?

- Yeah, um, when I told you

about my accident the other day,

I wasn't able to tell

you the whole story.

You see, when I fell,

I lost my footing,

and one of my students,

he was tethered to me.

He fell even further than I did,

and, uh, he wasn't as lucky.

- He didn't make it?

- No, he did. Thank God he did.

Just, uh, he's in

a wheelchair now.

Not a day goes by that I don't

think about that poor kid.

I blame myself.

I can't even bring myself

to rock climb again.

- I'm sorry.

- You know, in many ways, I

feel like moving out here was

just my attempt to get away

from the memory of it all.

I feel like such a

hypocrite sometimes.

Now, I'm asking people to

find joy in their sorrow,

and here I am, I'm

running for my own.

- We all have

chapters of our lives

that we wish we could rewrite.

My dad would say,

"Without tests,

there could be no testimony."

Being open and vulnerable

shows your humanity.

It gives people hope.

- I really like that.

Thank you.

(gentle music)

(door clacks)

(door thuds)

(gentle music)

(flowers rustling)

- [Samuel] Have you decided?

Your great word will reach

so many young people.

- I know.

I wanna help, and you

more than anyone know

about my adventurous side.

- [Samuel] What

better way, then?

- There's no way around

this relocation thing?

- Unfortunately

not, given the need

to be near the mountains.

But think of all the upside.

- It's just too good

of an opportunity to

pass up, isn't it?

(door clacks)

Well, it's a pleasure,

Samuel, as always.

- It's good to see you.

- Take care, friend.

- You too.

(gentle music)

(gentle music continues)

(door clacks)

- Amanda?

(engine rumbling)


(engine rumbling)

- So...

(Amanda sighs)

You got this. Just focus.

(cellphone chimes)

(Amanda sighs)

- [Lori] Good morning, Amanda.

I'm afraid I had a bit of a fall

carrying groceries this morning.

At the hospital now,

getting some X-rays.

Don't worry, I'll be

fine. Keep practicing.

I believe in you, Ladybug.

- Right.

Really? Is this part

of your master plan?

- Here's the good news,

you are the creator

of your own garden.

Yeah, there might be

a weed here or there,

those you just pull out.

They weren't supposed to be

there in the first place,

but with what's left, why

not water that with love?

Let the light shine down on that

and it'll grow into a

life that is beautiful.

(birds chirping)

- You're right. Thanks, Dad.

I needed that.

- Yeah.

(machine beeping)

- Hi.

- Oh, Amanda.

You and Derrick, you just

missed crossing paths. Oh my.

(Lori gasps)

You did these?

- Um, this morning.

- Well, Ladybug, I

think you are ready

to go win a competition.

- Well, there's still

one missing piece,

but I think I know what

that final lesson is.

- You do?

- True beauty comes

from the heart,

so the key to a winning

arrangement has to be love.

(Lori clapping)

- Bravo.

The final principle of love,

a winning floral

arrangement is filled with

the love that you

put into making it.

(Lori sighs)

Amanda, I very likely

won't be on my feet

in time for the competition,

but, I promise you,

I am gonna be there in spirit.

- Thank you.

That really means a lot.

- So, uh, what's going

on with you and Derrick?

You know, when someone

shows you who they are,

just believe them,

not just the bad traits,

but the good ones too.

Forgive him.

- It sounds like

we could all use

a little more

harmony in our lives.

- Yeah, you're so right.

Could you do me a favor?

- Sure.

(door knocking)

(door clacks)

- Oh. Hello.

- I'm Amanda Raymond.

We've never really

talked, but I work-

- Honey, I don't

mean to be rude,

but there's a very important

floral competition this weekend

that I need to focus on,

so now's not a good time.

- Yeah, I hear you.

Um, I just need five

minutes of your time.

- Come in.

(door thuds)

This way. Please.

- [Amanda] Wow, that's gorgeous.

- Thank you.

- I'm here, actually, as

a delivery person today.

Lori Matthews wanted

me to give this to you.

(paper rustling)

- Oh, Loretta, how

far apart we've grown.

- I don't actually

think the two of you are

as far apart as you each think.

Anyway, good luck at the

competition tomorrow,

I mean, not that

you're gonna need it.

- Thank you for stopping by.

- You're welcome.

(door clacks)

(door thuds)

Hey, God. It's me, Amanda.

I know we haven't talked

in a while, but I'm here.

We really need you.

- Thank you.

- Ladybug Latte for

luck. (chuckles)

- You're the best.

(Effie chuckles)

(Amanda sighs)

So, win the competition,

save the farm.

No pressure, right?

- Well, if it doesn't work out,

maybe you can come on as

a partner at the cafe?

But who am I kidding?

You're gonna win this thing.

(Effie chuckles)

Okay, bye. (chuckles)


- Welcome, talented florists.

You will all have three

hours to create your designs

with a short break

at the halfway point.

As instructed in

the contest details,

you are all allowed to bring in

and incorporate one

item meaningful to you.

We look forward to seeing

your creations, and good luck.

(group applauding)

(timer dings)

Been looking for

what's underneath

Holding on and keeping focus

Oh, we're catching the

fireflies in the bottle

Don't wait until tomorrow

We're living in the moment

Not in control of

our final destination

We light up all

the places we go

We're catching fireflies




(timer dings)

- Stop arranging.

We will have a five-minute

break before we continue.

- Ladybug.

(Lori laughs)

(Effie gasps)

- [Amanda] Lori.

You made it.

- I got cleared just in

time. How are you doing?

- Not great.

It's not coming together

like I want it to

and the clock is

ticking down and-

- It's okay.

Just close your

eyes, just breathe,

and I want you to think

about the five principles.

Harmony, contrast,

purpose, balance, love.

(gentle music)

- Okay. I'm gonna be okay.

- The halfway break is over.

The competition is back on.

- Okay. I, um, gotta

get back to work.

I will make you proud.

- You will.


There's hope for

a better tomorrow

There's hope for

joy over sorrow

'Cause God's still good

And He's still got

it all in control, oh

There's hope for a

world that can change

There's hope for

love over hate

'Cause God's still good

And He's still got

it all in control


- [Group] Five, four,

three, two, one.

(group applauding)

Oh, yeah

Come on and keep on hoping

when the days get dark

Keep on singing, don't

you ever lose heart

Lift your eyes

- And third place goes

to Lacey Williams.

(group applauding)

We are down to our

top two finalists.

The judges would like

to recognize the work

of Constance Hughes

and Amanda Raymond.

(group cheering and applauding)

Lift your eyes, you're

gonna be all right

- The judges have collectively

decided that this has been

the closest margin

that we've ever seen.

But the winner of this year's

Easter competition is...

Keep on hoping

(gentle music)

- The winner is

Constance Hughes-

(group cheering and applauding)

Which makes newcomer, Amanda

Raymond, our runner-up.

(group cheering and applauding)

Congratulations to

all our participants,

and happy Easter weekend.

(gentle music)

(Lori chuckles)

- I tried.


- You're apologizing?

Can you imagine the look

on your father's face

if he saw what you

accomplished today?

He'd be over the moon.

- Now that's the truth.

Oh, he left. Big day tomorrow.

- Lori, I just wanted

to say thank you

for teaching me the

five principles.

I realized that

they're all things

that I've been missing

in my own life.

You've given me a renewed

sense of purpose on Easter.

- That's the most

important lesson of all.

(gentle music)

- Congratulations.

It's really beautiful.

- Thank you.

- We're having an Easter

brunch at the farm tomorrow.

Um, wanted to invite you.

It's sort of a final sendoff.

- I'm not sure that I can,

but I really appreciate

the invitation.

- It would mean so much to

me if you could make it.

- We'll see.

Thank you for the sunflower.

- You're welcome.

- Happy Easter to both of you.

- Happy Easter.

- Happy Easter.

(gentle music)

(gentle music continues)

Warm weather on

an Easter Sunday.

Doesn't get much

better than that.

- It's just wonderful to see

the best version of

my daughter back.

Joyful and hopeful.

(Amanda chuckles)

- You're my mom, you

have to say that.

- Yeah.

- Come on.

(people chattering)

(gentle music)

Dad did so many of

these for other people,

and we never did one for him.

Thank you for organizing this.

- Oh, it wasn't just me.

- It wasn't?

- No.

Pastor Derrick called me

and asked if it was okay.

(gentle piano music)

(Grace sighs)

I'm gonna go get our seats.

- Amanda.

- [Amanda] Pastor.

(Derrick sighs)

- On this Easter Sunday,

there is just one more fruit

of the Holy Spirit left

to talk about, love,

'cause today is

about a resurrection.

And in that

resurrection, love wins.

You see, God loves all of us.

After all, we are

made in his image.

(gentle music)

And yet, I realized

I haven't been

completely open

about my own journey.

God places people in

our lives for a reason,

and someone very special

in my own life taught me

the importance of being

who God created me to be.

(Derrick sighs)

Before God's path led me here,

I was involved in a terrible

rock climate accident.

It was a moment that irrevocably

changed several lives,

mine included, and

though I was lucky enough

to have forgiveness

from those around me,

I was unable to

find it in my heart

to forgive myself,

but, today, in the spirit

of the resurrection,

I forgive myself.

And I'm committed to embracing

who He created me to be,

including my love for rock

climbing, a gift from God.

You see, our relationship

with God is rooted

in love and forgiveness.

And just as God forgives

us, we, too, must learn

to forgive each

other and ourselves.

After all, forgiveness is the

purest expression of love.

So, on this Easter Sunday,

let us walk this path

of love together!


(congregation applauding)

- Amen.

- Thank you.




(door knocking)

- I'll get it.

- Making up for a late bloom.

Chicken looks delicious.

(door clacks)

- Hi.

- Hey.

(Amanda chuckles)

Happy Easter.

- Happy Easter.

(Derrick chuckles)

- Listen, I just

want to let you know

how much it meant to me.

You know, seeing your face

at church this morning,

it really warmed my heart.

And, uh, congratulations,

by the way, on yesterday.

- Thank you.

I, um, couldn't save the

farm, but, um, I did my best.

- I'm proud of you.

- And I'm proud

of you for showing

the church your authentic self.

Took a lot.

I'm gonna miss you.

- Miss me?

- Yeah. Aren't you

taking the job?

- Turned it down.

- Why?

- Because there's

something here,

something special, with you,

with us, and I feel

like it's just begun,

and I can't wait to

see where it goes.

Or grows or blooms or...

Okay, I'll stop.

That is, of course,

if you're open to it.

- Constance.

- Constance. (clears throat)

- You made it.

- I did.

- Come inside. I

can give you a tour.

(Derrick clears throat)

Come in.

- Thank you.

(door thuds)

- I have to do it.

- Yes.

- Thank you, Loretta.

And I just have to

say, I am so sorry.

Please forgive me.

- We both played an

equal part, Constance,

so I ask of you the same thing.

(group chattering)

(glass clinking)

(Constance clears throat)

- I have an announcement.

(Constance clears throat)

(Constance sighs)

(Constance chuckles)

This is such a beautiful farm

run by a beautiful family.

And, Amanda, you are the

most talented young farmer,

well, now, farmer and

florist, that I've ever seen.

And I might have won first

place in the eyes of the judges,

but you won first

place in my eyes.

And I would love nothing more

than to pass the

prize money to you.

(group applauding)

- Woo.

- Oh my gosh.

- I don't know what to say.

- You don't have to say

anything. You deserved it.

(Constance chuckles)

I just ask that you name

the sunflower section

on the farm after me and Lori.

(group laughing)

- It would be an honor.

(Lori chuckles)

Thank you.

- Oh, you're welcome.

- Thank you so, so much.

- [Constance] Oh.

- What incredible timing.

- So this $20,000,

it would be enough

to tide us over until

the bloom comes in,

and I was thinking

that in order for us

not to be in this

position again,

how would you feel about

the Raymond Family Farm

transitioning into a

one-stop wedding venue?

- I love that idea, Amanda.

I have always wanted

to bake wedding cakes.

(group laughing)

- Weddings are beautiful.

- I volunteer to officiate.

- Oh, and I can help

with the arrangements,

as long as my assistant

here is available.

- Oh, assistant.

(group laughing)

Oh, you haven't changed one bit.

(group chuckling)

- Oh.

(group applauding)

- Okay!


- [Derrick] All right.

- Well, dig in, everyone.

- All right.

(group chattering)

(birds chirping)

- Happy Easter, Dad.

(gentle music)

- Are the flowers part of

the whole wedding setup?

- It's funny you ask

because I was thinking

that couples could

stand right about here

for their, um, first

kiss as newlyweds.

- Really?

Right here? You sure?

'Cause there's a lot of really

beautiful parts of the earth.

(gentle music)

(gentle music continues)

It's perfect.

- Decided, then?

- It's decided.

(gentle music)

No, you're right. Right here.
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