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Bank robberies, Heists & Crime Movie Collection.
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Handshake (2021)

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Ah, f*ck.


f*ck. You m*therf*cker.

Stop! Stop, you

piece of sh*t!

Dammit, come on, stop, man!

You stop.

Shut the f*ck up!


The f*ck?


Go get him.

Jesus Christ, you're

getting in the water now?

You can't catch me, man.

I'm like the wind.

More like a stale f*cking fart.

Get the f*ck out of there.

Why don't you come get me?

Go f*ckin' get him.


This isn't you, Corey.

g*n toting?

No sh*t it's not me. It's you.

You think I want to be out here

chasing your dumb ass around?

I just need a

little bit more time.

No, f*ck time, man.

You had more than

enough already.

I don't know what

to tell you then.

You're just gonna have to

have your guy take a sh*t.

f*ckin' finally.

Wait, don't.

Hey, don't f*ckin' touch me.

What the f*ck do

you mean don't?

Now is the time,

man, it's perfect.

Look around you,

there's nobody here.

Hey, does anybody care if

we sh**t this m*therf*cker?


Great, now I sh**t him,

his dead-ass body

drops into that river

and floats down to the

who-f*ck-cares how far.

Before anyone even

finds his f*cking body,

we bounce, that's it.

That's a f*ckin' swish.

Yes, it is.

So what, you're just

gonna let him go?

So we can do this

all over again?

No way, man. I'm tryin'

to f*ckin' k*ll somebody.

That's the only reason

that I came out here.

Let's just wait him out.

And then what,

we t*rture him?

No, that's a great idea.

I don't think you

should be using

the word t*rture.

No, yeah, that's

what we're gonna do.

We're gonna f*ckin'

t*rture his ass.

You hear that, river man?



Yeah, you.

f*ck that.

See ya.






Well, he's gone.




Don't call me anymore.

Oh, hey, man.


You okay?


You sure?

Yeah, just all wet.

What the hell

are you doin'?

I, uh, fell in up there.

Are you with someone?

Uh, not really, no.

Well, I lost my phone.


Well, uh...see ya.

All right, uh,

sorry, I, uh...

I don't suppose I could

get a ride from you

whenever you're done here.


Where to?


From there?


Yeah, sure.

Great. Thank you so much.

Uh, I can just wait

up by the tracks

and just kind of dry

off until you're done.

I got a towel

in the truck.

Let me go up

there with you.

Well, you don't

have to do that.

Didn't mean to, like,

mess up your whole day here.

Ah, it's okay.

Just starting out anyway.

I think you scared

all the fish away.

Oh, man, I'm sorry.

Appreciate it though.

What's your name?


I'm Bill.


You'll have to let

me buy you a beer

when we get back to Helena.

Won't say no to that.

Hopefully I'll be like

halfway dry by then.

Even when I am dry, I'm

gonna be f*ckin' shivering.

Probably burn up out here too.

I wish I had my sunhat.

You want some sunblock?

No, thank you though.

You're very prepared.

I step out to check the

mail and I get a sunburn.

Yeah, pale people problems.

Hey, you have a, uh,

phone I could borrow?

Just to let my girl

know what's goin' on.

Yeah, here.


Thank you.


Just trying to remember

her number, you know?

It's kind of hard to remember

people's numbers now.


Your call will be forwarded

to an automated

voice message system.

Erica, message, beep.

Hey, Erica, it's me.

Uh, lost my f*ckin' phone,

so that's why I'm

callin' from this number.


Yeah, yeah.

I got tied up with

some stuff today.

Um, just finished doing

that for a little while.

Anyways, I should

be home fairly soon,

couple hours or something.

All right, bye.

Thanks, man.


You, uh, you in some kind

of trouble or somethin'?

Well, you're not, like,

law enforcement or anything,

are you?



It's fine if you

don't want to tell me.

I'll give you a

ride either way.

Well, it's just I, uh,

I lost some weed

for this one guy.

And I'm not like a drug

dealer guy or anything.

This was just, like,

this one-time thing.

It was this buddy I used

to know in high school.

I ran into him.

And he was talkin' about

how he was needing help

selling some stuff off,

and I guess I sort of, uh,

talked myself into it.

You lost it?


I was at this house party.

And I was selling

it and, you know,

I was having a couple

drinks while I was there.

And, um, I don't

know what it was,

but, man, that

second drink

just like knocked me

the f*ck out, you know?

And like I don't

black out when I drink,

but somethin' was

goin' on with this one.

Yeah, the lights went out,

and then I woke up

about three hours later

on the guy's lawn,

and my backpack was gone.

Yeah, luckily my pants

were still on though.

assh*le was still tight.

You really don't want to

give me a ride now, do ya?

No, no, it's fine.

You're just, um,

you're very free

with your vocabulary.

So you think it was an accident,

you passing out at that party?



Well, you don't

think it's possible

that someone targeted you?

Why would they do that?

Well, you're at a party

with a bunch of people.

Someone sees you with

a bunch of marijuana,

selling it right out

in the open, right?

They see an opportunity.

Take advantage.

Hm, I don't know.

You're kind of

making it sound like

it's some whole big

conspiracy or something.

I mean, I really think I

just grabbed the wrong drink.

How much of this

stuff did you lose?

Just like a couple pounds.

They're saying

it's $2500 worth.

Now they're acting all hard

like they're gonna k*ll me

over $2500 worth of weed.

I told them I had

a bunch of money

stashed way

the f*ck out here

and they actually

believed that,

like anyone stashes money

anywhere in real life.

But, uh...

Yeah, then I just

kind of decided

to part ways with

'em back there,

and here we are.

Did that happen just now?


Are they still

around here then?

Probably not.

They're not too disciplined.

f*ckin' stupid

is what they really are.

Well, the stupid ones are

the ones you gotta worry about.

You about ready?

Yeah, if you still

wanna give me a ride.

Yeah, it's fine.

I'm happy to.

Don't forget your jacket.

So this osprey is like hovering

over our boat for hours,

and it's just sort of like

lingering, hovering, scanning,

and then finally it gets tone

on something in the water,

like it gets locked

into something.

And so it does this

swooping dive b*mb thing

and it like reaches

into the water

and it snatches up this,

uh, pretty good size fish.

So we're kind of

keeping our eye on it

as it flies

closer to the shore,

and it gets higher

and higher and farther.

We see this black shape

emerge in the air.

It has like a white

head and white tail.

And it's like a bald eagle.

-Oh, wow.


And this bald eagle is

kind of following the osprey,

he's kind of like

chasing it down.

And they get closer

and closer and closer,

and then finally

they kind of--

there's this little collision,

and then when they come away,

the bald eagle has the

fish in its talons now.

It stole the fish from

this osprey in midair.


Starts flyin' away with it.

It was badass.

Oh, man.

My f*ckin' shoes stink.

I'm sorry about that.

I hadn't noticed.

What's this thing?

Oh, my daughter

made that for me.

It's a Clark's Nutcracker.



So, like, what's your deal?

What do you do?

Well, let's see.

Besides battle depression?

No, I, uh,

I ran my own company

for about 12 years

as a financial consultant.

Did some advising,

some speaking,

a little real estate,

spec stuff, housing.


That got me.

Market crashed and

the economy tanked.

I lost a lot of money.

I lost a lot of client money.

Sorry to hear that.


I had a DUI situation recently

that kind of k*lled

some job prospects,

so, uh, I just try to

come up with creative ways

to forget about the

personal financial ruin.

Creative ways like,

uh, fly fishing?

Eh, not much of an angler.

That spot back there,

my dad used to take

me when I was a kid.

I wanted to go back but

I could never find it.

I always thought it

was north of Craig,

and it finally dawned

on me to try going south.


And I found it.

And that's where

you ran into me.


Well, congratulations

to the both of us, right?


Meanwhile I got a

wife and kid at home

that think everything's

all right with Dad.

Do they, uh, not know

about your money situation?

Well, they know I'm unemployed.

They don't know that I'm about

half a million dollars in debt.

Half a million?

Damn, dude.

Have to buy you a beer now.

We already got beer.


Look at you.

You're a f*ckin' lamb, dude.

-Can I have one?

-Help yourself.


I wouldn't mind

stoppin' off though.

Maybe grabbin' a bite

to eat or somethin'.


That's cool with me.

I'll buy.

Whatever works.

So, if you don't

mind me asking,

these guys you

owe money to,

how do you plan

on paying them?

Do you have another source

of income besides the, uh...

Drug dealing?

Yeah, no.

Like you, I am also jobless.

Yeah, the drug dealing thing,

it was just a one-time thing.

I mean, that's not what I do.

What else have you done?

I mean, are you

pursuing anything, career?

Uh...not really.

Do a lot of construction work.

But I'm just kind of not

cut out for physical labor.

I'm just not built

for it, you know?

I mean, look at

these hands, you know?

I've got surgeon's hands.

There you go.

You could be a surgeon.

Yeah, right.

Can you just sign up for that?

Can I start you off with

something to drink today?


-Do you have Miner's Gold?

-Yeah, we do.

All right, I'll do one.

-And just water for me, thanks.


This is my daughter.

She made the Nutcracker.


Why a Nutcracker?

Like what even is that bird?

It's like a camp robber.

We had one that used

to hang out on our deck

trying to eat the cat food.

My daughter became

very curious about them.

Almost obsessive.

They're fascinating birds

because they depend on

the white pine tree,

the seeds,

as a food source.

And the white pine tree

depends on the Nutcracker

to spread its seeds.

It's a codependent,

symbiotic relationship

between two completely

different life species.



And during the

summer and fall,

the Nutcracker

buries caches of seeds

into the ground.

And months later

in the winter,

after covering

thousands of miles,

they can remember the exact spot

where they buried those seeds,

even under two,

three feet of snow.

And they always bury

more than they can eat

so that the leftovers,

still in the ground,

have essentially

been planted,

grow into trees.

The bird's renewing

its food source

without even knowing it.

I find it fascinating.

I could see you're bored.

No, no, I'm not bored.

All right, are we

ready to order?


Nothin' for me.


Bill, buddy,

this was your idea.

Like what?

I can't win with this guy.

All right, I think

I'm gonna get a, uh,

grilled cheese sandwich

on white with fries.

And, uh, what kind

of soup do you have?

We have vegetable,

beef, and tomato.

I'll do, uh, tomato, a cup.

And is there anything else?

Well, uh, I was actually

thinkin' about, like,

asking you out

on like a date,

but, uh, you probably

wouldn't want to

or you're, like,

super busy all the time

or you're like

washing your hair a lot,

or you like have

a scary boyfriend

or something like that.

Uh, no.

"No" to all of those things,

or "no" you don't want

to go out on a date?

Just a general

no to all of it.

All right.

I'm glad I didn't actually

officially ask then,

'cause that would

be awkward, right?

You shouldn't do that.

This is a workplace for her.

So? If she's offended,

she can spit on

my grilled cheese

or squirt Visine in

my soup or something.

It all evens out.

But you're putting

her in a position

where she has to do

something like that

to even things out,

and that's not right.

I think you overthink things

a little bit too much, Bill.

I'm just joking

around with her.

That's the problem

and my point.

Joking to you is

not jokin' to her.

All right, well,

whatever it is to her,

I have too much

respect for her

to assume that her entire

day is gonna be ruined

by some stupid sh*t

that I say to her.

I mean, for all you know

she's back there right now

creaming her shorts

to a mental image of me.

That's definitely

not happening.

You know what they say

about women, right?

That...women are like condoms.

Yeah, women are like condoms.

They spend more time

in your wallet

than they do on your d*ck.

Dude, your face.

You need to lighten up.

Didn't you say

you have a girlfriend?

Yeah, speaking of nutcrackers.

And how does she feel

about these views

you're sharing with me?

Listen, I'm just lucky

she lets me out of my kennel

every once in a

while, all right?

You don't have

to worry about her.

What does she do?

She's a paralegal.

She works at

a law office downtown.

She's actually got her

sh*t pretty together,

definitely more so than me.

I, uh...

I spend a lot more

time in her purse

than she does

in my wallet,

I gotta admit.

Now it begins


Now that you're gone

What if I told

you I know a way

for you to get

the money you need

to pay those guys back?

What have you done


I'm guessing I have

to do something.



Here we go.

It's not what you're thinking.

Yeah, well, I have a pretty

wild imagination, Bill.

It's nothing sexual.

-Is it legal?

-Does it matter?

Has that stopped you?

This is my life

All right, so what is it?

I don't want to

get into it here.

We can talk about

it in the truck.

Not sure I want to get back in

the truck with you now, Bill.

You're gonna want to.

You're gonna want

to hear this out.

Love you again

And just trying to stay

Oh but you try to go

I try to pretend

It's over and--

This is gonna sound bad.

Just don't say anything for

a minute after I tell you.

Just let it sink in.

It feels stupid

to say aloud,

but there's no other

really clear way to put it.

I want you to k*ll me.

Can I say something now?


-What the f*ck?

-I need to be k*lled,

and I need it to

look like m*rder.


-Insurance policies.

My family, my debt would be

completely taken care of.

I would do it myself, but--


-It won't pay off

if it's su1c1de.

I mean, even an accident

won't pay what I need.

It has to be m*rder, to

look--to look like m*rder.

I've been planning

this for a while,

but I've had problems

finding someone

to facilitate it.

Now, you help me with this,

I have some liquid

money in bank accounts

that I can give to you,

more than enough

to pay your debt.

We'd make it look

like a robbery,

make sure you

don't get caught.

There are no ties between us.

This doesn't--this

doesn't feel right.

Devin, do you believe

that I'm serious?

Can you look me in the eyes

and believe that I'm serious?


I knew there was something

weird going on with you,

no offense.

It's this f*ckin'

depression I'm ridin', man.

It goes one direction, down.

You think you hit bedrock,

but it just keeps goin'.

Now we're where we're at now.

All right, so,

I don't do m*rder.

No, it's not m*rder.

I want you to do this.

It's assisted su1c1de.

You're doing a good thing

for me and my family.

They're prepared.

We've come to terms.

If it's not you that does

it, it'd be somebody else.

All right, so when

would you want to do this?

As soon as possible.

Talking like a couple days or?

No, like today, like right now.


No, dude, no way.

I can't do this now.

-I need some time--

-No, you don't get time.

The more we interact,

the more we plan,

the more it'll look planned.

It's gotta be spontaneous,

spur of the moment,

a chance encounter.


like what actually

happened between you and me.

Look, that's why

this is so perfect.

These circumstances,

the way we met.

It's meant to be.

Come on, you--

You have to do this.


I get it.

This is f*ckin' crazy.

But it's real

and it's happening.

Because if it doesn't,

I don't know what I'm

gonna do, you know?

I can't say I don't go

home to the wife and kid

and really...

...really do somethin'

bad to them, you know?

So you should

keep that in mind.

Their sake.

Because I don't know

what I'm gonna do.

In one minute, I'm

gonna start this truck

and I'm gonna drive

away from here.

If you don't wanna be

a part of this, get out.

Find your own way home.

But if you're in the truck

when I drive away,

you're comin' with me

the rest of the way down.

I apologize for my urgency.

Like I said, I've had a hard

time finding someone to do this.

Met a guy in Great Falls,

but he kept flakin'.

Go ahead and look

in that glove box.

Now look in the envelope.

It's $1,000.

I had it all ready

for the last guy,

f*ckin' chicken.

I can get you another

couple hundred today.

All right, so, um,

so how's this gonna work?

When we get into town,

we'll find a nice spot.

Somewhere out of the way

where no one'll see us,

but not too far out of the way

where I can't be found after.

You have any ideas? I'm not

too familiar with Helena.

I thought you were from here.

Ah, no, Great Falls.

Well, this is like

way out of your way.

It doesn't matter now.

When we find the place,

you're gonna bind my

hands behind my back

with one of those zip ties.

You're gonna use this.

Go ahead, take it.

Get a feel for it.

So you want me to, uh,

cut you or s*ab you?

Mm, something like that.

We'll figure it out.

I'm not gonna slit

your throat, all right?

I couldn't do that.

I don't want that either.

You're not gonna

have to do anything

you're uncomfortable with.

I'll do all the work.

I mean, I've done

some crazy sh*t before,

but this is like...

You'll be fine.

All I need for you

is to tie my hands.

Are you sure you don't want

somethin' a little less brutal,

like a choking

or a sh**ting?


It's gotta be

as brutal and raw

and senseless

as possible.

I want the stabbing.

It's what I deserve.

All right.

I just wanna show you

that the PIN number

I gave you is real.

That's another $200,

so you know my word is good.

There's a little less than

$4,000 left in the account.

That's all the liquid

money I have to my name.

It's yours.

All right, so, uh,

beer cans and...

Yeah, the beer cans

and the towel, yeah.

Right or left?

Uh, go right.

Yeah, there's some

fairgrounds down here

that might work

out pretty good.

Not busy then?

Nah, it's pretty dead

most nights there.

You ever, uh, talk to a shrink

about any of this stuff,

maybe get on some meds?

Please don't try to

talk me off the ledge.

No, I'm not.

I'm just trying to, uh,

I don't know, relate.

I want to address my problems,

not fog them with dr*gs.

And you think this

is the best way

to address your problems,

to k*ll yourself?


You got any final

requests or anything?

Like what?

A cigar?

I was thinking more like a

piece of ass or something.


Well, that's a f*ckin' bummer.

I really wanted to

get you a piece of ass.

What's this?

It's a duck pond.


Last f*ckin' thing

I'm ever gonna hear.


And remember: 1322.

Got it.

I'm gonna call my wife

and let her know.

Need me to step outside?

No, no, stay here.

Hi, honey.

Yeah, no.

Nah, I didn't have

much luck today.


Hey, uh, listen,

I was on my way back

and my tire blew out.

Yeah, I got a guy here

who's gonna help me change it.



I'll be fine.

Just tell Morgan I love her

and I'm sorry I missed her.


Love you.


Sorry about that.

Oh, man, don't be sorry,

but I just thought--

Let me see your

driver's license.


Just let me see it.

Just, uh, need to

check your address.


'Cause we're at

the point now

where if you don't

go through with this,

like if you tie me up and

run out on me or something,

I'm gonna track you down and

I'm gonna f*ckin' k*ll you.

And I'm gonna k*ll

your f*ckin' girlfriend.

Hey, man, you don't have

to talk to me like that.

-You understand?

-Yeah, but you don't have to--

-Yeah, but do you understand?


Yes, I do.

But you don't have

to talk to me like that.

Like what do you--

You just got off the

phone with your wife

and you're talkin'

to me like that?

Like what the f*ck

is wrong with you?

Life sets traps everywhere.

The things you think

you love can become traps.

Work, a deal, family.

Wife, kid.

And then you wake up

one day and you realize

that the thing you thought

you loved is a f*ckin' trap.

And when you're in it,

man, the love

I had is gone.

It's out there somewhere.

I'm out there too.

Right now.

I'm like the

opposite of a ghost.

My spirit's gone but

my body's still here.

Everything that

has ever happened

and everything that

ever will happen

is happening right

now at this moment.

We just can't see it.

We're stuck with this

time thing, you know?

The illusion of time.

Let's go.

Grab those gloves.

-These gloves?


Here, roll your window up.


Now, listen, you're

gonna want to wipe down

all your fingerprints, okay,

inside and outside,

when you leave, all right?

Wipe everything down.

Here's your sweatshirt.

You're gonna wanna

take that with you.

Yeah, hang on.

All right, what am I doin'?

You're gonna wipe down

all of your fingerprints,

inside and out.


Anywhere you might have touched.


Yeah, the cooler.

All right.

Okay, that's good.

Now, Devin, listen.

All I need you to do

is just hold the blade

in the middle of the

steering wheel, okay?

That's it.

-Just hold it firm, steady.

-All right?



All right, now

grab a zip tie

and tie my hands

behind my back.

A little tighter.

Yeah, that's good.

Now grab the zip

ties, the bag,

and put it in

your pocket.

You're gonna need

to dispose of them.

All right.

Get the Kn*fe?


Oh, the Kn*fe.

All right, good.

And look, you're gonna

wipe that down too,

right now, 'cause you're

gonna leave it here.

All right.

All right.

Now, I'm gonna slam

my body onto the blade.

I just need you

to hold the blade,

that's all you have to do,

just hold it

straight, tight.

All right. What

about the horn?

I disconnected it.

All right.

-All right?


-Like that?



Here we go.

It's not deep enough, man.

It's gotta go deeper.

Come on, hold steady.



Come on.


-Just--Jesus, grab it!

It fell down.

-Come on.


Come on.

Dude, you have one job.

Hold the--hold

the f*ckin' Kn*fe.

-I'm f*ckin' holdin' the Kn*fe.

-Hold it straight.

-I'm holding the f*ckin' Kn*fe.

-Let's go!

All right, well,

then go f*ckin' deeper.

God dammit, this

isn't workin', man.

-No, it's not.

-What am I paying you for?


-What do you want me to do?

-I'm holding the Kn*fe.

-Just do it, do it.

-Do what?

-Just s*ab me.

Do it, just f*ckin' s*ab me.

s*ab me, god dammit,

s*ab me, s*ab me, s*ab me!


It's stuck.



Come here, come here.

Okay, come over here.

Come here.


Come here.

Okay, sit.



What's that?


Come here.

Okay, come here.

No, come here.


Come here, come here,

come here, look.



Okay, follow me, come on.

Good girl. Wait, come back,

come back, come back.

Wait, stop, stop, stay.

Good girl.

Okay, sit.


Come here.



Are you ready?

Are you ready for this?

Did you get my voicemail?


You've been here all night?

Yeah, why? Was I

supposed to be somewhere?


Wait, come back,

come back, come back.

Lily, look at the treats.

I'm gonna throw some

sh*t in the laundry.

Oooh, can you get this?





Laundry and a shower.

That's classic

cheater behavior.

Yeah, you caught me.

Couldn't let you smell

my clothes or my d*ck

'cause of all the banging

I've been doing all day.

Yeah, I thought so.

I actually know

what that's like

'cause I've also

been banging all day,

like so hard.

Like the whole neighborhood.

Oh, you finally f*cked

the neighborhood.


It was very fulfilling.

Um, one thing though,

when you do your banging,

can you try to not do it

in like a swamp or whatever,

because your shoes

f*ckin' stink.

Had to put 'em outside.

Hey, you got it, no

more swamp f*cking.


Lily, get down.


Come on, get down.

Come on, let her

stay on the bed.

Not tonight.

Aw, why not?

Come on, get.

No, not tonight.

Come on, come on.

Oh, Lily, I guess he's only

sleepin' with one dog tonight.

Ooh, yeah, get him, Lily.

All right.

Okay, fine.

There you go.

Sorry, Lily.

That f*ckin' dog

needs a yard.

Then get her one.

Well, maybe I will.

With what?

This is the police.

Tell us where

the dr*gs are.


Boo, bitch.

Are you f*cking

serious right now?

That doesn't look

very centered to me.


Hey, hey, I'm tryin'--

Why do you have to

keep f*ckin' with me?

I'm trying to pay you back.

Here, check the envelope.

Don't f*ck with me first.

It's all there, $2500,

plus a little bit

of extra gas money

for the little

field trip that we took.

Where'd you get this?

A friend.

You don't have a friend.

All right, well, are

we squared away then?

Can you check it

and just make sure?

Are we good?

All right, I'll

take that as a yes.

Now, since I'm here,

and since we're

cool and everything,

I was wondering if maybe,

possibly I could

get like a little...

Oh, did you need some

more dr*gs to, oops, lose?

All right, if you're

just gonna like--

Look, we can keep f*ckin'

with each other back and forth,

or we can turn

around and walk out

of each other's

lives forever.

Let's do that.

Okay. But I just

want to make sure

that we're like

legit, truly okay.

Like you're not

gonna come chase me

with like a guy with

a g*n whose weird.

Like can we

squash this sh*t

and just shake

hands like gentlemen?



Let's do that.

We're cool.

We're good.



Uh, I'm at this girl's place.



1077, right?

But the guy's

in the back.




Oh, right,

I'm sorry.


Devin, what are you doing?

Just sitting here.

Did you wet the

bed or something?


It's like the sheets

are all wet on your side.

Just a dream.

Just go back to sleep.

What, did you have a sweaty

little dude dream last night?

Hey, what are you

doin' on my laptop?

You mean your "jacktop?"

Ah, just goin' through some

of your search history here.

Some filthy sh*t

you're into.

f*ckin' gross.

Decided to open

Pandora's Box,

didn't you?

Probably found

my ultimate fantasy website,


You're f*ckin' mean.

Oh, hey, babe, we

have, uh, church today.



I don't go church.

Why would I do that?

Because I signed

us up for offering.

Come on, you have to.


Yeah, I wouldn't

lie about church.

It's Sunday.

God dammit.

All we have and all

we are comes from God,

our Creator, our

Redeemer and Sustainer.

Each breath we take,

the strength to

take each step,

everything is

a gift from God.

Let us offer back to God our

tithes, gifts, and offerings

as a way of thanking God

for the countless gifts

God has blessed us with.

Would the ushers

come forward

to take the morning's

tithes, gifts, and offerings.

Can you hold this?

Praise on high

the Holy Ghost


Hey, you okay?

Yeah, yeah.

What happened in there?

I don't know, I just

got like super dizzy

and like nauseous.

Yeah, you're

like sweating.

How do you feel now?

I feel better.

Pretty much went away

as soon as I walked out.

You're not trying to

get out of this, are you?

If I was trying

to get out of this,

I'd be less

stupid about it.

Passing out in front

of a bunch of seniors.

Well, what do you wanna do?

Do you wanna go

back in or go home?


-Yeah, let's go.

-Thank you.


Excuse me?

Can I help you?

Okay, hussle Huck.

Come, Huck!

Here, here.

Yes Huck.


Come here.





-Who's this?

This is Dash.

This is Marsha's dog.

Well, yeah, she

blew out her knee,

so I'm running him today.



Here, here,

here, here.

Can you take

that outside?


'Cause there's no

drinking in here.

Get up, get up.

It's embarrassing.

Come on.

Good luck.


Mm. Turkey noodle

soup, my favorite.

Melatonin finally kicked in.

Did you know the guy

that got k*lled

at the fairgrounds?

Bill Burdick?


Why would I know him?

He's from Great

Falls or whatever?

How would I know him?

Like, why would

you ask me that?

Because you called

me from his number

the day he d*ed.

Where'd you get that?

A sheriff's deputy

came into my work today

and asked me about it.

They asked me about

a phone call that I got,

and...they showed me

pictures of you.

-Pictures of me?


You, at ATM machines.

There was even one

of you two together

at an ATM machine.

They asked me if

I knew who you were

from the photo.

I told them that

I wasn't sure.

Do they plan on

talking to me,

did they say?


Do they know that I'm

staying here with you?

I don't know.


So you did know him, then.

And you just sat here

and lied to me about it?

Well, what do

you think, Erica?

Do you think

that I'd do that?

You think that I would

just k*ll somebody

for their money?

I don't know!

I mean, tell me, tell me.

What am I supposed

to think?

They said that

you were with him

the day he d*ed,

and you've been

acting really strange

ever since it happened.

Devin, the say that

you were the last person

to see him alive.

So tell me, what am I

supposed to think?

Where are you going?

Yeah, hi, I'd like

to speak to someone

about the death

of Bill Burdick?

So, you come in

off the street

and you say you were

at the crime scene

with the victim.


Tell me something

about it.

Okay, what do

you want to know?

Something you'd only

know if you were there.

Say...what was

the m*rder w*apon,

for example?

Well, it wasn't m*rder,

I just want you

to know that,

and that I didn't

do anything, but, um...

he d*ed, uh,

it was a Kn*fe.

-A Kn*fe.


What kind of Kn*fe?

I don't remember,

exactly, um...

I know it had

a black handle

and it was like

a flip-up style.

Where would we have found it?

-The Kn*fe?



Still in his chest.


Moving forward.

You have the right

to remain silent.

Anything you say

can and will be

used against you

in a court of law.

You understand that, correct?



You have the right

to an attorney.

I don't have an attorney.

Well, one can be provided.


'Cause you're

gonna need one.

We're gonna be placing

you under arrest,

regardless of how this goes.

I'm just letting you know.


Yeah, I get that.

I mean, I don't think I'm

gonna need one, though,

right now, so.

All right.

Whenever you're ready.

All right, this is

gonna sound...stupid?

I'm just, like,

trying to think

of the best way to...

describe what happened.

Well, what do you

mean, "stupid"?

Just wanna tell you,

just don't say anything

for, like, a minute.

Just kinda let it sink in.


Anytime you're ready.

It's all right.

This whole thing,

it was like an


type of situation.

It was like a Kevorkian

type of thing.

And I assisted with it.

And how did you

assist in his death?

He wanted to die in

a very specific way.

He wanted it to look

like a stabbing,

and so, he needed somebody

to tie his arms

behind his back

and hold a Kn*fe

to the steering wheel,

and then he did the rest.

And so, that's what I did,

but, um, I didn't k*ll him.

All right, Devin,

just so you'll know.

Four different

kinds of questions.

One question describes

what the test is about.

There's gonna be

three questions

directly related to what

you've been charged with.

There's gonna be

three lie questions.

Those are questions

that I will initially

ask you to answer truthfully

and then direct you to lie.

You have to lie

by answering no

and react appropriately.

So I have to lie

to those questions.

By answering no.

The lie questions start

with "Did you ever..."


They're the only questions

you're allowed to lie to.

All other questions

on this test

you must answer truthfully.

Do you understand

I won't ask any

unreviewed questions?


Is your home in Montana?


Did you ever violate a rule?


All right, Devin,

you messed that up.

When I ask you a question

that starts with

"did you ever,"

your instructions are

to lie by answering no.

You've gotta do it.

This is your test

and my instructions

are important for you.

-So you got it?

-Got it.

You gotta answer no.

So we're gonna go back

to that last question.

Is your home in Montana?


Did you ever violate a rule?


Devin, you messed up again.

Answer this question


At any time in your life,

did you ever violate a rule?





On the questions that

start with "did you ever,"

you need to lie

by answering no.

I thought that's what I did.

All right.


All right, so we're going

back to that question.

Is your home in Montana?


Is your first name Devin?


Do you live in Helena?


Did you ever make one mistake?


Are you the person

who cut that man?


Did you cut that man?


Was it you who cut that man?


Please remain still.

This test sequence

is complete.

Hi, Devin.

I'm Kristin Dunkle,

I'm with the public

defender's office.

I've been assigned

to your case.

Have a seat.

You doing okay in here?

Yeah, I guess, so far.

Okay, so what's

going on right now

is that the state

is still deciding

what they're gonna

charge you with.

I can push for

negligent homicide,

but I think, with the

attention on the case,

it's best to prepare

for the worst,

which would be

deliberate homicide.

Deliberate homicide?

Yes--basically, m*rder.

Well, once they

land on a charge,

I'm gonna see what

I can get for you,

but any deal is

probably gonna yield

a sentence of

20 years to life

with a possibility of parole.

Good behavior,

I can get you out

the lower end of 20.

-So I'd be pleading guilty.


Yeah, but I didn't k*ll him.

Okay, so...what?

He wanted to die,

and he wanted me

to help him die,

so that's what I did.

I didn't do anything wrong

so I don't understand

why they would want

to charge me with

homicide or whatever.

I mean, did you not

read my statement

that I gave to the police?

I did read the statement.

It says right here

he asked you to k*ll him,

and we're supposed

to believe that?

I mean, I know it

sounds f*ckin' stupid,

but it's what happened.

Okay, um...I'm sorry.

Are you planning on

pleading not guilty?


Okay, if you do that...

All right, no, you should

not be doing that,

because you could be

facing the death penalty.

Okay, I'm sorry.

I'm just a little

bit confused.

If you're planning

on pleading not guilty,

why have you been

speaking with the police?

Well, 'cause

they're the police.

I mean, they bring me in,

they ask me questions.

Like, what else am I

supposed to do?

Uh...remain silent?

You know that right of yours

they read when

they arrested you?

Yeah, but, like,

I'm not trying

to hide anything.

I'm just trying to cooperate.

All I did was tell

them the truth.

Okay, well it doesn't matter

if you told the truth.

What matters is

if they believe it,

and they don't believe it.

I read it, I didn't

believe it,

because it's not

a believable story.

Look, a man

was found bound

with his arms

behind his back

stabbed to death

and you admit you were there.

You had to understand that

there were consequences

even if your involvement

was limited.

The physical evidence

of this case supports

m*rder overwhelmingly,

and your story does

nothing to disprove it.

In fact, you story does

more to incriminate you

than it does to exonerate you,

because you put

yourself on the record

at the scene of the crime.

I mean, look at it this way.

At the very least,

you're an accessory.

You're also a witness,

not to mention a beneficiary,

because of the ATM withdrawals.

Look, I'm suggesting

once again we listen

to what they have to offer

and you take a deal.

We're talking about

the death penalty.

We have to plead guilty.

Devin Michael Fowler,

you have been charged with

the deliberate homicide

of William Burdick.

On the charge of

deliberate homicide,

how do you plead?

Not guilty.

Oh, f*ck, Devin.

You know that I didn't just

k*ll this guy for

his money, right?

I mean, if I was

gonna do that,

I would do that and

then just admit to it,

and then I wouldn't look

like such a f*ckin' idiot.

Why did you take the money?

That looks so bad.

He wanted me to take it.

It was, like,

part of the deal.

Uh, he said that I could

take whatever I needed

from his bank account.

And you didn't think

you were gonna get caught,

like, going to all those ATMs?

How could I?

It's just

surveillance footage.

Like, it's all

grainy and shitty.

You can't positively

identify anybody

based off that.

Plus, like, I wore a hat.

My God. Devin.


It's the f*ckin' phone call.

It's what ties me to

the whole f*cking thing.

If I hadn't have

made that call,

they would have no idea

who the f*cking blurry guy

on the footage is.

You know, I almost

forgot your number?

Like, I could

barely remember it

when I made the call?

And now it's the

reason I'm in here.

I just...

I can't believe you

f*cking fell into this.

Yeah, well, neither

can anyone else.

I mean, the police, you...

f*ckin' lie detector

doesn't even believe me.

When did you take a polygraph?

Uh, when they were

questioning me.

Was Dunkle with you?

No. This was before.

Goddammit, Devin!

Why--why would you do that?

'Cause I'm a f*ckin'

idiot, all right?

I get that I shouldn't

have talked to anybody.

This is why you don't

wait a f*cking week

to call me.

I could have helped

you through this.

Well, I don't want

you to feel like

you have to be

here helping me.

I'm not gonna let

you go through this

on your own, okay?

And I talked to Dunkle.

It sounds like she could

use some of my help.

Yeah, but this

could be bad for you.

I'm here, okay?

That's that.

Why did you take my coat?

I don't know,

I just grabbed it.

Well, hopefully,

I'll get it back.

I'm sorry.

Well, how's Dunkle?

She's all right, I guess.

I don't know about

that hairstyle, though.

Devin, don't do that.


Her f*cking hairstyle?

No. They did the same

thing to Marcia Clark

for the O.J. trial

and it was bullshit.

Yeah, and she

lost, didn't she?

At least you didn't get one

of those ponytail lawyers.

Or a balding ponytail lawyer.

Why don't those guys

ever get shamed

for what they look like?

I don't know how you managed

to get yourself in here, Erica,

but keep in mind,

these are not conjugal visits.

So I need you both

to be professional

at all times, okay?



Now, Devin,

in order to build this case,

we're gonna have to

examine and touch on

some of the mistakes

you've made.

So I'm gonna need you

to just toughen up

when I do that, okay?




We think you should

reconsider your plea.

Think about doing a deal.

'Cause unless you

change your story--

I'm not pleading guilty.

Unless you change your story,

we won't win this.

It's unwinnable.

Devin, this is your life.

I didn't k*ll him!

And I'm not gonna

say that I did.

I don't care if

I get a life sentence

or if I get

the death penalty.

Real easy to say

that right now.

Well, I just said it

and I'm gonna keep saying it,

so stop asking.

Right now,

it may not seem like

there's a big difference

between 20 years and death,

but trust me, Devin, there is.

Twenty years from now,

you could be sitting in there

looking back at

this very moment--

You guys have me f*ckin'

locked up forever already.

I'm saying it

for the last time.

I'm not gonna sign up

for some guaranteed

prison sentence

and admit to something

that I didn't do, period.

So can we move on, please?

I'm sorry, I gotta--

I can't be in here.

She's right.

We won't win.

Did you seriously

just say that out loud?

Aren't you my lawyer?

Yeah, as your lawyer,

I'm gonna work

my ass off for you.

But it's also my job

to prepare you mentally

for all outcomes.


The only approach we

really have with this case

is to call into question

the definition of homicide

as it applies

to what happened.

I mean, the evidence

is pretty limited.

There's no DNA at

the crime scene.

There's no bloody clothes,

there's no eyewitnesses.

All they have

is the phone call

and the ATM withdrawals.

And of course, your

sworn statement, Devin.

-I just--

-I know, I know.

Even if it was the truth,

it doesn't matter.

Your sworn statement makes

their entire case for them.

The judge isn't gonna

just throw it out.

You're unwilling to recant,

you're unwilling to pursue

an improper interrogation,

so they're going

to destroy you

with your own words.

The defendant

was unemployed.

He was desperate.

He came across

William Burdick

and he saw an opportunity.

This was essentially

an abduction.

He confronted Mr. Burdick

and he forced him

against his will

to drive him back to

Helena where he lived.

Forced him to withdraw

a large sum of money,

presumably to confirm

his ATM PIN number,

continuing on to

a secluded location

near the defendant's home.

There, he proceeded

to s*ab William

eight times in the chest.

He was k*lling him for money.

He took his ATM

card, his cash,

and proceeded to

all but liquidate

his bank account

in subsequent days.

He was spending

Bill Burdick's money

less than 24 hours

after his death.

Devin Fowler is guilty

of deliberate homicide.

You must find him guilty.

Abducted--it's bullshit.

When you stopped

at the restaurant,

that would be the

only time anyone saw

both of you together, correct?


Is there anyone at all

that would remember you?

The waitress?

We will not deny

that the defendant

was at the scene.

We will not deny

that the defendant

was involved in the

death of Bill Burdick.

What we will deny

is that Devin Fowler

k*lled Bill Burdick.

We will prove that

this is not a homicide

and that the deceased

actually solicited

his own death,

and that he used

Devin Fowler,

exploiting his kindness

for his own gain.

He was a professional motivator,

a motivational speaker.

This is what he

did for a living.

He plied the defendant

with alcohol,

he pressured him intensely,

he lied to him.

And for what?

"What could he possibly gain?"

you might be wondering.


Life insurance money

for his family.

And how much debt was

Mr. Bill Burdick in?

Uh, I don't have the

figures in front of me,


-I do.

Sheriff Campbell,

Exhibit 9.

Summary of Bill Burdick's

accumulated debt.

Can you go ahead and please

look over those figures

and tell me if

those look correct,

based on your investigation?

Uh, yes, these are correct.

And can you read out loud

the total sum of debt?


Thank you.

And how much money

did Mr. Burdick's wife

and children stand to claim

off the life insurance policies?


$1.2 million.


That's a lot of money.

And, Sheriff Campbell,

did you deliver

the unfortunate news

to Mrs. Burdick?

In the presence of

another officer, yes.

And can you describe

her reaction to the news?

Objection, Your Honor.

His assessment

of her reaction

is subjective and

irrelevant to the case.


Sheriff Campbell,

do you know why

Mrs. Burdick isn't

present here today--

or any other day

of the trial,

for that matter?



-Mrs. Dunkle?

-I'm sorry, Your Honor.

I'm just wondering out loud

why we haven't heard

a peep out of

the deceased's wife.

I guess I have no

further questions.

The waitress remembers you.

She said you hit on her.


Didn't happen.

Nah, I was just joking

around, if anything.

She's 19, assh*le.

But she remembers him?


What about Burdick?

She said he looked scared.


Burdick? She said

Burdick looked scared?


No f*cking way.

Oh my God, no!

There's no f*ckin' way--oh!

No. She's just, like--

she's gotta just

be saying that

'cause she knows

what happened, like,

after the fact.

There's like no f*ckin'

way he looked scared.

What do you think?

Does she hurt us or help us?

Well, she didn't see him

with a g*n to his head

or a Kn*fe at his throat.

Was the defendant holding

Mr. Burdick at gunpoint?

Did he have a g*n?

Uh, not that I saw, no.

-A Kn*fe?


So he wasn't holding

him against his will

in any way that

you could see?

Not, not that I saw.

But Mr. Burdick

looked scared, you say.


-How so?

Like--like scared.

Yeah, scared like how?

How would you describe

a scared expression?

Um--I don't know, I...

I mean, he was

looking kind of--

Looking what?


Oh, so he was

looking worried.

Not necessarily scared.

Objection, Your Honor,

this is just semantics.

Your Honor, I'm just

trying to point out

the subjective nature

of her observation.


So the defendant coulda

just been worried.

Now, how would you

describe the difference

between worried and scared?


Based on the wounds,

point of entry, the placement,

the depth, and the

force required,

it is my conclusion

that the wounds

could not have been

inflicted upon the victim

as described by the defendant.

Would you say the chaotic,

varied nature of the wounds

would indicate

force being inflicted

onto the body in

a stabbing motion?


We'll get a second opinion.

Yeah, I mean, aren't there

guys out there for hire

that'll just,

like, side with us?

Hm, they're not free.

Who wants to pay for that?

Based on my findings,

the wounds were

absolutely consistent

with Devin's story.

So it is possible

for the deceased

to have received these wounds

by lunging into a Kn*fe

in a fixed position?


Such as was placed

on the car steering wheel.


Sheriff Campbell,

after hearing the

defendant's story,

did you go back and check

the deceased's vehicle?


And did you check the horn?


Had it been disabled?



There's no way of knowing

when the vehicle's

horn was disabled,

is that correct?

-Yes, that's correct.

-So it's possible

the defendant could

have disabled it

after the m*rder.

Yes, it's possible.

There's no way of knowing.

Thank you.

You know, Burdick

actually mentioned

he actually tried

to get someone else

before me to do this

for him in Great Falls.


-Did you tell the police?

No, I forgot till just now.


Yeah, but like...

if the guy is

still out there...

Yeah, that's huge.

We coulda used this

way earlier than today.

Yeah. Sorry.

Did he describe

the guy at least?

No, nothing beyond

what I just told you.

Uh, he was just, like,

some guy that he had

tried to get to do it.

The guy was bilking

him for money,

like, stringing him along,

but then he just ended up

basically flaking on him.

But if he's still

out there somewhere

and it's real...

Yeah, maybe I could

talk to Campbell?

Maybe we could put

a piece about it

in the newspaper up there.

He might come forward.

Did your brother show

any signs of depression?

None whatsoever.

Uh, really...we

were really tight.

He was the most stand-up

guy you ever met.

So when the defense says

this was all a case

of assisted su1c1de...

It's ridiculous.

It's sickening.

There's a special

place in hell

reserved for that

table right there.

Guy's own f*ckin' family

didn't even know him.

Oh--where are we with

the Great Falls mystery man?


The Tribune ran

a couple pieces

but nobody came forward.

Yeah, why would they?

I don't know, what are we--

how else are we

supposed to find him?

Running out of time, guys.

Is there anything else

we haven't covered here?

Well, I know you don't

wanna hear this, but, uh,

I still think I should

take the stand.

Well, I'm still not

putting you on the stand.

If they hear what happened

directly from me--

Mr. Fowler, did Mr. Burdick

ask you to k*ll him?

Answer the question, please.

Remember, you're under oath.

See? You're already

overthinking it.

It already looks bad.

And if you were to be honest,

the answer would have to be yes.

The defense rests.

By his own admission,

Devin Fowler tied

the victim's hand

behind his back,

held the m*rder w*apon

against the steering wheel

while he threw his chest

into it multiple times.

That's according to him.

That alone, by the most

liberal definition,

is homicide.

That alone, by the strength

required to hold a blade steady

while it's being plunged

into a person's chest,

is enough to

constitute homicide.

We don't even have

to prove that

Devin Fowler is a liar.

We don't have to

do that for you,

ladies and gentlemen.

The evidence is

already insurmountable.

But the defense's

insidious attempts

to try and humanize

this completely

malicious and inhumane act

is an insult and a disgrace

to the family and the

friends of the victim.

And to this courtroom.

He stabbed him eight

times for money.

Devin Fowler is

not a m*rder*r.

He has displayed absolutely

no violent behavior

in his past.

He wasn't looking to

k*ll anybody that day.

He's not some

money-grubbing lunatic.

He's a kid who needed a ride

and willing to

help a stranger,

and that stranger used him,

exploited him for

his own personal gain.

Bill Burdick would

not have d*ed that day

if he hadn't have

wished it so.

Bill Burdick's life was

not in Devin's hands,

it was in his own.

Devin Fowler was just

the instrument that he used,

the cliff to jump off of.

Ladies and gentlemen

of the jury,

this is not a homicide.

You must rule not guilty.

Mr. Foreman, has the

jury reached a verdict?

Your Honor, we have.

Bailiff, could you collect

the verdict, please?

Thank you.

Will the defendant

please stand

for the reading

of the verdict?

"In the case of the People

of the State of Montana

versus Devin Michael Fowler,

we, the jury, find

the defendant guilty

of deliberate homicide."

The defendant is now

remanded to the custody

of the sheriff.

I'm so sorry, Devin.

We will set a date

for sentencing

in the near future.

Here, this way.

Lily finally won a ribbon!

Her first one.

Don't look at me like that.

Like what?

Just don't do that.

-Do what?

-f*cking talk to me like that.

I would like to have

a real human interaction

with you when I'm here,

not some flippant,

passive-aggressive attitude.

Is that possible?

Yeah, sure,

absolutely no problem.

Why are you such an assh*le

to me every time I come here?

I mean, what does

that do for you?

Does it make you feel good

to treat me like sh*t?

It'd make me feel good if

you stopped coming here.


What about what I want?

I mean, have you ever

thought about that?

Have you ever

thought about me?

Maybe you should just sit

here through these visits

with a big smile

on your face for me

because of all

the f*cking time

that I've put into you.

All the f*cking time

you put into me?


-Yeah, it's wasted.

Although, you know,

being part of

a high-profile m*rder case

definitely didn't hurt

your little law career.

Okay, Devin, yeah,

because that was

my master career plan

the whole time

we were together.

Date a m*rder*r.

Oh, and now that you

don't need me anymore,

now you're trying this whole

weak, sullen,

push-me-away routine?

First of all--

first of all,

don't expect me to feel

f*ckin' sorry for you

'cause your feelings are hurt.

When we're done here,

you get to walk out

and go home.

Where the f*ck am I again?

Oh, how could I forget?

'Cause it's all about

you, all the time.

It's not about me!

If it was about me,

I would want you

to come here every day

and visit me and

support me and love me.

I'd f*ckin' love that.

Believe it or not,

I'm actually thinking

in your best interest

when I treat you like sh*t.

Because I think

that at this point,

that's gonna be

the only thing

that gets it

through your head

that you're wasting

your time with me.

Clearly, I've been a complete

f*cking waste of your time.

Again, where are we right now?

You're not a prison wife,

so get the f*ck outta here.

Get the f*ck outta here.


-Be gone!

-No, I love you!

I love you!

You don't love me;

I'm just something

for you to take care of.

I'm like the dog

or something.

I'm like Lily.

That's not true.

Something for you

to take care of.

'Cause you're like a saint

and I'm just like

a f*cking...

a f*cking clown.

That's not true.




Your Honor,

the prosecution

seeks a sentence

of no less than death.

Thank you.

Your Honor,

based on the non-traditional

circumstances of this crime,

of which we've

illustrated during trial,

I recommend strongly

that you do not sentence

this man to death.

Thank you.

I'll never see my son

again because of you.

His children will never

see their daddy again

because of you.

Do you have any idea

what carnage you have

brought to our family?

You can rot in prison

and burn in hell.

To Amy, to Morgan,

to my sister,

to everyone in my family

that you damaged?

For what?

For what? Money?

He was full of life.

He was full of love,

and you took it all away.

He loved Amy and Morgan

more than anything

in the world.

He would never,

ever leave them.

I know Devin.

I know him better than

anyone in this courtroom.

Better than anyone who's

ever passed judgment on him.

Or soon will.

I truly know him,

and I feel lucky,

because I think

it's rare in life

to really, truly

know someone.

He doesn't have a huge family

or an extended support system

pleading with you

and telling you

what I'm telling you

right now about him.

It's just me.

I'm not trying to pull

at your heartstrings.

I'm just trying

to give you an idea

of the kind of person that

they want to put to death.

He's not a violent person!

He's not a danger to society!

He's never committed

a violent crime.

So I'm asking you,

I'm begging you,


don't take his life.

Thank you.

Mr. Fowler, do you wish

to address the court?


I want to say sorry to

the family and friends

of Bill Burdick.

I'm sorry for their loss

and for what I did,

whatever you think that I did.

I definitely think that

I should be punished,

but I don't think

that I should have

my life taken from me,

because Bill Burdick is

where he wanted to be

right now,

and I don't think that he

would want this for me.

I wish I'd lied

from the beginning,

I should have lied.

Then none of us

would be here

and the family

wouldn't be feeling

the anger and the pain

that they feel.

So again, I'm sorry

for what happened.

Thank you.

Will the defendant please

rise for sentencing?

Mr. Fowler,

your continued refusal

to accept responsibility

for this horrible crime

and your continued

disrespect of the victim

is truly unsettling.

You know what you did.

You k*lled this man.

I hereby sentence you

to life in prison

without the possibility

of parole.

Bailiff, take

this man to prison.

Hi, uh, Mr. Fowler.

Sorry, um...

I don't, uh...

It's hard for me

to explain exactly--

exactly why I'm here.

It's okay.

I think it's your dad

finding new ways to haunt me.

He showed me

a picture of you.

You, uh, made the Clark's

Nutcracker, right?

The what?

The paper bird ornament

that was hanging on

the mirror of his car.

You made that, right?

Oh. I-I don't know.

Maybe, if he said so.

Um, it's been a long time.

Yeah. Sorry.

Don't apologize, please.

I'm not here for that, okay?

The last thing I need to

hear is another "I'm sorry."

You understand?


It, uh, it gets very old.

And I wanted to let you know

I'm not here to

make you feel guilty

or anything like that, I...

Devin, I...

I wanted to come

in here face to face

to tell you that

I believe your story

about what happened.

What do you mean,

you believe my story?

What does that mean?

I've spent some time

studying the case

the last couple years

and remembering that time,

and my mom,

the way she was

about it, she...

She's never come

out and said it

but I know it's true.

She's not happy

about me being here,

I can tell you that,

but I had to come.

'Cause I also think

you saw a side of my dad

that no one else had

ever seen, and...

I'd like you to

tell me about it,

if you can.

And you think that's

gonna be helpful for you?

Yeah, well, my thing is,

like, people...

When people talk about

him 'cause he d*ed,

they only have

good things to say.

Nice things, happy

memories and stories,

which is fine, but it's...

it's not all a

person is, you know?

That doesn't help me

understand him.

So just anything

he said that day

from the time

you were with him

about that side of him

would be helpful,

if you remember.

If I remember?

That's all I think about.


He talked about

being depressed.

He'd said, "Depression

is like a ride,

and I think I'm

on that ride now."

He talked about being

scared of himself,

of what he might do

to other people--

like, he could do, like,

physical harm, maybe.

Like, that's how deep

his thing went.

The place on the

river where we met

meant something to him.

I think he had said

something about

his dad taking him there

when he was a kid.

Do you know where it is?

Do you think you could

tell me where it is,

describe it to me?



Uh, there's a dirt road

that runs between

Craig and Wolf Creek.

You take the road

south from Craig,

about a mile down on the left,

there's, like, a dirt road

that leads down to the river.

There's, like, a wooden gate.

That's where it was.

It's pretty gutsy coming

in here all by yourself.

How old are you?


What do you do?

I'm going to school right now.

What school?

Montana State.


So what do you

think of my dad?

Do you hate him?

Do I hate him?


I mean, I try not

to hate anybody.

Um, but there's

anger for sure.

Do you think he wanted

you to get caught?


Having me in here

definitely goes

a long way towards

making sure the, uh,

insurance check clears.

But, um, at the same time,

there are other things

that kinda go against that,

like why would he

make me wipe down

all my fingerprints?

Why would he make me

throw away the beer cans

that I drank?

False reassurance?

Make you trust him more?


I mean, I'm never gonna know.

I can go over it again

and again in my head,

but, uh, there's no answer.

I mean, at a certain point,

I'm just gonna have to pick.

I'm gonna have to decide,

and that sucks.

I know you don't

wanna, like hear this,

but, um...

I'm still...sorry.

Please, don't.

Seriously, don't.

I should be apologizing

to you for what he did.


-He did this to you.


He wanted you to get caught.

-You don't know that.

-He used you.

You don't know that.

You're not a violent criminal.

You would have never

done anything like this

-if it wasn't for him.

-It doesn't matter!

I had a choice.

I could have done

something else.

I could have,

like, walked away.

I could have,

like, helped him.

That's what you were doing.

You thought you

were helping him.

This is not how I thought

this was gonna go.

You coulda just come in here

and, like, let me have it

and just, like, call me

a bunch of names or something.

Like, you gotta come

in here and, like,

feel sorry for me?

I was meant to be in here.

It was meant to be, I'm

supposed to be in here.

You don't know, you just

said you don't know.

I'm the one he did

it for, right,

so shouldn't I

get to decide?

He was wrong and

he was a coward,

and he ruined your life

for my benefit.

And I wouldn't...

I wouldn't be able

to live with myself

if I didn't come

in here to tell you

how sorry I am,

and that I...

I wouldn't want that,

I-I wouldn't wish

that on anyone.


Life sets traps


You coming in here and

feeling sorry for me

and getting hung up

on this whole thing,

that's a trap that

you can't fall into.

You actually have the option

of forgetting

about all of this

and moving on with your life.

You have to do that.

Do you hate him?

Well, there was a time when

you didn't hate him, right?

Or at least when

you could answer no

to that question?

A time when things

were simple?

Well, that's

happening right now.

Everything that's ever happened

and everything

that ever will happen

is happening right now.

It's just not happening here.

It's happening

out there somewhere.

Ten light years

from the Planet Earth

right now in this very moment,

your dad is alive,

casting his line out

onto the Missouri River,

and I'm out there,

running around free,

doing stupid sh*t.

We're meeting on

a riverbank...

...and we're friends.
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