One and Only (2023)

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One and Only (2023)

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Welcome to the 2022

Zhejiang Street Dance Game!

We have professional street dancers

from all across the province

gathering here

to compete

the spots for the National Street Dance Finals.

I'm the commentator, Wang Yanbo.

Today I'll present the game

with my partner Wang Tengxiao

for you guys


Alright, Yanbo.

Hangzhou is soon hosting the Asian Games,

and street dance has become

a new item.


Hangzhou will be hosting

the National Street Dance

Competition for the first time.

This time

the top three of the game

will go directly into the final.

And now,

let's focus on the game site.

Round one has just ended


please cast your votes

Congratulations to the Kings!

Round two! Here we go!


Here we go!

He's not bailing on us, is he?


can you push our team back a bit in the order?

One of our team members hasn't arrived yet

Coach Ding

the performance order

is determined by drawing lots,

so we can't break the rules


we can't.

Remember when we were out drinking

a couple of days ago?

You kept calling me 'bro' then.

Now that you have your work badge,

you don't recognize me anymore, is that it?

Just move us back a bit.

Do me a favor.

I'll treat you to dinner afterward.

Remember that grilled yellow croaker we had?

Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside.

Oil oozing out with every bite

that aroma!

I'm telling you, did you hear that?

I'm connected

to the Fair Competition Committee

with these earphones.

Come, everyone!

My treat, I insist.

Now, as everyone knows,

we here in Hangzhou are all gearing up

for the Asian Games.

To celebrate its second anniversary,

Awei Duck has invited

a professional street dancer.

Let's applaud to

Chen Shuo from Hangzhou,

AKA the amazing whirlwind

with his hot troupe

to perform

The Magic Circle of Love.


OK, everybody!

Show your passion and kindness!

Athlete, spin your head!

Snacking while gunning for the championship

Awei Duck delivers true love.

As long as the applause keeps coming,

he won't stop.


I got you some duck treats.

No, it's fine. Thanks, Xie.

Take it. It's really good. I tasted.

Take some home for your uncle.

Thanks, Xie.

Off you go.




Be careful.


"Thanks, Xie."

"300 yuan"


Finally, here!

You've already started. The traffic was bad.

Right, this place is hard to find.

Come on!

Did we miss the winning show?

It's the preliminaries. No sweat.

We still got it.

Judges, three, two, one...



Welcome, everyone,

to Zhejiang Street Dance Game

final b*ttlefield.

Dancing Machine

against E-mark.

If everything goes well,

E-mark will officially enter the finals.

E-mark will officially enter the finals.

they barely scraped by, to be honest.

I wonder if it's a tactic.

Before the final, Kevin,

the ace member of the team.

hasn't shown up yet.

But look there,

he's already on the stage.

Let's get it full.

"E-mark fighting!"

With Kevin, E-mark seems like a different team.

They've easily won one round.

The final is best of three.

E-mark is already holding a match point.

Make some noise!


E-mark routines!

Bboy Kevin is here, let's go!

A member of E-mark made a mistake.

Such a shame.

It seems

they don't cooperate a lot.

How are you?

It's okay.

Let's see what the judges

choose for the second round.

"Dancing Machine"


Dancing Machine!


Get lost!

What happened?

Step back. All of you, back.

If you can't dance, get off!

Dumb ass!

Cool it off.

What's happening here?

Work together!

Kevin seems angry with

his teammate's mistake just now,

and wants to have a one-on-one battle.

Kevin calls out

Dancing Machine's



The tension is high on the stage,

and how will Kevin respond?

A backflip to chest!

This move is extremely dangerous.

We know a Bboy's style depends on his character.

And Kevin, he's the kind

of player who dares to fight.

Elbow Air Flare!

This is Kevin's signature move.

Kevin grabbed a Bboy's spinning cap.

Looks like he's going for a Headspin.

Kevin's coach,Ding Lei,

was a Headspin Bboy.

he never won the national championship,

humorously called Eternal Runner-up.

This year, having Kevin on his side,

he might just have a chance

to win the national championship.





Patrick wasn't in his best state today,

but let's try to avoid

swearing on stage in the future,


Also, we're all on the same team.

Let's try to spend more time

training with each other.

You'll develop that... that intuitive


Let me take you home.

No, no need.

I drove here.

Let's go.

Brother Kang.


Chen, what took you so long?

Kang has already wiped down two cars for you.

What, don't want to earn money?

Joker b*mb!


Hello, Mom.

Son, are you busy?

Not really.

One famous vlogger

come to our restaurant today

to make a food review vlog now.

He has hundreds of thousands of followers.

Come back quickly,

and dance for him,

so he can give you a boost in popularity.

Mom, I'm a bit busy. I'll hang up now.


This kid.

Want to learn?

I can teach you a couple of moves.

It's fine.

The plan's still the same.

Fire Luffy,

Patrick, Snakeman,


and Prophecy.

Boss Kevin will make another investment

to bring in dancers from overseas

to fill their places.

For what?

Look at us, our performance today...


It wasn't so bad, right?

With this team, we have now,

we could win

the national championship this year.

Kevin says

if it weren't for those guys dragging us down,

we could have won last year.


True to your background in translation,

you can even translate a glance.

Kevin doesn't want to waste time.

If he can't place again,

if he can't prove himself,

he'll have to go back and inherit

the family business.

This huge drift,

feels so darn good.

Didn't we agree

that we'd take the championship

within three years?

We've got three months left.


just trust your teammates.

I promise to fulfill your dream

of cutting ties with the family fortune.

I'm informing you,

not asking for an opinion.

Don't forget

who's paying the rent for E-mark.

Talk any more nonsense and I'll fire you too.

Wait for your news.

Uncle Wang.

You're back.

"Madame Tussauds"


Just look at you.

The Vlogger has been here for an hour.

You didn't even make it.

Mom, I don't rely on that.

Then what do you rely on?

Wasting your days dancing behind Xie?


Shuo, you're back.

New work?

My self-portrait.

This look of my son,

being an idol or something would work as well.

Then you wouldn't have to work so hard.

Brother Xie raised my price.

Now, for one performance,

I get three hundred.

Three hundred now, huh.

Go buy yourself some decent clothes.

Don't always look so scruffy.

Okay, you're good-looking,

but that doesn't mean

you can rely on our good family genes

to look unkempt.


I look just like my uncle.

Good family genes.

Hey, Lei Bro,

I drove your car home

and walked your dog.

Empress in the Palace

just turn on the TV to watch.

It's episode 43, right?

Spill it!

I'm sorry for today.

You even realize it.

What the heck were you dancing?

No wonder you got scolded.

My waist went soft, and then that transition...

What transition?

Listen, come pick me up tomorrow.

I don't feel like driving.

Wan Wan

in the emperor's heart,

I'm nothing more than

a substitute for Empress Chunyuan.

Why didn't you think of this earlier?

What were you doing before, huh?



I got an idea

to this coordination problem.


Get a stand-in then!

Just catching on now.

You're earning three hundred for one dance now.

That's pretty impressive, right?

Not bad.

Then, the most impressive thing would be,

if one dance could clear all our family's debts.

Once the debt's paid,

you can go and join a professional team

to fulfill your dream.

Here, take your pills.


"Three hundred dance performances,"

"one hundred car wash"

Good job !

"Madame Tussauds"


Chen, you're here.

Sister Yan.

Your mom shouldn't only think

about making money.

She should socialize more often.


Try some square dancing.

I'll mention it to her.


Put this on the tab, Sister Yan.

When will you perform a dance for us?

My little Tingting has a crush on you.

I... I need more practice.

See you tomorrow.

See you.


Bring out the golden cudgel.

Sober up !

More shaomai?


Today's filling is good.

Mom, rice noodle rolls.


I'll wipe down the table for you.


Sis, where's Shuo?

He went to deliver food.


think it over again.

You sing and Shuo dances,

the new goes with the old,

it steps up the game.

Just like when you were with my brother.

I told you that

I can't sing anymore.

Alright, let's drop it.

What if I give you an extra two hundred?

You're here, Shuo.

Hurry up.


Xie is waiting for you.

In a minute, Xie.

Hurry up.

No rush.



you got a visitor.

He's quite old.

"Fuhang Culture"

Don't touch.


I see.


I haven't seen you in years,

and you're looking great.

A grown man now.

Coach Ding.

Luckily you had your phone number

on that application form.

I called, and a woman answered,

she told me you're performing here.

That was my mom.

b*at the monster.


Monster's mommy is here.

I will take you to your mommy.

You're really busy, huh?

Yes, several shows a day.

Xie's Entertainment, creating miracles.

Weddings and funerals,

price is negotiable.

Here's my card.

Do people still use these?

I'm nostalgic.

Then I'll give you mine.

It has my phone number and my address.

After you save the world, come find me.

I need to talk to you about something.


Can you finish saving the world today?



the name is a bit ordinary.

"Ding Lei, E-mark"

I'll drive you later.


That person

might be trying to poach you.

Probably not.

I attended one of their auditions before,

and got eliminated.

Well, that's good.

Our troupe is not optimistic now

The Rumba couple

told me they want to work in Hainan.

Sister Liu's dad had a stroke,

she has to go back to her hometown.

if you leave too,

then our troupe won't have any unique features.


What do you think of this?

You beg your mom, my sis,

to make a comeback.

Forget it.

Whenever she sings,

it reminds her more of my dad.

That's true.


Alright, ready.

one two three

six seven eight... good!

"Snakeman, Luffy, Kevin, Chilli, Wukong"

six seven eight

one two three two two

six eight three two three



one two three two


Thank you.


My name is Candy


My name is


I know who you are.

You are Empress Zhen Huan of the Niuhulu.

My mom has already told me about you.

Your mom?

Captain Chilli,

The top female street dancer in Southeast China.

That's Luffy next to her.

OG of E-mark.

He is a rhythm master, Wukong.

Those two are Snakeman and Forest.

The happy boy duo.

That's Jr.Taco.

who just succeeded in losing weight.

That's Patrick.

He's Lei's first apprentice.

He's Prophecy.


his mental age is about the same as mine.


He always tries to throw himself into the sky.

He's Dragon,

the old-school Bboy.

He has a crush on my mom,

and always pleasing me.

Oh, thank you.

You're welcome.

Chen, You're here.

Coach Ding,


Have a seat.

Three years ago,

in our audition,

you and Kevin both did Headspin, right?

You danced really well, it's just that you

and Kevin had a similar style, you know?

You've been doing commercial

performances ever since,

didn't join a professional team, huh?


And you haven't participated in any event?

No, not that either.

But I've been practicing all the time,

never stopped.

Well, what?

Believe in the light.

Although I'm cosplaying today,

I'm a dancer in the first place.

And then,

I'm a monster slayer.

Have a seat.

I want to discuss something with you.

Would you like to join E-mark for a bit?

Now we are just

preparing for the National Street Dance


Come on, have a seat.

Your standing kept me looking up at you.

I want you to replace Kevin

to rehearse with the team,

positions, and all that,

anyway, that's about it.

Me, replace Kevin?

This kid has been a bit cocky lately.

I plan to bench him for a while

He'll still have to go

to the competition, of course.


we should agree on this first,

you won't be on stage then.

It's like this, no free dancing.

Name your price

I can dance, I don't need money

Don't be silly,

if you don't want money,

why would you do commercial performances?

Let me tell you, here,

everyone and everything has a price.

I don't want to owe you anything.

How about five thousand a month?

Coach Ding,

what if,

if I perform well,

do I have a chance to stay with E-mark?

That depends on your performance.

Add me on WeChat.

"E-mark 2019 Recruitment"

"Try hard and you will succeed"

Brother Lei was all serious when he told Kevin


be careful next time.

He even made a plate of braised pork for Kevin.

I've found someone who can spin for you.

He'll be your understudy,

so we can solve the issue of coordination.

You won't have to put in any effort.

We are definitely going to be champions.

Here come the dumplings.


What a feast, Luffy!



This young man is too earnest.

Told him to spin,

he really just keeps spinning, huh?

Brother Lei,

maybe it's enough for now?

The kid is soaked in sweat.

He needs to see the intensity

of a professional dance troupe

not the random gigs he usually does.

More dishes.

Come and sit.


Menu, please.


Osmanthus sugar lotus root.

Give it to me.

Please take care.

one two three four five

"Madame Tussauds"

Just a moment


eat to the fullest


Kevin will do the solo by himself.

He never even showed up.

What, so I can't talk about him?


everyone did a fantastic job today.

Go have some rest.

Group practice for the new routine.

Take a look.

Street dance has been included

in the Asian Games,

the national team is about to be put together.


What are you doing?

Haven't I told you?

You don't need to do Kevin's solo,

why are you practicing Elbow Air Flare now?

I just want to give it a sh*t.

What if you injured yourself?

Who'd do the group practice then?

Remember, you are no longer

the owner of your body now.

Stop practicing nonsense.

You'll keep dancing after I leave, will you?

What are you nodding for?

Well, it's a sign of respect.

Alright then, one more time.

What's wrong with you,

is the helmet blocking your signal?

Stop nodding at me.

I'm asking you to dance one more time.

Oh my god, I...

Get up.

Lift it up, let me see.

Your elbow is loose.

The upper body must be tense.

This part is supposed to be rock-hard.

This part, if the base isn't solid,

it's definitely going to collapse.

Keep your upper body tight.

Also, keep your head low.

When your head is low, your body can get up.

With your silly way of practicing,

you're lucky if you haven't hospitalized yourself.

I have.


Besides, the sense of rhythm

is important as well.

It should be spontaneous,

not be propped up intentionally.

Once the rhythm in your heart

matches your movements, you'll nail it.

Thank you, Coach Ding.

Coach Ding,

can I ask you again if I'm still not good at it?

If I've given you advice,

there's no way you won't get it.

Also, I'm not your coach.

Chen is also getting into it.

Thanks for the enlightenment.

How good are you?

Those are too difficult for you

You need to start with the basics.

I'm a fast learner.

It's not speed stuff.

Rome can't be built in...


Sit down.



is really great.

Take a break.

I heard from Xie

that you are dancing for Mark-E?

It's the E-mark, Mom.

I'm just standing in for someone else,

I'm not going on stage.

That's still a good start.

As for Xie, you don't need to worry.

Your father took good care of him.

He can do me this favor.


if time permits, I'll still go to Xie's.

It's okay.

It's okay that you're not okay.

Noodles without garlic

It's like cookies without milk

Rappers all got garlic at home

That's why we don't eat fried rice

We don't eat fried rice

Yep, Yep.


Hey, brother Lei.

I'm here to clean your room up,


all the trophies are gone.


"Fuhang Culture"

Liu Hongliang,

what does Kevin mean?

What are you mumbling about?

Don't tell me you don't know about this,

and secretly went to my place,

and took all the trophies away.

What's going on,

Kevin wants to leave, right?

Fine, let's clear this up today.

That's not how it works, I'm telling you.

This is enough.

You can't just throw a tantrum.

What tantrum?

He has officially invited those foreigners,

and spent millions on signing the contract.

His dad is in America,

so no one is keeping this kiddo in line, huh?

What the hell are you so angry about?

He asked me to translate for those,

Germans, French, Italians.

Yes, I did graduate from

the Foreign Language College,

but I studied Arabic.

Ding Lei,

what's the matter with you?

I asked you to fire five of them.

Even three would save me enough

trouble learning their languages.

You didn't let go of a single one,

even brought in an extra one.

Have you ever thought about me?

For someone my age,

to start over, do you know how hard it is?

Come here, come.

Read this.

Read this out loud.

I totally understand.

I do.

It's not easy.

I know how it is.

We're on the same boat here.

We can't let him mess around like this anymore.

It's too late.


This brat has already had

The office park refund E-mark's rent.


Then where will we go to rehearse?

Wherever you want to rehearse, go rehearse.

Without Kevin, E-mark is only a period.

Get the hell out of here.

Go away now.


don't block the door.

Why are you standing in the way?

That's it

Have you ever respected culture,

Fu Hang Culture?

Go back and tell your silver-spoon kid

that I don't give a damn

about his lousy sponsorship.


"Fuhang Culture"

One, two, three.

Lift your knees.

One, two, one, two,

Speed up.

Jr. Taco, don't goof!

One, two,

higher, higher.

Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm.





Get me a pair of pants.


let's have dinner tonight.

We should meet...

Rent for the next three months

would be 210 thousand.

And you have five days.

I already lost respect for it.

Five days.

Brother Lei,

we talked about it

and everybody wants to chip in for the rent.

We will get through this together

It's not your turn to carry it.

You have a family to support.

This is none of your business.

Street dance.

you can dance anywhere on the street.

It's just a matter of pride, right?

We can't let Kevin get his way.

The fee you mentioned for the Super-Power Dance,

50 thousand is way too little.

How about negotiating with them?

If they offer a higher price,

we can make do.


Now that Kevin's gone for good,

how about letting Chen try dancing with us?

Forget it.

I'll talk to him and ask him to go home.

Keeping him here any longer

you'll become friends, and he'll end up staying.

How is it?

I don't know.

Calm down. Let's wait over there first.

Good evening.



Do you have a reservation, sir, ma'am?

This way, please.

Please, have a seat.

Please wait a moment. Enjoy your meal.

At your service.

Well, I went home a few days ago.

Dad's in good health.

He'll live longer if you are not there.

You're a real talker.

In this year's national competition,

our team will surely win the championship.

Then our brand value will rise dramatically.

Benefits should always be kept for our own.

Why not just let Da Fei

and Ma Da directly invest in us?

You want to borrow money from them, right?

Why are you so direct?

I'll tell you, Ding Lei,

booking a room is fine,

but I'm not playing along with your drama.

We've been divorced for several years

and haven't told them.

Isn't that keeping me?

It's still too early to call it, right?

What if we get back together?

That should save us some trouble

You keep talking.

There's a minimum charge.

VVVIP room.

You're so nice, Dan.


friends from afar, let's drink together.


Bottoms up, bro. / Bottoms up.

- Here.

- Drink up.

Brother Lei,

our next gathering will be

a victory party for your championship.

Cut it out, I was just complaining

to the guys about this.

About Kevin walking out on us,

he even withdrew our rent

for the next few months.

I was just about to discuss this with the guys.



The e-driver app.


The night is still young, put down your phone.

- Stay a while longer.

- Brother Lei,

Da Fei is just accepting an order.

He's a substitute driver now

I'm just got a second child.

I forgot to turn off the app.

Even the substitute driver's drinking.

Go ahead and drink, Brother Lei.


You're even working at

the noodle shop during the day,

you'll wear yourself out.

The noodle shop is long gone.

If you're in trouble, why didn't you tell us?

You don't have to do it alone.

You are in fact...

Did you know about this?

Did you know it too?

So you're isolating me, right?

Here is the thing.

Da Fei took inspiration from Ma Da to .

become a substitute driver

Ma Da?

Are you also a substitute driver?


Wasn't your shop a famous one on social media?

The m*rder mystery game thing

with single gals and guys?

Now they're into Frisbee.

Brother Lei,

enough about us,

you didn't finish earlier.

What did you call us here for?

I asked you guys out

because we haven't seen each other for a while.

Let's catch up.

Come on, buddy.

Life, eh? How can we bounce

back if we don't hit rock bottom?

- Right.

- Exactly.

Drink up, and take another sh*t.

Come on, Baozi,

- Start the round.

- Just drink and say no more.

When Baozi comes back, we'll do it again.

- Sure.

- Deal.

- All right.

- Home safe.

- Alright, bro.

- Let's go.

Take care, Brother Lei.

I already paid the money.

The bill's been settled.

Okay, Brother Lei. / Bye.

Who told you to pay my bill?

They're my friends too. My treat.

Watch your step here.

Looking down on me, huh?

One day, mark my words, when the golden

glow of the trophy

shines on your face,

that's when we will get back together.

Sure. Sleep well,

everything can be true in the dream.

"Transferred to Ding Lei three thousand yuan"

"Go dance for us too"

"Tomorrow no need to come"

"Madame Tussauds"

"I'm not your coach"

"Let's talk a little tomorrow"

"Madame Tussauds"

80 thousand.

80 thousand.

80 thousand.

I'm overwhelmed.

I just spent two thousand

on an anti-v*olence scratch film.

It's true.


75 thousand.

"Ma Ta"


Brother Lei, someone wants to sponsor you.

Where's the guy?

Parted hair, medium height.

When he meets people, he's got a fake smile.

That's right, it's me.

Now I see him.

Dong Erlang.

Hello there.

AKA Great Wave.

So you're a street dancer, huh?

Once upon a time,

I chased the street dance dream for two years.

Two years ago, on March 15th,

I gave up,

turned my back on street dancing.

You didn't betray street dance, man.

You might've just saved it.

Sponsoring us with 100 thousand,


You're really saving us.

It's not me, though,



The brand-new smart trash can

The world's first.

trash bin that can boogie down to your tunes.


Quality is all about connection.

Luxury needs to meet luxury.

So we're cordially inviting,

Hangzhou's top dance troupe E-mark,

to strut their stuff at our promotion event

for a week. Five shows a day.

Didn't you say unconditional?

So it sounds way more exciting, right?

Dance at our gig with a trash can?

Is... Aren't you calling this unconditional?

E-mark, dancing in front of your trash cans,

you've gotta be kidding me.

It's not what you're picturing.

The product and the dancer become one.

Not in front of it, but inside it.

Wear that trash can.

Can you imagine that kind of

thrill for the audience?

The shock and awe.

Trash can?

Are you sure?

Are you leaving?

It's 100 thousand, Coach Ding.

You there.

I think you know what I'm going to tell you.

You, Chen,

your attitude is fine, it's great.

But the situation is as it is.

There's no longer this need in the team for

a stand-in for Kevin for rehearsals.

So, I can't pay to keep a person around.

We're all dancers,

I can't have someone

dance for free.


I've been here with E-mark for 21 days.

I think I'm making progress.

I can learn even faster if you want.

Or if you think I'm not ready for competition,

you can let the others focus on practice.

I can cook, drive,

walk your dog, stream TV shows.

As long as I have a chance to stay,

I'll do anything.

Simply put, here's the situation.

Anyway, we've got to dance

at the mall for a few days.

I'm not going to force you.

I'll go.

Did I hear that right? You said,

is it you'll go, or is it, what the hell?

I can go.


You've really done me a huge favor.

Alright, just now,

delivering a dazzling performance for us,

came from Hangzhou's top dance team,

the street dance master of E-mark,

Chen Shu-O.

Ladies and gentlemen,

let's give another round of applause,

Chen Shu-O?

Is that really you?

I gotta say, every time I run into you,

The circumstances are somewhat,


And this isn't even the strangest.

Before, I've done all kinds of performances.

What are you doing here?

My boss told me

that Zhejiang's top dance team,

E-mark, was performing here,

so he sent me to report it.

Are you a journalist?

Intern, actually.

So am I.

But they told me,

If I do well,

I could get a full-time position.

Well, good luck to both of us.

Go for it.

There's some fuzz.

Green fuzz.

Thanks a lot.

How about friending me on WeChat?

If I have questions about street dance...

I could recommend you an official account.

It's got all the info

you need about street dance.

Feel free to ask me anything too.

I'll scan you.


My name is Li Mingzhu.

Your name isn't Chen Shu-O?

They got it wrong.

There are promotional products

on the first floor

Please come and see.

I gotta go, that's me.

Go ahead.

See you next time.

Big discount like no others.


Endorsed by E-mark,

the new Daxi smart trash can.

What's up?

Isn't that Chen?

Didn't Brother Lei send him back?

Looks like E-mark is hitting rock bottom.

Guess E-mark will do anything for money now.

People from the street said,

E-mark has paid up their rent.


Ding Lei must've been skimming off the top.

I've brought in a Korean national champ,

and another one from Vietnam.

They'll be arriving next week.




Get off.

Who are you?

My apologies.

What's going on?

Who is this?

Let me clarify here,

this guy is not part of our crew.

Don't let him pull one over on you.

Back off.

Back off.

Back off.

Back off.

What are you doing?

Let's go.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

What are you apologizing for?

That's on me.

I should've given you all the heads up.

Playing peace and love now?

Coach Ding, you cashed the check.

Is he with E-mark or not?

or is he some other punctuation?

My fancy promotion campaign,

you guys turned it into a low-rent circus.

Give me a plan.

How will you compensate?

How to compensate?

That's what you call crisis PR.

Didn't cost us a dime.

That's team spirit. Take notes.

"no need to wash the car anymore"

"Sorry, I'm on my way"


You can just drop me off

at the subway station up ahead.

No, don't bother.

It's been a hard day.

I'll take you out for some late-night wontons.

"High-class car wash by Piew"

Thanks, Coach.

Get some food.

Sure, Coach.


I'm coming.

Go change quickly.


I thought you were a no-show.

After years,

you didn't jump ship, did you?

After your audition,

my dad fell ill.

We racked up some debt

for his medical bills.

You've paid it off now?

Still, 50 thousand left.

I heard from Patrick,

did your family own a wax statue shop?

Business isn't booming?

Dim Sum,

It's a restaurant.

My dad started it

and my mom couldn't bear to let it go.


we have a patient at home.

My uncle won't go anywhere unfamiliar.

What's wrong with him?

He used to study sculpture in France.


he had to return home to care

for my grandfather.

After my grandpa passed,

he was mentally distressed.

Your family's story could rival a melodrama.

What about your dad?

He passed away last year.


my dad used to dance too.

He once competed against you.

He got knocked out in the round of 16.

Had I known he was your father,

I might have gone easy on him.

My dad would be thrilled

if he knew I was dancing for you now.

Do you mean the trash-can dance?

Speaking of Dragon,

his bad temper...

Coach. Misunderstanding.

Not his fault.

Of course, it is. You have to coax him into

sharing his secret techniques.

Get him to teach you a few.


there's one move

I'm particularly curious about it.

Dragon's or Kevin's?


The last time you competed nationally,

you broke your leg.

What would have happened

if you had completed that move?

You seem to know quite a lot.

That move...

Let's just say, it was designed

profoundly and brilliantly performed.

had managed to pull it off,

the street dance history

would have been engraved

by my name, Ding Lei.

Ding Lei!

Sir, keep drinking.


I've only ever shared the specifics of that move

with one person.


My ex-wife, your former Mrs. Coach.

She did Headspin too?

What have you got in mind?

There, Coach, here it is.

Thanks, Coach.


Mom, I got it.

Let me handle it.

Who's this?

I'm his coach.


Respect, Coach.

Thank you for teaching my son.

You are welcome.

You should come over for dinner sometime.

Sounds good.

Good for you, son.

Your coach even drives you home.

Just happens to be on his way.

So, you'd better keep pushing.

Focus on nothing else.


through a democratic vote,

we've unanimously decided to have you perform

in the upcoming Super-Power Dance.

Cheer up!

Here's the thing,

you don't have to rush here anymore.

Your role in the show has been filled.

You can concentrate on your dance now, okay?

I'll be there shortly.

Faster, come on!




When you leap, really give it your all.

sh**t now.

During the one-hand freeze,

make sure to use your waist strength,

not just your arm strength.

Engage your core,

and then spring back up.

Move too fast, and you're likely to fall.

" 14 more days until the dance show"

"National competitions, 56 more days"

Hurry, hurry.

Happy birthday to you!

Stretch your legs. Stretch them!

Great job!


Okay, good.




you care only about dancing every day,

so you don't know your teammates well enough, right?

Sis, I've watched some interviews about E-mark.

Don't trust the interviews.

Who can tell the truth in front of a camera?


Here's a classic from E-mark for you.

My ex-boyfriend signed up

for a street dance class

It was a buy-one-get-one-free deal.

But surprisingly, he quit,

and I fell in love with it, so I stayed.

I took martial arts lessons when I was younger.

At that time,

I loved doing backflips.

Street dance also has backflips, so I joined.

Some classmates said,

that I looked like a fool

always pointing my fingers.

But I don't mind playing the fool.

I don't want to fight anymore

I want to dance like a pro.

I was born with double eyelids.

But they turned into single eyelids,

because of all the headstands I did.

I was crying while doing them.

And every day my eyes were swollen,

like a fish's eyes.

Brother Lei really helped me a lot.

When I first joined,

I didn't have good shoes to dance in.

Nothing. Nor the right clothes.

He bought me everything.

I danced for trophies before,

for victory.

I just want to learn to dance.

All I want is to dance.

After this year, I'm going to retire.

I can't keep up anymore.

Don't look at me like that,

and then try to convince me otherwise.

Luffy, you can't stop dancing.


is a lifetime career.

Don't need to persuade me like that.

Enough with the sentiment.

Stop it, all of you.

Come on

I'm a simple guy. I just love to dance.

I can go without food, but I must dance.

Not eating? You're already

on your third bowl of rice.

Plus, god knows how many meatballs.


a dream,

for all these years.

What's the second part of the poem?

Let's hear it.

No money can be made by dancing.

Here's to Forest!

To Forest!

Good luck tomorrow. It's Chen's turn.

Welcome to the Super-Power Dance Party!

"I have arrived"

No wonder.

What's wrong?


Sit down.

It was my first time dancing

in front of so many people.

I see.

The first time is always nerve-racking.

When I had my first competition

I only realized I'd wet my pants

when I saw the group photo.

No choice,

when I'm nervous I need to go to the bathroom.

From then on, I competed wearing a diaper.

How did you eventually overcome it?

Overcome what? Just keep wearing it.

I'm wearing one today.

Are you

dumb or what?

I can't believe you.

If you ever panic on stage,


try touching the stage.

It really works.


Ever seen a wild dog in the countryside?

No matter how fiercely they fight,

or how badly they're hurt,

they recover in two days

just by lying on the ground.

Do you know why?

Because they live with the ground.

As dancers, we spend all our time on the stage,

that's our connection to the earth.

You need to connect with it.

You need to trust the stage.

Will the stage trust me?

If you trust it, it will trust you.


it should at least owe me that.

I've been a wild dog for years.

With no distractions,

youcan have everything.


It's about to start.

I need to go to the loo.

Now we have the top

street dance club of Zhejiang.


"Ta Si home appliances"

Chen Shuo.


You need to connect with it.

You need to trust the stage.

Will the stage trust me?

If you trust it, it will trust you.

"Madame Tussauds"

Over there.

Not bad.

The classic look from

"Journey to the West 1986".

Who cares about the Monkey King,

I was talking about that girl.

Your girlfriend?


I saw her taking a lot of pictures.

Pass them to me later.


My Idol.

You guys ruined my idol.

This is a bit rough.

What is this?

This is my uncle.

He made all these statues.


Is that your coach ?

He looks like a toad!

dares to talk about me?


why didn't you come

to watch the competition today?

I couldn't bear to watch.

How did my son do in the dance?

He did wonderfully.

Ma'am, I took some photos today.

Let me show you.

Ma'am, I have to tell you,

this move was amazing.

The whole audience went wild after he did it.

It was incredible.

Great job today. Everyone was screaming.

He's never had so

many friends over at our house before.

I've never seen him this happy.

"E-marks street dance stunned the whole stage"

Forget about him, Kevin.

He can't even be compared with you at all.

Let's drink.






The national street dance

competition has replied.

It's okay for foreign dancers

to compete for a Chinese club,

but they have to be

in the top three of their province.

Only then can they sign up.

Are you saying we're not qualified?


What I'm saying is, with our resources,

we could just buy Dancing Machine.

Wouldn't that solve everything?

If you think it's a good idea,

I could get it done ASAP.

Kevin will be so pissed off by this.

He'll explode.

I'm so happy today.

Just watching Chen dance on stage from below,

it made me know?

Like when I first started,

it was the same feeling

So, is Chen.

going to compete

in the national tournament?

Of course!

He must!

It depends on his performance though

On behalf of our investors,

I'd like to say

that Chen actually did a great job.

Keep it to yourself.

Thanks, bro.

I support him in competing.

I got something to say today.

This will be my last performance with E-mark.

I bought a ticket to go home,

it's in two days.

Zhang Cuibiao, are you drunk?

What are you saying?

I've been thinking about this for a long time.

I'm not a great dancer,

but you guys never pushed me away.

You accommodated me in every performance.

Thank you all.

Enough, enough.

Less talking.

You may not have confidence in yourself,

but don't you trust your coach?

Your team?

I love dancing.

I had a huge fight with my parents over it,

and we haven't spoken in 12 years.

My dad barely contacts me,

but two days ago, I got a message from him.


Are you ever coming back?

Fine, fine.

Go home and sort things out

then come back and continue dancing.

Bro, you have to make a decision.

I've been a stumbling block for you all.

Do you not know it, or are they not aware?

Well said.

Back in the day, I...


he truly loves street dance.

But the street dance

didn't love him at all.

But I think,

being able to give our youth into dancing,

into street dance,

experiencing all this,

I think it's worth it,

and I'm fulfilled.

Not everyone is going to stick

with street dance for a lifetime.

But E-mark,

we're a ball of fire when we're together,

and stars scattered when we're apart.

Come, pour me a drink.

Let me toast you.

Here's to Patrick!

Here's to Patrick!

Don't move.

No escape.


That should be about it, right, Chilli?

Not even close. It's gonna be there for years.

Now, let's do the eyebrows.

And the lips.

Seductive scarlet.

There's no need for lipstick,

just a big red dot.

Come on, look here.

Come on, look here.

Show some confidence.

Why so serious?

Look at them. Can you see their cocky attitudes?

Overdo it a bit.

Come on, one more.

Good, you've finally

changed the two into a three. Check it out.

Double threes.

Later tonight,

Kevin and I will pay you a visit.

We've got things to discuss.

Let's keep the energy high.

Get set.

Come on.


Go back To your mom,

Zhang Cuibiao!

What's up, man.

What's up.

You're up bright and early, young master.

Here for team-building

with these foreign brothers?

How are you?

Bringing my new crew,

to the haunt,

to find that feeling,

is there an issue?

What's the problem?

This place rents for five hundred per hour.

What's with your attitude?

Underestimating me, are you?

You're a funny one.


step aside and talk.

Move your ass.

How's that said in French?

Save your jokes!

We're not qualified for

the national competition.

You're aware, right?

What's this?

Coming to snatch our

spot after nabbing the trophies?

Do we need to fight for that?

The entire team of Dancing Machine,

is worth less than Kevin's car tires.

Then let's meet on the stage.

Is that it?

You've misunderstood.

The last time Kevin was back

to get the trophies,

he saw your group picture.

That touched Kevin's heart,

he was moved.

He's considering, giving you one last chance.

Nobody has to leave E-mark.

We'll take care of your expenses.

He'll lead these foreigners,

and bag the championship first.

Look at them.

Observe their moves and rhythm

It's all about the concept,


You're no better off dancing with a trash can.

I've got another thing to tell you.

I should congratulate you in advance.

There are only you and me here.

What's wrong with you?

Spit it out.


I heard,

the National Street Dance Coach Team,

is officially sending you the offer.

They approached Kevin before.

But Kevin said, among all the coaches here,

he accepts only you.

If you join the National Team,

wouldn't your team,

naturally, smoothly,

make it in?

An E-mark,

producing multiple National Team members,

plus you as a national team coach,

wouldn't that be like setting off fireworks

over your master's grave?

Did I hear you right?

Everyone stays, right?

Except for Little Red Riding Hood.

Why do you have to fuss with

that silly boy with the helmet?

I'll cover his salary if you keep him.


let's be honest here.

We've been waiting for you one day,

otherwise, we're signing with Dancing Machine.



Come, sit.

This place is pretty secluded.

Yes, this is one of our old spots.

Try some.

Jr.Taco once told me about it.

Yes, they used to come here a lot.

Have some.

How's the taste? Good, right?

Delicious. It's so good.

What did you guys learn from Chilli today?

We practiced Funk9 and Elephant3

We also did some physical conditioning.

Oh, Coach,

I also practiced

the One-elbow Air Flare !

You taught me the regular one before,

so I wanted to try a single elbow.

Didn't think I would succeed today.

I was planning on a fourth one,

but Jr.Taco made me laugh

and I missed the fourth.

But for those who don't know,

just watching us dance,

they'd ask why we're battling with the floor.

Speaking of which,

Kevin is coming back to the team.

So, this time, the...

the National Competition,

you might not be able to participate.


has gotten jealous of you.

He just can't let it go with you.

He can't stand you.

You might have to leave.

After all, I was your coach,

I owe you an explanation.

Take the 50 thousand,

it will ease things at home.


I can apologize to Kevin.

Why apologize?

I can withdraw from the competition.

I'm fine with being an understudy,


Are you an idiot?

Being an understudy?

Do you understand?


the one who wants you to leave,

or rather, the one who is abandoning you,

is not Kevin.

It's me.

Ding Lei.

I don't need you anymore.

This National Competition,

or the Asian Games that follow,

may be the biggest events I'll ever encounter

in my life.

Whether for E-mark,

or for the other team members,

or even for myself,

I must overcome this hurdle.

This is the only obstacle I face in my life,

I was crippled for it.

I must go till the end.

Otherwise, what's the point?

Reality is reality.

Kevin can provide everything I need.

Take this money and

go find a good place to dance for.

Then come back,

defeat Kevin,

defeat E-mark,

defeat me.

Give, give, give.

Give what's rightfully yours.

"E-mark 2019 recruitment"

To the one who helps you along the way

"Try hard and you will succeed"

Give, give, give.

Give what's rightfully yours.

To the one who advises you

to drink less at the table.

Give, give to the one

who watches you go away

"Show room"

leaves the door open for you

when you return in the middle of the night.

Give, give to a man

who is as strong as a mountain

Boss Kevin,

does this size fit?

For someone who begs for you humbly

Coach, what do you think?


it's better to match the team.

We are a team, after all.

Then let's follow the coach's advice.

Give, give, give to the one who deserves it


It'll be quick.

Give to the one

who gives you a hand on the road.

"Chen Suo transferred fifty thousand yuan"

Give, give, give.

Give what's rightfully yours.

This is where

my parents' troupe used to perform.

To the one who advises

you to drink less at the table.

This is where

I started dancing.

Give, give to the one

who watches you go away

My dad used to breakdance.

When I was a child,

I watched his performances from there.

But leaves the door open for you

when you return in the middle of the night.

Coach Ding said,

reality is reality.

Give, give to a man

who is as strong as a mountain


I should face reality too.

For someone who begs for you humbly

Give, give, give to someone

who will be with you forever.

Someone who's put up with you

for a long, long time


They are all ready, huh?

Give, give, give to someone

who is waiting to be fed.


"Everyone, I'm back home.from Piao Piao"

Someone who's going to grow up to be you



I heard from your mom

that you're competing in some game.

Go for it.

Tell your mom we should go for tea sometime.

This is what we call,

returning to the rightful owner.

Brother Lei,

what should we do about this?

What is this?

It's Chen's poster.

Give, give, give to someone

who's just waiting to be fed.

Someone who's growing into you

What am I to him,

Here, here, here, for someone

who's getting greasy.

all for nothing?

For someone whos never

getting regretful of you.

Next, I will be preparing for

the National Team's

training camp with my coach.

In a moment, we'll also showcase

some of our recent achievements.

Coach, anything else to add?

Let's work hard together.

Go team go.

Coach Ding,

these are photos from the Super-Power Dance gig.

I've retouched it.

Thank you.


how is Chen Shuo doing now?

Is he feeling better?

And you,

how do you feel then?

How is that fair?

If I perform nicely,

do i have a chance to stay with E-mark?

That depends on your performance.

Is he with E-mark or not?

or is he some other punctuation?

As long as I have a chance to stay,

I'll do anything.

I can withdraw from the competition.

I'm fine with being an understudy.

What a kid!

"Chen Shuo"

"Xiao Chen apologized"

"Send failed"

"National Level Street Dance Competition"

"Scan the coach for attendance"

"Coaches register to watch sports tomorrow"

"venue for national competitions"

"Forget it"

"If you stop dancing, go see the stage"


Here you are.

It was your little girlfriend who helped.

Why unfriend me on WeChat?

I asked you out

to apologize.

It's just,

how should I put it.


you're not wrong.

The stronger makes the choice

while the weaker got to be chosen.

On one side is the national champion,

on the other is me.

It's obvious.


we're not planning to cooperate

with Kevin anymore

Are you willing to come back?

I understand,


it must be hard for you to trust me again.


if you trust him,

he will trust you.

But if Kevin leaves,

the championship will leave too.

For E-mark,

don't act rashly.

I'm not being rash.

This is a team decision.

In short,

it's either continues dancing with Kevin,

or bring back Chen.

Two options.

One is a shortcut leading straight

to a promising future.

"Chen Shuo"

While the other...

I've made choices for everyone before,

but this time, I want to hear

what everyone thinks

What will you choose?

Think it over carefully,

don't be impulsive.



As I look back over the years,

it seems like I've been doing

just one thing with E-mark,

rehearsing like crazy,


chasing the championship.

It wasn't until you left that I realized,

for a long time,

I was dancing with my brain.

I calculated the dance,

and the benefits.

I demanded fame, profit,

and a life from it.

But Chen,

you reminded me

of why we started dancing in the first place.

It wasn't because of calculating,

it was because of love.

Consider this my vote.

Haven't you always wanted to know

how to perform this move?

Come back,

I'll teach you.

Ding Lei

brought Chen Shuo back again,

and he also rejected the National Team.

Tell them to get lost.


they got out on their own.



Chen Shuo.

Chen Shuo.

Enough, stop dazing. Let's get to work.

Bboy Chen Shu-O.

After the acquisition

Dancing Machine will officially be renamed

Super Kevin.

See you on stage,


By the way,

Ding Lei,

remember to wear a larger diaper.


I'm afraid you won't be able to hold it.

After getting to this point, and

as soon as you get upside down,

it's like

seeing a person in reverse.

Five, six, seven, eight.

One, two, three, four.

That's right.

it's about turning.


one, two, three.


Welcome to the 2022

National Street Dance Competition.

The 32 teams present today

are the elite of their

respective provincial competitions.

The Volcano is the

annual champion of the Jiangsu competition.

The One is a strong team from the Yunnan region

comprised of minority members,

and the National Children's Union team,


On the stage of street dance,

everything is equal.

"I will wait for your golden light"


"1 for 0 leading E-mark"

Zhang Cuibiao, Fill this out.

"Team E-mark must be a champion"

Super K.

I'm going to the loo.

Congratulations to Super K.

"E-mark vs. Super K"

For making into the final,

two teams from the host

will compete for the national championship.

Firstly, let's welcome the Red Team,


Friends familiar with Chinese street dance

are actually no strangers to E-mark.

That's right,

but there's a bit of a change today.

They've used a player called Chen Shuo

to replace Kevin.

E-mark wins national championship.

That's my son,

Which one?

The most handsome one.

Isn't that Chen?

How did he get up there?

I've influenced him.

Up next, please welcome

Super K.

Super K.

Super K

they are too good!

Average world champions.

The two teams will compete in five rounds.

The team that first takes three rounds

will become

the national champion.

No exception.

This is a game for conquerors.

It seems Klash has got something to say.

He's pretty cocky with this move.

I thought he wanted to shake hands.

Let's do this.

Kevin starts directly.

Super K goes first.

Can we still win?

I'm young,

I've never seen such a one-sided match.

It was a slaughter!

Congratulations to Super K.

"Super K leads 2 to 0"

"Highlights of the second round"

Did anyone notice just now?

I think Dragon's set of movements,

- when he landed,

- he may have been injured.

- How's your leg?

- Brother Lei, we can't let Dragon dance anymore.

What about Dragon's position?

How was it?

As long as Super K wins another round,

they will be the champion.

How should I put it,

for E-mark, unless a miracle happens.

But in this situation,

there's no miracle.

Did you hear what I said?


Just dance like this.

The match can be lost,

but E-mark cannot lose,

and we can't back down.

Do you understand?

What are we?



The third round is about to begin.

DJ, drop the b*at.

"E-mark must be a champion."

"Third round"

Come on.

E-mark's third round.

Dragon definitely can't go on stage now,

so they have no one to replace him.

Let's continue.

Ding Lei!

The head coach goes to the stage himself.

Is this a desperate move?


Can't fight back.

Four : twos.


Very cool.

Bboy Ding Lei!

Is this move difficult?

Don't judge it by its difficulty,

he's dancing culture.

Calm down, both sides back off.

Let's see the decision of the judges now.





Oh my god.

What do you think?

Calculate the points, I agree.

Win for sure.

"Abstain from voting"

Oh my god.

All five judges simultaneously abstained.

This round is

a draw.

This should be the result

of the judges' discussion.

Ding Lei.

we'll give you this one.

E-mark didn't lose,

but Super K didn't win either.

I'm fine.

The situation now

seems to have undergone some subtle changes.

"Fourth round"



Forest and Wukong, do the routines now!

Linking to Funk9.

Very good.

Five, six, seven, eight.


How? What happened?


What's with the music?



What's going on? Why did the music stop?

There must have been some sort of malfunction.

Such an exciting routine wasted.

Such a pity.

This must be a

a fatal blow for them.


give me a b*at.


Chen Shuo didn't stop, right?

As long as Chen Shuo doesn't stop,

the match is still on.

E-mark hasn't given up.

The audience is infected by them,

everyone is clapping to the b*at.

It's so touching.

Touch me, and I get goosebumps.

So am I.


Congrats to E-mark, they got one point back!

They didn't give up.

E-mark didn't give up.


They won one back...


with persistence and improvisation.

The music stopped,

it should be recalculated.

Give that back to me,

this is my stage.

Get off!

In the fifth round,

"Fifth round"

Neither team opted for routines,

instead of using the most primitive battle mode.

Enjoy the competition,

enjoy the dance.

It's so real.

Oh my God,

Youre asking for it. Come at me then.

Go ahead.

The audience loved it.


Do your best! You can do it!

Oh my god!

I've never seen such a scene.

Two Headspin Bboys,

simultaneously perform their k*lling moves.

Headspin tests endurance and skill.

They landed at the same time,

but Chen Shuo's move seems steadier.

How was it? Very cool.

Let's see the judge's decision.





You gotta make your decision right here.

The result, please.




"E-mark 2 Super K 2"

Chen Shuo,

come out.

Kevin actually calls out Chen Shuo alone.

For Bboys,

this is tantamount to putting

the honor of all teammates

on one person.

So what?

Have you got anything to say?

Play the music.

Call out accepted!

The sixth round,

is about to begin.

DJ Alone,

Drop the b*at.

Is he going to rap?

Here we go!

Come on.

seeking cooperation

with teammates in a one-on-one challenge,

although somewhat provocative,

it is not a violation.

Now the pressure is on Chen Shuo.

Also starting with a backflip,

this is a response to Kevin's move.

Chen Shuo made a Popping move.

This is Waacking.

This is Krump.

This is Locking.


Chen Shuo integrated

the signature moves of his teammates

into his own dance.

At this moment,

he is fighting with the spirit of the team.


Chen Shuo pointed at his elbow.

Could it be?

One-elbow Air Flare !

The last time you competed nationally,

you broke your leg.

What would have happened

if you had completed that move?

Chen Shuo,

is he going to make an

Exclamation point?


My God,

they used their bodies to form an

Exclamation Point.

They are proving it with their own actions.

Congrats to E-mark,

the champion!

What's your name?

Chen Shuo.

What do you dance?

Breaking, Headspin.

Including me, in all of Hangzhou,

there are no more

than five people who can do Headspin.

Who did you learn it from?

I learned it from watching videos.

You're quite bold.

You wrote a sentence in your job posting,

Success comes with continuous efforts.

Do you believe in this?

I hope that

I can also become an Exclamation Point.


Start dancing, then.

"E-mark 2019 recruitment"

"Try hard and you will succeed"
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