21x1101 - The Strongest Form of Humanity! The Seraphim's Powers!

Episode transcripts for the TV show "One Piece". Aired: July 22, 1997 – present.*
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Japanese animated television series based on the successful manga of the same name.
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21x1101 - The Strongest Form of Humanity! The Seraphim's Powers!

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[All of us] us, us

[Dream save us us] us, all of us

The end of a dream, the end of the sea

We all have different places we want to go

But first, we need

To make a shining legend out of ourselves

Sparks fly, no limit
This is where it starts


All of us, I ask you travelers

Are your dreams still pure?

Sleepless cells are shaken and burst

Still, all of us
In the middle of an adventure

All of us, I tell you travelers

No such thing as a pointless fight

When random contexts

Start to make sense on their own

The threads of time are spun back together

The world keeps changing along with us

[All of us] us, us

[Dream save us us] us, all of us

"The Strongest Form of Humanity!
The Seraphim's Powers!"



I'm sorry!

I shouldn't have talked to you!


Don't underestimate me…

I've noticed it and…

Damn you!

I thought…

I defended myself…

How persistent…

Pass out already!

Don't get in my way!

Since your rank of authority is higher
than us, while you're conscious,

we can't control the Seraphim!






Now is our chance!

Luffy, hurry up!

If you wanna save this girl,
we gotta go see Vegapunk!

I want to do that, but…

I can't stop!

Stop fooling around! Let's go!


Where are you going, Luffy?!

I'm spinning too much!

Come back!

Get inside the factory!

The Seraphim are unstoppable!

There's nothing to be gained
by fighting amongst ourselves.

They're still children.

I'm afraid to imagine what they'll be like
when they grow up.


Hey, Vegapunk!

What's the matter?

That power is what's the matter!

The power that the brat Jimbei is using!

Isn't that the Swim-Swim Fruit power?!

The Swim-Swim Fruit?

That's right!

That's my sworn brother
from the Donquixote Family

Senor Pink's power!

There can't be two of the same Fruit
in this world!

Does this mean he d*ed?!

My bro!

You've noticed it.

He is currently being held in Impel Down.

So he's alive?!

Gee! Don't make me worry!


you duplicated the Devil Fruit?!

That's right. The Devil Fruits…

can be made artificially,
but only the Zoan type!

Well, Caesar's Smiles are ridiculous…

Yeah, he can go to hell.

The Smiles are too risky.

Only one out of ten people at most
will gain power by eating one.

The ones who didn't receive power
will be forced to smile all the time…

How awful.


Just hearing that name
makes me wanna puke.

Well, putting that aside…

Probably even the special types of Fruits
can all be replicated

given tons of money and time!

Though I'm not sure if they'll awaken!

I did all I could to replicate
the Logia types, but it's impossible…


for the Paramythia types, I found that if
I can get its user's Bloodline Elements,

I can create a special blood infusion
and by administering it,

I can let someone have its power!


the blood flowing through their arms!

The Green Blood!

Did you create blood?!



The Seraphim are

the peak of what our science
can achieve as far as I can deduce!

Ursa Shock!

It can be said that they are…

the strongest form of humanity
in the history of the world!

The strongest form of humanity?!

Is that why the Seven Warlords
were abolished?!

How dare you create something that's
stronger than the Seven Warlords! Damn!

They're essentially the marine's weapons…


They are a thr*at to us.


Stay away!

He's still…

Run, Sentomaru-sama!

Where did your silly friend go?

I don't know!

And he's not my friend!

Shut up, you traitor!


Straw Hat!

So annoying!




How powerful is he?!

I might be…

passing out!

This way! Hurry!

Too slow!

Why are you taking so much time?

That's the Vacuum Rocket!

Get on it now!

Oh, thanks!

You're a kind Hancock!


You've been a big help!

D-Don't be rude!

I'm just following orders!

We will be departing in one minute.

Hey! Luffy!

Hurry up!

Oh no!

Please refrain from
rushing onto the rocket.

Straw Hat!


I trust you with Old Man Punk!

Okay! Leave it to me!

No! You're going the opposite direction!

The doors will close soon.
Please be careful.

We'll get him off the island…

at any cost!

Please refrain from rushing…

For your safety,
please fasten your seat belt.

All engines running.

We are departing.

I've never been on such…

This is quite something!

Where am I?! Where's Vegapunk?!

I still can fight…

What?! Who are you?!

That's Luffy! A lot has happened!
I'll tell you later!

I don't understand!

Oh, I'm getting used to it?
No, it's too fast!

Shut up, ship doc!

So fast…

How long are you gonna be like that?!
Straw Hat!

Departing Fabriophase,
bound for Labophase.

Transit duration…

is 32 seconds.

We have arrived.

How fast!

All subsequent rockets are canceled.

The Labophase, Egghead.

The Frontier Dome, fortified.

We have intruders. It is dangerous.

Researchers, please evacuate to
the factory and seal the building.


We'll get him off the island…

at any cost!

How far I have run

Without knowing it, I counted scars

A treasure map in my head all along

Still looking for the future

The real promise

Lies much deeper in my heart

A dream

That no one can catch up with

That's all I hold on to

To you who smiles like the sun

I'll sing the same song as that day

This wish I don't want to forget
Even when I grow up

Until it reaches you

"Dive into the Sea of Information!
The Punk Records Library!"

Hi, I'm Lilith, one of the Satellites of
Dr. Vegapunk, the genius scientist!

I'm Edison, also Vegapunk!

Today we'll introduce this one!
Senor Pink!

He is an officer of the Donquixote Family
and a Swim-Swim Fruit power user.

He can swim through the ground and walls,
anywhere except the sea!

He looks ridiculous
but his behavior is so hard-boiled!

He was born on June 12th,

and likes his wife Russian's homemade
dishes and a cocktail called gimlet!

So hard-boiled!

Stop climbing all over me,
you little tramps!


Go hang out with younger guys!

He's quite a guy
who would defend his friends

and even random cats with his life!

Neither he nor Franky gave an inch
in their one-on-one battle.

Franky won in the end,

but he called Senor Pink "brother"
and praised him for his expert fighting.

Very intense!

Apparently, this guy has a hidden past,

I think it's uncool to mention it here.

I'd like to see his hard-boiled behavior
in person someday!

That's it for today!

Now that you've seen it,
donate to our research fund!

See you next time!

The Frontier Dome
has been fortified 100 percent!

CP-0 is plotting to capture the Labophase

while Vegapunk is looking to escape
from the Future Island.

While each of them
pursues their own agenda,

an accident occurs
that changes the fate of the island!

On the next episode of ONE PIECE!

"Sinister Schemes!
The Operation to Escape Egghead"

I'm gonna become the King of the Pirates!
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