Toy Story Toons: Partysaurus Rex (2012)

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Children/Disney/Pixar Movie Collection.
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Toy Story Toons: Partysaurus Rex (2012)

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Go! Go! Go! Go!

Look out! You'll get soap on the floor!

Rex, you burst my bubble!

- What a buzzkill.
-Sorry, I didn't...

You're what they call a party pooper!

Party Pooper Rex!

- Party Pooper Rex!
-Party Pooper Rex!

Bonnie! Bath time!

Can I bring a toy?

I ain't no bath toy.

Bath time!
Rex will be perfect for the search party.

Cap'n's log. Received a distress
signal, but no sign of...

Survivors! Son, squeak to me!

Save yourself!



Fire torpedoes!

No! I just want to have tea with you!

Okay, trouble.
There's way too much water in here.

You want to flood the house?


Well, how about
dinner at Grandma's instead?


Welcome aboard!

Yeah, baby! You were way
scarier than the last sea monster!

No offense, Cuddles.

No problem.

What do they call you, sailor?

Well, my friends call me...

Party Pooper Rex!

Partysaurus Rex!

Avast there!

You're in the right place, baby!

Because when the water's high,
the party's fly.

AYQ. aye!

My lobster!

Till tomorrow, my love.

And when bath time's done?

There's no more fun.

We need water to move.

Bath time's only 15 minutes a day!

We could party all the time
if we could turn the water on ourselves.

Aye, Drips. But no one's got arms here,
except for Barbara.

How we doing, Babs?

Weeks, months.
Scrubbing's been light, Cap'n.

Oh, man! I wish we could
get the party started up in here.

No more tears!

Well, I've got arms.

I could get this party started up in here.

Without Bonnie?


Shiver me timbers!

No way! Yeah, Rex! That's it, baby!

Let's pump this party!

Partysaurus, you rock!

AYel aye. matey!

Check me out! Oh, yeah!

A thank ye to Rex!


- Thanks!
-Rex, baby!

How about a little more bubbly?

More? No, no, no, no!

Part)' POoper!

I mean, why have a little
when you could have a lot?

We really got a party up in here!

Pa rtysaurus.

Can you get some of us in?

Are you crazy? There's...


Some of you? Why not all of you!

Yeah, baby!

All hands on deck!

My lobster!

What's that racket?

- What?
-The overflow drain?

- No problem!
-Hey, whoa.

Whoa, this dude really knows
how to party. Seriously...

He blocked the drain.

We will overflow!


Thanks, Partysaurus!

Partysaurus doesn't worry about too
much soap and the tub overflow...

Overflow? We'll flood the house!

We're crossing the scum line!

Too much water, everybody.

The floaters have all the fun!

What up, fishes? What what!

- He turned it up!

No! Too much water!


Sir, this party is out of control.

I know! There's too much...

Out of control!


You've got to be kidding me.

That was close.

It's a perfect storm!

AYQ. aye!

What are you doing?
My tail! No, not the...

Overflow! Overflow!

All hail the Partysaurus Rex!

We're going to overflow!

We're going over the top, baby!

Secure the rigging!

Man overboard!

Yeah, it's been a while.

Rex? Are you okay in...

You guys missed it.
I was a partysaurus!

Party? You? I'll believe it when I see it.

L-yah, Partysaurus!

We heard what you did
for the bath toys.

Can you hook us up, mon?

Rex! Rex! Rex!

Duty calls!

Yeah, mon!
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