21x10 - Reef Madness

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "NCIS". Aired: September 2003 to present.*
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The cases of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
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21x10 - Reef Madness

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GUY ROSS: After six decades
of proud military service

from the waters of Southeast
Asia to the Persian Gulf,

the U.S.S. Goodell is about
to finally be given

a hero's burial at sea.

And that's thanks to this man,
Mr. Michael Chang,

who's here with us now live.

Now, Mike, you're the founder of
a company called AquAbitat.

- Did I say that right?
- You nailed it, Guy.

And we're in final preparations
for tomorrow's sinking

of this majestic old beauty,
just off the coast,

which will transform her into
Virginia's 25th artificial reef.

Aha, an aquatic habitat.

She's gonna provide a thriving habitat

for countless aquatic species,

not only boosting fish populations,

but also tourism for divers.

It's a win-win for both
the environment and the economy.

Just imagine:

this will soon be an underwater cave,

teeming with ocean plant life,

massive schools of fish...

[CHUCKLES] And whatever this is.

Uh, can we get a shot of that, Nate?

CHANG: Good eye, Guy.

Uh, what you've just stumbled upon

is one of the five bundles
of Semtex on board the ship.

Semtex? expl*sives?

Powerful enough to blow five large holes

in this thick steel hull

and finally sink the unsinkable.

Okey-doke. Let's keep moving.

There's nothing to be afraid of.

The Semtex won't be activated
until the ship

is towed safely out to sea.

Not afraid, just not a big fan of things
that go boom, I guess.

But I... Oh, man.

Not another one.

Um, Nate?


No, no, no. No, no. Cut, cut.

Cut, cut, cut. Cut, cut, cut, please.

What the...?

♪ ♪

Congrats, Moondog.

Well, you deserve it.

Okay. Great. All right. Talk soon.

Was that the Moondog?

Mr. Brian Mooney, your old REACT buddy.

Oh, well, I don't know if I'd call him
a buddy the way

he kicked our butts at Camp Pendleton.

Well, he'll be kicking butts

around the Far East office now.

My dad's old post?

After you turned it down,

he happily threw his hat in the ring.

As well he should.
He's more than qualified.

But who's taking his job?

That's what I'm about to find out.



Chief REACT Training Officer?

I believe you applied for
the position a couple years ago.

For the candidate list, sure.

Well, you're now the top candidate.

It's just that I applied for that
job at such a vulnerable time.

My REACT team was just k*lled and...

I mean, so much has happened since then.

Shall I take that as a no?

No, that's... It's not a no.

Just the thought of breaking up
my current team.

We're family.

Which is why I preemptively

had to alert Parker
about this possibility.

And what did he say?

That he would surely hate to lose you,

but he would never stand in your way.


Three bodies on a
decommissioned Navy ship.

Well, you better get out there.

But first...

Are you in or out?

Can I have some more time
to think about it?

It's a critical post. I'll need your
answer by the end of the day.

Mmm. A whole day.

You'll have to think fast.


Wait, so we have to
call you "Chief" now?

Oh, well, not these
guys, Nick, just you.

What do they say at awards shows?

Just an honor to be nominated?

Well, I'm plenty honored,
McGee, I just...

I don't know. I'm not sure yet.

Could be worse. You could be Guy.

And once again, my sincere
apologies for any profanity

you may have heard me utter earlier...

Profanity he may have uttered?

Oh, he uttered it all right.

Hey, guys, hey. Sorry. Sorry I'm late.

After a ten-minute meltdown
over a lost scrunchy,

Victoria made me drop her off
a block from school.

As if her friends don't have parents.

Jimmy, I know that
I'm not Victoria's mom...

No, Jess, you're not, and I...

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.


Who knew that parenting could
make a person so damn cranky?

Have I ever mentioned
how much I hate ships?

Only every time we're on one.

After you, Chief Knight.

Oh, no, after you.

- TORRES: Oh, after me?
- KNIGHT: Mm-hmm.

Did he just call you Chief?

I'll explain later.

I used to think there was
no such thing as bad publicity,

and now this.

And on live TV, no less.

Three dead on your boat

and your first concern is your business?

Well, it's not just a business, Agents,

a-and it's not just a boat.

She's about to become
an artificial reef.

Yeah, I saw a documentary
about these. Very cool idea.

It's not gonna be cool
for very much longer

if the mob keeps on using us
to dump bodies.

And what mob is that exactly?

Mafia? The cartels?
Do you not watch movies?

Isn't that what this looks like?

That's exactly what it looks like.

Jimmy, what's it look like to you?

Too soon to say.
We got one woman, two men.

I see a s*ab wound, blunt force trauma.

This poor guy has
a tire track across his chest.

But how'd they get in here?

Shoddy security from
the stupid dock owner.

Perhaps you could introduce us.

This is on you, Lacy! I told
you we needed security cameras!

Sure, you told me! You just
didn't want to pay for them!

- Oh... [CHUCKLES]
- Come on, Chang. Let's go back here.

You can tell me about your project.

So worried about his precious
reef. What about my dock?

Who's gonna want to park
their boat here after this?

- Well, you two were made for each other.
- All right, so no cameras?

Never needed them before. I got
guards posted around the clock.

And where are they now?

You're talking to the day watchman.

But what about the last 24 hours?

Oh, no, I swear to you
no unauthorized personnel

got anywhere near this ship on my watch.

Okay, so what about last night?

I called Edgar,
he's my overnight guy, he...

should be on his way.

He's a... He's an ex-con.

You know, good help is hard to find.

How ex of a con is he?

Oh, completely. A robbery
or two in his younger days.

Edgar is a complete sweetheart now.

No way he'd ever be involved
in something like this.

EDGAR: Okay, Lacy.

Happy now?

Here I am! Come on now, Edgar.

EDGAR: Bad enough
I spend all night here.

I got to waste my day, too?

Told you I was real
busy when you called.

So no time to change your clothes?

I sure hope that's paint.

I can explain.

I was in the middle of gutting
a beautiful four-point buck

in my yard when Lacy called
for me to come down.

And as soon as we get
the test results back

from the blood on your clothes,

we'll be happy to believe you.

Soon as my girl sends me a damn photo,

you won't need results.

Okay, in the meantime,
let's go back to last night on the dock.

Ain't no way anybody
stashed bodies on that boat.

Scout's honor, never took
my eyes off her once.

Not even for a bathroom break?

Well, I am human.

I had to go a time or two,
b-but not for long.

- How long?
- I don't know, maybe 20 minutes.

Guess that coffee and chili left over

in the guard shack wasn't the best idea.

TORRES: Okay, so...

what time were these
marathon bathroom breaks?

Around 2:00 a.m.

But still, nobody was stashing bodies

or I'd have heard about it
from where I was sitting.



And there's my deer photo.

Looky there. Ain't he something?

And that's me, with the knife.

McGee was right. This is very cool.

So, REACT Chief? Wow.

That's why I wanted to talk
to you about it first.

So what did you tell Vance?


Well, all we got from Edgar
is the timeline.

And, um, well, a little grossed out.

The bodies were stashed between

Okay, then, let's see,
we've got Thomas Mackin,

from Springfield, married, no kids.

JIMMY: And we have Susan Sidor,

- And victim three is a John Doe?
- JIMMY: Yes.

No hit on his prints yet,

but based on his, uh, poor hygiene,

tattered clothes,
he's most likely unhoused.

Too soon for causes of death?

Yes, though Mackin
was most likely k*lled

by his blunt force injuries.

Susan from her s*ab wound,

and based on the bits

of broken headlight
I found on his clothing,

our John Doe was
clearly struck by a car.

Pretty odd trio.

All seemingly unrelated.

Then let's divide and conquer.

Knight and I will go
to Susan's place in Chesapeake.

And Nick and I will notify
Mackin's wife in Springfield.

And Kasie can help us I.D. our John Doe.

All right, let's get to it.

Jess, Jess, do you have a minute?

So, do I have this right? You-you...

applied for the REACT job?

Well, after I lost my team.

Yeah, that's understandable,
right, but, um...

I mean, Pendleton,
t-that's on a whole...

- ...other coast.
- Yeah, I know.

It's just even if I took the job,

it's not like
a long-distance relationship

is the worst thing that could happen.

I know you didn't take that job
overseas, but it sure as hell

felt like you were gonna
take the next one.

- Jimmy...
- No, no, Jess, I lost Breena.

I lost Gibbs,
I lost Dr. Mallard, and now,

apparently, my increasingly
distant teenage daughter.

Okay? So if I'm gonna lose you too,

it's gonna be on my terms.

Okay, you aren't losing me, Jimmy.

Maybe you're losing me.

Just take the job, okay?

Just go.
And you can move on with your...

plan. And I can get back to...

...whatever it is mine is.


Okay, they're waiting for me, I...

All right, just go.

Take the job. This is for the best.


Just go.


KNIGHT: I didn't know what to say.

I mean, can you believe that?

- Uh, believe what?
- Jimmy.

Don't act like you didn't hear
what he said to me.

Oh, that. Yeah. Well, look,

um, I'm hardly qualified
to give out relationship advice,

but I will say that
that sure sounded to me

more like an anxiety attack than,

uh, an actual breakup.

Oh, no. He meant that.

Hey, what is this, uh...

this little shiny thing here?

Is that something we
collected as evidence?

How'd we miss that?

- What do you think it is?
- Uh...

Don't know.

Let's find out. [GRUNTS] Whoa.

- Whoa. Whoa!

- Whoa, easy.
- Ship is right off this exit.

We might as well make a stop
and have a second look.

Sure, but let's make it quick, okay?

- You know me and ships.
- Yeah.

You, ships... [SCOFFS] Got it.


Oh, my God, you found Tommy already?

- You're Mrs. Mackin, yeah?
- H-How could you be here so soon?

I just now got off the phone

with your Missing Persons people.

- You guys are cops, right?
- TORRES: Federal agents.

And we have some news for you
about your husband Thomas.

Oh, my God. Oh, my God.

TORRES: When was the
last time you spoke to him?

Uh, two days ago.

He called me on his way
from a job in Fairfax,

asking if we needed something
from the market, but then, he...

- he never showed.
- TORRES: Do you

or did your husband

know either of these people?

I don't think so.

- Who are they?
- MCGEE: We're working on it.

Your husband Tommy
have any enemies, or...?

Oh, my Tommy? No, never.

That man was a pussycat,
and everybody loved him.

Although, you know,
now that you mention it,

there-there was one man

who caused Tommy some sleepless nights.

Um, it's his bookie.

- Tommy was a gambler?
- It was his only vice.

He tried to hide it, and I played along.

But that bookie...
he's got to be mobbed up.

That food truck of his,
it isn't fooling anybody.

What is his name again?

It's... it's Sammy something?

- Sloppy Joe Sammy?
- That's it.

You know the guy?

Oh, it's been a while,

but how many Sloppy Joe Sammys
can there be?

that didn't come out of nowhere.

Jimmy's been planning that
from the moment

I turned down my dad's job,

just waiting for another chance
to lob that grenade.

Uh, again, I'm not exactly qualified

to be handing out relationship advice.

- But?
- But what?

Well, last time you said
you weren't qualified,

but then you gave me some advice.

So, what's the "but"?

No. No "buts" this time.

What I'll say is, I sure hope
you find the shiny little object

so we can get the hell out of here.

So why exactly do you hate ships?

Oh, I'm sure it has something to do

with my old man's years in the Navy.

It's hard to say exactly.

Hmm. Hard to say a lot of things, huh?

What can I tell you?

Men don't typically share
their innermost thoughts

the way women do.

Uh, excuse me, but I was just let go

by the world's most oversharing man.

I stand corrected.

And... bingo, there it is.

Thank God.

Broken strap. It's kind of unisex.

That could be a man or woman's.

Belonging to either one of our victims

or whoever k*lled them.


Like whoever that is.

NCIS! Identify yourselves!

- KNIGHT: Stop!
- Federal agents!


This way!



It's locked!

Go back, go around!


Parker! Parker?!


Parker? Parker?

- Forget me! Just keep chasing!
- Okay.





Son of a bitch locked us in!

- [PANTING] Okay.

- Give me your hand?
- Okay. All right.

- Ready?
- Yup.


- We're okay.

I'm gonna call for some backup.



- There's no signal.
- Yeah.

A steel hull will do that to you.

Hey! Hello?


Oh, this is lovely.

inside a ship that's gonna be

towed out to sea tomorrow and blown up.




[GROANS] That sucker won't even budge.

[GROANS] Yeah, same thing
with those door locks.


Okay, ready?



Oh, man, not even a little bit.

- Ah!

We need to find some kind of leverage.

I can give you 45 cash.

What you can give me is a break, Janice.

We said 50 grand.

I'm talking cash here.

And what am I talking? Krugerrands?

TORRES: What are you
talking about, Sammy?

SAMMY: Okay.

Top of the afternoon, Agent Torres.

- Long time.
- MCGEE: Sammy, we've got

some questions for you,

once you're done collecting
your gambling debts?

- Gambling debts?

Um, if you're in trouble
with the law, Sammy,

- make it 25.
- Okay.

You can go now, Janice. Take a hike.

It's not a gambling debt.
I'm looking to sell my truck.

Oh, business that bad?

Please. It's like I told you years ago,

it's dog-eats-dog,

Is that why you went back
to taking bets?

I am absolutely not taking any bets

in any way, shape or form.

Says who? Seriously?

Tommy Mackin gave me up?

Not him. He's dead.

Found him this morning
along with two other victims.

Oh, my God.

- [LAUGHS]: That's terrible.
- TORRES: You seem pretty broken up.

MCGEE: You realize
if Tommy owed you money,

you're not gonna be able
to collect now, right?

That's just it.
He didn't owe me. I owed him.

The bastard took me
to the cleaners on the playoffs.

- Hmm. His wife didn't mention that.
- Well, why would she?

Look, he was adamant
about her not knowing.

Even collecting his winnings.

That's why I'm trying to sell my truck.

But now, I don't have to.

I'm free and clear.

I just gave you motive, didn't I?


JIMMY: I can't explain it, Kase.

It's like, uh,

it just rose up out of my gut
and erupted like a volcano.

Which would also describe vomiting.

Yes, exactly. Now ever since
meeting Jess's dad,

I feel like I've just been
waiting for the axe to fall.

Not anymore.

- You do sound relieved.
- That's it.

That's the word. Relieved.

You know, to finally
let this Jimmy have a say.

And, um, what Jimmy is that?

The Jimmy that's taking his fate
into his own hands,

instead of only being worried
about what's good for other people.

Ah. I think
that sounds pretty wonderful.

- It is, isn't it?
- I also think you're crazy.

I am, aren't I?

Jess wasn't breaking up with you.

She got a job offer. A big one.

And you made it about you.

I did, didn't I?

- Ooh. [GASPS]

I got an I.D. on our John Doe.

Cedric Lee,
a resident of the 24th Street Shelter

since 2019.

Hey, Jess, uh, look, I am sorry.

Uh, what with everything
that's going on with Victoria,

I-I shouldn't have taken
that out on you. Uh...

Look, I know we've had
our issues lately,

but I... No "buts."

Um, uh, just call me, uh, please.

This is Jimmy.

- Feel better?
- Yes.

Unless, of course,
she's not picking up on purpose.

Or maybe she's busy.

Maybe, but she's not avoiding you.

Oh. Things we do for love.

And I so appreciate it.

Man, how this man

ended up dead on a ship
with a construction worker

and a teacher is beyond anyone's guess.

Hey, it's Jess.
Leave a message, not a mess.

Hey, girl, it's me.
I assume you're too busy

doing your actual job to be taking calls

from people not doing theirs,
so... call Jimmy.

There. Satisfied?

No. It's not like Jess at all

to not pick up for either of us.

Dude, she is working.

- Let's call Parker.
- Let's not.

Fine. You know what? I'll call him.

Fine. You know what?
We'll both call him.

And he will answer
because he always does.



Come on!


- Stupid thing won't budge.
- Okay.

It's okay. It's okay.
We'll get it. We'll get it.

Take a breath. Take a break.


So, tell me, Parker, you ever, uh...

you ever have a job offer
you regret not taking?

Is this your REACT training?

Engage in conversation

- to keep me calm?
- No, it's more

to help keep me calm. [LAUGHS]

No, I'm sure there's, uh...
there's a few things

I-I wish I would have done differently,

but that's...

[SIGHS] That's just life.

It sure is, isn't it?

Hey, we only get one.

One shot to make a difference,
or make mistakes.

No sense in being afraid
of making either one.


And how about you?

Why didn't you take over
your father's job

the way he wanted you to?

I guess you just answered
your own question, right?


Kids are programmed to rebel.

Was that the only reason?


Only one I'm willing to admit.

[WINCES] If you're looking
to admit something,

today would be the day.

I've never known anybody
like Jimmy before.

Much less been in a relationship
with someone like him.

But you are hardly qualified to
give relationship advice, right?

You know, I've heard that,

so how about we get this thing off me?




This may be able to help us.

By tying it around my neck?


Hey, I'm kind of glad your
alibi checked out, Sammy.

I would hate to think
of you as a m*rder*r.

For that, you're only kind of glad?

Not me. I am extremely glad.

Well, just try and stay
in town a little while longer,

in case we have any
further questions, all right?

Yeah, and maybe lay off the bookmaking.

- You have my solemn word, Agents.

Hasta la vista, baby.

You guys, we might have a problem.

That is, unless you've heard
from Jess or Parker.

No, not recently.

They should be heading back
from Chesapeake by now.

If they are, they're not

answering phones for either one of us.

Well, Knight's probably not answering

Jimmy's for a reason.

- That's what I said.
- All right, just, uh,

give me a minute here, okay?
I'll try pinging them.

Hey, by the way,
I've been dying to talk to you

since your, uh, eruption.

- You heard that?
- Yeah, we all did.

Okay, I just want to say
that I love you both,

and, um, I wish nothing
but the best for both of you.

Tell him, Nick.

I've never been so proud of you, Jimmy.

- BOTH: What?
- Yes, there's nothing wrong

with tapping the brakes to double-check

your directions, that's all I'm saying.

And you don't think he's crazy?

Crazy for what?
For sticking up for himself

and-and taking the decision
into his own hands?

And which decision was that?

The one about her new job
or their relationship?


Look, Knight's tough.
She can take anything,

but Jimmy...

Jimmy needs help.

Nick, I'm standing right here.

TORRES: Right or wrong,

I'm so proud of you.



- Wait, what do you mean right or wrong?

Okay, we might have a problem after all.

My-my pings are not working here.

- They're not?
- No. No response. No signal.

It's like Parker and Knight
are off the grid here.

Can you track their GPS, Kasie?

- Yeah, I can try.
- I can help.

All right, don't panic, okay?
We're gonna find them somewhere.


This could work. What do you think?

It better. I push, you pull?

On three. One, two, three.


So much for Rube Goldberg.

I don't know who that is.

Oh, that hurts.

Okay, this is crazy.

Not crazy enough. Let's get angry.

Trust me, Parker, I am angry.

No, I don't trust you, Knight.

What happened to the
badass agent I remember?

- No wonder Jimmy dumped your ass.
- Whoa!

Okay, I wouldn't say
that Jimmy dumped me.

Are you kidding me? He'd dump
you like a sack of potatoes.

Who am I, Bruce Banner? What, are you

trying to She-Hulk me right now?

I am if it's working. Ready? One.



Oh. It's moving.

You know what? Jimmy made you soft.

Made you trade in your cape
for an apron.

And now look at you. [GRUNTING]


Look at me now, Parker.



Blood. We got blood. I'm bleeding.

Okay. We got this, Parker.
It's all gonna be okay.


[GRUNTS] Uh, sorry. Sorry.

Don't be sorry. Just pull it tighter.

Pull it tighter. [GRUNTS]

[QUIETLY]: Okay. Okay.


KNIGHT: Two tourniquets
ought to hold it.

Well, if they don't, just, uh,

roll that sucker back onto me.

- Does anything feel broken?

Well, if not the leg,
the artery sure is.

Won't be long now. Team should
be looking for us already.

Good lesson here, be sure
to tell your REACT students

to always relay a change of location.

Okay, don't be shipping me off
to Pendleton just yet.

Hey, bird's got to fly.

Then again, if it was up to me,

I'd fight like hell to keep you.

Be a lot easier if it were
just up to you.

Whoa. What is that?

What is it?

KNIGHT: I think it's a way out.

- Any luck tracking their car?
- Not yet.

- The GPS could be damaged.
- MCGEE: Okay, thanks.

All right, Chesapeake P.D.
found no indication

that Knight and Parker ever even got

- to our victim's apartment.
- Oh, that's not good.

They say that we need to see
the place for ourselves, so...

I'm coming, too.

Why, Jimmy? There's not even a body.

Because if something happened to them,

I'll never forgive myself for
the last thing I said to Jess.

Right or wrong.

The man's on a mission, Tim.

I can track the car myself.

All right, let's go.


Damn hatch won't lift.

Might be pressure from
the other side. Water? Air?

Yeah. Can't tell where it goes anyhow.

If memory serves, there's a,
there's a narrow passage

running the length of the hull.

- It could be a door to that.
- You know,

for someone who hates ships,
you sure know a lot about them.

Uh, that's my dad again.

What about your mother?

You never mention her.

I mean, you do have one, right?

Yep. Yeah, I sure did.


Well, if this is a passage,

I should be able to crawl through

and open up the hatch
from the other side.

Yeah. And ye shall set us free.





Or not.

It's water.

The pressure's from water.

Huh. Well, luckily, uh,
we're not quite desperate enough

to have to swim for it yet.


Not just yet.

I don't get it.

What exactly did the local cops
want us to see here?

- You smell that bleach?
- k*ll the lights.

TORRES: Yep, we got a crime scene.

MCGEE: Cleaned up in a hurry.


Nothing to see here.

Just a hammer in the dishwasher.

It's about the same size
of Mackin's blunt force injury.

- How about this?
- JIMMY: I'd have to compare it

to Susan's s*ab wound, but, uh...

But I'd say it's pretty much a match.

MCGEE: Check this out.

I guess Susan and Tommy knew each other,

pretty well apparently.


Kase, yeah?

I found the car, McGee.
Got a weak signal.

I'll send you the location.


Come on, Parker, talk to me.

Help is on the way, I'm sure of it.

All right. Hey.

What do you want to talk
to me about? Come on.


Okay, you are delirious.

No, we could talk about...

something easier,
like politics or religion.

Okay, religion, that sounds good.

What do you got? What, were you a...

You, uh, you an altar boy?

Not a very good one.

I prefer...

I'd prefer angels now.

They, uh,

they tend to come through.


Now wouldn't be a bad time.





Who's Lily?


Might be time for that swim.

JIMMY: That's their car.

TORRES: What is it doing out here?

MCGEE: Looks like
they parked in a hurry.

What, did you guys follow me home now?

Sammy, you live here?

Last time I checked.

Look, I'm starting to get
a complex. What's up now?

Well, Sammy, we got two missing
agents, and this is their car.

- In front of your house.
- And they're not with you?

No. Why is there a nurse here?

Look, if I was to do this,
do you really think

I would be so stupid
as to park a Fed's car

in front of my own house?

Use your head. I would
at least pull the plates

and drive the car to wherever
I dumped the bodies.

Did I just implicate myself again?

No. Obviously, someone is trying
to frame you for these murders.

I knew I liked you. But who?

Who pointed us to Sammy
in the first place?

It's always the wife.

What is it, Parker? No more Lily?

Parker? Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me, Parker.

Hey. Stay awake.

Promise me.


Okay. Okay.

So, look,

if I am not back in three minutes,

or you feel me pull,

or anything weird happens,
you reel me back in, okay?

Got it?

- You don't have to do this.
- What are you talking about?

I love swimming.

Besides, I can hold my breath
for a really long time.

Shelley Winters. Poseidon Adventure.

I don't know who that is either.

Ouch again.

[SIGHS] Okay.

Here goes nothing.

- Knight?
- Yeah?

Thank you.

Oh, no, no, no.

You thank me when we're out of here.





Man, that is cold.

Okay, just out of, uh, curiosity.

That Shelley, uh, what's-her-name...

How'd things work out for her?

Great. She saved Gene Hackman.

Oh. I know who that is.

Thank God for that.


See you soon.



♪ ♪


Careful, Lily.

LILY: 17, 18, 19, 20.

Ready or not, here I come!


[ECHOING]: I see you!

No fair, Lily, wait up!





We were just playing, Ma.

You're always playing.

Now mind the damn rope.

- What?
- The rope.

Aldie, mind the rope!






Hey, Molly.

- Going on a trip?
- Sorry, you scared me.

I-I can't stay tonight.
Not without my-my Tommy.

Jimmy, broken headlight?

Yeah, same glass I pulled off
poor Cedric Lee,

who she obviously hit.

Okay, look, all of this just
went from bad to worse.

I don't care. Where they are?

MOLLY: Where is who? What do you mean?



Oh, crap.

Y-You see now, Molly?

You said that they would never find us.

What is he, your boyfriend?

Ew, no! He's my uncle.

Okay, never mind all that.

Where are they?
Agents Knight and Parker?

Okay. This is all on my niece.

- Oh, my God, seriously?
- No. She k*lled that broad,

then she called me to help her.

That's all I was trying to do.

Help me by k*lling Tommy?

At least I didn't hit the,
hit the homeless guy!

Stop! Our agents, where are they?

Okay, I will tell you, just...

I want a deal.

- You want a deal?
- Whoa, whoa, Nick...

- No. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Hey, Nick. Hold on. Hold on.

I-I said you shouldn't
have gone back for your watch.

Gone back? Gone back where?

He went back to the ship.

They're in the ship.


- Parker!
- Jess!

- Parker! Parker!
- Jess! Jess!


- Parker!
- Jess!

Hey, left, left, left, left,

- left, left.
- Go, go, go.



- KASIE: Agent Parker!
- Jess.

- Jess!
- Knight!

- Parker!
- Jess! Jess!

- Parker!
- KASIE: Jess!



- Jess. Jess?
- Parker!

- Parker!
- Jess!


Wait, guys, guys.
Let's split up here, okay?

Wait, stop. Did you hear that?

Hear what?


- I heard that.
- Is it coming from in here?


- Here, here.
- Yeah.

- Here.
- Yeah.


- Is it stuck?
- Yes, it's stuck. Help me.

All right, hold on. Let me,
let me get a hand in.

On three. Right? One, two, three.


TORRES: One more time.

One, two, three.




- We got you, Knight, we got you.
- We got you, Jess.

Knight, where's Parker?

- Where's Parker?
- The eng... engine room.

Engine room.

Door's jammed from the outside. Hold on.

There. Go.

Let's go.

Got it.

TORRES: There's a lot of blood in here.

Why is there so much blood?
What happened?

Oh, sh**t. Parker!

I don't think he's breathing.
Parker, wake up.

JIMMY: Can you hear me? Can you hear me?

KASIE: I don't think he's breathing.

[SHIVERING]: Parker?

That's a lot of blood, Kase.

Yeah, push, push, push, push, push.

Hang on, Parker.

Come on, come on, come on, come on,

come on, come on, come on.

Parker, you stay awake, you promised.

Wake up. Parker!

Come on, come on, come on,

come on, come on, come on, come on.

KASIE: Parker!


MCGEE: We got full confessions
from the wife and her uncle.

The whole thing is...

- it's kind of hard to explain.
- Yeah.

Try me.

Okay. Well, first,

the wife stabs
the husband's girlfriend...

And then she comes at me and runs

right into the kitchen knife
I'm holding.

I mean, she stabbed herself.

...then calls her uncle for help.

But I didn't expect to walk in that room

and find that lady with a knife

sticking out of her.

And while he's helping,
husband comes in,

and those two fight.
MOLLY: And then, next thing you know,

my uncle is whacking Tommy

- over the head with a hammer.
- LACY: And this-this...

this hammer was sitting
right next to me,

so, you know, I picked it up.

I mean, what could I do?
I had to protect myself, right?

It is self-defense.

Uncle kills the husband,

now they got two bodies to hide.

LACY: So I had this great idea.

We'll stash the bodies in the boat.

MCGEE: While they were
driving to the ship,

the wife hits our homeless
victim with her car.

MOLLY: He jumps out of nowhere,

and I tried to hit the brakes.

I should've driven the car.
I will say that.

[QUIETLY]: I'm sorry.

Lacy spikes the guard's coffee
with laxatives

to keep him occupied

while they stash the bodies.

Once those bodies show up on live TV,

Lacy and Molly attempt
to frame Sammy twice.

Who-who is Sammy again?

Sloppy Joe Sammy, the bookie.

MCGEE: Lacy took Knight's car

after he locked them in the ship...

Hey, guys.

He's waking up.

Thank God.

What is this? The Wizard of Oz?


Yeah, but what you had was not a dream.

- Scared us all pretty good, Parker.

We knew he'd be fine.

Glad you did.

Glad to have you back, Parker.

All right.
We're gonna let you get some rest now.

Yeah. [GROANS]


I'll be right there.

Did you take the job?

Not yet.

So, who's Lily?

- Who?
- Lily.

You were talking to her on the ship.

Or maybe even saw her.

No, I don't...
I don't quite remember that.

Maybe she's one of your...


No. I really don't know.



I'll let you get some rest.

- Hey, Knight...
- Yeah?

Can I thank you now?

Anytime, Gene Hackman.


I can't believe you did that.

I mean, I-I can believe
you did that, but...

The whole time I was just thinking that,

that my meltdown, or whatever it was

I had yesterday, the words I said

might've been the last thing
that you'd hear me say.

[CHUCKLES] I'm really glad they weren't.

But was it a meltdown?

What do you mean?

I mean, maybe you had a point.

Did I?

A private word, Agent Knight?

First, I hope you know
you should expect some sort

of official commendation
coming your way.

- That's not necessary, sir.
- Well,

what is necessary, I'm afraid,

is what I needed from you
at day's end yesterday.

You need my answer.

VANCE: I wasn't about to
ask for it last night.

And while it may not

still be the right time, I do need one.

I understand.

VANCE: If there was ever a
person that I'd want training

our next REACT class,

especially after yesterday,

I'd want it to be you, Agent Knight.

Thank you, sir.

So, is that a yes or a no?

Well, sir, it's...

Hell yeah, sir.

Let's do it.
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