14x18 - Trimester Trouble

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Keeping Up With the Kardashians". Aired: October 14, 2007 - 2021.*
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Reality series of the Kardashian family featuring Kim, Kourtney, Khloe and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan personal and professional lives.
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14x18 - Trimester Trouble

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[Kim] Previously on
Keeping Up with the Kardashians...

Oh, my God,
TMZ just got a tip that you're pregnant.

This is not fun.

[Khloé] As soon as I get
to my second trimester,

I will have such relief

and that's all I'm waiting for.

When I'm ready,
when there's a healthy point

where I can say something, I will.

What's going on?

I'm so sick of people,
like, not saying anything.

I really just don't want to jeopardize
my relationship with Kourtney as a friend

because of our children.

Love you, partner.

I'll see you
on the business side of things.

They literally have information
about the surrogate that I don't know.

[attorney] This [bleep] has to stop.

It's just so invasive and we'll try to do
whatever we can to stop this.

Literally, sue the [bleep] out of them.

[theme music]

Oh, hey, madre.


-Black velvet.

[Kourtney] Kim, you need to invite me
next time to Chappelle's show.

[Kim] That was so funny.

But why didn't you invite me?

I told you last time to invite me.

'Cause Kanye said,
"I'm taking you on a date tonight."

-It was her date night...
-[Kim] Then we went to Nobu...

This is exhausting being a member

-of this family.
-Got it. That's cute.

But Eddie Murphy was sitting next to us.

It was like a whole thing.
Like, it was like a real comedy show.

Well, don't brag about it
if we all wanted to be there.

I'm just saying it was so fun.

[Kim] And then John Mayer came out

and was doing the music
for, like, all of his jokes.

And then they just, like,

-had this thing going...
-[Kris] Ah, wait.


You dropped another name.

I was just giving it back to you.

[Kourtney laughing]

That was a good one.


-God, I love myself.
-[Kim] Okay. That was pretty silly.

Someone obviously did that to her

-because, you know...
-[Kim] Totally.

-...she's literally the queen...
-You did not make that up.

...of dropping names.

[Kris laughing]

So some magazine is publishing
a photo of my surrogate.

-[Khloé] Oh, my God.

This is...

-It is not an easy process.

[Kim] So, now,
it's like all these security issues.

[Khloé] So, where is this baby being born?

Or you can't predict that
'cause if they just go into labor?

-You can't predict it.
-[Khloé] Obviously.

But I'm hoping to move her out here,

like, three weeks before.

But he said she might need a C-section.

She most likely will
'cause her placenta thing.

[Kim] It's been such a crazy year.

Our surrogate has been amazing,
but it has been challenging

with all of the media leaks
and on top of that,

she's having some health issues
'cause there is a placenta condition.

It's so crazy that we both have
these placenta issues.

It hurts so bad.

Just to breathe, to do anything, it kills.

But it just feels weird
that my family really has no idea

what my experience has been like.

[Kris] This'll be the first grandchild

-I haven't been in the room for.
-[Kim] Well, you can come with me.

[Kourtney] Kim, are you going
to our cousin's birthday party?

Kourtney, shut up.

Come here for a second.
Let me smack you across the face.

You know, people really talk...

I have rings that will [bleep] throw you
to the next century.

No playing in the house.

[upbeat music]

-[Kourtney] Younes says hi.
-[Kim] Hi.

We're going to dinner. Um...

I love that the voice changes
when you talk to him.

Oh, my God,
do you want me to talk super loud?

No, but you just have a...
You're so nice to him.

You're literally the biggest bitch to us.

[imitates Kourtney's voice]
"Hey, guys,

so we're gonna go to dinner now."

[Kourtney] Okay, have a good night.

Sleep good, baby.

[Khloé] Look at those legs.

-Hi. How are you?
-[man] How are you?

[Kourtney] That dinner was fun at Mom's.

-Oh, my God, how was it?
-Oh, you weren't there.

I heard about it.

-She texts me every single day.
-I heard she... No.

-Jennifer Lawrence?
-I will brag.

I heard she loves you guys.

But no, she was so funny.

So, what do you guys want to do tonight?

-Mm, what are we doing tonight?
-[Khloé] Mm-hmm.

Is this, like, a wild night?

I'm gonna put my kids to bed.

It was just a question, Kourtney.

You don't have to be
so defensive about it.

[Khloé] I'd rather talk to you guys
than be on my phone the whole time.

-You know?

[Kourtney] You guys.

[Khloé] Yes, Kourtney?

Are we excited for San Francisco?

[Kim] I'm so excited.

I am excited for Alcatraz
and to sleep in a bed by myself.

[Kim] I have so many amazing things
that I love there

'cause I go there all the time.

Since Kim and Khloé
are both going to have babies soon,

we decided to plan a trip
to San Francisco.

I feel like there's so much
to explore there that we've never done,

like going to Alcatraz.

And it's just going to be
a fun sister trip.

We come back Friday.
I have to be back by 5:00.

What are you doing that evening?

My boyfriend lands at the airport.

I'd like to pick him up.

-[Kourtney] At LAX. Yup.

You are a good girlfriend.

I would send a driver
with a box of cookies.


All right. Well, that's fun.

I've never done this nose theme.

[high-pitched squealing]

Tristan's supposed to be finding me
a trainer in Cleveland

and I don't think he's asked anyone yet.

[Kim] You are gonna want to chill though.

You could work out and it's all good,

but there is those times when you're gonna
just be like, "I can't even see my feet."

[Kim] Hopefully, you won't get like that,
but I'm just saying.

Can't you just look to the side?

There'll be a point
you can't put your shoe on

so you only have to wear slides

or UGGs, depending on the weather.

You know we're having the baby
in Cleveland.

-I'm gonna fly the doctor.
-[Kim] Trust me. I booked my ticket.

We're on our way.

Isn't that scary?

Like going to a hospital
I've never been to, like, Cedars...

Oh, no, you're going there before,

it's not gonna be
your first time going there.

-No, but, like, Cedars, I can...
-Ah! Like, your leg up in the air.

Yeah, that's usually what happens.

Yeah, what am I gonna do?
Visit the hospital prior?

Yeah, visit it. Gonna see what room
y'all gonna put me in.

[Khloé] Yeah, we're gonna need a tour.

Okay, anyway...

When are we getting the phone call?

[Kim] I know. We're waiting anxiously
for the news of the sex.

[Khloé] Is Kylie doing that or not?

Like, did the doctor call her?
Like, what's happening?

I am finally over my first trimester.

I'm onto my second.

So, I'm kind of out of that danger zone,
as they say.

And I just feel really good right now.

I am at the place where I'm able
to take a blood test

to find out the sex of our baby.

So, Kylie wants Doctor A to call her
to give her the gender

and then Kylie's gonna call me
and reveal the gender to me.

Isn't that scary? We're going
to a whole other state to have a baby.

And you guys don't all have to come.
That's like...

-This isn't...
-Why? Of course, we will.

No, you're gonna leave...

-It's your first baby. Yeah.
-...your families and kids?

-No, that's so stupid.
-[Kim] It'll be a good break.

Maybe I'll just bring the little baby.

Do you want a December... What's...

So it's either December 5th.

It would be easy to think
of, like, my kids

'cause all their luggage is numbered.

So, like, North is 15
'cause she's June 15th,

and Saint's is 5 'cause he's December 5th.

So my kids are 5, 15

and it would be kind of cute, 5, 15, 25.

But it doesn't really matter.

It's a lug... It's a luggage tag.

Oh, my...

[upbeat music]

[Kourtney] Okay, what do you need?

I really don't need a thing.

Okay, well, yes, you do.

-I'm so over that.

Okay, so, you're not pumping.
You don't need any pump stuff.

[Kim gasps]

[Kim] Oh, my gosh,
I'm gonna get North this. Look.

Kourt, sky, or a pink crayon?

I don't know. You need to buy stuff
for the new baby.

That's why we're here. We're not here
to buy stuff for North and Saint.

I mean, if I have to get something,
this is what I would get.

But shouldn't I save this stuff for...

-I mean, I'm not doing a registry, but...
-You're not?

Why would I?

You don't want to have
a baby shower at all?

I mean, what's the point?
Like, I don't know.

No, just to have a celebration
to welcome a new child into our family.

Kourtney really wanted
to take me baby shopping,

and it's something that I loved to do
with my last two kids,

but, you know, this time,
I think it's definitely different.

I don't know if it's 'cause, physically,
I'm not carrying the baby

so I feel like there's so much more time.

And it's just, like, makes it harder
for me to get into it.

[Kourtney] All right, so did we get
anything for the baby?


[upbeat music]

-We're going to San Francisco!
-San Francisco, here we come.

-Whoa, whoa, whoa.

[airplane engine droning]

-Oh, my golly. Whoa.
-Holy [bleep], that's a fast plane. Oh.

Well, I'm excited, and I'm so thankful
you guys are doing this.

[Kim] Oh, my God, of course.

We're here to celebrate you.

-[Khloé] Us?

-All of us, it's sister time.
-This is just you.

Sister time.

[Khloé] Did you like your therapy?

-Loved it, yeah.
-[Khloé] Good.

I just was like, "Scott just roams
into my house like it's his house."

He walks in my bedroom.

I was like, "I don't think he should come
in my bedroom anymore."

I mean, he came inside and goes,
"Can I look through your glasses?

I think you might have some of mine."

And I'm like, "It's my closet."
Why is he looking through my sunglasses?

I just said to the therapist, like,
"I want to keep things comfortable, I do."

It's, like, nice for the kids
that it's, like, pretty normal.

But I'm in a relationship now
and it has to make sense

for my relationship too.

[Kourtney] I want Scott to see the kids,
but I feel like he's been coming

sometimes just, like, unannounced.

And there needs to be
some sort of boundaries,

so I have to figure out how to talk to him
about this kind of stuff.

[tense music]

[Khloé] Hello.

[man] We're gonna be going up
to the penthouse.

-[Khloé] Oh, how fancy!
-[elevator door dings]

[Kourtney] Look at the ceiling.

It's so cool.

-[Khloé] This is one room?
-[Kim] Oh, it looks so cute.

I love The Fairmont.

Kourt, this is where you be like,
"Oh, my God, we're in the penthouse!"

-Oh, my God, we're in San Francisco!
-[Khloé] Oh, my God!

-[Thomas] This place was built in 19...
-Oh, look up there.

-[Thomas] Yeah, isn't that beautiful?
-[Kourtney] Oh, my gosh.

[Thomas] That's all hand-done.
Here's the big secret in this room.

Up here, in the center,
there's a secret door.

-Oh, yes. I see the handle.
-You see the little handle there?

And if you like, I'll open it for you.
You can run up the stairs.

[Thomas] So, here we are.

And behind that, it leads to the roof.

[Kourtney] That's crazy.

There was a very famous blonde lady

who came through that door

when a certain president was staying here.

Marilyn Monroe.

[Thomas] If you have any questions,
I'll be happy to answer them.

Otherwise, I hope you have
a wonderful stay here.

-Thank you.
-Oh, it's my pleasure.

-[Khloé] You want to go eat?
-[Kourtney] Yeah.

I'm so excited for you
to get the news from Kylie.

[Kourtney] What news?

Don't tell her.

-[Kourtney] Oh, the sex of Khloé's?

Why, Kylie's the only one that knows?

No, no one knows yet.

And if Kylie doesn't answer the phone,
the doctor will call me.

So, when will Tristan know?

[Khloé] When I get to Cleveland.

But I'm not having everyone find out
before Tristan.

'Cause somehow, all my [bleep] keeps
getting places, which is [bleep] up.

[Khloé] Everyone is suspecting
that I'm pregnant,

and when that rumor came out,

it really took away the opportunity
that I got to tell a lot of my friends.

So me being able to know the gender
before anybody else,

and that I get to share it
with Tristan on my own,

like, that's really special to us.

[Kim] You know what we should do
once a year?

Have each family member
take care of all the kids at once.

Oh, no.

It was so satisfying when I had,
like, Mason, Penelope, North, Saint,

and I was, like, "Get up, get up, get up.

Did you brush your teeth? You brush
your teeth? You brush your teeth?"

And that used to, like,
freak me out, thinking like,

"Oh, my God, I can't do it."

I literally, like, love it.

I, like, crave it.

That's like su1c1de.


[upbeat music]

[Kim] Hey, hey, now.

-[Khloé] So, what are we waiting on?

-Thank you.
-Did you know, this hotel is haunted?

-Come on, my soul can't handle that.
-Listen. Let me tell you.

The Fair sisters, they started this hotel,
they d*ed in the earthquake in 1906.

And they are known to caress people
and, like, whisper to them.

That's not cool. Please, Fair sisters,

I love you, I respect you.
Please do not caress me.

Wait, is that what you're wearing?


-Come on. We're going to dinner.
-[Khloé] No, I can't...

I don't have loose clothes like that.

-Let me tell you...

...right now should be your time to shine.

I would run around practically naked.

I'm not cute enough where you're, like,
showing, where you want to show it off.

I'm just, like, at that phase
where you're like,

"Did she gain a few pounds?"
You can't tell.

Like, I would rather be my skinny self
or a little bigger.

Like, right now, I'm just like...

Trust me, when you get a little bigger,
you're gonna be like,

"Why wasn't I showing it all off then?"

-But I mean, you look...
-Whatever makes you feel comfortable.

-I get it.
-You look phenomenal.

-And if I was you, I'd be wearing...
-Oh, my God, thanks.

-...stuff like that all the time.
-Should I have had longer bike shorts?

Like, does that look
cellulite-y right there?

-No. You don't look cellulite-y.
-[Kim] Okay. Thank you.

[light music]

[Khloé sighs]

What is she doing?

[line ringing]

-[automated voice] I'm sorry...
-Like, you're on your phone.

You don't see me calling you?

[Kourtney] Khlo?

-Kourt. I'm being serious.

-You need to figure out your life.
-I'm on the phone with Larsa.

But I'm saying,
so then you shouldn't be on the phone.

We've been waiting for you for 30 minutes.

-I was getting ready.
-But you're always like this.

And we're just waiting for you
and waiting for you.

-It's crazy.
-I don't have time to listen to you yell.

[Khloé] I don't have time to wait for you.

-I don't want to go on trips...
-So don't wait.

...if this is how you are
every [bleep] time.

You don't care how selfish that is?

I'll call you when I get back
from the thing. Bye.

[tense music]

[Kourtney] Shall we?

[Khloé] No, let's just wait longer.

[camera shutter clicks]

-[Khloé] Smells so good.
-[Kourtney] It does.

So excited.

Oh, the traditional egg-lemon soup
with chicken and rice is so yummy.

[Kim] I'm gonna get baked feta.

So, do you ever wonder, like,

what the new baby's personality
is gonna be like?

Do you think how someone is pregnant,

do you really think that takes an effect
on how the baby is?

The temperament?

I don't know, I was...
I was pretty, like, amped-up with North.

And then pretty calm with Saint.

I wonder about the new baby, just it all.
It's so interesting to me.

-Your new baby, like, it's so interesting.

A surrogate thing.

[Khloé] I know that Kim isn't having
a baby in the traditional way,

but I really hope that she will start
to open up more about the process.

I mean, I'm super excited for her
and I want her to feel just as excited.

And I think the more she talks about it,
the more she'll get excited.

This magazine just said that I'm pregnant
with a baby bump,

-that I was flaunting it last night.

So many people have written me today.

-And what do you say?
-Saying anything you want to tell me.

I say, "Nope, not true."

[electronic music]

[Khloé] Kourt.

-[Kim] Kourt, you ready?
-[Kourtney] God, what the [bleep]?

-She's mad at us?
-[Kim] Yeah.

-[knocking on door]

-[Kourtney] Come in. Hey.

We're ready. I just am gonna fall asleep.

[Kourtney] Oh, okay.
Just taking this [bleep] tape off.

-How long do you think? Like, five, ten?
-[Kourtney] I can be ready in five.


[Khloé] Like, I'm tired, [bleep].
Pick up the pace and let's go.

[Kim] Yeah.

Do you have a... a wipe, anyone?

I would look in the glam room
if I were you...

I have so much [bleep] makeup
on my sweater.

Well, you've got to be careful
when you put your shirt on.

-[Kim] Maybe get off the phone and focus.

[Kim] Oh, I'm cold already.

[Khloé] Those are big boats.


Oh, blankies. It smells good on here.

Is this hot chocolate with whipped creamy?

Oh, that's so cute. It's like a little...

-[phone ringing]

[Kourtney] Hi.

We're on a boat going to Alcatraz.

Yeah, no, he went today
and then was supposed to leave tomorrow.

Um, hold on.

Can we not film me while I'm on the phone?

Thank you.

She's a waste.

Kourtney's on this deep conversation.

She's literally never present.
She's always on the phone.

She can't even live in the moment
'cause she has whatever drama's going on.

I assume that it has something to do
with Scott and Younes.

I think she just needs to really
figure out what these boundaries are

'cause it's getting messy,
and it's getting annoying.

And it's taking away time
from our, like, sister time.

[Kourtney] Guys, there's
the chocolate sign, from the place...

[Khloé] What the [bleep] are you here for?

Don't chime in if you're not gonna...

-Get on your [bleep] phone call...
-Have fun tonight.

Okay, bye.

[Khloé] You're, like, a waste of space
in my meter right now.

[Kourtney] I'm looking at everything.

You're annoying as [bleep] now that,
when we're together.

Like, this is what you do,
you're on your phone the whole time.

You're just not present.

[Kourtney] I had
a ten-minute conversation with Sarah,

and that's offensive?

-[Kim] Yeah.
-Yes, because we're only here once.

When are we ever
gonna go back to Alcatraz?

But we were sitting down...

-You know what? Actually...
-...in a cafeteria on a bench.

I'm not doing this today
because last time in Costa Rica...

-Let's throw her over...
-...I looked crazy.

'Cause I'm always the one complaining
to get you guys to have fun.

[Khloé] I'm not gonna be crazy, okay?

You'll be the [bleep] bitch
that you need to be shown that you are.

Good. [bleep] you, you [bleep] whore.

-[bleep] you, you [bleep].
-You [bleep] pregnant whore.

What's what say? Ghirardelli Chocolate?

[Kourtney] That's what I told you before,
you [bleep].

[tense music]

[Kim] What sucks is that they would escape
probably in the middle of the night,

so they'd have to swim in this water.

[Khloé] I would never, ever swim at night.

I barely swim in the day.

-Hi, there. Hi, nice to meet you.
-Hi. How are you?

-Hi, nice to meet you.
-You too, I'm Kim.

-Nice to meet you, Kim. Hi.

So we're gonna go in this door here.

This place was created
for the worst of the worst.

It was considered
the cream of the criminal crop.

"Break the rules and you go to prison.

Break the prison rules
and you go to Alcatraz."

-[Kim] Oh, yes.
-[Khloé] Whoa.

-[Michael] So this is Alcatraz.
-[Khloé] Wow.

-[Michael] And this is Broadway.
-[Kim] Wait, Kourt, your hand.

[Khloé] Kourt, stop being a bitch.

[Kourtney] I hate you both.

I feel like I was a little bit distracted.

I've been distracted about
this boundary issue with Scott,

and maybe I just need to deal with this
when I get back to LA.

So from now on, I'm going to just be
totally present in this trip,

and just, like, have an amazing time
with my sisters.

Excuse me.


We've got a felon on the loose.

[Kourtney] She's b*ating me up.

She needs to be put back in her cell,

[Khloé] That's a good one.

-They're on the way.

[Kourtney] You're so jealous
you didn't come up with that on your own.

[Khloé laughs]

[Khloé] Look how small their cell...
Is this how big current cells are now?

[Michael] No, I think a lot of them
are a lot bigger than this,

but this is a five-by-nine cell.


Yeah, and these are some of the convicts
that were here.

[Khloé] Huh.

[Michael] And then, over here,

-this was actually...
-I would hook up with the second one.

[soft laughter]

[Michael] And then, 181,
this cell right here,

that is Al Capone's cell.

-[Kourtney] Oh, wow.
-That's where Al Capone lived on Alcatraz.

-Do you even know who Al Capone is?
-Yeah, I do, you [bleep] whore.

-Guess what?
-[shutter clicks]

I've seen Scarface.


[upbeat music]

[Michael] This is the surgical suite.

And this is where several inmates d*ed,
in this room.

[Kim] This is so gross
that this is their hospital.

This is actually the creepy place.

So they used to have

-a dungeon in the 1930s.
-[Khloé] Mm-hmm.

So inmates that were,
you know, really incorrigible,

that they had trouble with,

they would actually bring 'em down here.

-We can take a look if you want.
-[Kim] The dungeon? Sure.

[tense spooky music]

The inmates would come down here,

and they would actually keep them
for several days.

One person at a time?

One person at a time,
and they would be here in pitch black.

If you'd like to see it dark,

I don't know, John, if you're out there,

do you want to turn off the lights
for a second? Just to get a sense?

-Yeah, look at...
-[Khloé] John... John heard us.

-[Kim] All right, guys.
-So this is how dark it would be.

Could you imagine having to stay
down here for several days?

We're in the dungeon.

[Khloé] We now look like Game of Thrones.

[Kourtney] Can you turn your phone off
so we can really see?

[Khloé] Well, I would not like that.

[Kourtney] And wait, would...

-So, the whole day, is it pitch dark too?
-[Michael] Yep.

[Khloé] If you guys have any bad kids,
you got to take them here.

Scare the [bleep] out of them.

-Who wants to live like this?
-[Kourtney] Yeah.

I'm just gonna copy everything you do,
just to annoy you.

-[camera shutter clicks]
-[Kourtney] Oops.

I'm like, turn your [bleep] volume off.
How old are you?

-How old do you think I am?

[upbeat music]

[alarm blaring]

[Kim] Like a test or an emergency?

No, it's a test, so we're fine.

I'm like, "I'm ready to roll."

-[waitress] Enjoy your lunch.
-[Kim] Thank you.

[man] Please go to the nearest fire exit
and leave the building.

[alarm blaring]

-I don't smell fire yet, so...
-I know. I was gonna say.

My sister's night into the restaurant,
and this is what happens.

[blaring continues]

What can I say? It's a test.

-[man] Attention.

An emergency has been reported.

[Kim] I don't think
I've ever laughed so hard.

So I wanted to say thank you guys so much
for the San Fran trip.

Even though we had, you know,
our ups and our downs...

I've never had a better time with you.

...I feel like we still always have fun.

What is life without a little feuding
with her sisters, you know?

Fighting with you, b*tches.

-Oh, Kourt, do you know how to do that?
-Mm. What?

-Remember, you used to do the string?
-Yeah, I could try,

but I need a strand of hair.

And my hair's in a bun.

Well, Kim has the hair.

Kim, take out a piece of hair, please.

[Kourtney] It could be a fake one.

[Khloé] So, a circle means what?

-We'll see.
-A girl, I think.

[Khloé] Circle means girl.

[Kourtney] A line is a boy.

Don't move it.

[Kim] That's a girl.

[Kourtney] Whoa, that's a strong one.

What does that mean?
It's gonna be, like, two twins?

-It's gonna be extra girly.
-[Khloé] Extra girly.

[Kourtney] It's gonna come out
with a tutu on.

-That's a line.
-That's Tristan Jr.

-[Khloé laughs]

[Khloé] I want you to do Kim's.

She'll see, does it count her surrogate?

[Kourtney] Okay, put your hand out.

-Okay, what is that?
-[Kourtney] Hold on.

It's getting started. That's a circle.

-Kourtney, you're moving it.

You guys, I'm not moving it.

Do it one more time, and what if it...

-It will stop... when it's time.
-[Khloé] Yeah, what are you dipping it in?

I'm clearing it.

-This is a circle.

So one more girl.

Well, that's not true
'cause I don't have anymore.

No, that's a full circle.

-That's a crazy circle.
-Whoa, that's a crazy circle.

I think that's a natural pregnancy.

Okay, will you do it to me?

[Khloé] Flatten out your hand.

Oh, look, this one stopped.

Legit, it stopped.

-[Khloé] Kourt, it stopped.

[Kim] It stopped.

You're not having any more kids.

That's crazy.

[lively music]

[Khloé] Is this the Mrs. Doubtfire house?

[Kim] Oh, yeah.

[Khloé] The doctor said,
"Your baby genetics results are normal.

Will text Kylie with the gender info."
Smiley face.

And I just hit, "Oh, my God!"
With, like, five exclamation points.


How did you just hear from her?

Because she wants to tell me,

so I'm trying to, like,
give Kylie a little.

I have such anxiety, okay?

-It's okay, whatever is meant to be.
-I know.

-Why do I have such anxiety?
-Even if it's a girl, just know

-that's what your path is...
-I know, and I'll love...

-...and that's fine.
-Of course, I want a girl eventually.

I just wanted, like,
older brothers to, like...

-We've never had older brothers.
-I know.

[Khloé] I am pretty much convinced
that I am having a boy.

I kind of am too.

I have such anxiety and nerves
to find out what I'm having,

but, like, oh, I just need Kylie
to [bleep] call me.

Like, what is she doing?

-[phone ringing]
-Oh, God!

The doctor said she was calling you
with my results 35 minutes ago.

-[Kylie] Okay, did she call you?

-[Kylie] Are you ready?

Who's there? Who's there?

Say it!

-[Kylie] Who's there?
-[Khloé] Me and Kim.

-[Kylie] Okay, are you sitting?
-Kylie, say it!

[Kylie] You're having a girl.

You're lying.

[Kylie] I'm not lying.

Shut up.

-[Kylie] I'm so excited for you, Khloé!
-Is she lying or serious?

Kylie, are you serious?

[Kylie] Why would I lie about this?

-I don't feel like I'm having a girl.
-That's so exciting.

[Kylie] I'm, like, so excited.

This is so exciting.

It's okay. I cried when I found out
North was gonna be a girl too.

I don't feel like
I'm having a girl at all.

I'm, like, in a state of shock.

[Kylie] Oh, my God. It's like...

-This was...

It's a girl?

It is?

What? I'm shocked.

I'm shocked.

When you have your mind made up
as to, like, what you're having.

Like, everyone told me,
"You're gonna feel what you're having,

and you'll just kind of know."

[Khloé] And then when you find out
it's the complete opposite,

it's just a shock.

I just was convinced
that I was having a boy,

so to be having a girl, it's just like,

"Okay, that wasn't what I thought
was going on."

-[Khloé] They do think that I'm gonna cry.
-[line ringing]

Tell mom not to tell Tristan, though.

-[Kris] Hi.
-[Khloé] Hi, Mom.

Do you want to know what I'm having?

[Kris] Yes!

I'm having a girl.

Oh, my God!

That is so amazing!

I'm really hoping... I'm really hoping
Kylie's gonna say she's lying

and, like, I'm really having a boy.

Khloé, the only thing I wanted in life,

the only thing, was a boy.

Three times, and I got the three of you.

But a man is much more attached to a girl.

Totally, and I know Tristan
will be in love,

and I'll be in love,
and she'll be so cute and whatever, but...

[Kris] This will be the love of his life,
no offense to you,

but this will be the love of his life.

Well, then, I'm gonna get jealous,
and I'm jealous.

[Kris] You probably will.

Well, then, I don't like that,
I don't like her.


[Kris] Oh, don't be a bitch.

[upbeat music]

-[Scott] Hey.
-[Kourtney] Hey.

I went and hang out with your mom
last night for a little bit.

-You did?

-Where, at her house?
-At her house.

I went and sat in her room.
She was, like, in bed, but like...

She said she wasn't feeling well.

Yeah, I'm sure that's what she tells you.

-She said...
-No, she was fine.

I went and sat with her, like,
sat on her bed for a little bit.

She was, like, fully dressed in bed
like this.

Oh, 'cause she was keeping her glam
in case something, in case Kendall...

No, she said she was gonna
maybe come out with you,

-unless Kendall went.


Anyways, I just felt like we should...

discuss some of the boundaries
in the house.

Scott and I get along,
but I do always get a little bit nervous

to have these kind of conversations
with him and, like, set boundaries

because it's, like, awkward to have to say
something that he may not like,

or that he may take the wrong way.

Like, we both just want to get along,

but then there's also things
that need to be said.

I just felt like we should discuss
some of the boundaries in the house.

I feel like, sometimes,
because this was your house,

sometimes, I feel like you walk in
like it still is.

Yeah, I understand.

And so I feel like it has to make sense
for my relationship too,

and just, like, if you just, like,
wander into my bedroom and go,

"Hey, can I see all your sunglasses, and..."

Well, I was getting my sunglasses,
but okay.

No, you said,
"Hey, can I look at all your sunglasses?

-I think you have some of mine."
-Yeah, cause... And you did.

But you, like,
look through them all, just to...

I wasn't looking through your panties.

I understand the boundary
of not going into your bedroom

-'cause that's a private place for you.
-But then, the day after I said it,

you went right in.


You said, "Hey, can I come in?"

And the kids were there,
I wasn't gonna be like, "No."

Okay. There's obviously some boundaries
that we both need to respect,

and I don't want you to be uncomfortable.

No, I'm not uncomfortable.
I'm just saying...

Oh, so then, the next time,
I'll be up there naked.

Great. I'll call the police.


I get it.

All things that are understandable
in this co-parenting life.

-I was also thinking I have a boundary.

I don't really want to, like, hug anymore.

I think we should shake hands
when we see each other.

-Okay. We could do a high five.
-Is that cool?

Nah, that's too young.

Or we could do a...
[clicks tongue]

-Ooh, a fist pump?

-I'll meet you in the middle.

So if you're cool with that,
I'm cool with your stuff.

-Yo. Pleasure.


[Scott] You be good now.

[Khloé] Do your dance, North.

-Oh, yeah.

Hold on... 20.

Kylie, you're like a chameleon.

-You look just like Kim when you want to,

and then like me when you smile.

-[Kim] Okay, should we call Khloé?
-[Kourtney] Yeah.

[toy yodeling]

-[Khloé] Hello.
-Hey. What are you doing?

I have a Bloomingdale's appearance.
What is happening over there?

He's playing this bird, like, it yodels.

-And I'm like...
-[Kourtney] Khloé got it for them.

And they love it.

Well, now we can pay you back,
and get your daughter a full drum set,

and, like, electric guitar.

[Khloé] Oh, lovely. Can't wait for that.

Wait, so tell me everything
about Tristan's reaction.

[Khloé] We were at the game,

and I was having the room, like,
decorated and everything.

So did he know that when he was gonna
come home, he was gonna see something?

-[Khloé] No.
-Oh, he didn't?

[Khloé] No, he had no idea.

Tristan kept asking me,
"So I wonder how you're gonna tell me,

uh, the gender of the baby."

I'm thinking, "I wonder how I'm gonna
tell you... What does that mean?"

Like, so, he kind of wanted it
to be a big deal on his end,

which I think is the cutest thing ever.

[Khloé] I had everyone come
after he left to go to work,

and then, we did the room.

But he was in such a bad mood
because of the game,

on the car ride home, I was just like,

"Oh, no, this is, like,
maybe not the best time,"

but I was like, "There's nothing I can do.
I can't clean it all up."

So when we came home,
I sped in front of him

and, like, ran upstairs
so I could shut the door,

and I was like, "Will he think it's weird
I, like, slammed the door in his face?

And he was just, he did it.

And he opened the door,
and he was so excited.

Oh, my God.


My vision was right, I knew it.

[Khloé] Now, he'll be like,
"How's my princess doing?"

"I just want to check on my two girls,"

like, he's so cute about everything.

Are you, like, more excited now?

[Khloé] I still feel so bad, how I felt,
but that's just how I felt.

And I, like, think about North, or P,
like, "Okay, like, it's gonna be so cute."

-And I am getting more excited.
-[Kim] Yeah.

It's fun. It's, like, girl's time,
and then we get to do it again.

[Khloé] Totally.

I was looking at nurseries for boys,

and I just think you need, like,
a day or two to just let it sink in.

Then you get over it.
I mean, and honestly,

girl stuff is so much cuter anyway.

And it'll be so cute to have

just a little girl in the stands,

like, rooting for her dad.

Like, I know girls think their dads
are everything and then some.

Yeah, I'm honestly so excited
that Khloé's having a girl.

I've been, like, getting, like, me
and Khloé things for, like, our girls.

-And it's probably gonna be so annoying...

...but they're all gonna, like,
have the same things,

-do the same things, be in the same class.
-I think that's so cute.

-So cute. See, that makes me excited.

[Khloé sneezes]

-[Reign] Bless you, KoKo.
-[Khloé laughs]

[Khloé] Thank you, Ree-jun.

All right, I love you.

[Khloé] Not as much as I love you.

-Khloé, I love you the most.

[Khloé] Oh, there she is.

She's finally in this conversation.

Miss you much.

[upbeat music]

Tonight is the launch
of my PrettyLittleThing collaboration,

and we are throwing a huge party.

I have all my girlfriends coming,

and I'm just excited to have a fun night
with all my friends.

[upbeat music continues]

[man] We've got Kourtney Kardashian
in the building!

Let's turn it up!

[Larsa] I'm so proud of you.


What are you doing here?

-You thought I would not come?

-So, you knew you were coming?

I was like, "I have to support you."

Thank you.

You guys are really cute together.

Oh, yeah? You just realize that now?

I realize it every time.

[upbeat music]

So my surrogate is in town
for a doctor's appointment,

so I thought it would be an amazing time
for her to meet my family,

but still not expose
who she is to the world.

Just for her safety.

[Kim] Okay, let's go inside.
All righty.

[Kim] This has been
such a long journey for us,

and something that I've wanted
for so long,

and I share, like,
everything with my family.

[Kim] Guys...

I want you to meet La'Reina.

-Hi, La'Reina!

-Oh, so good to meet you.
-[La'Reina] You too.

-You're so big today.

-That's Khloé.
-Hi. How are you?

Kendall was here somewhere.

-Oh, my God.

-[La'Reina giggles]
-And her friend, Jordyn.

Hi, Jordyn.

[Khloé] So, you have two other kids?

-[La'Reina] Mm-hmm.

You have two boys, right?

[La'Reina] Yes, I do. Three and five.

[Kendall] Do you mind being pregnant?
I guess you obviously don't.

I don't. I've always had easy pregnancies.

Um, this one had a couple of things
here or there,

but I like being pregnant,
and I know that sounds really weird.

The pregnancy itself, you know,
it just feels natural,

like I'm supposed to do it.

[Kylie] So, you have a placenta issue too?

[La'Reina] Yes. Yeah.

But I spoke to the doctor today,
and he said the baby looks fantastic.

-So he doesn't see any worries.
-[Kylie] Oh, good.

-Oh, that's good.
-[La'Reina] Yeah.

[Kim] It definitely makes me feel good
that my surrogate

does not need to have a C-section,

and the placenta moved out of the way.

[Kim] Now it's, like, back to normal.

So the baby will just come whenever
she's ready,

and we are on standby.

So what happens when the baby comes out,

-they clean the baby up...
-[Kylie] Should we sit outside? My legs...

Do you want to sit in here?
Is it too cold outside?

Why don't we get her a plate?
You want a plate with some food?

-[La'Reina] I'll take some fruit actually.
-[Kris] Whatever you want.

-[La'Reina] How are you feeling?
-[Kylie] I'm good.

-Oh, good, good.
-[Kylie] I know we're, like...

-[Khloé] A month apart.
-[La'Reina] Really?

Oh, my God, congratulations!

-No, you two are a month apart.
-Are we?

-Oh, my God.

-We're three months apart, me and her.
-Oh, really?

-Oh, how exciting.
-Yeah. Yeah.

-Are you guys excited?

-That's so amazing.

We both have never
been through this before.

[Khloé] And it's your first girl?

-[La'Reina] Huh? Second girl.
-[Khloé] Okay.

[La'Reina] So I've had two boys,
God gave me two boys,

and then for the surrogate babies,
it was two girls.

But emotionally, for you,
is it, like, super, like, depressing,

-or something after the fact?
-[La'Reina] No.

No. Because I know from the very beginning
this is not my baby,

at the end, my joy and my satisfaction

is with whoever I'm having the baby for.

So when the baby comes out,
they're just like,

"Okay, well, do you want skin on skin?"
I'm like, "No.

-Let her go to her mom."
-[Kendall] What does "skin on skin" mean?

[Kris] When they put the baby
on your chest.

When... If you gave birth,
then the baby would come up,

and you would go right on your chest
to feel your heart on heart,

and just the whole bonding thing.

That's really amazing
in the first few minutes of birth.

-Did you want to hold her?
-[La'Reina] Um, not...

I didn't feel the need to,
but, I mean, I love babies,

so it was nice for me to hold her.
I would... I love...

-You're very matter-of-fact about it.
-[La'Reina] Yeah, I really am.

It's... 'Cause I know what my job is
in all of it, you know what I'm saying,

and it's, like,
it makes me feel important,

'cause I'm like,
"Wow, I did something so good.

This is beautiful, like, I would do
this again a thousand more times."

This experience, going into it,
I really didn't know what to expect

'cause I don't really know anyone
that's gone through this.

It was definitely not as easy
as I thought it would be, emotionally,

but it's so worth it,
and our surrogate is such a nice person.

My family absolutely loves her.

And I'm just so grateful.

This is so beautiful.

-This is so amazing.
-[La'Reina] Thank you!

I'm so proud of just doing it,

-in general. Like...
-[Kylie] 'Cause it's so special.

[La'Reina] With all the women
who do have pregnancy issues

that put so much trust in people like me.

It's amazing.

It's just... It's already a big deal.

Without you,
this wouldn't have been possible, so...

we can't say thank you enough.

-[La'Reina] Oh, of course. Of course.
-[Kris] Really.

We're getting close.

[La'Reina whispers]
I know.

[Kim] Surrogacy is such a beautiful thing,

and we're just so excited
to welcome our baby girl.

And I'm so glad
that we're all doing this together.

I mean, my family and my kids
mean everything to me.

-♪ Morning ♪


-♪ Never thought I'd see the light again ♪
-All right.

[laughs, whoops]

-I got her.

♪ I got something I can see again ♪

[Khloé] Oh, my God! So much has happened.
So much has changed.

♪ I think I can finally breathe again ♪

My life will never be the same,
in, like, the best way, but it's crazy.

♪ I've got something to believe in ♪

I've kind of been waiting for this
for so long,

and now it's finally happening.

And I'm so excited to see what, like,
the next six months is gonna bring

'cause so much happens so fast.

♪ Morning ♪


♪ Morning ♪

[Kourtney] I have no idea
what this year holds for me.

♪ Never thought I would be here again ♪

Which is kind of scary.

♪ Now I feel like I should leave again ♪

I'm on this journey of growing...


...and, like, just learning a lot
about myself

and finding what, like,
truly makes me happy.

♪ I feel like I can feel again ♪

[Kim] It's been
such a fun, crazy journey together.

♪ I can finally see ♪

So much happens within our family,

you just never know what's next.

And I feel like next year's
gonna be really, really good.

[kids chattering]

[kids laughing]
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