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Avenging Eagle, The (1978)

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Drink slowly

Your name?

Your name?

The Rover

What an interesting name


The Homeless

We're the same

Where are you off to?

Anywhere there's a road

It's a dead end

There's only desert ahead

I know, but where there's a will
there's a way

That's true

If I were you and if I had a choice

I wouldn't be in this God forsaken place

By your looks

you must have gone without food
for a few days

At least 3 to 4 days

Wait, I'll get you something to eat


The water is poisoned,
don't drink if you want to live

I am returning the water and the food

...intact to you

Have you come to arrest me?


By your looks...

you don't look like a travelling
business man


Have I crossed you in any way in the past?

You are too much; repaying kindness
with a grudge

leaving me a damn horse

Do you want to k*ll me?

You are a rogue

you should appreciate that
if it weren't for me

you'd have been a pile of bones by now

Put out the fire


I can't stand the light

You have to be patient then

I'll tell you a story

I was born in the night

My family lit all the lamps to welcome me

Since then I've always liked the light

and I would cry at night
if there was no light

That sort of disturbed the whole family

Put it out

What great skills!

You flatter me

That's all I know

If this goes on I'll make a fool of myself

Friend, fate has brought us together

...in this barren land

We don't have a rapport

and there's nothing to talk about

Ride your horse and get out of here

You're too cold

It's dark

I can't even find the directions,
how can I leave?

That's your business

Why bear such a grudge?

Can you bear with me for a night

and let me sleep with this small fire

I'll leave the first thing
in the morning, okay?

Who's he? Why doesn't he give his name?

Great, it must be the camel caravan


What's the matter?


Friend, if you don't want fresh blood

to stain your clothes...

it's not too late to leave even now

Blood? Whose blood?

Chik Ming Sing, come out
and face your death

There's also that accomplice


If you're really Chik Ming Sing

that accomplice should be me

I am Chik Ming Sing

So you're running from your enemies

Don't worry, I'll attend to your corpse

I promise I'll get the best coffin for you

Tell me your address

so I could send you back

This technique is called
the Bastard's Somersault

Damn you

Brother, let me live, okay?

That means k*lling myself

Is this how you handle the hammer?

Not like this

Bastard, why did you hit me there?

That's our favourite spot

Are you giving up?

Not unless you come to apologise
to godfather with me

I can't do that

Yau Kwoon Hung, we've been brothers
for years

Don't force me to k*ll you

Bull sh*t. You can't k*ll me

Godfather said regardless of
if you're dead or alive

as long as you return

The second and third batch
just follow closely

It's useless if you get help

You must be Wang Tao Sang
the Soaring Eagle

Your father

Damn you

Why do you like to hit this spot?

This is the iron egg smashing into
the soft egg

It's completely changed

Why did you k*ll him?

He att*cked first, it was self defence

The issue is you're so alone

that I should save you

I got you this plaque

What a busy body

It's difficult to do the right thing

You have a murderous look

you must have k*lled many people

I don't remember

I do remember how many women I've had

The 3 men you k*lled just now are...

Two, one was k*lled by you

Tell me frankly. For which case

are you arresting me for?

So you take me for one of those

man hunters?

Sorry, I'm not interested in

such an immoral profession

Then why are you following me?

What do you want?

Don't doubt my identity anymore

I am a vagabond

If you want me as friend, that's good

...if not, forget it

It doesn't hurt in your case

to make one more friend

Alright...l'll take you as friend

As you wish

Your background is a mystery

There's an end to conversation

and there's a time for riddles
to be solved, right?

Yes, please

Why does the Iron Boat g*ng
want to k*ll you?

You want to listen to this story too?

I've nothing else better to do,
if you talk I'll listen

The Iron Boat g*ng is a criminal g*ng

and does a lot of illegal activities

The head is Yoh Xi Hung

He is also the godfather of
the Thirteen Eagles

He is cruel, merciless and cold

He brought up the Thirteen Eagles

as k*lling machines

Feelings' is not a word in his dictionary

If one member shows slight affection
for another

they'll be beaten up

How Yoh Xi Hung thinks and feels

is how the Thirteen Eagles think and feel

Absolute obedience is necessary

I am an orphan

and was sold to the g*ng at seven

I did all the bad things imaginable

and became numb to cruelty

I can't remember how many children
there were...

at the start

Over ten years, the coward,
the disobedient

those who didn't progress in kung fu,
the kind hearted

...have all been k*lled

Only 13 people are left

Thirteen Eagles?

Thirteen Eagles

There are only 9 of them left now

Yes...the story you made up is interesting

If you really did all those bad things

all your life only to end up being

persecuted by Yoh Xi Hung

don't you find it ironical?

I feel you had no reason to
rebel against Yoh Xi Hung

I was tired of k*lling

I don't believe you

You said the Thirteen Eagles

were trained to be k*lling machines

just like extensions of his sword

It's strange. Do k*lling weapons
have thoughts

which spur them to rebel?

Weapons won't rebel

but he forgot one point

I am still a human being

You appear like a man but more like
a rogue


Naturally you don't believe
I became tired of k*lling

I had a strong reason for rebelling
against him

One day Yoh Xi Hung assembled
the Thirteen Eagles

...in the Jui Yi Hall for a conference

We hurried there



Godfather, we wish you

health and good fortune

Good, I just received information that

the 32 security bureaus
in the central area

will jointly guard a cargo
of royal treasures

which include the invaluable
red sea ginseng

In few days the treasure
reaches deserted Yu Fai town

Do you now understand

why I have called this meeting?


Godfather, nothing is impossible

in fulfilling your wish

Right, heaven and earth can't

stand in our way

You're right

Sooner or later we'll be great

so we have to expand our territory

There should not be any lack of money

What I worry about is...

the 32 security bureaus will bring
along a lot of men

And I've heard the leader is
Golden Spear Tao De Biu

Godfather, you should have confidence
in us

All of us have been to many battles

Have we ever failed you?

That's what I want to hear

Good, lads, await my orders to set off

Robbers, get up



The Thirteen Eagles of Iron Boat g*ng

What, the old thief Yoh Xi Hung
has come too?

It's below his lordship to fight dummies

Leave him to me, you go and chase
those robbers

Chase them



Quick...let's go

Go on, don't worry about me

Go quickly


Don't worry about me

Catch it...

Chase them quickly

Aunt, teach us how to write, okay?


What is this character?


Write one more time, aunt

What is this character?

Jiang, isn't that your name?

Yes, so is yours


I write it for you to see

That's right

You can't come out, go and lie down

I'll get my family

Brother...he's awake

He's up?

That's good, let's go and see


Come here


I already said

he's strong and will wake up

Don't get up, lie down...

Lie down first

Yes, lie for a while, don't get up

You've been unconscious for
3 days and nights

I found you on my way home in the woods

I am indebted to you for saving my life

Don't mention it

How were you wounded?

I was ambushed by my enemy

and was wounded

Luckily I escaped quickly, otherwise...

Your name please?

Cheung Gia Ran

And you?

Jiang Shun Kwai

Brother Jiang

This is my mother


My wife


My sister Siu Fung

Miss Fung

Brother feel free

to make yourself at home


Recuperate well

It's late, what are you thinking?

I thought about it thoroughly

I was too strong willed

and succumbed to my temper

My actions were tainted by some
evil elements

What I've seen these two months

are kind, friendly faces

I have been listening to ways
to live in harmony

As I grew up

I had not enjoyed family life

I will always cherish this

Miss Fung, do you believe
I have k*lled people?

Yes, I do

How come?

If you didn't k*ll others...

why would they come and k*ll you?

Don't you find me frightening?

No, I believe you'll never k*ll again

Miss Fung, do you want to know

what I was like?

What matters is from now on

you know how to lead a good life

Lead a good life?


You must remember that how to lead
a good life


What's the matter?

Your day of vengeance has come

Yien Lin


You've found him?


Wan Da has already found
where Wang An is hiding

He's in the South Village near Tai Ran

Wang An

I thought I could not find you

You had me captivated such that
I suffered for 2 years

now I have a chance to take revenge

Godfather we will depart right now

and bring Wang An to you

We are going now

Good, it doesn't matter if he's dead
or alive


Chik Ming Sing is back





Godfather I'm back

It's good you've returned

I can relax now

Yien Lin couldn't find you

so I thought you have been caught
by the authorities

How could that be?

You taught me I should not endanger
my colleagues

I'd rather be k*lled

than be taken alive

Chik, I swore as long as you haven't
come back

I'll not touch the loot

lt'll always be in the vault

Thank you for your kind love

Lost it?


Then why haven't you brought it back
with you?


I said...

these 13 silver plaques
have been made by my own hands

It symbolizes your life

and the whole Iron Boat g*ng


It represents me too

yet you could forget

I dare not

Dare not?

You have deliberately disobeyed me

Godfather, you...

Godfather, I know I'm wrong


Forget it



Let me ask you

Of the four Jiang Nan man hunters
I often talk about

how many have been k*lled?


Who's left?

Devil's Plight Wang An

This time you'll really see the devil

Wang An's kung fu is not bad

Failure is not an option

k*ll him and let godfather be happy

Big brother, when this is finished

I want to see a friend

Can I return a few days later?

A woman?

Chik has fallen in love with a woman

Big brother, Wang An is hiding
in this valley

We must have got it wrong

There is only a family in this valley

and there are no other roads

What are we doing there?

We're not wrong at all

I passed here last month

and saw Wang An come out of this house

I was alone so I stayed away from him

Big brother, stop

You must be wrong

You are wrong

Wang An, come out

Come here, quick

Follow mother inside


Please don't k*ll the wrong person

He isn't Wang An, he saved my life

His name is Jiang Shun Kwai

What would you know? You haven't seen him

I've seen him, he's Wang An

That's right

Would you really assist him
and k*ll my brother?

So she is the woman
you have fallen in love with

Not bad

Chik Ming Sing, tell her the purpose
of your trip here

Big brother, you're pushing him

How can he say it...

in front of his lover?

Let's finish the job

Stop fighting

Big brother, listen to me

What are you doing?

Listen to me




Brother Jiang

Get lost


Chik, you're nuts

Big brother, why must we k*ll everyone?

I beg you, let her go

Big brother

Godfather said we should leave
no one alive

You heard that yourself, dare you disobey?

Miss Fung

Didn't you chop off Wang An's head?

I couldn't bear to do it

You dare talk of feelings

I taught you this?

Did I teach you to feel?

Godfather, listen

Don't forget

a minor punishment is 72 flogs,
a major one is 36

You didn't only see me punish people once

so it is obvious you deliberately
rebel against me

I dare not, forgive me

I can do that

but you must knock them down one by one

otherwise you'll be punished



Brothers, you...



I was wrong

You admit you're wrong?

I don't think you mean it

I am truly wrong

Let no more be said, t*rture him

I see

Since then you became tired of k*lling



From the start of this incident

to the end of the other matter

I made up my mind to leave Yoh Xi Hung

I don't think so

The reason why you don't k*ll

is you have fallen in love with
Miss Siu Fung

Were it somebody else

who is not emotionally involved with you

...it might not have changed your ways

Right, further up is the desert

Why don't you turn back?

There's no hurry

Your pursuers will soon catch up with you


Looks like he's been dead for a few days

Damn, it must be the work
of Chik Ming Sing


Friend, listen to my advice and turn back

You cannot run forever

See? They are hot on our heels

As I suggested

shall we divert their strength?

Would that not make me owe you more?

Let's go

Chik Ming Sing, you're cruel

You won't show mercy even to your brothers

When have you shown mercy to me?

I have made efforts to find
this plot of land

to be your burial ground, satisfied?

Lure him into the woods

Chik Ming Sing, godfather says
you're smart

but you've fallen into our trap this time

Your three-sectioned stick is useless
in the woods

Don't worry, I won't k*ll you now

I'll take you back alive to face godfather

You're dreaming


I'll show you something

Double Sword in Sleeve

These two are difficult to deal with

What w*apon did you use to k*ll them?

It's not on them? Axe

Axe? I asked too much

Rising up from the Heavenly-Mountain

The moon lay over the clouded ocean

And the wind that has come
a thousand miles,

beats at the Jade Gate battlements...

China marches its men down
Baideng Road, while

Tartar troops peer across
blue waters of the bay...

And since not one battle famous
in history,

sent all its fighters back again,

The soldiers turn round looking
toward the border,

eyes and think of home with wistful

And of those tonight
in the upper chambers,

who toss and sigh and cannot rest.

Friend, why do you suddenly have
a heavy heart?

Have you changed?

This poem is Li Po's Kwan Shan Yue

It represents some peoples' sentiments

meaning one could not return to one's home

I am even worse

I have no home at all

I knew you are no ordinary man

and you carry a lot of hate, right?


I am full of hate

I am looking for an arch villain

What an irony, I am escaping from
my enemies

and you're searching for your enemy

Are you joking with me?

Do I look like I'm joking?

Can I help?


Your future looks bleak

Chik, if you really k*ll Yoh Xi Hung,
are you...

going to restructure the g*ng
& become boss yourself?

Are you going to recruit some K*llers
under you?

No such interest

I will search all over for someone

Search for someone?

I have sworn that if I die...

I hope I will die at his hands

because I owe him a blood debt

Who is this?

Se Ma Sun's son-in-law Cheuk Yi Fan

Have you heard of him?


What does he do?

Se Ma Sun is a prodigy of
the martial arts world

and opposes all villains

Once he thwarted Yoh Xi Hung's plans

to rob official salaries at sea

and created a hatred between them

So Yoh Xi Hung used the most cruel way

to take revenge





What? Getting soft?




You...Yoh Xi Hung, don't think
you've succeeded

I curse you for k*lling my family

you'll die an even meaner death

As long as I don't die by your hands
that's fine

You'd better save your strength

to report in hell


Se Ma Sun's daughter Se Ma Yu Chin

is the wife of Cheuk Yi Fan,
Double Sword Sleeve

This last is for you


I am looking for an escape

just let me give birth to the child
then die


Since we can't k*ll Cheuk Yi Fan
as he's not here

just as well he k*ll his off spring

Chik, I let you k*ll her

Godfather, she is a pregnant woman

You've really changed?

Chik, you used to be the first
to k*ll and rob

yet tonight you won't k*ll even one person

I know

You still hate me for k*lling Wang An,


Then let's do it

Are you k*lling or not?


My husband will avenge me

You can't k*ll a pregnant woman

Sir, you can't k*ll me

No explanation will do

Just brace yourself

it'll be over soon


You k*lled her?

I made a decision at that moment

I could not die then

No one on Se Ma Sun's family wanted to die

so I had to live on to k*ll Yoh Xi Hung

Can you do it alone?

I know it's almost impossible

but I must succeed

Don't forget, at his side are always

Lin Gin Ming and Fan Lun

Let's go further

we'll meet Vulture Yien Lin,
Blue Eagle Wan Da

The Owl Shou Kao Shing

I've heard that among the Thirteen Eagles

Vulture Yien Lin has the best kung fu

The second one is Blue Eagle Wan Da

and the third is you Black Eagle
Chik Ming Sing

You're well informed on the
Iron Boat g*ng's background

You'll have a hard time
fighting them alone

if you don't have a partner like me

you will die

Friend, we're not related in any way

You've already helped me twice

Not for fame or money

so why did you do it?

Not for anything, it doesn't matter

Then can you tell me your name?

Those words again, homeless...

That's enough...

Damn, what rotten luck

The first batch has gone for half a month

the second batch has gone for ten days

Why is there no news of them?


Chik doesn't have guts to travel by sea

This is entire dominated by us

We have reconnaissance in the city

Then there are those officials

who are dying to capture him

That's why we have concluded

he must have gone into the desert


Big brother, there is no way that
Chik could

...handle a few people by himself

Don't underestimate him

His kung fu is good and he is smart

Godfather picked him because of
these attributes

But he misjudged him

not realising he would be a rebel

I don't respect Chik

Alright...stop arguing

Ten miles from here is a small town

Pass that

is the barren desert

Tomorrow we'll check it out


Boss...we have customers

At last

Please, sir

Will this be enough to buy your inn?

I can't sell it, it's my business

How can you do this?

Can you outrun a rabbit?

Sir, naturally the rabbit will run faster

Is your head harder than the table?

Sir, what exactly do you want?

I want you to get out of here right now


Get lost quicker than a rabbit


Or I'll smash your head


Don't forget the silver on the table

You can use it for lodgings and food

Come back after a month


There'll be a couple of corpses here
by then

There'll be a couple of corpses here?

Please bury them


Let's go


Leave your clothes

My clothes?

Sir, I...



So you want to dress up as a waiter?


This is the last inn before the desert

unless they don't come after you

if they do they must rest here

But they won't be easily deceived

You're wrong,

the smarter one is, the easier one
will be deceived

because they think they're smart

Are you still around?

Get lost

Yes, let's go

We must get rid of one of them first

I agree

Waiter, prepare food

Great...gentlemen...here's business

Gentlemen...have a seat

It's rare to have customers at our place

This is for taking the dust off you

this is for soothing your weariness

this is for quenching your thirst

Waiter, ask your boss to come out

I am the owner and

the waiter

I take care of

the whole place here

Just tell me what you need

Then prepare a month's ration

for the three of us


Come back

Have you seen two groups of people,
seven altogether

pass by here towards the desert?

Let me think

Ah, I've got it...

There was a one-eyed gentlemen

who was very generous with his money

The bone is crushed

I ask you again, have you seen someone

aged about twenty seven, dressed in black

with a three-sectioned stick pass here?

I can't speak, please let go first

Speak up


The batch last time also asked
about this person

I told them but they wouldn't believe me

and headed towards the desert
to look for him

What didn't they believe?

The fact that, that person in black was...

helping me with the dishes
and other chores upstairs

They didn't believe me

lmpossible. Would Chik work here?

Right, he can't bear such tasks

What does he look like?

Ordinary looking, under thirty

dressed in black

Don't let his huge appearance deceive you

he is lazy and eats a lot;
not a good thing

Right, also his leg seems to have
some problem

Let me see...ah yes, it's his left leg

He walks like this, see?

He's walking with a limp

He seems to have a huge problem
with his leg


Old Six


Follow him and have a look


Gentlemen may I go now?

Go on

I'll go and prepare food and wine

I'll be right with you




Get up

Get up...

Cao Gao Shing

It's you

One down

It won't be easy to deal with Yien Lin
and Wan Da

What about an ambush?

It's risky

We must k*ll one with only one strike


Let's do it then

Stay up here, I'll go down

Be alert

Be careful of Yien Lin's Lethal Ring

and his head, which can crush a rock

Here's food and wine

That gentleman said the kid in the kitchen

is not the person you're looking for

He's gone to the toilet with
stomach trouble

That's good, he'll eat more

We have a house rule

the first pot of wine is for
travellers from afar

It's free


Waiter, where's the toilet?

In the alley behind the kitchen

Old Two, go and take a look

The back of the kitchen

Not a bad Kn*fe, right?

How much has Chik Ming Sing paid
to hire you?

Can I be bought?

Then who are you?

k*ller of pigs

Old Two

Don't waste your breath,
he can't answer you

nor can he help you

Chik, even if someone helped you
to k*ll me

you can't escape Godfather

I don't want to run anymore,
I'll go and see him

Friend, in such circumstances
you should not speak

too much, or you'll get soft and
can't bear to k*ll

Do you want to know who I am?

You are...

I'll say it only once, listen carefully

I am Cheuk Yi Fan


A bunch of nincompoops

No news up to now

In a few days we'll go to Iron Boat g*ng

You are aware Yoh Xi Hung's kung fu

is not easy to deal with

He also has two loyal followers

Grey Eagle and Yellow Eagle

It's not an even match

you should...

I should flee to escape death, right?


Aren't you afraid to die?

Die? Everyone is afraid to die

the question is what is one dying for?

I did too many bad deeds

and I hope I could atone for my sins
with my life

If I could live, all the better

but if I die, I die in peace

You have helped me a lot

and you have saved my life

I should involve you in this

Chik Ming Sing, I haven't helped you
in vain

I may be an enemy

What do you mean?

Don't get me wrong

I am just saying
there is no certainty in this world

I was just stating a universal truism

Maybe your enemy is my enemy

and you have done me a favour

We have a complicated relationship

It's actually quite simple

We're getting more intimate

We need each other

Your enemy is Yoh Xi Hung

mine is the Iron Boat g*ng

You have a grudge against them?

Everyone wants to k*ll outlaws

not necessarily because of vengeance

Excluding you

Unless you team up with you

there is no better way

Chik Ming Sing is back...

Chik Ming Sing, you dare come back...


I guessed right, Chik will always be Chik

You've k*lled Yien Lin

Why haven't you fled?

Why return to die?

If I don't k*ll you I won't have peace

This person must have come
to accompany you to die

Wrong, I've come to dig your grave

Let's see about that

Double Sword in Sleeve Cheuk Yi Fan


Chik, so much for good judgement

you've found an enemy to help you

You'll die for sure

So it's really you

Why didn't you k*ll me on the road

to avenge your wife?

I want to find the truth about

the death of Se Ma Sun's family

But I have said earlier, our grudge

should not have lasted till now

because we should join hands and k*ll

our common enemy Yoh Xi Hung

Alright then

Yoh Xi Hung, you've always eradicated
your enemy

but you left me alive

That means your time has come

Although you two have joined forces

you might not gain the upper hand

Chik, death or alive is before you

Listen to me

Help me get rid of Cheuk Yi Fan

and I'll forget the past

Cheuk Yi Fan, you

want to use him to get rid of me

then k*ll him afterwards

Chik, you've been tricked

You should know that
getting rid of me isn't that easy

You tried your best

but you'll die ultimately

I will persist to avenge my wife

Chik, you'd better help me get rid of him

I don't think your three-sectioned stick

is a match for 'Double Sword in Sleeve'

Let's join forces

Don't be tricked by him

Would you forget I k*lled
the twelve Eagles?

They're all dead, what's the big deal?

Besides, you didn't k*ll them all
by yourself

I have no children and the g*ng's...

entire wealth will be bequeathed
to you one day

Chik Ming Sing, you must understand;

If we fight, he'll be the winner

But there is nothing to support
your promise

You've been with me since you were young

when have I gone back on my word

...and lied to you?

Godfather, you must stand by your words

Stand by your words

Cheuk Yi Fan, he k*lled

your pregnant wife

If you want to take revenge...please


Your loved ones

have all d*ed because of you

Friend, I can't change my ways

besides, I'd rather stay alive
than have a good death

Chik, what are you waiting for?

Do it, quick

Yoh Xi Hung, your cruelty over
these twenty years

...have been wasted

So it's easy to raise someone...

but difficult to control his heart

I have at last understood this

and am able to discern right and wrong

Cheuk Yi Fan, take your revenge

Your wife's m*rder*r is still alive

My enemies are all dead

I swore I'll die by your sword

If you don't k*ll me...

your wife would not rest in peace
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