Crime Zone (1988)

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Crime Zone (1988)

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- Get out of here, get out!

- Close it up.

Watch out, our bait is coming.

- [Policeman] Start.

- Eagles first.

Arms and legs, three points.

Chest, belly, and back, two points.

Remember, we want him alive.



- [Hector] Hold it.

- I know you.

- You should.

Come on, open the back door.

Come on, move.

Come on.

Go on open it.

- Eagles, get ready.

- [Hector] Die!

- Move two and three.


- sh*t.

- Bastards, come on!

I'll k*ll you!

- We want him alive!


- You won't get me, you bastards!

We'll go together.

I'll see you in hell, you sons of b*tches!

- Hold it, hold it!

- Come on, you're gonna die!

Come on m*therf*cker!

Come and get me!

You're all dead, man!

- [Announcer] Welcome to
the Gardens of Hibernation.

You are the favorite sons of Soleil

and we want to preserve you,

young, healthy, and beautiful.

Ladies of Soleil, choose the
age you want on your skin.

Brave soldiers and men, choose
the color of your blood.

Hibernation will give it to you

in six months of peace
and splendid isolation.

Welcome to the Gardens of Hibernation.

You are the favorite sons-
- You know something?

- [Announcer] of Soleil.

- I liked her better as an old lady.

You know something?

I liked her better as an old lady.

You wanted to see me?

- Yes, come in, Bone.

Bone, I always like
that nickname of yours.

The option on your
contract here has come up

and it's a tough decision
whether or not to renew.

I see that you're a good worker.

Punctual, responsible, efficient.

- I try.

- But not hard enough.

You see, Bone, I took a little
survey among your coworkers

and they all seem to agree on something.

Something I noticed too.

- What's that?

- Exactly.

What's that?

Not what's that, sir?

Not good morning, sir.

Or good morning to anyone.

You do just your job,
but not a damn bit extra,

don't you, Bone?

- That's what I was hired to do.

- But there are thousands
and thousands out there

who are willing to go that extra mile.

They'd be grateful for the work.

- I am grateful.

- You don't show it.

- Renew my option, sir.

You'd see it then.

- I'm afraid I don't believe you, Bone.

Anyway, it's too late.

- I must ask you to reconsider.

You see, I'm very close to an upgrade

to second tier classification.

I'm just a few points away

and without that I won't have anything.

I'll be stuck in the same dead end zone

with no wife, no home, no family.

- And that's the way it will
always be with you, Bone.

You could have been third tier by now

if you weren't so arrogant.

Take the police for instance,

you're better material
than half of the force.

But they all know something you don't,

how to play the game.

- I know how, I'll show you.

- Too late, Bone.

- Give me one more chance, sir.

- The meeting is over, Bone.

Get the f*ck outta here.

- Get out of my way.

- [Policeman] All right, move it!

Move it you bastards!
- All right.

- Move it!
- No, we didn't do anything.

- [Policeman] This way!

Get over here!
- We're just friends.

- [Policeman] Get down!

- [Policeman 2] Illegal
cohabitation in block four.

Beware subgrades, obey
the rules of your state

or this could happen to you.

- [Salesman] Condoms,
condoms, prophylactics.

- [Reporter] After a
spectacular g*n battle-

- Get your security shields.
- Which took the lives-

- Condoms.
- Of several policemen,

the Soleil force captured Hector Beco.

As is publicly known, Beco and his g*ng

have been selling secret information

to our w*r enemies in Frodan.

With Beco in custody,

who will be the next most
wanted man in Soleil?

- Welcome, welcome, welcome,
you scum of the earth.

Welcome to the House of Pleasure.

And let me introduce you

one of our most beautiful specimens.

I give you and only you, Serena.

- I'm real happy to be here tonight.

I haven't had a man in ages.

- Holy Bone.
- Hey, Creon.

How you doing?

- Ah, heard the state kicked
you out real good, huh?

Eh, told you shouldn't
have left the fuckups.

- It wasn't a g*ng, Creon.

I wanted to get the f*ck
out of the dead end zone.

- You can't, man.

Belle's on tonight.

She's something special.

Okay, hey, the three of us.

- You go ahead, I'll catch up.

- And now I give you the
prime of our beef in this land

where there is no meat.

Her name Helen.

- Yes, I'm Helen.

And you better be ready for a challenge

because that's what I'll give you.

- I could have told you
it was gonna happen, Bone,

just a matter of time.

Let's face it, you can't keep a job.

- Same as me.

- Same as all of us, Bone.

We're the fuckups.

- [JD and Creon] We're the
lowest grade subgrades.

- And you're gonna find
us sitting here, Bone,

night after night after night
when we're 60-years-old.

Just like old fart Alexi.

- Watch it, Creon.

- [Creon] It's the truth, Alexi.

- Let me tell you something, Creon,

there's a big jump between 25 and 60

and I've squeezed a lot
of life into those years.

- Squeezed it all out.

- You should learn to
watch that tongue of yours.

That's right, that's right make fun.

You're gonna go too far one day.

- I'm not going anywhere, Alexi.

I'm staying right here.

I'm a fuckup.

f*ck you!

- Your Honor, guardians of Soleil,

the state has presented its evidence.

Hector Beco is charged with theft, m*rder,

and worst of all, high treason.

Aiding our enemies in
Frodan during time of w*r.

And there can be little
doubt as to his guilt.

We recommend summary
execution, Your Honor.

- The court accepts this recommendation.

- Hey, Bone, Bone, you're just in time.

- Time for what?

- This girl over here,
she's kicking Green's ass.

- Big deal.

Come on.

Make the damn sh*t already.


Oh, we have to play again.

- No way.

- Why?

I said why not?

- Because frankly, I don't think

I could bare to look at your ugly face

from across that pool table again.

Not a second time.

- Hey, what about my face?

- I could handle it.

- I've seen you before.

- [Helen] Yeah.

- YES.

Don't you wanna know where?

- [Helen] I can guess.

- I thought about coming to see you.

- Maybe you knew I'd laugh you outta bed.

- Wouldn't be the first time.

- At least you're honest.

- Honesty is my middle name.

- Mine too.

- I thought so.

- Really?

Well, you seem to have me all figured out.

- I had help.

I saw your sales clip.

But you had me figured out
before you ever laid eyes on me.

- Hey, this is it.

The execution!

- [Reporter] The Soleil broadcast today

is proud to announce for
your pleasure and education

a live telecast of Hector Beco's execution

direct from our justice super dome.

- Have you been disinfected?

- YES.

- All right, what am I?

- You don't know.

- Well, well a man with a sense of humor.

So what am I some fourth tier bitch

slumming in the dead end zone?

A lady policeman?

How about a cutthroat raider from Frodan?

Choose your fantasy.

- How about a simple conversation?

- So you decided to see me after all.

- We never finished our game.

- So we're gonna finish it here, right?

Sorry, I don't have a table.

- Too bad, I've got the balls.

- Well, don't just stand there.

Let's put 'em to use.

- Like I said, I just wanna talk.

- Talk about what?

- Anything you want, why you're
so miserable for instance.

- Who says I'm miserable?

- Everything about you says
it and I know the reason why.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

You hate your job

and it makes you hate
everything around you.

- Including you.

- No, not me.

You haven't made up
your mind about me yet.

- The decision isn't that far away.

- Well, let me help you make
it and a few others besides.

Quit this place.

- Right, right, I'm
supposed to just throw away

the one chance I've got.

- Chance for what, second tier?

You have to kiss ass to get second tier

and you refuse to kiss ass.

- You're wrong.

I kiss ass 10 times a day and a lot worse.

- And it gets you nothing.

That's what I've been learning.

That's what you're going to learn.

- The state put me here.

Those are the rules.

- Then break the rules.

I wanna know you, Helen.

Not this room, not these costumes,

or this 15 minute time limit.

I wanna know you.

- Who says I wanna know you?

- You wanna know me.

Helen, I live right up there.

No, don't stop, keep going.

- Stop!
- sh*t.

Follow what I do.

- I said stop.

What are you doing with a woman, subgrade?

- You mean this whore?

I don't even know her.

- Whore? Who the hell do you think you are

calling me a whore, you pig?

- I've seen you at the House of Pleasure

raffling your p*ssy like a side of beef.

- Stop it.

You b*at it.

- You were taking her back
to your room, you liar.

- Yeah, we should f*ck you up!

- We like to f*ck up, subgrades.

We f*cked up a subgrade real good

who was getting illegal p*ssy.

- So just bear that in mind.

You get that itchy feeling,

you just carry it over
to the House of Pleasure.

- We're not gonna tell you again.

- And get the f*ck out of here.

Curfew rings in two minutes.

- Psst.

You want some company?

- You can put your stuff anywhere.

- Thanks.

I don't even know your name.

- Oh, Bone.

At least that's what they call me.

You want a drink?

I've got a bottle.

- Real liquor?

- Yeah, real liquor.

- Where'd you get it?

- I stole it from some corporate assh*le

at the Gardens of Hibernation.

I used to work there.

- sh*t.

I hate this w*r.

I wish.

- I bet that woman is here.

I'm sure you still horny, subgrade.

Show me your d*ck.

Come on, show me your d*ck!

Is that your normal size?

- YES.

- Not bad.

Watch out, subgrade,
we'll feed it to the dogs.

- Did they leave?

- [Bone] Yeah, they left.

- Maybe I should go.

- No, no, please stay.

Nobody will find us here.

- I'm so scared.

- Me too.

But we'll help each other.

I promise.

- Look at this.

- An old woman lived here.

She was k*lled and left all her things.

- May I?

- That depends.

- On what?

- On what am I gonna get?

- What are you gonna get?

You get these?

- Go!

- [Creon] Bone.

Hey, Bone, come on, I
know you're in there.

- What do you want?

- Open the door, Bone.

Hey buddy, man, I'm loaded.

I cleaned up on pool last night.

Hey, think you got a visit
to the House of Pleasure

coming to us, huh?

- No thanks.

- What do you mean no thanks?

- I mean no thanks.

- Oh, come on, Bone.

So you lost your job, no big deal.

Ain't no reason to go disappearing on us.

Oh, I'm surprised at you, Bone.

I mean, if I would've scored the bitch,

I would've called up my old friend

for a little piece of the action, JD too.

I mean that's the way it
always used to be, Bone.


- He makes me wanna vomit.

- I know what you mean.

- Why do you hang around with him?

- I've known him all my life.

- [Helen] You relatives?

- No, I don't have any family.

They all d*ed in the plague.

- Yeah, mine too.

- What's in your pockets?

- Nothing.
- I said,

what's in your pockets?

Guard, police!

- What's going on here?

- This guy's been stealing.

- [Man] I've got the money.

- Well, let me see it. Where is it?

- [Man] I just forgot to pay, that's all.

- You're in trouble, kid.
- You're just

a subgrade troublemaker.

- [Bone] Oh, now, Helen,
you're out of your mind.

Don't do it.

- [Policeman] You should
have thought of that

before you stole.

- If you're gonna do it hurry up.

- You're under arrest.

- I've got the money.
- Come on Helen, hurry up.

They're coming back.

- It's a mistake, I was going to pay.

- I said, you're under arrest.

- Please, I'll pay.

Please, I'll pay for it.

I've got the money.

- You owe me, what was it?

500 grams.

- But I paid you already.

Didn't I?

- We did it, we f*cked 'em up.

I told you we could do it.

- Not here, we can't do this here.

- Why not?

" Ah, again?

- Yes, I wasted too many years.

- Yeah, but not here.

We can't do this here in
the middle of the street.

- We can do anything.

- [Policeman] This way, over here!

- So anyway, the whole point of the story

was to get JD laid, you know?

'Cause he was just, it was just time.

He was 14 and you know and I know

he ain't gonna get it
any other way.

- f*ck you.

- Ha, so anyway, we all
go the House of Pleasure

and I think it was number six, right?

We all go in, Bone pays, we follow him in,

we go up, the whore opens the door, right?

We all go rushing in and she
look, she gets angry, right?

So Bone says her, Bone,
tell her what you said.

- I don't remember.

- So Bone says, "Look,
you're getting your money."

"What do you care about the rules?"

She still won't listen.

So I have to walk up to her.

So I go right up to her and I say,

"Look, we can do anything we
want to, we're the fuckups."

But nothing.

So I walk right up to her like this.

I'm standing right in front of her

and I put my hand out like this, right?

Said, "Do something about it."

Do something about it, bitch!

Do something about it!

Come on you bitch!
- Bastard!

- Do something about it!
- Let go of her, you bastard!

- Let me see.
- Let her go!

I'll k*ll you!

Come on, Creon, right now!

- Stop it!

- Come on, Bone!

- Stop it, stop it!

Stop it!

- [Patron] Come on, come on.

- I'm gonna k*ll you, JD.

- Come back, you bastard.

- Bone!

- Come back here, Creon.

Where you going, fuckup?

Get your ass back here.

- Just let it go, Bone.

Just let it go.

- I agree with the young lady.

Let it go.

It's not really worth the effort.

- Well, you got him read right.

- Well, he's pretty simple to read.

Most of them are in the dead end zone.

- Why don't you just haul it
back to the first tier, pal?

We don't need you here.

- I said most, not all.

You two are very different.

As a matter of fact,

I have a little job I'd like to offer you.

Tell me, what do you see?

- [Bone] A hospital.

- That's what I see too.

That's what everybody sees.

But that's not what it is.

There are no sick people in that building.

Only records.

- What do you mean?

- Official records.

Highly sensitive material.

There's something I want, but I can't get.

Your job will be to get it for me.

- Isn't that called robbery?

- That's right, that's
exactly what it's called.

And the thing I'll give you
in return is called money.

- And the thing you want us
to get, what's that called?

- A disk.

A tiny little disc with lots
of valuable information on it.

- Valuable to who?

- That's something you
don't really need to know.

- Frodan.

Am I right?

- [Jason] You might be.

- You're outta your mind.

- Yes, maybe I am.

And maybe Soleil is
really the wonderful place

they're always telling us it is.

I bet you really enjoy
unemployment, don't you, Bone?

- I like it.

- Well, I bet you really
enjoy sneaking around

so you can spend time
with Bone too, don't you?

- Yeah, well I don't
think I'd like being dead

a hell of a lot.

- Look, look,
I made a big mistake.

Obviously you're not the kind
of people I took you for.

- Wait a minute, Jason.

Think about the money, Bone.

- Yeah, what's money without an upgrade?

- Freedom.

- No temporary freedom.

I could only settle for the real kind.

- Maybe he could arrange
that for us, Bone.

Maybe he could get us out of here.

- Yeah, but where would we go?

- Frodan.
- All right move it.

- Ow.
- Okay, move it.

Come on.
- Come on.

- I didn't even try to run.

- Put your hands up there.
- Okay.

- [Policeman] Hey, shut up, shut up.

- All right.
- Don't, you don't-

- Could he do that?
- Get in the back.

- [Man] I swear we weren't doing anything.

- Could he get us out of here?

- Of course I could.

After all everything you've done

has been on the behalf of Frodan.

- We don't know the
first thing about Frodan.

- I can tell you one thing

that will make all the
difference in the world to you.

In Frodan you can be together.

All this business about
tiers and rights of marriage,

they don't exist there.

Time for an answer, my children.

This is the last time
I can make this offer.

- With this little button I can trace you.

Any place you want to meet,
just bring me the disk,

and I'll get you out of Soleil.

- Yes, say yes, Bone.

- We want some weapons
and some decent food.

- Is that a yes?

- YES.

- Holy sh*t.

- Helen, maybe I better do this alone.

- No.

- Are you sure?

- YES.

- All right, let's go.

- Wait a minute.

- [Bone] You're coming with me, pal.

I'm not f*cking around.

- [Guard] You're stealing
from sick people.

- [Bone] Oh, cut the bullshit.

This ain't no hospital.

Come on.

Give me your security pass.

Come on, right now give
me your security pass.

Come on, hurry up, let's get this done.

Come on.

- [Helen] Oh, my god,

Bone, what should we do?

- You all right?

- Yeah.

- Come on, let's go.

- This is it.

- Well?


- [Bone] We went through a lot of trouble

to get that for you.

- Obviously.

- The least you could do is
tell us what it contains.

- Dirty laundry, Bone.

This little disk contains
Soleil's dirty laundry.

That's all you need to know.

- No, we need to know when
we're getting out of here.

- Two days.

You meet me here in two
days and I'll get you out.

Meanwhile, here's a little token

I brought as appreciation.

- f*ck we did it!

We're outta Soleil.

- f*ck Soleil!


- We'll make love in the streets.

- I love you.

We're free, we're free!

- I want a drink.

- Don't move.

Show me your d*ck, subgrade.

- All right, I'll show you my d*ck.

- Oh, subgrade, is that your normal size?

f*ck your blackouts, we're outta here!

- We're not outta Soleil yet, Helen.

So as long as we're still here,

you better learn how to
use one of those things.

Put your finger on the trigger.

Don't press it all the
way, just a little bit.

A little bit more and I'd be gone.

Could you do that?

- Not to you.

But I could do it.

- Give me a closer view.

Now the woman.

Tell me how long till the
computer can reveal their faces?

- A couple of hours, maybe less

if we can get to their
eyes for an iris reading.

- Broadcast it.

- General Sandrox confirmed today

that a m*llitary budget increase

will be necessary to protect
our national security

after the removal of
vital secret information

from the record center and
probably passed on to Frodan.

The police were able to identify

the criminals a few minutes ago.

Citizens of Soleil, please stand by

for the official
identification photographs.

Here they are.

Helen and Bone.
- My blazing balls.

- [Announcer] Agency of all Soleil

are closing in around you.

Beware young traitors, the
state knows who you are.

- Repeat it, repeat it.

Tell me again what you just said.

- Me and Helen are getting out of Soleil.

- You're going where?

- Frodan.

Look, Alexi, you've been a
good friend to me and I just-

- Let me come with you.

- What?

- Bone, you have no idea.

I have been dreaming
about a chance like this.

I mean Frodan.

- What do you know about Frodan?

- I was stationed there a
long time ago before the w*r.

f*ck, I wish I'd defected.

I mean the women there.

- Look, Alexi, it's not for me to say.

- Tell Helen then.

Tell her I can do it.

Just get me a copter and we are out.

- I didn't know you could
fly one of those things.

- Of course I can.

I was a f*cking pilot, Bone.

Tell Helen.

- It's not for Helen to say either.

Look, Alexi, it's out of our hands, Alexi.

- No.

- Helen.


You can't hide forever, Helen.

No matter where you go,
no matter what you do,

someone's gonna know
what you've been up to.

- What do you want?

- Whatever you wanna give me.

I know what you've been up
to and I want a piece of it.

And I want a piece of it now.

- It's a little too late for blackmail.

- Oh, is that so?

And how about a personal grudge?

You see what belongs to me,

belongs to my brothers and vice versa.

You know who said that?

Bone, that's who.

- That was a long time ago!

- What the hell do you know about it?

You come in here suddenly

you're running the whole damn show.

You really think you're
gonna break up the fuckups?

- You jealous?

- Jealous?

I don't think so.

I'm gonna take it from you.

- Don't move, Creon.

Drop the Kn*fe.

Drop it.

- You're a traitor, Bone.

You know that?

- You have no idea how badly

I wanna pull this trigger right now.

And you know something, if
I wasn't getting outta here,

I wouldn't hesitate.

I really wouldn't.

Come on, Helen, let's get outta here.

- I'm sorry, Creon.

I really am.

I'm so sorry.

- [Jason] Well, come
on, Helen, be patient.

- No, no, Jason, that was
not the deal at all, okay?

I see what you did.

You know what?

You f*cking lied to us!

- I didn't lie to you, Helen.

Just taking longer than I expected.

I mean, these things are
not that easy to arrange.

- How much longer?

- A few more days.

Sorry, I just can't be more specific.

- f*ck you.

You're not sorry at all.

It's not your face on
those posters out there.

It's not your ass that's on the line.

- Tell me she's wrong, Jason.

- No Bone, she's right.

It's not my face on the posters.

Look, I don't know how
you're gonna take this,

but there is something you could do

which would speed things up.

Something which Frodan would regard

with great deal of approval.

- Let me guess, wouldn't be
another robbery by any chance?

- Well, why not?

You obviously have the
skills, and the guts,

and the cause worth fighting for.

Flaunt it.

- Bone, I need you to
promise me something.

You pull the trigger if they get me.

I don't wanna be ex*cuted.

- I promise.

- [Announcer] You are at
Fund Center Number One.

This is your all night teller
open for your convenience.

Once again, the state of
Soleil at your service.

You are at Fund Center Number One.

This is your all night teller
open for your convenience.

Once again, the state of
Soleil at your service.

- Everybody freeze!

Get on the ground now everybody!

Get on the ground now I said!

Get down on the floor now everybody!

- Get down!

- Stay down!

- Get down and stay down!

- You, fill this up now!

Hurry UP!

Hurry up I said!

Fill it up!

Hurry up goddammit!
- Hurry up!

- Stay down!

- Remember two subgrades
made you crawl on the ground!

- Hurry, quit f*cking around!

- Alarm.
- Stay where you are!

- [Announcer] Security
alert, security alert.

- Bone, the doors locked!

- [Announcer] Security
alert, security alert,

security alert, security alert.

Security alert, security alert.

- Stop!

- [Policeman] Front entrance hit it.

- [Policeman 2] I got it. Move out.

- Let's go, let's go.

- I can't.

- Yes, you can, yes, you can.

Come on.


- [Policeman 3] It's them, Helen and Bone!

- [Policeman 4] We want them alive.

Don't k*ll them.


- [Helen] Oh, sh*t!

- We gotta jump.

Come on, it's the only way out of here.

f*ck it.

Jump, Helen, come on!

You gotta do it.

Helen, please jump-

Helen, come on, you gotta jump!

Come on.

Please jump.

Do it, do it.

Come on, you can do it.

Come on, okay, come on.

- Stop!

- Come on, come on.

We should stay down here for a while.

- No way.

- You got any better ideas?

- Plague zone.

No one ever goes to the plague zone.

- For good reason.

- The plague zone isn't contagious, Bone.

Ask any whore, she'll
tell you the same thing.

- Helen.

- Do I know you?

- You don't know me,

but I know you and I
know old Bone there too.

Copter dropped the pile
of these awhile ago.

- [Reporter] Helen and Bone,
the most dangerous couple

in the history of Soleil's underworld

struck Fund Center Number One

in the heart of the elegant first tier.

Police continue their manhunt
through the subgrade areas

and have dispatched a special
force into the plague zone

where it is believed the
criminals are hiding out.

Stay tuned for further bulletins

as information becomes available.

- No, we shoulda just done
it again for Jason, Bone.

He was the only way we
were gonna get outta here.

- I don't trust him.

We have to find Alexi.

He's our only chance.

- Helen, Bone, it's the cops.

Run, run!

- [Policeman] All right, clear away.

- Coming through.
- Come out of there.

- Stand back.
- Cover the window.

Watch that door.
- Clear the area.

- The staircase secure.
- Cover inside of the house.

- [Policewoman] Okay, I'll cover the door.

- I'm going in.

- Jason, don't do it.

- Hello, Bone.


I can see you two have
decided to change plans.

- Get into the room.

Come on.

So you're one of them, aren't you?

- Not really, Bone.

It's just my job, that's all.

- Go on, we're listening.

- I'm a recruiting officer.

- Recruiting what?

- Criminals.

- All right, cut the
horse sh*t, let's hear it.

- There are no criminals in Soleil, Bone.

And I mean, there aren't any at all

except the ones I recruit.

You're just my latest models, that's all.

Once upon a time Soleil
really was a crime zone,

but that's all over now.

The police got so powerful

that they just wiped out crime completely.

If you don't have criminals
then you have to invent them.

And I gotta say, you guys
are doing a remarkable job.

- Oh, f*ck you, Jason!

I never trusted you and I never liked you.

You're gonna get us outta here.

I want you to tell the
police to drop their g*ns.

- Of course.

I wouldn't want see you two hurt,

you're some of my best work.

Drop your weapons.

Drop your f*cking weapons!

You guys are great.

- Ah, shut the f*ck up!

- The evidence produced by
the state is overwhelming.

There is only one punishment
for a pair of wantons

and subversives like yourselves.

Death to Helen and Bone.

- [Group] Yes, yes, yes.

- My only regret personally speaking is

that in my position as prosecutor,

I'm not also allowed
to act as executioner.


- k*ll them!

Fine the dirty traitors!

Helen and Bone, Helen and Bone, k*ll 'em!

k*ll them!

- Hey, JD.

Don't turn around.

- Is that you?

- Yeah, it's me, keep moving.

Listen, me and Helen have got a job

we want you to help us with, interested?

- sh*t, you bet I am!

- Keep moving.

- I'll go find Creon.

- No, don't tell cro-magnon a thing.

Just find Alexi, can you do that?

Find Alexi and ask him if he's
interested in coming with us.

He'll know what that means.

- Wow, look at those.

- Not those.

That's where they keep
the copters we need.

Open any one of those

and you open the door out of Soleil.

- Question is-

- I know what the question is.

How do we get one open?

That control board,

you walk in there with a g*n in your hand,

you'll see doors flying
open all over the place.

Listen, we're not going to
Frodan empty handed, are we?

I mean, if we wanted to stay
poor, we'd just stay here.

- No way, we're going out in style.

- How so?

- Should we tell them?

We're gonna pull off one last
robbery, guys, a big one.

And this one I'm gonna enjoy.

- Hello, Creon.

- Who's there?

- A friend.

A friend, Creon,

which is more than I can
say for Helen and Bone

if you get my drift.

- I don't know what you're talking about.

- Of course you do.

- I haven't seen either
one of 'em for ages.

- I know that.

I think it's a shame,

they're out there putting
together some deal

that you should be a part
of and you aren't, are you?

- No, I'm not.

So what?

- Well, there you are.

Now there are ways you
could get in on the action.

Even make a profit along the way.

Perhaps we should talk, Creon.

- Okay, sure, we can talk.

- I'm glad we fought so hard for this.

Now we're as good as gone.

- YES.

- Tell me it's true.

- It's true, no more hiding.

- YES.

- Living each day not fighting to live.

- YES.

- And when I run my hand over
your skin, no one to stop me.

- No, I won't let them, I swear.

- Frodan, the women.

- Frodan tower, Frodan tower.

It is the refugees, we're
coming in, we're coming in.

- Flying high, JD?

Where you've been hiding?

Been looking all over for you.

Tell me.

You little sh*t!


Why are you running JD, huh?


'Cause you were with Helen
and Bone, weren't you?

Weren't you?

- Yes, yes.

- Well, I got my own
ways of getting rich too,

you know that?

You wanna know something?

You're gonna help me.

You're gonna tell me everything you know.

'Cause if you don't, I'm
gonna throw you to the dog.

- [Bone] Alexi, you'll stay here.

If we're not back by 10 o'clock,

you know something went wrong.

- Okay, okay.

- All right, that takes care of that.

JD, you'll drive.

- Me?

I'm gonna drive?

- [Bone] Yeah, what's the matter?

- Nothing. I'm fine.

I really am.

- All right, that puts
me and Helen inside.

Would you throw out that f*cking cigar?

Just cool your jets, all right?

Just relax.

Come on, this will be real easy.

- Intruders in port one,
intruders in port one.

- Hey, hey!

JD, stay here and keep
your eyes open and relax.

- [Guard] All right down this way.

Come on let's go.

Over here.

This corridor, watch it.

- [Guard 2] Right down there, careful.

- I was expecting that, sir.

- I was expecting you too, Bone.

You'll never get outta here alive, Bone.

- Oh yes, I will.

I've got a second life coming to me.

And you know who's paying for it?

The fourth tier.

- Yeah, well you can rob
'em, you can k*ll 'em,

but you'll never be
like them, you subgrade.

- Yeah, but I'll never kiss
their asses the way you do,

you bastard!

- Wrong again, Bone.

I hate them too see?

You see, Bone, their brains

are all messed up with hibernation.

I'm gonna show this state
better than you'll ever do.

- Shut up.

Everything's just like you
said it was, little buddy.

Just like you said it was.

- The signal, it's on, sir.

- Well, let's go, sweetheart.

- You lose this battle, assh*le.

- Bone.

- Am I interrupting something, Bone?

Throw the g*n down.

Throw it down, Bone

The pipe too.

- What do you want from us, Creon?

- Old friends last forever.

Remember that one, Bone?

- I'm not a fuckup anymore!

Now let her go.

- But I am.

And what belongs to me
belongs to my brother.

Mm, she's mine now, Bone.


The jewels too.


- I suppose you're gonna blow me away now.

- Me k*ll my brother?

Why would I wanna do that, Bone?

- You're a fool, Creon.

The police will use you just
the way they used me and Helen.

- They're not after me, buddy boy.

It's you they want.

I traded my old friends for
a whole bunch of new ones.

- Yeah, and watch how they
treat you, m*therf*cker.

' BYE, bye, Bone.

Stay cool.

You see now?

Me and you.

This is what you always wanted, isn't it?

- Don't do this, Creon.

Please don't blow this for us.

- You just don't get it.

Me and you together.


You liked it, didn't you?

You like me.

- Wake up, Creon.

Bone was right the
police are gonna use you

just like they used us.

- Bone is a traitor.

- He's not a traitor.

You're just jealous 'cause
you're in love with him.

And you'll never be like him.

- No!

You shut up, you shut up now!

I'm gonna k*ll you right now!

- Just go ahead do it, bastard!

I'm sick of this sh*t!

I'm not scared anymore!

Go ahead!

- Come on.

Atta girl, you know you want it.

You want it, right?

- [Policeman] Police, stay where you are!

Don't move!
- Hey, don't sh**t.

I'm the one that signaled you.

I, I, I'm the one that got you here.

Jason, tell 'em.

- sh**t him.
- Go ahead.

- Get him!
- Wait!

- [Policeman] Get him!

- [JD] Hold it, but you said-

- I now what I said.

Get the hell out of here, let's go!

- [Helen] Bone!


Come on, the police, quick.

- [Policewoman] Follow them.

- I don't even f*cking care anymore!

- So what, drive the car!

You shut up!

Just drive!

What the f*ck is the matter with you?

Drive the car!
- You f*cking maniac.

Get back!

- Put your foot down-
- You maniac!

- On the g*dd*mn thing!
- Maniac.

- What's the matter with you?


JD, I'm gonna k*ll you I swear.


- [Policeman] Stop, stop!

- [Bone] Come on.

- We should have stopped
Creon when we had the chance.

He's gonna fly out of here without us.

- No he won't.

We'll b*at him to Alexi.

- He's got a car, there's no
way we can b*at him there.

- Then we'll b*at him to copter terminal.

- Bone.

- Guess again, Alexi.

Come on, are you ready?

Let's go.

- No, no, I'm not ready.

Where's Helen and Bone?

- They're dead if there's
any justice in the world.

Now come on, we're getting outta here.

We're getting outta Soleil.

Let's go.

- We're not going anywhere
till I find out what happened.


- He turned them in.

That's what he did.

- I'll tell you why, Alexi.

They're traitors.

They betrayed me and they
deserve everything they get.

- Well, you're going to
get what you deserve too.

You're not going anywhere.

None of us are.

- You don't understand, Alexi.

They're coming after us
and we're going right now.

- They're not after me.

And I'm not going anywhere.

- Serves you right, Creon.

Serves you right.

- JD, shut up.
- Serves you right.

- Shut up.
- Serves you right, Creon.

- [Creon] Shut up you little traitor.

- Serves you right.
- Shut up.

- Creon.
- Just shut up.

- Serves you right.
- Quit, shut up, traitor.

- Serves you right, right?

- Shut up!

Well, what's it gonna be, Alexi?

You got two choices,

that way or this way.

Don't worry about it, Alexi.

You're gonna be real grateful
to me when we get to Frodan.

You just trust me.

All right, good.

Now I'm gonna be back in a jiffy, old man.

You just stay put.

Just in case for
insurance, keep you tight.

- There's a body upstairs.

I thought it might have some relevance.

- Well, let's take a look at it.

- Alexi.
- I can't believe it,

you're here.

You made it.

- We're alive and we're getting
outta here. Where's Creon?

- In the control board.

- So he'll open the hangar door for us.

- YES.

- Where's JD?

- Dead.

- Look.

- Well certainly is relevant all right.

Who's this place belong to?

- A guy named Alexi Mandela.

Former Army pilot, retired.

- Uh-huh.

Get your men together right away.

- Why?

Where are we going?

- The copter terminal,

that's where you'll find
Helen and Bone, guarantee it.

- Helen, the rope.

Bone, go back.

Come on.


Come on, come on.

- [X07] Control tower, control tower.

This is police X07.

We entering the airport now.

Alert for intruders in copter area.

Repeat alert for intruders in copter area.

- [Creon] Open the hangar door now.

- Come on, Alexi.

Come on, she's gonna start,
she's gonna start I know it.

- Come on move.

Move, move.

- Come on start.

- Come on, you can do it!

Just start the f*cking thing!

- Yeah, yeah!

- Yeah!
- Let's go!

- Bone, come on!

Come on, we're outta here!

- Bone!

- No!


- f*ck you!

You stay down, Bone!

I swear I'm gonna cut you down!

- You'll die trying, you bastard!

- Shut up, you old bitch!

I'm sorry, Bone, I didn't wanna sh**t you.

You're my brother.

You can't leave me.

We've known each other forever.

Why can't I go with you?

- You deserve it, Creon.

You don't deserve a second chance.

- You can't say that, Bone.

You don't know, I'd be dead.


Please, take me with you, Bone.

They're gonna k*ll me.

I don't wanna sh*t you, you're my family.

- Come on, Alexi, get us up!

- No, I don't wanna die.

- [Alexi] Frodan tower, can you read me?

- There are three of us here.

We are defectors.

- Defectors?
- Yes.

We're seeking sanctuary in Frodan.

Allow us to land.

- [Man] We read you defectors.

You're clear to land.

- Whoo-hoo!

Whoo, all right!



- Whoo!

We made it!

We made it baby, we made it.

Where is everybody?

- I don't know.

- What the hell is this?

- Should have stayed retired, Alexi.

- Who are you?

- No, stop, we come in peace!

- No!



- Sorry about your friend.

Just business.

f*cking business.

Just business, my dear.

Thank you, Bone.

- For what?

- For k*lling my colleague here.

That's what I'm going to say
when I get back to Soleil,

that Helen and Bone have
k*lled yet another policeman.

You know, I really did want you to escape.

I was sincere about that.

I really admire the two of you.

Really I do.

But if I told you the entire truth,

you just would've given up.

It's all right here.

Remember this?

Everything's on it.

How Soleil destroyed
Frodan maybe 20 years ago.

Tells all about the radiation.

Or I guess I should call
it the plague, shouldn't I?

Funny thing about radiation,

it just won't stay where you put it.

One little gust of wind

and you've got yourself
a serious health problem.

- I don't believe it.

- You can believe it.

Soleil would completely fall apart

without its crime, its w*r.

Too much depends on it.

The army, the police, entire economy.

- And your personal economy.

- Well, yes, for the moment,

but I don't know how much
longer that's going to last.

I know too much.

I could end up being
criminal of the month myself,

which is exactly what this
little thing designed to prevent.

So I'll tell you what I'm
gonna say when I get back.

We landed in Frodan,

there was a nasty g*n battle

in which you k*lled my colleague here,

and then somehow you got away.

I'm also gonna tell 'em this,

that you're much more
valuable to us alive.

After all, there's always the thr*at

that Helen and Bone might come back.

And that's the best reason
I can possibly think of

for that inflated m*llitary
budget, don't you agree?

Well, you're on your own, kids.
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