Love on the Rock (2021)

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Love on the Rock (2021)

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- Mr. Fairbanks,
we have a problem.

- What just happened?
- Sir, the laboratory's

been incinerated.

- Plaza.

She's impulsive, inconsistent
and irresponsible.

- Stand down, Plaza.

We can't risk the serum.

Stand down, Plaza.

Plaza, can you hear me?

Do not sh**t.

Do not sh**t!

- We'll find
you wherever you are,
my little rabbit.

- Go ahead.

Yes, I see.

All right, initiate clearance
protocol and reduce the line.

And I want updates every
hour, starting yesterday.

And send them our young
one, the one I like.

She's ready.

- Is he dead?

- Christopher!

- Hey, you Colton Riggs?

This your boat?

- No need to yell, it's Malta.

No one yells in Malta.

Except that guy.

- We had a tour booked
for St. Paul's Islands

and St. Peter's Pool.

- For when?

- Tuesday.

- What day is it today?

- Tuesday.

- Oh look, honey.

It's the famous St.
Peter's Pool over there.

- Honey, you're doing
the captain's job.

Let him tell us.

- No, no, no, he's doing great.

It's actually not
Peter's Pool though.

That's just around
the bend there.

- Well whose pool is it anyway?

- Great question, hold on.

- Malta.

Known for its ancient sites and
its rich and diverse history

that spans from the
beginning of time.

Example, Valletta.

They say really
it's a city built

by a gentleman or gentlemen.

We know of its existence
'cause the night of St. John

who constructed it,
planned, and built the city.

- What's for lunch?

My mommy says you're supposed
to have lunch for us.

- Right.

There you go.

- Who's this?

- It's me, who's it look like?

- Not you.

What's in it?

- Cod and mayonnaise.

All right, all right.

Hold on.


Peanut butter and jelly.

- Ooh.

- Hey man, want to talk
to you about something.

- Is that my shirt?

- No, no.


How you doing, buddy?

- Good, man, I'm
living the dream.

Living the dream.

- Dream living.

- That's what they say, right?

Another charter in the books.

- Okay, how many is that now?

- I don't know, lost count.

- Yeah, I guess you would.

All right, well can I
get you another one?

- No, I'm good, thanks.

I'm gonna head out.

- Oh you know what, I
remember why I came over here.

- Why?
- Get ready.

- I'm not doing this.
- Sorry, man.

- No, no, no, no,
I'm not doing that.

- Sorry.
- I told you I don't do this.

- There's nothing
I can do about it.

I'm already walking to the bell.

- I'm not gonna do that.
- Sorry.

- We've been over this.
- I'm looking forward to it.

- Why does he
never listen to me?

He never, never listens to me.

- All eyes on me.

I'd like to thank you
guys for coming out

to the best establishment
on this side of the country.

Welcome to Love on the Rock.

Now, for eight wonderful years,

my family has been
hosting the most epic

broken hearts club for the
love lost and the love lorn.

Now, I look over there
at that clock right there

and it tells me two things.
- I think it's best to let

the hard working folks
in this establishment

keep their tips, right?

- You got nowhere else to go.

It's sad but it's
true, it's true.

Tradition dictates
that I give you

one more singular hour
if you share your most

personal, heart wrenching,
soul crushing story

of heartbreak and love lost.

Who's first?

- I can start.

- Right there.

- Here is my story.

My first boyfriend
broke up with me

because he said he was
joining the Coast Guard

for shipping off to Guam.

He picked a public space
so I wouldn't make a scene,

but of course, I made a scene.

Should I tell you?

He never joined the m*llitary.

- Hey, you tell them your story.

Tell them your story.

- Well, I've been
left at the altar.

Only once?

My heart was broken twice.

First time, beautiful
English woman,

living with her in England.

She loves Irish guys.

I go away for a
month, came back,

she'd run off with
another Irishman.

You want the other one?

- Not so fast,
Colton, not so fast.

Not so fast.


- Colton,
Colton, Colton, Colton.

- Now for all you
newbies out there,

this here is Colton Riggs.

And Colton's got
a story to tell.

- No.
- Yeah.

Yeah, floor is yours, Colton.

Floor is yours.

- In a restaurant
on Mulberry Street

in Little Italy, New York City.

Been married a little
over seven years.

But that was soon to be over.

Said she couldn't explain why.

Maybe I didn't want to hear.

Maybe I knew already.

She was diagnosed with lymphoma.

A rare congenital
heart condition.

Given a few months to live.

As we sat there with
tears in our eyes,

afraid to talk and

had that feeling I wanted
to say a million things

to someone that I loved,

but afraid to break the peace of

one of the last few
moments spent together.

Today would've been our
15 year anniversary, so.


I'm so lost.

Run so far for so long.

I don't even know which
side is up anymore.

Please show me.

Show me a sign, God.

Show me...



Can I help you?

You all right?


Come on, man.

- I see him, we got him.

He ran into the alley.

- Where did he go?
- I lost him.

- I thought you had him.

- He's
gotta be around here.

Everybody spread out.

- Luigi, Luigi.

It is Luigi, right?

You're a brave boy.

I had a friend like you once,

but he was also a
little bit bad boy,

so you know what I did?

I unfriended him.

Okay, let me make
this clear, hmm?

You seriously don't have it?

Okay, you can go.

Just kidding.


Now he's going to
say it's my fault.

He always says it's my fault.

Well, I guess it is my fault.

I'm sorry that had
to be your last meal.

Clean up this mess.

- Sir, it's that call
you've been waiting for.

- Thank you.

Wingrave, 3791ILS.

- Accepted.

- Okay, fill me in.

- Sir, we've ID'd
our big bad guy

and he's one of ours.

Ex-m*llitary brass,
family mafia connections.

His name is Claudio Fairbanks.

He's the main actor
behind the lab heist.

Retired early, segued
into black market weapons

and farm in Sicily.

- Our paths have
crossed once or twice.

- He's highly
connected, sir.

No way we're bringing him
down through the courts.

- Okay.

- Mr. Fairbanks.
- Yes.

So what happened to the
laboratory technician?

- The vial was placed on a
lab tech named Luigi Santini.

- Where is he now?

- He's dead, sir.

He was a slippery fellow.
- Oh!


- What?

- Do we know who
pulled the trigger?

- A rogue agent.

We suspect Plaza Decamilia.

- He didn't have it.

What was I supposed to
do if he didn't have it?

Clap, say bravo?

- Well, so where is it?

- So where's the
panacea now? The GN-13?

- We don't know, sir.

But he did have contacts
with the private sector.

- Who?

- Who's our target?

- A fisherman.

- A what?

- Bunch of regular guys.

And one who we've
ID'd as Colton Riggs.

- Who's that?

- A white man in his 40s.

A man named Colton Riggs.

- He's an expat American.

He runs some local
excursion business, I think.

- He hosts excursions.

- So Colton currently has
possession of the vial.

- Yeah, and he makes terrible
sandwiches, I'm telling you.


- That's all we know
from a distance.

Our molly's been informed.

Waiting on your order to go in.

- You know what?

You deal with them.

I mean, life's too short, man.

- All right, contact clientele
for sub-service intel.

You get me a
profile on this man.

- Okay, listen to me.

I want to know everything there
is to know about this guy.

- I want to know
all of his friends,

all of his affiliation.

- I want to know
where this guy's been

over the past five years.

I want to know who is mom is.

I want to know who his
mother's mother is.

- This is our top priority.

Everything else is sidelined.

- Every single rock
needs to be turned over.

Do you understand?

- Lastly, access it all.

You pull up the 1010 icon tapes.

- Already done, sir.

Landing in your
encrypted folder...


- Hello, Miss Lacroix.

I'm glad to see you've been
given this opportunity.

I trust you've
been treated well?

Okay, let's get into it.

You're now Josie.

You leave immediately
for a standard molly op.

- Who's the molly?

- His deceased wife.

Get in, get close
to this guy Riggs,

and find out what he knows.

Find out if he's our
target or a friendly fire.

- He carry
a torch for her?

- Well, naturally.

Now, intel claims
he's given up on life.

He's an ex-cop, seven
years terminated

on suspicion of
graft and bribery.

It's a sad story after
sad story kind of a guy.

- Was he dirty?

- No, no, but apparently
everyone else around him was.

He went bankrupt trying to
clear his name in court.

Lost his wife, his job,
house, his car, everything.

Well, after the bad press
and the death threats,

he just couldn't
take it anymore.

He ran off to Malta.

- Hi, I'm Joan...


Well hi there, my name is Josie.

Hi, my name is Josie. Hi
there, my name is Josie.

Well hi there, my name is Josie.

Hi, my name is Josie.

The panacea.

- If we don't get it first,

there's no telling what the
other side will do with it.

It could change the world.

This might be your
first field mission,

but you've trained your
whole career for this moment.

I have complete faith in you.

I have one recommendation.

Don't get close.

Your first mistake is
caring for these people.

Don't do it.

- Hey!

Great, thank you.
- There you go.

- Thank you.
- Thank you, have a good day.

- Good afternoon, Rev.

I come bearing gifts.

- Come here!

Even after six years, it still
brings a smile to my face

every time you visit.

- Well, fresh fish
from your favorite fisherman.

- Not only my favorite but
one of the best on the island,

from what I understand.

I remember when you could
barely tie a hook to a rod.

And look at you now.

One of the best.

You're a gift to
us all, my friend.


Look, I'm sorry.
- No, no, no, no, no.

No need to apologize, come here.

It's a joy just
to see your face.

Even if it is only
every six years or so.

So how are you?

How's everything?

How's the boat? How's the
business? How are you?

- That's a lot of
questions, Rev.

- It's been a long time.
- I'm good.

I'm just living the dream.

- Living the dream, huh?
- Yeah.

- Living the dream.
- Yeah.

- You sure?

All right, all right.

I'm not gonna harp, I
just want you to know

that you can't keep all that
stuff tied up inside forever.

Give me a hand here, will you?

I just want to let you know
that when you're ready to talk,

I'll be here.

And so will the
church on Sunday.

- We've been through this, Rev.

Sunday's my big day on the boat.

Footsteps of Paul and all.
- Yes.

See this?


Nature's way of
cleansing the toxins.

Plus making the food
taste a little better.

I got a lot on my mind too.

Yeah, as a trained
professional, I remember.

- It's been a long time.

- And we weren't sh**ting
clay pigeons back then either.

- Yeah, well.

We were hunting bad
guys until we couldn't

tell the difference
between us and them.

- Yep.

Just remember, Colton, you're
one of the chosen ones.

- Can't argue with a Reverend
with a shotgun in his hands.

- Ready?

- What a good little scout boy.

Your mom would be proud of you.

- I almost forgot.

There's a little something
special in that bag for you.

- Ah, thank you.

See you next week, huh?

- Sounds good.

- Sunday?

- Keep trying, Rev.

- Good morning, Reverend.

- Good morning.

How can I help you?

- I am looking for a miracle.

I heard this island
is known for those.

- Well, matter of fact, it is.

St. Paul.

Shipwrecked here
over 2000 years ago

and introduced the Christian
faith to the island.

I would say that's
quite a miracle.

Would you like to sit
down, we can talk about it?

- This guy?

Didn't he k*ll a
whole bunch of people?

- Well yes, actually, he did.

But that just shows us
how even a broken tool

can be of use to God.

- I remember there was
a snake in the story.

There was an awful lot of
snakes in that book of yours.

- How exactly may I help you?

- Apart from the mess...

It stinks in here.


Nice shotgun.

Very nice.

- Hey.

- Hi.

- You need any help?

Oh, is that knee okay?

- Oh yeah, don't
worry, just a scrape.

- Oh, it doesn't look good.

I mean, you look okay but your
bike, that's another story.

- Yeah, I ran over
something on the road

and damaged a wheel.

- Let me take a look.

- Oh no, no, I
think I can manage.

Thank you.

- Not on this tire.

Well, I can load it in
the back of the Defender.

Take you back to
the rental place.

- No, no, no, no.

Thank you though.

I'll call them actually,
the rental place.

- Probably
not gonna get any--

- No reception, great.
- Exactly.

Look, it's no trouble at all.

It's two miles up the road.

- Thank you, really.

But it's just,

I don't really know
you, to be honest.

- Yeah, well I
mean, to be honest,

I don't really know you either

and I don't normally
load strangers

in the back of my car, so.

- Well, that's good.

- Colton Riggs, I live
here on the island.

Nice to meet you.

- Josie Quinn.

Cincinnati, but you probably
guessed it by the accent.

- Ah.

- I'm kidding, I'm from Paris.

- Ah, oui.

- Bravo.

- Anyway, well now that
we know each other,

how about that ride?

- I don't know.

- Come on, I wouldn't
feel right leaving you

out here all alone
with all the...


- Okay, fine.

Thank you.

- Okay.

So how do you like the island?

- Oh, it's unbelievable.

Too beautiful.

- Yeah, never gets old.

- Yeah, and the people, the
culture, the architecture.

I'm in awe.

I just wish I had someone
to share it with and...


Sorry, that sounded so corny.

Like a pickup line, I
didn't mean it that way.

- I didn't take it that way.

- Oh good, good.

Anyways, it gives
me a chance to take

some great sh*ts of
the historical churches

for my kids back home.

- Oh, you have kids?

- Yep, 32 of them.

I'm a kindergarten teacher.

- Okay.
- Got you.

- I don't know, there's all
kinds of sites you should see.

- So much, I will
never have enough time.

Well, I can't thank
you enough, really.

It was fun.

- Yeah.

Enjoy the rest of
your time in Malta.

- Oh, I will.

Tomorrow I'm sightseeing.

- Okay.


Hey, if you're serious
about seeing the sights...

Maybe I can help.

I just run a little...

- Okay.

Thank you.

- You're welcome.

- Miss Quinn.

- Hi.

- Hi, madam.

I wasn't here when
you first checked in.

I wanted to know that you're
fully satisfied with your room,

and if you require anything,

please feel free and contact
me at the front desk.

- Thank you, I'm Josie Quinn.

- Pleasure, ma'am.

Victor Vella, at your service.

I heard your bike is broken.

I'll tend to it and send you
an update once it's fixed.

- Well, Mr. Vella, I must say,
you're quite the gentleman.

- Thank you.
- Well, thank you.

- Colton!

- Gian Carlo.
- How are you?

- Good.

- So how's business these days?

- Business is fine.

Why does everybody keep
asking me about my business?

- You're right, let's
not waste our time

talking about business.

Let's just enjoy this
beautiful island we're on.

- He's entered
carrying a bag of fish.

I'll continue to watch.

- I brought
you some fresh fish.

It's lampuki, you're
gonna like it.

- Great, I'll have
the kitchen fry it up.

- Nice, and I made
more of these flyers.

You mind putting them out?

- Sure, my pleasure.

Let's see.

You know, Colton,
this is the same flyer

that you've had for
the last three years.

Just one question.

Who's this a picture of?

- That's me.

What does it look like?

- Not you.

Doesn't look like you.

Here you go.

- Thanks.

- Everyone ready?

Let's move in.

Okay, I'm in, all clear.

- In and out, J-Dog.

You got about 45
minutes to get it done.

- Copy that.

Leave me in peace,
let me concentrate.

- Halston, keep me updated.
- Copy that.

I got eyes on him.

- Colton, you know
what would be great?

If you found someone special.

I have faith you will.

- Thanks.

- Okay.

- Okay, so do we know
a name for this guy?

- Believe he's Gian
Carlo, the owner.

- Did Colton hand him
anything other than fish?

- No.

- No?

Why don't you go
look in the bag?

- Copy that.

- So did you hear about the
kid that was k*lled last night?

- No, what happened?

- They found a young
man dead in the harbor.

- Really?

They know who it was?

- Said it was a guy in his 20s.

An immigrant from Sicily.

Just a working class kid.

- Just fish, boss.

- I gotta go.

- Okay, dessert's coming.

- Rain check.

- Everything's okay?

- It's great.

Thank you for dinner.

- Sure.

- He left the restaurant.

I'm on him.

- Copy that.

Okay Jareth, your highness.

So sorry to disturb you but
we've got a bone coming in.

You got about nine minutes
to get it done and get out.

- Yeah, I hear you.

I need some more time.

- Give it up,
J-Dog, get it moving.

- Hey guys, target
took a shortcut.

750 meters in and coming in hot.

- Just need a
few more seconds more.

- One minute, maybe 30 seconds.

Get outta there now.

- Hello, sailor.

Or do you prefer captain?

- Hi.

- I want to rent your boat.

- Now?

- Yes, now.


I need to see a map
with all the sights.

- Yeah, well it's not really
normal business hours.

A little late.

- Do I look normal to
you, Captain Colton?

Take a good look at
me, what do you think?

- He pulled it off.

- What do
you have in mind?

- Well, let's see
what you've got.

- J-Dog.

- There's the Mosta Dome.

Pretty amazing story, actually.

The b*mb went through
the cathedral roof

while everyone was praying.

It never went off.

They say that the...

You okay?

- I'm fine.

- All right, well you'd
maybe rather go snorkeling.

There's lots of ancient
sunken treasures

off the coast of Gozo.

- She's hilarious.
- She's insane.

- Do you have something at
night, after the snorkeling?

- Well, you're not gonna be
able to see much at night.

- I see just fine.

How about we do something like

a night swim in one of
your favorite spots,

where the water
is nice and warm?

- Okay.

- Then it's a date.

See you tomorrow.

- They're
getting weirder and weirder.

- Mr. Riggs.

- Yeah.

- You getting ready to sail?

- Kinda.

Although this isn't
really a sailboat.

How can I help you?

- I'm sorry, Agent
Stoll, State Department.

This is Agent Adler.

- Look, if this is
about the break-in--

- No sir, it's about the
accident that happened after.

- I don't know anything
about an accident.

- The one involving
Luigi Santini.

- The guy that came
over from Sicily?

I heard he was k*lled.

- You just said you didn't know
anything about the accident.

- Well, from what I hear,

unless his head
bumped into a b*llet,

it wasn't much of an accident.

- Mr. Santini was in trouble.

- What kind of trouble?

- So he mentioned it to you.

- He didn't.

Look, he broke into my boat.

He took a sandwich, he ran away.

That's pretty much
the end of it.

- You didn't chase him?

- Why would I?

He didn't take off with my boat.

As you can see, he
left it in the water.

- Mr. Santini was involved
in an extortion scheme.

We believe he passed
you sensitive materials,

possibly with your knowledge.

- He didn't.

- We have good reason to
believe that he passed you--

- If he passed me
materials, I'd have them.

I don't.

- We'd just like to
recover any materials

he may have given you.

- Otherwise, we may have to--
- Otherwise you may

have to what?

- We'd rather not.
- Colton?

- Hey.

- Everything okay?

- Yeah.
- Mr. Riggs.

We'll be in touch.

- You know where I am.

You're early.

- Oh, am I?

- Come on.

- Malta.

Known for its ancient sites and
its rich and diverse history

that spans from the
beginning of time.

- I'm sorry, it's
really boring, isn't it?

- No, no, no.

It's actually really cute.

And you have a great voice.

- Yeah, all right,
I'm gonna turn it off.

- Yes, and can I have
the real deal now?

- Sure.

Real deal, coming up.

- Just think.

St. Paul was right here.

It's surreal, we're
surrounded by history.

- Yeah.

- You must be so used
to the awe of it by now.

- Oh no, it's...


It's been a really
weird couple days.

- Does it have anything
to do with those

two agents I saw at the port?

- I don't know.

Maybe, just haven't
quite figured it out yet.

Look, I'm sorry,
you're on vacation.

You don't want to
hear any of this.

- No, it's fine.

I'm a good listener.

- I'm probably just
being paranoid.

I was a cop awhile back.

Comes with the territory.

- What was it like?

- Being a cop?

- Yeah.

- Put it this way.

I came to Malta to
get away from it all.

- Well, we have that in common.

So when do we start?

- Start what?

- Getting away from it all.

- Once he trusts
you, then we go in.

We find what we're looking for.

So let him forget about
life for a moment.

Believe the two of
you are in love.

Don't waste a moment,
get in, get out.

- And finally, this
is St. Paul's Island.

They say it's where
he was shipwrecked.

The sightseeing's that way.

Follow me.

- What? Where to?

- You'll see.

- You're crazy, Colton Riggs!

- Mr.
Riggs, we'd just like

to uncover any materials

he may have given you.
- He didn't give me--

- Otherwise,
we may have to--

- Otherwise
you may have to what?

- Your thoughts, Halston?

- He's
arrogant and threatening.

Stress points indicate worry.

- What, you think
he's hiding something?

- GN-13 was with Santini
when he met Riggs.

And it wasn't after.

- All right, so
where's Riggs now?

- Took a tourist sightseeing.

- I didn't hear you.

- Took a tourist sightseeing.

- A tourist. And
who's this tourist?

- It's a woman,
that's all we know.

We have eyes on him, boss.

- How about you
get my eyes on him?

Is that so difficult?

- Send the drone in.

- So Apostle Paul was on
this island for three months

after his boat was shipwrecked.

He healed a whole
bunch of people,

including the governor's father
from fever and dysentery.

- What have you got?

- Got the audio playback.

- Which is
a little strange,

when you think about it.

- And visuals.
- What do you mean?

- Well, a lot of people
don't talk about this but

Luke was also on this island.

- Wait, you mean St. Luke, Luke?

- Yeah.
- As in, Gospel of Luke?

- Yeah.

And as we know,
Luke was a doctor.

So it would've made
more sense for him

to heal the governor's
father but then--

- But then we'd probably not
be standing here right now.

- Exactly.

Will you have dinner
with me tonight?

- Yes.

- He was taking me out tonight.

That's rude.

I need some time to
process this rejection.

Who wants to go look
at the old statue

when you can have some real fun?

- I gotta call Halston.

- Let me take care of this.

- Let Fairbanks know that
Wingrave sent a molly.

- Who are you
really, Miss Josie?

'Cause no one is perfect,
little miss sunshine.

- Hey, this boat is so cute.

Can I take a look down there?

- Yeah, sure.

- Now remember, these
people are often very dangerous

even if they don't appear so.

You never reveal who you really
are unless you're exposed.

- I know it's not
super clean and everything.

I mean, I try to
pick up after myself.

- How long have
you been living here?

- Seven, eight years.

- Oh, wow.

Do you fish?

- Yeah.

- I bet it's not easy.

- Oh no, it's great.

You okay?

- I'm fine.

You got a lot of stuff.

- What are you doing in there?

- I'll be right up.

- Wingrave.

- Claudio.

Always a pleasure.

- Likewise, Wingrave.

- What can I help you with?

- Well, I know that
you're a seasoned traveler

and I wanted to run some
vacation plans by you.

- Oh, by all means.

- You know, I'm thinking
about doing Malta this summer

but Malta seems to be a
little crowded right now.

- Well, Malta was once
a well kept secret.

But word of its mystical
beauty has begun to spread.

You know, I have a niece
who's visiting the island

for a graduate thesis
on biblical history.

- Basically I want to
know if I should be

expecting any
unwelcome visitors.

- Now, I expect some
other students may arrive.

Chinese and Russians.

They all have exchange programs.

And they're very fascinated
by the history of Malta,

from what I hear.

- Listen, it's important that
I have the island to myself.

Do you understand?

- Well, there's enough
island for everyone

to sight see and enjoy,
wouldn't you say, Claudio?

- Yeah, well I'll make
it worth your while.

- My while has
considerable worth.

- I know that, goes
without saying.

- Oh good, I'll crunch the
numbers on your vacation plans

and I'll consult with
some other travel agents

and we'll see if we
can make this work.

And Claudio.

I'll be checking in on my niece.

I'm sure nothing
bad will happen.

I'm just a very concerned,
overprotective uncle.

- I don't trust him.

He was a stone cold
k*ller back in his day.

And now he just has other people
do his dirty work for him.

- Yeah.

- Mr. X, Chicago
cop, boat tour guy.

You are driving the coolest
Defender on this island.

- Wyatt?
- Yeah, boss?

- Are
we tracking Riggs?

- Oh yeah, it's just
about time for the big date.

- Stop joking around.

- I've
got him on drones.

The GPS system tracker
is closed, we got him.

- We have to
get rid of that molly

but we do it nice,
like we discussed.

- I'm on it, boss.

- Boom.

Sweet Miss Josie,
you've been hacked.

Plaza, he's all yours.

- Good evening, sir, how
may I be of assistance?

- Hello.

Could you let Josie
Quinn know that

Colton Riggs is here to see her?

- I'm sorry, Mr. Riggs, is it?

- Yes.

- Miss Quinn is
no longer a guest here.

- Oh, okay.

- I'm afraid she departed
just a little while ago.

- Oh.

Did she leave a message?
- I'm sorry, sir.

She did not.

- Okay.

Well, thank you.

- You're welcome.

- Too good
to be true, Colton.

Just too good to be true.

- Very sweet.

I love a true gentleman
who brings flowers

to a first date.

- Why am I not surprised
to see you here?

- Well, we did have
a date tonight.

And I wasn't going to leave you
hanging like the other lady.

- Seriously?

What do you want?

- I brought my bathing suit.

So where are you
taking me tonight?

- Stop the games.

- You don't want
any fun?

Fine, then work, work, work.

Where is it?

- Where is what?

- You know what I want.

It's actually my boss
who wants it, but anyway.

Why don't we just
stop the talk and...

- Okay.

It's in the bouquet.

I don't usually go this
far on a first date.

- Pretty please?

Now, stop wasting my time.

- I don't ever hit women.

But for you, I'll
make an exception.

- This is really boring.

So why don't you just
tell me what I want

and everybody will be happy.

- Look, I don't know who
you are or what you want.

But you don't have to die today.

Walk away.

- You know, can't you see?

I do it for the fun.

- Stop!

- Hey.

I thought you checked out.

- And went back
to your little desk job.

- Is that what you meant
by dangerous coyotes?

- Not really but kinda.

You look nice.

- Colton, stop, you don't
know what you're dealing with.

- Well, why don't
you clue me in,

miss kindergarten teacher
from Ohio or Paris

or wherever you're from?

- What a cute little
romance between you two.

She's not on your
side, by the way.

- Well, at least she
didn't try to k*ll me.

- Drop it.

Drop it.

- Fine.

What do I care?

Keep it.

- Watch out!

- Wyatt, what
happened? What was that?

- Let's
go, we gotta go.

- Plaza's down, sir.

She got hit by a car.

That was no accident,
what's going on?

- It had to be done.

She was out of control.

- Mr. Fairbanks, I'm
sorry, we lost them.

The GPS tracker's offline.

Must have been
damaged in the fight.

We're trying to
get it back, sir.

- Okay, all right.


- I'm not a schoolteacher.

- Oh, really.

- A few years ago, an
international coalition

funded a radical research group.

It was very undercover,
double blind.

Even the countries
that put up the money

didn't know what
they were paying for.

- Keep talking.

- Well, apparently it worked.

They created a serum, GN-13.


A medicine like no other.
- I get it.

What does this
have to do with me?

- As soon as word got out,

somebody bombed the lab,
k*lled the scientists,

and destroyed all
of the records.

- They wanted it
all for themselves.

- Exactly.

One lab tech managed
to escape the carnage.

Carrying what is believed to be

the last remaining
sample of the serum.

- Luigi Santini.

And they think he gave it to me.

- My mission was to see
if you knew where it is

and to get it before they do.

- Ah, you're certainly
not taking photos

for a bunch of kids.

- It's called a molly op.

That was my assignment.

- A what?

- To look like a woman you
once loved and to trick you.

But listen, suddenly
they told me to come home

and I didn't know what to do.

I felt something was off
but I needed to act fast.

I'm sorry.

I never meant to hurt
you and I really, truly

was looking forward to
getting to know you.

- How am I supposed
to trust you now?

- No, I don't know.

- Was anything about you real?

What about all the
religious stuff on the boat?

- I can work for the
intelligence community

and be a believer too, can't I?

- I don't know, you tell me.

What's your real name?

- You're safer if
you don't know.

- I don't know how
I could be any less safe.

Let me just review.

All right, I have been tracked,
chased, probably bugged.

People around me
are getting m*rder*d

and a crazy k*ller lady's
been set loose on me.

All because of some miracle drug

that keeps people
from getting the flu?

- No, you don't understand.

It's a cure all.

Everything, cancer, diabetes.

All of them, gone in an instant.

It's a miracle.

- I need to get as far
away from you as possible.

- No, Colton, we
need to stay together

and we need to find GN-13.

I believe you may
know where it is.

- I don't.

- Maybe not consciously,
but it's in your head

and I can help getting it out.

- Like how?

- No.

It's kind of, it's complicated.

- Look lady, this
is not my problem.

- Yes, it is.

Colton, they won't stop until
they get what they want.

- We'll see about that.

- No more games.

You're up.

Bring him to me. Alive.

- What are you doing?

They flagged your cards.

Might as well just call them
and tell them where we are.

- I'm aware of that.

It's time to change
the game a little bit.

Watch this.

Let's see how long this takes.

Game on.

- Got him, ATM, First
Republic Bank of Malta.

- Oh wow, that was
quicker than I thought.

Let's go.

- Hey, did you dress up for me?

- Yeah.

- I had a dress picked
out for tonight, you know.

- Oh yeah, what color?

- Green with a
little bit of blue--

- You know what, can we talk
about this a little later?

- So typical.

- We're gonna lose them.

- They
ran into the alley.

- Come on, seriously?

Hold on, give me one second.

I'm doing my thing here.

And they're coming
out on the other side.


- Where? They're gone.

- Hold on, I'm looking.
- Done, stand by.

The GPS tracker is
coming back online.

Batteries are good.

Should be good on your end.

- Okay, copy that.


Tracker's up, back in business.

- Gian
Carlo, we need to talk.

- Do I know you?

- Got him, they're at the
corner of Daran and Tura Street.

They're headed for the docks.

Do you see them?

You're right on them,
you're right there.

- No, I don't see them.

They're not here.

- It says they're
right there, look.

- Yeah, we lost them.

I'm gonna keep searching.

- Man, what's
up with this tracker?

- I don't know,
everything's in the green here.

- Yeah, well
maybe it's still broken.

- Ladies and gentlemen,
I'm a little bit confused.

I spend a lot of money on
equipment and special ops teams.

So why exactly
can't you bring in

a former Chicago cop?

- I thought we lost them.

How do they keep following us?

- They must have
something planted on us.

Tracker or something.

All right, first, we need
to take our clothes off.

And then we'll deal with that.

- You want me to
take my clothes off?

- Yes, you've got to
take your clothes off.

Not like that.

It's just...

Come on.

- They're moving west,
to the Shopping District.

- When do
you think they put

a tracker in our clothes?

- Got me.

They've probably been
following us for days.

Inside, grab something to wear.

Yeah, this'll work.

Can I look?

- Don't look.
- Sorry.

- They went into a gift
shop, they're still inside.

The signal has stopped
but they're not moving.

- Malta.

Known for its ancient sites and
its rich and diverse history

that spans from the
beginning of time.

- Wait, I hear something.

- For
example, Valletta.

They say really it's a city

built by a gentleman
or gentlemen.

You know of its existence
'cause the night of St. John,

who constructed...

- We lost them.

These guys are smarter
than they look.

- Got it.

- Think those are
the two from the van.

- I think so.

- Corinthia Hotel, how
may I be of assistance?

- Senor Vella? Yeah,
this is Josie Quinn.

- Ah, Miss Quinn.

So good to hear from
you, may I be of help?

- Yes, I could
really use your help.

But I have to warn you,
it might be dangerous.

Let's go.

Oh, this is fun.

This is bumpy.

- Can this guy not be so bumpy?


- Thank you.

- You're welcome.

Medical kit.

A very special bottle of wine
from my private collection.

- Thank you.

- So get some good
rest, my friends.

You're off the grid and
I'll make sure of it.

- Thank you.

- You're bleeding.

- You trust that guy?

- Well, I trust my gut

and I came back for
you, so there's that.

- So why are they so sure
that I have this thing?

- I may have a tiny something
to do with that, sorry.

- I gotta get back to my boat.

Gotta make a call.

- They'll be waiting for you.

- Yeah, well I know
that, they know that, so.

- I completely messed up.

- How's that?

- I'm not supposed to have
a crush on my assignment.

- Oh.


It happens.

What, are you a
spy or something?

- Not in the way
you're thinking.

But I do work for the
government in a capacity that

officially does not exist.

I worked on a desk
and I recently

got promoted to field work.

My superior seems to
think higher of me

than my real ability.

- When'd you get promoted?

- You're my first
field assignment,

if that's what you're asking.

- Sorry.

- I'm specialized in a
new intelligence arena.

I can tell when people
are being truthful.

We gather and decode
the human condition.

Mainly without interacting
with the subject.

Colton, just think.

What happened between
you and Luigi Santini?

- Come on, nothing,
nothing happened.

He came to my boat, he
broke in, he took off.

That's it.

Why'd you come back for me?

I mean, you said your
superiors told you to leave

and you disobeyed orders.

- I had a feeling about you.

- Gian Carlo.

You know who I am.

You look a little tense.

You know why I'm here.


You know what I could do to you?

You better hope that
your friend cooperates

and gives me what's mine.

- Hey!

Get your hands off of me.

- Riggs?
- Hey, Bro.

I need a favor.

Think it's time to get
the g*ng back together.

- What'd you get
yourself into this time?

- Oh, they sent in the big guy.

- You got your
nine millimeter?

- You looking for this?

- You gotta be kidding me.


Just a second.

- Hello.

Yeah, he's right here.

It's for you.

- Yeah?

- Mr. Riggs.

Finally, we meet.

I trust that you've
had the opportunity

to get to know my team.

- Who is this?

- Never mind who it is.

I'm being very serious now.

You have something I want.

- Yeah, I know where it is.

Panacea, right?

That's what this is about?

- I'm still listening.

- Give me seven hours
and I'll bring it to you.

- Keep talking.

- But if I see
anybody trailing me,

I throw it into the ocean.

- Da, da, da, da,
don't get into threats.

You're not that stupid.

- You'd be amazed at
how stupid I could be.

- Okay, this is over.

You have three hours
to get in touch with me

and bring me what I want.

It's non-negotiable.

Oh and by the way, I've got
your friend Gian Carlo too.

So let's not let anything
bad happen to him, got it?

Call me.

Honestly, how long you
been working on this?

- Can I have my
g*n back, please?

Little help here.

That went well.


It's just another day
in paradise, Colton.

Come on, pick up,
pick up, pick up.

- Hey, you're still alive?

- Looks that way.

Hey, meet me by the
church in 15 minutes.

And bring Josephine.


- What happened to you?

- You should see the other guy.

- Why did he let you go?

- Let me go?

How do you know I
didn't let him go?

I told him I know
where the panacea is.

- What, you do?

- No.

Hey, got a surprise for you.

Look up.

- What? How did you?

- Called a friend.

- Genius.

- Malta's our
island, not theirs.

- That kid you
found on your boat.

- Luigi?

- Yes, forget him for
a minute and think.

What were you doing before
you found him on your boat?

- I don't know, walking?

- Walking.

- I was walking.

- Colton, literally no one
on the planet can lie to me.

- Well, who'd want
to be married to you?

All right, I was
walking home from a bar.

- The night of you and your
late wife's anniversary.

- Yeah.

- Well, maybe you were
feeling a little down

and you had one or
two drinks too many.

- What's your point?
- My point is

you clearly weren't
f*ring on all pistons

when you came onto Luigi.

So maybe you missed
or forgot something.

What about the next day?

What did you do the next day?

- I met you.

- Right.

You were in your Defender.

Where were you coming from?

- I went to the church.

I brought Reverend
Yearwood some fish.

- How?

- What do you mean, how?

I put it in an insulated
bag and I brought...

I was walking home from a bar.

- So maybe you
missed or forgot something.

- I brought Reverend
Yearwood some fish.

I put it in an insulated
bag and I brought...

- Yearwood.

- Rev.

- I was wondering
when you would return.

Is there something
you'd like to tell me?

When you said you left
me something special,

I didn't assume you meant this.

- I'm sorry, Rev.

I've never seen that before.

- The cure all serum.

- Yeah, to be clear,
I didn't ask for any of this.

What am I supposed to do here?

- Everyone has their purpose.

My friend, I think
this one's on you.

- Come on.

I'm just a guy that was in

the wrong place
at the wrong time.

Last time I tried to
do something good,

I fought the system
and I lost, big time.

Everything that mattered
to me was taken away.

I'm nobody special.

I just want to go
back to my boat.

- Everybody is somebody.

You are special, Colton.

- So what, I'm supposed to be
the guardian of this thing?

Until mankind is ready for it?

- I don't know.

But I do know I only had
this thing for 10 minutes

and the devil herself
showed up looking for it.

And believe me, she was scary.

But everything has its purpose.

- Gian
Carlo, where are you?

- Hey, Colton.

Sorry to bother you but

there's someone here that
wants to talk to you.

- I want my panacea.

I am not messing around.

- Gian
Carlo, are you okay?

- No, he's not okay.

He's never gonna be okay.
- I'm okay.

Colton, I'm okay.
- No, you're not.

Your three hours are up.

I want you to meet me
at Fort St. Elmo rooftop

in one hour or your
friend is shark bait.

- Hey, call's been made.

Friends are already in place.

And hey, did you like that sh*t?

- You still got it, my friend.

Thank you.

- I'll call back soon.

- Checkmate.

- Meet Pepe at the corner
of Old Republican Theater.

He'll have supplies for you.

Okay, next up.

Corner of Mint and Madea.

Tech support's in the
van on the corner.

- Gonna grab something
to eat, want anything?

- The usual.

- Okay, come on.

- Hey, two pizzas.

- It's open, J-Dog.

- Hi.

- Your muscle should
be out of it for a bit.

Two down, two to go.

- All set, Colton.

- Thanks, guys.

Really appreciate it.

- Still no sign of that big guy.

Let's regroup, meet me
back at Love on the Rock.

- Hey.

- Espresso?

- Can we get those g*ns, please?

- See, that's just rude.

How about, thank you for
all that you've done so far,

or, hey, new friend,
meet old friend.

- Hi, I'm Josie.

- Hi Josie, I'm Bromley.

My friends call me Bro.

- Bro, nice to meet you.

- Do you see how nice that was?

It was civilized.

Old friends meet new friends.

- g*ns, please.

- It...

Isn't patience a virtue?

- Yep.

- Oh, thank you for answering.

Just the man I
wanted to speak to.

Where is everybody?

Have you heard from them?

- I regret
to inform you,

they all missed
their last check-in.

- You listen to me.

I need you to take
care of this for me.


Do you understand?

I pay you! A lot!

How do I need to say it?

Please, please take
care of this for me.

- I'll get it done.

- Okay, so here's Daphne,
Rita, Sophia, and Isabelle.

And of course, you
know Josephine.

It was actually my
sister's shotgun so,

you know, don't scratch it.

- Okay, this will work.

Where's the a*mo?

- What do you mean?

- Where's the a*mo?

- What are you talking about?

You said you wanted g*ns.

You didn't say
anything about a*mo.

- When you have g*ns,
you gotta have the a*mo.


- It's BYOB, bring
your own b*ll*ts.

You always bring
your own b*ll*ts.

- Oh man.

- Colton.

- You gotta be kidding me.

That's my g*n.

- Yep.

- Can I have it back?

- Sure.

Come and get it.

- This is why I need a b*llet.

- Use your fierce look.

- Round two.

- I took out the drone.

Tag in.

- You look nice.

- Focus, Colton.

- Where's my g*n?

- Halston's
phone, leave a message.

- You can't answer the phone?

Do I have to do
everything by myself?

I pay these people!

It's just inconceivable to me.


- Reverend, it's time.

I'll meet you there.

- I'm ready,
may God be with us.

- Let's go.

- Yeah, it's
the Reverend, he's here.

- Okay, here.

- All right, I'll
take out the guards.

- And I'll meet
you on the rooftop.

- I'm here on behalf
of Colton Riggs.

- You a messenger
from God, Preacher?

Why isn't Mr.
Riggs here himself?

- What have you
done to this man?

He has nothing to
do with anything.

- Him?

I don't care about him.

This man means nothing to me.


- He asked me to pass
on a message to you.

He said he apologizes
for your security team.

They'll be tied up for a bit.

- You don't know my security.

- He's gonna come and
you're gonna regret it.

- Didn't I tell you to shut up?

- Is this what you want?

- Okay, all right.

All right.

Hang on.

Take it easy.

Let me tell you who I am.

'Cause you don't know me.

I'm a guy who's worked
for a lot of bad men,

a lot of corrupt causes,

but I was a good soldier.

I served my country.

I did what I was told.

- Well, this is convenient.

- And now it's my turn.

That's my ticket out.

Hand it over.

- You do not get to judge
the moral conduct of mankind.

- You don't get to
judge me, Preacher.

I'm not an evil man.

I'm just a guy that was trained

to complete his missions.

And now, GN-13 is my mission.

- What you have done here

will never be forgotten.

- Okay, okay.

All right, that was good.

You expect me to believe
that that's the real GN-13?

Come on, you think
I'd be that stupid?

Where's Colton Riggs?

- Game over, Fairbanks.

Gian Carlo.

You okay?

- I've been better.

- What game is that
that's over, Riggs?

No, you don't win this game.

I'm the guy that wins.

You are just a loser that
came to this beautiful place

to waste his life.

- Oh.

People have been saying
that about me for 10 years.

And maybe it's true.

But today...

You lose.

- Ooh.

Have you looked around?

Look at this place.

You think I would
give it up that easy?

This is my world.

And GN-13?

It's bigger than you.

Bigger than all of you.

So do me a favor.

Put your g*ns down.

Come on.

There you go, thank you.

Put them down nicely.

There you go.

That's it.

That's it.

Now we can talk.

- Hey, is this a
party without me? Huh?

- Plaza, I thought
you were dead.

- Well, it occurred to me that
you were losing your touch.

I was taking orders
from a legend

who was just not
good enough anymore.

So the organization
now needs someone maybe

with more style,
more bravado, huh?

- I don't
have to listen to this.

- You thought I was
just going to let you

bark orders at me.

That I wouldn't
make my own plan?

You hit me with a car!

- I did not.

That was him.

- Right.

- You've become unpredictable.

You're not gonna
get away with this.

You're gonna be hunted down.

- By who?

This one?

- Well hello, Mr. Fairbanks.

Life is full of
surprises, isn't it?

The reality of
things is you just

never know who to
trust, and well,

you had a blind spot.

Today you clearly
let your guard down.

- No one kills Plaza.

- Plaza.

We're gonna go.

We didn't come to
k*ll anyone today.

- Then why did you come here?

- That's a good question.

We'll let you guys sort it out.

You guys want to go home?

- Hey, she tried to k*ll you.

- Yeah, well, it happens.

- Fairbanks, I made a
deal with your protege.

She will now run your operation
and I'll help her fund it.

Oh and by the way.

My friends in China and Russia
wanted to send their regards.


- You're just too boring.

Too boring.

- All right, all right,
all right, all right.

It's not my day.

- Let me and Colton go too.

- Listen lady, you
can keep the guy.

I was not even into him anyway.

- Hey, really?

- Yeah, really, just go.

Wait a minute.

Where's the serum?

- No one listens to me.

I don't have it.

- I probably destroyed it
when I sh*t the poor lab guy.

- Maybe.

- I don't
think it's over.

There's always another
organization, another Fairbanks.

- Well, good thing
I have you guys.

- You do realize, Colton,

that you've just been tested.

So the burden remains on you.

- That's where that was.

Now what?

- You should be asking where to.

- Want to head north?

- How far north?

- I just remembered I
didn't renew my passport.

- Well, good thing I did.

How does the name
Ken Marshall sound?

- Who is that?

- It's you, my love.

- Do I even want to
know your real name?

- I have a few.

But my real name is
Marionne Lacroix.

- Enchanting.

- We have the signal.

The former molly
agent and lover boy

are leaving the
port headed north.

What do you want to do?

- Stay on them 24/7.

Such a disappointment,
Miss Lacroix.

May have fooled Plaza, but you
didn't fool me, so you run.

You enjoy your
vacation while you can

because there is no
sanctuary, no safe harbor.

That serum is mine.
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