Man in the Iron Mask, The (1939)

The older Classic's that just won't die. Everything from before 1960's.
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The older Classic's that just won't die. Everything from before 1960's.
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Man in the Iron Mask, The (1939)

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- Your lozenge, Lord Cardinal.
- Thank you, Fouquet.

You're always so thoughtful.

This may be a great day for France.

Hmm... might I suggest that
if His Majesty has a son...

that this son might need... a tutor?

I have noticed that you also
think far ahead.

My only thought is to serve
to the limit of my poor ability.

His Majesty, the King!

Well, how much longer
do we have to wait?

- Is there no news yet?
- Not yet, Your Majesty.

A matter of this kind demands
patience. Even from a king.

For a cardinal, you're not very
consoling in a crisis.

D'Artagnan... do you remember that
morning we were getting ready...

- to fight the Austrian Army?
- Yes, Sire. Very well.

I felt a lot braver that morning.

If your Majesty pleases...

it's a boy!
A beautiful boy!


It has pleased the Almighty God,
King of Heaven...

to bless the union of His Majesty
King Louis XIII of France...

and our dearly beloved Queen...

by giving to them and to you a son.

This is the heir
to the throne of France.

- Send for the King at once!
- The King? Impossible.


Colbert then. Yes, that's it... Colbert.
He'll know what to do.

Colbert! Where is
Mr. Colbert, please?

On the balcony with His Majesty.

Well? What is it?

Her Majesty has given birth
to a second child.

- Second child?
- Yes.

A son. Atwin.

Another son...

Shall I take this other son
to the King?


Who knows of this?

Only the midwife and myself.

No one else must know.

- Must you take him too?
- Your Majesty knows better than I...

that your sons belong to France.

- Follow me.
- Yes, but Her Majesty...

- I will answer for Her Majesty.
- Yes, my Lord.

Well, the messenger said
it was urgent. What is it?

It is my duty to present to
Your Majesty your second son.

Fate has given France twin dauphins.

Two sons.

Two heirs to the throne of France.

Your Majesty knows there can be only
one Dauphin of France.

To any other man in this kingdom
twin sons would be a blessing.

Only to me, a king,
could they be a curse.

Worse than a curse, Sire.

Two sons would mean civil w*r.

Self-seeking men
pitting brother against brother.

The future of France
depends on this moment.

On your being strong enough to think
as a king, rather than as a father.

Of your sons, only one can rule.


I cannot order a death warrant
for my own son.

That isn't necessary, Sire.

Send him away.
No one need know.

- Even he must never know.
- With whom?

Is there a man in all the world with
whom such a secret would be safe?

Yes, Sire. One man.

- D'Artagnan.
- D'Artagnan?

Must I lose my son
and my best friend as well?

D'Artagnan is my right arm.

He is also my friend, Sire.

But you must give him the child.

Send him home to Gascony.

Settle an income on him.

Permit him to raise the boy
as his own.

Then France will be safe.

My son.

How many times have we fought
shoulder to shoulder for France?

How many times has the life of the King
of France been safe in your hands?

My friend D'Artagnan...

will you do this for me?

I am a soldier, Sire.

See that he has horses, everything.

All will be done, Sire.

I will miss you, my friend.

Go now. Quickly.

In days to come, Sire...

...he may ask his father's name.

Tell him his father was a man
who gave everything for France.

And was your very good friend.

Name him Philippe, after me.

The doctor and the midwife?

It's a pity there's no
D'Artagnan for them.

Would you like to double
the wager, Fouquet?

But the rope always breaks
the fourth time.

- Your Majesty is unusually lucky.
- I am a most unusual person.

It didn't break.

It always breaks the fourth time.

Are you sure you didn't tamper
with that rope, Fouquet?

Your Majesty...

I regret intruding
upon Your Majesty's amusement.

I'll double the wager
on the next one, Fouquet.

Mr. Colbert here took it upon himself
to countermand the other executions.

For what reason?

I have the honor
to inform Your Majesty...

that Her Royal Highness Princess Maria
Theresa entered Paris this morning.

Surely the arrival of your fiancée
should not be attended by...

- hangings.
- Don't they hang people in Spain?

Or does everyone pay his taxes?

Well, she'll get used to it.

Particularly if the tax on salt
is not rescinded.

But Fouquet told me I could raise
millions with... a little pinch of salt.

Such a beautiful tax. 50 sure.
No one can live without salt.

History shows that the people
have a way of going on living...

no matter what.

Speaking of the salt tax,
er... reminds me.

I'm afraid I have to adopt
drastic measures in Gascony.

The inhabitants of the town
of Tanas...

made some ridiculous claim to
exemption from all taxes and they...

- resisted Your Majesty's tax collector.
- Resisted?!

More than resisted. They put Your
Majesty's representatives to flat.

They were led by a man
named D'Artagnan.

Must we always be annoyed
by these rebels?

“Mow the man, Sire.

He was Captain of your father's
musketeers and he spoke the truth.

For services to the Crown, your
father gave him the village of Tanas...

free of taxes.

Such a reward probably grew out
of some special service?

Collect the taxes in Gascony
and arrest the rebels.

I've anticipated both of
Your Majesty's commands.

Clever, Fouquet.

I seem to have an engagement
with Mlle. de la Valliere.

I find her so useful in relieving me
of such tiresome problems of state.


Quite interesting this Gascony
situation, don't you think?

I watched your career
with great interest, Fouquet.

I know you to be ambitious,
avaricious and dangerous.

But not until now did I know you
to be entirely without honor.

Without honor, I?

You knew very well
the identity of D'Artagnan.

- And of the men with him.
- Oh, yes, certainly.

- Including Philippe.
- And yet, to curry favor with the King...

you would betray a sacred trust.

A secret which has been
kept until now.

My dear Colbert, how can you
say such a thing?

You should know better than anyone
that a certain secret transformed me...

from a Cardinal's messenger
to a King's Minister.

Keeping secrets is my business.

And are your intentions
one of your secrets, too?

Not at all. I intend arresting
Philippe and D'Artagnan...

and hanging them as rebels.
It's a compliment...

to you, my friend.


You're a very clever man.

You have a most annoying habit
of always bringing about the things...

you wish to bring about. For instance
this marriage with Maria Theresa...

which does not suit me at all.

The union of France with Spain
and Austria is necessary...

to the security and future of France.

But I am not interested
in the future of France.

I am interested
in the future of Fouquet.

Who knows...

Some day you may have
certain plans for Philippe.

Well, that would be
most unfortunate for me, but...

Don't worry.
I intend keeping this secret.

When I hang Philippe...

no one will know that he's
the twin brother of the King.

Before you hang him,
the world will know who he is.






He means you too.

According to the tradition
governing these occasions...

I wish to express my pleasure at
the honor of having you help me arrive...

- at the ripe old age of twenty two.
- Hear, hear!

For France!

My father, who d*ed for it too!

My four godfathers, who reared me
so carefully in the best tradition...

of the King's Musketeers.


I claim the next toast.

To our very accomplished godson.

The best blade in France!

Next to me, of course.

And the most brilliant pupil...

in languages and the sciences
that I have ever tutored.

And whose skill at wrestling is
excelled by one other man and I...

...I'm too modest to mention his name.

And who excels even me...

in the more romantic pastimes,

dice shaking.


- You're sure this is D'Artagnan's house?
- How could I mistake it?

I've been here before.

Do you realize that people
of our own town of Tanas...

are the only Frenchmen who
aren't starving and in rags?

Which is too good to last long.

Remember, we've already had one
encounter with the Royal Tax Collectors.

To which we put a period,
with a sword point.

I can't remember inviting
any other guests.

Captain D'Artagnan, formerly
of the King's Musketeers?

And Lord of Tanas by order
Louis XIII.

By order of His Majesty King Louis XIV,
I arrest you for high treason...

and as*ault on His Majesty's officers.

You mean, His Majesty's robbers?

I order you to surrender
in the name of the King!

Softly, my friend.

In Tartas I administer the high,
the middle and the low justice.

I make the arrests.

Is the King becoming frugal?
Only nine men?

- There's ninety more outside.
- Flatterer!

Seize them!

Come along. Get on.

This is my first trip to Paris
in twenty years!

And at the King's expense!

Your Majesty!

Her Royal Highness Maria Theresa...

Infanta of Spain,
Princess of Austria...

and His Excellency Count Mendosa...

Ambassador of the King of Spain.

Your Majesty...

I present His Excellency
the Spanish Ambassador.

Your Majesty.

We are pleased to receive you.

I have the honor to present
Her Royal Highness...

Maria Theresa.

My mother.

Monsieur Fouquet.

I trust Your Royal Highness
made a comfortable journey.

Monsieur Colbert, whom you sent
to welcome us, was most considerate.

Why did you permit me to think
I was sacrificing myself...

for the good of the state...

when I find her beautiful?

Do I make you nervous?


No, Your Majesty.

- It was the cannon.
- Oh, you'll get used to that.

They seem always to be
f*ring cannons in my honor.

You're very lovely, my dear.

Of course you're nervous.

I know just how you feel.

But you'll feel at home very quickly.

I'll try very hard.

Your Majesties, dinner is served.

We always have a family
gathering on my birthday.

Just a few special guests.

Oh, Mademoiselle...

Forgive me, Your Royal Highness...

may I present
Mlle. de la Valliere?

You might congratulate me.

It's not only my birthday,
but I'm engaged to be married.

Congratulations, Your Majesty.

I hope your royal highness
will be very happy.

- A penny for your thoughts.
- They're not worth a great deal.

I was just remembering.
Your Majesty mentioned...

a family dinner.

Mlle. de la Valliere?

Oh, I always think of her
as one of the family.

I hope you enjoyed your journey
through France.

It was slightly confusing,
Your Majesty.

I find it very difficult to associate
the poverty of the provinces...

with the splendor of the palace.

The people of France
are notorious misers.

But I am not a miser.

I have been taught to believe
that when the people wear rags...

and the king and his court wear velvet,
the result is always disastrous.

May I ask why you're so interested
in the people of France?

Perhaps it's because I've agreed
to become the Queen of France.

My father considers himself
a servant of the state.

It's different with me.

In, France I am the state.

A gentle protest against
the salt tax, no doubt.

That's for His Majesty's birthday.

Tomorrow he dies.

Get away from these gates! Everyone
of you, away from these gates!

- Arrest him!
- I didn't do it! I didn't do it!

- Who did?
- I don't know! I don't know!

Take him to the Bastille,
we'll find out.

So, they don't like the salt tax.

Double it!

Revive him.


No! No!

I can't stand it!
I'll tell! I'll tell!

You see? The glove always works.

Usually on the first or second finger.

I remember a very stubborn fellow.
He withstood four fingers.

Until we came to his thumb.

I almost pardoned him.


when His Majesty
goes to the Cathedral...

to light a candle,
he will be assassinated.

By whom?

I don't know, Sire.

I only overheard them talking,
just before I was arrested.

I was not one of them.

When and where?

I don't know, Sire, I don't know.

I don't know!

He may be telling the truth, Sire.

He is telling the truth.

Once they start talking,
they tell everything they know.

It would be well if my Lord High
Constable would tell me...

- a few things about this assassination.
- I'm doing everything I can, Sire.

It's not enough!

How thoughtful of them.

They've sent my carriage early to be sure
I'm not late to keep my rendezvous...

- with the assassins.
- But, Your Majesty, it's madness.

- You can't expose yourself like this.
- My dear Lord Constable...

you said the same thing at least fifty times.
But it doesn't change the situation.

Today is my late lamented father's
name day. Tradition demands...

that I light a candle to his memory
in the Cathedral.

The King fears tradition
more than assassination.

I could escape assassination,
but no chance to escape tradition.

- It's a misfortune of being King.
- Your Majesty, give me more time.

If only to discover when and where
they intend to strike.

A thousand men are trying to discover
that small point since last night.

And it's still a secret.

In exactly an hour and 20 minutes
it will no longer be a secret.

- No one knows of this?
- No, Sire.

Just you and I and the assassins.

I'm happy to report. The Gascony
business is finished, Your Majesty.

- I have the rebels below.
- Gascony? Rebels?

Why, yes, Your Majesty. D'Artagnan and
the men who assaulted your officers.

Why are you annoying me
with prisoners from Gascony?

Haven't you learned yet
what do to with rebels?

It shall be done the moment I have
Your Majesty's signature...

to the order of execution.

- See that my carriage is ready.
- Yes, Sire.

Er... Your Majesty is hanging
a most interesting prisoner.


Fouquet neglected
to tell Your Majesty...

that on the way from Gascony
he was cheered repeatedly...

by villagers. And just now,
in the court yard below...

- your own officers saluted him.
- What for?

Probably because of the striking
resemblance the prisoner bears...

to Your Majesty.

Didn't Fouquet mention that fact?

I fail to detect any resemblance.

You mean... they cheered because
they thought the prisoner was I?

- Yes, Sire.
- Hmm...


And very unusual.

- Does he really resemble me?
- It's astonishing.

Except for mustache,
he might be your double.


- I think I'd like to see this fellow.
- But, Your Majesty, it's absurd.

I feel in the mood for absurdities.

- Bring him to me.
- But...

Bring him, I said.

Why not bring them all?

They breed a more dashing type
of rebel in Gascony.

Your Majesty might find
them interesting, too.

Bring them all.

Line up there.

Your eyes did not
deceive you, Colbert.

He does look like me.

Except, of course,
for the silly mustache.

- I can hardly believe it.
- I also have a slight scar...

a souvenir from one of
Your Majesty's tax collectors.

So you're the Gascon rebel who objects
to paying taxes and goes about

cutting down my men.

Your Majesty could have taught
your men better manners.

Has a sense of humor, too.

Yes. A very pointed sense
of humor, Your Majesty.

It took a troop of Your Majesty's
best men to curb it,

remove them to the Bastille.

All but this one.
I wish to talk to him.

What we do with them depends
on our conversation.

Very well, Your Majesty.

Take them away.

- All but this one.
- March!

Come here.

You know what happens to rebels?

- I usually hang them
- So I've heard.

I see that you're quite fond
of your friends.

Very fond, Sire.

You could be quite useful to me.

For instance, at the moment my carriage
is waiting to take me to the Cathedral...

to light a candle
in memory of my father.

It's very gracious of Your Majesty
to remember his father,

It would be most amusing if you perform
the ceremony impersonating me.

I'm willing to do anything
to save my friends, Sire.

Good! I was hoping you'd say that.

Suppose you begin by riding to
the Cathedral in my carriage?

Without the mustache, of course.

I left Gascony quite suddenly, so I'll
have to borrow Your Majesty's razor.

And his clothes.

But hurry.


His Majesty the King!

To the Cathedral.
Forward, march!

Here they come!
Here they come!

Here they come!

The King's on his way. His carriage
is just turning into the street.


Here they come!

Seize them!
Cut them down!



Go on. k*ll me like you've k*lled
the rest of France!

- Why should I wish to k*ll you?
- But, Your Majesty!

This is assassination!

They aren't enemies you're riding
down. They're the people of France.

Since when does the King of France
have cause to fear Frenchmen?

- What's your name, my friend?
- Jean Paul, Your Majesty.

- Why did you want to k*ll the King?
- Well, why do you want to k*ll us?

Your Majesty,
this man is no assassin.

Last night his baby d*ed of hunger.

And this man is no m*rder*r,
Your Majesty.

The day before yesterday
his wife d*ed.

No medicine, no doctor.

All these people have
suffered, Your Majesty.

But what does Your Majesty know
about suffering?

You live in a palace.

I want you to believe I'll do
everything I can to change all that.

Oh, Sire, if we could only
believe that.

The King of France has made
many mistakes.

The greatest in losing common
touch with his people.

I pray that the King may be forgiven
his mistake.

God bless Your Majesty.

Vive le Rol!

Vive le Rol!

Forgive my intrusion.

I insisted I be allowed to enter.

I just heard how you
proved yourself like true King.

Strangely enough, I've never
felt more like a king.

I came the moment I knew
you were in danger.


Is it not my duty as Queen of France...

to be at the side of the King
in time of danger?

The King would be
an ungrateful wretch...

if he failed to appreciate
such a sense of duty...

but the most unfortunate man if it was
only duty that brought you to his side.

The King has shown very little
pleasure at the prospect of my company.

In this moment I pray that the King be
forgiven his mistakes.

Moo wish to fight 3 Gimme.

Not in commemoration.

But in thanksgiving.

They look beautiful.

Side by side.

Let us pray.

I'm sure you understand why it's better
for you to live at Fontainebleau.

The Spanish Ambassador is
becoming just a little difficult.

You're quite sure it's not
the Spanish Princess?

I'm rather disappointed
in the Spaniards.

I've heard that they're
a very hot blooded race.

- Not if Maria Theresa is an example.
- Yes, I have noticed.

Perhaps she requires
special encouragement.

I became King on my fifth birthday.

By my sixth, I'd learned
not to offer encouragement.

Sooner or later everyone comes to me.

A pity you did not also learn how
to be in two places at one time.

I may surprise you.

Remember, I am a most unusual person.


- His Majesty?
- I regret to inform Your Royal Highness...

that His Majesty is engaged.

- Oh, but if you tell him who it is?
- I am sorry.

But when I left His Majesty half an hour
ago on our return from the Cathedral...

he seemed most anxious
to continue our conversation.

I know.

I know. Kings have
such short memories.

But I am sure it would not disturb
him to know that I...

Your Royal Highness...

I have learned through long experience
never to disturb His Majesty...

for anyone... when he is with
Mlle. de la Valliere.

Thank you.

His Majesty need have no fear
of my disturbing him again!

Deliver this in person to my father
the King. Guard it with your life.

- Yes, Your Royal Highness.
- Go now.

If it pleases Your Excellency.

Yes, yes, yes, yes?
Well, what happened?

The Princess was furious. She
stormed and immediately wrote...

a dispatch to her father.

Her father, eh?
What did she say?

I don't know. I couldn't
get close enough to see.

You should have done better, fool!

Now I have to find out
what she wrote!

Get out!

I've been searching
everywhere for you.

I suppose I should feel honored.

Did you not have an engagement
with me in the salon to hear music?

- Is it good form to keep the King waiting?
- I could hardly expect Your Majesty...

to remember a thing so unimportant as
an engagement with me to hear music!

It's very important.
At least to the musicians.

I don't find myself in the mood
for music. In the past few hours...

my appreciation of the beautiful
suffered a great deal.

I wouldn't say that.

That's the most beautiful dress
I've ever seen.

The moment I leave you, I completely
forget what you wore.

And who wore it.

I'd be able to remember nothing
but how beautiful you were.

Won't you sit down?


Your Majesty is not always
so preoccupied.

What are you thinking about?

I'm thinking that after all it may not be
necessary for you to go to Fontainebleau.

But the Spanish Ambassador...

There's one thing that the Spanish
Ambassador does not know.

That I am a very unusual person.

You know, I've just made
a great discovery.

Stars are very beautiful
in a proper setting.

Your Majesty has never given me
cause to suspect you have...

romantic inclinations.

Lately I've been made aware
that the King has been guilty...

of many sins of omission.

Why were you angry?

Because I should hate you.

And I can't.

At least there's still hope if you
must force yourself to hate me.


Perhaps because
I've been very lonely.

I'm a stranger in a strange land.

A very beautiful
and greatly loved stranger.

To be Queen I had to leave
everything I loved.

I had a hope that perhaps the King
might sometimes forget I was Queen...

and remember I'm also a woman.

You were afraid that the King would
forget you're a woman?

How could any man forget that?

I think twice the King did remember.

Once in the Cathedral.

And now.

When kings were created...

they were not given godlike qualities
to save them from mistakes.

Haven't you ever found yourself
sorry for a king?


I'm beginning to realize that princesses
also make mistakes.

One can forget any mistake
a princess might make.

Not when it's in writing.

Your Majesty...

I find myself in possession of a most
confidential and urgent message...

from Her Royal Highness
Maria Theresa to her father.

I... thought Your Majesty
might be interested.

- From Maria Theresa?
- Yes.

How do you find yourself
in possession of it?

The courier who carried it met with
a most unfortunate accident.

- Your usual type of accident I suppose?
- Oh, Sire, much better than usual.

- Did you read this?
- Er...

Well, no. That is...

Not officially.

So I am cruel, arrogant, a spendthrift,
a liar and a Turk!

Of course, you'll forgive her. She merely
does not understand Your Majesty.

Forgive her?

The Spanish Ambassador...

demands an audience
with Your Majesty.

You see what happens when you
encourage barbarians?

He demands!

Even among barbarians a king's
courier may travel in safety.

I protest with all vehemence
in the name of my King...

the cold m*rder of his messenger!

My dear Ambassador,
what are you saying?

I am saying that a courier carrying
a letter from Her Royal Highness...

Princess Maria Theresa to the King
of Spain was m*rder*d...

his body robbed and thrown
into a ditch.

Why was I not told of this?

It's ghastly... impossible!

You're sure Your Excellency
is not exaggerating?

His body lies at my house.

I trust you will accept my apology.

If my fiancee will rewrite her letter,
I will guarantee its delivery.

Was it an important letter?

It was a letter from a daughter
to her father.

Oh, yes...

Probably mentioning
her complete happiness here...

and the eagerness with which she looks
forward to becoming the Queen of France.

I hope she included
my warmest remembrances.

I've no doubt she did
speak of you, Sire.

Probably told her father that I was
cruel, arrogant...

a spendthrift.

But pardon me your indignation.

Please assure the King of Spain
that I will discover the perpetrator...

of this outrage
and will know how to reward him.

I will convey your assurances
to my sovereign.

I assured the Ambassador that I would
reward the perpetrator of the outrage.

Yes, I think it would suit
very well there.

Your Majesty...

Oh, I neglected to inform
Your Majesty...

that Her Royal Highness is engaged
in packing her trunks.

Her Royal Highness is saving us
the trouble for having it done for her.

But what of the Spanish alliance,
which means so much to Colbert?

I have decided to prefer
the English alliance.

After all, a navy is just as important
as an army.

It will be very difficult
to explain that to Colbert.

I've no intention of explaining it
to Colbert.

In fact I suddenly feel a need
to escape the matters of state.

Yes, definitely, I will go
to Fontainebleau.

Lovely place, Fontainebleau.

Hmm, lovely.

His Excellency Count Mendosa.

Well? I suppose he pleaded ignorance
of the entire affair.

It's a most delicate situation,
Your Royal Highness.

I cannot understand this man.

In one moment he holds my hand
and makes love to me...

almost making me believe him.
And in the next...

- he murders one of my servants!
- m*rder*r or not...

- ...he knows the contents of your letter.
- Good!

I am glad!
I hope every word...

Infuriates and humiliates him as much
as it did me when I wrote it.

- I hope you bring me liberty.
- More than liberty.

- I bring you opportunity.
- All I need is opportunity.


I knew your father, very well.

You knew my father?

What was he like?

It's the sorrow of my life
that I never knew him.

He was a great man.

No sacrifice for his country
was too difficult.

And you can follow in his footsteps.

An hour ago, in rage and disgust...

Her Royal Highness Princess
Maria Theresa left for Spain.

- You mean, she ran away from Louis?
- Yes.


But I am hereto ask you
to follow her and bring her back.

Bring her back to such a man?

Your father would have forgotten his
personal feelings...

and remembered only
his duty to France.

But it's insanity.
Only the King could bring her back.

I am offering you an opportunity
to be King! If only for one day.

France needs a good king.
You've only to stand

on the balcony before the people
for the betrothal ceremony.

Long enough to proclaim
the union between...

Spain and France.

King for one day.

In one minute the King could free
D'Artagnan and my friends.

I would only need to be king
for one day for my purpose.

And for mine.

Halt! Halt!

- sh**t, fool!
- sh**t?

- The King?!
- The King?

Why do we stop?

I took the liberty of stopping
your carriage.

Your Majesty descended
to highway robbery in person?

If I have, I'm merely
following your example.

After all, you're robbing me
of your presence.

Morbid you to enter my carriage!

There must be some mistake.

I thought I was the King of France
who gave the commands.

- You might at least have said goodbye.
- Goodbye!

I'm going to miss you.
France will not be the same.

Why are you going?

How dare you ask me such a question?

I dare because France and I
both love you.

Love? You don't know
the meaning of the word.

You never loved anyone but yourself.

What kind of man are you?
In one moment you speak of love...

while at the same time
you're murdering my courier.

I'll never again believe
anything you say or do!

Will you please believe that
I know nothing of your courier?

Believe you? When you quoted
from my letter to the Ambassador?

But I never saw your letter.
On my honor.

On your Royal Honor?

More than my Royal Honor.
On my sacred honor.

I do not believe you!

Well then perhaps it is just as well
that you are returning to Spain.

You're hardly fitted
to become the Queen of France.

You haven't learned that the problems
of the nation and its people...

are more important than the problems
of any individual.

I do not need lessons in duty
or conduct from you.

If this were the army, your retreat
would be called desertion.

Cowardice in the face of the enemy.

If I were your enemy.

If our problems were only as simple.

It would be so easy taking
you by the hand and running away.

Trouble with being King is that one can
never run away. Not even with you.

I didn't know Your Majesty
was a running away type...

with anyone.

Dear lady, believe me,
if we could escape our destiny...

by my forgetting that I was
ever King of France...

by taking you by the hand and
going across those fields...

we would descend from this coach
forever and I would be...

the happiest man in the world.

Far happier than I ever expect
to be as King.

I wish I could believe you.

Did you ever dream
with your eyes wide open?

I used to dream.

Long, long time ago.

I want you to dream of a balcony.

And under this balcony thousands faces
looking up at you with adoration...

and affection.

I want you to hear the voice of
a Cardinal saying to those people...

Heaven is pleased to join
Spain with France.

I want you to see me
beside you at that moment.

I must be dreaming.

I do believe you.

Heaven is pleased to join
Spain with France.

Do you, Maria Theresa, take this man
to be your betrothed?

I, Maria Theresa, take thee, Louis,
to be my betrothed.

And do you, Louis, take this woman,
to be your betrothed?

I... Louis, take thee, Maria Theresa,
to be my betrothed.

I find myself wishing that this were
the marriage ceremony...

instead of just a betrothal.

Then I could add,
to have and to hold.

Let me congratulate you,
my friend. But then...

you've always had a most annoying
habit of bringing about the things...

you wish to bring about.

Most amusing comedy, worthy of
so great a playwright.

As a fellow playwright, you understand
how narrow the line is dividing...

- comedy from tragedy.
- Quite right.

And I'm afraid His Majesty's executioner
will provide the tragedy...

when this charming little comedy
is finished.

His Majesty's executioner
could provide the tragedy...

before the comedy is finished.
Remember our secrets.

You and I know
the King's at Fontainebleau.

But the executioner doesn't.
One word from Philippe...

His Majesty left for Fontainebleau
an hour ago.

He'll arrive there before you do.
Say to him...

that the announcement of his betrothal
to Her Royal Highness Maria Theresa...

has cause great rejoicing
among the people. Ride fast!

His Majesty will be most anxious
to receive such news.

Pardon, Majesty, this is the cell.

They are desperate men, Majesty.

I'm quite used to dealing
with desperate men.

No, no, Sire, I insist.

I shall go first.

On your knees, dogs!
His Majesty the King!

So... these are the rebels.

We regret our ignorance
of Your Majesty's visit...

or we'd have received you
in greater honor.

I trust you gentlemen have
enjoyed our... hospitality?

Very much. We've received every
consideration we expected.

I'm glad to see you're entirely happy.

We'd be much happier if we had
news of Philippe.

I suggest that Your Majesty
treat him well.

Just in the event we escape hanging.

Your Majesty...

He means by that that we are
very fond of Philippe.

I don't understand how anyone
could be fond of such a fellow.

Hind him tiresome...

ill tempered and inclined to be a fool.

Your Majesty has never
had the pleasure of meeting him...

at the point of a sword.

Leave us.
They may have secrets.

Yes, Your Majesty.
Certainly, Your Majesty.

Don't you know me?

You recognize this?


There's no time for celebration.
This is the only way I could free you.

I've written a note of your release.

There are arms, horses,
everything outside.

Remember that little inn in Bordeaux?
Wait for me there. Get back!

These are innocent men.

Here's my order for their release.
See that it's carried out.

- Immediately.
- Yes, Your Majesty.

That is all.


Don't you understand?
You must go, quickly.

- Even now it may be too late.
- I was King for your object.

You wouldn't have me forget mine.

By now D'Artagnan, Aramis,
Porthos and Athos...

are riding southward on the four
best horses in France.

They're gone?

Wasn't very difficult. I merely
walked into the Bastille.

- The Bastille.
- A very dismal place.

- I was glad to get out of it myself.
- I should say so.

- But now you must go, quickly.
- No, not yet.

Before I abdicate...

I must say goodbye
to the one person who, I hope...

- will be sorry that my reign is over.
- Philippe, go while you can.

Everything's ready.
A horse, money, passport.

Thank you, my friend.

I appreciate everything
you've done for me.

I hope France will appreciate
everything you've done for her.


You do not act until
he's clear of the city.

But, Excellency, I do not understand.
Capture the King?

I don't require you to understand.

I understand.

Your Majesty...

Forgive me for calling so late.

But I felt I had to see you,
say good-night.

Tonight I stood with you on the balcony
and kissed you.

I want you to know I'll remember
how beautiful you were...

till the moment of my death.


You have such a frightened look.

If I am frightened, it's at the thought
of losing you.

Losing me?

Kings are strange men.

It's true they have short memories...

and are capable of dealing
deep wounds.

Never trust a king completely.

Not even Louis.

Hold that remembrance of me.

Good night.

Stand aside, Fouquet.
How dare you att*ck the King?

Your Majesty...

Who could dream of you stealing out of
the palace alone like a criminal? Why...

I mistook you for a common thief. You
might have been badly hurt, even k*lled!

Well, now that you know who I am,
stand aside.

I couldn't possibly permit
Your Majesty to take such risks.

It would be much better if Your Majesty
would return to the palace...


I'm beginning to understand why
you are so valuable to the King.

Hmm... very efficient.

Then, they've had 3 kn of practice.

I should have taken Fouquet's advice
and hanged you in the first place!

You are equally guilty!

Your Majesty could hardly expect
me to know that you were absent...

when you do not see fit to tell me.

Strange that such an impromptu
impersonation accomplished...

- all your desires.
- All, Sire?

Isn't it enough that you
compromised me with Spain?

Made me a laughing stock?

The only unfortunate think for you both
is that I am about to have the last laugh.

This time I'll wager that the rope
will not break!

I've always said Your Majesty is
unusually lucky.

I feel gratified that my end will at least
be a sporting proposition.

I lived my life the same way.

It's only by chance that I am
at the wrong end of the rope.

I regret having to ask you to procede
your friends whom you so cleverly...

set at liberty. But I'll see that they
follow you, quickly.

That is also a sporting proposition.

I'm glad the odds in their favor
are much greater than in mine.

Call the Guard of Honor.

We must escort the ex-King
to the scaffold with proper ceremony.

Yes, Your Majesty.
And, of course...

with rolling drums.

By all means with rolling drums.
We might also fire a cannon or two.

I appreciate the honor.

It grieves me to prevent
such a touching ceremony.

But the hanging of Philippe
is quite impossible.


My dear Colbert, not even
your hanging is impossible.

Mine? No, Sire.
But his, yes.

Not even a king may shed royal blood.

Royal blood?

I am saving Your Majesty
the embarrassment...

of hanging your twin brother!


Seems that you've outlived
your usefulness.

Not yet, Sire, I hope.

Do you expect me to believe
such an insane lie?

In the past you've been
more clever, Colbert!

But never more truthful, Sire.

As Your Majesty's friend
Fouquet will testify.

You see, we were both present
at your birth, and his.

I by a right.

Fouquet as usual.

Tell His Majesty, Fouquet...

how his father, King Louis XIII,
sent his twin son, Philippe...

to Gascony with D'Artagnan.
And how, quite by chance...

Louis became King.

I suppose you have
further convincing proof.

If Your Majesty is not convinced
that he stands face to face...

with his own likeness, I shall be glad
to present the final...

unimpeachable proof. With Your
Majesty's permission, of course.

I hope it's a pleasant surprise.

I promise Your Majesty
will not be disappointed.


My son.

My son!

I often dreamed of meeting
my mother in life.

I find equal happiness
in meeting her in death.

In death?

Does Your Majesty require
further proof?

It would have been better, Madam,
if you had stayed in your convent.

Why do you demand vengeance
on a boy who has committed no crime...

but to be born your twin?

Kings do not control these things.
Destiny controls them

If Philippe's resemblance to
Your Majesty offends you...

you could exile him...

to some place where the resemblance
will have no meaning.

There are times, Colbert,
as much as you annoy me...

when I suspect you of being a genius.

You're right.
I couldn't hang him.

Not because he's my brother.

But because it would be like
hanging myself.

Watching myself dangling
from the end of the rope.

And the resemblance.

Send him to a place where he
never will be seen again.

Of course...

I know how well
you love power, Fouquet.

But you'll never know complete power till
you've been obeyed in a place like this.

If only the King was obeyed here...

I have no aspirations toward
the throne, Your Majesty.

Which is most fortunate.

At the moment I'm engaged
in creating a kingdom...

for a man who might have
such aspirations.

Because I'm generous...

I'll provide him with all the trappings
of a king, even with a throne.

True... this kingdom may be
rather limited.

In fact, it is limited.

Limited to the walls
of the cell above here

A most amusing thought, Your Majesty.

Yes. Becomes positively hilarious
when you think that...

Colbert gave me the idea.

It's a masterpiece.

Of course, that was my idea.

I thought it would be too confusing.
Two kings, both of them so much alike.

So I decided that one of the kings
should wear a mask...

so as to avoid all confusion.

Quite ingenious.
Covers the whole head...

- and locks around the neck.
- Most ingenious.

I wonder how long it takes
to grow a beard, Fouquet?

Imagine not being able
to get that thing off your head...

and being strangled to death
by your own beard.

Of course...

there'll only be one key,
which I shall keep.

I think I'll wear it
on a golden chain...

here... next to my heart.

Get in there!

His Majesty's order of imprisonment.

For life.

"Guilty of high treason".

"Solitary confinement for life".

"Receive no visitors".

"To be treated
as any other prisoner..."

"except he must be spoken to
as a king!"


Spoken to as a king!

Good night, Your Majesty!

Good morning, Your Majesty.

I'm sure Your Majesty will be delighted
to know that the king of...

the Bastille is securely seated on his
throne. It's his anniversary, you know.

He began his reign a month ago today.

I trust His Majesty finds his
kingdom to his liking.

And his crown.

I've been thinking...

It may be necessary
to create another such...

kingdom for my
esteemed colleague Colbert.

If you pardon me...

I know Colbert.

He'll dedicate his life...

to the liberation of Philippe,
which, of course...

may be interpreted as a patriotic
gesture, particularly...

if he should convince himself that
Philippe has an equal claim...

to Your Majesty's crown.

A man dead of a broken neck
can't devote his life to anything.


Hang Colbert?
Oh, no. No, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty forgets...

Colbert is the friend of the people.
They admire his honesty.

One of the things about Colbert
that irks me most...

is that like Caesar's wife
he is above reproach.

Oh, I wouldn't say that,
Your Majesty.

- All men make mistakes.
- Not Colbert.

Well... I think he made a mistake...

when he signed... this receipt.

Receipt for 50 Francs?

Your Majesty, supposing a comma...

and three zeroes appeared after
the 50 making it 50,000 Francs?

Your Majesty would then ask
the impregnable Colbert just...

what he did with the other
49,950 Francs and...

he would have no answer.

It's quite possible, isn't it,
that the people wouldn't cheer...

quite so loudly for an embezzler...

and criminal.

Too had my friend has not room
for another medal.

Your Majesty is thinking of a reward
for my poor services.

Might I suggest?
Mme Fouquet...

would just love to be a Duchess.

You know how women are.

On the day that Colbert is hanged...

Mme Fouquet shall become a duchess.

Your Majesty...

What a pity.

Such a great patriot...

Watch your footing here, gentlemen.

The main Paris sewer
runs through here.


- How did you get here?
- I have not forgotten...

the underground passageways
even after 20 years.

Oh, but this is insane. There's
a price on your head, all of you.

- Good one, I hope.
- I always like to be remembered.

Isn't it enough that you are hunted,
lam about to be hunted...

Why must you come here of all places?

We had a rendezvous with Philippe
in Bordeaux which he did not keep.

Yes, I know.

Where is Philippe?

Philippe is in the Bastille.

An iron mask on his head, for life.

- What?!
- Yes.

The most fiendish invention of Louis.

Now you must go. Your only hope
to escape the rope or worse...

- is to go while you have a chance.
- Go?

Have you lost your courage?

Bravery is a great thing
when there's a fighting chance.

Bravery is only great
when there is no chance.

Look, my fiend. At any moment
the King's men might be here.

I am already branded a criminal. Now
I beg you to save your own lives.

Well Philippe didn't think
of saving his life.

Are you willing to surrender France into
the hands of a plunderer like Fouquet?

And a king who's half mad?

I remember when you held France
in your own hand.

That was Louis XIII.

This is the reign of Louis XIV.

Go back the way you came.

- I'll not open that door until you've gone.
- We are through with running. Here...

give me your coat.
I will open the door.

Open this door!

Yes, yes,
lam coming. I am coming.

Now control yourselves, gentlemen.
This is one fight we don't want.

Yes, yes, I am coming.

- Who is it?
- Open in the name of the King!

Oh, oh!
Yes my lord, yes my lord.

- Come in, my lord.
- Monsieur Colbert?

Oh, how unfortunate.

Only an hour ago he left
for the South of France.

For his health.

- I must make sure of that.
- Oh, yes, my lord.

Come in, my lord.

You see I'm quite alone.

The old fool's telling the truth.

South of France?
By what road?

Oh, I know nothing of roads, my lord.
lam only a servant. Pardon me...

Oh, I do remember his mentioning

The road to Marseilles!

- D'Artagnan, you're a beautiful liar.
- Thank you, my lord.

You see, we can deliver Philippe
just as easily.

But delivering him is not enough.
Remember the mask.

Well, what can be put on
can be taken off.

You're a bold man, my friend.

But in my gentle way, lam also hold.

The key...

Not only the key to Philippe's

but the liberation of all France!

So you see, the boy of the birthday
dinner and of Mlle de la Valliere...

is Louis.

The boy of the Cathedral
and of the balcony...

and who bought you back is Philippe.

Philippe is my father's name.
I've always loved it.

Where will I find the key?

The King wears it around his neck.

Thank you.

I'll do it.

- Good night, my dear.
- Good night.

Good night, Your Majesty.

Good night.

But I said, good night!


Her Royal Highness.

I might say this is a surprise.

But it isn't.

In fact, I've been expecting you.
For along time.

I've discovered that sooner or later
all thing come to a king who waits.

Perhaps you would not have waited
so long, Your Majesty...

had you not been more
pleasantly engaged.

The trouble with you, my dear...

is that you're inclined
to be a little too sensitive.

I'm beginning to understand...

how many things a queen
must overlook.


Sit down, my dear.
Sit down.

You know...

until tonight I...

I was very disappointed
in the Spaniards.

Because we're a jealous
and hot-blooded people?

Oh, no.

Quite the contrary.

We are also a most impulsive people.

Quick to hate.
Quick to love.

After I'm Queen...

I hope to change your mind...

about the Spaniards.

You can... quite easily.

Don't you find it a trifle
sultry in here?

I hadn't noticed, Your Majesty.

Thank you, Your Royal Highness.

Now the destiny of France
is in your hands.

- You remember the way to the Bastille?
- How could I forget?

I think you're the bravest girl
I've ever known.

It doesn't matter if you bring Philippe
back as King of France.

So long as you bring him back.

Depend on this...

Philippe returns or we stay.

Put out your torches.
From here we go in darkness.

Time for rounds.

Why go?
Nothing ever happens.

Keep quiet there!
I'll fix you!

Porthos... gag him.
Bind him.



Sit down.

Get this thing off my head.

- My brain's bursting.
- Yes, yes, I have the key.

How could your own brother
be such a monster?

Two o'clock.
Thirty-three is seeing ghosts again.


Turns, but it doesn't open.

It's a double lock.
The Chinese thing.

I... I don't remember.

- Open the door!
- Shut up!

Shut up in there!

Now will you shut up?!

The guard's just gone by.

We must get out
while there's still time.

All clear.

You've suffered enough.

You can be King, or you can be free,

It's for you to decide.

Take me where the Crown of France
is to be found.

Athos, guard that door.

Awaken him.

No, it's not a dream, brother.

Remember me? The Gascon rebel who
amused you until you discovered...

he was your brother?

You should remember this, too.

One of your more clever inventions.

No, it's not there.
It's here.

Go away.

You're dead, strangled.

How fast does your own
beard grow, brother?

I can do anything.
I'll recognize you.

I'll make you rich, all of you.

A million Francs in gold!

Two million!

When you turned the lock on this...

you locked out any mercy that
might have been in my heart.

You knew I was your brother,
your twin.

We were almost one body, one life.

You half, me half.

But you forced my half to live
in shadow and despair...

so that your half might live in
grandeur and glory.

There is one law in life, brother,
that not even a king can escape.

The law of retribution.

The pendulum of the clock of life
swings so far in one direction...

and very surely swings back.

The pendulum is swinging for you,

The time has come when your half
must live in the shadows.

Not for what you've done to me.

But for what you've done
to the people of France.

Not because I've suffered at your hands,
but because they have suffered more.

Not because you'd have m*rder*d me,
but because you have m*rder*d them!

Because you betrayed a sacred trust.

Because you've proven yourself unfit
to live in the light of day.

Fair exchange, brother.

My kingdom... for yours.

Put it on.


Now see how you like it!

Let me out!

Let me out!

A million Francs in gold!

Let me out!
I'm the King!

Let me out!

Let me out!

Let me out!
lam the King!

Let me out!
lam the King!

Yeah, who is it?
Come in!

Excellency! Excellency!

I've told you to keep those
dogs quiet!

But Excellency! Men came!
Gentlemen! With swords!

- They choked me!
- Gentlemen with swords!

Are you crazy? No one gets in here
unless I open the door!

- Are any prisoners missing?
- No, Excellency.

Why, you fools! You're drunk!
You think that lies can cover it?

You neglect your duty and permit those
dogs to wake me up again!

Well. I'll tend to them first,
and you later!

Get out of my way!

Let me out!

You hear? Gold!

I'll give you anything!
I command you to let me out!

I'm the King!

- Never have heard him scream before.
- No, Commandant.

Sooner or later they all go mad.

Open the door!

I have a better cure for madness
than any doctor.

Now then!

Well, you do believe me, don't you?
You've got to set me free!

I'll make you rich! The fools think
that they can do this to the King!


Be quick!
I tell you, I am the King!

I've come to let you out, have I?

I am the King!
You'll hang for this!

Yes, Your Majesty! But after this,
command in a whisper!

- But I am the King!
- Now maybe I can get some sleep.

Good night, Your Majesty!

Bu“ am the King.

Good Morning, Your Majesty. I trust
you enjoyed a good night's rest.

Oh, Fouquet, good morning.
Pardon me.

I... I informed Mme Fouquet that
Your Majesty has graciously promised...

- to make her a duchess.
- Duchess?

Why, yes. Er... Colbert.

Oh, yeah.

His spy system works very well.

It seems he was warned.
He escaped my men at the house.

But I'll have him before night.
Every road is closed.

Your Majesty, I am
very happy to report...

that the tax on salt is yielding
double the revenue we expected.

And I'm sure you'll also
be pleased with this...

But Your Majesty, this
rescinds the salt tax.

I know.

Have you ever tasted
fish without salt, Fouquet?

Fish without... why...

- That...
- It's no good.

- No.
- Terrible.

- Yes.
- Besides, the people object.

- They don't like me.
- Oh...

You can't eat fish without salt.

Any more than you can make cloth
without wool.

Or bread without flour.

So I've decided to remove
all those taxes.

But why, Your Majesty?

I had a dream, Fouquet.

Do you know where the bad kings go?

- Your Majesty, you cannot do this!
- I'm sure you're wrong.

You spent your whole life assuring me
that I could do anything.

For instance, I can even hang you.

Oh, Your Majesty...

Your Majesty is in a jesting
mood this morning.

Yes. Amusing, isn't it?

Very amusing.

Your Majesty...

Monsieur Fouquet...

I regret my absence of last night.

It would have given me great pleasure
to have received you when you called...

with your friends.

I am told Your Majesty is seeking me
in some haste.

Oh, yes.

I wanted you to proclaim these
decrees abolishing the taxes.

Your Majesty, this is one of
the great days of my life.

But... the receipt?


Oh, we found the money.
It was all a mistake.

If you'll excuse me...

Your Majesty, I feel
slightly indisposed.

Of course! You must be
very careful with your health.

Well I hope Mme Fouquet
will not be too unhappy.

Excuse me...

Ex... excuse me, please.

Hello there!

Hello there!

Fool can't hear me.

Guard! Guard!
Listen to me.

- I'll make you rich!
- Yes, I know!

You're the King of France.
A million Francs in gold!

Look, ask me for anything.
I'll give it to you.


You don't understand!
You've got to listen to me!

I can feel them growing!

They'll strangle me!
You've got to take it off!

What? Take off
Your Majesty's crown?

I should say not.

Why, you dog! I'll tell
the Commandant about this!

'Morning, Madame. Lovely day.

Hello there!

Hello there!

My son...

There is one thing we must do,
and quickly.

- You must marry Maria Theresa at once.
- Must?

Well that's the most pleasant thing
I've heard since leaving Gascony.

Once you have married Maria Theresa
and the people of Spain...

and our own country acknowledge her
as Queen of France...

there can be no question
as to who is King.

Her Royal Highness
Princess Maria Theresa.

Do you remember that day
in your carriage...

We watched the boy and girl
run off across the field.

- Philippe...
- I feel just the same as that fellow.

Colbert would like
to ask you a question.

No, I think I'll ask
this question myself.

Oh... oh, most certainly,
Your Majesty.

Will you be Queen of France?

Yes, Your Majesty.

Even if the title
is a little clouded?

Even if there were no title.

Even after I said to you,
never trust a king?

I can trust you.

Well, there's more to it than that.

A technical question which must be
settled before you can become Queen.

Do you love me?

I've always loved you, Philippe.

It may be His Majesty
who is getting married...

but you, Your Excellency, will be
the most handsome man at the ceremony.

Certainly the best dressed.

The carriage of the Princess has just
passed over the bridge...

- on the way to Fontainebleau.
- Really?

How fortunate
the bridge did not collapse.

Your own guard is waiting
with your carriage.

Your Excellency, this person,
a herdsman...

- insists upon speaking with you.
- A herdsman?

What am Ito do with a herdsman?
What's he want?

Er... 5,000 Francs.

For what?

For a tin plate. There's some
silly writing on it.

Silly? Writing?
What do you mean?

Yes, Your Excellency,
writing on a plate.

It says...

"Philippe of Gascony sits on
the Throne of France"...

when everyone knows
the King's name is Louis.

- Give me the plate.
- 5,000 Francs it says, Your Excellency.


"Philippe of Gascony...

"Throne of France..."

For the first time in my life
I was a fool.

- Send for the Captain of my guard!
- Yes, Your Excellency.

Take my carriage and my entire guard.
Go to the Bastille.

Take from his cell a prisoner
who wears an iron mask.

Deliver him to me at the church
at Fontainebleau.

- But Your Excellency, the Bastille?
- Are you afraid of hanging, my friend?

At this point it's necessary
for all of us to hang together...

- or we'll all hang separately.
- Yes, Your Excellency.

Faster, you fools!

- But it can k*ll the horses!
- k*ll them then!

Dearly beloved,
we are gathered here...

in the sight of God and of man...

and of Holy Mother Church...

to join this man and this woman
in the bonds of holy matrimony.

If there be any among you who know
why this should not be done...

let him speak now
or forever hold his peace.

I'll speak!

My Lord Cardinal, I warn you!

You perform this marriage
at your peril.

That man is not the King of France!

The man is mad! Seize him!

Stay where you are!

He may look like the King,
he may dress like the King.

He may even speak like the king,

he is not the King.

But do not fear, my Lord Cardinal.

His Majesty the King of France
will attend your ceremony.

In fact, he is on his way
at this moment.

And I have an engagement to meet him
on the Paris-Fontainebleau road.

Wait, I'll go with you.

- Where are you going?
- After a m*rder*r!

And to bar the Paris road.

I pledge my life that you're the only King
that'll come here by that road this day.

You forget, my friend,
that only a king can bar a road.

We will bar the road.

My Lord Cardinal,
my Lords and Ladies...

I beg your indulgence to deal
with an enemy of France.

Forgive me, my dear.

I find I was disposed
of another technicality...

before you can become
Queen of France.

Your Majesty...

lam most happy to be
the instrument of your liberation.

You?! Liberation?

You let them do this to me!

But Your Majesty, I...

Fouquet and his king.

We must fight at the top of the hill.
Their horses will be tired from the climb.

How far is it now to
Fontainebleau and the church?

- Two leagues, Your Majesty.
- Two leagues to revenge.

Nothing must happen
to my dear brother.

He belongs to me!

Now we fight on foot. Surprise them
when they come over the top of the hill.

You three on this side,
Philippe and I over here.

May the devil take the hindmost!

- Get the Captain first.
- Yes.


Why don't the fools go on?!

You're att*cked, Your Majesty.
Philippe delivers himself to us!

Come help me!
Stop the coach!

He is right!
The coach must be stopped!

I learned that little trick in Flanders.

Remind me to teach it to you
some time.

Are you hurt?

Always remember to lick your
wounds after the battle.

Faster, driver! Faster!

Let me out!

I find myself sorry for him.

But he's given me cause
to feel nothing but hate.

Your Majesty has other urgent
unfinished business.

You may proceed, my Lord Cardinal.

Who gives this woman unto this man.

I claim that privilege.

I join you in marriage
in the name of the Father...

- the Son and the Holy Ghost.
- Amen!

Congratulations, my son.

Now you are the greatest
swordsman in France.


Porthos, Athos and Aramis
will be waiting.

You wouldn't want me
to disappoint them.

God save the King!

He was a brave man.

France will always need brave men.

And brave women
to remind men of their duty.

God save France!
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