01x10 - I Figured It All Out

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Lovely Runner". Aired: April 8, 2024 – present.*
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Follows the journey of Im Sol, an ardent fan of idol Ryu Sun-jae. Sol, a once-promising film director whose dreams were shattered by an accident leaving her paralyzed, finds solace in the music of Sun-jae.
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01x10 - I Figured It All Out

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[Byeon Woo Seok]


[10 missed calls from CEO]

[Kim Hye Yoon]

[Lovely Runner]

[Gold Videos and DVDs]

[The Terminator 2]

You came like him?


I'm not saying I'm the Terminator.

I just gave an example
to explain time travel.

So you came from the future?


I pressed the button here.

And I came to 2008 just like that.

So are you saying this
is my watch from 2023?


Why did my watch suddenly
become a time machine?

I think it's the deity's
will that this time,

I save you, just like you
saved me in the past.

I gained the power after you d*ed.

How can I say that?

I know.

It's very interesting.

And why do you have my watch in the future?

I bought it through an
auction for 3,000 dollars.

- What? - What?

Why would I put an old
watch like this for auction...

and why would you pay as much
as 3,000 dollars? What did I become?

I said I was a fan.

A fan of what?

You were in a very
famous band called Eclipse.

That's why I know "Sonaki."

I can't tell you about that.

- Why not? - Because time stops.

Stop it then.

It stopped just now,
but you can't notice it...

while time stops.

So you control time as you want?

No, I can't do that.

All the things I'm saying are
ridiculous and unbelievable, right?


I knew it.

That's why I couldn't say it to anyone.

Okay. Let's say what you said is true.

What are you here to change this time?

You said you would make
sure to change it this time.

Change what?

I said I wouldn't change anything.

I must've said it wrong
because I was drunk.

You won't make a change?

My careless words and actions here...

might change my future or someone else's.

This is my last chance.

I can't come again when I go back.

That's why I was going
to stay quiet until I go back.

Is that why you ran away like
that whenever you saw me?

I said I was sorry...

for confusing and shaking
you for no reason before.

I'm not going to do that this time.

I don't want to confuse you.


Do you think I'll misunderstand
your feelings and ask you out?

If that's why, you don't have to
waste your energy on running away.

I'm going to take a leave of
absence and go to the US.

- What? - I want to try rehab again.

I'll leave so that you
don't feel uncomfortable.

And even if we bump into each
other, I'll pretend that I don't know you.

So don't make such a
ridiculous excuse like that.



Sun Jae is leaving?

[Episode 10]

[Spearhead PE]

She came from the future?

Hey, what are you thinking?

Have you guys watched "The Terminator?"

- I have. - Why?

Is time travel possible in real life?

It might be possible if science
advances tremendously in the future.

Don't you guys know
Einstein's theory of relativity?

Have you not heard about wormholes?

You know what people say
when talking about time travel.

What do they say?

If I know that, I'm Einstein.

Come on.

But why do you ask?

What would you do...

if someone you like says
she came from the future?

I should give up right away.

What kind of stupid refusal is that?

Is that a new refusal method
that is trending these days?

She should just say she doesn't
like you. Is she teasing you?

- Is that so? - But...

if someone I don't like says
she likes me, I'll refuse like that.

Hey, you'll be able to time travel
before someone says she likes you.


Anyway, you should give up.

He's leaving for rehab out of nowhere?

Did the past change again because of me?

Yes. It's actually better this way.

While Sun Jae is far away,

he will never bump into that man.




The vocalist?

Of course, he can.

Thank you.

What is it about?

- Well... - What's the matter?

I sent the video of our performance...

to "Superstar K."

We passed the primary screening.

They asked us to participate
in the regional preliminary.

Are you serious?

I should call Dong Seob too.


[Superstar K]

When I sent the video of our performance,

I also sent this just in case.

They said they would let
us pass the screening...

if Sun Jae becomes our
vocalist instead of Dong Seob.


Did he agree to become our vocalist?


We should persuade him now.

[Gold Videos and DVDs]

Your son is here.

Who is this?

A future superstar is here.

Take a seat. I just have
to get a bowl of rice.

I heard you've been
busy performing every day.

What brought you here?

I have something to say to Sun Jae.

You do?

What thing to say?

Let's talk later.


how did you know I would
come? You made galbi.

Did you close the restaurant
early to come home?

I closed it early to meet Coach An.

Oh, right. Sun Jae,

I heard you decided to go to the US.

- What? - The US?

Sol who lives next door told me.

You said you wanted to try rehab.

Yes. That's the right decision.

Father, the thing is...

Sol worried about you so much.

She said I should send you to the US...

for treatment as soon as possible.

I thought she was my
daughter-in-law or something.

She told you to send
me as soon as possible?

Yes. That's why I told Coach An...

to schedule the treatment
as soon as possible.

Hurry up and eat. Why aren't you...

The meat is burnt!

Why do you suddenly
want to get rehabilitation?

You studied so hard to go to university.

I know.

I don't know why I studied
so hard to go to university.

You haven't swum for more
than six months after the surgery.

If I'm going to get rehabilitation,
this is the right time.

Everyone wants to send me to the US.

I'll give it a try for the last time.

What if I say I can never let you go?

Do you love me?

Darn it. It's driving me crazy.

What's the matter?

You told me to take a leave of
absence and move on with my life.

Are you going because
of Sol, by any chance?

Because I told you to
keep her out of sight before?

Are you crazy?

Why do you let her control your life?

She doesn't control my
life. You're overreacting.

And why are you mad?

It isn't your life.

My life is also at stake.

Why is your life at stake?

You said you had
something to say. What is it?

I don't know. Darn it.

[Kangmok Police Station]

I called you because we should
confirm the victim's statement.

It must've been scary.

Thank you for plucking up your
courage and reporting to us...

before it's too late.

Last year,

you passed out in front of the
Juyang Reservoir police box...

on the day you were kidnapped, didn't you?

Yes. Thank you for taking
me to the hospital that day.

I see. I didn't expect that
you would lose your memory.

I should've looked into it more back then.

It's all right.

I heard the deserted house
where the crime happened...

had been burnt down.

Does it mean no evidence was found?

Well, no.

Fortunately, we found a bloodstain...

on the interior wall of the
house, untouched by the fire,

which matched the DNA of the
body found at Juyang Reservoir.

You did?

That's great.

He's a wanted m*rder
suspect. He'll be caught soon.

- Don't worry too much. - Okay.

By the way, you said you had
been dragged away in a taxi...

on the day of the incident,

but according to your statement,

he chased you down in a
truck when you were escaping...

from the crime scene.

Oh, yes.

I took the key to the cab when I ran away.

I see.

Is there something else you
remember about the truck?

Given his behavioural characteristics,

it's highly likely that he's
currently fleeing in a vehicle.

There was no information about the truck...

in the case record.

No. I was out of my mind that day.

I think there was a license plate,

but I don't remember well.

Can you pick the car the
most similar to the truck...

among these then?

The white one.

It was stained, but it was a white truck.

It's a relief that some evidence was found.

- Hey! - Oh, my goodness!

You said I shouldn't act
like I know you in school.

Do you have a one-dollar bill?

My gosh.

[Hyun Ju]

[Hyun Ju]

Why isn't he picking up my call?

What? Where did he go?

You were with Geum just now, weren't you?

Yes. He was with me just now.

So this is what he's going for.

Hey, it's Sun Jae.

Where did she go?

I guess Sun Jae takes this class too.

I haven't seen him before
because there are so many students.

Did he apply for the class because of you?

You're saying nonsense again.

Even though it's an elective,

why would a Physical Education
major take Understanding of Film Music?

He always liked both films and music.

Does he...

still like you?

- It's good to see you. - I guess not.

Who is she? His girlfriend?

She also stuck with him
during the field trip, right?

I squeezed out too much cream.

Let me rub some on you.

What are you doing?

I don't like my hands sticky.

You have very big hands.

Do you want to compare it with mine?

Do you have to compare them
to know which is big or small?

Hey, look at what she's doing.

I think she likes Sun Jae.

She's using the technique...

girls use to seduce guys.

That's cute.

That's cute?

Well, guys will find it extremely cute.

A silent film is a film...

without recorded sound,
especially dialogue.

People tried to synchronize
sound with the film...

from the beginning,

but all the films were
silent until the late 1920s...

due to technical limitations.

As popular culture was formed in the 1920s,

centered in Gyeongseong, silent films...


[3 alcohol accompaniments for 10 dollars!]

Gosh, you're young.

You drank so much during the field trip.

Can you drink again only after a few days?

We should keep drinking.

This is why we studied so
hard in high school, isn't it?


It's sweet.

By the way, how is...

Geum doing these days?

Is he still crying over his ex-girlfriend?

Ask him if you're curious.

I can ask him only when I can reach him.

I'm not that curious.

I just asked because it came to my mind.

Why did we have to come here?

You can take a seat here.

- Thank you. - Thank you.

Feel free to order anything you need.

- Okay. - Thank you.

- Cheers. - Cheers.


Sun Jae, can you please...

go to an audition with me
before you go to the US?

What audition?

Why would I go there?

Hey, where...


Why can't you find it?


I'll bring Cho Rong.

What should I do with this girl
with a terrible sense of direction?

See you later.


Hyun Ju. Are you sleeping?


Why does he...

keep ignoring my calls?

I might have to just barge into his house.

Let's go now. Okay?

Come out while I'm paying. All right?


My goodness.

Darn it.

- Hey. - Stand up.

- Stand up. - Hurry up.

- Happy birthday - Happy birthday

- Happy birthday - Happy birthday

- Happy birthday! - Happy birthday to you

- Tada. - I'm sorry.

What are you doing?

When did you switch seats?

It's too hot over there.

I feel hot.

Gosh, what do I do?

What do I do? Am I drunk?

My cheeks are red, aren't they?

You should go home if you're drunk.

I'm not that drunk.

What's wrong with her?

It's bitter.

Why do you drink when you're drunk?

By the way, why isn't he coming?

- Sun Jae. - Yes?

Are you really going to take a
leave of absence to go to the US?

I guess the rumour spread already.

Should I apply...

for the exchange student
program to follow you?

Why would you follow me?

You're not very perceptive.

I like you.

Sun Jae, would you like to go out with me?

Why? Do you not like me?

Do you hate me that much?

Are you doing this because
you don't even want to see me?

I turned right after
turning left. And then I...

Sorry. Did we interrupt you?

- Interrupt? Interrupt what? - Yes.

Let's sit somewhere else.

Yes. Let's sit somewhere else.

Aren't you hearing something?


Why is she wearing a trash can on her head?


She's drunk.

[Beer and Soju, Karaoke
Where You Can Drink]

Oh, my gosh.

Thank you for the trash can. I'm sorry.

Darn it.

[Beer and Soju, Karaoke
Where You Can Drink]



It was Sol, right?

I feel bad for her.

She must've seen you
guys kissing under the table.

- Kiss? - You didn't kiss?

What are you doing?


You have an eyelash on your face.

Turning left or right...

- Did it look like we were kissing?
- Yes. It was a perfect angle.

If you didn't, she totally
misunderstood you.

She might be heartbroken and cry.

Hey, why would she be heartbroken?

She's not even interested in me.

What? I thought she liked you.

I saw her running with tears...

after hearing that you
injured your shoulder last year.

It's a misunderstanding. You're
the only one who thinks so.

My instincts are right.

Why do you think she was
hiding under the table like that?

She must be so jealous right now.


You said I was your first love!

You dated another girl just fine.

You couldn't forget about your 1st
love for 10 years? That's nonsense.

That's possible!


still can't forget about Chae Won.

You just couldn't date anyone
because there was no one to see.

It's not that there's no one to see.

It's because I don't like
anyone other than Chae Won!

A man should have conservative lips.

You can't let some
random girl kiss you. Okay?

What do you mean I let her kiss me?

Hyun Ju kissed me out of
nowhere. What could I have done?

You can't just let it happen
when she kisses you.

"No. You can't do
this." Can't you say that?

You accepted it because you liked it.

Well, I didn't hate it.

It was like an unexpected gift.

Did you like the gift?

Did you like it?

Did you like it?

[Gold Videos and DVDs]

Right. I don't deserve to feel jealous.

I'm fine as long as you're happy!

Okay. Yes.


Darn it.

[Gold Videos and DVDs]

- Sorry. - It's you, right?

It's not me.

My brother was kicking
his feet, being all drunk.

Not that. The person who
was running out of the bar,

wearing a trash can on her head.

Wasn't it you?

- No, it wasn't. - Yes, it was.

- Never. - Did you see it?

No. I didn't see it because
I had my eyes closed.

I have no relish for
peeking at others kissing.

You saw it.

She must be super jealous right now.

I'll get going.

How does it feel?

- What? - Are you fine with it?

About what?

Wasn't it upsetting...

even when you saw me kissing another girl?

There's nothing to be upset about.

Are you really okay...

even if I go far away?

That you want to send me
away as quickly as possible?

Okay. I got it.


let me ask you one last thing.

I don't care about time travel.

It doesn't matter which
time zone you are from.

Whether you're from the past or the future,

you are still the same to me.

How about you?

In all those times you have lived,

was there any time that you liked me?

Not even for a moment?

I don't deserve to like you.

No, there wasn't.

I wanted to tell you if
I ever got a chance...

to see you again.

That I liked you too.

That I missed you.

I missed you with all of my heart, Sun Jae.


Why do you keep asking
me to bring your underpants?

I'm a busy man.

Do you want me to go commando, then?

Also, why aren't you
getting back my underpants?

Why do you want to get them back?

Just buy new ones.

I'll get going.

Get back home early.


You're here.

The white truck which the kidnap victim,

- Im Sol, identified... - Yes.

"Im Sol?"

Did you say, "Im Sol?"

Why would I participate in an audition?

Hey, are you joining the army tomorrow?


It's to show how determined I am.

You're here.

What happened to your hair?

Do you know why I shaved my head?


Sun Jae.


want to...

do music.


Were you this serious?

My friend.

Will you take...

the audition with me?


Let's do it!

Let's do it together.

The music.

Yes. The music.

Hey, stop crying.

Stop crying, jerk!

Why is your hair so short?

Sun Jae.

You're here.

I heard the audition is next week.

- What? - Hyun Su called and asked me.

I was going to talk about it.

I'll do it.

I heard you're about to
get fired from the club.

It'll be better if you
are on the air, won't it?

This easily?

Even if we fail the
audition, it's not my problem.

I won't be excellent after
practising for a few days.

I'll be there after the morning class.

See you later.


- Get there safely. - Okay.

Get there safely.

Darn it.

He should have told me earlier.

Where did Hyun Ju go?

It's amazing. Someone's
boyfriend is here with flowers.

Goodness. He's so handsome.

Does he go to our school?

How did you...

Why are you here?

I'm here to get back
the underpants you took.

- This way. - Where are you going?

I told you not to come here.

How long did you wait for me?

- For a minute. - Lying.

- For five minutes. - I'm not a fool!

How long did you wait?

I waited for you until 87,000
leaves fell from that tree.

You're insane.

Tae Seong who is crazy about you...

has waited for you ever since we broke up.

Why? Why did you do that?

Did you...

like me?


Why did you wait for me, then?

I loved you...

to death.

I loved you insanely...

until the universe burst into pieces!

Tae Seong.

I told you.

Im Sol.

You're my star forever!

Son of a g*n!

I just wanted a bite.

How pathetic is this?

"Pathetic?" Okay. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry for being pathetic. Gosh.

What are you doing?

What's with the flowers?

Flowers won't make me go back to you.

- Let's not jump the g*n here. - What?

These aren't for you. They are mine.

Before I came here,

someone asked me out.

Good for you.

Here it is.

[Yeonseo University]

What about the underpants?

Why would I carry them with me?

Did you come all the way
to get back the underpants?

No way. I didn't come
here to give you that.

What is it, then?


I was going to look the other way,

but that's not who I am.

I came because I was worried.

I heard...

you got kidnapped last year.

You're Detective Kim's son.

Why did you live like that before, then?

Gosh. My ex-girlfriend speaks so nicely.

Anyway, don't tell anyone
because it's a secret.


Don't tell me you
didn't tell your family...

after such a big incident.

What's the point? I'd just make the worry.

By the way, are you all right?

Did you get hurt back then?

I'm sitting here like
this because I'm fine.

My dad is good at what he does.

He lost Mom,

but he is good at catching bad guys.

The perp will get caught
soon, so don't worry about it.

Okay. Thanks...

for worrying about me.


I'm saying this to you because
you're Detective Kim's son.

Can you do me a favour?

"A favour?"

The perp of the Juyang Reservoir
homicide case gets caught...

as Sun Jae saves me.

When he's about to
get released from jail...

Later, in the year 2023,

please tell your father...

that he has to protect Sun Jae,

not me.

What are you talking about?

Protect what?

I can't tell you in detail.

Just tell him what I said.

Does that have to do...

with the perp of the Juyang Reservoir case?

You're surprisingly perceptive.

My dad is on that case,
and you were the victim.

You wouldn't ask me a random favour.

You would have made a good
detective if you studied hard.

But why the year 2023?


I can't tell you the reason.

Why don't you tell him yourself in 2023,

instead of asking me to do it?

When it comes, it won't
be me, but the past me.

And she has no idea.

Ex-girlfriend, will you explain
so that I can understand?

Well, it's...

Right. What's the point of hiding
when Sun Jae found out about it too?

Actually, I...

am from the future.

You are a gift

- From the sky - She's so drunk.

In Hyuk.

Are you sure...

you didn't play this song to Sol?

To Sol?

Why would I play it for her?

Why? Was I supposed to play it to her?

How did she know the song, then?

Did she really listen to it in the future?

It's not going to be easy to find...

because almost all
households have a truck like that.

Gosh. It's a shame there are
no security cameras around here.

There's one in front of the police box.

Send me all the footage from that camera.


I don't think the footage
from six months ago...

is still there because it's been a while.

No. I'm talking about the day of the fire.

If he drove the truck, the
camera should have caught it.

"The market at dawn?"

Don't wait for me. Just go to bed.

- You can't come home tonight, then.
- Hey, Sun Jae.

- I have good news. - "Good news?"

The rehabilitation center in the US.

Fortunately, an athlete before
us cancelled his appointment.

That means you can get treated right away.

So I made the appointment
without hesitation.

I heard we had to wait for months.

This must be fate.

Hey. I've been busy all day...

getting the flight tickets and all.

Check it when you get home.

Also, don't forget to take a
leave of absence tomorrow.

When do I leave the country?

What? It's...

- It's very soon, but... - My goodness!

- What? - Gosh.

I'll trust you. Just tell me.

Which team will win the
Korean Series this year?

I don't remember.

Even if I do, I can't tell you.

How can I trust you, then?

It's up to you to believe me or not.

But remember what I
told you for 15 years...

and tell Detective Kim about it.

It's to save someone's life. Okay?

Does something happen to future Sun Jae?

Did he get hurt badly?

I said I can't tell you
what happens in the future.

How can you ask your
ex-boyfriend to protect another guy?

You're making me jealous.

Gosh. Flirting is so natural to you.

Goodness. What a ladies' man.

By the way, this area is a bit dark.

Here. Hold it.

I'm not going to hold your hand.

I'm not talking about my hand.

Hold this, at least.

Stop joking around and go.

How far are you going to follow me?

I'll take you home.

That guy hasn't been arrested yet.

What if he comes looking for you?

It's okay. It won't happen yet.


Yes, Mom.


Why are you so late?

What is happening?

For goodness' sake!

Look who's here.

It's Sol's ex-boyfriend, Tae Seong.

- Mom. - Hello.

Gosh. It was the fire the
other day, and it's water today.

I get to see you whenever
we have a problem.

I love it.

It's cold.

Why is Sun Jae collecting water like that?

I asked him to come to help us.

- Grandma.
- Do we let it get flooded, then?


Geum went to get Mr. Kim
who fixed the water pipe before,

so we just need to wait
a little. My goodness!

Still. This is crazy.

Hey. I'll do it. Give it to me.

Forget it.

Hey, can't you see your
mom's arms are hurting?

You hold it.

I'll do it.

Will you, Tae Seong? Do you have some time?

Time is all I have.

I love it.

- Mom! - What?

Gosh. I love it.

Why is the water coming out nonstop?

Did other pipes break, too?

For goodness' sake.


Hey, Sol. Here.

Send them home now.

They came forward to help us.

I didn't call them.


I need to throw the water away.

- Gosh. - Hold this for a second.

- What? - Hold it.

I'll carry it for you.


He's so amiable.

Gosh. Why did they break up?

- Mom! - What?

Gosh, Tae Seong. With your pretty face,

you get things done pretty well.

I'm pretty, indeed, Mother.


Come and hold it.


I can't call her Father, can I?


Look at our Sun Jae's arms.

Because he used to
swim, they are so robust.

You can't compare my muscles...

to the one who just hangs around.

"Who just hangs around?"

Am I wrong?

Bok Soon, Mr. Kim is here,

so go upstairs right away.

- Is he here? - Yes.

Sol. Let's go to the
rooftop to grab a big bucket.


- Mom, that's not it. - I know.

- Come on. - Gosh.

My goodness.

The water splashed all over me.

It was wet already, so why do you care?

- Gosh. - Hey.

It was wet already, so why bother?

Hey, hold it for a second again.

Gosh. She mopped it hard. Kim Tae Seong!

Darn it.

Do it right.

What do you mean?

If you're not going to help, leave.

Are you her son-in-law or what?

Who are you to tell me what to do?

Who are you to follow
Sol here to collect water?

Her ex-boyfriend?

You're neither her friend
nor her ex-boyfriend.

I'm her neighbour,

which is closer than a distant relative.

No. Since you got dumped,
you're worse than a stranger.

Darn it, In Hyuk. You're
a man with a big mouth.

I did go out with her once.

You didn't go out with her. You used her.

How can you be sure?

- What? - What if I really liked her?

What are you doing?

I'm not doing anything with you.

If I were to do something,
I'd do it with Sol.

For goodness' sake.

Stop playing with Sol.

What do you know about her?

Darn it.

Grandma. Which pipe burst?

It was the pipe in the boiler room.

Mr. Kim is fixing it right now.

Let's go downstairs and clean things up.

- Yes. - Right.


Sun Jae. Kim Tae Seong!

Please stop it!

Oh, my. This is so scary.

At this rate, it will be the end of us.

This is going to k*ll all of us!

[Gold Videos and DVDs]

[Return Box]

Hey, how could you let go of my hand?

I saved you.

You little...

- You... - Gosh.

Goodness. Thank you so much for your help.

- Thank you.
- I don't know how to thank you.

You know what? Come upstairs
and eat with us before you go.

- Mom. It's already past midnight. - What?

It's already that late?

Oh, no. I feel awful.

Then I guess you'll have to come back.

I'll cook you something nice.

Okay. Call me anytime.

Hold on. Oh, no.

The bus must have stopped running.

How will you get home, Tae Seong?

You should sleep over. Your
clothes are wet too anyway.

I would be happy to.

He shouldn't.

He's right, Mom. Sol is a grown woman now.

Why do you keep letting
guys sleepover at our house?

Gosh, I'll be in the house the whole night.

Nothing is going to happen.

Besides, Tae Seong isn't like that.

Some things happen no matter what...

if they are bound to happen.

Then I don't know what to do. I feel awful.

I can just sleep over.

- It won't be uncomfortable for me.
- Right?

He can sleep over at my house.

Yes. That will be better.


But you guys are on good terms, right?

You guys didn't have a fight
or anything just now. Right?

Gosh. That's silly. We're very close.

- We are? - Yes.

Do you have water?


First place. Another first place.

What's up with this Good Samaritan Award?


- Do you not have any ice?
- Just drink it, will you?


So must you sleep over here?

You said you would let me. Didn't you?

You changed your mind?

I thought we were close.

Hey. Then be quiet and go to sleep now.

But I can't sleep on the floor.

- Don't you have a bed in your room?
- Do you have a death wish?

I was joking.

Do you think I want to sleep
on the same bed with you?

I'm going to sleep on the sofa.

Gosh. That jerk.

All right.

What are you doing here?


Are you a night watch?

Are you worried that I might sneak into...

Sol's house when you go to sleep?

I can't say that possibility
hasn't crossed my mind.

You and Sol must think...

that I'm some kind of jerk
who doesn't know any better.

If you know that, leave
as soon as you wake up.

Are you that slow?

Or are you blind?

You say you like her, but you
have no idea about her feelings.

I don't get why...

you feel threatened by me.


Don't waste your energy, getting
jealous of me for no reason.

Just focus on protecting yourself.

Otherwise, why would she come
to me and ask me to protect you?

You have a big build too.

What do you mean?

She'll scold me if I give
you any more details.

You can ask her yourself.

What's this?

Are you leaving?

[To Los Angeles]

[Date April 10, Name: Ryu
Sun Jae, To Los Angeles]

Fortunately, an athlete before
us cancelled his appointment.

That means you can get treated right away.

So I made the appointment
without hesitation.

Why am I leaving all of a sudden like this?

[Juyang Reservoir m*rder]

["Will Juyang Reservoir m*rder
Case Turn into Cold Case?"]

["Dead Body Case at Juyang
Reservoir Faces Difficulty"]

[As the case is taking a long
time, people are concerned...]

You're watching the mega-scale
national audition, "Superstar K."

I'm sensing some intense heat
from people to survive on the show.

Who will be the one and only
superstar that will lead Korea?

- K! - "Superstar K."

[Seo In Guk]

I'm so jealous.

He must have passed.

I hope we get the T-shirt too.

By the way, are you wearing a wig?

It looks like real hair.

I cut my hair short. How
could I come here with my hair?

Once I'm on TV, the clip
will stay online forever.

- When will Sun Jae get here? - What?

Oh, that.

He'll be here soon. Yes. He's coming.

Darn it.

[Yeonseo University]

My dear sister.

Could you find my assignment
in my department lounge...

and submit it to my
professor? Pretty please?

Gosh, that nuisance.

Is this the place?

Is Sun Jae flying out of Korea today?

Why is he leaving so suddenly
without saying goodbye?

It's not sudden.

The coach has been asking him
to go through rehab since last year.

Gosh. Maybe, we should've
greeted him at the airport.

You mean to see him off?

Besides, the plane leaves at

We're already late.

That cold-hearted jerk.

Sun Jae.

Gosh. I barely managed
to check in your luggage.

It was 23kg. We were
pretty close to the weight limit.

- What? - I wrapped gochujang carefully.

Be careful with that,
so it doesn't explode.

- The seaweed and laver flakes... - Dad.

Am I emigrating? Besides,

they'll put me on their meal plan.

Shut it, you jerk.

You'll be shedding tears of love...

at the thought of me whenever you eat.

Right. As soon as you arrive,
call Coach An right away. Okay?

He'll pick you up personally.

I got it.


If you're worried, come with me.

I would love to go with you...

if I didn't have to run the restaurant.

Actually, we're getting meat
today. I have to inspect it.

I can't be here right now.


Go back to the restaurant now.

Right. You're an adult now.

You can get on the
plane on your own, right?

Okay. Gosh. I'm so proud of you, my son.

- I believe in you. - Okay.

- Okay. Have a safe trip. - Okay.

Right. You know that...

you have to take off your shoes
for international flights, right?

- Of course, I do. - Okay.

["Superstar K"]

We're up next.

Why isn't Sun Jae here already?

Baek In Hyuk.


Tell me the truth.


the truth is Sun Jae can't make it.

- What? - What?

- Hello. We're Eclipse!
- Hello. We're Eclipse!

By the way, there are
four people in your band.

Where's the last member?

Right. The vocalist. How
come the vocalist isn't here?

I'll bring him right now.

Wait. Give me a second.

- It'll only take a second.
- What's up with these guys?

Hello. I'm Baek In Hyuk, the vocalist.

This is an announcement...

for passengers on international flights.

[April 10, 7:40pm]

He really left.

What a relief.

I don't care about time travel.

It doesn't matter which
time zone you are from.

In all those times you have lived,

was there any time that you liked me?

Not even for a moment?


there wasn't.

I'm sorry that I lied.

Sun Jae,

but I'm more afraid of losing you again...

for the rest of my life
than losing your affection.

So the only thing I can do is
to push you away like a coward.

We passed!

Sun Jae! Your song helped us pass!

Hey, we should bow to Sun Jae.

Shall we? Which direction faces the US?

Who cares? Let's just do it.

- Thank you, Sun Jae! - Thank you!

I just need to find a
way for me to stay safe.

Do you think you can remember
anything else about the truck?

Given the behavioural
characteristic of the culprit,

he might be on the run with his car.

Sun Jae.


Why are you running?

Why are you here?

No. Don't come close.

Don't come.

I told you not to come close!

Why didn't you go?

I'm going...


Why not?

You should've gone to the US.

Why didn't you leave
Korea? You can't be here!

You like me!

I figured it all out.

Why you keep pushing me away.


figured out everything.


I'm here to change your mind.

Don't waste your energy,

getting jealous of me for no reason.

Just focus on protecting yourself.

Otherwise, why would she come
to me and ask me to protect you?

[Your own time capsules all over the world]

[Would you like to travel with us?]

[Time capsules]

Midnight on January 1,

Don't forget that. Okay?

Why that day?

The present will be meaningful
only if I give it to you that day.

Time that passes again.

This is my gift.

Will this gift...

reach you in the future?

I'm desperately praying that it will,

writing this letter.

If you're reading this,

I want to say this.

Sun Jae, thank you...

for living.

"Time that passes again."

Why are you worried about me?

Because I want to protect you!


Why do you want to protect me?

It's not like I'm going to die.

You're here to save me.

In 2023,

I'll die, right?


the reason for my death...

be you?

While saving you?


That's not it, Sun Jae.

I... I mean...

If that's the reason...


Stop running away from me.

Just pursue your feelings for me.

If I end up dying to save you,

I'll be fine with that.

That doesn't matter.

["Ryu Sun Jae Gets
att*cked, Culprit on the Run"]

["Eclipse Releases 'Destiny,
' 5th Full-length Album"]

[Lovely Runner]

I think your son got a girlfriend.

Gosh, he was...

I don't want to waste even a second of it.

So don't hide your feelings.

Don't hide from me.

Let's just be true to our feelings.

He must have taken the local paths
that don't have security cameras.

He might be planning his next crime.

I came to tell you
proactively to be careful.

Don't come to see Sol again.

She's my girlfriend now.

You caught him?

Don't you ever push me again.

I'll be running diligently...

to Year 2023 where you will be.
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