Stars Fell Again (2023)

Valentine's Day, Hot, Steamy, Sexy, Romantic Movie Collection.

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Valentine's Day, Hot, Steamy, Sexy, Romantic Movie Collection.
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Stars Fell Again (2023)

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[camera film rolling]


-[PA beeps]
-PILOT: Ladies and gentlemen,

we will be landing shortly
in beautiful Portland, Oregon.

On behalf of myself
and the entire flight crew,

we wish you happy holidays,
and a very merry Christmas.

♪ All I want is you
Will you be my bride? ♪

♪ Take me by the hand
Stand by my side ♪

♪ All I want is you
Will you stay with me? ♪

♪ Hold me in your arms
And sway me like the sea ♪

♪ If you were a river
In the mountains... ♪

I'm so excited
you're getting engaged!

Well, she has to say yes first.

Which she will,
once you ask.

You still asking tonight, right?

Call me when you pop
the question.

And text me your address.

I'm sending something
to help celebrate.

-Bye for now!
-♪ ...stand by my side ♪

♪ All I want is you
Will you stay with me? ♪

♪ Hold me in your arms
And sway me like the sea ♪

-Guess who?
-I have missed you so much.

♪ If you were the floor
I'd want to be the rug ♪

♪ If you were a kiss
I know I'd be a hug ♪

Six weeks is too long.

Oh, I missed you, too.

You know, I'm so happy
I finally finished filming,

and we get the next
two weeks together.

With no work interruptions.

I love the holidays.

[sighs] This is perfect.

You know FaceTime hugs
are just not the same.

You know,
kisses aren't the same either.

-[cellphone buzzing]

That's my mum. Hey.

Maddie, could you pick up
some champagne on your way home?

-FAYE OVER PHONE: See you soon.


Bye. She wants us
to get champagne.

Okay, I'll add a stop
on the way.

-[car horn honks]
- ♪ If you were a kiss ♪

♪ I know I'd be a hug ♪

♪ All I want is you
Will you be my bride? ♪

♪ Take me by the hand
Stand by my side ♪

♪ All I want is you
Will you stay with me? ♪

♪ Hold me in your arms
And sway me like the sea ♪

-[indistinct chatter]

♪ If you were the wood
I'd be the fire ♪

♪ If you were the love
I'd be the desire ♪

♪ If you were a castle
I'd be a moat ♪

♪ And if you were the ocean
I'd learn to float ♪

♪ All I want is you
Will you be my bride? ♪

♪ Take me by the hand
Stand by my side ♪

♪ All I want is you
Will you stay with me? ♪

♪ Hold me in your arms
And sway me like the sea ♪

So, champagne huh?
What are we celebrating?

Maybe that I'm home
for the holidays this year.

Well, you've been a little busy
the last two years

-just making movies.
-Hm, but I'm here now.

And there's nothing like
Christmas in Oregon!

We can do sledding.

Uh, snowball fights.
Oh, and caroling.

It's an annual tradition
in our neighborhood.

The Vetters always win.

All of that sounds perfect.
Except for the caroling part.

I may or may not have a fear
of singing in public.

You can always just mouth
the words.

Or just drink
a nice Oregon Pinot

while everyone else sings.

-Hey, speaking of wine...

I planned a day
of tasting for us later.

Followed by
a romantic candlelit dinner.

Oh, sign me up.


Ah, thanks.

Nice Bronco.

That is my dad's third child.

-[indistinct chattering]

Hey uh, you sure it's okay
if I stay at your parents'?

I always do.

[indistinct chatter, shouting]

-Actually, book the hotel room.
-On it.

Maddie! Is that you?
We're in here.

Madison! What do you think?

I think you're wearing
your wedding dress.

[Faye chuckles]

They're here!

Merry Christmas.

Ah, you brought the champagne.
Wait, I'll get the glasses.

Bryce, what do you think?

Uh, well ma'am,
I think that it uh...

It... It will-- it certainly--

It is a perfect introduction
to my family.


Mom, this is Bryce.

And Bryce,
this is my mom, Faye.

Oh, it's a pleasure
to meet you, Bryce.

Thank you for the champagne.

Be a dear
and open it for us, will you?

-Sure thing, Faye.
-He's a keeper.

But mom, why the champagne?
And the dress?

And why are Josh's parents
and the neighbors

-in the dining room? I don't...

-That's a question for--
-HARPER: I'm engaged!

-Yes, engaged!
-[bottle pops]


-Oh boy.

-[Madison laughs]
-[Harper laughs]

Oh! Oh my goodness now!


Bryce, oh!

It is so good to see you.

And now we have even more
to celebrate.

I'm getting married in two days!

-[Faye chuckles]

-Uh, two days?

-[telephone ringing in distance]
-Isn't it so exciting?

I better get that.
It's been a crazy day.

There's so many people
to talk to.

[sighs] Two days.

-By the way, I'm Josh.
-Good to meet you, Bryce.

I liked your heartfelt speech
at your reunion.

-You did?
-Yeah. Saw it several times.

It's all over Facebook.
It was good.

Maybe a tad too long, but um...

Hey, congrats
to the happy groom!

Oh. No, no, no.
I'm not the fiancé.

No, I'm Harper's best friend,
since we were kids.

I feel like
I'm a few steps behind.

Oh Bryce, would you be a dear
and get us some more wood?

Roger has it.
He's out back. Thanks.




How did you get engaged?

[exhales] It was...
it was like a dream.

Noah called last night
from London.

He said that he can't stand

to spend one more day
without me.

And would I be his forever?


I saw a pair of geese
yesterday morning.

And they mate for life,
you know.

So, it was a sign that Noah
was going to propose.

-That is so romantic. But--
-I know, right?

He wants to get married
this weekend.

I-- and it's even more perfect
that you and Bryce

are here for Christmas.

There's no time like
the present. Right?

The present is a present.

That's what Noah always says.

Oh, did I mention
he has a British accent?

-Oh, that is adorable.
-He is adorable.

[both chuckles]

What do mom and dad
think about it?

You know dad. [sighs]

Stay away from boys.

No, no dating till senior year.

Mm, being home always
brings back so many memories.

Do you remember your prom?

How I made you change your dress
before your date arrived.


Still the right call.
Pink is just not my friend.

Oh, he forgot to get you
a corsage.


Billy Richards.

His long hair. [chuckles]

Easy on the eyes,

but not big
in the brains department.

But Josh came to the rescue,

went to the kitchen
and got...


[Bryce clears throat]

Mr. Belle, uh sir,

I have a very important
question to ask you

about Madison.

Madison is the love
of my life.


And I'd like to ask
for your blessing.

I want to marry Madison.

[Richard chopping wood
in distance]


ROGER: [singing]
♪ Deck the halls
With boughs of holly ♪

♪ Fa la la la la, la la la la ♪

♪ 'Tis the season to be jolly ♪

♪ Fa la la la la
La la la la ♪

Uh hey, Mr. Belle. I'm--

Bryce! Grab us some beers.


[bottles clanking]

Here you go.

Gotta say this.

A pleasure to finally meet you,
Mr. Belle. Uh, sir.

What's with the formality?
We're all friends here.

Just call me "sir."

I'm Roger.

[bottles clink]

[coughs, clears throat]

Twelve percent alcohol.
Brewed it myself.

Ah, never tasted anything
quite like it.

-[Madison laughs]

I can't believe this is
actually happening for me.

-I'm getting married.
-In two days.

I know I just met him
a few months ago. But...

Ah, did I mention his
British accent?

It's adorable, I know.

[both chuckles]


I really thought you

and Bryce would
get engaged first.

No older sis wants
to get b*at to the altar.

No need to rush
on my account.

[gasps] It's him. Noah.

Hello, hello,
my little buttercup.

-Maddie is here.
- Hello, Madison.

Congratulations, Noah.
Very exciting news.

[gasps] Maddie, oh!

It's bad luck to toast
with an empty glass.

Oh sorry, I look forward
to seeing you later,

-Noah. Bye.
-[knocking on door]

Sadly, my flight was cancelled.

Harper, I'm not gonna get there
until tomorrow.

Oh, no.

-Noah baby, no.
-None of that.

You're gonna miss
our special dance

-with Miss Rosa today.
-NOAH: Chin up.

I love you.

Not as much as I love you.

-No, I love you more.
-NOAH: I love you more.

-Times infinity.
-Times infinity plus one.


-My side down.

There we go.

-Grab that for me, Bryce.

[birds chirping in distance]

Don't worry.

I'm a third generation
timber man.

People in my family never miss.

The trick to safely splitting
a log

is always making the new guy
hold the spike.

-I'm kidding.

But seriously, don't move.

Would now be a--
a good time to chat?

Anything to get away
from this wedding talk.

No wedding talk. Got it.

But seriously,

is it too much to ask that
before a couple get married,

their parents meet?

Sounds reasonable to me.

I mean, you know,
family is important.

Family is everything.

You're not just marrying
the person.

You're marrying the family.

Couldn't have said it better

-[cellphone buzzing]
-Oh ah, I'm sorry.

[clears throat, sniffles]

Is that an emergency?

[chuckles] No. No, no.
It can wait.





Uh yeah, hi.
If you could uh--

Oh no, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no, no.

Just go ahead
and cancel that reservation.

Okay, yeah, thank you.

Thanks for helping
with Harper's wedding.

This isn't how I wanted

to spend our first day
back together.

Oh, come on, I actually
assumed when we got here

we'd spend the entire time
dress shopping

[door squeaking]

-Does "best available"

just not mean
what I think it means?

This is better

than even our room
in Alabama!

-[door squeaking]


We're so happy you've chosen

the Cedartown Lodge
as your home away from home.

We hope you find the time
to enjoy our local attractions.

Good day, mates!
Zane Thomas here.

And I'm excited to see
all your lovely faces here

at Zaneyards.

Oh, what the?

That's Zane's Vineyards,
only better.

That's right, I make wine.

Great wine, in fact like,
my award-winning Zanefandel.

That's Zane's zinfandel,
only sexier.


Check out the legs
on this beauty.

You know you want
to taste it.

Why is your ex-boyfriend doing
a commercial for a winery?

When we started dating,
he bought a winery

-to impress my dad.
-Oh, good.

Didn't work. But tasty wines.

Hm. You know I wanna taste it.

[cellphone buzzing]

-Oh, it's David!

Hey, there.

-DAVID: You're not Bryce.
-What gave it away?


-Hey, where are you?
-Oh ah...

Me? Nowhere.

Ah well,

Maddie's sister got engaged
last night

to her boyfriend
of three months.

[clears throat]
And they're getting married

-this weekend.
-DAVID: As in this weekend?

-Yes, it's all very exciting!

Don't worry.
I'm still asking her tonight.

Um, hey David,
we actually have to run.

-Got a wedding dress to find.
-Make good choices.



Oh, it's perfect.

Church, check.
Band, check.

Dress, check.

Mom's handling the flowers.
And Noah's on the cake.

Oh, I love it when a plan
comes together

with time to spare.

Oh, let's give Bryce a tour
of Main Street.

There just happens
to be a cute little place

-for hot chocolate.
-And Christmas cookies.

Excuse me, Ms. Belle.

Would you mind taking
a photo with us?

Yeah, of course.
You can call me "Madison".

-I'll catch up with you guys.
-[Child 1 chuckles]

My sister's such a big fan.

This place is so charming.

-It reminds me of my hometown.

Yeah, I couldn't imagine
living anywhere else.

Ah, this is where Maddie
used to act in the plays

growing up.

Yeah. [chuckles]

I do love being a teacher.

I... I get to act encourage
their creativity.

Bryce, um....

I just want to let you know

I'm really glad you came home
with Maddie for Christmas

It means everything
to my parents

that you guys are here.

And truthfully, it means
everything that you

and Maddie are helping me
plan my wedding.

-Of course.
-[kids chattering]

So much of my life has been...

spent watching
my sister shine,

watching her accomplish
so many great things.

She's amazing.

She's an honest
to God star now.


I'm just kind of hoping that...

this one weekend
can be about me.

-What'd I miss?

Not a thing.

So, who is ready
for some dancing?

Ooh, dancing does sound fun.

But we're still getting
hot chocolate first, right?

This-- this kid
and his chocolate.

-What? I'm serious.

You said we're getting
hot chocolate.

[all applauds]


Now, the bride
and groom dance.

Great job, dad.

Where's the groom?

Well, unfortunately,
his flight was delayed.

It's not easy to do
a couple's dance

without the couple.

Rosa, why don't we take a video
and we could send it to Noah.

I mean, anybody should be
able to do the rumba, right?

And Josh can fill in
for Noah now.

Or Bryce can,
if you prefer.

Ah, I can handle myself.

It's gonna be great.

You make movies, right?

I'm an agent,
not a cinematographer.

Uh, yeah.

[clears throat]

Okay folks, showtime.

-Thanks, Josh.
-Yeah, no worries.

-Um, alright.


I wasn't expecting you
to be so light on your feet.

It's easy when you have
the right partner.

Hey, remind me, what class

did they take together
in high school again?

-Was it chemistry?


[all applauding]

Nice job. Well done.

Oh, thanks.

How about you, Ms. Madison?

Does my other star student
still have it?

Oh, I still got it.

Just not sure my partner
can keep up.

Oh well, challenge accepted.

-ROSA: I'll get you some shoes.

Hey, give us a few minutes
to warm up.


So, are you sure there's
no history

between Harper and Josh?

-They're friends.

And in case you forgot,

Harper's getting married
this weekend to Noah.

But they just started dating.


All I'm saying is,

I'm not sure
why Noah had to rush.


It's romantic.

And what's wrong
with commitment?

With wanting a future
with someone?

Nothing, but the timing
has to be right.

Hey, wait.

Do you think I don't want that?

We're still talking about
Harper and Noah, right?

It's better to try and fail
than to never try at all.

You have to take risks...


For love.

Or, you might just miss

the window.

[loud thumping]

You know how much I love you.

And I'm so lucky
to be with you.

We're both lucky.

I'm pleasantly surprised.

I'm luckier.

-Sorry I picked a fight.
-No, no, no, I'm sorry.

I shouldn't have made fun
of Harper and Josh.

-It was insensitive.



I didn't have to jump
on you for that.

You're entitled to your opinion.

[Maddie groans]

You know what?

I think opinions,
they're overrated.

Oh. [pants]

Besides, you are worth the
risk, Maddie.

Hey, I know that it may not be
the perfect weekend to do it.

Oh, it is the perfect weekend
to do it.

Okay. Okay, okay.

But there's something that
I need to ask you and...

-Well, it's-- it's

pretty important.

Well, I'm kinda busy right now.

Ah, okay. Yeah.

Oh well, I mean,
yeah baby,

it will just--
it will just take a minute.

It better take longer
than a minute.

Oh okay, yeah.

[smooches, moans]

Oh. Ooh!

-[Madison chuckles]
-[sirens blaring]

-[firebrigade sirens blaring]
-[dogs barking]


[cellphone ringing]

-[cellphone ringing]



[cellphone buzzing]

-Harper, it's early.

something terrible
has happened and,

we have to cancel the wedding.

Ah, okay. Okay, calm down.
What's wrong?

The church caught on fire
last night.

Someone left the candles

Okay, uh, I can fix that.

We can just find
a new location.

And mom texted me a picture
of the flowers.

They're all carnations!

Okay, I can fix that.
We can find different flowers.

And apparently,
there's something wrong

-with the cake.
-MADISON: I can fix that.

We'll go to the bakery.

And I um...

- I slept with Josh.
-[cellphone beeps]

I can't fix that.

Dreams are a powerful reflection
of our inner state of being.


I had a dream
that I slept with Josh.

What did you think I said?

Am I getting cold feet?

No, you're fine.

It was just a dream.
Pick me up in 15 minutes.

Sarah's on the other line.

Good morning.

-Something's wrong.

My sister's getting married

I'm your agent
and best friend.

-How did I not know this?
-Surprise engagement.

-On video chat.

Yeah, I would have preferred
the whole shebang.

Music, flowers, lights.

Camera and action.

And yesterday we tried
to throw together

all the wedding plans,

More surprises?

The church b*rned down
last night, okay.

And we have to get
different flowers.

And a new cake.

[keyboard keys tapping]

Hey, what are you doing?

Checking flights.
You're amazing and all,

but there's no way you can
handle this by yourself.

I got you.


Apparently not.

I can't get there
until late tonight.

Sorry, Madison.

Did somebody say Madison?
As in, Madison Belle?

Then my boy Bryce
must be nearby.

How long were you standing
outside my office?


I love this whole
devil-may-care morning-look

you got going on.

Hi, Larry.

I didn't know you got
to the office so early.

Little known fact.

I'm the worm that gets
the early birds.


But ladies, if you need
a flight to Oregon,

I'm your man.

I'll just fire up the PJ

and zip you up there
in a couple of hours.

Alright. But I swear, Larry,

if you make one joke
about the mile-high club,

I will throw you off
that private jet.


Hey Sarah,
I need tons of flowers.

Uh roses, hydrangeas.

No carnations.

Thank you.

I just love weddings.

You like weddings?

Couples pledging
their eternal love and fidelity?

Did I say weddings?
I meant bridesmaids.

I just love bridesmaids.

-And cake.

Cake is nice, too.



Wedding fell apart overnight.

So, Sarah and Larry
are coming to help.

Oof. Uh, Larry never helps.

Trust me, he's only in it
for the bridesmaids.

Yeah, well,
joke's on him.

I'm the only one.

Hey, hey, hey.
Can uh-- can we talk?

Can it wait?

Harper's here.
And she really needs me.

And don't forget
you're meeting my dad

at the tux shop
in an hour.

Sure. Yeah, no problem.


Oh, and uh, by the way
will you marry me?


[knock on door]

[clears throat]
You forget something?

[blows whistle]

You're getting married!

You're getting married!
You're getting--

Could you keep it down?

You're getting married,
you're getting married.

-You're getting married!
-No, David.

What, where's Madison?

Look, she had to run out

and help her sister
with something.


I haven't had the chance
to ask her yet.

What about wine tasting
and the romantic dinner?

Ah well,
the first one was cancelled.

And the second one was uh...


The sister getting married

really throws a wrench
into your plans,

doesn't it?

Hey, I'm so sorry you came
all this way for nothing, David.

You think I'd miss
my best friend

getting engaged
to the love of his life?


At least you got the parents'
blessing, right?

Ah well, yeah, yeah.
I was-- I was planning on it.

But then I thought,

do people even really
do that anymore.

Oh, trust me it's important.
It shows that you value family.

That her parents matter.

I-- I-- I know.
Look, I tried, alright.

I did, practiced a speech
and everything.

But when it came time
to give it,

her dad was furious about Noah.

It just, wasn't the right time.

Love waits for no man.


It's time and tide
wait for no one.

I think it's the tide
always rolls.

Come on, man.

Listen, you do not find
the right time.

You make it.


Oh, okay.
How do you propose I do that?

Oh, you do the proposing.

I'll handle the rest.


-I know.

It's not Alabama bacon.
That's not even edible bacon.


This is like...
auburn bacon.

I'm just not really sure
I want a lemon scone.

You talked the entire car ride
here about the scones?

What if I want
an almond croissant instead?

You said the lemon scones
were unique and different.

Almond croissants
are dependable.

And they never let you down.

Lemon scones can surprise you
with their zestiness.

Almond croissants
are so satisfying.

Lemon scones seem
to put a smile on your face.

Why do I have to make up
my mind so quickly?

What if I don't want
a lemon scone every single day

for the rest of my life?

What if I want
a blueberry muffin tomorrow?

Or, you know,
a chocolate éclair next week?

-Why not get one of each?
-[indistinct chatter]

Uh, two glazed donuts
and oat milk lattes, please.

Oh, and please tell Diana that

Harper's here to talk about
the wedding cake.

Thank you.

Anything you can do,

We don't have the time,
but you're family, Mr. Belle.

-Let me see what I can do.
-Thank you.

Thank you.

-[door squeaks]
-[door dings]


-Good to see ya.
-Good to see you.

I want to introduce you
to David,

my best friend from Alabama.

He just uh, you know,

happens to be in Oregon
on business.

And David,
this is the Roger Belle,

-Madison's father.

[all chuckle]

-Pleasure to meet you, Roger.

Your daughter
is simply the best.

And she throws
a mean game of darts.

It takes real talent
to keep pace with Madison.

Bryce, went at it
with her last night, didn't you?

-Oh, sorry?
-You two sure can cut a rug.

Yeah, yeah. Uh, you know,
well, what can I say?

I'm a man
of many hidden talents.

Sorry, Mr. Belle.

It's the best we could do
on such short notice.

I understand.
If they fit, they'll do.

Uh, do you have anything
in my size?

Ah, I sure do.

Okay, gents,

wanna take a ride
with me when we're done here?

What's next on the list?

-It's a surprise.

I like surprises.

It's the strangest thing.

The ceramic cake molds

I've never seen anything
like it.

The molds just cracked?

So, can you just make
a different cake?

Yes, but it won't be the one
that Noah ordered

for the wedding.

He picked special antique cake
molds from our collection.

This is a sign, Maddie.

Is this wedding cursed?

No, the molds were old,
which is why they broke.

And that was very thoughtful
of Noah.

But we'll just take
whatever beautiful cake

you can make
for the wedding tomorrow.

-Thanks, Diana.

Oh, and can we get a box
of lemon scones to go, please?

Of course.


[sighs] Noah wants to know
how things are going.

Tell him everything's going
to be just fine.


You made it!

Hello, ladies.

Larry Berger,
here to save this wedding.

-Thank you.
-Here you go.

-We've got the flowers.
-Oh, thank you.

I will text you the address
of the new venue.

-You already found one?
-[sighs] Long story.

You can fill me in
as we drive to the nail salon.

I booked you mani-pedis.

We've got a wedding
to prepare for!

Never leave me.

[birds chirping]

Well, what do you think?

It's great. But don't you live
just one street over?

I could knock down the fence
and connect the backyards.

Ooh. Location,
location, location.

Josh did the deal.

He says
it's Harper's dream house.

It does have really nice
curb appeal.

Good yard.
Enough rooms for a big family.

And they used
Benjamin Moore Paint.

You really can feel the love.

Yeah. It's perfect.

It's my surprise wedding gift.

And your secret
is safe with us.



You are amazing.

I mean it.

You saved everything.

Well the Belle sisters
can handle anything.

Now are you ready
to talk about Josh?


Did you see the way
he looked at me?

After our dance?

So, the rumba made you want
to tango?

So, we went back to his place
for a nightcap.

Just hanging out
like we always do.

One minute we're just--
we're listening

to some old mix CDs,

and the next

I'm dreaming of sleeping
with him.

This is a sign, right?

That is some mix CD.


Do I have deep hidden feelings
for Josh?

I think I'm getting cold feet.

Wait, so a dream about Josh
gave you cold feet?



I mean, no?

I don't know.

Is Josh more than
your best friend?

Hey, are you in love with him?

No. It's Josh.

You know, he's just--
He's always been there.

And I don't want to lose him.

But I'm marrying Noah

You're not gonna lose him

just because you're marrying
someone else.

Have you talked
to Josh about this?

I haven't had time
with all the wedding stuff.

Well, Sarah's on her way
to pick us up

to go to the rehearsal.

Josh's gonna be there.

I think you should talk to him.


Good idea.


[indistinct chattering
in distance]

Why don't I get any wine?

Wine is for the wedding party,

You said it was complimentary.

[indistinct chatter]

You alright, gentlemen?
You alright?



Hi, David!

Good to see you.

Did I miss you
on the guest list?

-Fancy. Oh.
-Thanks, buddy.

I'm a last minute invite.

What are you doing here?


Um, business trip.

In rural Oregon?

Uh, you know,

um, the glamorous life
of a serial entrepreneur.

Uh, dare I ask

what you promised Zane,
your ex-boyfriend

to have the wedding here?

You don't want to know.

[claps] Okay, people.

We've only got 30 minutes
to rehearse before dinner.

What's the groom's ETA?

He is in an Uber right now.


Until he gets here,
who can stand in for the groom?

Oh, I can do it.

-He'll do.

Oh, uh, I'm supposed
to escort Faye down the aisle.

Well, what do you think
I'm here for?

Well, okay.

-[birds chirping]

[Josh sighs]

First, the mother of the bride.

What a coincidence
you're here this weekend!

Oh. I love a winter wedding.

[Faye chuckles]

Madison, you're up.

And last but not least,
the bride and her father.

Hey, you okay?

Fine, just fine.

Harper, I know you.
Something's wrong.

[clears throat]

Just a second.


our dance...

we were close.


the way you looked at me...

I felt...


did you feel?

-I uh...

I have it.

Tomorrow I'll start
with a few words

about importance of friendship
and the foundation of love.

And why communication
and honesty are necessary.

And then, you two
will exchange vows.

Oh, we wrote our own vows.

I mean, Noah
and I wrote our own vows.

Oh, okay.

Um, well, no need
to practice them now. [chuckles]

Then after the vows,
you will exchange rings.

Oh, ah...


And then the moment
we've all been waiting for.

You may kiss the bride.




-[family members cheering]

I'll take it from here.
Cheers, mate.


Oh, hi.


is for you, my love.

[Sarah sighs]

Oh. [chuckles]

I want to be him
when I grow up.

Me too.

[indistinct chatter]

I can't believe nobody else
ordered the oysters.

They were delicious.


-FAYE: Great.
-[indistinct chatter]

So, yeah. Oh.


-Thank you.
-Yeah, you're welcome.

[glass clinks]

Um, I just wanted to say that

tonight has been
the loveliest night,

filled with family
and friends.

Um, Harper and I are blessed

to have you all here tonight
and in our lives.


Um, I've one final toast,
I'd like to make.

Ah... Or rather,
an announcement.

Um it's a bit of good news
to share actually.

Uh, not even Harper knows yet.


so ah,

-I got a promotion.

-FAYE: Congratulations.

-HARPER: That's great.
-NOAH: Thank you. Thanks.

-HARPER: Sure.
-[all applaud]

Thank you.

Yeah, so after the wedding,

Harper and I
will be moving to London.

Excuse me, I... I need some air.

London is fantastic.

[indistinct chatter]

You're moving?

-We need to talk.

[truck engine starting]

Is it flooded?

Or uh, maybe the timing's off?

Timing is fine.
It's perfect, in fact.

Besides, what's a Hollywood
agent know about cars?

Well, my uncle's a mechanic.

And uh, I spent a lot of time
at his shop.


There's a wrench
in the glove compartment.


It's on there pretty snug.

Yeah, told you
the timing's not off.

Something's off, damn it!


You know,
the house really is great.

And I know Harper's gonna
love it.

We both know they're never
gonna move back here.

But thanks for saying it.

Maybe you
and Maddie can have it,

once you get around
to proposing

Wait, how did you...

-Does Madison know?
-Relax. [chuckles]

Maddie doesn't know.
Faye told me.

She overheard you proposing
to the dog.

Hey, Roger...

I want to marry Madison.

With your and Faye's blessing
of course.

Do you love her?

With all my heart.

Well then, son...

you have our blessing.

[truck engine roaring]

Well, guess we should go
rejoin the party, huh.

Time to bury the hatchet,
I suppose.

I don't say this often,
but I'm impressed.

You're good with cars
and you dance.

Don't tell me you can sing
like that Australian fellow too.

[Madison laughs]

Yeah, no worries.


Thank you, cheer.

-♪ Seems good love ♪

Alright, everyone.
Here we go.

Here we go.
Everyone gets three throws.

No sore losers.
Winner takes all.

-Let's go, Bryce.
-SARAH: Woohoo!

-You've done this before?
-Once or twice.

Don't get too mad
when I b*at you.

-I've never met my match.
-Oh, well, I'm-- I'm Bryce.

It's so nice to meet you,

♪ I got love
I could ever need ♪

Uh, thanks for talking
to my dad.

Not sure what you said,
but he seems better.

Yeah, we just had a nice
little chat, you know?

Once he talked about his Bronco.
And grandchildren.

[David chuckles]

All's fair in love and w*r.

-Is this how we're gonna play?

-Okay. Game on, boys.
-[Bryce clears throat]



-He's a winner.
-I think so, definitely.

Have you been practicing?

Just uh,
just a few times a week

and twice on Sundays.

Pardon the interruption.

Come join us, Noah.


I just wanted to say
thank you for uh,

welcoming me into your family.

You're welcome.
We're looking forward

to meeting your parents, too.

Oh yeah, um...

I'm actually not that close
to my folks.

So, to be a part
of such a loving group,

well, I'm simply the
luckiest chap in the world.

You seem
to make our Harper happy.

And apologies for not asking
your blessing first.

Sometimes my impulsive nature
gets the better of me.

Like when I decided
we're moving to London

without asking Harper first.

But we--
we've talked it over now,

and Harper's decided
she's gonna give it a go.

It's all water
under the bridge now.

Weddings are a new beginning.

To fresh starts!

-[glasses clink]
-[axe thuds]

So, London, huh?

Yeah. Apparently.

It's gonna be so hard
saying goodbye to my students.

You hate crumpets.

Well, they're just dry biscuits.

And you're not always prim...

[in British accent]
...and proper.

[in British accent]
Oh. I beg your pardon.


[Josh clears throat]
And it's so far...

From home.

♪ I've got all
I could ever need ♪

♪ Besides you are down
In my wildest dreams ♪

-Well, good match, Bryce.
-Well, I told you I'm luckier.

Next up, Larry and Josh.

Best of luck.

-Care to wager, Bryce?
-What did you have in mind?

If Josh wins, you tell me

what you're planning
for Madison.

I don't know
what you're talking about.

Oh, come on,
I was your assistant for years.

Oh! Sorry, bud.

I know you're up to something.

Okay. And if Larry wins?

I'll make sure your surprise
stays a surprise.



Come on, Josh!

-[crowd cheers]

Josh advances!

Sarah and David are up next.

My money's on Sarah.
She's got k*ller instincts.

That's why she's my agent.

Having you home for the holidays
is the best gift

you could have
given your mother and me.

I love being here.
I wish I could home more often.

You're here now.
That's what counts.

With Harper's wedding,

this will be a Christmas
I won't forget.

I'm sure you won't, Maddie.

I'm sure you won't.

-[crowd cheers, applauds]

You almost had me, David.

I don't mind losing
to a beautiful lady with an a*.

And the final first round match,
-Harper and Noah.

-[crowd cheers]
-Can y'all make some noise?

Noah! Noah!


-You are kidding.

Come on.

Oh, Noah's just a hair off.

-Harper wins!
-[Harper cheers]

-You're amazing.
-ROGER: Bryce and Josh!

-Bryce, go, go.

Thank you, thank you.

-Come on.
-I'm sorry.

-No hard feelings.
-Rematch next year.

You are good.


Final match of the night.
Josh versus Harper.

You are incredible.


[chuckles] Oh!

-I'll be cheering you on.

-Oh, sorry.

No, no, it's good.
Ah, good luck b*ating her.

Thank you.

[Josh clears throat]

You know, London's not all bad.

Rains less there
than it does here.

♪ I've been looking for you
All my life ♪

That is true.

And I do love Jane Austen.

♪ Your voice comes
My head like a beautiful... ♪

Ah. And London
has amazing museums.

And non-stop flights here.

- ♪ Like I soothe my mind ♪

[crowd cheering]

Yeah, these two, good match.

♪ You wrote a letter
For my birthday ♪

Your parents will love that.

♪ Wrote down all the words
You had to say ♪

Would you come visit?

♪ The words on that page
Need a frame ♪

♪ Sincere and mine ♪

-[crowd cheering]
-We'll see.

♪ Love the parts of me
I've broken ♪

All these years...

and we were never
in the right place...

[sighs] the right time.

♪ You hold me down ♪

I guess I just didn't wanna
risk losing my best friend.

-BRYCE: Ooh!
-This is close.

Could be anybody's game.

I didn't wanna risk
losing my best friend, either.

♪ So take what you need ♪




Congratulations, Harper.

Come here.

London's lucky to have you.

You won! [chuckles]

-Nice game.
-DAVID: Whoo!

-You're so amazing.

I can't believe it.

♪ There's a fire in my soul ♪

Please keep Larry away
from my mother.

♪ Because I love her ♪

Bachelorette party!

Alright, ladies,
prepare yourselves

as we bid farewell
to Harper's life

as a single woman.

Hm. Wine and whine?

We have a lot to talk about.

Yeah. Mmm.

I was hoping for something
a little crazier,

you know, like in all
those wedding movies.

Night to remember.

I promise you we'll have fun.

The next stop is heaven.

Remember to keep calm
and party on.

[music playing in strip club]

buckle your seat belts.

I bet the landing is bumpy.

Yeah, I um...

I don't support

the sexual objectification
of women.


Well, when you say it
like that, I...

[clears throat] Any other ideas?

I'll drive.

-Let's go.

♪ Turn off and get a bar! ♪

[indistinct chatter]

You're right.
Much better idea.

Nothing says bachelor party fun
like smelly shoes

and weak beer.

Let's roll!

-Roll tide!
-Here we go.


Let's go, Bryce!

Ooh, look.

-Come on, come on.

♪ Let me get you something ♪

♪ You sexy cute girl ♪


[Harper sighs]

A toast.

-To Sarah...

The absolute miracle worker.

Thanks for handling everything.

[glasses clink]

Imagine what I could do
if I had 48 hours' notice.



So, you said you wanted
a night to remember?

-♪ Know who we are, hey ♪
-Well, here's your night!

Oh! Aah! Sarah!

[Madison shouts]

-[Sarah laughs]
-[Harper shouts]


♪ Feel like I'm walking
On the road ♪

♪ Then let me give you... ♪
[indistinct lyrics]

Here we go, here we go.

-♪ Take me to the stars, yeah ♪
-DAVID: Let's go, Bryce.

♪ Feeling nice and fun ♪


That's how it's done, boys.

♪ You gonna play
With my money ♪

[indistinct lyrics]

♪ You light my fire
Like a natural ♪

♪ And then your love hit me
It's so supernatural ♪

♪ Making people happy
With your music is my job ♪

♪ Hey, every time
We hit this bank ♪

♪ Our fans go
Oh my God, oh ♪

♪ All them ladies going crazy
We be getting on ♪

♪ Looks like love is dropping
Love is like a bitch ♪

[indistinct lyrics]

♪ Got me feeling like
I'm walking down the road ♪

What are you boys doing out
of bed at this hour?

Not much, just here playing
with our--

-I was going to say friends.

We're playing with our friends.

I'll get shoes and a lane.

Bryce, walk with me.


Oh, I see that the student
has become the master.

That was good.

♪ The way you loving me is
So supernatural ♪

-♪ It's so supernatural ♪

You lost our bet.
Spill the beans.

What's going on
with Madison?

Are you asking her
to move in with you?

Something like that.


Oh, my God!

Hey, would you keep it down?
Come on.

Oh, congratulations.

That's awesome.

Well, yeah,
it was gonna be awesome.

I mean I had it all
planned out.

I'm talking dinner, wine...

-The whole shebang!
-The whole shebang!


Oh, that's why David's here.

-Here you go.


Then, you know,
Noah and Harper happened.

No one saw that coming.


Look, I know in my heart
that Madison's the one.

But then again,
I thought my parents

were perfect together,
and uh, I was wrong.

You taught me that
there's always a path forward

if you want something
bad enough.

When you hit a wall,
you go over, around,

or through it.

And David
and I are here to help.

♪ 'Cause you are the sunrise
And the sunset ♪

♪ You're in the long nights
And the sorrows ♪

♪ So, I have to kiss you
Take a minute to cherish ♪

-Right near the wall.

♪ You're in the raindrops
And the rainbows ♪

♪ You're in the notes
On my piano ♪

♪ I see your face
In crowded places everywhere ♪

How's Josh doing?

♪ But you are not there
For me ♪

Apparently, tonight
is not his night.

♪ You're not there
To hold me close ♪

I'm the luckiest man
in the world,

because I get the honor

of spending every day
of my life with you.

♪ If you're not there for me
To call you ♪

Harper Belle,
will you bowl with me?

I'd love to, doctor.

-[Harper chuckles]
-Come on then.

Off you go.

Aren't they cute together?

Show 'em how it's done.

♪ You're in the sunrise
And the sunset ♪


-You're still amazing.

Looks good.

How are your feet now?



♪ You're in the raindrops ♪

-Another round?
-This one's on me.

Nice. Top shelf.

Whatever you want, buddy.

You have a big day tomorrow.

Hey, can I get another pitcher
for the ladies please.

And two whiskeys for us.


-You alright?
-Oh, yeah.

Look, losing at axes
and then at bowling,

don't let it get you down.

You know,
tonight is the first time

I've ever beaten Madison
at anything.


Here you go, Josh.

Thank you.

-JOSH: Appreciate it, Alice.


[indistinct chatter]

Can you keep a secret?

It's really not something
agents are known for.


I'm in love.

-That's great!
-And she doesn't know it.

Less great.

Another round.

♪ Whenever she goes
I Just stare at my phone ♪

How do you know that she
doesn't know?

I just...

I don't wanna mess things up,
you know.

What if she doesn't
feel the same way?

♪ When we go out
I get lost in the crowd ♪

What if she does?

What would you do?

♪ I've tried... ♪

[clears throat] You know my--
my best advice?

When you meet the right person,
your heart will let you know.

And there isn't anything

that you wouldn't sacrifice
to be with them.

[friends cheer]

That's from your high school
reunion speech

I saw on Facebook.

but it's still good advice.

So, what I just--
I walk up and tell her?

Yes! You absolutely tell her.

Come on,
love never screws anything up.


Love screws things up
all the time.

Especially friendships.

♪ As long as she's happy ♪

♪ 'Cause she'll be happy
With me ♪

Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah.

-[Harper laughs]
-I knew it! I knew it.

I told Madison that you
and Harper have chemistry.

You know it, but now
is not the time to gloat.

Um, okay, Harper.

-That is complicated.

Given the fact
that she got engaged

to a guy out of the blue
that she met three months ago

And she's getting married

and then moving to London?

I'd say it's impossible.

Look, you gotta be willing
to risk it all for love.

Speak now
or forever hold your peace.

Hi, Josh.

I'm going to Harper's
wedding tomorrow.

Do you wanna ride together?

Oh, hey Alice, yeah,
that-- that sounds good.

But I don't wanna make you wait.

I'm in the wedding, so I--
I have to get there a bit early.

Waiting is kinda my thing.

Just in case you
change your mind,

give me a call.

Either way, save me a dance.

♪ Breathing slow
And hold my tongue ♪

♪ As she calls my phone
She's found someone else ♪

There you are, lads.

Oh, one more nightcap,

Thank you. Um, hey,

Madison's mate, Sarah,
was looking for you.

She got all the ladies jackets.

And this one is for you.

There you go.

Um, Bryce,
can I grab a quick word, please?

-Yeah, of course.

♪ At the end of the night
She walks by my side ♪

♪ She tells me I'm such
A good friend ♪

♪ And she loves me ♪

♪ Oh, I love her ♪

-Hey, is everything alright?
-I'm gonna ask you something.

And I want you to be
completely honest with me.

Look, if people
have secret houses,

that's their business. I--

What, no, no. Uh, Bryce mate,

I wanted to ask
if you'd be my best man?

Me? Your-- your best man?

Yeah, I mean, I know, it's--
it's a rush job.

But none of my family or friends
could make it in time.


And I mean, there's no time
like the present, Right?

Especially, when love is
knocking at the door.

You just go for it, right?

-Oh yes!

Brilliant! Good man.

Best man.

♪ Your smile brings
A feeling so familiar ♪

♪ Like the summer sky
With flowers lined in silver ♪

♪ Someday when my walls
Are down ♪

♪ I'll raise my eyes
From off the ground ♪

♪ You find the words
I've never found ♪

♪ I've planned out the words
I'd say ♪

♪ Got 15 drops ♪

♪ In a hundred ways I love ♪

♪ I love you ♪

♪ So I breathe in slow
And hold my tongue ♪

♪ When you call my phone ♪

♪ You found someone
In your heartbeat ♪

♪ As long as your heart beats ♪

-[birds chirping]

♪ Everything's ready ♪

♪ Snowflakes are falling ♪

♪ Snowing just here in May ♪

♪ But all I really want
Is you ♪

♪ All I really want is you ♪

♪ All I really want is you ♪

♪ Just waiting
For one less thing ♪

♪ But I'm waiting for you ♪

♪ Just waiting for you ♪

♪ And now I'm seeking
All my wishes ♪

♪ On the sh**ting stars ♪

♪ Got mistletoe ready ♪

♪ Waiting for my arms ♪

♪ I can't get enough sleep ♪

♪ Until you're next to me ♪

♪ All I really want is you ♪

♪ All I really want is you ♪


Hey, you're up early.

It's the big day.


A lot to think about.

Yeah, I can only imagine.


Josh and I found this bridge
in middle school.


People had just started
leaving locks to declare

their undying love.

And I thought it was silly.

Of course,
Josh thought it was perfect.

So, he held up his bike lock

and said, "Will you
be my best friend forever?"

Of course, I told him that's
not what the locks are for,

but he insisted that they were.

And I said yes.


Well, the next day at school
his bike was stolen.


[both chuckles]

After that...

he walked me home
every day until we graduated.

I think I'm losing
my best friend.

Well, the lock says forever.

Yeah, but let's be honest.

Does forever ever really last?

I think it can,
if you want it to.



This is amazing, Sarah.

We're just waiting
for the Officiant to check in.

Hey, have you seen Madison?

She's handling the talent.

Ooh, this is really happening.

I'm getting married.

-Ooh, I'm getting married.

-Deep breaths, deep breaths.


Everything's gonna be fine.

See? All better.

[Harper taking deep breaths]

Maddie, I am doing
the right thing, right?

What? I thought you warmed
your feet up last night.


how do you know for sure?

For sure.

Few things in life
are certain, honey.

Love is uncertain.

It requires a leap of faith.

But when you reach
solid ground.

When you truly love someone
and they love you back,

you just know.

-[knocks on door]
-Come in.

Hey uh, Madison,
can I borrow you for a minute?


I'm so sorry to interrupt,

but there's something
I need to ask you

and it just can't wait
another minute.

Well, if it isn't my favorite
Hollywood power couple.

-Not now, Larry.

Okay. Um...

Bad news.
The Officiant's sick.

-Food poisoning.

We need to find someone

who can perform
this wedding ASAP.

Well, your search is over.

I'm ordained
by the power vested in me

by the Church
of the World Wide Web.

Is there anyone else
who can do it?

-Please don't mess this up.
-What? What?

Harper, you're on in three.

Bryce, let's get
Father Larry here set up.

It's go time, people!

-[indistinct chatter]

I'm proud of the person
you've grown up to be.

Thank you, dad.

You're sure
this is what you want?


It's time to go.


Dearly beloved,

we are gathered here today
to join this man

and this woman
in holy matrimony.

Love is a sacred thing.

It needs to be tended to,
like an orchid.

We search for it.

We fight for it.

-Sometimes, we pay for it.

But I digress.

It's this special moment

when you find the person
that you want to

spend the rest
of your life with.

And if that person happens
to be your best friend

or your partner in crime,
hold onto them.

-I love you.
-I love you, too.

Marriage only ends in divorce
or death.

So, let's pray for death,

[all laugh]

Now, if anyone thinks
that these two

should not get married,

speak now
or forever hold your peace.

It's now or never, son.

Going once...

Great, let's hear some vows!

-Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa

-I got you. I got you.
-[guests gasp]


Maddie, it's a sign.

He didn't bend his knees,

Hey. Hello?


-Okay. [sighs]

What happened?

Noah, you fainted.

Are you okay?

Oh, well, my pride is bruised,

but I don't think
anything else is.

Wait, are we married yet?


Since we were 13,

I've been scared that
I was gonna lose you.

I can't let you go
without telling you how I feel.

I love you...

and I will love you...


Well, I love you
infinity plus one.



Any woman would be so lucky
to have you.

You're handsome and kind.

A life with you
is an adventure.

You-- you--

You're a lemon scone.


Darling, don't do this.

Marry me.

We can have summers in--
in the country.

Winters in the mountains.

Every day, something new
and exciting.

Our life together
will be wonderful

I know.

It would be.

But I realized...

it's not the life that I want.

What I want...

what would make me...

truly happy every single day...

is an almond croissant.

Well then, I'll um...

take up baking lessons.

Doesn't come
as a total surprise,

if I'm completely honest.

I could see it
in that dance video.

Right, then.

Well, that didn't go
as planned.



Um, Harper Belle.


Would you do me the honor

of becoming
Mrs. Harper Porter?

Josh Porter,

I think you know me
well enough

to know I'm keeping
my last name.

[guests chuckle]


So, is that a yes?


We were hoping you two
would come to your senses.



We have the bride
and we have a new groom.

[guests applaud]

-Do you?
-Yeah, I do.

Do you?

I do.


Now, by the authority
vested in me

for some reason,

I pronounce you husband
and wife.

Let's see you kiss.

[guests applaud]

Oh, come on!
Kiss for real!


Ooh! Yeah!

[guests cheer]


♪ Most of all I love you ♪

♪ More than this I need you ♪

♪ I dream of you all day long ♪

♪ I'm just like a child ♪

♪ I'm a saint ♪

♪ Most of all I try to ♪

♪ Keep your heart
And give you mine ♪

♪ I'm so sad it's time
To confess ♪

♪ I missed the boat
To happiness ♪

Well, this weekend didn't go
exactly as planned.

In two days, my sister
got engaged to one guy

and then married
her best friend.


♪ I would give anything ♪

Timing is everything.

I missed you so much.

Mm, can never spend that
much time apart ever again?


whatever life puts
in front of us,

I wanna face it with you.

-Madison, I--

but we've got a problem.
The band's singer seems

to have hit the open bar
too hard.

Any ideas, Bryce?

Oh, it's a shame
that Australian fellow

that bought this vineyard
isn't here to save the day.


Would you excuse me
for a minute?



Thank you.

Hey. [clear throat]

Excuse me,
I'm gonna jump on in here.

Guys, we're gonna just uh,
full punch it, right?

-Pull along, here we go.
-[guests applaud]

Speech! Speech!

But make it short.

Well uh, cheers
to the happy couple.

I'm so glad that
you risked it all.

And I really don't like
singing in public,

but Madison...
this one's for you.

Thank you.


[guests applauding]

♪ Have yourself
A merry little Christmas ♪

♪ Let your heart be light ♪

Who knew he could sing?

♪ From now on our troubles
Will be... ♪

♪ Out of sight ♪

♪ Mmmm ♪

♪ Have yourself
A merry little Christmas ♪

♪ Make the yule-tide gay ♪

♪ From now on your troubles ♪

♪ Will be miles away ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Here we are as in olden days ♪

♪ Happy golden days of yore ♪

♪ Faithful friends
Who are dear to us ♪

♪ Then gather near to us
Once more ♪

Looks like we're winning

the Christmas Caroling Contest
next year.

The Vetters don't stand
a chance.

[Faye chuckles]

♪ Through the years
We all will be together ♪

♪ If the fates allow ♪


Wanna share a slice of cake?

Merry Christmas.

♪ Hang a shining star
Upon the highest bough ♪

♪ So have yourself
A merry little Christmas ♪

♪ Have yourself
A merry little Christmas ♪

♪ So have yourself ♪

♪ A merry little Christmas now ♪

[guests cheer, applauds]

Sarah needs to see you
in the back of the room.

Okay, time
for the bouquet toss.

[crowd cheering]

All you single ladies,
you want to participate,

gather up here
if you want to.

Here we go, here we go,
here we go.

Very nice, very nice.

Ooh, looking good.
Here we go.

Drum roll tide.

[drum rolling]

Oh man, she really
wants this moment to last,

don't she?

I'm ready to let it go.

[drum rolling]

[woman gasps]


The whole shebang.


Madison Belle,
will you marry me?

Say yes already!

Yes, yes, yes!

-[Madison cheers]
-[Bryce laughs]



Are you crying?

I just love love.



♪ It doesn't get any better
Than this ♪

♪ Like walking in the sunshine ♪

♪ Listen to your favorite song ♪

♪ It doesn't get any better
Than this ♪

♪ Like that Friday feeling ♪

♪ Party all weekend long ♪

♪ It doesn't get any better
Than this ♪

♪ Holding hands
With your lover ♪

♪ And you never want another ♪

♪ 'Cause you really
Really love her ♪

♪ You gotta do what makes
You feel good ♪

♪ Feel good ♪

♪ And if you do,
You gotta let it go, go ♪

♪ You gotta do what makes you
Feel good ♪

♪ Feel good ♪

♪ And if you do,
You gotta let it go, go, go ♪

♪ You gotta do what makes you
Feel good ♪

♪ Feel good ♪

♪ And if you do,
You gotta let it go, go ♪

♪ You gotta do what makes you
Feel good ♪

♪ Feel good ♪

♪ And if you do,
You gotta let it go, go, go ♪

♪ It doesn't get any better
Than this ♪

♪ The smell
Of your favorite flower ♪

♪ Making on top
Of the hill ♪

♪ It doesn't get any better
Than this ♪

♪ Like riding
A roller coaster ♪

♪ If you like
Chasing it through ♪

♪ It doesn't get any better
Than this ♪

♪ Holding hands
With your lover ♪

♪ And you never want another ♪

♪ 'Cause you really,
Really love her ♪

♪ You gotta do what makes you
Feel good ♪

♪ Feel good ♪

♪ And if you do,
You gotta let it go, go ♪

♪ You gotta do what makes you
Feel good ♪

♪ Feel good ♪

♪ And if you do,
You gotta let it go, go ♪

♪ You gotta do what makes you
Feel good ♪

♪ Feel good ♪

♪ And if you do,
You gotta let it go, go ♪

♪ You gotta do what makes you
Feel good ♪

♪ Feel good ♪

♪ And if you do,
You gotta let it go, go, go ♪

♪ It doesn't get any better
Than this ♪

♪ No, no, no ♪

♪ It doesn't get any better
Than this ♪

♪ It doesn't get any... ♪

Destination wedding,
here we come!

♪ You gotta do what makes you
Feel good ♪

♪ Feel good ♪

♪ And if you do,
You gotta let it go, go ♪

♪ You gotta do what makes you
Feel good ♪

♪ Feel good ♪

♪ And if you do,
You gotta let it go, go, go ♪

So, what exactly
did you promise Zane?



And remember to ring
in the New Year

with our latest release,
Belle Belle.

She's a Charzanenay
that's fresh and crisp.

Hm, you know
you wanna taste it.

You'll love her as much as I do.

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