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Road Trip (2024)

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I can finally climb a mountain
and volcano.

They say it's really beautiful out there.

Our goal is to be there at sunrise,
that's the best time.

Being "early" is unacceptable,
you must be "very early."

We should be on our way
by 1:00 or 2:00 a.m.

so that by 5:00 a.m.,
all we have to do is wait for the sunrise.

Hi, guys! We're going on a road trip!

And we're here at our school
where we all met!

We have so many memories here.

I feel so young again!

We really made a lot of memories here.

Because this was where
we used to hang out.

Right on this spot, with Maricar and Enzo,
the love birds.

And later, I'll introduce Edmund!

Edmund is Gigi's husband. Now, you know!

Let me show you our van, okay?

Here it is.

Check it out.

Nice, right?

Yes, Ma. No need for convoy!


You know, I'll just ride
with my friends, okay?

Yes, Ma. We're leaving at midnight
to avoid traffic.

Less stress.

Okay, Mom, look, I have to go. Okay?


The convoy.

I heard you!

You'll bring all of that?

That's all your luggage?


I can't?

Just go away!

I guess you're still obedient.

So, what's going on?

Oh, my God! It's been so long!

It feels like more than 33 years ago!
Crazy, right?

Do you really need to bring them?


You know, for safety.

I swear, Chiqui.

What's wrong?

Social distancing!

- Stay back.
- Still?

Yeah, not because of COVID,

but for all the, you know, viruses,
hanging out in the air.

It's so scary!

You should stop smoking.

It's bad for your health.

It att*cks your lungs.

If this trip wasn't so important,
I wouldn't even leave the house.

It's so scary. I don't want to get sick!

I even took a home antigen test
to be sure.

I hope all of you did too.

Or am I just overreacting?


You haven't changed a bit, you know that?

Anyway, hang on.

So, how did she die?

It was an accident.

She slipped.

- Sophia.
- Yeah.

I'm not fooling around.

- What's the real reason...
- Why?

Do we have a problem
with people slipping and dying?

Too much.

Oh, my gosh!

I really can't believe it.
It's so shocking!

Here we go.

Besties! I'm here!

Did I make you wait?

I just came from an event!

Guys! It's been ages!


What is it?

Social distancing!

You dropped this.

- Sophia!
- Yes!

- Are you a food vlogger now?
- Why?

You've gotten so fat! It suits you!

You better watch your mouth!

- I swear to God...
- So what? You're offended?

Hey! We're too old
to care about those things!

I'm not.

But tell me...

Was that really the cause of death?


Is that possible?

It is! What part of "she slipped"
don't you get?

Let's get going. It's a long trip.

Let's go.

- Let's go.
- Wait.

You're going to drive?

Can't we just ask
one of my bodyguards to drive for us?

Better yet,
we should just transfer to the other van.

What do you think?

Hang on. I drove this van
all the way from your house, remember?

That means I know how to drive it! Right?

Actually, we can leave your convoy behind.

You've got bodyguards,
a convoy and a luxury van!

Are you a celebrity?

Can we take a selfie with you?

- Really?
- Get the camera!

- You're still... No! Don't!
- Here we go!

Let's move on. Enough!

Hey! Lighten up!

Sophia, don't cancel the convoy.

If you do, Madam Chiqui's parents

might drag her daughter back home
even though she's 47!

Wouldn't that be embarrassing?

Stellar's right.

Is it such a hassle?

Is it?




They called.


They're asking if we're on the road.

We should go.

Come on. By the way,
I've got our itinerary planned out.

I'm going to sh**t my vlog
so we're gonna have stopovers.

Also, we can talk freely...

Because you've planned it all out.


She'll go crazy if we're a minute behind.

That's so amazing. Imagine this.

You're a vlogger, you have work
at the construction office.

Don't tell me,
they dumped more work on you?

Are you still managing your old house?

Managing the house,

taking care of my mom, my sister,
yes, I'm managing all of it.

So let me drive. Driving relaxes me.

- Okay?
- Let her do what she wants.

If she wants to drive, then let her drive!

Drive us crazy!

Drive us nuts.

Witty! I love that! Get in.

- Let's go! All aboard!
- Just follow us, okay?

Whatever happens, stay right behind us.

- Don't overtake us.
- Madam! Leave it!

I'm giving them instructions!

Make sure you stay close!

Are they stupid or something?

- That's all they have to do.
- Just to be clear!

- Cut it out! It's too damn early.
- I know!

She's so fussy!

My God! It's so hot!

We just turned the AC on.

Let's go!

Look at this one.

I hate you!

When did you take these photos?

It's so obvious Edmund and I
were staring at each other.

Do you really think Sophia
doesn't know about you and Edmund?

Besides, it's over between them.

She dumped him, remember?

Don't worry about it.

Look at this.

- Tocino for you.
- Hey!

I think I'm good.

You're always giving me tocino.

- I'll pass this time.
- But it's your favorite.

That's why Mom and I make them for you.

Thanks. You're too sweet.
Were you waiting?

Do you have your records yet?

Your cards.

We dropped by UST
to check the requirements.

I thought we're all going to UP?

Well, just in case Enzo
doesn't pass the entrance exam.

That's why I invited Maricar
to try another school.

Anyway, I'll go hang out with my friends.

See you.

Are those your pictures, Frances?

Let me see!

OMG! I cannot believe this!

It's just a coincidence.

I look fat from this angle.

And my makeup looks weird.

Do you have a picture of me with

the Most Outgoing and Best
in Extracurricular Activities award?

I haven't developed it yet.

Too bad.

She didn't even notice.

Notice what?

The way you're looking at Edmund?

I think everyone can see that.

You already know?

Well, I had a hunch.

But based on your reactions,
now, I'm sure.

- Guys!
- Sophia!


- Where were you?
- Tocino.

Thanks, but we still have some at home.

But more is better.

I have it too.

Guess what?

I have our list of expenses for Mt. Pulag!

It's really happening!

My God! This is it!

Mt. Pulag is 9,606 feet above sea level.

Third highest mountain in the Philippines.

Here we go, Little Miss Writer.

- Hello, guys!
- Chiqui!

I so, like, miss you.

I have so much news.

Guess who we bumped into at business class

on our flight back
to the Philippines last week?

- President Corazon Aquino?
- No.

- Sharon Cuneta?
- No.

Sorry to disappoint you guys,

but it's German Moreno!

Also known as Kuya Germs!

- Kuya Germs? From That's Entertainment!
- Yes.

And he's signed me
to be part of That's Entertainment.

I'm officially a part
of That's Entertainment!

Wednesday edition!

By the way, guys!

I bought us all these.

I'm sorry, Frances, but that's Sophia's.

- Sorry.
- Yes, so sorry.

I totally forgot
that you're part of the group now.

I just got so used to just the four of us.

But don't worry.

I'll get you one soon.

You'll be coming with us
to Mt. Pulag, won't you?

- Yeah.
- Yes!

And by the way, my mom has planned
all our itineraries.

And we even have a tour guide to guide us.

All we have to do is go, go, go!

But we already asked Sophia
to take care of it.

Well, I just don't think that

you have the time
and resources to do this.

That's why my mom did it.

But Madam Chiqs, Boss Sophia's on it.

I already worked on the itinerary.

With you, we'll have to shell out cash.
With Mom, she'll pay for everything.

That settles it then.

Why don't we take the free trip?

It'll make our lives easier.
They even hired a tour guide.

How about we combine your efforts?

So no one's hurt.

Come on!

Let's not impose too much on Madam.

I know why you're kissing up to Chiqui.

You want her to introduce you
to Kuya Germs.

Kuya Germs? Why?

She's always wanted to be a celebrity,
to get onto That's Entertainment.

Her only problem, she has no connections.

And you b*at her to it.

- Now look, she's so jealous.
- I'm not jealous!

I'm happy for Chiqui!
Stop stirring something up!

She doesn't have to kiss up to me.

- It's your fault!
- Don't you know me?

I share everything with you guys.

I'm not the type of person
to brag about money or connections.

This isn't about your money.
That wasn't the point.

I know why you're trying
to stay on Sophia's good side.

Because you're dating Edmund.

- What?
- Why did you say that?

- So?
- Why didn't you let Gigi tell her?

I know it looks bad but...

It's okay. No problem.


Why are you apologizing?

We broke up.

Why do you sound like you regret it?

Don't. It's what you wanted.

That sounded like a thr*at to me.

Can you not stir up trouble?

I'll pick a fight with you,
but never with Gigi.

What are you trying to say?
That I'm breaking us up?

Give me a break.

I never did anything like that.

If you'd rather pay for the trip,
then go ahead.

I hope you choke on your pride.

- So you can bring your boyfriend?
- So what if I will?

And make Chiqui pay for him too? Right?

How about applying to a different school
just to be with Enzo?

We all agreed on going to UP.


- You're applying to a different school?
- Yeah.

We won't all be together?

Stop crying!

Don't take your anger out on me.

Stop playing it cool.

I don't believe you're not affected
by Gigi and Edmund.

I'm not!

Because I'm not like you
who cries over unimportant matters.

Sorry for being a crybaby.

Sorry for ruining your plans.

Beep me for whatever.

What happened?

Nothing. Let's just go.

I guess my friends are too good for me.


Just message me.

Hurry up. So annoying.

Let's not fight about this.

At this rate, we might not
go on the trip at all.

We should do this ASAP.

Israel began its m*llitary campaign
in Gaza in the wake of Hamas' att*cks,

where 1,200 people were k*lled.


We're on our way to the dead,
and it's all death on the news.

Wait, girls.
Would somebody confirm it for me?

Was that really the cause of death?

- It really was.
- It really was.

Actually, she called me recently,
but I was really busy.

We went out last year.

We meant to do it again
but our schedules never matched.

Does one of us really have to die
for us to meet?

I guess so.

Too bad, we always cancelled our plans.

We got caught up in our own worlds.

How are the kids?

Madam! Your kids, their names are...

Ethan and Emma, right?

They're okay.

- They're in New Zealand.
- Fancy!

They're attending school there
and will be applying for residency.

It's good for them. Away from politics.

My husband's always called away
to the province.

Wow, he must be very busy.

We make most out of our time together.

More like you "make out" most of the time.

Oh, my gosh! That's so embarrassing!

But, you know, seriously,

he's such a loving husband,
a great father.

I can't ask for anything more.

That was so clichéd.


Do we look like your fans or something?

You should not lie to us!
Tell it like it is!

What about you, Stellar?

When are you going to have kids?

You've been with that guy for so long.

- What's his name again?
- Enzo.

Yeah, isn't it time you have children?

Don't tell me you're prioritizing
your career over family.

Your biological clock's ticking.

- True!
- This just might be your gateway

to earning the favor of Enzo's family.


It's just us here!

We won't tell anyone!

Fine, I'm preggy!

- What?
- I'm pregnant!


What now? Earlier, you wouldn't shut up!


- Congratulations!
- Congrats!

How far along are you?

Seven weeks.

- Wow!
- Wow!

So first trimester.

Wait, are you sure
you're allowed to travel?

They say the first trimester's
a delicate time.

Especially at your age!

Wait a minute.

Will you be able to climb a mountain?

She has a point.

- Your turn, boss.
- What?

- Why aren't you married yet?
- Marry who?

- Boyfriend?
- Nope.

- Really?
- I swear!

What's the problem?

- Are you a lesbian?
- No!

- Then what are you?
- Busy! I'm busy!

Hey! Answer the call. Grab my phone.

Yes! We're on our way.

I'm with them now. Yes.


Guys, we're on a tight schedule.
We have a funeral to get to.

Your damn schedule again.
Can we take it easy?

The dead aren't going anywhere.

You sure?

Girls, I so need this break, okay?

I need some rest!

Mom keeps laying these tasks on me.

And the things my husband can't do,
I'm supposed to do that too.


Edmund and I...

- Oh, sh*t!
- Oh, my gosh!


The road's uneven. Sorry!

- I didn't see it.
- Be careful!

Sophia, I get it.

My bad.

Girls, is it okay if I nap?

Go ahead! Sleep.


Want me to put on some music?

Whatever you like.

- Or you wanna just chat?
- Either way.

Whatever I like?

Hey! That's our song!

I remember that.

And touch the rainbow in the sky

I can be your good friend

I can love you

Until the end

Roses. She loves them.

Sure, but let's just buy them there.

It'll wilt during the trip.

Remember, we're going to Benguet.

There's lots of flowers.

Full t*nk.

- Wait. Please use my card!
- Give it to me.

You might cry if I don't use it.
Give it here.



Hey. Shouldn't we buy food
to take to Mt. Pulag?


Wait! I brought lots of food!

I brought sandwiches, fruits, juice.
It's all there!

Right here, in the other van.

Because I know a supplier
who operates nearby.

I can give them a call
and have them set up a table for us.

- Yeah.
- Set up a table?

At Mt. Pulag?

They're supposed to climb up?

Besides, didn't President Duterte

declare the mountain
a protected landscape? Correct?

Sounds like your marriage.

Protected landscape, declared by parents.

Hey! You meanie!

- You're such a meanie.
- What's the big deal?

No, we're not setting up tables.
None of that.

It's just us, us and the partner.

Just the closest of friends. That's it.

So we're supposedly close?
Why did we never make time to hang out?

That's right.

Yes, we were close.

Super close.

We should have made plans much earlier.

We could have prevented her from slipping.

How? Were you the one who pushed her?

I'm gonna go pee.

Who's coming?

I'll come!

Come on.


Does your back hurt?

- Enzo?
- Come on, love. Easy, now.

Thank you, hon.

Hey! Why are you crying?

Hey, not here.


Sorry, I can't help it.

She should have been here with us.


She's the one who was
really looking forward to this.

You know, the last time we saw each other,
it was at the Christmas reunion.

You and Sophia couldn't make it.

It was just me...

and Frances and Gigi.

I promised her that night
that we'd go on this trip.

But here we are.

That night,
all we did was laugh and laugh.

What were you laughing about?

- You.
- Me?

And Sophia.

Because you were always bickering.

Remember that time

when somebody called you ugly
and you got hurt?

You were so upset.

And Sophia, naturally,
confronted your bully.

She gave her hell.

And remember when Gigi
was being bullied by our schoolmate?

Forcing her to do her group work.

Gigi couldn't do anything about it!

And Sophia, bossy as ever,
walked up to the girl, fuming!

Gigi and the girl made up soon after,
but Sophia,

her anger wouldn't let up
until just ten years ago.

They bumped into each other.

She was still mad at her.

Remember that?

Yeah. I heard about that.
Frances told me those stories.

Gigi wasn't there.

I'd just returned from New Zealand
at the time.

What happened to us?


Why were we never together again?

But you know what?

She was a good friend.

She was always there for me.

Whenever I needed someone to talk to,
she was always there.

She was a good listener.

I remember we had this one conversation.

She couldn't get a word in.

I was telling her how I'd made up my mind
about going to med school.

You know, I just kept talking
and talking the whole night.

I kept on crying.

And then after that,
I put down the phone, I said my goodbyes.

Then it occurred to me
that I never once heard her speak.

Like now?

Kind of.

I'm looking for something.

Oh, my gosh!

Be more careful.


So rude!


So, this is the plan.

We'll go to the souvenir shop.
They know we're coming.

After that,
we'll take pictures on the highway.

Just to get the vlog thing over with.
You know?

Nobody told me about the call time!

Surely we're not here so you can vlog.

No. I'm just squeezing it in.

It would be a waste
if we didn't document this trip, right?

- "Document"?
- Yeah.

You want to document it.

- Let's document.
- Looks perfect, right?

Come here. Let's document this.

- Look here.
- What are you doing?

There. Smile.

There you go.

Here's your picture.

Label it "SCTEX."

Okay? Let's take another one.


There you go.

Slap a different location on it.

It's all documented.

- You're pissing me off! Seriously!
- So what?

- You're so annoying!
- Boss, don't sweat it.

She's just being hormonal.

Maricar, your body's going through
some hormonal changes.

So please, let's just be, you know, happy!

We haven't seen each other in a long time.
We shouldn't be squabbling.

Fighting will not help.

I can't believe
you're acting like children.

Let's just be patient with one another.

For your information, right now,
her estrogen is first stimulated by hCG

and then later by the placenta.

Her estrogen helps...



Why are you laughing?

Whatever happened to you being a doctor?

I thought you took up psychology
for premed.

Let me guess.

Your parents were against it.

- It's not that.
- Then what?

Because I got into acting, remember?

Then I got married.

Besides, I don't think
I'm cut out for medicine.

- I'm squeamish!
- Really, now?

I'm hungry.

Let's eat first.

- Pregnant!
- My tummy's rumbling!

- Let's go.
- Let's go.

Let's go!

Strange, isn't it?

We haven't seen each other in so long.

Remember that time we got into a fight

because someone
was picking on Madam Chiqui?

Probably thought she was obnoxious.

Do you remember
when Stellar lost her teeth

when she crashed into a wall?

She flew into a rage.

Do you remember?

You're old, all right?

How could you forget?

But, guys...

Thank you for this trip.

We should stop by a church.

We're going to pass a lot of churches.

Don't forget that
we're only passing through.

We don't need to stop.
Otherwise, we're not gonna get there.

You'll be in trouble with Gigi!
She'll be upset.

Stopping again?
Are we going somewhere again?

Hey, calm down.

Baby needs it.

We'll eat here.

No more stops after this.



- Get rid of your convoy.
- What?

Wait, what should I say?

What if they tell my mom?
She won't like that.

Just tell them
to buy flowers for the dead.

That's it!


Where will they buy them?

Right now we're...

- In Dangwa.
- Dangwa?

- Dangwa.
- Okay.

Wait. I'll just tell them.



She doesn't know where Dangwa is?

Can you buy flowers?

- The prettiest ones, okay?
- Yes, ma'am.

I want the most beautiful.

Follow us inside.

Yeah, okay.

Buy them in Dangwa.

We're here.

Who should I talk to
about the exchange deal?





Okay. Thank you.

Thank you.



They have good breakfast here.

Don't be like that.

Don't worry.

They have your favorite here.

Do you remember tocino?

They have a similar recipe to what
Gigi used to give you in high school.

That was your favorite, remember?

- Honestly?
- Yeah.

- I actually don't like tocino.
- What?

But Gigi would light up
whenever I ate her mom's recipe.

That's why I kept eating.


- Really?
- Yeah.

Since high school till now

I haven't eaten tocino.

I got sick of it.

Me too.

But now?

I miss the tocino.

Me too.

Let's smoke.


- Wait. We can't!
- What?

- Why?
- I have followers here.

They'll see me. We can't smoke yet.

We're just going to smoke, not take dr*gs!

- Okay. Wait.
- Yeah?

We really can't. You're pregnant.

Oh, yeah.

I forgot. I'm still not used to it.

Fine, I'm going to the restroom.

Did you get rid of your convoy?

I told them to buy flowers in Dangwa.

Right, they might take a while.
Come on, let's eat.

Let me kiss that baby.


Long time no see!

How are you?

Where are you off to?

Who are they?


My love...

My high school friends.

This is the first time I'm meeting them.


How dare you?

You're two-timing two pregnant women?

Don't make a scene. What...

What are you talking about?

Who's pregnant?

Our friend. And her.

What's going on?

My love, I'm not two-timing anyone.
Come on, my love.

You're disgusting.

Don't play the victim!

Don't act innocent!

You son of a bitch!

If you wanna scratch that itch,
chug some skin cream!

You stupid dickhead!

- Bastard!
- Oh, my God! Please!

Can you keep it down? It's embarrassing.
People are staring at us.

What's this, Enzo?

Understandable. Please continue.

I don't care!

You bastard!

Disgusting pig!

You're such a pig, you probably
have Australian swine flu!

What are you talking about?

What is this, Enzo?

What's this about?

I'm not doing anything wrong.

- I swear.
- Oh, my gosh!

- What? Really?
- I can't...

- I can't believe this.
- What is this?

Of course not!

- Oh, no!
- Oh, my gosh!

What's happening here?


Time is ticking.

Come on, talk to us.

Please don't cry.

It's bad for the baby.
Don't be sad anymore.

I'm not pregnant.

But Enzo?

How do I say this?

This is what I was avoiding.

All the talking.

I'm barren.

A few months after graduation,
we found out that...

I can't bear children.

Despite that, we still got married.

We lived together in the States.

We were good.

Until the arguments became frequent.

Because of my insecurity that I...

That I can't have children.

Not to mention his mother,
who never let me hear the end of it.

Eventually, I decided to divorce him.

I knew how much he wanted children.

So I just disappeared.

I came back to the Philippines.

Then he got married again.

We met again.


And I became his mistress.

It was wrong.

I knew it was wrong.

But I love him so much.

And he loves me too.

I feel like he got shortchanged.

We weren't complete.


So you think I'm incomplete because
I don't have kids either?

Choosing not to have children is different

from not being able to.

Why didn't you tell us?

I thought we were friends.

We were.

But when we don't see each other,

stopped talking to each other...

Not anymore.

Did any one of us
really make an effort to get together?

And now you ask me what happened?

A lot of things happened.

Too many.

And I know

a lot of things happened to you too.


Madam Chiqui's been coughing nonstop.

Can you check on Madam?


Are you okay?

Maybe we should take her to the hospital,
to the ER.

Can you hear yourself?

You want to take her
to a provincial hospital?

- Yeah.
- Where she might get tetanus

or much worse?

You know how they are, low budget.

The gloves, recycled.

In our province, hospitals are good.

Because there's always money
allocated for them.

And I'm sure, the politicians
get a big chunk of that money.

Please have some respect.

Stop that. She's already sick.

I'm just joking.

Are there hospitals or clinics here?

How are we gonna spot a hospital
along the highway?

I know what we should do.

- Let's call her convoy.
- Yeah.

And I'm sure they'll call Madam's mother.

That's the solution.

They'll do something about it.

- Right?
- Don't!

- Don't!
- Why not?

No way!

- Don't.
- Don't.

Don't overreact.

And don't call the convoy, please.

I'm sure they'll call my mother.

And all of you will be in trouble.

You won't hear the end of it.

Besides, don't forget,
we're here to visit the dead.

Sweet of you to think about the dead
before yourself.

You know what?

My vlog will make you famous.

I have so many followers.

Who said I wanted to be famous?

Come on.
You've always wanted to be famous.

Girls! Keep it down!

I'm sleeping!

Isn't it beautiful?

This is what you should be vlogging.

There's no need.

There are some things
better kept as memories.

I can't vlog while driving.

Why don't you hold the camera?

- Me?
- Yeah.

No way. I don't know how.
I might break it.

Please. You'll enjoy the view much better
if you hold the camera and vlog it.

No. It's your vlog, you do it.


You're so noisy! I'm sleeping, remember?

And I'm so hungry, can we eat yet?


I can't see...

Lion! There!

One, two, three, smile!

- Go, ladies!
- Smile!

I'm with my friends right now!

- Hi!
- Isn't this fun?

- Hey.
- We're having so much fun. Look.

- Hi!
- That's enough.

Just a sec.

Please. Let's take more pictures.

One, two, three!

Happy now?

Mother, Father, I want bread

Sister, brother, I want coffee

You're gonna do everything I ask you to

Make a mistake and I'll pinch you!

Hi, guys!

We're here at Ambuklao Dam!

Look! It's so nice!

It's beautiful, isn't it?

There, see? So pretty.


It's so beautiful here.

You can see nature and all that, right?
It's so fun.

Let's go to the other side.

And, of course, these are my friends.



- What?
- Hold this for me.

- What are we doing?
- Let's take selfies.

Yes! Of course!

- Game.
- Okay, here.

Here we go.

- Here, okay.
- Okay?

Okay, game.


- All right.
- Go!

One, two, three!

Great picture, look!

- So nice!
- So clear!

Even the sky.

- There!
- Yay!

There we go.

- So many.
- So good.

- Guys!
- It's beautiful here.

- Guys!
- Yes?

I just want to say, this place is amazing.

This is great. We're doing fantastic.

- You know what would be better?
- What?

Hold this.

That's yours, isn't it?

- It's heavy.
- I didn't know it was heavy.

- Yeah.
- You might break it, right?

Yeah, I might drop it or something.

This is a dam.

Okay, sorry.

Thanks. I really appreciate all this.

- Truly.
- Anytime.

We enjoyed ourselves. This was fun.

Guys. Could we please eat?

Some real food?

Does anyone have any candy or mint?

Because my throat is kind of ouchie,
like, it itches.

You know?

Don't overreact.

It's probably because I'm tired
from all the temperature changes.

- Hang on.
- What?

- I just wanna say I had fun.
- I'm so glad!

- Here we are, doing cute poses.
- Fun, right?

We're together.

Do you remember?

We took so many pictures.

And we had to get them developed.

- Where are all our pictures?
- I kept some of them.

But the ones from our senior year
are with Frances.

I'm sure she kept them.

They'll turn up if we want them,
just like this trip.

It's a shame
if we never see those pictures.

We were so young!


Where should we eat?

Could we go somewhere with no people?

Well, you know, the fans, social media.

- Wow.
- Please?

What if we go back to Manila
and eat at your house?

No. This is what we're gonna do, okay?

We have sandwiches in the van.

- Yeah?
- That's it.

There's no people.

We'll be the only ones there.


Also, we're so near.

Just a little more.
Let's pig out when we get there!

There it is! It's calling us!

- What is it?
- It's saying, "Let's go back to the van!"

- Let's go!
- Let's go!

Let's go!

Come on!

There you go.

- You've had your fill?
- Yeah.

I don't wanna hear another word
about you being hungry.

This is it. Dessert.

The entire trip, you've been hungry.

I hope this is our last stop.

Let's go after this.

Oh, no, not yet.

Wait. There's more.

There's more?

No, listen. Just to check all the boxes.

We need it for the vlog.

- Yup. I knew it.
- What?

Flat tire.

It's dangerous.
If we keep going, it might burst.

Out of all the places,
we get a flat tire here.

Pretty sure this wasn't part of the plan.

Oh, no.

This is your fault.

If you hadn't told the convoy
to buy flowers,

they could be helping us right now.

Can't we call them?

Nope. Dead spot.

No service at all.

Oh, my gosh.

It's so scary here.

What if there are bats or wild pigs?

Oh, my gosh, we might
become the first cases

of Nipah virus in the Philippines!

I don't want that to happen.
I don't want to die!

Oh, my gosh, Gigi,
do you know how to change a tire?

Chiqui, calm down!

You're scaring yourself.

Calm down.


Miss Know-It-All didn't even check

if we have a spare tire, a jack or tools.

Hold it right there.

First of all, this isn't my vehicle.
It's hers.

Another thing, you've been on my case
this entire trip!

Wait, can you please not fight?

Also, you're the one
with the endless itinerary.

You planned everything,
yet you didn't plan for flat tires.

Wait a second, the plan doesn't have
anything to do with this flat tire!

Won't the tire get flat
after all we've been to?

It's not the itinerary's fault
the tire gave out!

- You didn't even check...
- That's enough.

...if we had a spare tire!

- This was an accident.
- Enough.

If we'd prepared, we'd have a spare.

- There's a guy!
- That's enough.

- Help!
- Cut it out.

- Chiqui!
- What?

Get out of the way.

- Why?
- We don't know anything about them.

- Let's ask for help.
- Is there a problem here?

No, we're not doing anything wrong,
take everything!

We didn't do anything!

You want our phones? Here!

Relax. We man the checkpoint over there.

What happened?

- Could you return these?
- Give it here.

Hey, thanks a lot.

Thank you so much.

I thought I was going to die here.

Is she all right?


Are you okay? You look pale.

She's not feeling well.

But not COVID!

Nor Nipah!

I didn't even think that
until you said it.

Did you fly out of the country?

- No!
- Yes.


- Last year.
- Last week.


- The US!
- Singapore.

Could you stop?

Do you have a fever? Cough?
Any breathing difficulties?


Where are you going anyway?

Mt. Pulag.

You're climbing Mt. Pulag?

No way.

Not allowed at this hour.

Also, take a look at your friend.

You should all get some rest.

Where? Here?

Are there hotels here?

Tell you what, ladies.
You should come stay with us.

I'm not sure if the hotels
are open right now.

Don't worry.

Believe it or not, you're not my type.

And Gabby here? He only has eyes for me.

And our place is close by.

- Our place?
- Yeah.

Fine, let's go.


- Follow us.
- Let's go.


Come in, ladies. Come.

Yes, Ma. I'm fine.

No problem, but can you please
call the convoy instead?

Whose house is this?

- This is Gabriel's.
- All right, bye.

Perfect timing.

Before we left earlier, I cooked.

- Come.
- Really?

Yes, straight ahead.

There. Have a seat.

- Wow.
- Wow!

This is where we eat.

- It's beautiful.
- You're not coming in?

I'm gonna check on your friend.

- You're doing the check-up?
- Yes.

Why? Is this a checkpoint?

I'm also a nurse. I'm all-in-one.

Is Mike... Michael...

- Mike.
- Right.

Why? You like him?

No. Don't worry.

I'm just asking. Don't get jealous.

Don't be silly.

- He's just a friend.
- Please. I saw it.

He's gay and a little weird,
but he's very nice and dependable.

He has his charming little quirks.

Let it go. Come on.

He's a really good cook.

See? You really are into him.





You know, your friend isn't sick at all.

Look at that appetite!

You probably just have low blood pressure.

You need rest and sleep.

That's why we should sleep early
for an early start tomorrow, okay?

I still need to call our guide.

No need, sis.

Gabriel can guide you.

He's a ranger and a mountaineer.


- Yeah!
- That's perfect!

You're all-around too,
like someone I know.

Here, have some more.

Go on.

- I ate so much, sis.
- Me too.

You didn't eat any rice.
Are you on a diet?

I feel full though.

- It's good you ate that much.
- Let's drink.

Wait. What's that?

The drink of a real man!

Hang on.

- I need to call our...
- Sit down.

Around here, it's rude to refuse a drink,
especially in my house.

Just relax.




Here, look.

My gosh!

- Please!
- Look here. All gone.

This is so strong!

- Come on.
- Damn! You can hold your alcohol!

Of course!

Hang on.
Who are you meeting at the summit?

Of all the meeting places, why there?

We're scattering our friend's ashes.

She's from here.

How did she die again?

She slipped.


Does she know she slipped?


I don't know.


Hey, sis.

Have you ladies
always wanted to climb Mt. Pulag?

Sis, it's so beautiful there.

It's like paradise.

Yeah, since we were kids.

Am I really the one you want to chat with?

What? Why not? Also...

You're the only one here who's not busy.

I don't know.

I'm just not used to being
the first one noticed.

Well, if you feel left out,
why do you stay around them?

They never made me feel left out.

Ever since we were young,
I was always the quiet one.

And if we talk all at once,
will anyone listen?

Look at us.
We're so different from each other.

But it's okay
because we all need one another.

Like in a relationship,
there's interdependence

for it to work.

What a beautiful answer
to a very simple question!

I was only waiting for something like,
"It's none of your business!"

That too.

Aren't you an actress?

Yeah, you're on PikPok.
You're that lady who always dies.

All the roles you play always die.

Hit by a car, fell, sh*t, ex*cuted,
overdosed on dr*gs.

In the latest one,
you fought over some cheap rice.

Dead! You're so talented.

- So good.
- That's enough. Okay, fine.

I always play roles where I die.

But at least you're updated.

Do you wanna take a selfie?

Maybe later. We're drinking.


Wait a second.

How did you know the cause of death?

Frances' partner called me.

And Edmund.

Oh, my gosh!

You mean to say, all this time,
you were in communication?

How fishy.

Hey. Stop that. It's not like that.

He just saw my number
in the guest list for the book launch.

That's all.

And you're the only one he called?

What really happened
between you and Edmund?

Guys, stop that. It's not like that.

Believe me.

- You want the truth?
- Yeah.

I don't regret
that they ended up together.

Because they were...

perfect for each other. Right?

We were not a great match.

First of all, he's scared of me!

One mean look and he folds.

But with our friend, he...


And his smile, it was different.
And his laugh.

He was in love!

You could really feel how happy they were.

That's probably the most beautiful gift
I could give her.

Isn't it?

You know, all this time,
I thought you dumped him.

And Gigi was just a rebound.

That's her ego.

But really, she's the one who got dumped.


Think what you like.

You know, I'm only avoiding
any misunderstanding with her.

The truth is I just want a quiet life.

And I'm a loyal friend.

Do you remember our pact?

- Yeah!
- Yes.


We can fight about anything!

Except money and men.

You can share money.

You can't fight over money.

You can't share men.

And you can never fight over men!


Cheers to that!



You're in a love triangle, huh?

We're not! Please.

You and Mike, now that's a match.

I'm kidding. I listened to your story.

I love them.

So many times our great memories saved me.

Interdependence, like you said.


Even back then, they never left me
or treated me differently.

You're a people-pleaser!

Maybe with others.

But with them, I'm not a pleaser.

You know, I believe that every person
is a people-pleaser.

Because we all like it
when people like us.

You know what, sis? You're a good person.
You're going to heaven.

They're my friends
because they're good people.

If you need help,

just say the word and they're there.

I'm sure. I've proven it.

But you have to say it,
that you need a friend.

- Right.
- A confidant.


you have to admit that you need help.

That's beautiful.

We're so alike.
I'm the same way with my friends.

Drink some more.

No thanks.

- I'm okay.
- I'm good, thank you.

I'll call our friends for you, okay?

We're turning in.

Let's go to sleep.

I'm going with her.

- Wait! I'm going with you!
- Good night!

- No.
- You're such a weak drinker.

There's a lot left! We're finishing this.

I'm not a weak drinker.

I'll catch up later.
This guy is challenging me.

It's not like that!

Game. Hurry up.

- Cheers.
- I still have some.

- Cheers.
- Let's finish this.

- She found her match.
- Exactly.


Him? Is that okay?

Excuse me?

Everything cool?

All cool, sis.


Let's go.

It's beautiful here, isn't it?

Overlooking. Right?

That's enough. You're drunk.

I think I'm the only one drinking.
You're cheating.

You know, you're a different
kind of woman.

You're a hard ass.

Not a lot of men are into that.

Do you have a boyfriend?


I'm busy.

Also, if he's not going to be of help,
no thanks.

You have a point.

If he can't make your life easier,
why bother?

You're not looking for a boyfriend.

You need an assistant.


Hang on just a sec.

First, you're wrong.

I'm not looking.


I don't need a man.

I have everything planned.

You just haven't found your match.

That was nice.

No spark though.

Girls? I'm just making sure, okay?

Take a look at boss here. She's hammered!

Suddenly found a partner!

Someone found a boyfriend.

Let her be.

Looks like she hasn't had one
for a long time.

Oh, my gosh!

I'm still annoyed my makeup broke!

It's okay.

You don't need it.
You're pretty even without makeup.

Girls, thank you again
for taking care of me earlier.

It's okay, we're used to it.

You were always sickly.

I have something to tell you, but...

I'll tell you tomorrow.

Why tomorrow?

What if tomorrow never comes?

Why don't you say it now?

By the way, you were so good
in your last movie.

In fairness to you.


I saw that.

You were in that flashback
at the start of the movie.

You were even in the trailer.

It was short, but you had
a very significant role.

Yeah! And your death scene was amazing.

Dramatic. On point.

Is this the one with Sarah Geronimo?


The one that released last month?

- Exactly!
- Yeah!

That's not me.

I have to ask this.

Why do you always die
in the films you're in?

You always have few lines.

Well, they said
they don't like how I talk.

But what can I do?

This is how I talk.

This is my normal voice!

There's nothing wrong with you.

Maybe you don't like what you're doing.

I think it's your mom
who wanted to be an actress.

Do you even want to be an actress?

Hey! Stellar?

- Yeah?
- Feeling better?

Getting there.

What about you, Chiqui?

Are you okay?

I'm not sure.

How about you, Sophia?


I'm okay.

More than okay.

You didn't forget anything?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

You should travel light,
so I put your extra things in the pickup.

All my luggage is light.
I didn't bring a lot.

We're only taking pictures there anyway.

I need this one.

Okay, be careful.

- Aren't you coming with us?
- No. You don't need me anymore.

- Thank you.
- Of course. Take care.

- Gab, take care, okay?
- Thank you.

Welcome to Mt. Pulag National Park.

You're going to one
of the most challenging

protected areas in the Philippines,

so you're expected to be prepared
physically and mentally, okay?

You will be encountering
possible hypothermia in the park

and expect more harsh weather conditions

because the weather in the park
is very unpredictable, okay?

Girls, are you ready?

- We're so ready!
- Ready!


Let me help you with that.

Go on, give it to him.

- Why did you bring so much stuff?
- Okay, thank you.

It'll be too heavy.

- I'm ready!
- Let's go!

- Let's go! Come on.
- Let's go!

- Finally.
- They're waiting.

Yeah. I'm coming.

What am going to do with you?

Come on, pick up your feet!

Bossy as ever!


It's been a while
since I went out alone, by myself.

I mean...

We get it. We really do get it.

I'll carry your things.

- Give it to me. Let me have it.
- I can do it myself. I'm okay.

I'm trying to help you.

The other stuff is your problem.

I can do it.

Wait. How long is the trek?

About three to four hours,
depending on your speed.

Three to four hours?


- Yeah?
- What do I do?

Our stuff is all here.

You know, food and all.

- Okay.
- Let's help her.

- All right, game.
- Here.

What are these?


You brought blankets.

We might get cold. I wanted to share.

Are we staying overnight?

It's for us.

And, look, I brought cup noodles
to warm our bellies.

Where will we get hot water?

- I don't know.
- Whatever. What else is in there?

Here, I have some snacks.

Look, this is healthy.

We might get thirsty.

Juice will only make us thirstier!

- Thank you so much...
- Nougat?


Wow, you even thought of dessert.



At this rate,
we'll be there in five hours.

- We're trying.
- Hang on.

- Come on.
- You're so mean!

We can do this.

Hurry up.

Are you okay?

Hey, be careful. It's slippery there.


Hang on, wait.


My makeup bag!

Check if something broke.

Wait. Hang on.

Her makeup is very important.

- It's broken!
- Oh, no!

Oh, no!


It's gone. Fine! Whatever!

It's broken! It's gone!

- It's okay!
- It's broken.

- Let's go.
- I'm throwing this away.

- Let's go.
- Wait, guys.


I need to pee.

Edit that out.

I need to pee!

Wipes, please.


Thank you.


Wipes and tissue?

- Tissue.
- Of course! I need tissue.

Give me a sec!

Thank you.

Alcohol, please.

- Ouch.
- Sorry.

What's this?

Seriously, you brought an electric fan?

We might need it.
Maybe later it will get warm.

Then we'll have an electric fan.

Wow! Really?


I'm literally sweating!

- What?
- Is that your pee? It's leaking!

- Oh, my God!
- It's your pee!

- Oh, my God! My bag!
- The bag?

My bag fell!

Our supplies!

That bag is expensive!

That bag itself is so expensive.

I know! But our supplies!

- The snacks.
- Let it go!


Can you get the bag from there?

That's way too steep.

Leave it. It's getting late.

I know.

You get the bag yourself.

- Me?
- Yeah. You.

It's far.

Let's go. It's too far.
We'll be late. Leave it.

- Okay, fine.
- Let's go!

Please help me.

- Shame about that bag.
- We don't have snacks.

Snacks? What about your bag?
It's so expensive.

- Come on.
- Ouch.

- Let's go. Let's go.
- Careful, it's slippery.

You're driving me insane.

What can I do? I can't control my bladder.
Where are we?

- Come on.
- My God.

- Ouch.
- Be careful.

My God!

Wait! Where's Sophia?

She went ahead.
She said she can do it. So smug.


Then let's go to her.

- Wait. Guys?
- Yeah?

Can we rest for a while?
Because I'm hungry.

Let's eat later. Come on.

Let's catch up to Sophia.

- Come on.
- Guys, please.

I'm so tired. I want to rest.
And I'm so hungry. Please.

Chiqui, we need to go to Sophia.

She doesn't know anything
about this place.

Let's go.

She can't have gone far.

It's dangerous. It's slippery.

- Come on.
- Wait. Slippery?


I need to eat because I need energy!

Later, okay?

We'll stop later. Come on.

- Let's go.
- Where is she?

You're so annoying.

- Probably close.
- I'm very tired.

- I'm hungry!
- You're not the only one who's tired!

I'm hungry.
Why don't you want to stop for a bit?


Hey, Sophia!

Why are you there? What happened?


What happened to you?

- Hey.
- I slipped.

I was in a hurry so I slipped.


It's broken.

Won't work.

There's no service here.
I'm waiting for a call.

This is probably broken.

I don't know.

Forgot you were flat-footed.

I'm not flat-footed!

Then clumsy.


You're upset?

Are you upset?

I'm not upset.

- You're not upset?
- No.

- Then why are you crying?
- I'm not crying.


I'm not.

I'm holding back my anger
because you're so annoying!

Because you're all a bunch of babies!

You're so sensitive! So much whining!
You keep complaining!

Someone's waiting for us up there,
so I went ahead, alone!

That's why I slipped, alone!

No one helped me!

I'm so tired!

- Babies?
- Yes!


Did we ask you to do that?


That's your personality.

You're a control freak.

And you were alone
because you wanted to get ahead.

What happened to you was an accident.

Nobody wanted that.

That's enough.

- Let's go.
- I can do it.


Suit yourself. Why are you so angry?

And you?

Bringing a trolley.
Now look at what happened.

We're fighting.

Trolley. My trolley?

Yes, your trolley.

That was for us.

I brought it for us,
even though it was heavy.

Even if I was carrying so much,
I still brought it for us.

For us?

Maybe for you.

Don't say it was for us.

You've always been like that.

You always need a fallback,
you always need a bodyguard.

Someone to hold your hand,
someone to do your errands.

You always need someone to run to!

That's why you can't decide anything
in your own life!

At least I have a backup.

You? You were a backup.

You're too much!

That's not funny.

- I wasn't being funny.
- You're crossing the line!

- Enough.
- I wasn't being funny!

- You've crossed the line.
- That's enough.

- Cut it out!
- What do you want?

- Enough!
- Hey!

Stop it, you two!

She thinks she's better than everyone!

You're really testing me.

You're so hurtful!

Have some respect for Gigi!

What is wrong with you?

What's wrong with you?

You're so full of yourself!

This whole trip,
we've done nothing but fight!

Damn you!

You're so conceited.

You think your life is great.
You think you're so perfect!

Why? Did I say my life was great?

I'm just telling the truth.

You've seen how messy my life is.

I can't go to anyone for help.

And you? Where were you?

Out there,
busy with your oh-so-perfect lives!

- Perfect?
- Yes!

Perfect? You think my life is perfect?

Just because my family is rich?

Just because my life is so comfortable?

You think my life is perfect?

Yes, my parents love my husband.

Where are my children?
There! In New Zealand.

Why? Because they'd rather be there.
It's safer, they said.

Do you really think I don't get fed up?
All I can do is say yes?

You think it's not hard for me
to just follow whatever they say?

I feel like I'm like a...



I'm so tired.

I'm so tired.

I am so freaking tired!

But don't get me wrong.

I love my family. I appreciate them.

But I want...
I want to make my own decisions.

I just want to live my own life.

That's all.

Why didn't you do anything?


Why didn't you ask for help?

Why didn't you call?


Call? Help?

I called you so many times.

You were always in a hurry.

When I asked for help,
sure, you lent me money.

But someone else handed it to me.

You didn't even show up.

Did you even ask how I was doing?

- If I was okay?
- Wow.


What about me?

Did you ask how I was doing?

Why didn't you tell me your problems?

Why didn't you tell me yours?

What do you think I am?

A mind-reader?

That's enough!

What's wrong with you?

Why are you fighting?

I thought we were allies.

I thought we were friends.

You're mad because nobody called you?

You're mad because nobody asked
how everybody was holding up?

We're all at fault here.
We all have shortcomings.

Not one of us asked
how the other was. No one!

Not one of us made an effort.

Well? Are we ending it here?


We're finishing this.


Let's go.

Hey, wait.

Aren't you hungry?

Let's eat first.

No. I'm okay.

Come on. Let's get going.
Can you stand up?

- Wait, I need to get my things.
- Up you go.

Your bag.

Can you go on?

- Help her.
- It's fine. Hang on to me.


- Careful.
- Careful.

All good?

Be careful.

Wait, sit down.

Be careful.

That made me thirsty.

Good thing I slipped back there.

What if I slipped on that cliff?

Would you still help me?

I'd call for backup.

I'd hand you this stick.

It depends.

I'll check if I can reach you first.

Hang on. Don't you have another phone?


Let's take a selfie. Come on.

- Let's take one.
- Selfie.

Let's take a selfie.

Are we going to include...

Maybe one sh*t with him
and another without him.

- Okay, game.
- Smile!

One, two, three.


- Okay?
- Yeah.

Are you okay?


Are you good?

Let's go.

Let's go.

Do you want me to support you this time?

If they can't anymore, sure.

No. We can do it.

- Come on.
- You'll get your chance later.


- Can you do it?
- I can.

Let's go?

- Go.
- Careful, okay?

- Watch your step.
- Yeah.

- Please.
- Yeah?

- Please.
- What?

Let's take a break. My feet hurt so much.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

Let's rest.

I'm also tired. Let's rest first.

Ouch! Careful.

- Here, have some edibles.
- What?

I like that.

- This is good!
- What's that?

One at a time.

I want the red one.

Come on.

- You'll like it, girls.
- Go ahead.

- Yes.
- Okay.

Okay. Cheers!



It's okay.

- Tastes good.
- Told you.

- Thank you.
- Sure.

- I'll be right here.
- Okay.

So, it's true.

When you're on top of a mountain,
like we are now,

I can almost feel you.

When I'm at my lowest,

that's when I feel closest to you.

Like right now.

I'm here now,

asking for forgiveness
for all that I've done.

Help me forgive myself.


Why are you crying?


The tocino.

I heard Maricar and Sophia talking.

All this time,

I thought I was the people-pleaser.

The one who's always left out.

The one who gives but never receives.


after I heard that, I realized that
I'm the one who gets my way.

I shouldn't have any issues, right?

It's like I'm the one
who makes my own problems.


if you think that

I helped you in grade school,

you're mistaken.

You were the one who helped me.


I had no friends.


you invited me in this group.

And you guys,

you really helped me a lot.

Thank you.



You're always angry

because you can't control everything.

You're allowed to ask for help.

We're here for you.

We will help you.

We won't judge you for asking.


Maricar, we don't care about your image.

That doesn't matter to us.

Get your life together, that's enough.


There's still time.

You can still fix your life.

You can still change it.

You're smart, you know that.

So smart.


I've only just realized

that we shouldn't depend on other people
for our happiness.

It has to come from ourselves.


I'm sorry.

I forgot

that you all have your own lives.

You're all going through
your own lives as well.

It was selfish of me.

I'm so sorry.


I'm okay.

I can go now.

I can go now. I'm ready.

Thank you for not letting me end my life.

The life that you gave,
you alone can take.

Thank you for life.

So? Are you all right?

- Yeah.
- Are you rested?

Let's go.

- We're okay now.
- We're okay.

Should we go?

- Let's go.
- Okay, come on.

Hang on.

I'll leave my bag, okay?

I'll come back for it later.

Me too.

I'm leaving this too.

You're leaving your bag?
That's so expensive.

But it's heavy. I don't wanna carry it.

Then I'll take it.

Fine, it's yours.

- And this. Both are yours.
- Are you sure?

- Yes!
- You said it, no takebacks.

- Yes.
- When we get back, they're mine.

- If you carry them.
- You heard her, right? She said it.

- Yes.
- Whatever.

Wait. Could you please carry...

- I'll get that.
- Can you help her?

- Are you sure?
- Yeah. Allow me.

Hey, Gabriel, maybe you could help me.

- My back hurts.
- Yeah.

- I'll do it.
- Okay, come on.

Help her.

- Be careful.
- Wait.

Hang on.

- What is it?
- The tocino.

Yeah, good idea.


Gigi, why did you leave us?


We made it!

Mt. Pulag, look!

Gigi, here's your tocino!

Gigi wrote a book about friendship.

You're on the cover.


That's been done before.

Don't you have another entry?

Gigi and I separated long ago.

But we remained friends.

I still live in her house

because I don't have anywhere else to go.

Gigi wanted to shoulder everything.

I told her
to give me a chance to serve her.

She spent most of her life
taking care of the family.

I knew she wanted
to spend time with you guys.

I know how much she enjoyed your company.

She made plans to reconnect with you.

But a lot of things happened,
so she never did it.

I didn't know...

that she wanted to take her own life.

I didn't know that she was so depressed.

It may be because of the lockdown.

Maybe because we were always cooped up.

I really had no idea.

She d*ed of su1c1de?


She slipped.


But she did plan to commit su1c1de.


What did you do, Gigi?

I'm sorry but the truth is

I knew she tried to commit su1c1de.

I exhausted you, starved you,

I tried to use the vlog
as an excuse because,

you know, I'm not good
at expressing my emotions.

But I just wanted to be with you.

I wanted to get to know you again.

I just really wanted
to spend time with you.

But before it's too late,
I want you to know that...

I love you.


Can we have a eulogy?

This was supposed to be it.

This was it if you didn't interrupt.

I love you too.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry about all the lies, the secrecy.

I just didn't want you
to find out I was a mistress.

But if you were in my life,

that would never happen
because I know you'd whoop my ass.

You know you're my safeguard.


What's "safeguard"?


Why? Why does someone have to die
for us to meet up?

Is it really the only time
we realize how much they mean to us?

Everyone is important.

I'm saying it.

I love you.

I love you.

Gigi! Gigi, I'm sorry
I didn't tell you sooner.

Guys, I have something to say.

- What is it?
- Yeah.

I'm a lesbian.

We've always known!

And we accept you.


Gigi. Guys.

I will study to be a doctor.



So happy for you.

Thank you.

Are you ready?

Yes. We're ready.

Anything that wasn't said,

I hope you feel in your hearts
and in your good memories.

Oh, my, it's heavy.

It's so heavy.


You were with her until the end. Right?

And I know she loved you.

And you loved her.

You should do the honors.

It should be you.


It's weird, isn't it?

I feel like she was with us on the trip.

- You too?
- Yeah.

I felt like she was right beside me.


- It's as if she was always with us.
- Yeah.

Let's go?

Let's do it.

Guys! It's been ages!

Excuse me!

Everything cool?

All cool, sis.

It doesn't matter
if it's sunrise or sunset.

What's important
is that we're all together, right?

Perfect. Truly.

Perfect moment.

- Here.
- Six.

Not enough.

It's 5,26.

It's not enough.

Five, ten,




- Twenty-two.
- It's only 22.

- Do we have four pesos?
- Maybe.

- Come here!
- Why that low?

- What?
- Why there?

The clouds look pretty.
The background isn't.

Selfie, okay?

Want me to hold it?

Sure, your arm is longer.

- Okay.
- Move closer.


One, two, three!

One more.

Okay. One!

Okay. One, two, three!

- There we go!
- Now, just you girls.

- Okay, just us.
- Just us friends.

- Okay.
- Selfie again?

- Of course!
- Okay, I'm down!


We're here in the middle of the bridge.
It's not even...

There's no nice view here!

We're vlogging here?

Don't worry about it!
I'll edit this. Don't worry!

We're here at Adunot Bridge!

See? It's so beautiful!

Hey! Smile!

I'll edit that out later!

What's taking you so long?

Wait! I'm giving some instructions!

- My God! You're so bossy!
- Instructions?

- You know.
- A convoy!

Are they stupid or something?

We're just about to leave!

I can't get through!

- Squeeze in some more.
- We're going to open the door!

Okay, ma'am.

Is it locked?

I want to help you,
but I don't know how to open it either.

You can't give me some, okay?

Mother, Father, I want bread

Sister, brother, I want coffee

Sorry, sorry. Brother, sister... Okay.

Okay, game.
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