01x04 - Declassified

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "The Veil". Aired: April 30, 2024 – present.*
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A thriller series about a potentially deadly game of truth and lies as two women travel from Istanbul to Paris and London, with one of them possessing a secret that the other needs to expose.
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01x04 - Declassified

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I was shown a photograph of
two dead bodies in the snow.

The director of the
refugee camp was sh*t dead

along with his head of communications

in the manner of the Russian FSB.

[ADILAH] I need to find out if
she knows anything about our plan.

Remember once you've exposed the
cores of the radiology machines,

you'll have three minutes to
get them out of their casings

and into the water inside
the lead containers.

Within one minute of exposure to
the cores, you'll be very sick.

After two minutes, you may be blind.

After three minutes, you'll be dead.

[MALIK] If you know
you're being surveilled,

why did you make a rendezvous?

We arranged the real
rendezvous on the plane

'cause I knew my phone would be bugged.

Explain to me why you're helping me.

An obsession with annihilation
and those who seek it.

I do need you to do something for me.

I want confirmation that the
TDKP was a cover for the CIA,

and that they assassinated
Marcus Seabright.

That's a mighty big ask for you
to work out some daddy issues.

[IMOGEN] She's playing a double game.

She's still working for them,
and she knows everything.

But she's also trying to
escape with her daughter.

I need her to believe I'm
helping her with that,

and she'll stay close to me.

I can protect you from the Americans.

But the deal is Yasmina
has to go back to Nour

until we know exactly what we're
doing. She's not safe with us.

[ADILAH] Everything
depends on her safety.

So what's your real name?

The best lies are mostly true.







Are you a fan of his music?

You know what the
inscription on his tomb says?

The inscription is in Greek.

And it says, "He was
true to his own demon."


I love him too.

That's why I came all
the way from Baltimore.

What about you? Why are you here?

I, too, am true to my demons.




- Anything?
- The intel was correct.

It's definitely a comm
spot. He picked something up.

- What was it?
- [AGENT] It was a card from the grave.

I don't know what kind
of card. I didn't see.

He left a bouquet of flowers, but
he was wearing gloves so no prints.


You got a description?

He has dark hair. 6'1''. Medium build.

Dark overcoat. Black hat.

[MAX] Okay. If you
don't have eyes on him,

make your way back to the grave.

Isolate the flowers. Make it quick.

There could be DNA on the wrapper.

We need to know who the f*ck
this guy is and where he's going.

[AGENT] Copy that.


- Yep.
- [MAX] 6'1'', medium build, black hat.

- And you call me if you get eyes on him.
- Copy that.



I saw a guy,

same build wearing different
clothes. I'm looking for him now.

Hold on. You're heavy on
theory, light on practice.

Just stay calm.

You don't take any chances, and
you do not get close to him.

- Do you hear me?
- [AGENT] Copy that.



- [MAX] Anything?
- No.

All right. f*ck it. Get in there.
See if you can get eyes on him now.

[AGENT 2] I'm on my way.

[SIGHS] Oh, mama. This is not
how I thought Paris would be.

Okay. She's headed due south
towards the perimeter wall.

- You see him?
- [AGENT 2] No.

- No sign of the target.
- Okay. Just keep her in your sight.




[AGENT 2] Agent down. f*ck!

Target headed towards
the northwest perimeter.

Get after him.


Talk to me, Matthew. Matthew.

Matthew, talk to me.

- Target breaching the perimeter.
- f*ck.

[MATTHEW] Scaling the bridge
at Rue de Bagnolet. Lost him.

Go check on Phillipa
now. Right f*cking now!


He sh*t her at point-blank
range in the head.

She's dead, sir.







wake up. Come on, mum, mum!



[YASMINA] I will tickle
you! Come on, mum!



[YASMINA] Wake up! It's time to wake up.

[ADILAH] Okay, okay.


[YASMINA] Is it today I have to go home?


But you are staying here.
You are staying here with her?

Just for a little while.

But why, Mum?

[ADILAH] I just need to take care of

some things so we can have a new home.

Hey, we'll be together again soon.

... promise.

Okay, my darling?





Don't worry, my love.

- [IN ENGLISH] Okay?
- Mmm.


[IN FRENCH] I may be your
aunt, but you are my daughter.

You are in my heart.

We've been taught to
live in peace, you know.

My prayer is that God will save
you and you will be forgiven.



The taxi is waiting.

[NOUR] Let's not keep the taxi waiting.

[IMOGEN, IN ENGLISH] "Dear Michael,

when you depart from me, sorrow
abides, and happiness takes his leave.

I miss you."

"To my comrade."


Tried to sleep, but I couldn't.

You know, Yasmina's never
been inside a place like this?

The man who owns it must be very rich.



You say his name in a strange way.

Do I?

[ADILAH] Yeah.

He was my father's friend.

Was that all he was to you?

After my father d*ed,
he was my guardian.

And then my mentor.

And then more.

Silly girl.

He made me who I am today.

And do you still see each other?


Not really.

f*ck the past. I need a martini.

unsure of this man's origins.

Sometimes he says he is
Corsican, sometimes not.

Judging by his body odour, his
personal hygiene is questionable.

Intel informs us he has no friends,

no sexual relationships, no family...

However, he is a genius.

Good. We are in need of a genius.


[MAGRITTE] Come in.

Ah, Cesar, let me
introduce you to Malik.

Malik, Cesar.

I have been explaining to Malik

that you are a specialist in
electronic and digital interception.

Can we get straight to it. I have
a medical appointment. For my feet.

It doesn't really have a name.


What does it do?

Anything you want.

Does it make coffee?

No. I wasn't asked to make
something that makes coffee.

What were you asked to make?

The Americans know more than we
do on the Djinn Al Raqqa case.

They don't trust us. They
are withholding intel.

We asked Cesar to come up with
something which would override

the American security systems.

These systems protect communications
between their field agents

and their headquarters
in Langley, Virginia.

It only works if you are in
close proximity of the sender.

- Which we are.
- [MALIK] Wait...

who is the sender?

We know the hotel where
Max Peterson is staying...

and we know which room he is in.

If you place this device
within three metres

of a mobile phone or a laptop...

it will record and transmit
all communications...

bypassing all their security procedures.

That said, the Americans
have a man in Virginia.

His name is Wallace. He'll
eventually figure out what I'm doing.

We have permission from the
Elysee to carry out surveillance.

I really need to leave.
My toes are on fire.

Oh, God...

[CESAR] ... I really have to go.

Magritte, does it work?

It works.

That CIA agent drinks.

So, I was able to test it at the
bar of his hotel two days ago.

They let you in?

As a cleaner.

I put the device in the cupboard.

I intercepted two encrypted emails
he sent to his superiors in Langley.

So what did the CIA operative
have to say while intoxicated?

He said the British agent Imogen,
is reporting directly to him...

and believes the Americans are
better informed and more efficient.

Good bye.

[MAGRITTE] Thank you, Cesar.


Malik, she's f*cking you,
and not in the way you want.

It's bullshit.

She never does things for the
reasons you think she's doing them.


[IN ENGLISH] Bold move.


Oh, I really hate these types of hotels

where all the rich Americans go.

Makes me sick.

But you seem quite
comfortable in this world.

It's my job to be comfortable
in different kinds of places.

I've played so many people in my life.

I don't know where I belong anymore.


But for the next hour, this will do.

Why do you hate it so much?

Does it remind you
of your modeling days?

I don't know if I should tell you.

Well, then you absolutely
have to tell me.


[ADILAH] I was 21.

They dressed me in beautiful
clothes, talked about heaven.

You see, my time had come.

It was my day of days.

They had strapped expl*sives to my body.

The waiter just smiled at me as I
walked into the lounge like death.

I was death.

There were enough expl*sives to
bring the ceiling down on all of us.

- There were children in the room.

Lovers, families, friends.

Mostly American tourists,

all completely unaware as
they ate their breakfasts.

Sleepy rich people and me.

The switch was right
here inside my coat.

All I had to do was push it down.

So why are you still here?

A wire had worked loose.

Why are you telling me this?

I thought you'd be interested in what

the moment of annihilation feels like...

from somebody who survived it.

[IMOGEN] Just to be clear.

The annihilation I spoke
of was purely personal.

Would only affect me.

Would not take place in
the lounge of a hotel.

Was Yasmina born yet?


You know, there is no
greater suffering for a parent

than when your child is suffering.

A mother's blood is her child's blood.

[WHISPERS] Yes, it is.

Right. Well, I have to go to the loo.

I'll be back.

By the way,

I don't think you ever would
have flicked the switch.

You are f*cking amazing.

She wouldn't shut up.

Did you get anything?

Phase two has just begun, thanks to you.

I need more time.

I thought that would satisfy
your insatiable American appetite.


Yeah, well, tell you what. [GRUNTS]


Welcome to America.

I had an operative sh*t in the head
this morning at point-blank range.

I am sorry to hear that.

[MAX] Take it.

Maybe not another coincidence.

!sis doesn't usually go in for
clean assassinations like that.

It's like they were
trained by another entity.

Like a proxy operation?


I'll look into it.

Description of who did it?

[MAX] 6'1'', dark hair, a medium
build, likely a member of the cell.

Listen, you have 24 hours
to bring me tangible results

or we will resort to
conventional methods

of interrogation to
get that f*cking woman

- to tell us what she knows.
- She won't.

I'm sorry, she won't.

You can pull out all her nails,
you can break all of her bones.

She will never tell you anything

because she thinks if she does,
they will k*ll her daughter.

Now, I think I can reach the part
of her that will change her mind.

I'm sorry to say I'm your only hope.

Twenty-four hours.

The intel about my father, where is it?

Almost forgot.

Marcus Seabright...

Interesting man, your daddy.

It's not easy to be so
bad, they wanna k*ll you.

And by the way, what
happened in Morocco,

wasn't what it looked like.

Never is.

You were right.

Excellent martini.




Salut, Malik.

[MALIK] Listen... [SIGHS]
... I can't say I'm surprised,

but I found out about your
cozy relationship with Max

and the Americans, okay?

You are not allowed to handle a
t*rror1st target in this country

without joint custody with a
French intelligence operative.

Not American, French.

Find a way to sneak out when
the target is secure tonight.

And meet me at our
bench in the canal, hmm?

And, courtesy of the Americans,
I know where you are staying.

They've bugged the place and so have we.

Oh, grow up, Malik. Don't be jealous.

See you tonight.


Enough of the rich Americans.

I wanna take you to the real Paris,

somewhere I used to go in the old days.

Got a light?

[DAVID] Everything is in place.

The ship has departed and
is en route to Marseille

to meet you and head to America.

The Djinn Al Raqqa confirms she's still

in Paris with the British woman.

But she's never alone. She
never lets her out of her sight.

[EMIR] I know about the British woman.

Tell everyone I will be back
on the ship by tomorrow night.

The expl*sive device is secure on board

and soon we will depart
for the US harbor.

[EMIR] Tell everyone I will be
back on the ship by tomorrow night.

The expl*sive device is secure on board

and soon we will depart
for the US harbor.


[IN FRENCH] How did we get this?

Cesar planted a device a year ago

in a place where 'persons of interest'
get together, so we listen in.

Finally something we know,
that the Americans don't.

He's talking about the Djinn Al Raqqa.


... and a ship heading for a US harbor,

with an expl*sive device on board.

I've got our people
looking into the 'Djinn'.

There is one Djinn for
each day of the week.

And for each day there
is a color and an angel.

My opinion is it's a cell
using the Djinn as code names.

We must share this with the Americans.


Cesar intercepted
some calls that suggest

an American agent was m*rder*d today.

We're trying to find
out who the agent was,

who m*rder*d them, and
what they did with the body.


[IN FRENCH] So our City is now
totally out of our f*cking control.

So take back control.

I am meeting Imogen tonight.


We have intel on a major
t*rror1st operation.

Just give me time to talk to
Imogen... This is OUR intel.

We got lucky.

We have to share it.

If we tell the Americans, they'll
show up with a f*cking marching band.

Imogen can find out the truth faster.


Just give me tonight.


♪ Plastic brain scar ♪

♪ I want laser ♪

♪ I'm your chauffeur ♪

♪ With high ♪

♪ Gloss highs ♪

♪ Take you where you want... ♪

[IN ENGLISH] Are you hoping
to see some old friends?

No, I just haven't been here in years.

♪ ... Train Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Wolf lady ♪

♪ Sucks my brain ♪

♪ Apricot ♪

♪ Sunrise came ♪

♪ LA nights ♪

♪ Just roll in ♪

♪ Can't stop Oh, off the train... ♪

Hey, I'm gonna get a drink.

♪ ... Train Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Can't stop Oh, off the train ♪

♪ Train Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪

♪ Nasal douche ♪

♪ Poolside line ♪

♪ Soft lit tan ♪

♪ What's your sign? ♪

♪ Hold my hand ♪

♪ Just roll in... ♪


[EMIR] Your hair...

You dress like her.

Adilah, this insanity has to stop.

You can't do this. Come with me now.

You have to trust me.

I know who he is.

f*ck you.

[ADILAH] It's not what you think.

- [g*nf*re]
- [IMOGEN] f*ck.


[IMOGEN] Come on.


Get in.

[IN FRENCH] Twenty-four,
rue de l'Atlantique.

- [IN ENGLISH] What the f*ck is going on?
- I don't kn...

- Did you know about this?
- No, I didn't.





- Quick! Go!



[g*n CLICKS]




[IMOGEN] Come on.





Hey. I had no idea that was
going to happen, I swear.

I didn't know he was following us.

So one of the drawbacks
of my job is, occasionally,

I have to associate with people
who are trying to k*ll me.

But this is f*cking extreme.

Why would I want you k*lled? You're
the only person that's helping me.


Imogen, you know that
doesn't make any sense.


Are you coming?



I'm so glad you're okay.

I'm okay now.


Imogen, we received fresh intelligence.

There is a ship.

It's going to set sail
to the United States.

It contains some kind of device that
will be detonated in a US harbor.

We know it's being organized
by a t*rror1st cell.

They are using names that are taken from

something called the Book of Surprises.

She showed me that book in Istanbul.

It's like she wants me to figure it out.

You will. You will.

I'll continue in the
company of the target,

and I'll continue to promise
protection for her and her daughter.

And I'll concentrate my
investigation on getting her

to tell me the name of the ship and
the nature of the device on board.

You are now an identified
target for them.

And the Americans lost
an agent this morning.

I'm worried about you.


I can't walk away now.

I'm getting closer.

- We're getting closer.

[SIGHS] f*ck.

I wish you were not staying
in Michael's apartment.

I have to do this.

We'll be okay...

but I have to do this.

I know.

I know.



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