05x12 - Derby Day

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Follows the Fugitive Task Force, an elite unit that relentlessly pursues and captures the notorious criminals on the Bureau’s Most Wanted list.
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05x12 - Derby Day

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- Have a good one.
- You too.

Don't look now, but I think
you got a secret admirer.


Should I be worried?

Jimmy? Eh, he's a creep,
but he's mostly harmless.


He'll try and buy you sh*ts.

Now, what would my boyfriend
think of that?


Watch my drink, will you?
I'm going for a cigarette.

- You got it.
- Thanks.

What happened to the girl?

Close you out, Jimmy?

You can't get rid of me that easy.

Seriously, where'd
Miss Lonely Hearts run off to?

She went outside for a smoke.

- Leave her alone, Jimmy.


Nice weather we're having.

Hey, big eyes, I'm talking to you.

My dad always told me not to
speak to strange men at bars,

especially day drinkers.

What would the old man have to say

about letting someone borrow
your lighter?


No problem.

Look, I've had one hell of a week.

But then you walk in,
and suddenly I can't remember

what's got me feeling so blue.

I guess what I'm asking is,
can I buy you a drink?

How about some sh*ts?


[LAUGHS] So this is where you live, huh?

It's only temporary, but yeah.

Come on, let's keep the party going.


You're a hard man to track down, Jimmy.

I'm glad you called.

I didn't know if you'd remember me

after all the champagne
we drank on that flight.

Are you kidding? I'm just happy

you were willing to meet for breakfast.

Oh, yeah, I think the crepe
place is actually that way.

Yeah, but well,

it's a nice day for a stroll
with a beautiful woman.

And I also kind of wanted you
to see Milo do his thing.

Yes, Milo, the Renaissance dog.

- Okay, what you got?
- All right, you ready?

Should we show her? Let's show her.

Okay, come on. Come on. Come on.

- Hey!
- Yeah!

Okay, so, uh, is this your trick?

You take all the ladies on first dates

and show them the canine circus act?

Well, just the ones I want Milo to like.

- Here, you try.
- Okay.

- Oh!
- Oh, you're a natural!

[LAUGHING] Almost.

- Oh, excuse me.

Hey, Nina. What's up?

Uh, yeah, sure. I can be there in 20.


It was work.

- I'm sorry. I gotta go.
- Understood.

Looks like me and Milo are
gonna have to enjoy

the best crepes in the
tri-state area by ourselves.

Damn. I really wanted to try those.

- Rain check?
- Yeah, definitely.

- Call me.
- Okay.

Say "bye," Milo.


All right, listen up, everyone.

Barnes was just released
from the hospital,

and the headline is,
she's doing pretty great

for being sh*t in the leg.

She'll be taking some time off

until the doc clears her
for active duty.

So our house band will be down
a bass player

for the time being.

Meet Jimmy Nando,

mobbed-up driver for
the Bernardi crime family.

He'd been working as an informant

for Jersey State Police
for the last nine months.

He was just found m*rder*d
in Toms River, New Jersey,

where he'd been laying low.

Do we think Jimmy's crew
realized he was a stoolie?

Well, if they didn't,
they were about to.

The attorney general in New Jersey

was set to file an indictment next week

against Gio Bernardi
for money laundering

and a host of other crimes.

The m*rder of your star witness

will definitely delay prosecution.

The Bernardi case is a big deal

with federal RICO written all over it.

Nina and I will take the crime scene.

Ray, dig into Jimmy's phone
and financials.


We need to know where he went yesterday

and the last person to see Jimmy alive.

Hana, call Frankie Banks
at Jersey State Police.

See what their Organized
Crime unit can tell us

about the Bernardi family. Let's hit it.


Cause of death was a g*nsh*t
to the back of the head.

Victim was tied up
then k*lled execution style.

Judging by the state of him,
I'd guess he was tortured too.

Cigarette burns, broken fingers.

He's even missing a tooth.

Pretty common MO
for a mob interrogation.

Any signs of the w*apon?

Just one 9-millimeter shell casing.

I'll have ERT send it to the
National Ballistics Network.

- What about prints, DNA?
- Nothing yet.

Jimmy's wallet was found
in his front pocket,

and his Cadillac was left outside.

Whoever k*lled him ransacked the place,

but it doesn't look like
they took anything of value.

Well, they were obviously
looking for something.

- Where is he? Where's Jimmy?
- Hold on. Hold on.

Hi. I'm sorry. Who are you?

I'm his wife, Sheila. Estranged wife.

Okay. All right, Sheila, come in.

Even in death, that man's
a pain in my ass.

Sorry for your loss.

Don't be. I knew this day would come.

I can't look at this anymore.

Had anyone threatened
your husband in the past?

Jimmy was a little pissant

who made enemies everywhere he went.

Plus, he was turning state's evidence.

That's a death sentence
when Gio Bernardi finds out.

How did Jimmy start informing
for the government?

Only thing he loved
more than boozing was cocaine.

That's why I left him.

The state police caught Jimmy
with enough blow

to charge possession with intent.

Next thing I knew,
he was a full-fledged CI.

Did he ever keep
large quantities of dr*gs

around the house?

Are you kidding?

Every ounce of powder
you put near that man

went straight up his nose.

All right, if you think of
anything else, give me a buzz.

I'll walk you out.

A guy by the name of James Nando

ran up a pretty big bar tab yesterday.

- You recognize him?
- Yeah, I know Jimmy.

He's one of the regulars.

Moved to town a few months back.

I got the impression he had a run-in

with the law or something.

Mm. Perceptive.

Do you know if he had
any run-ins while he was here?

Nah, pretty typical Friday.

He did go home with this one brunette...

total smoke show, way out of his league.

Is she a regular here too?

Nah. Kind of an odd duck.

She came in four days in a row,

ordered a glass of red wine,
never really drank it.

Just kind of sat there fiddling with

this gold bracelet that she had.

Said it was a gift from her boyfriend.

But she went home with Jimmy?

Hey, look, I don't judge.

A lot of guys hit on her, guys
way better looking than Jimmy.

But yesterday, those two got to talking.

Next thing you know,
she's draped all over him.

I need to find this woman.

She might have been targeting him.

She was pretty cagey.

Paid in cash.

Name was, um, Alice.

Said so on the bracelet.

Can I see your, uh,
your footage from yesterday?

Yeah, here.

Look, we did our part. It wasn't there.

No, you listen to me! This is not a...

Mike, it's Alice.


I understand.

Text us the address.

I told you we couldn't
trust these people.

Baby, calm down.

No, we did the job!

They need to keep up
their end of the bargain.

The deal was that we k*ll Jimmy

and we get Bernardi's book.

In their mind, job's only half done.

Yeah, and it wasn't there.

Just that rat, Jimmy.


You know, I never...

I never k*lled anyone before.

Hey, Paul, Paul, Paul.

Calm down, okay?

Look at me.

Just think about what's at
the end of that rainbow, okay?

It'll be worth it, I promise.


you know how much I love an outlaw.

Sorry, I don't recognize her.

We showed the photo Agent Hana sent over

to all our informants, but
nobody knows who this Alice is.

No hits on facial rec, either.

Maybe she's not a part of the family.

Well, there's a certain logic to that.

How so?

Well, the AG's case
against Bernardi is heating up,

so if they wanna make
a witness disappear,

it makes sense to use outside muscle.

Because they can't tie it
back to the organization.


Does that make the Bernardi case dead?

No, no, no, the AG is still on track.

Before he got himself k*lled,
Jimmy stole a ledger

outlining the family's
money laundering scheme.

Where is that ledger now?

Jimmy's attorney, Nathan Pence, has it.

I hear the AG's office is
meeting with Pence later today

to take the ledger off his hands.

That's him.

Ledger must be inside that briefcase.


Can you move? I'm in a hurry.

Get out of the car.



I'll get the briefcase.

Wait. We can't leave a witness.

Do it!


If you lie down with dogs.

I'd say this is a little
worse than being flea-bit.

Occupational hazard.

Bad things happen
when you represent mobsters.

A former mobster, but I get it.

Look at this, 9-millimeter casing,

same caliber used to execute Jimmy.

I found security cam footage
of the crash.

Now, this is the only angle we have.

Safe to assume
the woman driving is Alice.

Okay, who's in the passenger seat?

Well, whoever he is, they're
definitely working together.

Looks like we have
a couple of contract K*llers.

Wait, rewind it.

Right there.

Run it through facial rec.

Maybe we'll get lucky and
our accomplice is in the system.

I just spoke with Pence's secretary.

He was en route to speak with
the attorney general's office.

Let me guess.

The Bernardi ledger was
inside his briefcase.

Yep, and without that, this
case is effectively torpedoed.

All right, I ran the license plate

on the fugitive's truck,
a Nissan Frontier.

It was reported stolen last week

from the boardwalk in Atlantic City.

Put out a BOLO and alert Highway Patrol.

We got a hit on facial rec.

Our sh**t is Paul Rains.

He's an ex-con living
and working in Atlantic City.

Send us those addresses.

Nina and I will take Paul's last-known.

You and Hana go to his workplace.

Let's head to Atlantic City.

FBI, open up!


Okay, clear.

Well, we know Paul's guilty
of being a gigantic slob.

Yeah, and a career criminal.

I mean, lots of B&Es,

- armed robberies, you know.

But he doesn't really read
like a k*ller.

Hold on. Hana just texted.

So Paul works at an arcade
on the boardwalk

that has ties to the Bernardi's
money laundering scheme.

That would explain his coin collection.

Maybe that's how he got roped
into this cockamamie mess

in the first place.


Oh, that's not Paul's color.

Uh, no. That is Alice's.

She definitely lives here.

There was a loofah in the shower.

It's good to know that criminals

have a Prime membership.

- Ladies' razors.
- Huh.

Addressed to... Alice Thibodeaux.

Alice Thibodeaux?

All right. Got it.

She was arrested for check fraud

and shoplifting as a juvenile,

and she skipped out
on her parole officer

a few years back
and hasn't been seen since.

So she knows how
to stay under the radar.

Last-known was her father's address,

but he d*ed last year in a hit-and-run.

No other family in the area.

If these two are a couple
of penny-ante crooks,

why are they knocking off
people for the mob?

I don't know, but we better
figure it out

- before another body drops.
- Yeah, we do.

Bernardi's book.

Phew. Heh.

He'll be happy to have this back.

What are you trying to do,
see if it adds up?

Relax, k*ller.

What'd you call me?

All right, all right, all right.

Let's dial it back, boys.

That's Bernardi's ledger,
which means we're done here.

You know, we're always looking for

enterprising young people
such as yourselves

in our organization.

We'll just take our payment.



Word to the wise.

Be careful with those.

You think Gio Bernardi is
a scary son of a bitch?

The man whose building plans
you're holding

is a real monster.

You sure this is the right place?

If it's not, you want a quick
game of Skee-Ball after?

You don't want this smoke.


Check this out.


Paul Rains? FBI!

I think I hear movement.

After you.

FBI. Come out with your hands up.

We know that you're in here.

I got nothing.



- It's a distraction.
- Yep.

Hey! FBI! Stop!

I got 'em over here!

I got two runners!

FBI! Stop!


I have the suspect.

Ray, how you looking?

Damn it!

I lost them.

I'll tell you whatever you want.

Ah, there's no honor
amongst thieves, huh, Mike?

Way I see it, now that
you got Bernardi's ledger,

the whole organization's going down.

Yeah, and if you cooperate,

you might go into Witness Protection.

Have a seat.

I always wanted to visit Arizona

with a new name and identity.

You can start off by telling us

why you had Paul k*ll Jimmy Nando.

We didn't hire 'em.
Paul and Alice came to us.

They needed a set of plans
from the County Records Office.

And the boss, heh, he wanted Jimmy dead.

Tit for tat.

Plans for what?

Rhumarque Hotel and Casino.

Fancy joint over on Pacific Avenue.

We got a couple of guys
with no work jobs

in the records office.

So they can steal the plans
without tipping anybody off.

Pretty much.

Why did Paul need plans for a casino?

I don't know what the score is,

but they said it was worth the risk.

And it wasn't Paul who wanted the plans.

- It was Alice.
- What do you mean?

Ever since that girl came
around a few months back,

- she's been running the show.

Paul does whatever she asks.

Remy, what's up?

Just got a BOLO hit on a Nissan Frontier

outside a house in Somers Point.

All right, we're about 20 minutes away.

I'll text you the address.

All right, cool.

We gotta go.

- How close are we?
- Ten.

But I can cut that down to six

with a little bobbing and weaving.

Step on it.


Stay alert.

Door's open.

Take upstairs.



Upstairs is clear.

This poor guy is DOA.

He works at the Rhumarque
Hotel and Casino.

All right, name's Fred Dayton.

What kind of car does he drive?

Let's see.

Black Mustang registered
to this address.

Alice and Paul must have stolen
it after they bumped Fred off.

Speaking of stolen...

Fred's key card is missing.

Which means they're going
after the casino.

Their names are Alice
Thibodeaux and Paul Rains,

both wanted for homicide.

Their latest victim is Fred Dayton,

a senior security manager
here at your hotel.

I don't recognize them.

Neither do I.

What do they have to do with me?

They have stolen architectural plans,
for this building.

Given that Rains has priors
for armed robbery,

we think their plan is
to hold up your casino.


The two of them?

That's right.

We have reason to believe
that they k*lled Fred

and stole his master key card.

His car was found abandoned
three blocks away from here.

If these idiots think that
they can rob me, let them try.

I own casinos all over the world,

and my vaults are impregnable.

Mr. Dinelo, these fugitives
are armed and dangerous.

We need to shut
this building down right now,

go floor to floor, and flush them out.

Why, when you don't even
know if they're in here?

They've already k*lled three
people to get those plans.

Where else are they gonna go?

You don't understand.

Today is the Kentucky Derby,

the biggest horse race in the world

and our most profitable day of the year.

We're gonna clear 5 million
from the sportsbook alone.

Now, if I shut this place down,

is the FBI gonna reimburse me?
I don't think so.

So you're willing to put
people's lives in danger

in order to feed your bottom line?

Mr. Caudell,

deactivate Mr. Dayton's
access card right away

and get these photos out to your staff.

And give our friends
your full cooperation.

Access to security cameras,

even the guest registers.

I doubt they're gonna be
checking in under their own names.

I do what I can, Agent Scott.

Now, if you'll excuse me,
I'm only here for one day,

and I still have a lot
of meetings to take.

I hope you find your fugitives.

Where are we on the room search?

Still on the first floor.

Caudell has given us access to his team,

but we got about 800 rooms to go.

Damn it. We're gonna be here for days.

What's the ETA on Atlantic City PD?


- Yeah, they just pulled in.
- Good.

I want cops at every exit

vetting anyone coming or going.

If Dinelo won't shut this place down,

we're gonna keep Alice
and Paul boxed in or out.

Okay, on it.

Guys, every exit. Let's go.

What about the security cameras?

I'm going through them as we speak.

Now, IDing is not gonna be easy.

The casino uses facial rec
to try and ID banned players,

but anyone can b*at the system
by wearing a cap.

Now, the casino vault,
however, is like Fort Knox.

You need a t*nk to breach that thing.

So if the vault isn't the target,

what the hell are Alice
and Paul planning?

We got a high roller,
south side of the casino.

Suitcase handcuffed to the bodyguard.

Maybe they're going after
one of the guests.

Nobody can be in love
with their clothes that much.

There's gotta be cash in those cases.

Why carry around all that cash

when you could just wire
transfer to gamble at a casino?

Hana, can you ID him?

Got him. His name's Adam Wu.

He's a Chinese telecom billionaire.

According to the casino database,

he flew in from Beijing this morning,

and he's due to fly out
tomorrow afternoon.

That's a long way to come
to gamble for just one night.

Hold on. I might have something else.

I checked Wu's flight details,

and his G5 landed at a private
terminal at AC International.

I cross-referenced the flight database

with other hotel guests,

and there are four other VIPs

who flew in on private jets
this morning.

That's four people doing the
same turn and burn as Adam Wu.

We got five billionaires
staying in this hotel?

I smell a big, fat rat.

Ask Caudell if he knows anything.


Caudell, you got a bunch of VIPs

flying in for one night only.
Y'all got something going on?

No, not that I'm aware of.

So what about Adam Wu?
You know why he's here?

No, usually, he calls in advance

so we can comp his penthouse suite.

All right.

You got that?

Yeah, and it's a bunch of BS.

It's Caudell's job to know
when whales like Wu

visit their casino.

These high rollers are here
for a reason.

We need to find out why.

All right.

This is Caudell.

Be advised, Atlantic City PD

have secured a perimeter
around the casino.

Continue sweep of hotel rooms
and report back to me.

Are you hearing this?

They got cops all over the place.

It's okay, baby. We got this.

Alice, maybe we should call this off.

There's still time to walk away.

Hey, don't talk like that.

Not now. Not when we're so close.

Tell me again why we're doing this.

Well, that's just the means to an end.

Where are we going?


That's right, baby.

White sand beaches,
the warm Caribbean Sea breeze.

- And a hand-rolled cigar.
- Exactly.

We'll be down there soaking up the sun

before Dinelo even knows what hit him.

We just gotta stick with the plan.

Let's go over it again, shall we?


Fred said the game's on subbasement two.

How many exits are off that floor?

Three. You'll take care of the stairwell

while I disable the elevator.

Leaving only one exit from that level.

The tunnel that runs under the casino.


Then all we gotta do is grab the dough

and hop our charter to the Caribbean.

It's as easy as that.

Damn it, I got no luck today.

I play the ponies myself.

Got a big bet on Fierceness
at the Derby.

You a card or a horse guy?


Yeah, I figured.

Drake Saban.

I run a hedge fund out of San Francisco.

You look like a man who's
done some damage in your day.

Any tips on how to b*at the house?

I don't play in casinos.

[CHUCKLES] I hate to break it
to you, pal,

but you're in one right now.

I'm just biding time.

I have a private card game
starting in an hour.

Oh, now you're talking.

You got an extra seat?

It's out of your price range.

Eh, I got deep pockets.

Deep enough for $5 million in cash?



That is a little too rich for my blood.

I got two ex-wives, a boatload of kids,

and a girlfriend who
absolutely loves diamonds.

But I do love watching
big-money card games.

Which table are you gonna be at?

I told you, it's private.

Oh, okay.

I can take a hint.

I'm gonna try my luck at craps.

I love rolling bones.

Best odds in the house. Check you later.

Door in stairwell B is secure.

I'll meet you in the elevator. Hurry up.

Alice and Paul could be
targeting a private card game.

We need to find out where.


Oh, my God, it is you.

What the hell are you doing here?

Sorry, you got the wrong person.

What are you talking about?
It's me, Susan.

Hey, Alice! Hey, what's wrong?

Hey! I got Alice.
Blonde wig, black dress,

headed towards the service area!


Alice, FBI!


Hey, look, I'll cut her off.


Hey. Hey, stop! Stop!

What are you doing?
Get your hands off me.

I'm sorry, uh...

I'm... I'm so sorry.

Uh, Ray, I lost her.

Hey, hey, hey. Hey, hey!

- Whoa, whoa, no, no, no!

FBI, all right? Let me see your face.

- Hey, hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa.

FBI, all right?

I need to see
everybody's face right now.

I lost her too.

Last time I saw Alice was a year ago

at her father's funeral.

- You knew Dom Thibodeaux?
- Oh, sure.

Dom and I worked together
for seven years.

There's no record of him ever
working here at the Rhumarque.

That's because he used a fake name.

Dom had priors after his time in Vegas,

so he had to get creative to get past

the New Jersey Gaming Board.

He was always working an angle.

Looks like Alice is
following in his footsteps.

Oh, she worshipped
everything about that man.

I'm not surprised if she...

you know, she picked up some
bad habits along the way.

And honestly, I'm surprised
she even set foot in this place

after what happened to Dom.

What do you mean?

Well, Dom and I
used to work the late shift,

and he thought nobody was
paying attention,

so he started running a shuffle scam.

Made tens of thousands
over a couple of months.

I told him to stop doing it,
but he wouldn't listen to me.

Everybody knows you don't steal
from Dinelo.

Security eventually caught him,
roughed him up,

threatened to press charges,

and Dom drank himself silly that night.

Went to cross the street
and got hit by a car.

d*ed on the spot.

Okay, did the cops ever find the driver?

Bystanders said it was
a red Porsche, but no.

Dom was no angel,

but he didn't deserve
to go out like that.


Look, do you know anything
about private card games

that happen here in the casino?

You talking about Dinelo's game,

the one he does the first
Saturday in May every year?


How do you know about that?

Dom told me.

I mean, he was obsessed with it.

There are six people, a 30 million pot.

He used to say it was his dream score.

Caudell, you lied to us.

Those VIPs are in town

for a private game hosted by your boss.

I don't know what you're talking about.

Yes, you do.

We're not the Treasury Department.

We don't care if this is
an off-books game.

Alice and Paul are after that 30 million

and will k*ll to get it.

Where are you keeping that money?

I promise you, it's safe.

Your promises mean squat to me.

Tell us where that money is
or you're going down

for obstructing justice,
lying to an FBI agent,

and you'll go to prison for ten years.

Okay, okay.

It's in Mr. Dinelo's safe.

- Okay, do you mean the vault?
- No.

He has a private safe upstairs
in his office.

Remy, we retraced Alice's
steps on the security cam.

After she ducked Ray and Nina,

she exited on stairwell B right here.

- What was she doing there?
- We don't know.

She stopped at subbasement two,

but the cameras couldn't
pick up what she was doing.

Ray, check that stairwell.
Hana, stay on the cams.

Take us to that safe, now. Move.

Where the hell is the safe?

- Behind the panel.
- Open it.

No one knows the code
except for me and Mr. Dinelo.

You better hope that's true.


All right. It's all here?

This is all the money?

Yes, it is.

We keep it here until
we distribute any winnings

until after the game.

Get your men up here to guard this safe.

Come on, we have to hurry up.

I'm almost done.

This is Caudell.

Get Hunt and Alpert up
to Mr. Dinelo's office

to secure the money for his game.

They're saying the money's
in Dinelo's office?

You told me it was at the game.

Alice, we can't get up to that office.

That was never part of the plan.

My plan hasn't changed.

What are you talking about?

We're here to steal that money.

That's... that's why I k*lled
three people.

I know.

But I've got things from here.

Don't waste your time.

You set me up?

You said you loved me.

Just keep going.

Disable the elevator.

Do what I say, and you'll be fine.

Hurry up.

Come on.

Move it.

I know I lied to you,
but I had strict orders

to keep Mr. Dinelo's card game
under wraps.

- I was just doing my job.
- So am I.

Call your boss.
He needs to know what's going on.

I can't.

He's at the card game.
No phones allowed.

Then send someone down there.

I just spoke with Ray.
He's in the stairwell.

He said that Alice tampered
with the electronic lock

on the door that leads
to subbasement two.

What's on that level?

Those are Mr. Dinelo's private rooms.

It's where he's hosting the card game.

Okay, is there any cash,
money, anything down there?

No, it's all here, I swear.

Okay, so then what the hell
were Paul and Alice

down there for?

Dinelo owns a Porsche?

Used to. He got rid of it last year.

He said it had tons of problems.

He took it to the DuPont scrapyard.

Same as the car that
took out Alice's father.

What are you talking about?

This isn't a robbery.

Alice is here to k*ll your boss.

I'll see your 50, raise you 100,000.


- Out.
- Player folds.

Bet's to you now, sir. 100,000 more.

Trying to buy the pot like always, Adam,

but I see through you.

I know when I'm being played.

Let's do this.

Let's see the river.


What the hell's going on here?

- Sir, we gotta go.
- I don't know.

This better not be
one of your stunts, Dinelo.

Get me out of here.

If Dinelo was driving the car
that k*lled Alice's father,

then how come the cops
never traced it back to him?

You don't get to where
he is in this life

without lining a few pockets.

Sleazeballs like him
think they're untouchable.

But Alice knew how to get to him.

She knew that Dinelo would be
in Atlantic City

for his card game
on Kentucky Derby weekend.

At an isolated location in his casino

where he'd be vulnerable to att*ck.

We need to get to him before Alice does.

How many entrances
on the subbasement floor?

Two. Stairwell B, where Ray is,

and the elevator up ahead.

How's Ray doing at that jammed door?

He's still trying to pry it open.

- What's going on?
- Elevator's not working.

I just spoke to maintenance.

They said it's been manually disabled.

It's stuck on the subbasement.

Damn it! This is Alice and Paul.

They also said a fire alarm's
been triggered on that level.

Okay, is that real or a false alarm?

We won't know until we get down there.

How are we gonna do that when
both entrances are blocked?

There's another way.

In case of an incident like this,

we'd evacuate through
a tunnel under the casino.

Where's the opening to the tunnel?

Maybe a half a mile away.

No, Dinelo could be dead by then.

Hey, Remy, we managed to
bust open the stairwell door.

Hang tight. We're on our way.



Alice must have taken him out.

Where's the tunnel
where they evacuated Dinelo?

Straight ahead and veer right.

Hey. Hey, hey, hey!

Stop right there. Hands up, everybody.

Those are my guys.

Nina, Caudell, take them up.

Let's go.

Ray, with me.

Move. Move, move, move.

Come on.




Stupid girl!

What makes you think that you
can come in here and rob me?

I didn't come here to rob you.

I came here to k*ll you!

- Ah!
- [g*n CLICKS]

- [g*n CLICKS]

It looks like you overplayed your hand,

- sweetheart.

Now, before I paint the wall
with your pretty little head,

why don't you tell me

why the hell you wanna k*ll me?

'Cause you m*rder*d
my father, you son of a bitch.

You ran him over
like the coward you are.

You're Dom's daughter.

I'm gonna make you pay
for this, you hear me?

I'm gonna make sure everyone knows.

I don't think so, sweetheart.

You're gonna die just like
your thieving old man!

FBI. Drop your w*apon.

We need a medic, subbasement two.

Got multiple victims.

Thank God you came here.

She came out of nowhere.

She sh*t my bodyguards.

- I thought I was dead!
- Are you wounded?

No, I... no, I don't think so.

Turn around.
Put your hands behind your back.

What did I do?

Atlantic City PD has
a few questions for you.

About what?

A red Porsche you used to own

somehow ended up
at the DuPont scrapyard.

You know the great thing
about junkyards?

They never get rid of their trash.

So what you wanna do is,
you wanna start at 9:00,

go clockwise to 12:00, then 3:00, right?

Just tilt the pan down
just a little bit,

get it all covered.

Boom. Don't touch that sucker
for 60 seconds.

Oh, wow. Oh, yum, I can't wait.

- Oh, who's that?

- Oh, hey. What's up?
- Hey. Hey.

Nah, I just stopped by
to get some of my...

you have company.

Yes, this is my friend, Ethan.

This is Ray.

We work together.

And his lovely fiancée, Cora,
who just got her PhD.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you.

- Hi. Nice to meet you.
- Nice meeting you.

- We don't wanna interrupt.
- No, no, no.

Stay. We're making crepes.

- There's plenty.
- Are you sure?

Yeah, let me get you a drink. Sit down.

- Yeah, okay.
- Take a seat. Take a seat.

You guys like crepes?

- Yeah.
- We do, yeah.

Good, 'cause I'm wearing
my crepe-making shirt.


- Uh. Do you drink red?
- Yeah.

- Yeah, I know you do.
- Yes, I do.


Wow, that sounds like
my kind of wedding.

- When is it?
- Two weeks.

Memorial Day weekend.

Oh, my God, that's so smart.

The extra day always helps
with the hangover.

Ah, so you have met my family.


Okay, let's finish this game.

We've got, like, four rounds left.

Oh, come on, you're already
kicking our asses.

Yeah, well, you gotta
think like a winner, Ray.

Yeah, come on. It's fun, Ray.

- It's fun!
- It's fun. It's fun. Yes.

All right, ready?
Category is Famous People.

- I remember.
- All right.

- You ready?
- Yes.

Okay, uh, long hair, beard,
d*ed on the cross.

- Jesus Christ.
- Yep.

Okay. Um, okay. Uh, National champion,

starting quarterback for
the University of Michigan.

- Uh, JJ McCarthy.
- Go Blue!

- Are you serious? What?
- Okay.

Uh, "only you can prevent forest fires."

- Smokey the Bear.
- Not a real person.

- It counts. It counts.
- Okay.

Last one.

You totally got this, Hana.

You ready?


Steve Jobs.

- Bingo!
- Yeah.

Let's go.

Uh, more wine.

More wine if we are gonna
play this game, all right?

Hey, can you get an extra
bottle just in case?

Of course.


He's cute.

Are you gonna bring him to the wedding?

Oh, can I?

I don't know. I mean, I just met him.

Hana, come on.

You can sit around and come up with

all the things wrong with him
and why it won't work out,

but what's the fun of that?

Put yourself out there.

- Take a chance.
- Mm, okay.

- I'll think about it.
- Yeah?

- Yeah.
- Okay.



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