01x10 - Tolerance Is Extinction Part 3

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Animated series based on the Marvel Comics superhero team X-Men and the plot will continue where the original series left off.
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01x10 - Tolerance Is Extinction Part 3

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[Magneto] Previously on X-Men...

[Jean] We need to find Magneto
and convince him

to reverse the damage to Earth
before it becomes permanent.

[Wolverine] Well, Magneto
ain't gonna change his mind

just because we say "please."

The man just declared w*r
on the whole planet.

His day ends one way.

Rogue, you're going with me
and Blue Team to find Magneto.

Storm and Jean will lead Gold Team
to shut down Bastion at his headquarters

in the Galapagos Islands.

[Magneto] How many more of your bones
will pave the way to Xavier's future?

Your professor's dream is dead.

So I offer a new one.

Rogue, no.


[Storm] Forge!

[Sentinel fires]

Nathan, stop! Please!

Sinister's controlling you
just like he controlled your mother.

My real mother
was a world-class telekinetic.

Stuff tends not to skip a generation.

[Professor X] I must hijack
his powers to repair Earth.

No, Magnus!

For the love of God, don't do this.

[Wolverine screams]

[theme music playing]

{\an8}God, you're suicidal,
or sentimental, maybe.

{\an8}Though either'll k*ll you.

{\an8}Would we be here helping the survivors
if we cared about staying alive?

{\an8}We care about others.

{\an8}As do most, I believe.

{\an8}-And if indeed mutants exist...
-They don't.

{\an8}If they exist,
why wouldn't they use their abilities

to make the world better for all people?

People don't want to be better.

They're already the best everything.

Best tribe, best faith,

they even fight over
who's the best victim.

These are tense times.

Be mindful not to sound
like you actually are a mutant.

What if I were?

Run and hide

before someone starts dreaming of camps.

[Professor X] I'm a mutant.

Telepathy. Mind reader.

Likely can control them, too.

Bend their will.


It bends to my will.

Have you met others?

I've met several.

Many alone. Scared.

And they will be feared.


[Professor X] Not if we guide them,

help them cherish their gifts,

help the world see all we share
by being different.

Alas, my new friend,

in my experience,
minds are far harder to bend than metal.

[Rogue] Erik?



Charles, how shockingly far you've fallen,

yet also so predictably.

Welcome to your mind, Magnus.

This is a violation.

[Professor X] You declared w*r
against mankind.

Turned my X-Men against each other.

Allowed your torment
to flood the world. And Logan...

He meant to m*rder me.

Too many have died, Magnus.

But we both have the power to end it.

Restore the damage done to Earth.

Why must you always defend
our genetic inferiors?

Do you yearn for Bastion's bastard cyborgs

to resume their pogrom
against our species?

And what happens to mutants
in a blacked-out world?

Evolution thrives in darkness.

Restore Earth's power,

or I will hijack your mind
and force you to do so.

Such psychic penetration
risks leaving both our minds shattered.

Please, then, heed reason.


Turn this nostalgic parlor trick back
to my childhood

and heed what happened

when my village used reason
while others used tanks.

Then forgive me, Magnus.



Charles, please.


[computer beeping]

[Bastion] Poetic, isn't it?

The inevitability of my vision.

Even now, Professor Xavier
must pave the path to my dream

in order to honor his own,

a dream as crippled as its dreamer,

built to die.

You mutants lost at birth, too,

the Neanderthal 2.0.

Buggy stillborns, flapping upstream,

draining yourselves dry so that the tide
can more easily drown you.

See, me.

The future's tide.

Despite this little toy
you X-Men would use

to abort the bond to my creations.

[Beast] Your creations are prisoners!

Held hostage by ignorance
and coerced through fear into...


Think, had the good Professor taken me in
when Mother begged him,

I'd be hanging here with you freaks

in the name of peace, tolerance

and equal opportunity su1c1de.

Even then, "fate got my back."

Charles Xavier wanted to help you.

He came to your mother,
but she was too afraid!

You would have been one of the first...

Get your filthy paws off her!

I didn't ask for this, either!

To be born with this programming,

-this destiny inside me, the urges.
-[Storm groans]

None choose to be born, Bastion.

Thus why we must never
begrudge them being.

Did you just try to appeal to my humanity?

Look at me.

Yet another reason why
Operation Zero Tolerance

must skip to final phase.

sl*very and genocide ain't enough?

As I told Dr. Cooper
right before she betrayed me and her kind,

people are good.

Too damn good.

Thus, to protect humanity,
I must protect humanity from itself.

From the hearts that start dripping red
at the latest token underdog.

From seeing themselves

in those who would use
their same hearts against them.

Tolerance is extinction.

But even worse is empathy.

Speaking of pity,
the little temporal orphan who could...

Error, couldn't.

Parents likely punted you to time

to skip the shame
of rearing a repeat mistake.

The clone was psychic.

How many times did you
fail to stop me? Hmm?

Fail to save your carbon-copy mothers?

Make him speak, Sinister.

How many times, my writhing thing?

Two hundred. Two hundred times.

But how's your mommy, Sebastion? [grunts]

Time always tells.

You know this better than most.

Accept what it's been saying.

Jean Grey, Madelyne Pryor,
never Phoenix, just dead.

Again. Like you.

[Mister Sinister] What is this?

You promised this pup
as my prize, Bastion!

An example must be made.

Cable will stop at nothing
to undo the one true future,

for he is as blind as his deadbeat dad
and as doomed as...

-[birds squawking]

Maybe you two should've listened
to what time's got to say about my mom.

[bird screeches]


I am Phoenix!

Hank was right.

The Prime Sentinels
were never your family.

They did not choose
to become slaves to hate.

[all groaning]

Defend your master.

You think peacocking
makes you whole again?

Think it rebuilds your past?

If so, truly, you did not think at all.

Sinister, all I do is think.

All this mutant DNA you stole
to stay duct-taped together,

young and relevant.

-But the Phoenix burns away the obsolete,

the underbrush of our fears
and insecurities.

Please! No!


Show me!

Show me my face!

Looks the same to me.


-[Beast] Jean!

Jean, your powers...

The Phoenix Force is gone now,

but I could feel it deep inside,
pulling me back,

to protect my son.

-[Bastion grunts]

What have you done to me?

My Sentinels and I
were meant to save the future,

-but now, you have sealed humanity's fate.

Think, Nathan.

I could have used slaves, camps,
or death marches.

[screams in pain]

But instead, I k*lled Genosha
in 4,621 seconds.

I will tear that rock from the heavens
and hurl it to Earth,

granting humans the same mercy
I granted your clone mother.

A quick extinction.

Power goes on and these two go lights out.

Why ain't they wakin' up?

[Professor X] Magnus.


Are you all right?

Who's Magnus?

Who are you?

[Professor X] I'm a teacher.

Here to help guide you from this place
before these elements consume us.

What is this bar?

How did I get here?

I can show you, I promise.

But you must trust me, understand?

Only then can I finally help you escape.

Good news is their pulses are steady.

So is Wolverine. For now.

Don't you dare break her heart.

Be the best at what you do.


We get our injured to Muir Island
and then back up Jean and the others in...

[Jean] Scott!

Jean, you're okay!

Where's Nathan?

Scott, the scrambler worked,
but Bastion, he...

He hurt him?

Jean, Scott, come in.

Professor, I can barely sense you.

My psychic attack
shattered Magnus' psyche.

I must restore it
before the pain consumes his mind.

Sir, if you're still linked with him
when that happens...

Both our minds will be lost.

No way. Magneto put us in this mess.

We won't lose you again.

In order to save the world,
we must not lose him.

Professor. Professor!

Scott, Bastion's inbound to you.

He intends to bring Asteroid M
down on Earth.

Forge and Beast are working
on getting us up there, but...

He's more than flesh or metal,
more than unstoppable.

Bastion is the future incarnate.

If he's gonna bring this sucker down,
he'll blow up the gravity core.

[Jubilee] Jean and Storm
couldn't stop him.

Keep us safe, my Lord.

For in you we take refuge.

Hey, we both know how this will go for me.

Like, just learned my powers
yesterday, so...

Well, you know.

[Rogue] Hey, Romeo.

Odds may be bad,

but the cards
are always in the X-Men's favor.

[alarm blaring]

[Rogue] His name was Gambit.

Remember it. [grunts]



[Rogue grunting]


Roberto da Costa, the disowned heir.

The name's Sunspot.

It's definitely got more flair.

[reporter] The sky is on fire.

Leaders are working fast
to avert this mutant doomsday.

That asteroid is a g*n
pointed right at our head.

This is the only language
mutants understand, sir.

Mr. President, the gravity core.

{\an8}Robert, vote yes, and you best pray
our children read their textbooks

{\an8}more than their Bibles.

{\an8}For only history
could be conned into forgiving us.

Sir, King T'Chaka is right.

We know next to nothing about Asteroid M.

{\an8}This could do more harm than good.

These waters...

They're so cold.

This is the dark pain
you've carried inside all these years.

I have these waters, too.

So many do.

And while the tide
of our past can drag us under,

it also carries us to others
who are fighting their own current.


People like Rogue, who help us stay afloat
when our limbs tire or the waters rage.

And for whom we do the same.

No, she left me.

So many did.

You did.

I trusted you. You said you understood.

You hurt me.

As you did me.

Countless times.

Both of us.

But we never abandoned each other.

The only ones who can break our heart
are those kept in it.

Charlatan! You pretended
you knew what it's like.

But none know what this is like.

No, we were...

Are brothers.

Do not presume us family.


My family, my parents...

I can't see them.

Where are their faces?

Why can't I see their faces?

I know. It's cold.

But be brave. Let the tide pull you back.

It's too cold. I'll drown.

I have you, Magnus.

I'll always have you,
even if I'm pulled under, too.

Together, we will resurface.

[speaks German]

-[boots thumping]
-[in English] Those men, the boots.

-They took them. Those monsters took...
-[water gushing]

[both grunt]

Ironic. Xavier's students never learn.

You'll never hurt my family again!



[Bastion] What will you do, child?

Slay me with the Fourth of July?

Haven't heard that one before.

Game over, sleazoid!


[laughs] You call yourselves a team?

A family?

But a family that can't save itself
merely works together to die alone.

Behold, my family.

Well, the Greeks did love horses.
And irony.

Forge tends to Nathan. He lives.

[metal clatters]



[beeping rapidly]

[speaks German]

[in English]
Truly, he is the future incarnate.


Stand down, team.

We can't give up.

No, Rogue.

We're gonna do what we've been telling
humanity to do for years.

Stop fighting the future.

[Storm] And embrace it.

[Cyclops] Your mother lied.

The Professor came to you, Bastion.

If she did, it was to protect me!

[Cyclops] Parents are human, too.

They mess up.

I know how it feels
to have the things you trusted,

the future you were building,
crash down on you,

and refuse to let go even as you're buried
by what should've been.

-You're not alone.
-[Bastion laughs]

This is what she was protecting me from?

I m*ssacre you freaks
and you're recruiting me?

You're suicidal.

Fella, we could say the same about you
and this dyin' duck fit of yours.

Humanity is going extinct.

No. They're having babies,
and more and more of them like us.

Well, there's just one pickle, dear.

[automated voice] m*ssile alert.
m*ssile alert.

m*ssile alert.

Humanity would rather die
than have kids like us.

No. The Magneto Protocols.

[Bastion] No!


Bastion, grab on!




[Sunspot] Got Jubilee.

But you guys are about to be
the biggest hit since the ice age.

Get to Forge on the ground. Now.

Hank, are there other means
to restore Asteroid M's orbit?

Theoretically, yes, but perhaps if...

Everyone on the jet.

I'll stay back and try
blowing this place up with my blasts.

Scott, you'll die.

[Cyclops] It's what you would do.

It's what you've done.

-Gambit, too.
-Remy died so we could live. All of us.

[Beast] Eureka! That's it.

Indeed, the odds remain reckless,
but if we all work in perfect unison,

we may just spare our world
a dinosaur's fate.

[Storm over comms] Forge,
a plan to move the asteroid,

we're going to tap
into the Stratojet's steer...

No, that could fry the jet!

How will you get back?

-[device crackles]



[Cyclops] Nathan.

Aren't you sappy lovebirds
supposed to be saving the world?

We are. A few, actually.

Nathan, I always swore
I'd never repeat my father's mistake,

the mistake I made
when Madelyne sent you into the future.

What are you...

What mistake?

Not saying goodbye.

[grunts] That sorta ending, huh?

Afraid so.

Those rebel leaders
I told you about in the future,

rambling about the adventures
of the X-Men,

getting folks inspired...

It pissed me the hell off.

I belonged in those stories, too,
growing up,

-fighting alongside...
-[Jean] You were.

You always were.

[Cable] I'll tell ya.

Those legends
really didn't do my folks justice.

The day you were born,
your mother told me you had my eyes.

They're good eyes.

And now, they're yours.

I love you, son.

Okay, Jean. It's time. Let's go.



[reporter] World leaders
have been hoping for the best,

but we regret to inform you
that the m*ssile strike

to intercept the asteroid has failed.

The object is said
to be several cubic miles in size,

and scientists believe
that when it makes impact,

it will strike the East Coast
of North America.

[Wolverine] Jean.

She can't say it, but I can.

I love you, Logan. Stay with me.

The asteroid's reaching terminal velocity.

They won't have enough power
to escape Earth's gravity.

Life support down,
engine integrity down to critical levels.

Rerouting power to auxiliary systems.

"And forgive us our trespasses,

"as we forgive
those who trespass against us."


Magnus, listen to me.

You were a boy when you lost your family.

That is why you can't see their faces.

I grew up trying
to see their eyes or smile.

So many nights scrolling
a fantasy of strange faces

for a glimpse of my future,

of who I'd grow to be.

There's a power in seeing yourself
in another, in resemblance.

There is no one like me.


The X-Men and I may not resemble
each other, but we are still family.


had a dream.


Yes. A dream that made us a family.

And like that dream,
any family worth having...

Is worth fighting for.

Your name is Professor Charles Xavier.

And you are Erik Magnus Lehnsherr.

But the man you wished
to glimpse as a child,

who you were meant to be,
who your family needs today,

chose another name.

Do you remember him, Magnus?

Remember what he was meant to do?

Magneto lives!

[both groaning]

[woman] We did it!

[all cheering]

[reporter] Six months after E-Day

{\an8}and rumors still swirl
about the fate of the X- Men.

In other news,
Graydon Creed edged ahead in polls today

as President Kelly takes heat
about the situation in Santo Marco,

where extremists are preaching
the Second Coming of Magneto and...

[Bishop] Howdy.

Must be a damn fool,
walkin' in here like we're friends.

Oh, we're friends, Daniel.

Just not yet.

Name's Lucas Bishop.

Searching for mutants
to carry on the torch?

[scoffs] Movin' on mighty fast there.

I looked for months.

I couldn't find a trace of them
or the damn asteroid.

She... [sighs]

-The X-Men are dead.

Luckily, this ain't our first time
at "the X-Men are dead" rodeo.

But it's less a question
about where, and more


What are you talkin' about?

Something, or someone,
yanked our friends through time,

-and now, we gotta go rescue the X-Men.

{\an8}[groans] Kurt?


{\an8}-[people shouting indistinctly]
-[metal clanking]

Rogue! Where are we?

Damned if I know.

Dang asteroid exploded. Now, we're here.

Indeed. What is the saying?

"We are not in Kansas."

[Cyclops] Jean!


{\an8}Where are you?

{\an8}THE FUTURE - 3960 A.D.


[Jean] Scott, over here.

Are you okay?

We're not alone.

[woman] Bright morrow.


Perhaps our recently rescued friend
holds the answers to our location.

We have no quarrel with you.

You're a long way from Crestcoast,
sapien caste.

My name is Jean Grey.

This is my husband, Scott Summers.

You may call me Mother Askani,

leader of Clan Askani.

[boy] I sense no need to be afraid.

[Mother Askani] Nathan.



Do not fear us.

What is your name?

My name is En Sabah Nur.

Oh, dear.

[Apocalypse] So much pain, my children.

So much death.
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