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Golden Kamuy (2024)

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[ethereal music playing]


[narrator] During the Russo-Japanese w*r,

the battle at 203 Meter Hill

became the bloodiest b*ttlefield

of them all.

A total of 130,000 Japanese soldiers

were deployed to the frontline

with the purpose of capturing Port Arthur,

the Russian naval base.

Out of the resulting dead,

60,000 were Japanese,

and 46,000 were Russian.

[wind howling]

By the end, hardly anyone was left alive

on this hellish battleground.

[disquieting music playing]

[music fades out]


I need to eat.

That's no joke.

I'd eat a dead Russian if I had to

'cause I'm not dying here.

Right, Toraji?


[man 1] Fire!

[man 2] Fire!

[man 3] Fire!

-[man 4] Fire!

-[man 5] Fire!



[battle cries]

[dramatic music playing]

[music abates]


[music intensifies]

[pained grunting]

[shouting in Russian]

It's open! Move!

[battle cries]

[music stops]

[spiritual music playing]

[b*ll*ts whistling]

[groans with effort]

[dramatic music playing]

[battle cries]

[music stops]

[battle cries, groans]


[wounded man] Saichi!

[battle cries]

[music reprises]

[music stops]

-[high-pitched tone]

-[muted sound]




I'm the Immortal Sugimoto!

[voice echoes]

[poignant classical music playing]


[music fades out]

How's it going? Eh?

Not much here.

Came all the way

to the boonies of Hokkaido,

and I actually thought

that I could make a quick fortune.

But there ain't a speck of gold here.

"Immortal Sugimoto"

is what they call you, eh?

I heard a rumor from someone,

another soldier,

that even with a mortal injury,

you're up and running the next day.

That you cannot be k*lled

by a bayonet thrust

or by the b*ll*ts from a machine g*n.

Is all that true? [scoffs]

Yeah, I just don't seem to die.

So how come you haven't got a medal?

If not for that annoying officer

I nearly k*lled,

I would already have a medal.

With the pension

to go right along with it.

Oh yeah?

Well, who cares anyway?


Say, Saichi,

do you want to hear an interesting story?

[apprehensive music playing]

The topic is gold. Your favorite.

[suspenseful percussion plays]

Go ahead.

[ethereal music playing]

[man 1] Back in the day,

there was a ton of these gold pieces

the size of beans

found in rivers all over Hokkaido.

You know, a real gold rush.

Now, in order to stand up

to Japanese persecution

and the stealing of their land,

a group of Ainu

secretly gathered funds

so they could start building an army.

They were up to their eyeballs in gold.

Then, one night, one guy steals it all

by murdering every single Ainu there.

The stolen gold came out to 200 kan.

Eight billion yen worth of gold.


But, right after hiding

all of that gold somewhere in Hokkaido,

the guy was captured,

and he got thrown into prison.

Abashiri Prison in fact.

At the ends of the earth.

-[man 2 groaning loudly]

-[man 3] Where'd you hide it?

[man 1] No matter what they did to him,

he never let slip about the gold.

In the end, they cut a tendon

on one of his legs

to prevent him from ever escaping.

This guy had friends on the outside,

but he never wrote any letters.

The guards would steal them.

He couldn't pass the letter on to someone

that was about to be freed either.

The guards would check everywhere.

Even their asses.

Tell me, what would you do

in that situation?

How would you reveal the location

of the treasures to the outside world?

Cut to the chase. How'd he do it?

He made tattoos.

[dark music plays]

He used the charcoal they made

from their manual labor,

mixed it with saliva,

and used a hidden needle

to inject the mixture bit by bit.

He would tattoo parts of a code

of the buried treasure's location

onto his fellow convicts' bodies.

Apparently, the code could only be seen

when all the convicts

joined their bodies together.

After that, he told the convicts,

"Break out of here,

and I'll give half of the gold

to the one who finds it."

[dramatic music playing]

Ex-military soldiers

heard rumors about the tattoos,

so they forced the convicts

out of the prison,

saying that they had to transfer them.

Turns out, the army

was after the gold as well.

But this was the moment

the convicts were waiting for.

[grunting, groaning]

[man 1] The inmates k*lled

every last one of those soldiers


and disappeared into the woods.


So what happened then

to the convicts and all that gold?

[moaning] Yeah. No one knows.

[Sugimoto sighs]

Obviously a fake story.

[man 1 snoring]

[inhales sharply, sighs] Gotta warm up.

[poignant music playing]


[sound becomes muted]

[music fades out]

[Sugimoto screams] Toraji!

-[man 1 grunting]

-[metal clicking]

[clicking accelerates]

[unsettling music playing]

I've said too much.

You wanna find out

if I'm immortal or not?

[man 1 grunting]

[groaning rhythmically]

I guess that wasn't

just some crazy story after all.

[disquieting music playing]

[birds squawking]

[music intensifies, fades out]


[menacing tone plays]

[menacing tone plays]

A brown bear?

[disquieting music playing]

[music intensifies]

Now I understand.

So you're one of the convicts

in the story.

[music intensifies, fades out]



[soft footsteps]



[dramatic music playing]

[bear growling]

[music stops]

[bear snarls]

["Asirpa's Journey"

by Yutaka Yamada playing]


Move away.

She can take ten steps with poison in her.

[Sugimoto] Is it dead?

[woman] Her fur isn't bristled up anymore.

She's dead.


[soft scraping]

What are you doing?

Cutting away the meat

around the poisoned arrow.

Otherwise, the rest of her will be ruined.

Is that guy over there dead?

Yeah, I found him

with his guts all ripped out.

Must have been that bear.

Coulda come outta that hole.

[woman] That's odd.

A bear that's just been hibernating

can't eat right away

as its stomach is shrunk.

Look. Her stomach is empty.

Then a different bear must've been here?

Only matakarip feed this time of the year.


-In Ainu, "those that move in winter."

Those bears that miss hibernation

can be aggressive and dangerous.

If their prey gets taken,

they won't stop until they have it again.

Leave that guy behind.

I can't do that. I can't leave him here.

Is he your family?

Or is he a friend of yours?

No. [scoffs softly]

Not exactly.

Well, then, matakarip will return later.

If you're not ready to k*ll it,

then let him go.

The weak get eaten out here.

[poignant music playing]

The truth is

this man tells quite a story.

If it's true,

I can't let some bear eat him like this.

You hunt bears, right?

So help me out.


I know it sounds silly, but

[woman] I believe his story.

[ethereal music playing]

Aca was one of the Ainus

who was k*lled there.

[Sugimoto] "Aca"?

"Father" is what it means.

We need more firewood.

We use the light to sh**t the bear.

With the corpse as bait,

we'll set up an ambush.

-Wait a minute.

-What is it?

[menacing music playing]

His markings are sectioned off

at the median lines of his body.

That's exactly how we mark bears

and deer before we skin them.

And why is that?

[woman] These tattoos mean

the body was going to be skinned.

It looks like

he never planned to split the gold.

[music intensifies]

All right.

We have to skin this guy before the bear--

No time for that.

-Gather firewood. Get some sitat too.

-Get what now?

[woman] Sitat. It's birch bark.

It's rich in oil and burns long.

It works well as a torch.

[music stops]

[bear growling]

[music gradually crescendoing]

[bear growling]


[frenzied music playing]

[Sugimoto] Hey!

[music abates]

[Sugimoto] Don't sh**t!

H-- Hey, don't sh**t! You'll hit me!

[ethereal music playing]

[Sugimoto grunting]

[bear snarls]

[Sugimoto spluttering]

[menacing music playing]

[bear snorts]

[bear running]

[bear snarls]

[bear panting]

[dramatic music fading in]

[bear snarls]

[bear roars]

Immortal Sugimoto!


[music climaxes, fades out]

Are you alive?

[Sugimoto grunting]


Well, I survived again.

A bear landed on Aca,

and he also pierced it,

right through the heart.

It's a risky tactic among Ainu hunters.

So you've heard of it?

Not at all. [groans]

That was just pure instinct.


-Not bad for a Japanese.

[whimsical music playing]

I'm Saichi Sugimoto.


[wolf howls]

[Asirpa] Five years ago now,

when my father

and the other Ainu men were found,

their bodies had been hacked apart

and were scattered all over.

I didn't know the man who k*lled my father

was in Abashiri Prison.

Here. This belongs to you, Sugimoto.

Put it in your mess kit.

-And what is it?

-The bear's gallbladder.

It'll sell for a lot as medicine

once it's dried.

No part of a bear goes to waste.

The fur is sold, and the meat is eaten.

You brought the bear down.

That means it's yours now.

Asirpa, that bear's yours too.

I'll take that one over there.

Ainus don't eat a bear

that has k*lled a human.

This bear will become a wen kamuy.

An evil spirit.

It'd be sent to teine pokna mosir.

That's hell.

I don't wanna k*ll humans either.

So you're condemned if you k*ll.

[yells with effort]

[poignant music playing]


Looks like I'll have

a front-row seat in hell.

The one responsible is still in jail.

And he hasn't been ex*cuted yet.

But once that gold is found,

his life is over.

If we find that gold,

you can get revenge for your father.

[hypnotic piano music playing]

[Asirpa] Aca

I'll do all the dirty work.

All I'm asking

is for you to share your knowledge.

Work with me to find the gold.

[soft squelching]

If we work together,

nothing can stop us.

All I need is a small cut of the money.

Tell me.

Why is it you need the gold?

[music stops]

[Sugimoto] Look, I just do, all right?

[sprightly string music playing]

[Asirpa] Fine. I'll help you. However

[music intensifies]

you'll have to give me your word

that you will not k*ll.

[music intensifying]

[music fades out]

[optimistic music playing]

What are you doing?

When you set a stick like this

up against a tree where squirrels feed,

they'll use it to climb down the tree

since they're lazy.

So I'm going to set a snare right on it.

It tightens around the squirrel

as it runs through

and strangles it.


Well, honestly, I like squirrels a lot.

I like them too.

Their meat is delicious

since they only eat nuts.

Their fur sells too.

Let's set up more traps.

It's healing up already.


I heal faster for some reason.

[music intensifies]

[Sugimoto] If those escaped convicts

are searching for the gold,

they won't be on the mainland.

They'll still be here in Hokkaido.

[Asirpa] But Hokkaido is vast.

[Sugimoto] They wouldn't survive

hiding out in the mountains.

And an outsider will stand out

in a small community.

So they'll wanna go

to a big town to blend in.

In Hokkaido, the big towns are Sapporo,

Hakodate, and Asahikawa.

And right here. Otaru.

[music intensifies]


[narrator] Otaru developed

as a coastal city over the years.

It was also a financial district

known as the "Wall Street of the North."

Where do we go now?

Let's spot those tattoos.

Hey, Pops, are you a regular here?

Yeah. Every day.

Anyone with strange-looking tattoos

come in here?

Strange how?

Like straight lines

and curved lines crossing one another.

Hmm. No. I haven't seen that.

Why are you asking?

Ah no reason.

Oh! And I sure haven't seen

markings like yours either.

It's amazing that you're still alive.

[indistinct chatter]

[man] Hello. Good to see you.


What is it, little girl? Need something?

Have you ever seen a tattoo like this?

Uh no, never seen that.

Hey! What's an Ainu woman

doing nosing around here?

[woman] Stop it!

Don't pick on the poor child.

Well, how old are you?

I see your face isn't tattooed yet.

Maybe I should sell you off right now?

[pained grunting]

[Sugimoto] Hey.

Have you had a customer

with a tattoo like that?

[groaning] No, no, no, no!

Uh, wait a minute!

There was this guy, he asked [groans]

that exact same question. [splutters]

-[Sugimoto] Guess they had the same idea.

-[Asirpa] Don't k*ll him, Sugimoto.

-[Sugimoto] I know.

-[man] Ow! [groans]

[unsettling music fades in]

[music intensifies]

[music becomes dramatic]

[music stops]

[man yelps]

[wailing] Shit!





Where are the other convicts?

[Shiraishi sighs]

How the hell would I know?

Are you hunting for convicts as well?

The one who organized this jailbreak

is an absolute monster

you don't wanna know.

You'd be better off

trapping rabbits if you ask me.

If the code's only revealed

when you're all together,

why would you go off by yourselves?

[breathes shakily] It was a slaughter.

[thoughtful music playing]

[Shiraishi] All the convicts,

they just started k*lling one another.

It took us all by surprise,

so we just ran off.

We been hiding out.

So then they realized

that they would need to be skinned, right?


Uh, what do you mean "skinned"?

Didn't you know?

Those tattoos on your torso,

they were put on you

so that you could be skinned.

Don't worry though.

I'll sh**t you first,

and you won't feel a thing.

-[men whimpering]

-[music intensifies]

[Asirpa] Stop, Sugimoto!

You gave your word.

I won't help you if you k*ll them.

[music fades out]

Asirpa you need to learn

to play along, all right?

I was just gonna scare them into talking.


That's not half bad, Asirpa. A deft hand.

Well, my father could draw too.

He carved this menokomakiri,

and he gave it to me.

[melancholy music playing]

I'd say catching the two of them

right away is a good sign.

We're doin' good.

[chuckles] Hey, is that Ainu

your little sl*ve girl or what?

Do you ever want to speak again?

Don't, Sugimoto.

I'm used to it now. It's all right.

Why do you have to get used to that?

[Asirpa] This man who tattooed you.

What's he like?


[dark dramatic music playing]

That's what we called him.

"The man with no face."

[chaotic music playing]

[Shiraishi] Hey! Hey, hey! No, no!


Save me, you two! All right, now!

-I'll lay a smoke screen!

-Got it. I'll cover you.

A Type 26 revolver.

That won't reach me.

[disquieting music playing]

[music intensifies]

[music stops]

[dark ethereal music playing]



The Seventh Division

Wait a minute. What unit are you?


-Stay here.

Seventh Division

is the strongest unit out there.

[Sugimoto] I was in the First Division,

but I got discharged

after completing my term.

[Ogata] I see.

Hm. We might have met at 203 Meter Hill.

I think it's better

that you hand over that corpse.

It's a dangerous game

that you've gotten involved in.

You really ought to stay out--

[dramatic music playing]

[bone crunches]

-[music abates]

-Sugimoto! Don't!

From the First Division, Sugimoto

Immortal Sugimoto.

[music resumes]

[music fades out]

If I had let him go,

his unit would have come after both of us.

He had to die.

"Immortal Sugimoto."

What's that mean?

Even when I was badly wounded,

I wouldn't die.

There is an old saying,

"Always keep yourself alive in a fight."

On the field of battle, do not hesitate.

The weak perish.

Just like you said.

[poignant music playing]


[Shiraishi] Oh-uh--

[Shiraishi yelps]

[dramatic music playing]

[Shiraishi] Ya-ha-haa!



Whoo! [laughing]

-[music intensifies]


[both yelping]

[music stops]

[Shiraishi hyperventilating]

Oh shit!

Argh! This water is so cold!

My head it's about to crack open! Argh!

It's no good.

The matches don't light. [groaning]

g*n, g*n. g*n.

Damn it! It's over there

-[dark country music playing]

-a*mo. a*mo!

Crap, I've dropped them!

Damn it! I'm immortal!

I'm Immortal Sugimoto!


[shakily] Wha-- Wha--

What are you doing now?

If you don't want to die,

then find the b*ll*ts in the river!

[Shiraishi whimpering]

[music stops]

Oh! Hey! What about a deal?

Look, I'll help you! Just let me go, okay?

Don't try to negotiate!

Shut it! Do we have a deal or not?

All right, fine!

Just look for a b*llet!


-[dramatic music playing]


Just in case

I needed to get out of a tight spot.

I forgot about it!

Give it me! Give it.

Give it!

Here goes.

[music stops]

I heard [chuckles]

there are 24 of us with these tattoos.

And every one of us are total wackos.


the boss who ordered our jailbreak.

So, what's he like, this guy?

[dark tone plays]

[Shiraishi] He's an old geezer.

[sacred music playing]

When he was in Abashiri Prison,

he was a model inmate.

Always nice to others.

[chuckling] But, oh boy,

was he a wolf in sheep's clothing.

During the breakout, he grabbed a sword

off one of the ex-legionary soldiers.

Ah, he cut them all down in no time!

Later, I learned that he was an ex-samurai

who had fought in the Battle of Hakodate

for the old Shogunate.

The merciless vice-commander

of Shinsengumi himself, Toshizo Hijikata.

Toshizo Hijikata?

He died in Hakodate.

[Shiraishi chuckles] Ask him yourself

if you don't believe me.

Ah-- I will tell you one thing

[suspenseful music playing]

that Noppera-Bo, he told us

"Go to Otaru."

[Noppera-Bo] All of you, go to Otaru.

[music intensifies]

[man groans]

[man moans, kisses]


[music intensifies]






Did you sell me out?


[woman screams]

[music abates]


You thought you could split

a head this hard with that sword of yours?

I did.

[music fades out]

Look at this.

We won't have to k*ll each other

if we copy the tattoo down.

Let's join forces, Ushiyama.

What the two of us need

is a common interest.

What's your plan,

gathering people like this?

We're going to fight the Seventh Division.

With an old sword like that,

you're gonna defeat the entire army?

A man jumps at the chance

to wield a sword.

[dark electronic music playing]

Age will not be a concern.

[Sugimoto sighs] It's Shiraishi, right?

You need to forget about the gold

and leave Hokkaido immediately.

It's not just the other convicts

that are after your tattoo, okay?

Yeah, yeah! The Seventh Division

are coming too, right? [scoffs]

[under breath] Yeah.

They plan to peel the skin

off all the captured convicts.

[Shiraishi scoffs]

After peeling the skin off your body,

it'll be much harder for you to run away.

[Shiraishi chuckles]

Well, I am Yoshitake Shiraishi,

the King of Escapes.

I've gotten out of every prison.

And if they catch me, guess what?

I'll vanish into thin air

just like that. [scoffs]

All right, see ya, Immortal Sugimoto.

Bye, Asirpa!

[Asirpa's stomach rumbles]

[Sugimoto's stomach rumbles]

[soft cracking]

I've never eaten a squirrel before.

[quirky percussive music playing]


Squirrels are tiny, so I'll pound it whole

into citatap for us.

Remember, when making citatap,

nothing goes to waste.

[Sugimoto] "Citatap"?

[Asirpa] Citatap means

"something we mince."

You take over now. I'm tired.

We'll take turns.

That's why it's "something we mince."


-Say "citatap" while you do it.

-So that's an Ainu tradition, huh?

No, just a tradition in our family.

Aca said that my mother,

who has passed away, started that.


[knives tapping]





Citatap is typically eaten raw.

Your palate is too refined,

so I'm gonna put the whole thing in ohaw.


-It's a soup we cook.

This citatap is made

with all the blood and bones,

so it has enough saltiness

and depth of flavor.

Asirpa, you know about so many things.

I learned it all from Aca.

Go on. This is for you.

Thanks, Asirpa.



It's good! The meat has

a slightly nutty flavor. Mmm.

Are these crunchy things

in the meatballs bones?

I like the texture.

Hinna. Hinna.

[music ends]

[Sugimoto] What's that mean?

Words of thankfulness.


You know what, Asirpa

this is great as it is

but don't you think

miso would really enhance the flavor?

-"Miso," what's that?

-Don't you know?

It's this.

[quirky string music playing]

Sugimoto! That's osoma in there!



No, it's not. Miso. Try it.

That's feces!

No, it's not shit!

Come on, try some of it.

That's disgusting! No way I'm eating that!


Amazing that taste.

Japanese can't go long

without miso, can they?

Yuck! You're eating shit,

and you're enjoying it.

Hinna. Hinna.

[Asirpa] Be quiet.

[music stops]

[Ogata breathing shakily]

[horse neighs]

[dark electronic music playing]


He'd be dead

if we hadn't found him when we did.

Impressive that he crawled up here

with those injuries.

Who did this to you,

Superior Private Ogata?

[Ogata breathing shakily]

Im mor tal.

[music intensifies]

[music fades out]

[Asirpa] If there are icicles

at the entrance or a pungent odor,

then there's a high chance

it's a brown bear's den.

Could be over there.

-Shall we capture it?


Aca was very brave.

He once crawled into a den

clutching a poisoned arrow

and k*lled a brown bear all by himself.

He's lucky he wasn't k*lled.

There's an Ainu saying that goes

"A brown bear won't k*ll

a human that enters its den."

I won't go in there.

Sugimoto, what's that?

Something's flashing.

[dramatic music fades in]

Shit! They're binoculars!

[pounding heartbeat]

They saw us and ran over there.

One is wearing an army hat,

the other's an Ainu child.

That's unusual.

[music intensifies]



[music accelerates]

[Asirpa] Four of them!

They're coming down fast!

Let's cut through the grass.

It'll hide our footprints

and slow their pursuit.

[Sugimoto] Asirpa!

[music abates]

[Sugimoto] Let's split up for now.

They'll only follow my tracks.

If they catch you, don't fight them.

Just give it over.

And pretend you know nothing.

You got that?


Don't even think about fighting!

[music intensifies]

I found them, sir.

Here's their trail leading outta here.

Here the tracks split.

The Ainu child went this way.

All right.

Tanigaki, you deal with the child.

Noma and Okada, this way.



[music fades out]

[Tanigaki] Their footprints stop here.

She must have walked back

on her own footprints.

Animals do it too to avoid being caught.

Very smart.

[suspenseful music playing]

Come down here.

I promise I won't harm you.

Little girl,

do you understand what I'm saying?

[In Ainu] The man I was with

puts poop in his soup and eats it.

[Tanigaki sarcastically in English]

Oh perfect.

I don't understand a word.

Look, I won't hurt you.

Here come on down.

[unsettling music plays]

[tense music playing]


Uh what are all of these for?

Hey, put it down!

So you did understand what I was saying.

Drop everything. Your quiver, your blade

Give me that knife.

[dramatic music playing]

[Noma] Stop right there!

[g*n cocks]

Drop the g*n!

[music fades out]

[Noma] The bayonet on your waist too!

Why'd you run away?

You're here to catch poachers, right?

See, I was hunting deer illegally,

so I had an Ainu

'cause she knows this area.

One of our men was att*cked around here.

Have you seen anyone suspicious?

No. Nobody around here.

[strange electronic music playing]

That face I've seen you

at the hospital in Port Harbor.

You were in the First Division.


He's Immortal Sugimoto!


It was you who att*cked

Superior Private Ogata, wasn't it?!

On your stomach

with your hands behind you!

[Noma] He told you to lie on your stomach!

[music intensifies]

-Huh? He dove right into that hole.

-[sighs] Bastard.

Okay, fine. Just sh**t 'im. Go ahead!

Can't believe

that's the Immortal Sugimoto.

-How ridiculous!

-[Noma] We need him alive for information.

[man] If that's really him,

he won't die, right?

Just how immortal is he?

[man screams]

[bear snarling]

[screaming continues]

[Noma calmly] Shh. Calm down, eh?

All right? Calm down. Calm down.

My grandpa taught me, in the mountains,

when you see a bear, stay still.

[Noma screaming]

[screaming continues]


[g*n clicking]

[music intensifies]

[music fades out]

I can't leave you here. Just come with me.

I can't promise Asirpa won't make you

into citatap though. [chuckles softly]

[animal snarling]

[Asirpa] Retar, stop!

[Tanigaki panting]

Retar, you're the last horkew kamuy.

We can't let you become a wen kamuy.


[Asirpa] Sugimoto! He's safe.

Listen. You better stay hidden.

Or Sugimoto will k*ll you.

Listen, just stay quiet, all right?

Asirpa will eat you otherwise.

What a relief. You're safe.

Yeah, I managed to get away.

What about the ones after you?

I dived into that den we saw earlier,

and well, it's all fine now.

You went through the entrance?!

A brown bear won't k*ll anyone

that enters its den.

You were telling me the truth back there.


Aca's the only one

who could pull that off.

[playful music playing]

Anyway, let's get outta here.

[softly] Ahem.

By the way, Sugimoto, what you got there?

[Sugimoto] Hm?

[melodically] Su-gi-moto!

[frustrated] Sugimoto!

Just let me have a look!

[Sugimoto] It's, uh

It's nothing. Doesn't matter. [scoffs]

[Asirpa] What?

What are your plans for that cub, then?

[music intensifies]

Asirpa, just eat it by yourself!

I can't face it!

Huh? Don't worry.

-[music ends]

-[Sugimoto] Huh?

[Asirpa] Whenever we find a cub,

we raise it in the kotan.


It's the village.

[children shouting in Ainu]

[Japanese string music playing]

[narrator] Ainu kotan are settlements

by a large river or estuary

of anywhere from a few

to a few dozen cise, or houses.

Led by their village chief, the residents

live in a well-ordered society.

[women singing in Ainu]

[boy calls out in Ainu]

[in Ainu] Asirpa's back!

[in Ainu] Asirpa, how are you?

[in Ainu] I'm doing well.

[in Ainu] Who is this?

[in Ainu] Look!

Asirpa brought a sisam back with her.

[in English] They're not scared?

[in English] We Ainu are very curious.

We appreciate new things.


Sugimoto, that's my huci

on my mother's side.



[music fades out]

[in Ainu] This is my friend.

[in Ainu] You're the first guest

Asirpa has ever brought here.

We would like to extend our hospitality.

[boy shouting in Ainu]

[children shouting in Ainu]

[ethereal music playing]

[in English] That little girl is a cousin.

She can speak English too.

I'm Sugimoto. What's your name?

I'm Osoma.

That's poop! Are you teasing?

[chuckles] That's true.

-Everyone calls her Osoma here.

-[Sugimoto] What?

We're all given dirty names

when we're children.

Like siontak and teynesi,

to ward away disease.

We are given a real name later.

However, Osoma was so weak

that her given name is Osoma too.

And thankfully, she's quite healthy now.

Asirpa, did they call you sion

or something like that

when you were little?

-[Asirpa] It's siontak.

-What's it mean?

A lump of rotten poop.

It's all poop.

[mouth harp twanging]

[in Ainu] Asirpa spends all her time

in the mountains

and can't do a woman's work.

Mr. Sugimoto,

please take this girl as your wife.

[in English] What did your grandma say?

That you shouldn't be eating poop.

It's otter ohaw.

In the Ainu language,

we call otters "esaman."

Esaman is a very forgetful kamuy.

It's said that

you should be ready to leave the house

before you start eating it.

Boiling it with pukusa

gets rid of the strong smell of meat.

[Huci] Hinna. Hinna.

[Sugimoto] What is she doing?

She's making an offering to her

guardian spirit on the back of her neck.

It's thought all humans

get a guardian spirit, turenpe,

the moment they are born into the world.

Uh Asirpa, I've never seen you do that.

That's because only the elders do it.

Man, what's with young people these days?

Looks delicious.

I'll begin, then.

Mmm! [chuckles]

It's really quite distinct.

And the fatty meat is wonderful

and has a refined taste. Mmm.

[Asirpa] Mmm.

There's a part that's even better.

The best part of the meal

is stewed otter head.

Sugimoto, as our guest, please enjoy.

[dark country music plays]

You know what?

Miso would work well with this too.

[quirky percussive music playing]

Please don't, Sugimoto!

Get that out of here!

Hey, Grandma. This right here is miso.

[Huci] Oooh!

She's making an offering

of shit to the guardian spirit!

It's not shit-- Hey-- Wait. Wait.

What is this w*apon?

[Asirpa] It's a sutu.

It's for punishment.

We use it on those who commit evil deeds

such as k*lling or theft.

[music ends]

[man] So are you off

on your travels again?

-Is that what you heard from Asirpa?

-[grumbles softly]

I'm Asirpa's great-uncle.

Asirpa's attached to you,

so you can't be all that bad, I figure.


looking for the gold is a bad idea.

Our ancestors are the people

that first assembled that gold.

And it hasn't been touched for decades.

I'm warning you,

that gold has been possessed by demons.

Quite simply, it's cursed.

Therefore, you shouldn't be

going after it.

[animal calling]

Ah, that's the howl of a wolf.

I saw something.

A white wolf protecting her.

Asirpa and her father found that wolf

when it was being att*cked

by a brown bear.

[poignant piano music playing]

They named it Retar, which means "white."

Asirpa continued to go

into the mountains with Retar

even after her father was k*lled.

However, they belonged

to different worlds.

[wolf howling]

Something howling.

[howling continues]

-[Retar grumbles softly]

-No, no, no! Stop listening!

[panicking] Please wait!

Just come back! Go back to the pen!



Retar! Don't leave!

Come back!

Please don't leave me here on my own!

[Asirpa crying]

No, don't go!



[crying becomes screaming]

[music fades out]

When Asirpa's with you,

I can see her smiling.

And that is your doing.

[poignant music playing]

[Huci] Sugimoto nisipa.

Asirpa anakne kueyam pe ne.

Ney ta pakno turano an wa unkoraye yan.

While I don't speak Ainu,

it's obvious to me Asirpa's loved by you.

Plus the villagers too.


[music intensifies]

[music climaxes, abates]

[music slowly fades out]

First Lieutenant Tsurumi, it's difficult

to keep searching in this snow.

None of those four are new

to the mountains though, are they?

Tanigaki, he's from Ani matagi.

It wouldn't have been too hard for him.

[man] First Lieutenant Tsurumi!

You son of a bitch!

How dare you drag my men

to Otaru without asking?!

Why, hello, Captain Wada.

One man is injured!

Four of them are missing!

Just what the hell

are you doing in Otaru?!

I promise you'll pay for this, Tsurumi!

[dark music fades in]

One second.

Ever since part of my skull was blown off

by a shell fragment in Mukden,

this unsightly fluid seems to

just leak out.

[music intensifies]

How the hell are you still serving

as a first lieutenant

with an injury like that?!

A man like you doesn't belong

in our military any longer--

[bone crunches]

[pained yelling]



Since my frontal lobe took a little hit,

I lose control of my temper now and again.

So, except for that, I feel just great.

You're completely insane.

Sergeant Tsukishima, sh**t! Now!




[music stops, fades back in]

[Tsurumi] Tsukishima,

strip the body and bury him.

[Tsukishima] Sir.

[Tsurumi] We'll get some lovely flowers

blooming in spring out of this.

[dark dramatic music playing]

Our comrades still lie

buried under the cold

and barren stones in Manchuria.

[music intensifies, stops]

[Shiraishi chuckling]

-Come in.

-[groaning] No, come on! [chuckles]

-Come and have some fun with us.

-[groaning] Oh shit!

We have some great girls, sir.

[Shiraishi chuckles] This is it!

This is it!

[laughs hysterically]


-[dark country music playing]

-Hello, sir. You looking for fun?

[Shiraishi] Ushiyama!

How've you been, Yoshitake Shiraishi?

[scared shrieking]

[dramatic music playing]

[Ushiyama grunts angrily]

[Shiraishi shrieks]

Why are you running away, Shiraishi?

[shrieks, hyperventilating]

What are you in such a rush for?

-Hold on. This guy looks fishy.

-Yeah, you're right.

[Shiraishi wailing]

Ah, just help me! [fake choking]

They were I went to the bath house

without getting changed!

[fake coughing]

This creepy guy with this weird tattoo

is chasing after me!

Tattooed man?


That's the guy! [hyperventilating]

[man] Stop there!

[music fades out]

-[music resumes]


[Shiraishi] Ahhhh!

-[Ushiyama] Shiraishi!

-[Shiraishi vocalizing]



-[music stops]

-[civilians scream]

A hand grenade.

[g*n cocks]

An ambush?

What the actual hell?!

-[dramatic music playing]

-[Shiraishi whimpering]

That's him! That man!


[Shiraishi whimpering]

[music intensifies]

Whoa! [vocalizing hysterically]


Oo-oo-oo! Damn it!


[dark electronic music playing]

There are reports of a tattooed man.

-Gather the troops.


Ushiyama! This is all because of you!

No. It's 'cause of Shiraishi.

At least there's something exciting.

[man 1] What's happening?

[onlookers gasping]

[man 2] Anybody know what's going on?

[man 3] That was a g*nsh*t.

The officials are running.

It's way over there.

[music intensifies]

[panicked screaming]


-[man 4] It was a success!

One was shot to death.

The other two are being pursued now.

Lieutenant Tsurumi,

that distant expl*si*n we just heard,

it came from a brothel

on Sakaimachi Street.

The financial district.

I see.

So this was just a diversion.

It's a bank they're after.

[strange electronic music playing]

-Open up.

-[nervously] Uh-- sir.

[music fades out]

This was meticulously organized.

What were they looking for here?

[man] We kept cash here, of course,

but also stocks and jewels.

Also works of art that

that the bank owned,

like paintings and a sword

A sword?

[man] The Izumi no Kami Kanesada sword.

[horse nickering]

["In the Mist" by Yutaka Yamada playing]

[Hijikata] Cross the barrier of time

and come back to me.

[music intensifies]

Toshizo Hijikata!

[dramatic music playing]

[man] Move back!


Get outta the way!

Phantom of the last shogunate.

[music climaxes]

[music fades out]



Which guy was inquiring about a tattoo?

That lad in the army cap.

[unsettling electronic music playing]

[exhales shakily]

[Yohei] Don't move!

[music becomes dramatic]

Let's finish it.

-Let's k*ll him.

-[woman softly] Lord, I dunno.

[civilians gasp]

[Yohei] Sh-sh!

[music intensifies]

I'll be the one to decide your fate.

Because you're under my control now.

[unsettling electronic music playing]

[Tsurumi] These are Otaru Hanazono Park's

specialty skewered dumplings.

-[music fades out]

-[Sugimoto] Thank you!



-[Tsurumi] "Immortal."


"Im mor tal."

Did you k*ll Ogata,

a superior private, Sugimoto?

You got the wrong guy.

My name's not Sugimoto.

I saw Immortal Sugimoto once.

It was in Port Arthur.

I was transfixed

as I watched him fight like a demon.

You were the person I saw back then.

Mm, I was the Second Division.

Didn't go to Port Arthur.

I've heard you were looking

for a guy with a strange tattoo.

Mm yeah, a yakuza guy.

His bear tattoo is striking.

Why did the Immortal Sugimoto

and Superior Private Ogata

have a run in, then?

Isn't it because you're in possession

of the secret code for those tattoos?

The "code"?

Their human skin, where did you hide it?

Your boss, he sounds

completely out of his mind. [scoffs]

Well, part of my brain

was blown off by a shell. [laughs]

[somber tone plays]

Very impressive, Immortal Sugimoto.

You didn't even blink once.

There's only one way

for you to survive now

and that is to work for me.

-[Sugimoto] What are you lot going to do?


We'll fund our army first.

We'll take over the Seventh Division

and gain total control of Hokkaido.

We'll gather all its natural resources.

You've heard of opium, right?

Makes you rich.

We're going to clear the forests

to plant opium

for the children

who lost their fathers in the w*r.

For the parents

who lost their loyal children.

The wives who lost their husbands

We'll give them all stable jobs.

It's the least we can do

as a parting gift.

Then eventually,

we'll take over the state entirely.

The incompetency of Headquarters

had us breaking the front line

with our comrades as shields

as we were rained upon by Maxim g*ns.

It was the same for you.

We risked our lives on the b*ttlefield,

but returned home as vagabonds.

Were we rewarded in any way?

Our w*r is far from over.

Do you understand?

Here. Look at these gold coins.

I found these.

They were located

right where those Ainu were m*rder*d.

The Ainu must have made them

by melting down gold nuggets.

[dark electronic music playing]

Hidden somewhere.

All of that Ainu gold.

How about it, Sugimoto?

Why don't you come fight with us?

[music climaxes, fades out]

I can't join you.

[music resumes]

So you want me to finish you off now?

[teeth rattling]

[music fades out]

See this? This is a sock

Sugimoto forgot to take.

This is his scent.

-[dull thud]

-[Yohei laughs]

[Yohei and Kohei giggle]



[both laugh]

Hey! Better not die on us yet.

Like a skewered rat!

[Yohei and Kohei laugh]

[Yohei giggles]

[gasps shakily]

[Yohei and Kohei giggle]

Any injury Sugimoto has,

regardless how bad it is,

always heals in a day.


How about we pull out all his guts?

Do you think that'll heal, Kohei?

[dark tone plays]

No, we can't.

Then we'll never find out

where the tattoos are, Yohei.

[Yohei moans]

We can slice off his fingers

until he gives up their whereabouts.

[both chuckle]

[tense music playing]

Is he in there?


-[Retal snarls]


[Shiraishi screaming] Ow!



Wha-- Who are you?

Oh, you're that Ainu girl

from the other day!

Sugimoto, is he here?

As if he would stay here!

No, it's just me!

Well, that's strange.

I gave him the scent of Sugimoto's sock.

A sock?!

We must have mixed up socks

when we were together!

[quirky percussive music playing]

I feel sick.


Sounds like Sugimoto

went and betrayed you.

Isn't that right, eh?

He must've run off

with the tattoos, right?

Stop talking!

[laughing] Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no!

-No, no, no! No, no, no, no, no, no!

-Don't eat him.

The Seventh Division

took Sugimoto off to their headquarters.

So take us there.

[Shiraishi] No! Forget it!

It's too late now anyway.

There's enough poison

on this arrow to k*ll you in an instant.

[Retal growls softly]

[tense music playing]

[quietly] That's the headquarters

for the Seventh.

Hey you know it's a su1c1de mission

going against these guys, right?

[Yohei softly] Mmm. Mmm?

How about this?

Mark yourself so I can tell who's who.



Be careful what you say,

you son of a bitch.

[dark dramatic music playing]

Yohei! Yohei!

[Yohei] Sugimoto!

Why you [laughing maniacally]

Even Sugimoto has to

run out of luck sooner or later.

[Asirpa] No.

He's alive.

[dramatic music playing]

His heart is not swayed

by a fear of dying.

That is his strength.

He keeps going.

He doesn't give up.

He will find a way

to survive no matter what.

That's why he's Immortal Sugimoto.

I'm the

the Immortal Sugimoto!

[Tsukishima] Hey, stop it!

We were told not to k*ll 'im!

[Kohei] Sugimoto!

I'll cut you into pieces!

The pigs will feed on your remains!

You're both lucky.

Your two lifeless corpses

would've gone well together.

[whispers] Sugimoto.


That guy just doesn't quit!

Sugimoto is still alive.

He's inside there.


My God, that man really is immortal.

[music stops]

I could slip inside.

Uh through those bars

if I dislocate my joints.

[tense music playing]

-So you're gonna help us?


Uh-- Oh-- [groaning]


-[music intensifies]

-I like gambling, that's all.

I'm betting on you two.

And in return, give me a share of the gold

once I've gotten Sugimoto out.

-I swear it.


[laughs hysterically]

Hey, one more thing. Have any soap on you?

-So I can sneak in there.

-I don't.


But I have brown bear oil for cooking.

[music fades out]

[soft tap]

[soft squelching]


[popping sound]


[joints cracking]

-[Shiraishi grunting]


Sorry to bother ya!

-A ghost!

-Not a ghost! Shiraishi.

Why'd you break in here?

A girl threatened me

with a poisoned arrow if I didn't.


-[bone cracks]


[Shiraishi groaning] Okay!

Don't worry. I'll get you outta here.


Okay-- Uh [groaning]

[footsteps approaching]

[sinister music playing]

Kohei, stand watch.

Make sure no one comes in here.


No firearms.

We have to keep quiet.

Use your knife.

[blade penetrates flesh]

[music intensifies]

-[Kohei] Yohei!

-[man] Hey!

-[Kohei desperately] Yohei!

-[man] Stop!

[Kohei] Let me k*ll him!

-[Tsurumi] What's all this?


-It's Nikaido.

-[Kohei crying]

-[Kohei] Yohei!

-[man grunting]

-[Kohei] Let me k*ll him!

-[man] No!

[Kohei screams] Sugimoto!

-[Kohei sobbing, struggling]

-[man grunting]

[Sugimoto groans softly]

I see that

you have chosen death, Sugimoto.

Those tattoos

you help me, and I'll bring them to you.

Bring him to the best surgeon in town.

Slap the doctor awake.


I'll follow you on my horse.

Make sure he tells you

where the codes are before he dies.



[music fades out]

Well, that's strange.

He's injured on his right hand,

but his left hand is untouched.

Why didn't he use the other hand?

[dark tone plays]


[dark electronic music playing]

[music becomes dramatic]

I see now.

He stole this man's guts!

[music intensifies]

[man screams]

[man yells]

[music stops]

[music resumes]


[music becomes epic]


-[music stops]

[Kohei shrieks maniacally]

[tense music playing]


[glass shatters]



-Get everything out of there!

-[man] Let's go!

[laughing maniacally]

[man] Forget the second floor!

He-he-he! Think I'll just go ahead

and nab those tattoos they been keepin'!

Oh, come on, where are they?

-[Kohei shrieking]

-[man] Not so fast!

Don't sh**t Sugimoto! sh**t the horse!

[Kohei screaming]

[murmuring, laughing maniacally]

[music intensifies]

[Kohei shrieking]

[Sugimoto yells]

[music stops]

Sugimoto! [echoing]

[music resumes]


[music stops]

[disquieting music playing]

[music becomes dramatic]

[music abates]

I think we'll leave it for today.

[menacing electronic music playing]

First Lieutenant.

Someone started this fire.


No. It works better

if Sugimoto's g*ng finds all the tattoos.

It looks like they have

a lot better information than us.

Please forgive me. It spread quickly.

We weren't able to get the skins out.

That's no big deal.

It's warm enough with these on.

[music intensifies]

It's nice and cozy.

[Shiraishi] No wonder I couldn't find them

in all that rubble. He's got them on!

That's too creepy.

[music fading out]


[Asirpa] So that's where

you've been hiding it.

[Sugimoto] I thought I could do this

on my own, but in the end,

I was the one who needed saving.

How pathetic.

[poignant music playing]

[music stops]


[Sugimoto sniffs]

Sugimoto I already had my father die.

I knew this'd be dangerous.

Still I'm here.

I thought we could achieve

our goals if I went with you!

I made that decision

when I decided to help you, okay?

But you treat me like a child!

You act reckless

because you don't take me seriously.

Even though we have to be very careful,

why are you in such a rush?

[melancholy music playing]

I knew Toraji.

Since we were both kids.


Me, Toraji, and Ume,

another childhood friend,

we were always together.

[boy 1] It's Sugimoto's house.

Hold your breath.

[boy 2] Three people died

of a lung disease in there.

I think they should

burn the whole house down.

-[boy 1] You should burn it tonight.

-[boy 2] No, you do it.

[boy 1] No way. I'll get lung disease too!

Umeko! I told you not to get too close!

Come on, let's go!

Just forget about Saichi!

[Ume] Saichi! [sobbing]

Thank God! I'm glad you're all right.



[Sugimoto] I started it.


Because now no one will come here again.

I'm leaving this village.

Saichi I wanna go too.

Stay away from me!

I might have the disease too!


-Stay away!

[Ume crying]

[quietly] If there really aren't

any symptoms in a year,

I'll come back for you. [sobs]

Saichi! Is that you?


Why did you return?!

Umeko's my wife now,

and you can't have her!

I'm gonna work really hard

and make her happier than you ever could!

Say something!


Congratulations, Toraji.

[muted sound]

[Sugimoto] Toraji!

[Sugimoto breathing shakily]

Toraji, you're okay.

I'll make sure

you get to the field hospital.

[Toraji shakily]

Umeko would she believe it

if I told her

that I actually threw you out of the

the way?

I'll be your witness.

You tell her yourself.

Once the w*r's over,

let's go to Hokkaido.

Because they still have gold there.

Umeko's blind now.

I want to find [breathing raggedly]

[sacred music playing]

a good

a good doctor

to take a look at her eyes.

Sai Saichi

you better

take care of her.


Wait a minute!

Don't go! [sobbing]




[inhales sharply] Don't die! Toraji!

[melancholy music playing]

[whimpering] Toraji.

[shouting] Toraji! [echoes]

[Umeko] Chickweed.

This one is cottonweed.


-Lotus flower, isn't it?

-[boy] How can you tell?

You know, Mommy has a good nose

since her eyes are weak.

[woman] Um can I help you?

[Sugimoto] Uh

this is Toraji.

[woman] I understand.

How can we ever thank you?

We have a guest here.

[woman] Wait, sir, are you

Mr. Saichi Sugimoto?


Is that really Saichi?

I'm sorry, but I can't see much now.

Saichi, did you return? [softly] Oh.

[gasps softly] Who who are you?

[melancholy music playing]

[Sugimoto] Maybe she smelled blood on me.

Maybe something changed

since I went to w*r.

I k*lled all those soldiers.

I know that I'm going to hell.

But before that,

I have to do right by Toraji.

I want Ume's eyes to work again.

And so that's why I need the gold.

[music intensifies]

[Asirpa] "Kanto orwa

yaku sak no arankep shinep ka isam."

Aca would often say that to me.

And it means,

"Nothing in this world

comes from heaven without purpose."

I have trouble

comprehending how destructive

the w*r was for everyone.

However, you survived.

Which means that now you have a purpose.

I'll find out

exactly why Aca had to be k*lled that day.

-[hypnotic piano music playing]

-What really happened.

You must honor Toraji

and find the gold.

That is now your purpose in life.


we'll find the gold, I promise you.


[music intensifies]

[music abates]

[music intensifies]


[music abates]

[man] There's some money,

uh, for the time being.

And a few foreign g*ns

from a Russian merchant.

Yes, thank you, Nagakura.


The one from Shinsengumi?

You're a bunch of fools.


Creating a Republic of Ezo

in Hokkaido all over again?

This is all a bit much for just 200 kan

of gold bullion, don't you think?

[Hijikata] It's not 200 kan.

It's 20,000 kan.

[dramatic music playing]

Noppera-Bo made sure to tell me

since our goals are the same.

20,000 kan in gold?

That's enough

to create a new nation, isn't it?

Tsurumi is a first lieutenant,

an intelligence officer.

So I am certain that he got

the amount of gold bullion correct.

[Hijikata] That soldier's face.

I can see he's being serious.

And now Hokkaido

will become a b*ttlefield.

[music intensifies]

[music stops]

[quirky percussive music playing]

[laughing] Oh, there you are! Ha-ha!

Hold on. Why's he here?

[sighs loudly] Let's outsmart the Seventh

and Hijikata's soldiers!

Then we'll have the gold,

and we can split it three ways!

It's cold! Whoo!

What is it, Asirpa?

Is this your first sakura nabe hotpot?

Ah, just look.

You dip the meat

in the beaten egg just like this.

-Like this?

-[chuckles] Yes.

You mix it with the egg like this.

-Oh boy! Nothing beats that.


This light horsemeat

goes really well with the miso flavor.

[music fades out]

Sugimoto is there osoma in this?

[mischievous music playing]

[Sugimoto] Hm?


truth is,

you have to put miso in this dish.

All right, we'll do another without it.

[Shiraishi] What?! Huh!

[Asirpa breathes shakily]

[Sugimoto] Asirpa?


Osoma is delicious!

[dramatic music playing]

I was trying to tell you.

[laughing] I don't know what's going on

I think she likes it though.

Hinna. Hinna. More osoma please.

[music climaxes, fades out]

Hinna, I'll say.

["Shining" by ACIDMAN playing]

[music fades out]

[spiritual music playing]

[music becomes menacing]

A sir pa.

[music intensifies]

[music fades out]
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