07x10 - All Fall Down

Episode transcripts for the TV show "9-1-1". Aired: January 2018 to present.*
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Emergency response providers who put their lives at risk to save others.
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07x10 - All Fall Down

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♪ ♪


♪ ♪





[SALAZAR] The cardiac arrest
was brought on by smoke inhalation.

Paramedics on the scene
immediately began resuscitation.

They got his heart restarted
on the way here.

How long was it stopped?

[SALAZAR] Almost 14 minutes.

What does that mean?

[SALAZAR] It's too soon to tell.

We won't know the extent of the damage,

if any, until he wakes up.

But he will wake up?

Well, right now, his body is recovering

from a major traumatic event.

We are doing what we can
to help facilitate that.

That's not an answer, Doctor.

That's because I don't have one.

Sergeant Grant, I assume you're aware

of an advance directive
your husband has on file

here at the hospital?

Yes. We both do.

[SALAZAR] So, we are
both aware of his wishes

should this condition become prolonged.

I mean, it's not a discussion

that we need to have right this minute,

but if there are other family members

that need to be informed,

you might want to do that now.

♪ ♪



Christopher, come on.
We need to talk about this.

Go away!

- [SOFTLY] Come on, come on.

- Thanks for coming.
- [SIGHS] So, what happened?


I messed up.

So, last night,

Marisol took Chris
and her nephew to the movies,

and while she was gone, Kim came by.

- You had her over here?
- After you and I talked,

I brought her here to come clean,

to tell her what
she thought was happening

between us wasn't really happening.

Okay, so...

h-how did that go?

About as well as you'd expect.

I thought that was it.

Then she came back while Chris
was out with Marisol...

And what wasn't happening
between you two

ended up happening.


she didn't just look like Shannon,

she was Shannon.

Even saying it out loud, it's...
I mean...

it's hard for me to explain.

She was trying to be kind, but then,

Marisol walked in with Christopher.

Oh, Eddie.

And, at first,

he thought his mom had come back.

I guess I did, too.

What did you say?

I mean, he's 13, he's not five.

He figured it out.

After Marisol left, he locked himself

in his room,

- and he hasn't talked to me since.
- Okay, okay.

I'm-I'm here. What can I do?

[SIGHS] What you always do.

Just talk to him.

Uh, I, uh, I-I don't know
how to explain this.

I-I don't need you
to explain it to him, I just...

I need you to check in on him.

I'm worried.

He won't come out.

He can't keep you out of his room.

I don't want to break down
the door, Buck.

I want him to open it.

Sure, I-I-I get that,

- um, b-but I'm just saying...



Not a chance.

[EDDIE] Mom? Dad?

What are you doing here?

Christopher called us.

[SOCIAL WORKER] Uh, sir, I understand,

but I do not have that
information in front of me.

Y-You're gonna have to call
the county office.

Can I help you?

Hi. I'm here to visit Mara Driskell.

Are you family?


You can sign in.
Third door on the right.

Okay, um...

I will do some digging on my end
and then I'll get back to you.


Got it.


♪ ♪


[CHUCKLES] Sweetheart,
it is so good to see you.

How you doing?

I know that was probably
a stupid question.

It's not like I'm doing great, either.

Denny and Karen really miss you, too.

The people who work here,
are they treating you okay?

I, uh, brought you something.

When I was your age,

I used to keep a journal, my diary.

I would write down all my secrets

and how I was feeling about things.

Somehow, putting it on paper

made whatever I was
going through feel less scary.

I thought it might help you, too.

You said we were a family.

You lied.

We're still a family.

That hasn't changed.
We're always gonna be a family.

So you're taking me home?

Excuse me, I checked,
you are not family.



Can't you just please
give us a few more minutes?


You are not supposed to be here.

Leave us alone!

Mara, it's okay.

Don't go.

I'm gonna see you again soon, okay?

I love you, Mara.



This is Hen.



Oh, God.

- Where were they taken?
- [EDDIE] So, he called you

at 2:00 in the morning,
and you jump on a plane

without letting me know you're coming?

He-he asked us not to, Eddie.

He probably thought you
would've told us not to come.

What did he tell you?

He said he came home and caught you

kissing his dead mother.

And, obviously, that's not true...

It's a little true.


[GASPS] Oh, God.

[SCOFFS] She-she-she
could be Shannon's twin.

Even in death, that woman
is making his life chaos.

I'm the only one
making my life chaos right now,

but that's done.

Uh, s-sorry to interrupt.

Uh... Cap's in the hospital.




How you doing?

They won't let me in there yet.

I pulled that from your locker
at the precinct.

There's some street clothes.

I didn't think you'd want
to sit here in a paper dress.

I appreciate that.

If there's anything else you need,

- tell me.
- Thank you, Elaine.

Have you spoken to the kids yet?

[ATHENA] Mm, no.

I haven't spoken to anyone.

Athena, we need talk about
who may have done this.

The arson inspector

is saying the point of origin
was near the bedroom.

He was in the house.

[MAYNARD] Who was?

Whoever did this, he had to know
the layout of the place, right?

Wait, do you have somebody
specifically in mind?


[SALAZAR] Sergeant Grant.

You can go on in.

Thank you, Doctor.


Can't think of anyone,
but I'll let you know if I do.

[CHIMNEY] First name is Bobby or Robert.

[EDDIE] Hen. Chim.

- What happened?
- We're not exactly sure.

Hen got a call from Ryerson at the 133.

They responded to a fire

at Bobby and Athena's house last night.

He said that Bobby went into
cardiac arrest on the scene.

Ay, Dios.

[BUCK] Uh, how is he now?

We've been trying to find out.

- They-they won't tell us anything.

- Guys.


I take it you've heard.

Sir, actually, we've heard very little.

All we know is that
Captain Nash is here.

Well, your captain is alive,
but his condition is critical

at the moment.

It'll be a while
before we know anything more.

What-what about his wife, Athena Grant?

He managed to get her to safety
before he took a turn.

She's with him now.

[ATHENA] I'm here, baby.

I hope you know that.

I love you, Bobby Nash.

And I'm sorry.


I did this.

I invited that man into our home

without once thinking

what that might do to him.

Or what he might do to you.

And I can't even say
that I don't understand it.

I understand it too well.

Because right now the only thing

holding me upright is rage.

So I promise you this:

I'm gonna be the one to get him.

No one else.

I'm gonna do that for us.

Because the last man
who came into our home

and tried to hurt our family

begged me to put him down.

This one...

he's not gonna have to beg.


I'm here visiting a patient. Bobby Nash.

Oh, you're one of his firefighters.

- Henrietta Wilson.
- A lot of people on this floor

are praying for your captain right now.

He's just in that room there.

Thank you.

I thought his wife was in here with him.

She was. S-She's not there?

I'm not sure where she went.

♪ ♪


Can I help you?

Gosh, you startled me.

I saw you get out of the taxi just now.

I tried to ring, but I think
your doorbell melted.

Polly Martin.
Four houses up on the left.

- The Martins?
- Athena Grant.

Oh, I'm aware.

I-I can't believe we've never met.

We've been in that house for 11 years.

I can't tell you how much comfort

it's given so many of us

to know there's a police sergeant
living in the neighborhood.

It's made us feel safer somehow.

Anyway, I am so sorry
this happened to you.

Did everyone get out okay?

Everyone got out.

Well, that's good.

Things, you can replace. People...

Anyway, if there's anything you need...

Can I borrow your car?

This Maddie Han.

Maddie, it's Athena.

Athena? Who's Polly Martin?

I had to borrow a civilian's phone.

The system
in my patrol car's glitching.

I was hoping you could help me
with an address.

Oh, sure.

I need the current residence
of an Amir Casey.

- A-M-I-R. C-A-S-E-Y.
- Just one second.


Hey, does your Amir Casey
work as a travel nurse?

- He does.
- Yeah, I've met him.

Impressive guy.
Is he in some kind of trouble?

We have reason to believe
that he may be in danger.

Wow, okay.

- Do you have an address?
- Yeah.

Thanks, Maddie.





She's not in her room.

Simpson said she didn't
have any injuries.

Did they discharge her?

Not according to admissions.

That doesn't make any sense.
Why would she leave Bobby?

[HEN] And why aren't the kids here?

- Something's not right.

[SIGHS] It's Maddie.

I haven't told her about all this yet.


So, this might not mean anything,

but I just got
the weirdest call from Athena.

- You spoke with Athena?
- Yeah,

- a few minutes ago.
- [CHIMNEY] Well, where is she?

- Well, I mean, she's on duty.
- No. [SIGHS]

She's not on duty, Maddie.

Bobby and Athena's house
burned down last night.

- What?
- I'm gonna put you on speaker.

I'm here with Hen.

We're all down
at Presbyterian right now,

and Bobby's on a ventilator.

Oh, my God. Is he gonna be okay?

- We don't know yet.
- Well, what happened?

They said it was arson.


That can't be why
she wanted his address.

Whose address?

Amir Casey.

We don't recognize that name.

He's a travel nurse who had been working

out of the hospital
you're at right now, actually.

I met him in the burn unit

when I was checking
on Catherine Morris.

The burn unit?

Yeah. He's acquainted with fire.


[HEN] Did he tell you
how he got these scars?

No, and I didn't ask.

Athena called here
looking for his home address.

- Did you give it to her?
- Yes,

I did.

Guys, ten years ago,
Amir Casey lived in Minnesota.


That can't be a coincidence.

Oh, it never is.

Maddie, did Athena say anything else?

Just that she had reason
to believe Amir was in danger.

And I think Athena

might be the danger.



♪ ♪

Sergeant Grant?

It's just Athena.

I'm off duty.

Looks like you're going somewhere.

Got a nursing gig in Bakersfield.

I start on Monday.

Not sure you're gonna make it.


Now, look, I don't know
what it is you think I've done...

You k*lled my husband.

What are you talking about?

He's in an ICU bed.

His heart gave out.

Inhaled too much smoke

pulling me out of the fire that you set.

Somebody set your house on fire?

You set my house on fire.

I wouldn't even know how to do that.

All you need is fuel,

oxygen, an ignition source.

It's not hard.

Well, I'll have to take
your word on that.

I should've known better.

The way you just appeared in our lives.

But Bobby was just so sure about you.

So sure you were a good man.

I missed all the warning signs.

Sergeant Grant,
I did not start that fire.

I saw that look on your face.

Just before you walked out of my house.

You hated my husband.

Not for what you lost,

but for what he had.

You don't know me.

I was you.

You carry her with you.

Everywhere you go.

But never on display.

She's not for somebody else's eyes.

She's just for you.

I had an Ayana, too.

I know what it's like
to hide in plain sight,

where the pain and the grief
is so deep and raw

that you can't even bear to touch it.

You can't even find a reason to go on.

Give that back.

I help people.

I save lives. She would be proud of me.

Maybe. But being a living
testament to a dead person

is a lonely existence.

It hardens you.

And who did you lose?

His name was Emmett.

He was k*lled
in a convenience store robbery.

It took me 30 years
to find the person who did it.

The one who stole my Emmett from me.

And then you k*lled him.

Well, you say we're alike.

I mean, I can't deny
that I-I see some similarities.

So, if you're so right about me,
then I must be right about you.

But you found this man.

This terrible man who ruined your life,

and you did
the only thing anyone would do.

You k*lled him, right?

- I thought about it.
- Yeah.

So did I.

You see, we're also alike
in this one other way, Athena.

Neither one of us are murderers.

You sure about that?


You say you didn't do it?

I'm gonna let you prove it.

I'm taking you in.


[AMIR] Uh, I think we have a problem.

You know them?

[AMIR] If I were to guess, I'd say

those are the men
who burned your house down.


[AMIR] Yeah, more or less.

I'll call it in.

What are you doing?

It's me they want.

- Hey. You looking for me?

[BUCK] Okay, so we think she's
gone after this guy on her own?

If she thinks that he's responsible
for what happened to Bobby,

it would be a very Athena thing to do.

Yeah, but she's in no state of
mind to confront him right now.

I'm gonna call her captain.

Maybe suggest that she send
a black-and-white

over to this guy's place,
make sure everything's okay.

- [NURSE] We need some assistance, please.

- [NURSE 2] Oh. Yeah.
- [BUCK] Uh...

Hey, wha-wha-what's happening?

Uh, I'll take it. Okay. All right.

911. What's your emergency?

This is off-duty
Field Sergeant Athena Grant,

badge number 1275.

I'm at the industrial park
on the 7,000 block

of La Tuna Canyon Road.

I have an abduction in progress.

Can you describe the suspect
or suspects, Sergeant?

Three Hispanic males, mid to late 20s.

VICTIM: Black, male, 40s.

Requesting immediate backup.

Units en route, Sergeant.
Estimate 14 minutes out.




[HERMAN] You're smiling.

If I was you, I would not smile.

I'm picturing what the cartel
is going to do to you.

There's no way
they authorized any of this.

Screw the cartel.

I don't work for them. I never have.

No, but you're in bed with them.

Not anymore.

Now I'm in bed with
the United States government.

Cooperating witness. No charges.

I have their protection.

- I made me a good deal.
- [AMIR] Well, let's see how good

that deal is going to be
when they find out

that you burned down the house
of an L.A. fire captain.

[HERMAN] Oh, you mean

the one who forced me off the road

and left me there to die?

[AMIR] You know
it didn't go down like that.

[HERMAN] I know

- you m*rder*d my grandson.
- No. You m*rder*d him,

by dragging him into your ugly business.

You did that.

I only held the blade.


♪ ♪




I looked into you, my friend.

At first, I was gonna take away
someone you love.

- But you're too late.
- I'm aware.

We're alike, you and me.

You have no one.

And now, I have no one, too.

Well, go ahead and do whatever
the hell it is you're gonna do.

Or is your plan to bore me to death?

Ignacio. Cuchillo.


I'll do no more to you

than you did to my grandson.


If you want...

I'll let you beg.

I could still show some mercy.

Go to hell.

You first.


Go. Go.

Ve lo que era.





Who the hell are you?

I'm Mrs. Bobby Nash.





[ATHENA] Amir.


This one, we both walk out of.







Thank you for saving me.

You're welcome.

I'm sorry I had you wrong.

Yeah, well, you weren't wrong
about everything.

- Sorry about your husband.
- Thank you.

- [VARGAS] Sergeant Grant!
- Vargas.

There's someone who would
like to speak with you.

This is Athena Grant.

♪ ♪

♪ As we awake to face the day ♪

♪ Just thought
I'd take the time to say ♪

♪ I'm glad to be alive ♪

♪ Breathing right in time ♪

♪ With you ♪

♪ 'Cause can't you see
this world is chaos in color? ♪

♪ It's wild and strange,
but it's wonderful, too ♪

♪ If the weight of it ever tries
to pull you under ♪

♪ Know this much is true ♪

♪ We were made
to carry each other... ♪


Welcome back to me.

♪ And I'm here to carry you. ♪

- Hey.
- It's about time.

I thought you guys went all the
way to Shanghai to pick up food.

Uh, where's Denny? Is he joining us?

He's still in his room.
He said he's not hungry.

[CHIMNEY] It's got to
be tough on him, huh?

It seemed like he and Mara
were really getting along.

He keeps asking if she's okay.

And I don't know what to say.

I mean, I want to reassure him,

but, um, I don't want to lie to him.

- Just don't know.
- We do.

She's not okay.

I went to the group home and saw her.

What the hell, Hen?

Y-You went there without telling me?

Hell, without taking me with you?

You'd have talked me out of it.
I-I just,

I-I needed to see her, Karen.

[SIGHS] How was she?



It seems like she's just
retreating back to herself.

I thought she'd be with another family.

[KAREN] Well, she'd been with quite a few

before she came to us.

A group home might be the only place
that'll take her.

For how long?

[KAREN] Well, she'll age
out of the system in what?

Seven years?

[SIGHS] How can

one woman have this much power,
and use it this cruelly?

Well, there's got to be a way
to get her to back down, right?

There's one thing we didn't try.


- So, he's going to be okay?
- [BUCK] Yeah.

They'll keep him in the hospital
for a few more days,

but everything's
looking really positive.

I feel like you guys at the 118

should have your own
dedicated wing at the hospital.

Yeah. I-I know, right?

You okay?

♪ And I wish you were here... ♪

I-I thought we might
really lose him this time.

Uh, Bobby's been the father I never had.

- Your father's alive.


Well, I have to admit,
I'm a little bit jealous.

My dad and I don't really talk.

And when I was at the 118,
I had Gerrard.

Which did not make me a better person.

Come to think of it,

Captain Gerrard was like
having the dad I already had.

So maybe
we both have daddy issues.

I don't.

But you think I do?

God, I hope so.

- Did you talk to Christopher?

He pretended to be asleep
when I went in there.

Well, you don't know
he wasn't really sleeping.

You always did.


I'm gonna make you some tea.

I know I screwed up, but...


- but he's so angry.
- Yeah.

Fathers are human.

Sons don't always handle this news well.


I can't fix it if he won't talk to me.

Well, you can't fix it.

It-It happened. He saw you with her.

[HELENA] It just, it stirred
up a lot of emotions for him,

and he's gonna need some time
to sort it out.

And honestly, Eddie, I think...

I think you do, too.

What's that supposed to mean?

[HELENA] Um, Christopher,

he doesn't feel like this is

the right environment
for him in-in this moment.

My 13-year-old son told you that?

[RAMON] He wants to come live with us
in Texas for a while.


That's why he called us.

And no, we didn't put
this idea in his head.

This is coming from him.

Doesn't matter whose idea
it was, it's not happening.

- Eddie...
- He's a kid, Mom.

I'm not letting him run away from home

because he's mad at me.

I know, but he's 13.
He should have a say.

You expect me to just let him go?

Your son is trying
to tell you what he needs.

Don't wait 30 years before you listen.

You'll regret it.

What's happening now?

It's still updating the software.

I don't think the Wi-Fi
in here is great.

[SCOFFS] We just took them
out of the box.

How is the software out of date already?

[MAY] Okay, so I went with the basics.

Shirts, pants, PJs.

It should get you through
the next few days.

I hope it's okay.
I'll return whatever you don't like.

Any progress?

Two percent since you last asked.

Since when are you
so concerned about cell phones?

I can't remember what I have on there.

It's all that's left.

Family heirlooms,
christening gowns, photo albums,

that's all gone.

All that we have left is on those.

And in here.

We still have our memories,
Athena, and we have each other.

I know.

[MAY] What about this?

- [BOBBY] Oh.

We stopped to buy bouquets
on the way to the courthouse,

but we forgot the camera,

so the judge's clerk
took that on my phone.

May's graduation.


You have a picture of me on your phone?

Oh, shut up.

You printed this photo
on a bunch of T-shirts

and you made us all wear them to
the ceremony so everybody knew

- who we were there to celebrate.

You're right.

Everything that matters
is already in this room.




- Hey.
- Uh, so,

I heard you're taking a trip.

You sure about this?
'Cause, I mean, there's summer,

uh, and then there's Texas, right?

Listen, uh, I-I know
you're mad at your dad.

And I-I get it.

When I was your age,
my parents kind of sucked,

and if I had some awesome grandparents,

I would've been out of there in no time.

Uh, but a-as you get older,

you realize just how messy life can be,

and some of those things
y-you thought they did on purpose...

they were just mistakes.

And they-they didn't mean to hurt you.

They were just dealing
with their own pain.

I-I thought she was real.

But she's not my mom.

No, she's not.

Thank you.


You got everything?

[HELENA] Whatever he forgot,
you can send it to us.

Or we'll replace it.

♪ ♪



I love you.

You're not even gonna look at me?


I know you're angry,
but you need to listen to me.

I love you, no matter what.

You want to go with your grandparents?


I hate it, but I love you.

So I'm letting you go.

But you can always come back.

If you change your mind five minutes

or five months from now...

you just say the word...

and I'll come for you.


Okay, Dad.




- Hey.

- Oh!
- Oh!

What's up, Denny?


This looks fancy.

Are we celebrating something?

Uh, we do have a surprise.

Well, it's seven plates.

[SOFT GASP] Is Buck joining us?

Uh, it's a different sibling.


Mara, you're back?


- Oh.

approved for us
to be an emergency placement.

So she's gonna stay here for a
little while until we can figure out

- how to get her back home to you.
- Yeah, we know

it's only temporary, but we
couldn't let her stay there any longer.

- Oh, my God.

I-I can't believe you guys did this.

- Thank you.
- [MADDIE] Of course.


♪ ♪


[AMIR] Man, they really
did a number on this place.

What are you doing here?

- How'd you find me?
- Hospital said you checked out.

Your wife pointed me in this direction.

You know, there's something
about a burned-out building.

Even if it's not yours,

it still causes your heart
to hurt a little.

Well, at least everyone got out.

Well, still, I'm sorry.

It was a beautiful home.

You know, I think that's what upset me

the last time I was here.

[BOBBY] What? The house?

The life. Your life.

Man, you had a home,

a wife, people who love and admire you.

And I remember standing there,
feeling like

it was just so easy for you.

- I don't deserve it.
- Look,

we're not gonna
get into who deserves what.

All right? That's for
a higher power to decide.

But what I've come to realize is,

this life that you have?

Maybe you earned it.

You know, when you lose everything,

including yourself,

when you are at your absolute lowest,

the easiest thing to do is to stay down.

But you didn't.

You climbed out, you rebuilt
and you did better.

Bobby, I don't know
if I can ever forgive you

for what you did that night,

but I can admire you

for what you've done since.

And for what I hope
you'll continue to do.

You know you can't quit, right?

Yeah, I think I do.

You think you do, or you know you do?

I know I do.

Good. Now get to it.

Thank you.


♪ ♪


Uh, hey.

Did you hear from Chris yet?

Not yet. My mom sent me some pictures.

They took him to the lake.
He does love the lake.

Look, he-he just needs
some time. Okay, you know?

Hey, did you guys check the roster?

There's no acting captain listed.

- What do you mean?
- Yeah, I thought Hen was acting captain.

So did I.

[HEN] Good morning, gentlemen.

Uh, no Captain Wilson today?

I do believe I've been replaced.

Replaced? By who?

I think there's your answer.

[EDDIE] Cap.

[LAUGHING] What? He's back! Ah!

[CHIMNEY] Don't break him,
Buck. We just got him out of the shop.

Uh, right, right. Sorry.

Um, I'm surprised
they let you come back so soon.

Well, all my tests checked out,
so, I figured, why wait?


What are you doing here?


Feel like I should be
asking you the same question.

I'm captain of the 118.


[GERRARD] Yes. There
was some concern downtown

about a leadership deficit
in this house.

I agreed to come back
and put things in order.

[QUIETLY] Is this some kind
of horrible prank?

They didn't say anything to you?

[GERRARD] Why would
they say anything to him?

He quit two weeks ago.

Or did you fail to mention that?

Lineup and inspection in ten.
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