20x10 - Burn it Down

Episode transcripts for the TV show "Grey's Anatomy". Aired: March 2005 to present.*
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A drama centered on the personal and professional lives of five surgical interns and their supervisors.
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20x10 - Burn it Down

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MEREDITH: A med school professor

once told me the hardest
decision in surgery

is knowing when to abandon a repair

and just remove the whole organ.

Firefighters are scrambling

to contain this wildfire,

the state's largest in recent history.

Mandatory evacuation
orders have been issued

for residents in Fall City
and the surrounding areas.

Eastbound lanes are closed on I-90...

MEREDITH: If a spleen is shattered,

we'll take it out to
protect the rest of the body.

Same with the section
of colon or small bowel.

The human body can survive
a fair amount of loss.

People live without an appendix,

a kidney, tonsils, and more.

Hey. Slow down. Where's the fire?

Fall City, spreading fast.

What? I meant that
as a figure of speech.

Well, we got paged. All hands on deck.

♪ I could spare my covers
when it's cold for you ♪

- Last night was fun.
- It was. Yeah.

By the way, um, my parents are in town.

I'd love for you to meet them.

- Kidding, and worth it.

♪ I could spare a tire ♪

The body finds ways
to compensate for what it's missing.

But it will eventually
reach a breaking point.

Okay. All the windows are closed.

- Still smells like a campfire.

It's the hospital.

They're asking for all
available staff to come in.


Guess they forgot to remove
me from the text alerts.

Do you still have your work
laptop, your phone, your badge?

Yeah, you want to bring it back for me?

When you talked to
Catherine, did she tell you

you were no longer chief
or no longer a surgeon?

- I don't know. I kinda blacked out.

Okay, Seattle Pres is evacuating.

- No, no.
- Get dressed.

We need all the help we can get.

Your body can only give up so much

before it no longer works at all.

No, it's closed.

Don't they know we're
working through a wildfire?

I think that's the point.

There's an entire cafeteria inside.

Well, Jason gives me
day-old pastries for free.

Oh, nice suit. Coming
from your career's funeral?

I had a video interview
with Chicago's program director.

- How did it go?
- Uh, they offered me the spot.

Oh. Congratulations, Skywalker.

Hey, you owe me 20 bucks.

I bet that you'd be gone
by the end of the year.

I'll give you 20 bucks to be gone now.

- Did you accept it?
- I said I'd think about it.

Dorian. What are you doing here?

They needed my room,
too many patients from the fire.

- Oh, I'm so sorry about that.
- No worries.

A bed opened at the
skilled nursing facility.

- Oh.
- I'm being discharged.

[CHUCKLES] That's great.

I'm hoping I won't be here much longer.

Well, you've obviously
never been discharged

from a hospital before,
especially during a wildfire.

BAILEY: And you've obviously
never worked at one in a wildfire.

I paged you 26 minutes ago.

If you're not dressed in the next 4...

- Bye, Dorian.
- Oh!

See you!


I'll make sure and say goodbye.


- _


Let's push these two laminectomies

and reschedule Ms. Feuer's
knee replacement.

So... move the whole ortho
schedule to next week.

Hey. Hey, I, uh, I need some help.

Didn't you just finish
an overnight shift?

Well, tell that to the wildfires.

Can I steal him?

- Oh, I'm on ortho.
- Sure.

[SIGHS] There are a
hundred other residents,

and you know how I feel about birth.

And I know how you feel about peds.

There are NICU transfers
coming in from Seattle Pres,

and Beltran needs extra help.

Bye. Thank you, thank you!

WOMAN OVER PA: Charge Nurse, call the...


I just hope we don't run into her.

- Teddy.
- TEDDY: Hey.

- I'm so sorry.
- Oh, it was my decision to fund you.

I'm just... I'm sorry that
your research is in jeopardy.

Well, we don't know it is.

Why wouldn't Catherine
just call you directly?

Oh, she knows once I heard about Teddy,

I would jump right on a plane.

It's a pretty good power move.




Also a good power move.

I would think that
Catherine would have security

tackling us by now.


If I have access to this building,

then that means there's
room to negotiate.

- With what leverage?
- Our research.

No matter what she thinks of us,

she will not stand in the way
of scientific progress.

Okay. So what are you suggesting?

We present yesterday's findings.

The work speaks for itself.

She cannot deny that with a power move.

When you have all the power,

I think it's just called a move.

Well, we have moves, too.

TARYN: Every resident came
in except Bradley and Kaneko.

They were evacuating their apartments,

but they'll be back when they can.

Oh, they're excused.


- Well, spit it out, Griffith.
- I think Adams is gonna leave.

Oh, uh. Dr. Fox hasn't decided that yet.

He got offered a
second-year spot in Chicago.

available orderlies...

- Good for him.
- You don't want him to stay?

It's not up to me or you.

OWEN: Alright. Listen up, everyone.

As of this morning,

Grey-Sloan is the only
level 1 trauma center

- operating in the Seattle region.

Now, these fires are
not easy to extinguish...

and this wind is not letting up.

This could go on for
some time, maybe days.

If any of you need help, ask for it.

Okay? Let's get to work.

Oh, Link, we have a helicopter

coming in with an injured firefighter

- with an open fracture.
- A firefighter?

Oh, it's, uh, it's Theo
Ruiz, and Ben's with him.

Uh, Theo's family. I'm coming, too.

WINSTON: I'm so sorry, Garrett.

The operating rooms are being held

for wildfire victims
and trauma patients.

But we're working on
getting your Triple-A repair

- rescheduled as soon as possible.
- Yeah. I get it.

I was at Woodstock '99,

so I know what disaster looks like.

How high do you think the AQI is?

RICHARD: Well, we can get you
a KN95 mask for your drive home.

Oh, I'm not worried about me.

It's that vinyl is
sensitive to, uh, changes

in temperature and
moisture and air quality.

Garrett manages Both Sides Now.

I love listening to records there...

- and occasionally buying one.
- [CHUCKLES] Cool.

Well, I'll stop by on my
way home and check on things.

- I just hope traffic's not too bad.

Apologies, I'm being paged.

But I will call you later once we
have you back on the schedule.

- Alright, cool.
- Alright.

Uh, your... your shop...

You got any Coltrane?

John or Alice? I got both. [CHUCKLES]


Garrett, you feeling pain?

[SIGHS] Some cramping
in my stomach and back,

but it's not that bad.

You have an abdominal aortic aneurysm.

Change back into your gown.

Let's get some scans just to be safe.

Hm. Alright.


Alright, Ben, what do we got?

Theo Ruiz, 37-year-old male,
crushed by a large tree branch.

Abdominal crush injury, unstable pelvis,

femoral fracture with
tourniquet placed in the field.

BP dropped and we
intubated him en route.

Systolics now holding around

Let's get him inside.

How is it out there?

We'll be lucky if this is the
worst that we bring in today.


Where's Beltran?

Can I give you some advice?

How is that answering my question?

Beltran is a kick-ass surgeon.

She doesn't have time to
play 20 questions with you.

You need to chill out around her.

You think I ask too many questions?

I am showing interest.

You are sucking up to
get the peds fellowship.

Every candidate has an advantage.

I think mine are my

pre-existing relationships
here at Grey-Sloan.

Schmitt, we've got seven
transfer patients on the way up.

Can you help with intake?

Yeah. Oh, one had a
biliary atresia repair.

I was just reading about
the Kasai procedure.

- Have you ever done one of those?
- Yes, I've done three.

Amazing. What were the outcomes?

Did anyone get a transplant?

[SOFTLY] Schmitt, it's the NICU.
You can keep your voice down.

- Um, if you were to...

Okay, hand your tag to that nurse,
and they'll set you up.

ANN: Over here. E-Excuse me.
My son and his husband,

they were camping, and
I-I can't reach either of them.

Can... Can you... Can you tell me
if they're patients here?

- Yeah. They'll help you at the desk.
- No, they don't know anything.

Their names aren't in the system,

and... and they're too busy
to check on all the John Does.

Look, I know they're grown men

and cell reception
isn't great out there,

but I-I'm a mom, and I worry.

What are their names?

Thank you. Nathan Bates
and Andrew Smith.

Uh, also, all those people
are looking for people, too.


MAN: Okay, ma'am.


RECEPTIONIST: I'm doing the best I can.

LINK: I can feel a left femoral pulse.

BAILEY: Okay, let's get
some more O-neg on standby.

Theo's lost a lot of blood.

We had to use a chainsaw
to get that tree off of him.

- What? He didn't see it coming?
- He did.

He pushed Montgomery out of the way.

My badge was deactivated.
I was definitely fired.

- I'm sorry.
- Wait, what?!

It's a long story.

- Oh, damn it.
- That does not look good.

- TARYN: He's got vascular compromise.
- You've got to save his leg.

His job's his life.

Okay, there's free fluid in his abdomen.

He... He needs an ex-lap.

Okay. As... As long as
his BP continues to hold,

- we can scan him.
- Bailey, you said it yourself,

Theo is family.
You both need to step outside.

We will update you, okay?

Hey. The hospital emergency coordinator

- wants to talk to you.
- What? Now?

I-It's about our pre-evacuation plan.

- [SIGHS] I'll be a few minutes.
- Okay.

Alright, look, I'll take Ruiz.

He needs surgery and
you're short surgeons.

Catherine can't blame me
for saving a firefighter.

- OWEN: Thank you.
- Alright, bring me up to speed.

LINK: 37-year-old male,
crushed by a large tree branch,

blood pressure holding.

GARRETT: ♪ What goes up must come down ♪

♪ Spinning Wheel got to go 'round ♪

- MIKA: Stay still, please, Garrett.

You know, Maxine loves that song.

Well, how's she doing?

She worried about the fires?

Uh, more like annoyed
that they might mean

her hot yoga retreat is postponed.

Ah, I'm just in time.

RICHARD: Okay. What do you see?

His aneurysm ruptured.

Fortunately, it's still contained.

Let's book an OR and prep
him for an open repair.

You and Dr. Ndugu don't
want to go in endovascularly?

Well, Dr. Ndugu had to run to an
emergent CABG. I'm flying solo.

As for Garrett, he's young,
surgically speaking.

An open surgery has better outcomes
for someone with his history.

But we studied the
endovascular procedure.

Well, if you two aren't
confident retracting,

I'm sure someone else can handle it.

- Well, I'm confident.
- I retract in my sleep.

Okay, well, then, page
me when he's ready.

And study up.

The one who's most prepared
will get to do more than retract.

WOMAN OVER PA: Dr. Spence to Pediatrics.

Dr. Kendal Spence to Pediatrics.






How about you see patients

instead of updating your socials?

How about you make yourself useful

and post the link I sent everyone?

Fall City Wildfire People Locator.

Yeah, it's a shared database

put together on my phone.

There's over 100 people.

Yeah, might be more
if you post the link.

I'll post.

You have bed 3.

WOMAN OVER PA: Dr. Wagner to Radiology.

Dr. Wagner to Radiology.

- Molly Tran? I'm Dr. Adams.

How are you doing?

Um, I have a small
sprain and what's probably

just smoke inhalation.

You have asthma and you
were wheezing in the car.

We should make sure you aren't having
a major bronchospasm.

- Okay. Mind if I listen?
- Yeah.

WOMAN OVER PA: Chief Ortho
Resident, call in patient services.

- Take a deep breath.

- Are you doctors?
- I'm in pharmacy school.

He reads too much WebMD.

- How long have you had asthma?
- Um, hang on...

Diagnosed at 17.

I was in a car accident a few years ago.

Spent a month in a
coma, and when I woke up,

I couldn't remember my parents,
my cat, or medicine.

Well, now I'm back in pharmacy
school and learning it all again.

As if it wasn't hard
enough the first time.

Yeah, thank God I kept my flashcards.

Alright, I'm going to run some labs,

uh, order a chest X-ray,
and nebulizer treatment.

I'll be right back.

And while we don't yet
understand the causality,

there is a clear correlation.

So you found a
correlation between things

I asked you not to study.

Well, we haven't
actually spoken about it.

Things you said to my face
you would stop researching.

We are this close to being able to prove

that Alzheimer's could be preventable.

You have to admit that's a game-changer.

I don't have to admit anything.

You went behind my back using my money,

two of my best and formerly
most trusted surgeons.

Give me one good reason

I shouldn't just end
your career right now.

I'll give you 6.7 million reasons.

That's the amount of Americans
living with Alzheimer's today.

And there's another half a million
that will be diagnosed by year's end.

And for every man that suffers,
two women suffer.

Think about what this could
mean for their children,

for their grandchildren

if we could diagnose them
before symptoms start,

or if we could tell them

that they're predisposed
to this disease.

I am sorry that I went behind your back.

I honestly never did intend
to use Fox Foundation funds.

But we're here now.

Don't you want to be on the
forefront of fighting this?


You're right. This changes everything.

Fox Foundation should
be leading the way.

Would $5 million help?

- Yes.
- Yes.

Yeah, I mean, we could
expand the sample size.

We could do a 5-year
longitudinal study.

Great. Okay. So... I would
like for you to deliver your notes,

your data, all your models,

all of your work to Tom Koracick.

- Um, Koracick?
- Yes, you know Tom.

Brilliant neurosurgeon,
insufferable know-it-all,

and tireless Lothario...
He'll be taking over.

- Wait, I don't understand.
- You said yourself.

Fox resources funded all the research.

That means it all belongs
to the Fox Foundation.

So hand it over by end of day,

and the two of you
get to keep your jobs.

Same thing for Altman.

But this project is no longer yours.

LINK: His vein has completely collapsed.

- We've lost IV access on his left side.
- We can't lose Ruiz.

He might not work at 19 anymore,
but he's still one of us.

You should be in there.

Altman and Lincoln
are perfectly capable.

I need you in there.

I need to know it's your
hands trying to fix him.

TEDDY: Did his repeat H&H come back yet?

- Please.

IO's placed.

LINK: Alright, we need
to get him to CT ASAP.

- Okay, then I'll meet you in the OR.
- You sure that's a good idea?

[SIGHS] You'll need all the
best hands you have in there,

and... mine are pretty damn good.

Alright. Let's get ready to move.

LINK: Let's get another
unit of crash blood.

TEDDY: Have you put in
the trauma CT order set?

ROBERT: More traction
on your side, Millin.


Okay. There, that's better.

Now, hypothetically, If I clamp
the aorta, and there's still bleeding

from the posterior wall,
where's it coming from?

- The...
- The lumbar arteries.

Correct. What do we do then?

- You oversew it.
- You st...

Yasuda's right.


The posterior parachute is done.

And shall I ask a tie-breaker

to see who gets to
suture the anterior wall?

- Yes.
- Well, cou...

- Could we both do some of it?
- Well, I guess that'll work.

Okay, Millin, you
take the needle driver.

Yasuda, you follow her
with the anastomosis.

You need to keep it tight, okay?

And then you'll switch. Okay.

- Yeah.
- Thank you.

Now, take healthy bites, Millin,

on both the aorta and the Dacron graft

or the suture won't hold.

- Am I following you okay?
- Yeah.

Um, thank you for asking.

Oh, I'm mostly bringing it up

so that you do a good
job when it's my turn.

[CHUCKLING] Alright.

- Ah.

- How does that look?
- Uh, still not enough artery.

You know, just go with it, though, okay?

We poke too many needle holes,

and we'll have to deal
with suture line bleeding.

That's better. Okay.

I'm going to tie it down for you.

We ready to continue?

- Game on.
- You got it.

- Get ready to reload your needle.

We are already over capacity.

I have patients stuck in ORs
'cause the PACUs are full.

I don't have time to
this bureaucratic bull...


Damn it.

We're running out of IV pain meds.

- How long till we get more?
- No idea.

There's just too much red tape.

We're going to have to start rationing.

How do you decide who gets
it and who has to suffer?

Well, if you can think of a
way, then, please, let me know.

- What's the CT show?
- BP started bottoming out

- so we're heading straight to surgery.
- Okay.

Dr. Altman, where do
you think you're going?

To the OR.

Catherine, he's a firefighter.

Unless Grey has turned
in all of her research,

you still don't work at this hospital.

Okay. If you need to
go on some power trip,

I can't stop you, but I have too
many patients, not enough doctors.

So if this man dies because your ego

won't let one of our
best doctors do her job,

then his blood will be on your hands.

Let's go.

- LUCAS: How close were you to the fire?
- I saw flames on a hill,

- which means too close.

You know, I'm using this to
get out of camping next time.

Who wants to spend their vacation
sleeping on the ground?

- Yeah, I went all the time as a kid.
- Hm. I wonder if I did.

I should ask my mom that.

It must be frustrating
not remembering your past.

It was at first, yeah.

I got pretty depressed

trying and failing at
getting back to my old life.


I mean, eventually, I just...

decided to stop
stressing and start fresh.

I reapplied to pharmacy school,

moved to California,

made some new friends, got a dog,

met Dave.

Sounds like it worked out.

Yeah, it feels like it was
supposed to happen this way.


- I'll go check on your chest X-ray.
- Thank you.

Dr. Trosclair to Cardiology.

Dr. Beth Trosclair to Cardiology.


Hey, I, uh, I just said goodbye to Ruiz.

Well, he's in good hands.

Yeah, I know. I know.

I... I just wish I could do more.

Um, you could stay.

Be here when he wakes up.

Dispatch already called.

- I gotta get back.

Listen, um...

I promised Pru that we would do

root beer floats tonight, but, um...

It might need to be tomorrow.

You be careful out there, Ben Warren,

and... and you keep me updated.

I will.

I love you, Miranda Bailey.

Always have.

Always will.

Okay. I'll meet you in trauma 2.

Okay, show me.

- Okay, the clinic.

Alright, triage tags.

We're using the clinic for overflow.

So anything with a green
tag you take there, okay?

- Need help?
- Neuro check in trauma 2.

Yeah, sure.

- Have you ever had to make...
- EMT: Coming through.

A life-changing decision,

but couldn't talk it through with anyone

due to its confidential nature?

- I know about the secret research.
- Thank God.

- Catherine is holding it hostage.
- Yeah, Teddy told me. Koracick.

Did she say what she
thought we should do?

She said it was up to you,

but she wouldn't mind
having a job, though.

I need to work, too,

but we're really getting
somewhere with the research.

- What would you do?

Why are you laughing?

I don't remember one time
you took my advice when we were married.

- Well, I'm asking now. Come on.
- I know you, okay?

Somewhere deep in your
gut and in your heart,

you already know the answer.

Trust yourself.

[SIGHS] Thank you.

But, seriously, what would you do?

I just wouldn't give it to Koracick,

but that's just 'cause I hate that guy.

- OR 2 isn't cleared yet.
- Then find us another one.

They're all full... between
multiple burn escharotomies,

maxed out PACU, everything's backed up.

Alright, well tell them the chief
has a severely injured firefighter

whose BP is all over the place...

Okay, don't tell them
chief, but tell them...

- Oh, that needs to not happen.



- Muffled heart sounds.
- No pulse, let's move.

Damn it. He's in PEA
from a cardiac tamponade.

- Starting chest compressions.
- Alright, he needs a thoracotomy.

How much longer till this is clear?

- They said five minutes.
- He'll be dead in two.

Alright, do you have a scalpel on you?

- Yes.
- Go, go, go, good.


Alright. Stop compressions.

- We're in a hallway.
- Do you want him to die in it?

- Stop compressions.

After I get in there,

I'll release the pressure
from around the heart.

- What... what the hell are you doing?!

Oh, my God, Altman!


- What happened?
- JULES: He said his stomach hurt.

He became hypertensive and
then dropped his pressure.

We're trying to keep systolics over 100
and we started a transfusion.

Alright, his anastomosis
might be leaking.

Dr. Webber said we did a good job.

- Webber let you do it?
- He supervised us.

He was there the whole
time. Every step of the way.

Alright, we got to get
him back to the OR now.

Page Webber.

Neither one of you
come anywhere near it.

Alright. Let's go. Let's go.

Griffith, I need you and
Link to pull his chest open

so that I can see the heart.

One on either side.

- Dr. Bailey?
- Altman.

We don't have a rib spreader.

It is the only way. Okay.
Ready? Pull. Alright.

- Is that enough?
- Oh, my God. More.

- More. Pull.
- Altman...

Okay, there, there.
Pericardium is full of blood.

I need to release the
pressure from the heart.

- Okay, come on. Come on, there we go.

Is it beating?

There we go. Weakly.

Alright. BP's coming up a bit.


Come on, Theo. We got you. Come on.

We need the damn OR!



Schmitt, can you make room?

[SIGHS] Do the babies not know

that there's a natural
disaster happening right now?


Schmitt, how's Paloma Deshmukh?

Oh, her bilirubin's a little high.

Do you think it could
progress to kernicterus?

- How high?
- Indirect bili is 15.

No, no, she's okay for now,
but just let's keep an eye on her.

You know, I read an
article about the prevalence

of kernicterus in South Asian children.

I don't know if you've
heard of that one.

I'm oddly fascinated by jaundice.

Maybe 'cause my mom said
that I have jaundice...

I get it. You love kids.

You have a genuine, maybe
excessive interest in peds

and you did do a really good job
on that rectal biopsy today, okay?

Pending your ABSITE score,

I will vouch for you to the
fellowship committee, okay?

- Thank you.
- Page me when you're done charting.


- Congratulations.
- Thanks.

Your competitive advantage is
annoying people into recommendations.

That felt unnecessary.

- Well...

- No.
- Ohh.

No, no, no.


You made a dig, and the
power almost went out.

How bad would you feel
for all of these babies

if it hadn't have come back on?



Jo? Oh, my God. Hey, Jo?


Hey, I need some help!

- [SIGHS] I just finished a...
- I lost him.

By the time I opened him,

his entire blood supply
was in his abdomen.

I'm sorry.

Millin and Yasuda said
they did the anastomosis.

That's a lot of
responsibility for interns.

Repairing a ruptured aorta?

I barely let my third years do that.

- They were ready to step up.
- Clearly, they weren't.

His posterior wall was a mess.

Posterior wall?

Yes. They need more practice

before I let them near another
one of my patients again.


- BAILEY: Have more lap pads ready.

LINK: Where is all this
bleeding coming from?

TEDDY: Let's go quadrant by quadrant.

TARYN: His company supervisor
is asking for an update.

Let's hold off. I want to be able to

- give them positive news.

And we are not there yet.

We can use an extra set of hands.

- Scrubbing in.
- Griffith, check my phone.

- You want me to break scrub?
- No, I want you to look at my phone

and see if I have any missed
calls or texts from Ben.

- Nurse.

It's a new TED Health Podcast.

The SMA's avulsed from the aorta...
he is bleeding out.

LINK: Alright, if we
don't repair the blood flow

to his leg soon, I'll have to amputate.

- We are not amputating. More suction.

All due respect, It's
usually the trauma surgeon

who reminds me life comes before limb.

- What about now, Griffith?

Dangerously close to
the point of no return.

TEDDY: This man live for his job.

If we can save both,
I'm taking that chance.

- Griffith?
- John Doe trauma, ETA 5 minutes.


[DISTORTED] Alright, we need to
get distal and proximal control.

- [DISTORTED] About to die.

[DISTORTED] Our best bet is a
saphenous vein graft to reconstruct...

BEN: I love you, Miranda Bailey.

Always have.

Bailey, what do you think?

- Always will.
- Bailey?


I think, um...


I think I-I shouldn't be here.


Can you... ? [SIGHS]

Alright, Helm, get in here.

Put your hand right here.


More irrigation. Thank you, Bokhee.

- More suction.
- Yep.


- Hm.
- Here.


And your test results came back normal.

I feel a lot better. Thanks for asking.


I see why you get high
marks on your bedside manner.

I thought we were friends.

You live in my loft
practically rent-free.

Your check bounced twice.

Is that your way of saying
we're landlord-tenant?

What's your deal?


Why didn't you tell
me you were pregnant?

I'm what?

- Oh.

I guess that's why. [CHUCKLES]



You look like your
mother sitting up here.


Before she got sick, did she...

tell you about her last surgery?


She was probably in denial about it.

I'm sure there was no post-op
cake or retirement party.

[CHUCKLES] Sounds like Ellis.

If I had to guess, I'd say
it was probably a Whipple

or definitely something
to do with the pancreas.

- Oh, she loved the pancreas.

She said that was the one organ

that was more stubborn than she was.

Sounds like Ellis.

You know, I've been thinking about her

so much lately with my research.

And I've been wondering how
much of stubborn Ellis was Ellis

and how much of it was
Alzheimer's festering

before we ever even knew she had it.


You know...

I think my time might be up.

Hey, well, I know I've said it before.

I know I've taken breaks
from the OR in the past,

but this time it feels different.

It feels like...

I need to think about
putting the scalpel down.

But I've been a surgeon a long time.

I'm afraid if I stop,
I won't know who I am.

I get that more than you know.

Well, I talked to Catherine.

Sounds like you've got some
tough decisions to make.

I don't really have a choice.

Well, you may not like the options,

but you always have a choice.

♪ Tend to me for tonight ♪

♪ I am a fool ♪

♪ Rest your head on my chest ♪

♪ But you left the room ♪

♪ I'm the one with the grace ♪

♪ To let you move ♪

Dr. Bailey.

Uh, Griffith, you should be in the OR.

He's stabilized.

At this point, we're
more concerned about you.

Anything I can do?

[SIGHS] Can you make it rain?

♪ Tend to me for tonight ♪

My husband's a firefighter.

He runs toward the danger every day,

but today... whole nother level.

It's a nightmare.


I keep reminding myself

that he knows what he's doing.

And I try not to think
about his impulsive nature

or his penchant for heroics.

We have an agreement.

I can text him as many times as I want.

And he always, always responds.

But today, he...

♪ You're not stopping now ♪

I mean, it's... it's...
it's been a couple of hours.

I heard the cell service
isn't good in that area.

- ♪ Finally on something else ♪

- Ben Warren?
- Benjamin Warren. Why?


Updated 2 minutes ago
by the Seattle Fire Department.

What... what... what is this?

Is... is this real?

It's a database to help
people find their people.

Dorian's mom used to work for the city.

She sent the link to
a bunch of her contacts

- to help track first responders.
- He's okay.



Thank God. I...

Thank you.

Thank... thank you.

It's... It's...


Oh, did you send your files to Tom?

They're online.

Good, as long as his
assistant knows where to upload

or download... I never
know which one it is.

They're on the NIH website.

You posted your research?

That belongs to the foundation.

You have no right.

I sent in an abstract that I
wrote on my personal computer.

That means nothing.

You have a contract with us, dear.

- No, I've already resigned.
- Resigned to who?

- Richard.
- Oh.

This is too important to me,

and I don't want to play the politics

or the games with you, Catherine.

It isn't fair to the
patients or their families.

- You have no idea what you've done.
- Actually, I do.

- Goodbye, Catherine.
- You are just like your mother.

Great. That means I'll win.

WOMAN OVER PA: Dr. Call to the Cath Lab.

- Dr. Katie Call to the Cath Lab.

- Are you okay?
- Hey.

- I heard you fainted.
- I'm...

I'm just tired.

The air quality isn't helping either.

Okay. You want to sit for a minute?

We could be here all night.

- Let me bring you some food.
- I'm good. I'm okay.

- You sure?
- Yeah.

Yeah. I'll see you later.

♪ Monsters... ♪

The world is literally burning down.

Do we have to work on
the schedule tonight?

These residents put in their
vacation requests like two weeks ago.

- What resident has time for vacation?
- Me.

I got eight weeks from Webber.

- I've got to buy my tickets for Paris.

- Ohh.

- ABSITE scores are in.
- ♪ ... what's in your head ♪

What'd you get?

Anything above 50 is gold,
especially for a fifth-year resident.

Not if you want a peds fellowship.


I need to rethink my entire life.

Want to rethink it with me in Paris?

- ♪ ... is empty ♪

♪ Come and find me now ♪

Can I get you a chair?

Not if you want me to
ever stand up again.

Well, I heard the fire's
at 30% containment.

- Is that good?
- I don't know anymore.


If this day ever ends, you
want to grab dinner at Joe's?

Everything smells like ash to me.


A drink?

I don't know if that's
what I need either.

♪ ... and that's all ♪

- My place?
- Sounds good.

Um, Ndugu, can we talk?

I'll catch up with you later.

I need to tell you about
Garrett's anastomosis.

Millin and Yasuda were not at fault.

We finished the anterior wall and...

Oh, excuse me. Excuse
me. My girlfriend...

She can't breathe, and
I can't find her doctor.

Can you please help?

Look, I don't know what happened.

- We were just talking a second ago.

You're asthmatic, right?
I'll give you some albuterol.

Okay. Hang on, honey.

Okay. Take a deep breath.


Good, good.

Take another one.


You feel better?

Do I know you?

It just...

It really feels like I know you.



Adams, she's all set.

Make sure to get her another
inhaler before she goes.

Uh, can you monitor her for me?

Dorian's transport's
here, and I'd like goodbye.

Yeah, I don't think that's a good idea.

You do know her, don't you?

What... you two hook up or something?


She was my fiancée.

Hey, Bailey's low-key
taking a head count.

We might want to get back upstairs.


I... I'm so sorry that
I ratted us out to Ndugu.

- I know he's kind of your mentor.
- No, he died.

Garrett died.


- YASUDA: Oh, my God.
- Yeah.

- We... we sewed his aorta.
- JULES: Yeah.





Yeah, yeah, this isn't working.

This isn't working.


Okay. Come and sit down. Hold still.

Okay. Here, alright?


- Anything?
- Not really.

Okay, what about now? Better?


Today did not go at all
how I thought it would.

Yep. Same.

- Mm.
- Hey.

Come with me.

- Is it Bailey?
- No, not her.


ABSITE scores came in.


- Same.

- Hey.

- Griffith. How'd you do?
- 75th.

- We all aced it.

- Why does this feel... weird?
- That's why I was looking for you.

Hey! We're gonna miss you here.

Yeah, see if they'll stop for
a cheeseburger on your way.

- Hey, doctor's orders.
- I already did. Fries, too.

- Pace yourself.
- I will.

Thank you... for everything.

A-And thank you for, uh,
making the database today.

You helped a lot of people.

- That was all Adams.
- I just helped get it out there.

Take care of yourself, man.

- Your ABSITE score came in.

- It was the highest in your class.



I gotta go change for
my meeting with Dr. Fox.

So, how'd it go with Ruiz?

Oh, I had to reconstruct
his SMA, and he's stable now.

- Link was able to save his leg.

Thank you for standing up for me.

That might have been my last surgery.

Or not. You did save a firefighter.

Yeah. Is that enough to
change Catherine's mind?

- Hm.
- Oh!

[SIGHS] I just blew up my life.

- Meredith and I published.
- Definitely not enough.

- So, how are you feeling?
- Mm.

Strangely calm for being unemployed.


[SIGHS] Okay.



MEREDITH: Much like with surgery,

- life is full of calculated risks.
- Okay.

[SIGHS] We often make sacrifices
in hopes of better outcomes.

Not every gamble pays
off the way we hoped.


So we ask ourselves,

- what are we willing to give up?
- Coming through.

♪ My love ♪

♪ I hope you forgive my mood ♪

♪ Nothing to do with you ♪

♪ I've been hiding in... ♪

What can we leave behind?

♪ ... my head ♪

♪ It's pulling me out the room ♪

What are you doing here?

♪ Call it the winter blues ♪

Came to see how your day went.

♪ Happens now and then ♪

So, did you, uh, did
you save your research

or burn everything down?

What if I said both?

Well... that wouldn't surprise me.

It's one of your best qualities.

♪ 'Cause my love for you
will still be the same ♪

My ability to sabotage my life?


Fight for what you believe in.

You'll put everything on the
line when you want something.

♪ Life goes on and
people come and go ♪

Mm. It does make it hard
to know where you stand

when you're sidelined.

I told you I wanted a life with you.

No, you described your life,

and you asked if I was in.

You know, I've... I had
a life, too, before we met.

It was great. It was simple. I loved it.

And then I met you...

and I've followed you
across the country twice.

Every time you've asked,
I've given you space and time.

I agreed to run a residency program

with interns you hired. Am I in?

I've been in.

I've been in, and I
can't seem to get out.


If you said you were moving,
I'd probably follow you again...

as inexplicable as that is.

But here's the thing.

I'd rather not follow you.

I'd rather do it with you.

Side by side, partners.

Long after you've forgotten who I am,

or I don't know, maybe I'll
have forgotten you first.

Well, then we'd get to
meet over and over again.

I mean...

wouldn't be the worst
way to spend an afternoon.

♪ It brings me back again ♪

♪ Life goes on and
people come and go ♪

♪ I was scared that
you would disappear ♪


What do we need to live?

So that thing you said about moving...

Oh, boy, here we go. Let me guess.

- Chicago, San Francisco, Orlando...

God, please, don't say Orlando.

I was thinking Chestnut Hill.

What? You want to go see that house?

Well, we probably should

because I put an offer
on it this morning.

- Are you serious?
- Yes.

And if you hate it, we can back out.

But, I don't know, just
going to take a tour

didn't seem like grand enough a gesture.

What makes life worth living?

♪ Your love don't fear ♪

What are we willing to put on the line

when a life is at stake?

Remind me what you were thinking

when you attempted the
thoracotomy on Mr. Sutton.

- I thought he was going to die.
- You got that right.

[SIGHS] Alright. Regarding the
GME recommendation that you...

Excuse... Hello.

- I'm having a meeting.
- We know.

♪ Seasons change ♪

We want to urge you to reject

the GME Council's
recommendation for Dr. Adams.

And why would I do that?

Well, Adams completed Bailey's
procedure logs, as did we all,

and we think that should
count for something.

Oh, we're human.

We can't avoid mistakes.

What's important is
learning not to repeat them.

Look, we all push each
other to be better,

and it wouldn't be the same without him.

SIMONE: You know as well as we do
how demanding intern year is,

but we're working through it together.

We don't want to leave anyone behind...
or lose anyone.

- If Adams goes...
- What?

You all go?

Is that really a threat
you want to make right now?

♪ I'm the only one
your love don't fear ♪

I could have all of you
replaced by tomorrow.

- What about me?

♪ Your love don't fear ♪

Can you replace me?

♪ I'm the only one
your love don't fear ♪

How much are we ready to lose...

if things don't break our way?

♪ Your love don't fear ♪
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