01x06 - Blut und Ton

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Kohlrabenschwarz". Aired: June 6, 2024.*
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The series focuses on psychologist Stefan Schwab, who, after an overwork, burnout and divorce, is actually only looking for the proverbial "Bavarian Rua" in the tranquil foothills of the Alps.
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01x06 - Blut und Ton

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What kind of priest are you?

Hey, assh*le!

You are a very big sinner.

Everything is
completely different.

Location, origin, artifact.

These three things are crucial
for the awakening of the old stories.

How could anyone
do this on purpose?

You mean that baseball cap guy?

Because the murders
create some kind of energy.

He collects energy
through the ornaments.

However, I still don't understand
what I have to do with all this madness.

Because you're obviously a Hans.

Stefan, it's about
Hans from the fairy tale.

What was in there?

Forgive me, I want to give these
brave souls a final escort underground.

Please go ahead and
give me a moment alone.

Redeck, atteck, eck. Ingemensia.

Tell me, what are you doing?

Search network. I
want to call Carola.

Carola? Your ex-ex?

Yes, she lives in Hameln and
has a teenage daughter. Nele.

Yes, then go ahead.

I'm trying.

Two bars. At home I can
only make calls via WiFi.


Carola, do you hear
me? Here's Stefan.


You, I'm sorry, I
can't talk right now.

Carola, I know that
sounds kind of strange now,

but take a little more care of
Nele in the next few days, okay?

Look what she does
and where she goes.

Stefan, Nele has been
missing since last night.


What happened?

Stefan, where is my daughter?


What do you have to do with it?

Hello? Hello? Hello?


Damn poop net!


Save your nose!

Carola! Just listen to it!

What was that?

Do we have to do anything?

I hope Ms. Leitner and Hartl
will now do what they have to do.

And will do so in the future.

And suddenly they get out
of their coffins and attack us.

We didn't do anything, so I didn't
even touch anything or anything.

As if a few starving people
had sailed to their deaths.

Yes, exactly, but how can
something like this happen?

You would almost think
someone had woken her up.

I have to get to Hane
as quickly as possible...

Oh people.

I'm coming now, Stefan.

They're not going anywhere. Until
this self-sufficient woman Hellfied heals.

What? We touch them from hell.

That was so nice. Respect for your
knowledge of Nordic mythology, Ms. Ludwig.

I have to say, I'm starting
to be impressed too.

The Encyclopedia of Norse Mythology has been sitting
on a shelf in the toilet for all these years.

And you could have easily
memorized it three times.

That's what I get when I'm nice.

Already you. Franz
and I, we'll manage it.

I'm dropping off from
a car rental company.

Who says that I'll lend you Franz, even
though you always bring it back broken?

and secondly, that I don't insist on
coming with you to look after him?


Who please?

For this task, our Hans doesn't need
the help of a witch so much as a hunter.

Hans Hexen what us?

I'll explain it to
you on the way.

Do you think that's
enough until we get there?

Could be tight.

Susanne, I'm in
the café with Anna.

She's doing well so far. Erdman
herbs help so much that you can watch it.

In the attached PDF there is some initial information
and a historical version of the Pied Piper story.

Please make sure that Franz doesn't just live
on energy drinks and snacks again. Thanks.

I won't tell anything, Mäusler.


Mmm, the cream.

Are you calling now to tell
me you just sent an email?

I have Anna for you.

Hello Stefan.

Hey how are you?

Yeah, everything's good here so
far. And apparently in Hamelin too.

What do you mean?

I checked with the Hameln-Pyrmont police and there are no
excessive reports of young people and children missing.

Okay, maybe the rat bazier hasn't even started yet
because I have to learn to play the flute first.

Isn't that something
we learn in school?

Yes but how?

Or this is all a false alarm.

I would be happy
if it were like that.

That's a lot of info. I won't be
able to do that until we get there.

But I don't like driving
slower because of that.


Do you like the story of
the flute, didn't I just read it?

Ha, Moment.

Hamel the children.

In 1284 a strange man
appeared in Hamelin.

He was wearing a coat made
of multi-colored, colorful cloth.

For a certain amount of money he promised
to rid the city of all mice and rats.

The citizens came to an agreement with
him and assured him of a certain wage.

So then the Pied Piper pulled out
a pipe and whistled a strange tune.

Then the rats and mice immediately
came crawling out of all the houses,

the Weser and stepped into the water,
whereupon all the animals followed and drowned.

What do new strawberry
showcases smell like here?

You also want me
to stay fit, right?

But after the citizens were
freed from their plague,

the promised reward spoiled
them and they refused it to the man,

so that he went
away angry and bitter.

However, he returned early
in the morning of the third day

and once again its melody
rang out in the streets.

Soon this time it wasn't
rats and mice that came,

but children, boys, little girls ran
in large numbers and followed him.

So he led them out of the city
and straight into a mountain,

where he disappeared
with them forever.


Do you still have that
gummy bear thing?

Yes, logical.

And are you actually discussing the speed limit when there
are construction sites and 60 km/h speed limits everywhere?

Why don't you call your boss up there?
SMS from Carola. They found Nele.

Excellent. Nele is in the hospital,
I'm on the way, nice address.

That's not good at all. You
know what those white signs

with the diagonals mean,
right? Final route-related

Speed ​​limits and
overtaking bans.


Who's in there?

Are the visitor parking spaces
even in the same federal state?

Come on, two minutes of
exercise if you're feeling good.

What do you do
when you're injured?

Should I maybe wear these?

Please don't.

I'm just pointing out...


Uh, Franz Hardwell.

Good day.

May I ask who...

Stefan Schwab, I work as a psychologist for
the police in Upper Bavaria in victim support.

Ah very good.

Then perhaps you, Ms.
Bennett, can suggest

that a drug abuse test does not mean
that you as a mother are being blamed.

Drug abuse?

This is Inspector
Warnecke, he found flour.

On the banks of the Weser.

She was wet and completely
exhausted and said crazy things.

Confused things?

About the Pied Piper who
lured you into a mountain, yes?

Of all things, this old camel.

As if this wasn't bothering
us enough already.

But under the influence.

My daughter is not
under any influence.

Don't we want to
wait for the lab results?

I don't need any lab
values. I know my child.

Mr. Ranke, would it be okay with you if I
spoke to Ms. Bennet alone for a moment?

There's a cafeteria out there that
makes a first-class cappuccino.

I know where the
cafeteria is here.

All the better.

Here you go.

But I definitely need the results
of the blood values ​​for my picture.

Then you ask me about
it as soon as we have it.


Carol, you...

Is he gone?


I heard everything.

They don't believe me, but
I really don't talk shit, mom.

I know.

I saw the Pied Piper.

What do you mean?

In a dream or...

Are you going home?

Was anyone at our house?

No mom. From the beginning.

Chrissy sent me a
playlist yesterday.

Suddenly I was
completely somewhere else.

Then there was something.

The Pied Piper.

I'm gone.

I just wanted to get away.

But there were others too.

That was so difficult.

Until I finally saw the light.

You woke up again
talking to the guy.

What if someone puts
knockout drops in you?

Mom, no, that was
real, 100 percent.

I understand why you
don't believe me, but...

We believe you. And every word.

OK. How do we get there?

I... I have no idea.

If what I believe is really
true, then the police must...

We've already practiced
this a few times at home.

And you noticed it.

If you tell your Hameln about the
Pied Piper, no one will believe you.

Yes, i understand that. But
don't you have to at least...

Ms. Bennett, I can really understand
you, but Nele just said there were others.

So we have to find them
now. And immediately.

Now if we explain everything to Stoffel out
there first and then again to his superior

and who then, after a long discussion,
perhaps sends a few of his Hanseln off,

then unfortunately
it is too late.


We first need solid proof and then of
course we'll call the police immediately.

Nele, do you remember...

What are you doing now?

Mom, I have to do this now.

I'll never forgive myself
for that otherwise.

Don't lose me, okay?

I'm pretty fast.

Are you crazy now?

I'm coming with you!

Frau Bennett!

Stop him.

Just a minute, please.

Make sure nothing
happens to you.

Otherwise I'll k*ll you.

Rightly so.

Frau Bennett?

Ms. Bennett, did you
just lock the door?

Wait, I'll try!

Take it by the drop!

You too!

Where is she?

Yes! Yes!

And now? Here we go!


When Jela is on the other
bank and we are still in the water,

then we lose them!

There then!

We can do that easily now!

We have to get through here!


Like no?

It's locked.

What exactly is blocked?

Yes, what? The
way over the bridge.


Hey, it's locked, I said.

Yes, the path,
but not the railing.

So Stefan, you urgently need
to do something for your fitness.

I'm just about to do it.

I can not at the moment.

Franz here on the
pipe from Schwab, hello.

Is the Schwab busy or dead?

The first yes, the second almost.
Wait a minute, let me ask you out loud.

This is your Mr. Erdmann.

Hello Mr. Schwab, where are you?

What do I know?

We're currently pursuing
one of the victims.

The Pied Piper blasted the girl
with his whistle over the Internet

And we believe that he
is calling it to himself now.


Hello? What's up?

Why don't you talk to me?


Thank you for the distraction.

We f*cking lost you.

Then the question becomes even
more urgent: where are you both now?

We are here at Glütberg.

Glow, Glow. That's in
the middle of Hamelin.

They are wrong,
completely wrong.

The old legends say that he brought
the children to the Id Mountains.

Eat, not smart.

Erdmann, now to
take notes again.

The girl is here...





Steffon, are you okay?


Mr. Erdmann, we are
in the right place here.

You won't believe that at all.

Then you have both just solved one of the
greatest mysteries in European magic research.

We would be happy for you, but I don't really
give a shit about your magic research right now.

So please.

Mr. Erdmann, I'm sorry, but I
think we have to hang up now.

Take good care of the
flute, it is invaluable...

SMS from Anna.

Email from my contact
at the Hameln police.

Six teenagers missing.

They ask you to call me back, let
me know, take care of yourselves.

Oh Good.

I quickly write a message to
Anna and Susanne that we...

No net.

That doesn't matter now.

Shouldn't we go
back quickly and...


But you have your
p*stol with you, right?

Yes, one of those.

What kind of priest are you?

I won't go anywhere with
you where I'm unarmed.

Just look.

Is a rat catcher.

Finally, do it, take it!

Do it now!

Stop defying me,
you dirty little bitch!

Why is the Malo still alive?

You mean it's a base camp?

Am I not getting an answer?

Franz, what is it?

I don't know, it's
different than the others.

Just before the
harvest. Harvest.

It's a place. It's a place.

It's a place. It's a place.

And you don't have
it under control?

Or are you not in
control of yourself?

Maybe need a bit
of convincing, huh?

In three minutes the girl will be
gone and the others will bleed too

and then the signs
are ready on the wall.

Through the ornaments,
through the ornaments.

Do we understand that?

He'll k*ll us all.

I swear that.

You're already so far, Madl.

And how did you say?

It won't be easy.

I told you that.

Yes, but you have...

Now if I have to hear
the word but again,

Then I'll make sure you pull out
your tongue yourself and swallow it.

Let's do it like that, huh?



Then I have
something for you now.

Fritz, he opened the door.

Oh, this is the Witches' Bible.

Now she's gone.

Deichler, shut up!

Please, why?

Yes, unfortunately I have to go and be
on time, otherwise I would be very angry.

I will be on time.


Good bye.

Stop crying!

Hey, quick!

Stop torturing
yourself and take it!


Who are you?

Are you here because of her?

Are you your daddy?

Don't you want to answer me?

The police are
on their way here.

Release nails and
so do the others.

Yes, exactly. And that's why
you bravely stepped in here alone.

Hey, stop!

Imagine if I had wet
tissues in my ears.

No no no. The flute and the Pied
Piper extra. And also the old rat catcher.


And then you do the, uh,
no, on the perch, you have to...


Can we take a break?


No problem.

I'm getting down to it.

It's going ok.

The priest did a great job.

Better than if you
had strangled him.

I am, I'm so sure.

I'm very glad that
you're both still alive.

Me too.

And that you are alive too.

Well, I mean like...

Not good. What?

Police! Open the door!

Yes, a thing like that says something
about the person who owns it.

Well, I mean, you're
the expert, right?

Well, I haven't read any studies on
it, but it seems a bit like that to me...


Yes, yes, yes,
yes. A little bit, yes.

Especially in the office.

Well, it just
compensates for a lot.


Do you expect me to
offer you something?

No thanks. I never
drink during the day.

Not on duty, thank
you very much.

Before we forget, thank you for
the charming chauffeur service.

Oh, these are the
little joys of a kind.

What do you want
from us, Mr. Cross?

I don't want anything from you. But
the Interior Ministry wants something.

A Soko.

I'm sorry, what?

A Soko, Mr. Earth God. A
damn special commission,

which deals exclusively with the supposedly
oh-so-inexplicable phenomena and that

nationwide with explicit instructions for
team composition. Besides, that has changed

The Ministry of the Interior made the mistaken assumption
that you, Ms. Leitner, also had something worth mentioning

have contributed to averting danger and clarification
and because you, thanks to me, despite your mistakes

can continue to work as a police officer. I can,
by virtue of my office, request your cooperation

order in this special
commission what I do with this?

OK. And Mr. Schwab is...

I cannot order this from you, Mr. Schwab. Due
to something completely incomprehensible to me

Despite the adulation of the Hameln-Pyrmont
police, the Interior Minister insists that I...


What is it now? They
don't say anything.

You just said you had to ask me.

Oh God, how I hate you.

I know. So?

Mr. Schwab, would you give this
country, in which you enjoy living,

Please do me the honor of
joining this special commission

and thus comply with the wishes
of the Ministry of the Interior?

If you ask so sweetly,
who could say no?

Who else is on the team?

Oh, you'd better discuss that with
the head of the special commission.

Who is the leader...

I thought Ms. Leitner was the...

Good bye.

I think you have a
lot to discuss and...

Yes, I'll give you
a quick moment.

I'm suffocating in here.

Nothing came from you, Thomas.

I got all my
information from Anna.

You stayed out of everything.

And I didn't even have the ass in my
pants to come when I asked you for help.

Yes I know.

I am sorry, too.

You can prove that now.

From now on you will only tell the cross
what we have previously agreed upon together.


You'll notice that
at some point.

No, you don't notice that.

In the world of the cross there is no
such thing as people trusting each other.

But you have to keep it tight.


Yes, okay.

Good. And as your first official act, you
will appoint a few more people to the Soko.

Who then?

Everyone who has been
more helpful than you so far.

Let's take a walk in.


By the way, we still need a name for our Soko.
If anyone knows anything, let it be known!

Soko black pudding.

You don't understand that.

Soko ax in your head
and having fun with it.

That's too long.

Soko, hau rein.

I sleep on it.

Did you sleep with
the tunnel worm queen?

If so, then unnecessarily.

Good afternoon everyone.

Altsjof Erzmann, my name.

Schwarzalp from the Dvergar
Endir family, Saltfjallina.

Is your song coming now?

No, my speech.

A speech?

None of you need to introduce
yourself, I know who you are.

And I look forward to
finding out what you are.

What we are?

Each and every individual is part of this previously
nameless community for a very specific reason.

Even you, Commissioner,
served a purpose.

Their hesitation sharpened
convictions and forged iron alliances.

But don't worry, Thomas Ferdinand Falkner,
you too will have the opportunity to shine.

I... and how do I know
when, when, when...

And let me first announce with joy that the
eternal six now allow me to speak for you

and thus to use it for
the world of mortals.

As an official investigator
of the European Witch Court.

So that we can put an end to the cruel activities
of our common enemy as soon as possible.

Thank you, very kind,
thank you. And thus...

Have you ordered a taxi?

Not that I know. And
above all, no second...

If you really need this
now, you two beasts.
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