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Digimon Adventure 02: The Beginning (2023)

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["Bolero" by Maurice Ravel



[crowd gasping]

[expl*sive bursts]

[expl*sive bursts]

[in German]

What is all of this?!

[phone alerts beeping]

Hey, what's this?


[expl*sive bursts]

[electronic beeping]

[music ends]

[Lui] Ukkomon!

[news announcer]

The massive object,

which has

been identified as a Digi-Egg,

an object of Digimon origin,

even now continues to hover

above Tokyo Tower, where it

first appeared a week ago.

The message that it's apparently

broadcasting has been seen

by countless numbers

of people all around the world,

but so far, no one is completely

certain of just what it means,

as the government

remains on heightened alert...

Oh, look! It's Tai!

A whole week's passed,

and that

thing's still floating up there.

[Yolei] It's been really

overwhelming for Izzy.

He keeps getting called

into all these interviews

and brainstorming sessions.

I can never get

a hold of him anymore.

I saw him on

another television show

just before this one.

Well, he is the world's

foremost expert on Digimon.

Judging by the look of things,

I doubt heeven has time

to sleep.

-Yeah, right.


When I tried calling Tai

ge got all upset with me

and told me that he's way

too busy for small talk.

What? That's not like


I don't know.

Humans are always changing.

-That's what I always say.

-What do we think?

Any theories as to why

that Digi-Egg appeared?

If Izzy hasn't been

able to figure it out,

then I doubt we'll be able to.

You know what'll happen?

The longer it's up there,

the less attention it'll get.

People will just get used to it.

After all...

Forget about that.

It's time for a bowl

of tasty goodness.

Satisfaction guaranteed.

Let the eating begin.

[all] Hmm!

It smells yummy!

Looks delicious, doesn't it,


You did a surprisingly good job.

It seems like you've

really upped your game.

-What's that mean?

-Breaking news...

A man has been spotted climbing

up Tokyo Tower's antenna.

How dangerous.

He has no wings.

If he falls, he's done for.

-Is this some kind of stunt?

-You know what they say.

Turn up the heat

and watch the weirdos come out.

Wait. They say that?

You only think it's hot

because you're making ramen.

Nothing's better

than a hot kitchen.

Hey, wait a sec.

Look what's in his hand.

A Digivice?

Then that means...

That guy's a DigiDestined?

[breathing hard]

[Lui] Why would you show up

again now?

After everything, why now?




You're a...Digimon?



That was close.

-Are you all right?

-Were you hurt when you fell?

You didn't get scraped up,

did you?

If it hurts anywhere,

just tell us.

Yeah. Don't be a hero.

I think it's best you go

to the hospital.

Well, that's a lot of Digimon

and their partners.

Hey, just a tip.

When someone saves your life,

usually the first

thing you do is say thanks.


I don't recall asking anyone

to do anything.

That's really

how you're gonna play it?

You know, we sacrifice perfectly

good ramen to rescue you.

If that's how you're gonna be,

you can pay for it.

-Just give it a rest, Davis.

-[Davis] Sorry, Yolei!

So, what were you doing

up there?

Do you have some connection

to that Digi-Egg?

It has nothing

to do with any of you.

Well, that's not really true,


You're a DigiDestined too,

aren't you?

[Lui] Destined.

That's one way of putting it.

That's a Digivice in your hand.

So where's your Digimon?

I don't have a Digimon. Okay?

Huh? But then...

[Lui] If you must know,

I don't have a Digimon.

I don't, because I k*lled

the Digimon who was my partner.


Hey, listen, just who are you?

Who am I?

I guess I was the first.

The first person to form

a partnership with the Digimon.

Huh? Seriously? Is that true?

You're the first DigiDestined?

So long.

Thanks for saving me.

[Yoeli] Wait a minute.

You can't drop a b*mb like

that and then just say goodbye.

Now get back here

and tell us more about yourself

and that Digi-Egg.


You got it.

I won't let you go any further.

You poor thing.

You bark out an order

and he obediently

does whatever he's told.

Don't you dare imply

that Hawkmon is my sl*ve.

She's right.

I am doing

this because I want to.

I'm sure you are.

And I bet it makes you happy.

Get to the point already.

Tell us what's going on.

You know, the message

that played all over the world?

The one that appeared when

the Digi-Egg first showed up?

It's completely wrong.

Humans and Digimon aren't meant

to be together.

When they are they only make

each other miserable.

Huh, what are you talking about?

We make each other miserable?

Come on.

What kind of nonsense is that?

That's utterly ridiculous.

Yeah. That's right.

My bond with Cody's

ironclad and unshakable.

Your bond?

That's what you call it when you

take advantage of each other?

Those kinds

of bonds aren't real.

Every human being getting

a partner Digimon.

I'd call that hell on earth.

Hey, just hold on one moment.

Get off me!



Your eye.

Hey. What's that?

What the heck's going on?

-[sirens blaring]


[man on loudspeaker]

What are you doing in there?

Come out now!

Oh, man. How'd they find us?

Are you kidding me?

Someone just climbed up Tokyo

Tower illegally and fell off.

And then Stingmon caught him.

I'd be more amazed

if they hadn't found us.

-We should get out of here.

-You think?

Oh, no you don't.

You're not sneaking off.

Let go of me!

I told you it has nothing

to do with you.

You bet it does.

We're plenty involved.

You got that?


it's time you

started talking.

All right. My name is Lui.

And as you've already

figured out,

there's a connection between

this eye and that Digi-Egg.

I'd hoped

to make contact with it.

I thought that maybe I

could straighten things out.

So you're saying that

the Digi-Egg might be your...

What do you mean

by straighten out?

[Davis] So that's it!

In other words,

you were climbing Tokyo Tower

so that you could have a word

or twelve

with that egg up there.


You know what?

I think you're

right on the money.


You've got a lot of spirit,

I like that.

All right,

then we'll help you out.

Davis, we don't

even know this guy.

-[Davis] We do now...

-Here we go again...

...so let's get going.

-...as usual.

[Ken] I'm just saying,

we need to hear the whole story.

Come on, man,

don't be a stick in the mud.

[Veemon] No one likes mud.

Look, if you really want

to get to the Digi-Egg,

we'll take you up there.

What? Really?

Sure. Just leave it to us.

V-mon, Digivolve two!


Wormmon, Digivolve two!




DNA Digivolve two!


You think doing it

this way is a bit too flashy?

It's fine.

No one will notice

if we do it quickly.

Come on, let's do it already.

[Paildoramon] Right!

[Patamon] How cool!

Must they be so brazen

about this?

The cops are probably

ready and waiting.

-[Ken] So what now?

-[Lui] I don't know.

You don't know?

Can't you talk

to it with your Digivice?

I tried doing that before when I

was climbing the tower,

but I didn't get any response.

Oh, man.

So we formed Paildoramon

for nothing?

[loud expl*sive bursts]


-No, wait!








[grunting and groaning]

[Davis] Where are we?

Hey! Hold on.

Where's the Digi-Egg?

And the tower?


Hey, Ken, look over there.

What is it?

Aren't those two...

The one with the spiky hair

looks a little familiar.

Anyway, isn't this Hikarigaoka?



Hey, what's going on with you?

No way.

It can't be.

What's the big deal?

Do you know them or something?

It's me.



That's my mother

and that's me as a child.

[mother] I need to make

something for Lui to eat.

And then get his bath ready.

Then change Dear's clothes

and diaper and clean him up.

This oxygen should

be okay for now.

We're home now.

[low electronic hum]

So, Mom and I just got

back from doing some shopping.

I hope you get better soon

so that you can come next time.

[mother] Lui!

I've told you not to come

in here with your father

without my permission.

Oh, how many times do I have

to tell you?

If you touch that machine wrong,

it could break

and then your father will die.


I'm so sorry.

I'm going to make some dinner,

so go occupy yourself.

Watch TV or something.

[Lui] Okay.

[TV host] Hey, everybody.

Today I'd like to introduce

someone very special to you.

This is my friend...

Lui! Dinner is ready.

I made your favorite.

Hamburger steak.

Oh... oh...

I'm going to need your help,


So when I ask what your favorite

game is...


What do you think you're doing?

I've just been watching TV.


Who told you to keep

watching till you wet yourself?

How old are you, anyway?

Stay out there

till I clean this up.

Mom, please, no!

Please, open up!

I'm sorry! I won't do it again!

Please! Mom, please! I'm sorry!


Some mother she is!

That's it, I'm going over there!

I'm gonna give her

a piece of my mind.

[Ken] Davis, stop!

If we really have gone

back into the past,

we can end up changing

the future if we interfere.

So what? We can't ignore that.

[Lui] Forget it.

This is my past.

I'm not asking you

to do anything about it.


[wind blowing]


[Young Lui] Mom...

I'm sorry.

I won't wet myself again,

I swear.

I turned four today.

I'm a big boy now.

I promise I won't do it again.

Today's my birthday.

I'm a big boy now.


It's so cold.


[shell crackling]


Don't make that promise!


What just happened?


Are you okay?

What about...



That was close.

Thanks for saving us.


[wings fluttering]


-Nice catch there, Patemon.

-Are you okay?


-You did really great.

I'm sorry to worry you.

We were all so scared

when we saw you fall.

Good thing you passed

right through the Digi-Egg.

and nothing happened.


We went back in time.

We traveled to, like,

15 years ago.


Time travel is certainly what

it seemed like.

We aren't certain, but it did

feel like we spent

over two hours inside

the Digi-Egg.

But Ken, it wasn't that long.

We just saw you guys fall.

From start to finish.

It only took a few seconds.

From where we stood,

it looked like you fell right

through the Digi-Egg.


[thunder rumbling]

How'd they find us now?

Paildoramon flying up there,

you falling through the


Angemon and the others

rescuing you,

I'd be more amazed

if they hadn't found us.

Hardly the best laid plans,

I'm afraid.

Oh, shut up!

Did any of you try to stop me,


Just calm down, Davis.

Guys, enough talking!

For now, just run!

Scatter, everyone!


-[Yolei] Digi-Digi.

-[Hawkmon] Mon-Mon.

As usual, the best solution we

have is this.

Most definitely.

[all chuckling]

But isn't it kind of


to do this at our age?

I think I can safely say

we're a little past those

kind of reenactments.

Well, anything worth doing

is worth doing right!


let's hear it for the Hyper

Multi Computer Club president.

Thanks for setting us

up with this awesome room.

Actually, I'm just an alum now.

I asked the current president

for permission to use it.

Same difference.

Let's get started.

Yes, yes. Let's.

[Ken] Let's go over everything

we know so far.

A week ago,

the Digi-Egg suddenly appeared

in the sky above Tokyo Tower.

-And then...


...it sent

out that mysterious

"May everyone in the world have

a Digimon" message

and then did absolutely

nothing more.

For the entire week,

the Digi-Egg was simply

floating there,

unmoving and taking no action.

But then someone

showed up on the scene.


The first human to make

contact with the Digimon

since the Hikarigaoka incident.

Also the first

individual to ever become

partners with a Digimon.

The very first DigiDestined

in human history.

While Davis and Ken were inside

that Digi-Egg, they witnessed

the moment Lui became

partnered with his Digimon.

[Hawkmon] And its name is


That's whose Digi-Egg is

floating up there in the sky.

So then the obvious question is

why didUkkomondecide

to show up now?

Not to mention that you

told us you had k*lled him.

Ukkomon is

a special kind of Digimon.

He can make people's

wishes come true.

You realize that sounds

completely bonkers, right?

-How does he do that?

-[Lui] Who knows?

All he told me is

that he had some kind of a link

to this great being.

A great being?

You mean like some kind

of Digimon deity or something?

Could it be homeostasis?

Or something unique

that only worked for the first

human Digimon partnership?

I mean,

that is something special.

How... how interesting.


You don't really

understand this, do you?


[both chuckling]

Well, if he was really

able to grant any wish,

what was

it you asked for back then?

What did Ukkomon give you?


Look! It's snowing!

[Davis] No wonder it's so cold.

[Yolei] You only say that

'cause you're always

in shorts and tee shirts.

-[Davis] Yeah, Digi's get hot.

-[Lui] What I...

What I wished for.

[wind blowing]


Oh, it's so warm.

What's your name?

My name's Lui.

Today's my birthday.

I just turned four.

Are you all alone?

I'm all alone too.

Sad, huh?

It's awful being alone.

[Digi-Egg] Alone...


Yeah, I wish I had some friends.

[Digi-Egg] Friends?

Friends who cared for me,

who would be kind to me.

We'd always be together

and they'd always protect me.

[Digi-Egg] Hide, protect.

I bet it'd be fun

to have lots of friends.

You know what?

When I'm all grown up,

I'm going to make friends

with people all over the world.

[Digi-Egg] All over the world.



[gentle music playing]

It's nice to meet you, Lui.

My name is Ukkomon.

I'm going

to be your friend forever.


[Young Lui] Yoko-mon?

It's Ukko.

But more importantly...


Happy birthday, Lui.

What is that?

A special cake I made

out of snow for you!

Wow, a cake!

And it's so cold too!

You don't like it like that?

Too cold.

What's this? Is it a toy?

[Ukkomon] It's a Digivice.

It's the bond between us.

It's my very first present

to you.

Oh, wow, a present.

I'm so happy.

This is my first present ever.

Thank you so much.

Glad you like it.

And now I'm going to keep

on celebrating your birthday.


Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Lui...

What's with all

the noise out here?

Why can't you ever keep

your promises to me?

I feel like I'm always having

to remind you

what you're supposed to do.

I mean, I am going to

have to put--


Oh, I bet you're cold.

Are you cold, Lui?

Come warm up inside.

So you forgive me?

Yes, of course I do.

Would it be okay

if Ukkomon came inside, too?

-He's my friend.


Come on.

Before you catch a cold.

I'll heat up some milk

for you right away.


Come on, Ukkomon.

Let's go!


This is it.

This is where I live.

Hey, Lui?


I'm your friend.

So from here on out,

I'm always going to protect you.

No bad or sad stuff

will get you.

I'll protect you from all of it.



Because we're friends.


We are friends! That's right!

Would you be happier

with even more friends?

Yeah, I want lots of 'em.

Okay, then!

By the next time your

birthday comes around,

I'll make sure that you have

some more.

Yeah. Awesome.

But my birthday only comes

once every four years.

I was born on kind

of a weird day.

No problem.

I'll just have to give

you an incredible present

to make up for it.

I'll work really hard on it.


[laughing together]

So all that happened afterward?

[Kari] You wished for friends?

That's what you

asked Ukkomon for?

From what you told us,

it seems like you owe

Ukkomon your life.

I was worried about how

that scene turned out.

Good thing he rescued you

that night, huh?

But it doesn't really fit with

what's going on now.

Based on your story,

wasn't what happened

to you a really good thing?

Wait, that isn't

where the story ends, is it?

Can you share

the rest of it with us?

After that day my whole life

did a complete 180.

Dad woke up.

Ukkomon protected me

from bullies.

Going to school was

actually fun.

I had everything

that I'd ever wanted.

He helped save me

from bad things.

We grew closer as a family.

We were really happy together.

[Ukkomon] Happy birthday

to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, dear Lui

Happy birthday to you


It's your second true birthday

so that makes you eight.

Thanks so much, Ukkomon.

That's how it is

when you're born in a leap year.

-A leap year?

-Once every four years.

February gets an extra day.

Oh, that's the day your

birthday falls on.

So let's have a happy birthday

with four years of waiting.



Hey, Lui... I have to tell you


I owe you a big apology.

What for?

For your birthday present.

I was supposed to make a bunch

of new friends so that you

could hang out with them, but it

looks like they're all busy,

so I couldn't bring them here.

Oh, that's okay.

But just hold on.

I brought Mom and Dad and some

friends from the neighborhood.

[all] Happy birthday, Lui.

Time to open presents.

You guys, thanks so much.

[Ukkomon] By the time your next

birthday arrives,

I'll bring over lots of friends

who are just like you.

Oh... That sounds good,

I can't wait.

Ukkomon, I know you can make

me friends all over the world.

Yeah, you bet I can.

And I'm sure you'll all

get along the same way you

and I do, Lui.

'Cause they'll be just like us.

Digimon and children who bonded

with each other.

There aren't all that many just

yet, but I know

that someday they're sure to be

a whole lot of them,

and they'll come from

all over the world.

I'll make sure they

become your friends.

The Digivice is the mark

of our friendship.

Wow! So cool!

You can do anything, Ukkomon.

Mm-hmm. That's right.

It's all because I'm connected

to a great being.

Hey! Let's celebrate!

Hurry up and blow out

all the candles!


Thanks for everything, Ukkomon.

You make me so happy.

Mom and dad are here

to celebrate my birthday

and so are my friends.

And more than anything,

you're here and always will be,



-[Ukkomon] Go on. Hurry! Hurry!

-[Young Lui] Sure.

[inhales deeply]


[Yolei] Hang on. What are you


Do you mean Ukkomon's the one

responsible for the partnerships

between humans and Digimon?

But that's...

Yeah, that's not what we've

been led to believe.

And yet Lui just said

that Ukkomon

created the DigiDestined

to grant his wish for friends.

But how?

I had to go get Gatomon.

No one put us together.

Yeah, that's right.

Whatever it is that creates

a bond between a Digimon

and a human,

that's a mystery to me.

Is it this Digivice?

A chance encounter or Ukkomon

really the one behind it?

If he really is

capable of such a thing,

Ukkomon may be the most

exceptional Digimon ever.

I told you.

Ukkomon is a Digimon who's

able to make

anybody's wishes come true.

Back then,

I wished to have a friend

who would always be with me.

Someone who would protect me.

And I wanted

to be friends with people

who lived all over the world.

You're telling us that wish

is the foundation for all

Digimon human partnerships?

No way.

You're saying friendships

between Digimon

and humans are phony?

That someone made them up?

Calm down, Davis.

It might be hard to hear,

but we can't deny

the possibility outright.

Wait. Huh?

There are more DigiDestined

appearing every year.

Is it really

that hard to believe that there

could be some bigger power

at work behind all this?

And even if you

flat out deny it.

Don't you want

to know more about it?

[Lui] Do you really believe it?

You think unconditional

friendship truly exists?

Something as incredible as that.

How could it be real?

Huh? Are you kidding?

-Of course it's real.

-[Veemon] What's your deal?

Why are you just sitting

there brooding

over what friendship is?

Hey, Davis.



You see,

that's what friendship is.




[Ken] The relationships we share

with our Digimon

didn't just automatically


We've had misunderstandings

and arguments.

Facing them is how we have come

to trust in each other.

You got that right.

The bonds between us didn't

simply arrive pre-made.

We've built them together.



It doesn't matter.


No matter how strong your

friendship may be, the truth is

that you never really know what

the other person is thinking.

Isn't that right?

Because Ukkomon

misunderstood me...

and what would

really make me happy.

[news broadcaster] We still

don't have an answer

as to what the giant creatures

that suddenly appeared

in Odaiba might be.

We'll continue to monitor

the situation closely

until we're able to find

an answer.

The footage you're seeing

now was shot at the scene

a short time ago.

We've brought in a specialist

to share their thoughts on these

rather unusual events.

Oh! Look, look!

-Those are your friends, Lui.


Let me start by saying

that while...

[Ukkomon] You see?

The Digimon are doing battle

to protect the children.

They fight

so the children don't have to.

They're even willing

to die doing it.

Why would they do that?

Because it's

what you wanted, Lui.

You said you wanted to have

friends who'd protect you.

-Thank you for coming in today.


So now you do.

Those are the kind

of friends I'm going

to keep making for you.

...gaining a full understanding

of it now.

But that isn't--

That's not what I meant.

[door opens and closes]

[father] I'm home!

Welcome back.

So, how did things go?

Mom? Dad!

What's wrong? Hey!

Get up!

What's the matter with you guys?

Answer me.

[Ukkomon] You'll have to try

harder, mom and dad.

Or else Lui will be sad,

What are you doing, Ukkomon?

Hi, Lui.

I just got home, son.

Welcome back.

Lui, your father's home

from work now.

All better.


What is this?

What have you done?

I'm making it so they're nice

to you so that you can be happy.


-What's wrong?

You have to stop this.

But why?

Mom and Dad are

being so kind to you.

Doesn't it make you

happy to be with them?


[Ukkomon giggles]

It's okay.

You can do this until you

feel better, if you want.

I don't want you to be sad.

I really hate

to see you like that.

I just want you to smile.

That's why I'm always trying to

think of ways to cheer you up.

All I want is to make you happy.

Are you kidding?

Because of you

my mom and dad are...

[Ukkomon] They're so much better

now. Don't you agree?

You love them the way they

are now, right?

[Young Lui] Because of what

you've done children are--

Digimon are

fighting each other.

I've made lots of children

like you and me.

It's what you wanted the most.

You said you

wanted true friends.

Ones who'd always be with you

and protect you.

Lui, the whole reason I'm here

is for your happiness.

That's it.

Baseball? Great!

Let's play.

You're really going out to play

at this late hour, Lui?

Are you sure?

[mother] Let's stay inside,


Now go and wash your hands.

You too, Ukkomon.

We're just about

ready to have dinner.

It's your favorite, Lui.

Hamburger steak.

[Young Lui] I can't do this


[Ukkomon] Hmm?


Take that and this!


[Lui groans]

[Ukkomon] Lui!


Lui! You okay? Lui?

What do I do? What do I do?

Wait, I know.

I'll just give you my eye.

Now you'll be just fine.

[Lui breathing heavily]

[Lui] What?

Why do you do things like this?

Now it's just like...

Oh, good!

Now you're able to see again.

I know that as long as

I'm with you,

you're sure to be just fine!

I'll do anything

if it makes you happy.

Anything at all.

-[Young Lui] But I'm not happy.

-[Ukkomon] Huh?

Can't you see?

I've never been

less happy than right now.

How would any

of this make me happy?

Just think about it

for a second.

It's so messed up.

It's a horror show.

I don't want any of this!

I never asked you to do this

for me!

You don't understand me.

You don't know

the first thing about me.


But you and I are...

[Ukkomon crying]




What a sad story.

It's so heartbreaking.

I feel bad for poor Ukkomon.

I mean,

he was always thinking of you.

Everything that he did was

to try to help you.

He made more DigiDestined so

that you wouldn't feel lonely.

And then he even gave you

his eye to replace yours.

[Lui] So whatever he does

is fine

as long as he's thinking of me.

Yeah, he created all those

Digimon partnerships,

but in the end, I haven't become

friends with any of them.

Not to mention

what he did to my parents.

Anyway you look at it,

what Ukkomon did

was just plain wrong.

[Digimons] Mmm.

[Digimons] Mmm.

So what happened

after Ukkomon disappeared?

[Lui] I moved in with some

relatives. Now I live alone.

What is Ukkomon been

doing all this time?

Don't know. Honestly, I thought

that I'd k*lled him.

Serving me was his

whole reason for living.

So if I took that away,

I figured what purpose

would he have left?

Then why, after all this time,

did he decide to show up here

as that huge Digi-Egg?

Hey, Lui, with Ukkomon,

did you really--


[all gasping]

[electronic music]

What the heck?

[Yolei] It's the same message

that played

when the Digi-Egg

first appeared.

[crowd murmuring]

[woman] Oh, again?


[electronic roar]

[Ken] The Digi-Egg.


It's hatching.


[crowd gasping]


[Lui] So that's...

[Yolei] Ukkomon.

But why? I don't get why.


Are you okay?

[Ukkomon] Happy birthday

To you

Happy birthday

To you

Happy birthday

Dear Lui

Happy birthday

To you

It's my birthday.

Which means this is supposed

to be a birthday present for me.

Then, all those Digi-Eggs that

have appeared up there...

[Hawkmon] Are they intended to

be used to force partnerships

between Digimon

and people all over the world?

[Patamon] No way.

[Wormmon] What about how

the Digimon

and all those people feel

about it?

It's wrong to try

to force them into it.

Also there are 7 billion people

in the world.

If they all got partner



There would be

chaos all over the globe.

It could be worse than

we could even imagine.

We gotta stop this!

For every human around the world

and for the Digimon too.

-[Gatomon] Let's do this, Kari!


Hold on.


-What are we waiting for, T.K.?

-Let's just think for a sec.

We need to consider what we

know about Ukkomon's abilities.

If he really is the one

responsible for the partnerships

between people and Digimon,

and if we fight him,

and were able to defeat him,

then our bonds with our

Digimon would cease to exist.

Our bonds?

Yours and mine too?

[all gasping]

Even so,

we shouldn't be thinking

about ourselves right now.

We have to do something

about this or the whole world

will suffer.

You do understand that,

don't you, T.K.?

Yeah, of course.

I get it, but...

And besides that, I believe in

my bond with Gatomon.

Ukkomon's power didn't build it.

We did.

That's right.

Yeah, I understand all of that.

But the thing is, we aren't

the only DigiDestined anymore.

Izzy's showing me the figures.

There's a lot more DigiDestined.

Apparently, every single year,

the number of us doubles.

I've heard that too.

It's estimated that there

are sixty thousand of us now.

Sixty thousand?

If we defeat Ukkomon

and break those bonds,

what'll those sixty thousand

people do?

All of them are going

to be really sad.

Yeah, maybe.

But we can't just turn our

backs on 7 billion people.

We have to defeat Ukkomon.

Uh-huh. Cody's right.

Yeah, I guess.

Defeating him

does seem like our only option.

Look, I understand that we have

to save everyone we can.

I do.

But still,

your bond with your Digimon.

Isn't that something

special that's worth protecting?

There's a good argument

for fighting,

but is it the best choice?

Perhaps there's some way

to do both.

I'm sure

that we can think of one.

We don't have the time.


All right, we'll fight then.

If there's a solution out there,

you will definitely find it.

Don't give up on us, Ken.

Let's all think on it.

I know we can figure this out.

Thanks, Yolei.

Hey, Davis?


-What's up?

-Being with me is...

-Is fun, right?

[Davis] Want to make ramen


[Veemon ] Let's make it


We'll do the prep

when we get home.

And double the pork bone broth.

So you do get it.

How many conversations

do you think we've had?

-And that makes us...

-A good team.

[Davis] Yeah.

[together] 'Cause we can make

great ramen.

[Ken] I still don't understand.

Why did we go to the past?

-[Yolei] Huh?

When we all fell into

the Digi-Egg,

why did we go back to the day

when Lui and Ukkomon first met?

I think we were sent

there on purpose.

Hmm. Well, if it wasn't just

a coincidence...

-Hey, Hawkmon.

-[Hawkmon] Right here!

[Yolei] That's it!

See that?

After Lui's eye glowed earlier,

the Digi-Egg lit up like it was


and then an invisible tentacle

reached out.

It's like Ukkomon

sent Lui an invitation.

[snapping finger]


You see, Ukkomon

deliberately brought Lui

into the Digi-Egg earlier.

So the key to stopping

Ukkomon is Lui.

Hey, Lui,

don't run away from Ukkomon.

You should talk to him.

That's probably why he's here.

[Lui] I have nothing to say

to him.

He just does whatever he wants,

no matter what I say.

You're wrong.

This all started

because of what you said.

Because of your wish.


What do you really

know about him?

Do you know what kind of stuff

he likes or what he dislikes?

-Any of that?

-What he likes?

Back when you were a kid,

he was trying to understand you.

He obviously cares

about you a lot.

Maybe he went

about it the wrong way.

But didn't he want you

to be happy?

He's been trying to figure out

what you really want

this whole time.

No, you don't get it.

He never even bothered trying

to listen to me.

If he had, you wouldn't have

done what he did to my parents.

Or gave me this eye.

A Digimon partnership shouldn't

just be one-sided.

Digimon are just like us.

They're alive.

They have their own thoughts

and feelings.

You have to meet one another in

the middle and try to see things

from each other's perspective.

That's the way Ken and I do it.

We see each other for who we

really are.

Even now Ukkomon

wants to talk to you.

That's why he took

you into the past.



The only one

who can reach out to Ukkomon

and stop him is you.

Go talk to him. Make this right.

Let's go.

Please take me up there

so I can go see Ukkomon.

Sure you got it, Lui.

[Lui] I'll talk to him.


Okay, guys, let's go.

[together] All right.


V-Mon! Wormmon! Hawkmon!

V-mon! Stingmon!

Aquilomon! Angemon!

Ankyloman! Angewomon!

Right. Let's go.



DNA Digivolve two!


Paildoramon! DNA Digivolve two!


Lui, go on and see Ukkomon!

And say what you have to say!

And go!

Watch out! Incoming!

[Ankylomon] Take that!


-We made it!

-Here come more.

So many. Too many.

Thanks, Aquilamon!

Ankylomon! Yeah!

Hey, T.K.!

Now let's do this.



DNA Digivolve two!


Let's DNA Digivolve, Tailmon!

All right!

Kari, let's go!





[together] DNA Digivolve two!


Now, mode change! Let's go!

Imperialdramon! Mode change!

Fighter mode!


Shakkoumon! Silphymon!

[Gatomon] Hurry!

Got it.

[fighter yell]


-Nice! Now pull!



-Now, Lui!

-It's time. Go!


Yeah. Bullseye!

[Luis] This is...


Just let go.

Talk things out with Ukkomon.

Don't do it that way.


Trying to do it

that way won't work.

Don't rely on Ukkomon

for everything.



Hey, Ukkomon!

I came here to talk to you.

[Ken] The attack has stopped.

You got this, Lui.

I believe in you.

Well, that's a surprise.

I'm not used to hearing you be

so calm like that.

I have to say,

it's actually kind of nice.

There are some things you

just can't solve

by racing ahead at full speed.

It's a lesson I learned

the hard way while making ramen.

And besides...


We owe it to Lui

to try to understand him

and let him do things his way.


You know, this introspective

side of you isn't so bad.


[Yolei] What's with all the

flirting, you two?

Come on. We are not flirting!


Anyway, we're in position.

If Lui isn't able to resolve

this situation...

Then, as we've already


we'll launch

a combined all out attack.

You still on board for that?

Yeah, I know what we have to do,

but I have full faith in Lui.

[quick breathing]

[breathing faster]


[mother] What are you doing,

grabbing my hand?

[Lui] Listen.

I realize it's very painful.

I'm sure it must be difficult.

It probably seems hopeless.

Huh? What?

I know because I'm

in the same situation.

But please just try

to listen a little bit harder

to what Lui says to you.

Because after all...

he loves you very much.

He really does.

[gentle music plays]

Oh, Lui.


[electronic whirring]

Here I am, Ukkomon.

I knew you'd come. Lui.

I just knew it.


And now we have

to have a celebration.

It's your birthday.

Oh, I...


I don't need anything.

I have no wishes.

Just as I suspected.

I thought you'd say that.

I remember when you

were younger,

when you still

needed me to help you out.

I wanted to give you

all the things

that I thought you'd enjoy.

I just wanted you to be happy.

That's why I did what I did.

I did everything

in my power for you.

And at some point,

I started believing everything

that pleased you must be a good

thing, no matter what it was.

I thought as long

as you smiled,

that meant you were truly happy.

I thought I understood

your feelings.

For a long time

I wondered why you couldn't

understand what I was feeling

when it seemed so obvious to me.

Although I guess I never learned

what things you like.

Oh, what things you don't like.

I didn't really know

anything about you.

And even now I still don't.

I think that maybe

what we needed to do...

...was to have some more.

[together] Conversations.


Like they do.

But still, there are some

things I know you like for sure.

Like hamburger steak and cake

and baseball.

[Lui chuckles]

Truth is,

I don't like any of that.

What? You meanie!

All right, then.

You know what I didn't like?

How quick you were

to rely on me.

And something I didn't like was

how pushy it was of you to say

you just wanted to make me happy

without knowing what would.


It was all stuff we

didn't like,huh?

Yeah, it's true.

I really want to keep talking

with you about everything.

I'd like that too.

Talking sounds great.

I want to get

to know you better.

I want to get to know you too.

Both the old you

and the person you're becoming.

Let's meet again.

And this time we won't

need any presents.

Yeah. Sounds good to me.

I'm sure we can start over again

from any point we want.


Which means right now, what

you're going to have to do is...

[strong wind blowing]

How'd it go?

Please defeat him.

It didn't work?

No, it's not that.

We just talked.

We know what we have to do in

order to meet each other again.

This was the conclusion

that we reached.


All right, then, let's all give

it everything we've got.

No, you don't!


Top g*n.

[people screaming]

Justice Beam!

Clay b*mb!


Mega Crusher.

The Digi-Eggs.

They're disappearing.


That's it. It's all over now.

So pretty.

Yeah it is.

Mission completed.

[Lui] The whole time...

he was just searching for a way

to do things over again with me.

A Digi-Egg.

He reverted?

Always thinking of me

no matter what.

The two of us

are seriously

bad at conversations.

So do you think that anything

happened to the bond between

DigiDestined and Digimon then?

Cause to me,

it looks like nothing's changed.

[electronic shimmering]


[Lui] The Digivice.

-The D-3's too.

-No way.

-The D-3s...

-They're disappearing.

[Lui] I didn't wish for anything

this time around,

so nothing was created

to form bonds

between people and Digimon.

You guys knew this'd happen,

but that things would be okay

even without these, didn't you?



Well, that means true friendship

is indestructible.

Yeah, you got that right.

Cheesy way to put it, Davis.

Yeah, I'll say.

So in the end,

what were the Digivices anyway?

They're what connected us.

Forged our bonds.

Or at least that's

what they were at first.

But maybe we haven't

needed them for a long time.

Devices and programs

don't connect us.

That takes a heart

to heart relationship.

And that means always

thinking about each other

and talking things out.

Bye bye then. See ya, D-3.

Thanks for everything.

Goodbye now.


And thank you.

So now begin?

What was that all about?

What's with that sad

look on your face, huh?

The snowball fight is on.

-No you didn't!

-Take this!

-Extra helping bomber!

-You are so gonna get it, Davis!

[all laughing playfully

Guess we'll just take things

as they come

and think up solutions

along the way.

If we put our minds to it,

I'm certain that we'll be

able to figure it all out.

Well, until we can do that,

do you maybe want to

think on it together?

Huh? Togeth--



Come on, Ken,

let's join the snowball fight.

Wait up! Hey, Yolei!

Look at you.

You get older, but you still

behave like children.


Stop acting all mature

and come play with us.

Oh, now you've done it. Kari.

[all laughing]

[narrator] There's a saying that

nothing is permanent

except change.

Even if something at first

seems perfect,

there's no guarantee that it

won't eventually be different.

In this case, the grip wrapped

so tightly around

important bonds was loosened,

bringing an end to a story

that would have simply continued

toward a predestined future.

As a result of that change,

with those sturdy and heavy

shackles at last cut away,

the world took its first

step toward

a host of new possibilities.

[wind blowing]


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