Father & Soldier (2022)

History/Civil Wars, Cold w*r, WWI, WWII, Rebellions, Revolutions and more! w*r movies collection.

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History/Civil Wars, Cold w*r, WWI, WWII, Rebellions, Revolutions and more! w*r movies collection.
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Father & Soldier (2022)

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Where am I?

I hear strange sounds.

Is pride leading my steps?

Who is watching over my people?


Hold on.

I felt something.

Dear God,

what did I do?


Hold onto her.
If she moves, she could hurt herself.

Almost there.

Easy, easy...

It's nothing.

All done.

Give me the rag.


Its den must be nearby.

The herd disturbed it.

It's mounting guard.


- Not too tired?
- No. Thanks.


They're not clean?

- And now?
- No.

- They're clean!
- No.

And now?


Want a piece?

- Want some lemon?
- Yes.

They caught four young men
at Mawoundou.

That's ten villages they've raided.

If we protect our sons,
the French jail the chiefs.

We must refuse.


We should negotiate.

They're armed. It's impossible.

We can't let this happen.

We have to hide our sons.

God will help us.

Want more?




The French are coming.


Come on. Let's go!

Thierno, may God keep you.

I'll be back before sundown.
Let's go!

Spend the night with him.

I'll do what I can.

Hide until I come back, ok?



Come on! Hurry!



Don't stop!

Run, Thierno, run!


where's Thierno?

He'll come back.

Look at me.

For the love of God,
don't get it wrong.

Open your mouth.

Your name?


Last name?

Die ye.

Spell it.

D-I-E-Y-E, sir.

Your age?

30 years old, sir.


on your courage and drive

to go defend the mama-land.

That's it?

Stand up!

Get going-


It's me.

We're leaving. Get up.

This way.

Let's go!

Come on!

Get going!

Never say I'm your father.

On your knees! Don't move!

Brother, help me!

We need men in the village...

Lock the idiots up.

We'll find a way out of here.


Out of the way!

On your feet back there!


Take your things.

Take your things. Hurry.

Wait here.

What do you want?

Get lost!

Wait here.

I'll be back.



Do you understand Fula?

N0'? And him?
Do you understand Fula?

Do you speak Fula?

Even a little?

Are you Fula?

Do you understand or not?

I just arrived, but I know someone.

- You know someone?
- Yes, Muhammad.

He works over there at the mess.

- At the mess?
- Muhammad, yes.

Anyone speak Fula?

What do you want?

- Do you know a Muhammad?
- I know several.

I heard he helps Fula brothers.

That's Muhammad San.
But he's not here.

How so?

He's off today.

Where is he?

Somewhere in this sh*thole!

I'm Fula.
I don't speak Wolof.

You speak French?

- Yes.
- Good.

We're going to protect you.

And you'll pay us for it.

Who's he?

I don't know him.

Your pay-

Hand it over!


What do you want?

I'm looking for Muhammad Sarr.
Know him?

Get up! Go ask him!

Wait here.

Private, get up.

Get up, private!



Help him up.

Who did this?


Take him over there.

Sit him here.



Go eat.

Then come play. I'm cleaning him out.

You can go, private.

You speak French?

Where'd you learn?

At the white people's school.

What's your name?


First or last name?

First name.

Want to eat something?
It's on me.

You should feel at home here.

The only place with no rank.
We're all equal.

We're all comrades here!

To the lieutenant!

We live together, eat together,
fight together.

And we'll die together.

Rather than abandon one of our own.

Go ahead.

He's up there.

Thank you.

Who's Muhammad?

I am.

- How are you?
- Get to the point.

I'm tired.

I'm looking for a way
to not go to the front.

There are two of us.
Me and a man from my village.

I can get you appointed at the mess.

It'll cost 300 francs.

- Excuse me?
- 300 francs per person.

You're the fifteenth request tonight.

I don't have all the money.

But I promise, when I go home...

We're far from home.

If you have the money,
I'll find you a spot.

If you don't,
find it and come back.

My friend won't last long
on the front.

I have 170 francs.
Give me an advance.

Have mercy.

I'll pay.

Go get your 170

and your pal.

I can't thank you enough.

You want to help me?

Let me sleep!

Good night.

Muster on the square! Faster!

Diallo! We're going to the front.
Muster on the square!

On the double!

Muster on the square. Now!

Come on, faster!

Thierno, come with me.
I have a plan.

He says we're going to the front.

Not us.

There's a job for you at the mess.

Give me your money.

Come on!

Some soldiers robbed me.


What happened?

What's the blood?

Form ranks.

Come on, form ranks!


we're going to brave the beast.

Why does he know your name?

They treated me back there.

Form ranks.
We're going to the front.

Form ranks!

If you don't have your kit...

He says we have to get our kits.

Thanks very much!

You're a good boy!


In the rear, faster!

Form ranks!

Section mustered.

Tomorrow's battle

will be one of the most decisive
since the start of the w*r.

You, Africans from Upper Niger,

Senegal, Guinea,


you are going to contribute
to this resounding victory.

The hill standing before us
is the final rampart before victory.

If you capture that hill,

you will be heroes

to this country.


I speak, not in my own name,
but in the name of the motherland.

Do not listen to your fear,
your cowardice,

or your distress.

Listen to your courage.

After this battle,
you will no longer be natives.

You will be Frenchmen!

Get a stretcher-bearer!

Get in position.

In position for the first wave!

Pray with me.

Stand ready.

Let's go! For France!

Second wave with me!
In position!

We stay together, no matter what.

We stay together!

Don't fear the Germans, fear God!

At my signal!


Stay behind me!



Wait for me!


Stay there!


- No! Stay here!
- Adama!


Where are you?



Where are you?

What happened?

What happened?

Oh my God, Adama!

- Adama!
- You'll be 0k.

What happened?

You'll be ok, my boy.


- Is he dead?
- He's not dead!

He's not dead.

Stay with us!

Adama, stay with us.

Keep moving!



Into the trench!

Let 9Q!

Easy, easy!

You, stay here!

Fall back!

Come on!

Hold the position!

We have to fall back!

Fall back!

Where's Sergeant Diata?
Private Ndiaye?

Sergeant Diata was k*lled.

Private Ndiaye too, Lieutenant.


Get up!

To the machine g*n.

Be brave.

Paul! To the outpost.

You fought like lions.

And we got no reinforcements!


- Where's the liaison officer?
- k*lled also, sir.

No more survivors, sir.

I want sentinels everywhere.

You, over there.


And someone over there!
On the double!

We're holding our position.

Stay at your stations.
We're waiting for orders.

You're lions!


Go join the sentinels at the outpost.

You fought well, private.



Let's go get the boy, Adama.

I was thinking about him.

Let us through.

What're you doing?


Stop it! We're going through.

It's sheer madness!

You'll get k*lled.

That's him.

Let's go.

The tarp...

The tarp.

Take his feet.

Easy! Sit down!

Put that down.

- What's happening?
- Put it down.

Put your r*fle down.

Stay at your stations.


The lieutenant wants to see you.

Be right back.

- How are you?
- Good, thank you.

I'm looking for Muhammad.

He's under there.

Poor man...



Muhammad promised me a job
at the mess when I got back.

Do you know who I can ask?

A white man took over.

The bastard treats us like dogs!

I'd stay away from him.

You don't understand. I can pay.

Are you deaf?
Keep your money, find another plan!

I don't have another plan!

Get lost!

Hurry UP!

I want you to replace
the corporals who fell.

I need brave young men
like yourselves.

What's the meat?

I don't know.

There a problem?

I don't eat pork.

You eat rice, don't you?

Here's to you, corporals.



I was looking for you.

The lieutenant...

He offered to make me corporal.

They're replacing
the NCOs who were k*lled.

I have no choice.

Make good use of it.

The white lieutenant likes you,

You have to use that.

To find a way to leave.

Keep your eyes open, be attentive.

Test the ground.

Make friends with that lieutenant
and his watchdog, Salif.


But there's one thing...

You'll have to play along.

You'll have to obey me.

Obey you how?

I'll be your superior.

You'll have to...

I mean...

you'll have to pretend to obey.

Yes, sir, corporal.

I agree.



Two sweaters and two scarves.

Two coats.

A cardigan,

and one kepi.

Here, your stripes.

It's here.

What are Mama
and the little ones doing?

At this time of day...

Sidibé must be

pestering your mother

to not go to bed.

Mariama must be snoring.

You know how she breathes.

Sometimes it's so loud

I can't sleep.

Will everything have changed
when we go home?


Be firmer, corporal. Make them obey.

Faster! Get moving.

Go on. you!


Faster! Faster!

- Don't help him.
- Sergeant...

We can't risk two lives at the front.

Sergeant, he's hurt.

Corporal, assert your authority.

Back you go, now!

Don't make me force you.

What are you doing?


Go on, soldiers!


Faster, over there!

Private, have your hand tended to.

Same exercise,
without weapons, but timed.

You take command.

Ok, soldiers, get moving!

That's not how you get out of combat.

Don't hurt yourself on purpose
to get discharged.

They always have an eye out.

They'll put a b*llet in your head.

What business is it of yours?

Mind you, with a b*llet in the head,

you'd really get out
of going to the front.

You'd get out of everything!

Wouldn't you?

I've seen you before.

Your dad's in the w*r too, isn't he?

What are you doing here?

Taking a crap.

Aren't we allowed?

What about you?

If you intend to hide out here,

you're making a big mistake.

Because here

the gendarmes
make rounds every other day.

If they nab you,

you'll swing from a rope!

Mind you, at the end of a rope...

the w*r's over.

It's au revoir.


Did you follow me?


I was afraid you'd nose around,

and stumble across my business.

If we count on those fools for food,

we'll starve
before wintering in the south.

Mind you,

if we starve to death...

Yeah, I got it.

Want some?

I don't drink.

You should.

Would you lay off me!


Listen to me.

You and me

are after the same thing.

A way out of this hellhole.

Because, as our Lt. Chambreau says,

there's no tighter bond

than the camaraderie of fugitives.

I don't need you.
I have my own plans.

I know what I'm doing.

You don't know a thing.

The police is everywhere.
They make rounds day and night.

With your skin color,

they'll nab you in a day.

I know how to hide.

Alone you won't make it!

I miss eating fish.

The river back home

is loaded with fish.

A nice grilled fish.

I'd even eat the bones.


and women.

I miss my wife.

No thanks.


Please forgive me.

Only yesterday,
you were in your mother's arms.

You're not yet a man.

Does a child k*ll people?

There's no way out, Papa.


And you know it.

We have to fight and win.

That's how we'll get back home.

Now I'm a corporal.

The soldiers respect me.

I can protect you.

If I let you be corporal,

it was for our survival,
to get us out of here!

You didn't let me do anything!

It wasn't up to you. Not at all!

I'm sorry,
but you don't decide anymore.

This is w*r, Papa!


We have no choice.

We fight,
and God willing, we'll survive.

How dare you speak to me like that?

What's gotten into you?

Get out.

Get out of here.

Out of my sight!



come have a drink.

Our first line fell.

The general

had more faith in the 2nd battalion.

The lieutenant gave me this
as a consolation prize.

He's been promoted captain.

What about us?

- Are we attacking the second line?
- No.

Total victory, my friend!

We advanced 300m,
lost 2,000 men for that damn hill,

and now we sit tight and wait.

We'll hold our position

until the Germans
decide to take our first line,

meaning take back
their old first line,

so we go back to our first line

until the general staff
considers the hill a priority,

and we go on the attack again.

There you are.

That's the rule of this w*r,

Here's to you.

Don't make me order you. C'mon.

Now listen good, Thierno.

I don't give a shit
what the general staff thinks.

It's their business.

As for us... Abdulaye,

Salif, you, me and the rest,
we know that hill.

And we can take it!

The German line's strong point,
the fort, is also its weakness.

It's isolated enough
to complicate comm with the rear.

If we take it
and turn German g*ns against them,

we can take the whole hill.

As soon as we're at the front,
we'll go scout.


Ask your question!

I told you, there's no
hierarchy here. Say what you want.

You want to take the hill
with 10 men?


Big offensives mean slaughter.
Everyone gets k*lled.

I need you, Thierno.

The young ones listen.

They trust you.

If we go together, we have a chance.

Except if you tell your father.

If you want him in your group, fine.
But at a distance.

You and I
prepare the as*ault on the fort.


I'm with you.

Give him a cigarette.

Ok, let's go.

Take no risks.

Just see
if there are other machine g*ns.


- You, left flank. We take the right.
- Careful.


Stay with Salif.
Salim, with me.


Still looking for a way out?

I heard about something.

I met a Serer from another battalion.

He's in cahoots with an NCO.
A white guy.

They're near the tunnel,
on the other side of the hill.

The NCO exfiltrates Africans
as far as Le Havre.

There, we take a ship to Africa.

The ships that carry supplies.

He controls the whole chain.

It's a sure plan.


it costs a lot.

Are you in?

Gotta think about it.


How much you got?

A little.

How much, I said.


It won't be enough.

It's already a tidy sum.

Brother, I'm talking about a trip
all the way to Dakar.

Meet me in the village.

Where's Cpl. Thierno Diallo?

Cpl. Thierno Diallo, where is he?

- Halt, private!
- Did you k*ll him?

By God, I'll k*ll you!

Arrest him!

Help me!



I said, get the doctor!

I know it's over, corporal.

I know it's over.





Know what attacking an officer gets?

The risk is the death penalty.

I admire what your father's doing.

I believe he's doing it
so you'll survive.

But this is w*r.

His behavior puts everyone in danger.

I think you should be separated.

Or I can demote you and transfer
you both to another unit.

I don't want that.

Know who my father is?

The general leading this army corps.

The one who greeted you with a speech
promising glory and recognition.

He's always found me undeserving.

He doesn't believe in me.

He'll believe in me
the day I fall on the b*ttlefield.

You and I

are going to take that hill.

He knows you're my father.

He's prepared to send you
to another regiment.

Without reporting you.

I won't let you die for that madman.


You don't realize.

You risk a court-martial!

- Impressive.
- Hands off!

How do you say?



General Chambreau.

At ease.

to you and your section.

What're you doing here?

Dammit, help me look!

Find it?


Let's go!

You k*lled them!

So what's the deal?

You still with me?


Now there's no turning back.

Is there enough?

Yes, it'll do.

When's the meeting?

Tomorrow evening.

How much?

Enough, that's all.

You all want a taste
of what I've had.


I borrowed money
from the village girls.

So they pray I come back
safe and sound to pay my debts.

I'll marry a white girl
with blond hair.

I don't like the smell of their skin.

You're wrong.

When they wear perfume,
white girls taste like honey.

- Ever smell a white girl's skin?
- Yes, near Fréjus.


A beautiful woman.

She sometimes brought us food.

- Did you make love with her?
- Yes, once.

Hey, brother!

That's nonsense.

But I'm not lying!

She had soft hair, the color of gold,

slender wrists,

breasts like desert dunes.

She had a mole on her neck.

And her legs...

when she wrapped them around me...

Brother, it's best if you stop there.

How about you, sergeant?

Ever felt a girl's skin?


The girls at the military brothel
take Black NCOs.

You have to haggle.
But we'll fix you up.

You ashamed?

What'll you do after the w*r?

I'm going home.

With your French,
you ought to stay here.

There'll be work for us
after the w*r.

We'll all become French citizens!

And we'll have military pensions.

That's why I enlisted
as a w*r volunteer.

Back home, we were dirt poor.

Here, I'm fighting for my family.

Our life will change after all this.

Go on, soldiers!

Keep going.


Thirty seconds!

Alpha, make it faster.


We're leaving.

Making our escape.


We're leaving for a village
in the rear.

Then in Le Havre,
we'll board a ship for Africa.

That's sheer madness.

There's no way we'll make it alive!

And your su1c1de mission?
Think I don't know about it?

Snap out of it!

What did you say?

- It's over!
- What's over?

Leave me alone!

I'll k*ll you!

I'm your father, understand that?

I can't breathe!

Come on.

Let's go.


You're late!

Here, for your nose.

Tell him.

At ease.

Put the sergeant there. Quick!

You, follow him. Over there.

And you, get up there.

Go on, hurry!

Go on!

Ok, ready.

Get down now. Hurry up!

No time to waste.

Where is he?

The third guy? Where is he?

He left.

- Where is he?
- Gone!

Nothing I can do!

That's enough!

Calm down.

We don't have time for your nonsense.


your friend took off.

He's gone.

It's too late!

Hand over the money!

Give me a minute.

What's going on?


he's my son.

My son.


Bakary, we have to go.

They're going into combat.


I'm sure of it.

The white men have brainwashed him.

If he wants to die,
you can't stop him.

He's made a choice.

Examine your heart.
But don't get it wrong.

Come on, hurry!


Go on.

Go in peace.

Thierno, second ladder. Go!

Wait for the signal.

Why're you here, private?

I don't speak French.

I don't understand.
What section do you belong to?

Section number?



Bakary! Where you going?

Wait, Bakary!

Where you going?

We wait for the signal!

Stay here! You're nuts!

- Leave me alone!
- Where you going? Come back!


They'll be here soon!



What happened to you?

We've got the position.

You shouldn't have come.

Stay put!

To your stations!

That's an order.

Come on.

Come on...

Hang in there!

We're almost there!



Get up.

Get up!

If you stay here

we'll both die.

Want to save me?


Go home.

Go back to our family.

I bless you, my son.


May God keep you.

In bestowing this decoration,

we show the motherland's
eternal recognition

for the sacrifice he made

in taking Morsang Hill.

Lieutenant Joseph Emile
Eugéne Chambreau,

we dub you posthumously
Knight of the Legion of Honor.

To our dead!

In the name of our President and
by virtue of the power vested in us,

we award him the Croix de Guerre
with Vermillion Star.

Who won this w*r?

No one.

w*r brings only death and desolation
to its soldiers.

Am I condemned to wander forever

in the ether of this country
I am unfamiliar with?

Far from my people,

far from you.

Keep moving!

Where am I?

I am in the wind that makes
the trees sway and cools you.

I am in the flowing water
that quenches your thirst.

I am in the earth that feeds you.

I'm in the flight of a bird.

Do you recognize me?

My son...

even if I suffer from cold,

even if I suffer from oblivion,

I am in the blood
coursing through your veins.

And in the veins of your children,

and in your children's children.


Put them in a crate.

In November 1920,
the unidentified remains

of 8 soldiers
who served in the French uniform

were exhumed in battlefields
still scarred by WWI.

One was inhumed
beneath the Arc of Triumph in Paris.

The Unknown Soldier
symbolizes all those k*lled in action

and those who were not given a grave.

Above me the sounds have changed.

Where am I?

Am I in your heart?

Is there a place for me among you?

Remember me.

Remember us.

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