Corona Papers (2023)

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Corona Papers (2023)

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Good morning, sir.

We only get 350 rupees.

What can one do with that?!

Not even a tiny bit of conscience...

It was a well ex*cuted plan.

On the day before the incident,
they had already

destroyed the CCTVs around
the area where it took place.


We've received a car missing complaint.

Sir, just a minute,
I'll be right back.

What's it?

Sir, there's a guy waiting outside.

His car is missing it seems.
That's also a Wagon R.

Hameed, first tell me this...

Your son's car went missing
last Friday, right?

- Right?
- Yes.

Then where were you all these days?

He's here.

I'll take care of the rest.


I got a call from my sister,

who's in Kozhikode.

She said that my grandmother
was having a high fever.

There's no place to
park the car in our house.

So I always park it outside
Babu ikka's workshop.

After I returned from the mosque on Friday,

I parked my car there
and left to Kozhikode.

I returned this morning.

And the car wasn't there.

Nobody saw anyone take it.

Here, sir.

You've spent some time in prison, no?

It was just a case of scuffle, sir.

Family matter.

What model is the car?

It's a Wagon R, sir.




Number is KL 17 U 4400.

- Sir!
- Mustafa!

The witnesses reported a car
with the same number, isn't it?

Yes, sir.

- And the model and the colour too, right?
- Yes, sir.

Lock them up!

Call the Commissioner and
tell him we've found the culprit.

Playing games, huh?!


Sir, if we just tie loose ends
and detain them,

won't we get into trouble?

Shouldn't we at least interrogate them?

Just do as you are told.

I know what to do.

Write a statement exactly as I say
and make them sign it.

Will see to the rest later.

Give me that statement.

Sir... sir...

Upon Allah, we don't know anything.

We didn't do anything.

My father bought me this car
after mortgaging the house.

It is our livelihood.

Then why did you admit to everything
and sign this?

All night that CI was forcing me
to admit to the crime.

I couldn't bear to listen to
Vaapa's screams any longer.

- That's when I gave in and agreed.
- Until we get a clear picture,

the police is going to request your remand
as part of the investigation.

Next is your case, please be seated inside.

Come... Come on.

Mustafa and his father, Hameed,
who are suspected to be responsible for

Justice Jacob's m*rder, have been
sent to police custody for ten days.

And for detailed evidence...

What's it, Yousef?

- Found the car.
- Where?

In the forest next to the Devil's River.

Madam is there.

She said to bring them to take evidence.

Do one thing, I'll take them in my car.
And you guys can leave.

Hey, no! Can't do that.

It's my duty to get them to the sub jail.

Madam is at the spot. It's her order.

Fine, let's do one thing. I'll also come.

Get out.

Is this your car?


Yes, madam.

Go and check if anything is missing inside.


What's that?

- Lunchbox...
- Eh?


Keep looking.

- And this?
- It's my accounts book.

Where did you get this from?

I don't know, madam.

This is not mine.

Take that and come out.

Keep it over there.


It's an unauthorised g*n.

A locally-made one.

According to the ballistic report,
a similar device was used to bump him off.


My opinion is that we
should not take a firm decision

before the investigation is complete.

It is said that on the day of the incident,
he was at a hospital in Kozhikode.

Let's just verify that?

I already checked that.

He wasn't there.

Madam, I swear I was there.

Dr. Kunjuabdullah was treating my aunty.

- He knows!
- Don't try to teach me!

No need of any further investigation.

They're the ones who k*lled him.

See that board over there?

The river is full of swamps and vines.

A lot of people have died over there.

We've not recovered a single body yet.

You know, I could very well
dump the two of you in there!

You better write and give.

That this g*n belongs to you
and that you used it to k*ll him.

Take it from him!



Madam, why should I k*ll him?

Wasn't he the one
who put your father in jail?

Write a statement saying
you k*lled him as revenge.



What are you saying?

Shut up!

You're framing us, aren't you, madam?

That won't happen!
I won't write anything!


I've no interest to drag you around courts!

I don't wanna go through that hassle!

- Are you gonna write it or not?!
- Madam...

This is not right, madam.

It is personal.

Do you know who died?

My father-in-law.

Madam, we'll admit to anything.
Please leave my son alone.

Vaapa, are you mad?!

Tell her to get lost!

We'll see you in court!
You do whatever you want!


- What the hell did you do?!
- Vaapa!

- Vaapa!
- Madam! Run!


Bring that dead man
and throw him in there!


What all are you doing, madam?

When they tried to attack you
in the middle of taking evidence,

you shot them.

- ME?!
- Sajeev!

Let me go!

What did the doctor say?

To do the operation
if the sugar levels come down.

Mom was asking for you.

Will go see her on Sunday or something.

It's so busy at the office,
I'm not able to go.

Chechi had gone.

She said Mom was sleeping.


Dad, here's the electricity bill.
Please pay it.

I'll pay it tomorrow.

I need to be at the court at 10 o'clock.

I've to first go to the hospital
and then go.

I'm already late.

Today's the last date.

If it's not paid today,
we'll have to eat dinner in the dark.

It's on the way, no?
Will only take five minutes.

Can't you do all this on the phone itself?

How many times have I told you
not to put your shoes on the bed?

He has all the time in
this world to collect the pension

for that cr*pple downstairs
and to play chess with him.

Basically do things for
everyone except his own family!

No time for anything!

Where did you go early morning?

To the doctor.

Grandpa is angry at you, Uncle.

Cos you didn't come to
play chess on Sunday.


Look here.

I was very busy between court and hospital!

I'll definitely come
the day after tomorrow.

Seems like he is really angry, no?

It's alright.
I know what to do.

Go on.
Come, we're late.

The kids will come on Sunday.

That's the only day they are free.

Just tell them
not to waste it by coming here.


This court and case takes up all my time.

I'm also not able to come
and spend some time with you.

That's okay. Everything will be alright.

You eat.

I've had enough.

You've become half your size, Nandini.

Eat this too.

Leave it there. I'll have it later.

What did the doctor say?

Sugar is stable now.

The pressure is okay now.

Wait for one more week.

We'll do the operation at Medcare hospital.

We don't have the facilities here.

We've arranged the donor.

Did you speak to them?

I did...


I don't think I can afford
the money they're asking.

Figure out some way.

Your wife's life is more important, right?

Well, you're lucky that the High Court
appointed a review committee.

It's highly unusual.

So there won't be any arrest
until the report comes.

And they won't call for
the case before Diwali.

Sir, I've been under suspension
for four years.

I've just three months of service left.

If this case doesn't get over by then...

I won't get my salary, gratuity,
PF or pension or anything, sir!

I'm in a bad financial crisis, sir.

What can I do?

This case is too complicated.

The ACP and other policemen have submitted

a witness report stating that
you shot them.

Their lawyer had asked,

when ACP and SI Yousef
had their g*ns on them,

why didn't they use it
when Mustafa att*cked you?

How come only you shot?

Also, only Mustafa had a g*n that day.

Why did you k*ll Hameed?

There's also a ha be as corpus
cos their bodies have not been found yet.

Sir, who ever has fallen into it,
their body has not been found until now

What you're saying is right.

Your fate will depend upon
the review committee report.

I don't have much hope.

Gonna argue for the
sake of arguments.

To the town police station, brother.

What's it today? Helmet or ganja?


- Greetings, sir.
- Be seated.

Did you get your money and interest?

- Yes, sir.
- Happy now?

Thank you. Thank you, sir.

Don't come to me with
such dicey cases ever again!

No, sir.

I helped cos Koshy asked me to.

Thank you, sir.

Sir, I've brought that thing...
For you...


Your bribe.

Bribe?! Get up!

Up, up! Get up!

Did I ask you for a bribe?

But Koshy said...

Did Koshy say I asked for a bribe?

Just as a gratitude for helping out...

Is the gratitude for helping
out called a bribe?!

Isn't it?

I will never accept it with my hands.

So you don't want it, sir?

Did I tell you that I don't want it?

Do one thing, there's Kochouseph's shop
next to the bus stand.

Give it to him and
tell him it's for the donation box.

Okay, sir. Thank you.

Sir, which temple's offering box?

He knows it. You leave now.

Sir, Pillai sir is here.

Ask him to come.

Pillai sir.

That Owl Michael is back again with ganja.

DIG has asked us to watch him.

Joseph sir had called me as well.

His main supply is around the school area.

Here's the g*n register, sir.

Appukutty sir, the guy who came to take
charge as the new SI is waiting outside.

Call him after this.

You should be careful, Pillai sir.

Him and his guys are ruthless.

Please sign that.

Keep this with you.

Sir, please come.

Here you go, sir.

Pillai sir, meet Rahulan.

It's his first ever posting.
As an SI.

It's Rahul, sir.

No need to modernise it.

Rahul and Rahulan are the same.

Take a look at this.

It looks like a doctor's prescription.

That DIG has scribbled something and all!

That too in English!

Give him two months station duty
and only then let him out!

Why's that?!

Maybe he thought,
let the cow be well acquainted

with the barn before
leaving it to graze.

We don't have any
empty quarters right now.

Your wife has gone to her hometown, right?

Let him stay with you for two weeks, no?

Just give a mat and a corner in your house.

He'll sleep there.

Didn't I ask you to bring the deed that
proves this bookshop belongs to you?

- Yes, sir.
- Did you bring it?

Yes, I did.


What's this?

It is a complaint
requesting to stop the eviction.

First we need to verify this.

We'll accept the complaint after
confirming that the place belongs to you.


That shop is almost prehistoric!

Why not simply accept his offer,
sell the place and move on?

I'm a retired school teacher.

We've had the bookshop
since my grandfather's time, sir.

We don't have any other source of income.

Fine, you may leave now.

I'll call you after
I go through these documents.

Okay, Mom.

Let's fix the roof first.

It's almost rainy season.

What's this serious discussion
with your mom?

Oh, what to say, Pillai chetta!
Dad was a constable.

Aha, where?

With the Tamil Nadu Police.

In Coimbatore.

He passed away when I was little.

Mom struggled a lot
to get me to this stage.

Mom has made an offering, it seems.

That she would give half
of my first month's salary

to the temple near our house.

Mom still believes that it was
due to her prayers and

not because of my abilities
that I reached this position.

This is a new strategy
used by the real estate mafia

to grab expensive plots in the city.

It is with the knowledge of
the policemen in the Town Police Station

that PWD contractor, Raj end ran
puts up such fake notices in these shops.

Now the others are gonna
latch on to this story!

Don't you have that document with you?

Yes, sir.

Do one thing,

after your duty, take it home with you.

And just burn it.


It is a 94 year old parent document, no?


Let's see how that old man's
gonna prove it is his shop.

Okay, sir.

Hey, hey! Where are
you going with that stick?

Out, out!

Kick them out!

You can throw the camera out.

But I won't go.

You must register my complaint.

Otherwise, soon there'll be more
cameras outside.

Hey girl! You do what you can and get lost!

Mind your words! I'm not your wife!

So should I marry you?!

What a fine specimen to get married to!

Watch your mouth!

This is a police station, not your house!
I won't tolerate any disrespect.

You should give respect
to receive it in return!

Come with me, sir!

Let it go!

Let go what?!

She's the kind who will go
on prime time TV and diss you!

- Big troublemaker!
- I'm a bigger one!

Everybody knows that, sir! Leave it now!

Hm? What's the complaint?

I don't have any complaint.

It's Sreenivasan sir who has a complaint.

Sit down, master.

A few people are using the excuse
of road widening to seize his shop.

He has come here several times now.

Why are you not registering his complaint?

You've already checked his documents.

Documents? What documents?!

- Sir...
- I've never seen this man before!

Sir, you took my shop's
deed from me yesterday.

You said you need to verify it?

Me?! Don't talk nonsense!

I'll break your bones!

He's talking rubbish!

Stop bothering and leave!

Give his deed back to him.

Sir, he's lying.

I saw you take his deed from him.

It's in that drawer. Give it to him.

Give it to him, man!

Sir, you're new here.

Sir, don't create an issue
without knowing the matter.

If Appukuttan sir comes...

Is that a threat?


Whoever comes, I'll see to it.
Now give it.

Are you gonna give it or not?!

Now register his complaint.

- Sir?
- Hm?

That new guy, right?

It's not so wise to keep him here.

Haven't you heard that
new brooms sweep clean!

You tend to be a firebrand when
you don khaki for the first time.

That's not it, sir.

He interferes in everything.

He's not too happy with
some of our dealings here.

Tried getting him on our side
but he won't even budge.

- Becoming a nuisance, is he?
- Yes, sir.


Do one thing.

Tell him I called for him.

Okay, sir.

Why did you wanna see me, sir?

Be seated, Pillai sir.

There's an intelligence report.

They have noted some
suspicious-looking people near the church

next to the bus stand.

You need to keep a close watch
there for the next two weeks.

Sir, I'm after that Owl Michael's case.

Leave that.

We'll hand it over to the new guy.

Which guy?

The new SI in charge.


He's sitting here and swatting flies!

It was DIG's direct order to you and me.

That's alright.

I'll be reporting to him.

I'll add your name to the report.


Give me that g*n.


Sign that sheet.

Why, sir?

I'll tell you why.

You have a job outside.


Inspector sir, good morning!

Hello sir. I'm Veena.
Don't you remember me?

Listen, I'm on shadow duty now.

Don't address me as 'inspector' here.
Clear off.

I was thinking of coming and seeing you
in person.

For what?

I tried contacting the police station,
but they didn't give me your number.

Can you please give me your number?


I promise I won't misuse it.


Go now.

Sir, I've given
a missed call to your number.

You may please stop calling me 'sir.'

My name is Rahul.

But why do you need my number?

Don't you watch my TV program?
'Crime In The City!'

No, I don't.

We have only covered
stories of notorious cops in it.

People should know that there are
good police officers like you here.

- Can you please give me an interview.
- Nah, I'm good.

I've got a handful of other jobs to do.
No leisure time for all that.

Please leave.

Okay then, will call you later.

No need. You may leave.

Hey! Stop the bus!

I said stop the bus.

What's the matter?

None of you should move from your place.

Get out of the bus
only after reaching the police station.

Brother, move!



Stop there!

Hey, you!

Stop there.


What shall I do with you?
Feel like trampling you to death!

What you displaced is a g*n,

It wasn't a mere umbrella
to stand free and easy like this!

Oh God! There are thousands of
police stations in this state.

And yet you send this brat
as a pain in my neck!

Sir, the first mistake is on us.

The DIG had specifically send a note
to post him on station duty for two months.

It's you who send him out with a g*n
ignoring the DIG's note.

If this matter comes out,
he will be suspended

and you'll be in a pickle as well.

Please don't frighten me, sir.

Pillai sir,

at present, only three of us
are aware of this matter.

Not a soul in this station should
get to know about the missing g*n.

As far as they know,

the g*n is now with this swine!

We must trace it out
before the news gets leaked.

Please help me, Pillai sir.

I will try.

How did it go?

Nah, sir.

I went to that area.

They say there is no such guy there.

I'm damn sure that he is from there.

He's even familiar with
the rat holes there!

Otherwise, he would not have
escaped from me.

Back in the day,
pickpocketing was a big racket.

But not in current days.

There was this guy, Paappan,
in Matt an cherry.

Kaakka Paappi!

He was a tailor.

He started by cutting others' pockets
to sew them.

Later, he ended up cutting pockets
to steal.

This entire racket was under him.

But nowadays, he's quiet as a cat.

I've asked to trace him out.

Since you can identify the guy,

we can quickly nab him
with the help of this Paappan.

What's his real name?

Paappachan or something.

But he's notoriously known
as Kaakka Paappi!

I won't give you peanuts.

You need to return my 150 bucks already.

- I will give it, man.
- Move aside, show me the video.

Hang on!

Hey, you!

Where are you barging in?
As if this is your father-in-law's house!

Isn't Kaakka Paappi inside?

What?! Addressing him by name?!
Is he your bosom buddy?!

That's his name in the police records.

- Brother!
- Ah...


Police here?!

- For what joy?
- I've no clue.

Jose, don't we bribe the cops on time
without fail?

Yes, we do.

Then for what on earth
did they send a cop here?!

Brother, he's not wearing a khaki.
Seems like he's from the crime branch.

Eh?! Crime branch?!

Please be seated, sir

Why do you want to meet Paappan, sir?

I'll say that to him in person.

Then, say it, sit.

Isn't Paappan here?

This is Paappan right here!


This is Paappan!

You're a new recruit in the station, right?

I don't belong to this station.

Sir, are you from the crime branch?

C'mon, sir. Ask me whatever you wanna know.

you know very well why I have come.

Don't play around.

Call your henchmen.

You've recovered Padmanabhan's corpse,
haven't you, sir?

I didn't plan to do it.
It was a glitch.

Even cops know that Paappan lives by
lending money on interest.

Both my dad and Padmanabhan's dad
were pig sellers.

They were two peas in a pod.

Many warned me about
Padmanabhan being a con man.

Yet out of our family friendship,
I took his gold as a pledge

and lent him 10,000 rupees
on interest for ten months.

After 10 months I tried to sell his gold,
as he was not paying a single penny back.

But to my shock,
I learned that it was fake gold.

So, I asked my boys to catch him.

Knowing that he was hiding in Palarivattom,
the guys went there!

Then Padmanabhan
tried to s*ab them with a knife!

The boys stabbed him to death in return!

Knowing that I've screwed up,

and to help ourselves from getting caught,
we buried him in the underworld!

But I'm sure the cops still don't have
enough evidence to nab my boys and me!

Hence, please have tea and snacks
and then clear off.

Leave Padmanabhan's matter for now.

I didn't come here
to have a tea party with you.

Where's that guy?

Sir, please cut to the chase.
What the hell do you wanna know?

I came here looking for a guy.

He looks like an 18-year-old.

Today's boys have an ugly hairstyle,
don't they?

This one has a similar head.

He has got a cut above his ankle.

Aren't you the one training them
to pickpocket and get them to work?

I want him.

Jose, did you hear him?

My dear sir!

That's my past! The work I used
to do when I was broke and hapless.

It's been a while since I stopped all that.

Well, nowadays, nobody walks around
with solid cash to pickpocket.

People are into
credit card, Google Pay and all nowadays.

And yeah, there are still such crooks
here and there.

I have no clue about their whereabouts.

All the confessions you blurted out
are recorded in this.

I have no interest in all of those.

But if you won't trace out the guy for me,

I'll dig out Padmanabhan using this.

Then you'll never see sunlight
even if the jail walls blow up.

Now if you and your boys are planning
to forcefully grab this from me,

you better stay put.

The policemen know that I'm here.

Gimme your number.


Will give you a missed call.
Do let me know if you get any information.

What's wrong?

You, bums! How many times have I told you

to ask the reason
before letting anybody in!

- Hello.
- Yeah.

I'm really sorry.
I saw your missed call.

But I was not in a condition
to call you back then.

I'm not in the right situation
to talk to you.

I'm handling a small issue now.

- Will get back to you.
- No, no, don't hang up.

I've something urgent to tell you.

It's an emergency.

Can I see you once?

Then, do one thing. Come to the dosa shop
opposite our TV channel office.

Ah. Okay.

Had a minor argument
with my father and brother.

I denied a wedding proposal
they fixed for me.

And then they abandoned me.

It became a total mess.

Why did you want to see me?

You do programmes
on crimes in the city, don't you?

Yeah. What happened?
Am I not allowed?

No, you can...


do you know those criminals in person?

What do you want, Rahul?
Just come to the point.

I need a help.

My service p*stol was stolen.

I'm in a big pickle.

I'll be fired if I won't get it back.

But the police know much more
about the criminals here than I do.

Finding it out is
a walk in the park for them.

No, I can't involve the department in this.

If this matter comes to light,
it will be a huge issue.

And moreover,
I'm not familiar with this city as well.

I've nobody to help me here too.

I'm saying this to you
because I can trust only you.

What a pathetic policeman you are!

It was only yesterday we met each other
for the first time, right?

And you think I'm trustworthy?

You don't have much experience
with women, do you?

Not like that...

We feel like trusting certain honest and
straightforward people we see in our lives.

That's all we could do.

You think I'm honest?

This is the first time I have received
such a compliment.

Never mind, if it's bothersome for you.

Hey, don't be upset.

Give me a chance to prove
that the compliment you gave me is fitting.

And then, there's no guarantee.

I'll stand by you in this matter.

Let's try to find him out.

Serve him one more egg.

Nah, I'm good.

C'mon. Have one more, man.

Come, eat with me, honey.

Listen Tony...

This woman, your sister-in-law...

she's my Rani, my lucky charm.

After this Diwali
we will sell everything here

and move to Chennai for good.

We've had enough of Kochi.

If you want, you can also come with us.

Here, eat this.

C'mon! Eat it.

Hello? Did you get the guy?

Catch him. I'm coming there.

Sit here and complete your food.


Let him wait at the workshop.

I haven't got today's kiss.

Will come back by noon.

Why did you sit on his lap?

What can I do?

He forcefully pulls me to his lap!

And on top of that, his damn kiss!

Listen, I don't like him touching you.

Stop there.

Now all the blame is on me?!

How long have I been telling you
that we'll run off from here?

Everything will be set very soon.

I'm expecting some cash to come.
Waiting for that now.

And then comes his damn Diwali
and moving to Chennai!

We will leave the place before that.

What's the issue between you and the cops?

They are looking for you
all over the place.

Nothing, brother.

If there's nothing, why do the cops want you?
To devour your beauty?!


Brother, see, this is the matter.

From where the hell did you get this?

I took it from a guy in the bus.

Brother, that's a police guy.

See the marking.

T 1...

Oh, Jesus!
For what on earth do you need this?

With a g*n in my hand,
people will be scared of me!

Then I can become a hooligan.

Can you add me to your g*ng?

It's a great vibe there.

What's your name?

Everyone calls me Pakru.

Did you all hear?

Mr Thuppakki (g*n) Pakru!

Look at him! Bloody swine!

The wanna-be hooligan!

Here you go. Go and throw it away.

Losing my job is still okay,

I don't know
how to convey this to my mother!

- Hello?
- Sir, Paappan here.

I've traced the guy.

The boys will show you the way
if you come here.

Yeah, I'll come now.

Man, we have a match on Saturday.
Be there at 9 o'clock.

- Yeah, I'll come. You guys go now.
- Okay.

Get me something to eat...

Son, run away! Police!

Sir, please don't hit him.

Where's the g*n?!

Don't hit me anymore, sir.

I sold it.

- I swear, I don't have it.
- Son...

Isn't Munna here?

No, he's not here.

- Where did he go?
- No idea.

Hey boy. Go, buy three beers for me.

Hey! Don't go there!

Come here, you!

Who the hell is Munna here?

Brother... he's a policeman!


I'll hit a sixer with your head!


I sold it.

Sold it?!

To whom?

I don't know the person.

No one will ask for each other's identity
in such a business.

Even if we ask, nobody will tell the truth.

Then he said he wanted some more b*ll*ts.

I promised him
that I'll deliver it on Sunday.

When will he call you again?

I have no clue.

But he will call me for sure.

He has already paid
the money for b*ll*ts in advance.

Come here, you!

Take your phone out.

I said take your phone out!

I'll keep it with me.

Listen, your internship will be over
within a week.

Yes, madam.

To be honest,
I'm happy with your overall performance.

But investigative journalism
is not mere news reporting.

You need to create a sensation.

You haven't succeeded in it so far.

Madam, do you mean I won't have a job here?

That's the board of directors' call.

Only two or three
will get a permanent job.

The others will be fired.

You still have 5-6 days to impress
the board members.

So, work hard.

[Crowd screams in panic]

Hey! Hey!

Don't move!

No one should move!
Move aside!


Here! Come here!

Where's the locker key?

Hey! Call the police!

- No!
- What are you doing?!

Hey, you! Walk!

I said walk forward!


Open the locker!

I said open the locker!

I said open the locker, you bloody swine!

Move aside!

So, everything will go as planned.

See you in the evening at 5 o'clock.

Go straight there.

I'll go check on the police officers'
next moves and come there.

Is it true that girl died?

What atrocity have you done, Govind etta!

I didn't k*ll her.

When that security held my hand,
it accidentally went off.

I feel worse than you do.

I didn't wanna hurt anybody.
Just wanted to make some cash.

You only have to spend two or
three years in jail for bank robbery.

But now there's m*rder too.

Nothing will happen.

What happened has happened.

Let's not talk about this anymore.

You guys need to understand something.

They have no clue about any of us.

I checked everything.

They don't know how we
look, our age, complexion, nothing!

They don't know anything.
But we need to be careful now.

- But...
- You just listen to what I say!

I'm so worried.

Don't worry about anything.

You go to the taxi stand as usual.

Take people here and there.

Like nothing happened.


I'm talking to you as well.

The board meeting is tomorrow.

Out of nine of us, only two
people's jobs will be confirmed.

I think Sanjay is sure shot.

Don't know who the other person will be.

Anyway, I'm planning to start a
YouTube channel with my friend.

[On TV] The dead body of the girl who
was shot dead during the bank robbery

was handed over to her
relatives after post-mortem.

The ballistic report says
that the bank robbers

shot using a 9mm p*stol manufactured
in Ishapur, Uttar Pradesh.

But where the robbers got these
g*ns, which are only available

to the police and army,
remains an unanswered question.

Gold hunt again at Karipur airport
in Kozhikode...


I have a breaking news.

What's it?

Sir, the CCTV at the bank was useless.

When we checked the
CCTV's at the next junction,

it's mostly taxis that we see.

Cannot see the details
of the people inside either,

as most of them were wearing a mask.


Increase that TV's volume.

[On TV] A police g*n was used during the
Urban Cooperative Bank robbery.

Top News bureau has received
information that the g*n used

in the robbery was missing
from the town police station.

Therefore, it must be
believed that this robbery

was done with the knowledge of the police.

He's the SHO, Appukutty.

Call that other guy as well.

Yes, sir.

- Sir, the DGP is calling you upstairs.
- Come.


Was it Pillai's duty that was changed?

Yes, sir.

Appukutty, do you have anything to explain?

For the time being,
you're both under suspension.

Cooperate with further proceedings.


- Hey, you!
- Sir?

Get them to sign this.

Yes, sir.

The police are investigating
whether the suspended police officers,

SHO Appukutty and SI Rahul Nambiar
are connected to this bank robbery.

Both of them were interrogated
for hours at the police club.

The bank robbery...

Why do you look upset?

You should be happy you got the job.

When is the celebration?

You've to treat!





Sit down, Gracy.

You must have heard, right?

It's embarrassing.

We need to close this case immediately.

And for that,
you're free to take any decision.

Sir, you need to guarantee something.

I want the freedom to decide
who should be on my team.


And you've to give me a clear understanding
as to whom I should report to.

You may report to me directly.

I know that woman.

Bhasi from the military told me.

She was in the in-charge
at Viyyur Central Jail.

Three people escaped from there.

Apparently the next day,
all three got hit by a lorry and died.

Everyone knows that she k*lled them.

That woman has another name in jail,

Cobra Gracy!

She has the poison of a cobra
and the intelligence of a fox.

That's why I'm telling you Govind etta,
let's split the money fast!

Talk softly, man!

Even the wind has ears these days!

I've given you enough money for now, right?

Just keep that
and be quiet for the time being.

Two tea and one black tea, right?
Thirty bucks!

I'll give.

Do you have change for 500?

- No need!
- 500?!

Write it under my tab.
Go and get the book.

Uff! Why can't you understand, man?!

- Understood.
- Don't try to show off.

No, I won't.

Fine, you guys leave.

Come near the post office at 5pm.
I'll be there.

Go on.

What is this place?

Ah, I don't know.

The construction has been
halted for a while.

Due to some stay order from the court.

Keep walking.

Give me that bag.

Is this place yours?


I thought through and calculated many
things before I set out to do this job.

So, don't ask too many questions, okay?

I never asked you who you are
or where you are from

or any other details have I?

I only know your names, right?

So there is no need for any more
questioning or conversations between us.

That's best for all of us.


Don't worry about that.


Gracy Mathews.

What's in your hand?


So tell me...

Where's the money?

The money stolen from the bank.

Where are the others?

- Who?
- The one who robbed the bank?

You were the one who gave them that g*n.

We've plenty of evidence that proves
you were a part of it.

Else we know how to make it up.

When we came to question you,

you att*cked us and tried to escape.

We had no other option but to k*ll you!

That's all I need to write.

And that will be the end
of your case and this case!

Do you want that?!

Do it, madam.

k*ll me.

I've heard of many stories
of you k*lling people like this.

Don't think too much.

That'll be good for you.

And for me.

Rahul Nambiar.

Am I right?

Born in Coimbatore.

Your father died
when you were five years old.

Graduated from Palakkad Victoria College.

Centre-forward in the State football team.

Got into police through sports quota.

All these years were
struggling without money, right?

I know your whole history.


You've landed in some real trouble.

Try to get out of this mess
instead of cooping up inside your room.

What do you want from me?

So, that's all you know?


He'll buy any stolen goods.

I don't know anything else.

Which hand do you eat with?

Don't you use the same hand...

to pickpocket?


I won't do it again.

There's nothing more to know from him.

You can go.

And Yousef?

He came all this way.

- Shouldn't we give him something?
- Of course!

Give him.

Rahul, come.

Sir... sir... no, sir...

S... sir... sir...


[Wailing in pain]

Madam? What's this?
He said he won't repeat it.

You need to wash away your sins,

with blood, right?

That's all this is.

He won't steal with that hand again.

Whose place is this, madam?

The police have these
kinda places everywhere.

No one will ever know

whatever happens here.

It seems busy.


I tried calling you a few times.

Please listen to what I have to say.

I was in a desperate situation.

I know what I did was wrong.

Oh, that's great!

Happy that you realised it.

You were right,

I never had much experience with women.

But after this,
I know what kind you lot are!

Thanks for that by the way.

Please just listen to me, Rahul!

You played with my life.



Are you hurt?

Here you go, madam.

You! How dare you raise
your hand on a woman?!

Listen to me...

You don't say anything!
Slap him!

You can leave after the police come.
Who do you think you are?!

Try to understand.

- Call the police.
- Brother, brother...

- Let him go, please.
- You be quiet.

We won't let him go.
Let the police come.

Make him sit there.
Will decide after the police come.

This is our family problem.

- Eh?
- You don't need to interfere in it.

- Aha!
- This is my husband.

We'll solve our issue at home.

I don't have any complaints, no?

Then what's your problem?

Oh, is that so!
Come on, brother, let's go.

What's the update?

Madam, the total amount
missing is Rs. 62,65,023 lakhs.

Out of which only 6 lakhs
rupees are marked as fresh notes.

We only know those serial numbers.

The remaining money
was for weekly deposit.

It was to be sent to
the head office on Saturday.


The problem is,

none of those three are matching
with anyone from our criminal list.

We've not got any finger print
or facial recognition.

Therefore it's not going to be
easy to find out who they were.

But there's an advantage to that.

Because they don't know much about all
this, they'll definitely spend the money.

Because of the pandemic economic crunch,

it will be easier to find out
whenever a huge amount is spent.

Try to track all cash transactions
above 50000 rupees.

And we should keep an eye on the
serial numbers of the marked notes.

Yes, madam.


Because you're a suspended officer,

you can only be on this team unofficially.

We need your help.

But closing this case is more important
for you than for us.

Do you have any plan, madam?

I know one thing.

That man has had g*n training
either at the military or police.

I am sure about that.

That's the person I am searching for.



Where is he?

- Madam?
- It has been a long time since we saw.

How is she now?

She's getting better.

Give it.

I need to ask you a few things.

I'll be in the canteen.

So, what has been happening?

Nothing, madam.

Court and hospitals... that's it.



Yes, Mom?

I can't hear you.



Justice delayed is justice denied.

It's good only on paper.

I don't understand...

Why did the High Court request for
a new review committee?

Did you appear?

One second, madam.

I'm at the hospital, I'll call you back.

I went twice.

It was adjourned.

Next is on the coming 27th.

No matter what they ask,

don't change your story.

You had to sh**t when they att*cked.

Let it remain that way.

But madam, let me ask you something.

Wasn't it you who got
your father-in-law k*lled?

What all are you saying?

I was the one who investigated that case
and prepared the report, madam.

But you buried that report.

The two Tamilian
witnesses lived in Fort Kochi.

Why would they come to
Panampilly Nagar for a walk?

Both of them were Parunthanman's drivers.

You know Parunthanman, right?

Number one criminal in Madurai.

There are many cases, including m*rder,

filed against these two at
Madurai Town police station.

Also, Hameed's son, Mustafa.

He was in a hospital at Kozhikode

with his grandmother
at the time of the incident.

You cannot prove anything.

They're both dead.

Hm, so, you were the one
who got your father-in-law k*lled.

- Right, madam?
- What else should I've done?!

Not once did he think
I was his son's widow!

Peeping through the doors
while I was in the shower.

I couldn't walk through that house
without bumping into him!

I tolerated everything.

But that dog!

That moron used to put my 12 year old
daughter on his lap...

His bloody computer!

How can I not k*ll him?!

Should I have pampered him?!

But I've heard some other stories outside.

That something was going on
between SI Yousef and you.

And that Justice Jacob Thomas saw it and

there was an argument
between the two of you...

Stop this nonsense!

Tongues have no bones,
so people can keep wagging them like dogs!



You sacrificed two innocent lives for that.

What justification do you have for that?


Sometimes you have to make a lot
of mistakes to correct one mistake.

It's a universal truth.

Don't ask me unnecessary things.

Just do as I say.

Or this life of yours
will become a rotting hell.

Madam, weren't you in Malappuram?

How come... you're here?

They transferred me here to
investigate the bank robbery case.

Any leads so far?

I'll nab them soon.





I'm not getting range here.

Give me your phone.

Yes, Mom?

Reached the school?

It's getting cut.

I'll be there in ten minutes.

It's regarding my daughter's admission.

Mom is waiting at the school.

So remember what I said.

Don't go around preaching
conscience and crap!

Your life will be screwed.

Throw your conscience into some dustbin

and try to live the
rest of your life peacefully.

How long will we keep
hiding and meeting like this?

Do you know what will happen
if he finds out?

Are you not going to work
at the workshop anymore?

Ah, no! I don't even like seeing his face.

I need some more time.

I've arranged some money.

But I haven't gotten it in my hands yet.

As soon as I get it, we'll leave.



Open the door!


I was having a bath.

A bath!


You'll get it from me today!

Your bloody cleaning up!

I can never find things where I put them.

I had wrapped something in a
green cloth over here. Did you see it?!

I didn't see it.

Look! Is it this?!


Yes, I got it.

Wait there, I'll come now.

Did I scare you?

That's not possible!
Not possible!

Some sixty lakhs...

They're claiming it is
some sixty lakh rupees...

We've not counted.

Anyway, doesn't matter how much it is...

Twenty for you.

Thirty for him

Fifty for me.

Isn't that what we agreed on before...

Before we set out to do this stupid thing!

And now!

We don't know which notes have
been marked by the bank or anything.

If we take it out now...

It will be foolishness, okay!

But I can't wait any longer!

I did this cos I needed money urgently!

The police have cast their nets
and are waiting for a slip up!

- I know the police!
- Listen to me!

I said I know the police!

Let me speak!

The police have cast their nets
and are waiting.

I'm saying, you just don't go
and fall into their hands!

- Listen!
- Yeah! Police!

Kishore! Does he have no brains?!
Please make him understand!

- I just shouldn't spend that money, right?
- HUH?!

- I just shouldn't spend that money, right?

- You can't hear or what?!
- WHAT?!

I shouldn't spend it, no?!

If you don't wanna spend it,
why do you want the money now?!

To gobble it up!

Hey! Tony!

Wait there!

- Tony!
- Get lost!

I said wait there!

Don't you dare piss me off!

Just tell me when you'll give
me the money?! That's all!

I can't tell you that so soon.

I had told you before
we can only do something

once the police investigation cools down.

Good things come to those who wait!

I didn't come to hear your proverbs!

I need my money within one week

Ugh! Kishore?

Didn't we agree on all this before?
You know it!

Then why is he getting worked up right now?

You old geezer!

What good is a tricycle wished
for at age 3, when you're 50?

So you can tell pithy sayings!
But when I do, it's a problem!

What I meant is, you should've
cash in your hand at the time of need.

This man has other intentions, dude!

Otherwise, why is he
hoarding this stolen money?!

He's planning to screw us over in the end!

Hey, hey!
Watch your filthy mouth!

What will you do, huh?!

Let me go!

Move away!

Let go of him!

All criminals...

will make some mistake somewhere.

The police are waiting for
something to happen from our end.

That's why I asked you to be careful.

Not because...

I want your money.

My intention isn't to cheat you in any way.

One week.

You have been saying 'tomorrow'
for a long time now.

Sometimes I feel like you're cheating me.

Why are you talking like this now?!

What should I say then?!

You should keep your promises.

I wasn't lying when I promised you.

Things won't always happen
according to our plans.

There will be changes and hurdles.

It's not like I don't wish
for the same things!

I don't wanna be impulsive
and screw up everything.

- Hey!
- Mm...

Just ten days and we'll leave.


Come let's go.

I need to reach home before he comes.

Hey! Are you still mad at me?

We'll only meet on the 22nd next.
The day we're leaving.

Only then you'll believe me.

So you won't come to see
me the day after tomorrow?

For what?

This is why I said, I cannot trust you!

You promised me!

You'd come for my birthday
with some kick ass gift!

You only open your mouth to lie!
Such a liar you are!

Will come...

I'm one fool to keep trusting you!

I'll come, my dear!

I forgot.

Don't become so enraged!

Stop... stop!

If you fool me this time,
don't bother coming to see me again!

This is good. How much is it?

One lakh thirty thousand plus GST.

Are you paying by card?

No, by cash.

Do you want a bill?

No need.

Do it once more.

Hello? Police station?

Need to check the weight once more.

Do you want something to drink?

Nothing. Just make it fast.

Right away, just need to check the weight.

- Stop there!
- Move!

It's him! Sir!

Sir! It's him!

Don't hurt him!
Listen to us!

- Let him go!
- Step back!

- Don't come close!
- Oh, no, sir!

Sir, he took it!


Open it!


Madam, these are not fake currencies.

The machine was faulty.

But they match the serial number of the
fresh currency notes stolen from the bank.

Did you check the CCTV footage?

It's there, madam.


- Show me.
- Madam...

Thank God! He's not wearing a mask.

Please pause the video.

Zoom in.

I know this guy!

I've seen him somewhere.


In Kaakka Paappi's garage.



Oh, no! You are drenched in sweat!

- What happened to your hand?
- Nothing. I kinda fell, that's all.

Get me some water to drink.

Do you want any medicine?


Come, come.

Now, close your eyes.

C'mon. Close your eyes.

Now open your eyes.

- Liked it?
- Yeah.

I don't make empty promises.
Got it now?

We've got no time to waste.
We need to leave today itself.

- Why all of a sudden?
- Will do chit-chat later.

Come to the north railway station by 5pm.
I will join you there.

We've to somehow board the 5:30pm train.

And don't take any unnecessary luggage...

Where have you been all these days?

- I... in Thrissur...
- Where in Thrissur?

- In my friend's... house.
- Friend's house? For what?

His father's death.

- Whatever! Can't you at least pick up my call?
- Sorry.

You always carry around
your phone with you, right?

When did he come here?

Just now.

He came to wish me for my birthday.

Did you have lunch?

- No.
- Then come, let's eat.

I'm good, Paappi bro,
I've some urgent things to do.

Why do you look pale?

Did you do anything wrong?

No, nothing.

I'll come in the evening
and let's have dinner together.

See you, then

Hold on, Rani, my dear.

What's this shining on your neck?

This is new, right?

- Yeah.
- When did you buy it?


Naughty! You didn't tell me.

I thought, I'll try it on...
and ask if you like it.

From where did you get the money
to buy this?

I haven't paid for it yet.

I took this home
from a familiar jewellery shop.

Will buy it only if you like it.

This is a costly one.

I can't afford all this, my dear.

We don't need all this.



What is the matter with them?

Ask for the details and get back to me.

Today is my wife's birthday.
Will come only after lunch.


A whole battalion of cops?!

SP too?!

Yeah, I'm on my way.

Bloody swine!

He did this!

It cannot be anybody else.

- How can you be so sure...
- HEY!

Buzz off!

Any other thieves would have stolen it all.

He took money from this.
I'm damn sure.

He didn't pick up your call, did he?

Try him once again, man.

- Couldn't connect.
- What?

Not connecting.

It will never get connected!

We will never get him now.

I knew it!

Gimme the phone.


You go and see there...
where he goes to play...

- Carroms club?
- Yeah, carroms club. He must be there.

He will be there.
That's where he hangs out all the time!

Go and get him from there.

Hey, wait. Come here.

Listen... He... he...

He works in an automobile workshop here,

He must be there.

He'll be there at least.

Trace him out from somewhere
and bring him here.

Make it quick.

Kishore... Kishore...


Tell him to not spend
a single penny from it.

We'll be screwed.

That guy is in my team, madam.

I have known him since he was this little.

He's a bit hotheaded. Has been involved
in some petty squabbles before.

But he's not a troublesome guy.

He's like a younger brother to me.

We grew up together,
even eating from the same plate.

We have known you for a long time.

Now you're a big shot, right?

Tell me, what do you do?


You'll never let us live a decent life,
will you?

Those were the things I used to do
when I was young and hotblooded.

Now I'm aged.

Hence took a break from everything.

Now I don't dare
to take risks like I used to.

Mm... then?

I get a small income from here.

I own this land.

Also, I lend money on interest too.

People come with a broad smile
when they need a loan.

But show a sour face
when we ask them to return it.

So I've kept some naive guys
for recollection.

Where are they?

They have gone for lunch
somewhere around here.

Is this a big mistake?

We need to survive, right?

Do you know one thing?
I'm married now.


she brought good fortune to my life.

Bloody swine! I'll k*ll you!

How devilish can you be?

Don't scream your lungs out.

When an emergency came up,

I took some cash and spent it.

If not for spending, what is this
money for? To burn into ashes?

You gave me a week, right?

Then why such an emergency now?


What happened to your hand?


Do you know why the police
have no clue about us yet?

It's because everything happened
exactly as I planned.


Please don't come and mess it up.

We cannot take all this money
and spend it at once.

Little by little, we can exchange it
into dollars.

I have arranged a hawala team for that.

- They will be here on Sunday.
- And then?!

Should I pack it all and head to America?

You dumb head!

Many in the airport would buy dollars!

We will give this to them and
again exchange it with our currency.

Then not a soul can catch us
by tracking the serial number.

Or a single currency would be enough
for the police to reach us.

But it will take its course of time.

I can't wait till Sunday here.

Why? Will anybody k*ll you on Saturday?

I need my money! My...

You don't know my situation!

I'm on fire now!

Just clearly say the matter!

Didn't you say that we shouldn't ask
any unnecessary questions to each other?

Now, are you conveniently breaking
your own rules?

I need my money. If you won't give me,
I'll take it and go.

Hey! No! No! Don't take the cash!

Listen to me. Don't take the cash!

- No! Stay put!
- Listen to me. Don't take it.

Listen to me, man!

- Get a grip and listen to me.
- No! Let go of me!

Leave me, you prick!

I'll give you your money tomorrow.

Don't play around giving lame excuses.

When will I get it tomorrow?


Before the noon tomorrow.

Man, I swear. I'll give it tomorrow.

If you don't trust me,
take it all and go.

Come on!

Bank robbery?!

Are you kidding me?!

He's not bold enough for all that.

When was the last time you saw him?

Just 30 minutes back.


He was there when I went home for lunch.


he seemed a bit restless.

Have a look.

Oh, my Jesus!

Was he this daring?!

This chain...

I just saw it now!


Rani was wearing it.

Who's Rani?

My wife.

But she...

Aha! Now it starts making sense!

Eating from the same plate, it seems!

Do one thing.

Come with us.

Will set you free once he's in our hands.

After all, the plate on which you both eat
is still there at your house, right?

He'll come once he's hungry!

Will catch him right then.

Please leave now.

I'll butcher them into bits

and come to the police station
with their heads.

- Come and get into the jeep.
- Leave!

Throw him into the jeep.

You devil, won't you understand
if I talk politely?

Seize these bloody police pigs inside.

Let go of me.

Start the bike.


Listen, I'm starting from here.

We'll have to postpone our plan a bit.

This is your routine practice!

He saw the chain on my neck,
do you know that?

Before questioning me in detail,

he got an urgent call and left.

Listen once he's back
this castle of lies will collapse!

Hence, I'm leaving here.

Rani, please listen to me once.

- I...
- I'll wait for you at the railway station.

Come quick.

Hey! Hey!


Tony! How long have I been calling you?!
Where the hell are you?

I'm leaving with my money.


Tony! Don't act foolish!

The old geezer
doesn't understand politeness.

Listen to me.

Don't ever call me back.

I... I...


What the hell are you doing?

I need my money now.

Have you gone insane?

Didn't you hear anything I said till now?

I'm not blabbering like you.

- Stay put!
- Listen to me.

- Don't take the money.
- I need it.

- I said don't take the money.
- Leave me.




I'm of your father's age.

Please listen to me
at least considering my age.


You are going to jump into the fire.

Don't go.

Fire, my foot!



Stop there.

I said stop!

- Tony.
- Bug off!

Don't take it all and go.

Give us our share and go.


What you're doing is not right.


I said stop there, Tony!

I told him to come to the railway station.

But he didn't show up.

Neither is he picking up my calls.

Keep trying.


He took all the money

and was running away like a madman.

When I was left with no option,

I shot him in the leg, only to stop him.


Then he hit a bucket lying there


and fell from the top

I didn't k*ll him.

Don't worry.

You haven't done anything wrong.

They both will guard you here.

And he'll be outside.

Tony's phone is
in the Kalamassery tower area.

It is now moving towards Aluva.

Ask the traffic police and patrol party
to block the highway road

and check all the vehicles.

Especially the passenger IDs.

Madam, we've ordered to block the highway.

An order has been issued
to check all passengers

at the check posts on the
Aluva-Kalamassery route.

Don't look stressed out.

They will ask where we are going.

Just tell them that you're taking
a passenger to the hospital.

Stop. Stop.

Where are you going?

I'm taking him to the hospital.

Check the vehicle.

Open the boot.

Come out.

Come on. Walk.

Open the boot.

Give that to me.

Sir, why are you here?

I got a sudden chest pain
and shortness of breath.

I am going to the hospital.

Hey, let this car go.

Okay, sir.

Prathapan, is there any problem
going on here?

A vehicle checking order was issued
all of a sudden. You may go, sir.

Bravo, cyber cell calling.

Over, sir.

Bravo answering.

That signal is still visible
in the Dutch cemetery near the Uppu Kaayal.

- It's not moving.
- Okay, clear.

For the past 20 minutes Tony's phone
has been inside the Dutch cemetery.

Inform the local police
to reach there immediately.

Enough of your sobbing!

What's gone is gone!

Come, let's go.

What he said was right!

You are planning to keep the whole money,
aren't you?

You'll go to any extent for that.

You're not a good man.

You're a dirty man.

Have I ever claimed...

that I'm a good man?

I was...




Come and start the car.

Get in.

What did you find?

It's over there.

There are no people.

But seems like
there is something buried there

Can see the tyre marks of the car as well.

It's recently buried.

The soil is still wet.

Dig it.


I will never blame you.

As per our agreement,

it was 20 for you,

30 for him and 50 for me.

Wasn't it?

Not anymore.

We divide it equally between us.

You come now
and take the cash and leave.

Come next to Gandhi Square.

I'll be there.

Park the car.

And flash your headlights thrice.

Lower the glass of the front door's window.

I'll drop the cash and go.

And then you go your way.

And I go my way.

You came to get the cash, right?

Then where are you running off to?


Stop complicating things further.

Don't you want to go to Thamarassery?

Don't you want to get your sister married?

Your friend, Ahmedkutty has
arranged a job for you in Dubai, right?

Don't you need money for the visa?

Why are you scared of me?!

I'm not gonna hurt you or do anything!

Don't let over thinking and overanalysing
consume you and cloud your mind.

Just cool down and call me back.

You should call me back!

You said you didn't know anything about me.

You are the devil!


The b*llet that hit Tony's leg
was fired from the same p*stol.

The mobile we retrieved from his dead body,

he has been using it
for the past 3-4 years.

Obviously, the most number of calls
from that phone was made to Rani.

Then to Paappan.

The rest were random calls.

Madam, after Rani's call that day.

Someone from this number had called Tony.

Tony has spoken to this person
a few times before that.

It was after this call
that Tony was m*rder*d.

We checked the number.

It belongs to one
Ahmedkutty from Thamarassery.

- He's in Dubai, right?
- Yes, sir.

We're trying to contact Ahmedkutty.

Once we get through to him,

we might be able to find out
who's using this phone right now.

But we don't know
how long that is going to take.

So I've asked them to trace this number.

The phone is still in Kochi.

But it gets switched off from time to time.

And is switched on in different locations.

That too for a little while only.

We need to track him by then.

Madam, the phone was switched on
30 minutes back.

So, you're not coming back?

I've found a job back home.

Mom is alone, so thought I'll stay there.

Alright then.

We've tracked his phone
in Basin Road, Broadway.

- Where are you?
- We're here itself, madam.

We've covered the area.

Since it's a market area, we're not
able to figure out who's got the phone.

No point dialling either.

Lot of people are using their phones.

This place is so crowded.

Have you asked the police to
block both sides of the street?

There's no point, madam.

It's not practical to physically
check everyone's phones.

If he sees the police checking
phones, he might toss his phone away.

Zoom it! Zoom it!

Sir, it won't work out.

He's there between Royal Agency
and Himalaya Pharmacy.

There are many shops and
people between that, madam.

And everyone's got a phone.

It's difficult to find him
among this crowd, madam.

Keep your eyes open.

Somehow we have to nab him.

I can see him, he's right there.

You somehow have to find him.

If you lose him, we'll all be in trouble.

Sir, I've got a plan.
Shall I give it a try?

What's it?

Alert all the policemen on this street
to nab whoever runs.


Ahmedkutty from Dubai asked me to call you.

Saadiq here.

What do you want?

He said he couldn't get you on phone.

When should he call you?
Where will you be?

It's urgent, okay.

I will call Ikka.


What's it?

Don't hang up!
I need to tell you something important.

Were you involved in a bank robbery case?

Who told you?

No time to explain.

Aren't you in Broadway right now?

At Basin Road?

How do you know all this?
Who are you?!

You've got Ikka's phone, right?

Ikka told me to call you.

You're surrounded by police.

You're gonna be caught.

Police had called Ikka just now.

They are in front of and behind
the shop you are at right now.

They are all in mufti.

So you won't understand.

Don't wait there a minute longer.

They'll nab you any moment.

Just run!

The police are all around you!
You should escape and just run.

Did you run?
Run, man!

- What happened?
- Lost him, sir.


He's still around here somewhere.

Escaped, huh?

Yes, managed to escape...

Listen... who are you?

Just turn around.

I didn't k*ll Tony. It was Govind ettan.

He has the g*n.

Get up!

Sit over there.

Govind ettan?! Who's that?!

He's saying that he's the
one who planned everything.

How do you know him?

I don't know him personally, sir.

He used to come to Mammadikka's tea shop.

I met him there through Tony.

Everyone calls him Govind ettan.

I don't know anything except his name.

Doesn't he have a phone?

He does.

Do you know the number?

Each time he calls from different numbers.

I checked his phone.

It's mostly from landlines.

From shops, hospitals, post office etc.

But yesterday he got a call
from a mobile number.

I've asked them to check it.

Why did he call you yesterday, huh?

He said he'll give me the cash.

When I got there I thought
he was going to k*ll me.

So I left without taking it.

Madam, yesterday's call came from a
number registered to one Govindan Nambiar.

Address, 6B D block, Skyline City Park,
Jawahar Nagar, Kadavanthara.

Give that here.

Here, call your Govindan ettan.

And say exactly what we tell you.

Track the current position of the phone.

Yes, ma'am.

- Govindan ettan.
- Mm?

It's me. I am going back home.

I want the money.
I'll come wherever you want me to.

Aren't you afraid that
I'll k*ll you anymore?

I am the devil, right?

Yesterday... I...
It was unintentional, Govindetta

Not because...

No need.

You're only scared to come
to isolated places, right?

Do one thing.

Come to Vyttila hub.

When should I come?

10 o'clock in the morning.

Be next to the ticket counter.

I'll come there with the money.

Madam, the location is correct.

Skyline City Park, Jawahar Nagar,

The phone is still there.

We should act immediately, madam.

D block, D block! Fast, fast!

Sixth floor. Guard the lift.

6B! 6B!

Why are you knocking like this?!

Bell is not working.


- Oh, there's no power supply.
- Here.

Is Govindan Nambiar inside?

Grandad is inside.

Hey, what's this!

Where are you going?

Sir, there are a lot of police
downstairs at Govindan sir's flat.

What a commotion!

- Police?!
- Yes.

- What's the reason?
- Don't know.

Where's his mobile?

Why will someone
who can't talk need a mobile?

Govindan Nambiar was an ex Law Secretary.

Because he's a cr*pple, his friends
and relatives have access there.

Now there's only one way left.

Let us go ahead with our original plan.

It should be a foolproof plan.


I'm outside the bus stand.

Come and stand near the auto stand.

I'll call again.

He said to go to the auto stand.


Don't look here.

We're tracking your phone's live location.

Wherever you go, we'll be right behind you.

Don't be afraid. Go on.


Walk towards that auto in front
and come straight to the road.

Brother, go behind that auto.

Come on, fast!

Brother, go right. That auto over there!

Go! Go! Right, right!

Auto has stopped at the North Junction.

Take the right, take the right! Right!


Sir, the auto is on Banerji Road.

- I lost them. Inform the traffic.
- Okay, okay.

Madam, Rahul lost them.

Apparently, that auto is at Banerji Road.

Now he's moving towards the Market Road.

Come on, the live location is showing that!

Drive towards the Market Road!

Brother, go straight! Straight!

Go, go!



- Hello, Rahul?
- Hello?

He threw Kishore's phone into another auto.

Sir, KL 39 F 292

They're currently travelling in that auto.

Sir, inform the control room.

And give them the instruction to
trace and stop this auto immediately.

Saira India Tiger calling.

Saira India answering.

For your attention.

An auto with the number KL 39 F 292 is
currently travelling through Banerji Road.

Block him!

And alert the traffic police,
not to allow the passengers to get out!

He's dangerous.


Rahul, where are you?

Sir, at MG Road.

Okay, listen.

Traffic police have captured that
auto at metro pillar number, 633.

Sir, I'm in that area.
I'll check right away.

Sir, the auto belongs to him.

Where are the passengers in your auto?

Sir, they got out at Paris Hotel.


Order two teas.

Black tea for me.

Without sugar.

I'll be right back.

I've left your money in that
dustbin in front of the toilet.

In a brown cover.

Go take it.

Make sure no one sees you taking it.

Drink the tea.

This is our last day together.

We'll never see each other again.

I thought that...

something good will happen to everyone.

That's why I brought you guys along.

But what is the point of
only me thinking like that?

You guys should have as well.


Anyway, since you got so much money.

You can treat me to this tea.

Bloody eff all Corona!

He's trying to fool everyone!

He's utilising this situation really well.

He sat against the CCTV,
took off his mask and had his tea.

He mixed Sodium Cyanide in the tea.

Death occurs three seconds
after consumption.

It's not that hard to procure it.

Gold jewellers have it.

They use it for gold polishing.


This is his fingerprint
from his coffee cup.

It's not matching with anyone
from the criminal list.


Fill out this form and go.

That's okay. Thank you.

I'll sort it.


You're not used to fountain pens, are you?

Tilt it a little and try writing.


Not there. Write below.

Just copy the same file number here.


Sir, you're called in
for the review committee.

I forgot to return this to you.




Wh... where am I?

You fell unconscious
when your sugar level came down.

Also, your blood pressure was high
when you reached here.

There's nothing to worry about.

Can go home after the IV.

Where's my bag.

It's right here.

How did I get here?

Your son brought you here.

My son?!

That's what he wrote
in the admission form.

He was here till now.

Now he's gone to pay the bill or something.

Here he comes.


- I troubled you, right?
- Hey, no. That's alright.

How are you feeling now?

Feeling better.

I skipped my breakfast today.

And forgot to take
the blood pressure pills as well.

Usually, I drink only black tea
without sugar.

Today, I added a bit of sugar.

Have it.

I'm good.

I forgot to ask you your name.

Then, what name did you write
in the hospital form?

My father's name.

My name is Shankaraman.

Are you under suspension?

What was the reason?

A m*rder.

An encounter.

I was not the one who committed it,

but our ACP back then.

But the blame was pinned on my head.

I had hardly 4 years left before retirement
when that incident took place.

That day inside the court premises,

people, filled with hatred,
threw sandals, cow dung and all on me.

Even my children did not stay with me
for two or three years due to fear.

I was in jail for some time.

My wife is not well.

She's bedridden.

I don't know...

how I survived...

the last two years.

The kindness you showed to me now...

I'm not sure...

even my children would have that for me.

If my father was alive now,
he would be of your age now.

He was a police constable.

What was your father's illness?

He was stabbed to death by a goon
while he was on duty.

It was my father's wish to see me as
a police inspector before his retirement.

I had no wish to join the police force.

My mother wanted to see
my father's dream come true.

That's why...

It feels good to hear that

even these days, children like you...

love and show responsibility
to their parents.

I don't think it will ever happen.

Mom just called me.

Why so?

My service p*stol was stolen.

Someone robbed a bank with it.

I am also currently under suspension.

Certain things may sound
mere theories when we phrase them.

But those are actually facts.

Human beings are always slaves
to their surroundings.

Just flow to where destiny takes us.

That's all we could do.

Am I boring you?

Not at all.

We get to hear such things
only once in a blue moon.

In short,

no one is born evil.

Experiences condition them
to behave in that way.

That's all.

Once we understand that truth,

then we will not feel grudges
towards anyone.

To forget is human...

and to forgive is divine.


People say I possess a strange tongue.

So if I say something,
it is bound to happen.

Monday is an auspicious day.

Isn't it Diwali too?

That day, you'll get your p*stol back.

I wasn't blabbering.

I've paid the amount.

Will you forgive me?

Let go of that matter.


What brought you here all of a sudden?

I met a good man today.

He said certain great things,

advice and all.

He sounded right.

Why so?

To forget is human.

And to forgive is divine!

What say?!

It's not that I don't love my parents.

But I don't want to give in
to their old customs and thought process.

That's why I ran out of my house.

Once they marry me off, they could
unload the burden off their shoulders.

That's their mentality even these days.

I don't want to die
as another domestic v*olence victim here.

That's why I don't want to go
for an arranged marriage.

And the only grip I had was this job.

I was afraid of losing that too...

Hey! C'mon! You're still there!

Let go of it!

Have your tea.

Then you laugh that ugly laugh of yours!


It's too much milk!

If you want good tea,
you must go to Mammadikka's tea shop.

- Have you ever tried it?
- No.

That's what you call the best tea!

Where's that shop?

Just opposite the high court.

It's a small shop but always crowded.

I've heard of this before.

Let's have tea from there tomorrow.

I'm a bit busy now.
Came to see you amidst my work.

- Okay?
- Okay.

Mammadikka's tea shop?!

I don't know him personally, sir.

He used to come to Mammadikka's tea shop.

I met him there through Tony.

He used to regularly visit
Mammadikka's tea shop.

For one or two years,
he used to come here too

whenever he came to the court.

But since Tony died,
I haven't seen him here.

- What kind of a person is he?
- He's a nice man.

He gives me money for movies and all.

Does he have any uniqueness
to identify him?

Like his nature or the way he talks...

Nah. Nothing of that sort.

Ah! Whenever he comes, he only drinks tea.

That too black tea, without sugar.

Don't you know the name of someone
you've known for so long?

I used to address him 'sir.'

And Tony used to address him 'etta.'

And yeah, he had an account book here.

Now he doesn't have it.

Then bring his account book to me.

His name will be there on it.

Open his page.


Hold this.


Only this page is written
with an ink pen.

He uses a fountain pen or what?

Yes, sir.

A black pen.

It is always in his pocket.

He wrote this with that pen.

It is a fountain pen
with a golden ring on the cap?

Yes, yes. Exactly.

He always writes with it.

Did you identify him, sir?

- Is he bald?
- Yeah.

With a grey beard?

Yeah, sometimes with a beard
and sometimes without a beard.

But, yes... that's the man.

- You remember his face, right?
- Yeah, I do.


Shankaradi has gone to Trivandrum.
Will come back tomorrow.

Mani, tomorrow cops will come and call you.

They will take you to Shankaradi sir.

Answer all his questions precisely, okay?

Alright, sir.

Madam, seems like
things are getting a bit messy.

What's the matter?

That Shankaraman has given
his report to the review committee.

It states that
you shot Hameed and Mustafa.

I assumed he would do that.

Let him.

He's digging his own grave.

Forensic reports, witness reports,
everything is favourable to us.

How will he prove
that it's us who did that.

The court will consider that he's lying
to escape from the case.

What's his actual statement?

I don't have a clear idea.

What nonsense?!

He has got a recorded confession of mine?!

Yes, Madam.

Did you hear that recording?

No, Madam.
He said he'll submit it in court.

What else he said?

- One minute. Let me read it out for you...
- Madam.

Shankaradi send this for you.

Keep it there.

Madhavan, don't read it out.

Just send a printout to me.

He has got my confession?!

He must have gone nuts.

He's just trying to blackmail you, madam.

Nah. He won't say that
to the committee without any solid reason.


I have a doubt.

Bloody scoundrel!

- What happened, Madam.
- I think he's serious about it.

We may get screwed!

This is the fingerprint we got
from the coffee cup in the restaurant,

at the time of Kishore's death.

This is the fingerprint on your file
that you have provided.

According to this,

the person who was with Kishore
at his death

and the person you suspect are the same.

This is my mother's number.

On the 14th, between 11 and 11:30

a call was made to this number
from Shankaraman's phone.

I want to know what that number is.

- Immediately!
- Okay, madam.

And there is one more thing to find out.

Whether that number is the same as the
number of Govindan Nambiar we have traced

Yes, madam.

Who's this?

Isn't sir home?

All are in the hospital.


Yeah. It's his wife's operation today.

Which hospital?

Where's the patient in this bed?
Nandini Raman?

She got discharged and left...

For her operation.

We did everything we could.

Everything was normal.

She suddenly got an attack
during the operation.

I'm very happy today.

Nandini has gone.

To the Gods.

Whenever I felt like crying...

she would say, "Don't worry, Shankara"...

and try to make me feel better.

Now I have no one.

It's a good day for me too.

I'm gonna get my g*n back.

You had told me, right?

Let's go?

Let's go.

Take me to the court.

I'll surrender the g*n to the judge.

There are some things I need to tell him.


Don't ask me anything.

Only answer my questions.

Where are you taking him?

To the court.

What a fool you are! Today's Diwali, right?

Don't you know there's no court today.

Listen, you're under suspension.

You've no authority to arrest him.

Does he have the g*n on him?

- Yes, madam.
- Argh!

That's another stupidity!

No matter what happens,
don't take him to the court.

He could turn the story around
and say that he got the g*n from you.

And then the plaintiff
will become the defendant!

That man's a cunning fox!

We need to draft a strong statement before
we present him in front of the court.

The media shouldn't get
any information before that!

So, don't take him to any station.

Take him to the farm house near the river.

Then bring him to the court
at 9:30 tomorrow morning.

Will record his arrest outside the gate.

Remember, don't make any mistake.

This is your last chance
to get your job back.

Hm... okay.

Both of us forgot the fact
that there's no court today.

There's a place we can hideout at

until tomorrow morning when
the court opens at 10.

Let's go there.

Whatever hardships I went through,
in my whole life,

I don't think I can tell you all those
and convince you,

in such a short time.

I know why you brought me here...

and who asked you to bring me here.

Here, just watch this.

Just like that...


you've to tell me this one thing
I've not yet understood about myself.

Am I a human?

Or an animal?


Sir! We shouldn't stay here any longer!

We need to leave immediately.
Or you won't reach the court tomorrow.

Come on!

Sir, quickly get on!
We need to leave before they come.

I bow before you, Shankaraman sir!

I've never seen a bloody
lying rascal like you before!

Madam, sir had surrendered.


Since when did you start
respecting dogs like him, huh?!

- Madam, not like that...
- Shut up!

I know what to do!

Hmph! Leave the bank robbery for now.

We'll deal with that later.

Hand over that recording
you have on you right now.

And throw away that g*n
on your way and leave.

The police will find it.

This guy will get his job back.

And you can go wherever you want!

Give it and get going!

You k*lled two innocents
and put that sin on my head!

You ruined my life!

And what did you do?

How many did you k*ll?

I stand here ready to
face the punishment for that.


you also should face the
punishment for your wrongdoings!

Why should I carry your sins?

I can't anymore!



Then there's only one option.

You should also die.

How many b*ll*ts
can you load in a 9mm p*stol?!

You fired three sh*ts
to scare the people at the bank.

Another one lodged in that girl's throat!

You let loose three trying to k*ll Tony.

And one struck his leg.

So how many in total?


What the hell do you've in there, huh?!



Take that phone from him.

It's not here, madam.

That phone is with you, huh?

You should learn one thing.

Once you don this khaki,

you cannot always take the straight path.

You'll have to navigate through
twists and turns.

That's the curse of this job.

If you realise that, good for you.

Give me that phone.

Yousef, check if it has been
shared with someone.


Now that everything has fallen into place,

we need a story to tell the court.

They have to believe what happened here.

Right, Yousef.

There are people who saw you
leave with him from the hospital.

He escaped on the way.

All four of us together found his hideout.

While trying to capture him, he k*lled you.

So we k*lled him.

Is this story okay?

Die and rot in hell!

So, in short, your statement says...

when you cornered Shankaraman,
he att*cked you.

He shot and k*lled SP Gracy,
DYSP Yousef and SI Sajeev.

You had no choice but to take
Gracy's p*stol and sh**t Shankaraman.

Is that right?

Exactly, sir.

So this is the g*n that you lost
and was later used in the bank robbery?

Can you confirm?

Yes, sir.

- This was in Shankaraman's bag, right?
- Yes.

- Without b*ll*ts?
- Yes, sir.

- This is SP Gracy's p*stol.
- Yes.

You shot Shankaraman using this g*n.

Yes, sir.

This is another service p*stol
that belongs to Yousef.


And this is SI Sajeev's p*stol.

- Right?
- Yes, sir.

No b*ll*ts were fired
from these two pistols.

And this is the fifth g*n.

- It's a revolver.
- Okay.

A second g*n that Shankaraman had on him.

Isn't it?

Yes, sir.

Shankaraman used this g*n to attack
SP Gracy madam, Yousef sir and Sajeev.

Ballistic reports are matching
with his statement.


This revolver was stolen from a house
in Malappuram three months back.

What about the forensic report?

The fingerprint on this g*n
belongs to Shankaraman.

We found these six b*ll*ts
from the crime scene.

But Kunjalaettan is saying that
he heard 7-8 g*nshots from there.

It was Diwali sir, there were
fire crackers going off all around.

That's a convincing explanation.

Okay, Mr. Rahul.

We are satisfied with your testimony
and shall submit the report accordingly.

Is this story okay?

Die and rot in hell!










Mustafa is dead.

Once you're dead...

you can never come back, sir.

So, who are you now?

Do you wanna know?


I know,

you understand that
I know everything about you.

But now only you and I need to know it.


Thank you.

For what?

For giving me an exclusive interview.

After that my reputation
in the channel has soared high.

You're a hero!

You managed to learn a lot
in this short span of time.

Not a lot.

But I learnt one thing.

Once you don this khaki,

you cannot always take the straight path.

You'll have to navigate through
twists and turns like this.

Okay, so if you go straight
and just take a few turns,

we'll reach Mammadikka's tea shop.
Let's have some tea and go.
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