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Bank robberies, Heists & Crime Movie Collection.
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Rob N Roll (2024)

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What an illegal cab! You're taking a detour!

I cut into this lane every time!


We are good on this bridge now, boss.

Your wife's gone crazy again!

Your mom's gone crazy again!

She brought another bunch of scrap home!

A cockroach just crawled on my face!

That's not true!

- That's true!

- Not true!

Not true!

Just flick it away.

It's not like it wouldn't leave.

No! It just wouldn't leave!

And it even lays eggs here! Just like her!

I wouldn't leave?

It's your son who would not move!

It's you who would not leave!

Stay back! Stay back!

Piss off! Piss off!


She ate that cockroach!

Just calm down, both of you?

If I wasn't calm, I would have k*lled her!

Look at her!

The retribution will be on your wife's son!

- I am freaking out.

- I can tell that. It's very true.

Just hide in your room first.

No such room here?

Aw. How tragic!

Illegal cab! How far you want to make this detour?

Fifty-two and ninety cents Hong Kong dollars.

Fifty-two and ninety cents Hong Kong dollars?

You are occupied the whole journey,

I haven't asked you money back!

My car was all right.

Once you got in, the car was tilted to the left.

What should I do with it?

What do you mean?

It's my family business, who need your advise?

Darn you...!

Get off! Have a duel!

Bring it on. All is recorded.

We'll see when it goes online.

Don't pay, it's fine.

Get out ! Get out!

Come on! Let's do it!

Leave it. Get going.

- Leave it.

- p*ssy! Watch your mouth and stay humble.

All are insane.

Damned cheater!

Fuk... Fuk...

Fuk Kwan can't close down!

If Fai hadn't been treating

all of you as honored guests,

this elderly home would not come to an end.

Without Fai's persistence here,

we were all homeless.

Stop arguing!

I haven't.

Uncle Chicken Roll. Char Siu.

You've fought for seven days

over this same old topic.

Come and take a seat.

You should be the homeless one.

Your son left you here for two years

without paying any fees.

Gee, really.

You've been distracted, Fisher?

So you mean it's a kidnap or m*rder?

Nowadays 21st century

with no surprise,

if someone reports a missing

just for inheritance?

Police officer.

Sorry. I'm Mo Yung Fai, the licensed owner here.

I reported the missing of Har Gow and Siu Mai.

Who are the beneficiaries of the wills

of these two men?

No idea.

Never seen their children after

sending them here.

Do they have any chronic illnesses?

What medicines do they take usually?

There's no mediation for dementia, sir.


Here for lowerer blood sugar,

while those for liver and kidney diseases.

All are generic dr*gs.

Don't they care about side effects?

Genuine dr*gs have side effects, too.

And they're costly.

Madam, what are you looking for?

For detecting trace of blood

or trace of fight.

They have no grudge.

They are sworn brothers.

So they won't fight.

Let me look at you then.

Is there something fishy with you?

I look suspicious?

Of course you're suspicious.

I've never given up this place

even with all the debts.

I took them as a family!


Hurry up!

Call me if there's a big case.

How could there be a big case?

There you are. Call backup!

Robbery at Luenhing Foreign Currency

Exchange Store, Temple Street.

Request backup.


What is that? Firecrackers?

Drop your knife, put your hands up!


Your brother is down.

Why didn't you sh**t?

He... he remembered.

He was just... in a panic.

I'm sorry.

I remember that!

Whoever is down, give him the last b*llet.

Don't make brothers suffer.

Stop! Stop...!

Request backup

- Turn off your vehicle

- Get off now!

Calling! A suspicious school bus

in Shanghai Street goes

towards Canton Road direction!

Miss, don't panic.

Request backup

What's wrong, kid?

I told you just to change that tire.

If you don't want a new one,

replace the old one then.

That's the old one.

No, that's a spare tire.

That's the original one.

It has been fixed six times.

What's the big deal?

No big deal? It could go flat anytime.

I'm giving you the best price.

Let's change it.

I didn't own this taxi, go and fix it kid.

On Temple Street in Yau Ma Tei,

three armed men robbed Luen Hing

Money Exchange Store.

Around thirty million Hong Kong dollars

in cash estimated was stolen.

A gunfight broke out

amongs the police and robbers.

One male suspect was shot,

another two suspects escaped separately.

Almost same time nearby in Shanghai Street,

a masked man robbed Yuen Hing

Money Exchange Store with knife.

The male suspect stolen around

two million Hong Kong dollars in cash,

but stopped by two officers

who came for back up the previous robbery.

The masked suspect held a female

storekeeper as hostage,

and run towards the direction of Mongkok.


Is the money safe?

Yes, it is.

Do you remember where to go?

Yes yes.

- Hello?

- This is PTU sergeant 6090, over.

Can you give us more information

of the suspects you've got so far?

Just arrive on the ground, over.

- Huh?

- Let's skip the odd number side of the street.


Continue on this side.

- Alas.

- Yes, let's make a turn from here.


Oh... no...

Should be that side, right?

My boss asked if you want to fix the trunk lid.

Yes, if it's free.

- Okay.

- It should be that way.

Let's take a look.

Yes, sir.


Car plate PS6969, big shit.

How can I get away?

Get away?

In this situation?

No damn way.

By Car or boat?

Kuk isn't back yet.

Means you have not settled here yet.

How do I suggest by car or boat?

Even by rocket if you could pay off.


Steam it with minced garlic.

Try it.

I'm good.

Let's settle it now.

Is it up to you?

Only one bag of money left.

I will get a smaller cut if the total is dividen.

Make sense.

Boss, there were so many cops on the street!

Where's the rest of money?

I put it in a taxi trunk in front of a garage.

Too loud.

Go get it!

Pay me first.


I cased the job and set up the team.

I brought Ian and Kuk in for you.

You brought him in

and he lost the money.

But he didn't run away.

Do you not trust him?

Three r*fles,

four smoke bombs.

Two stun grenades,

one hundred twenty b*ll*ts,

a tow truck,

and a school bus...

You wrecked the school bus.

Have to report loss and do heavy repairations.

I have to make sure it's totally safe

before taking the kids to school.

We agreed on the commission of ten percents.

Now you take fifty percents.

I robbed the store,

and you rob me now.

That's the way for the whole wide world.

You rob me,

and I can rob you.

Tonight at ten o'clock.

Lung Ha Wan.

Pay off the balance when the boat arrives.

Say thank you.

Thank you.

The amount is just right.

It's not right.

The pension for

Lao's family.

You're right. I don't take those kind of money.

Oh, look at this shrimp here.

Pity! Without him,

his family lost its pillar.

It needs a pension, too.

I'm sorry.

Hey guys, its lunch hour.

Please find another taxi.

Boss, I forgot to mention.

Tell me.

That taxi has left.

But I remember its plate number!

Not bad.

Handsome, I'm not the rental driver.

I'm this taxi owner.

And I want to have my lunch now.

Get started.

The plate number?


So you're going to...?

Find that taxi.

Why don't you ask me where?


Don't know.

Come on. Let's eat.

I'm sorry.

Are you done?

Are you done?

What are you filming about?

Go on.

Keep filming! Go on!

- Go on!

- Put down the knife first!

It's for the compassionate resettlement!

Let them film this domestic abuse between us.

It could speed up the process!

If we file a divorce with family v*olence,

we will be granted immediately.

After that, you come back and live with us.

Let's start over again as a family of three.


I hate to live with her.

It's unacceptable with the cockroaches!

What's up, Fai?

Robby. Give me a hand here.


Fai, are you helping him?



It's all about your father-in-law.

He's fighting with Uncle Chicken Roll again!

They fight every day or two.

They have weapons this time.

I can't stop them alone.

I'm in trouble here, either.

Don't just sit here! Go save your father!

I'm telling you as if I can't move out today,

you won't see me and your son again!

Stop fishing. Nothing's left.

Fuk Kwan is closing.

Is that so?

Then why don't you move in with me and Eileen?

Move in? Do you have any money?


But you have.

I want to buy a flat.

Can you lend me the down payment?

And help you with your kid?

Of course. It's a boy.

It makes perfect sense.

You need to take care of your wife,

pay for your kid's educations,

and now the flat too.

It breaks my heart to see you

struggle for a living.


Then let Mom take you back home.

Are you bluffing me?

Are you bluffing me? Brat!

My wife just went crazy again.

Lucky you have called in time.

I'm going to freak out, too.

I told you to close it,

but you can't let go.

Then you will be gone with it.

I don't want to close it.

I'm thinking about robbing.

You've got a fever.

Shall I take you to a doctor?

I'm totally fine.

I'm serious.

Here. I'm waiting to hear from you.

Robbing with a knife is a bit risky.

I want to get a g*n.

Still waiting to hear from you.

I need you to buy me a g*n.

And give you a ride to the robbery, right?

You're insane.

That's right.

Let's do the robbery together, you and me.


Right, from Temple Street to Cooke Street.

Be there in three minutes.

Robby. Don't go!

Show me!

Show me!

Not again!

Okay! Go and pick this ride.

Come back and pay off

your dad's rent, food cost,

and medications for these two years.

Most importantly, take him home!

Your mom abused your dad

so you left him here!

Come on, man.

I don't know how to get you a g*n!

Yes, you do. You walked the rivers and lakes.

It's not real.

I got kicked out before I was in.

His tattoo is not colored.

That means he isn't rock solid.

See, this is coloured.

I know how.

Really? Thank you, Char Siu.

As long as

Fuk Kwan is operating,

there'll be your place here.





Ginger, West Kowloon Crime Squad

has taken over the case.

We're in no position to follow up.

Many people hate to partner with you.

They even told me to stay away from you.

But what do I value most?

That we do our part.

The fatty changed his clothes here.

Find me the taxi with car plate PS6969.



Charcoal. You can't discard the

forth one that'll bring curse.

Four of you would join the whisperers.


Four of you would die together.

I'm sorry, Charcoal.

The crap taxi driver took a detour

that makes me late.

Just the interest again?

Get him to play mahjong with me.

Okay. Okay.

Tonight ten o'clock at Lung Ha Wan.

Three people.

Got it. I'm going to collect the balance.

Have you got the two million dollars

from Nam yet?

Right, I'm on it.

Nam, meet at Kwong Lee Road

swimming pool in half an hour.


I'd like to buy a g*n.

Long g*n or p*stol?

Which is cheaper?

Which is cheaper?

Single shot or repeater?

Avoid to sh**t.

Which is cheaper?

The cheapest one.

Charcoal, a pauper wants a g*n.

What's the cheapest plan?

p*stol, single shot, eight thousand

Hong Kong dollars with twelve b*ll*ts.


p*stol, single shot, eighteen thousand

Hong Kong dollars with six b*ll*ts.

p*stol per unit.

Thirty eight thousand Hong Kong dollars.

The clock is ticking. How can I get

thirty eight thousand Hong Kong dollars?

Leave me alone. I'm reading the paper.

Ignore him, Malay Sponge Cake.

Where to pick up?

Half hour later, Kwong Lee Road Swimming pool.

(In Shanghainese) Mo Yung Fai, there you go.

(In Shanghainese) It's good to get things done.

(In Shanghainese) Use the right "petrol,

or your engine will break down.


Why are you still eating?

Just go! Go!

Sure! I'm going now!

With my lunchbox!

Hey, sir.


Lee Kar Wai. Lunchtime.

Boss. I'm off to lunch.

Go ahead.

Hello. Here I am.

Which locker?

What locker?

Is it your first time?


The locker room. Lock the money in a locker.

Place the key on the top,

and tell me the locker number.


In the men's locker room, okay!

How about you go in while I keep an eye out?

You got a taxi license?

Just go. No more thinking.

I didn't expect it's really happening.

I didn't expect it to be so fast.

Even less expecting it to be so smooth.

If you want to step out now,

you have to pay half still.

What do you mean?

It's the rule.

What an unreasonable rule!

Do you speak English?




There you go again,

doing pickups together for convenience.

What're you waiting for?

I almost finish my shower!

For sure, convenience!

Who would prefer cumbersome.

Say thank you.

Thank you. Thank you.


"Done. B050."

No way.

B342 B050


B342, with passports.

B050, with the p*stol.

B342 with passports, 050 with the p*stol.


Yes... I just got it. Yah.

"B050 is ready.

Don't leave. Let him be.

This's a disabled parking space. Just leave.

Sir, I'll become disable if I leave now.

We're waiting for someone.

Leave as soon as you're done.

Do you know him?

Get in the car.

He's staring at me.

No, I don't. Hop in! Move!

You remember?

You remember? Truly?

Why did you sh**t?

A g*nsh*t.

Have you ever heard of a g*nsh*t?

This morning.

I remember that!

We are thieves, not K*llers.

Do not sh**t randomly.


We are tough bandits.

It's red light. I'll get a fine.

Let it be, I'll pay.

The demerit points are not on yours!

That's true.


Why don't we go back to the garage,

and ask the boy about that taxi driver?



Go back to the garage.

Which garage?

The two old men have Alzheimer's disease.

They can't be far. Get in the car.

A robbery at Kwong Lee Road Swimming Pool.

Can you go?



Why not?

When I joined the police,

every partner was incredible.

Every case was a big case.

But I wasn't ready.

Today I am ready.

Every partner is lazy.

Every case is small case.

I don't want to go on like this until I retire,

without solving a big case.


Roger that. Thank you.

PS6969. illegal parking.

Kwong Lee Road Swimming Pool.

Let's go!

Ginger, I'm not lazy!

You're not lazy! You're just not ready yet!

Hey, why did you give me a g*n?

What about you?

You gave me the phones and the wallets!

What a mess! Let's meet and get it right!

Hey... Don't throw the g*n away!

If you don't get it right, Charcoal will k*ll me.


You got the wrong stuff, huh?

If you say nothing, then it's a yes.

Meet me and get it right now.

Parking lot at Kom Tsun Street.

I won't go.

Don't go.

It must be a trap, I have this feeling.

If we back out now, we pay only half by the rule.

Forget it, just for ten few thousands dollars.

No...! Stop, stop!

Let's get back!

We can at least get half of it back.

Big Head.

Eighteen thousand dollars in total.

Nine thousand dollars each.

How much do I owe you?

Something between four thousand dollars.

Five thousand dollars, now we're even.

So you got enough money to spend?

Two more locker jobs will be enough.

Hello, garage boy?

This morning, there's a taxi parked

in front with car plate PS6969?

What's the driver's name?

I don't know.

Report to the police if you need.

None of your business.

So looking for a driver is my business, then?

What's his name?

I don't know!

I'm not working here!

Does it matter to me?

I don't know!

I don't know!


No... no!

How did you get it?


How did you get it?


How did you get it?

I stole it... from the swimming pool.

I can split half of the

eighteen thousand dollars with you.

But you hid all that money from me.

You treat me as a fool?

Tear it off.

Faster. I'm in a hurry.

Such a dump.


Thanks Senior.

A m*rder case happened in a garage

on Shui Wo Street as you wish.

Oh! What a fool I am!

We just followed the taxi

but forgot about the garage!

"Insufficient balance of Octopus"

Where's the money?

Money? I already put it in the locker B342.

Give me back my passports now.

Do you know him?

You said you had no connections.

Who knows him?

Obviously, he's a gangster. Don't be afraid.

Where's the g*n?

Give me the passports.

Give me the g*n first.

He is the guy that robbed the

exchange store this morning.

If you don't return his passports,

he will sh**t you sons of b*tches.

You don't give us the g*n,

we won't buy it either.

I need our money back,

nineteen thousand dollars.

What do you mean?

It's eighteen thousand dollars with six b*ll*ts.

Don't listen to his bullshit.

Let's go over to talk to him.

So I'll even lose a thousand dollars?

Let's be clear right here.

Be reasonable.

I gave you thirty eight thousand dollars.

With the rule, if we cancel.

We shall have half of the money back.

Who set the rule?

Our rule is you pay it all, even you cancel it.

p*stol, single shot,

which is eighteen thousand dollars.

We agreed on that over the phone!

Damned cheater! You pocketed the extra!

You guys make it clear first.

I'll be right back.

Explain it, Robby.

He said eighteen thousand dollars.

You said thirty eight thousand dollars.

Where did the extra twenty thousand dollars go?

That's the savings of the elders!

How can you do this?

What are you doing?

Explain it!

Hey! We go now?

Did you really take the twenty thousand dollars?


"Octopus malfunction

Turn off the car.


Officer, this is broken.

Your brain is broken.

You stole the Octopus card

and even used it to pay.

Can't you see you are caught in the act?

Turn off the car.

Charcoal, he didn't answer.

Where's the two million dollars?

I gave it to Fatty.

I didn't receive any.

What is it?

Oh my god!

My finger.

Bastard, you stole my money

and even shot me!

You flushed my finger!

I did give back the two million dollars!

It's Fatty who lost it!

My perfect finger!

Your whole family is dead and clear!

A boat is available at

ten o'clock tonight at Lung Ha Wan.

A man with a cap left

eighteen thousand dollars in bag here,

and you took it.

You mistakenly changed the bag of stolen thing.

Who leave that two million dollars then?


We located another swimming pool thief.

- It's not like that.

- On Kom Tsun Street.

The fat guy is not a thief.

Not him?

Luen Hing is here.

You park the bus here and occupy this position.

When the money arrives at store,

you drive the tow truck over there.

The gate is being burst out!


go to this garage and pretend to fix your car.

After his man arrives

and puts the money in your trunk.

You go to the swimming pool and split the money.

You two pretended to be missing.

I'll call the police.

I reported the missing

of Har Gow and Siu Mai.

That... that could distract them.


What the hell?

I said "pretend, not for real.

Oh my god! Dismissed!

Dis... dismissed?

After all this,

After all this, we don't know

how much is everyone's share, right?

I'm just a driver!

Mo Yung Fai called the police this morning.

Ask your associate to locate his phone now.

You're going to explain it now!

You really have guts!

How can you do this to me?

Who was afraid of pain but wanted a tattoo?

Who asked me to be a companion?

Hey, where are you going?

Make it clear.

How could you do that?

What the hell!

Darn Robby!

You mom bullied your dad,

so you left him in my elderly home.

He has nowhere to go. Should he live on a street?

Should I care?

You hold a feast while I will pay the check?

You never paid the rent.

And your dad freeloads every meal.

Can't you watch your brother's back?


What kind of brother would

steal money from his brother

and even from the elders!

I was just borrowing it!

You are also stealing from the elders

if you do a robbery!

You have no guts to buy a g*n

and no connections!

Am I to blame even for this?


You thief!

Damned Robby!

How could you do that?

Don't go!

You got it back. So call it even?

Never be even!

Make it clear!

Damned Robby!

I gave you this nickname! Robby!

I know.

No wonder your wife grumbles at you.

You always escape!

If I'm such a loser,

I wouldn't come with you for illegal hook ups!

What do we do now?

We can neither get a g*n

nor do the robbery!

Where should I go?

Officers, I am the swimming pool thief!

You caught me in the act. Charge me.

I'm hungry.

Do it!

Show me how you open a locker!

Swimming pool thief, huh?

How? I don't have a tool.

What kind of tool? Tell me.

A screwdriver.

Screw you!

Spill your guts if you want a reasonable sentence.

Were you on Luen Hing's robbery.

No! I... I was just a freelance.

Why did Yuen Hing's robbers

give you two million dollars?

Were you on Yuen Hing's case too?

No, I wasn't!

How much do you need?

None of your business!

You don't have twenty thousand dollars

in saving at this age!


Where did it come from?

Do you want it or not?

You want a robbery obviously,

but my guilt is not reporting a loss, that's it.

That police.

I saw her this morning.

Splitting the share?


Good acting.

You k*lled Har Gow and pretended he is missing.

Is Har Gow dead?

You asked the whistle tooth

to blow the store's gate.

You then went to garage to do the pickup,

and took you to the swimming pool

to hand over eighteen thousand dollars

to that fat guy.

Then who owns the two million dollars?


Still pretending?

Open the trunk.

Why is not the same bag?

How should I know?

Answer us!

I answered!

Are you okay?

Got a stomachache...


Open the trunk.

Why is not the same bag?

Why not, bro?

Get in the car.

Dump all the phones.

Are you all right?

Don't downplay your injuries.

I'm alright.

I'm fine.

I'll not melt until the end of the world.


Say thank you.

Thank you with great pleasure.

Got it.


(Annamese) Put Melon on the phone.

(Annamese) Come home, Lam Tin.

(Annamese) Melon, have you been gluttonous?

(Annamese) Don't eat too much.

(Annamese) It rots your teeth.

(Annamese) My love.

(Annamese) No matter how poor we are,

(Annamese) let's go through it together.

(Annamese) love you guys.

Talk to your family.

Him first.

He has a wife.


You should do first.

You have a daughter, too.

The number?

Hello, who is it?

(Chaozhou) Don't eat the goose,

(Chaozhou) frozen crabs,

(Chaozhou) high cholesterol and unhealthy food.

(Chaozhou) I have some money.

Speak Cantonese.

Whose phone is it?

A peer's.

What tricks are you playing?

You've bank in twenty thousand dollars

and withdrew it.

Put Fai on.

Eileen, this's Fai.

Where are the two of you?

We are collecting money.

I don't care what you're doing.

Take care of Robby for me.

You often say your wife over controls you.

In fact, she stands with you.

Carmen, it's Dad.

I'll be back later.

Take care of the nursing home for me.

Take care of the elders.

Be good, okay.

Papa Fai,

I told you not to give up Fuk Kwan.

Same as you can't give up on me.

Are you in the middle of something evil? Papa.

I want to be a badass, too.

I'm not good of being either one,

no matter good or bad guy.

I'm such a loser.

Dad, go for it!

Your daughter is so sensible.

She won't have any issues without you.


I promised Melon

that I would get him thirty million dollars.

What is that "melon"?


my son.

You rip me off.

Move forward.

Did you collude?

Colluded in what?

He doesn't know me.

Where's the other big bag of money?

Move forward.

No, don't!

What do you mean by big?

There's only one bag. You have it now.

The bag with a golden chrysanthemum logo.

Move forward.

Calm down, bro. Calm down!

If you steal his thing, then give it back.

We're brothers for years. Don't you believe me?

I believe.

I believe you took it!

You two craps, don't need to sing a duet.

Move forward!

We will dropping like flies if I do.

It's clipped.


No! I don't want to die.

Please don't. Boss!


you still have Melon.

My son will be born without a father.

My wife will be widowed.


My wife is dead.

If I'm gone too,

no one will take care of my daughter. How tragic!

She's only eight years old.

It's all about family.

We're the Pillars of the family.

Let's be fair!

I have a group of elders

to look after and help out.

If I can't get enough money,

they can only find shelters under the bridges.

I'm walking on a tightrope

to practice g*n pedaling.

I lost two brothers!

I need those money too!


Let's go back

and work it out together.



I hire you both to rob.

Say thank you.

Thank you.


What's your name?

Call me Robby.

And you?

Mo Yung Fai.

Why don't you ask me?

Boss, what's your name?

Mui Lam Tin.

What's your professional?



What's your professional?

Social welfare.

The flop among losers.

Why don't you ask me again?

Brother Tin, what do you do?

What's this?

Anything specific?

A wrestler's ear.

I wrestled and won gold medal.

So it's sports.

I have watched every Olympic Games.

In 1992 Southeast Asian Games,

I'm the one who won sixty kilogram

freestyle wrestling.



Just triviality.



Did your father call you?

Yes, he wants to do something evil.

Does uncle Robby talk to you the same way?


Robby even spoke Chaozhou dialect on the phone.


As a typical tiger wife, you've long face

like Hongkong princess and easily depressed.

You're so picky that only eat

the best part of an egg tart.

See how much he needs you indeed.

He won't give you up.

Your father is a loser, dull and stubborn.

Greedy for money is not his cup of tea.

He only cares about you and

won't leave you alone either.

My son is an unmotivated sloth,

he won't abandon you and the family.

Take care of yourself and make sure

my grandson is healthy.

Got it.


We are tough bandits, not K*llers.

Do not sh**t randomly.

Hold this.

What if others sh**t us randomly?

Remember. Whoever is down,

give him the last b*llet.

Don't make brothers suffer.


Yes, because I said so.

And what if you got shot?


Pull it here.


And throw it.

Why are you so eager to learn?

I scared we could get into trouble.

We are already in trouble now.

His legs are shaking.

Let's practice first, and then try on a tightrope.

I have done that.

Maybe we don't go up?

I've been up there.

You have been upstair already?

Which means they will identify you easily?

I'm just worried about you.

I mean it.

That's true.

Take off your clothes.

You, too.

Mr. Shrimp.

Can't you find the other bag?

Do another robbery.

Ice cream truck.

Two hundred thousand dollars, no subsequent.



Get the money!

Go and check it out. Hurry up!

Who wrapped this, idiot?

What the hell!

Are you sure?

We'll be doomed anyway.

Shall we call the police?

What for? It's critical now.


It's not the right amount. You line our pocket.

You rob me. I rob you.

Things are just right.

Aw, it hurts! Please!

Drop the money bags!

I hired you both to rob!

And you tried to rob me?

No! Brother Tin. We're not leaving with the money.

We're helping you out to escape.

It hurts!




Don't come out, Robby!


Brother Tin.


Robby has pocketed my money too.

- Seven!

- A total of twenty thousand dollars.

- Six!

- I was mad...

- Five!

- that I kicked his ass.

- Four!

- Then I vented my anger.

- Three!

- No reason to k*ll, right.


Take care of Carmen, brother!



Why didn't you come out, damned Robby?

Brother Tin, I know where his wife lives.

His dad is still in my elderly home.

I can show you the way.

Damned Robby!

I thought he would count to zero.

Let me get the car ready first.

Your car

Yes, over there.

Brother Tin!

I'm sorry.

To hell with that!

You told us not to sh**t randomly.

But you shot randomly. You broke your word.

Oh. Brother Tin!

You said... you said we were brothers.

Robby isn't down.

You can't give him the last b*llet.

That's true.

I really think about taking care of

your daughter for you.

I doubt that!

You tried to blow the gab, assh*le!

- Screw you!

- You almost told him about my wife...

Get changed!


I am the thief!

Officers, I am the thief!

You caught me in the act. Charge me!

- Thanks senior.

- I'm hungry.

Hello, officer.

I want to have some food.

Thank you.

Swimming pool thief.

We caught Charcoal.

You could get seven years

maximum in jail for obstruction of justice.


what should I do to have a light sentence?


Excuse me, senior!

Three will be on board tonight at ten o'clock.


Lung Kwu Tan.

Are you sure?

I'm sure.

Thank you, officer.

Excuse me, senior!

(Annamese) But I ask you to not forget,

my former love.

(Annamese) I cry silently,

I can't breathe...

What are you doing? Don't nuzzle me.

Help me!

Keep quiet.

- It hurts!

- Hold still!

I told you there was a g*nsh*t.

We seem to be on a mountain road.

I can't breathe

What do we do?

I don't know.

I... I have a phone in my back pocket.

And a business card in my front... pocket.

Get it for me.

That officer's number...

A bit more to the front.

Watch your hand!


Madam, this is Mo Yung Fai.

Now we're in the taxi's trunk.

I'm on a mountain road.

But I have no idea of where we are.

Please save us soon!

Out of LPG.

Hello. It's me.

I know you work for Traffic department.

Could you do me a favour?

Please locate this phone for me.

You guys are unfortunate.

Why don't you do a robbery?

I thought about it.

I almost bought a g*n.

Oh, Brother Tin.

You ended up as a robber.

How fortunate are you?

None of your business?

Don't act like a social worker.

His Melon will have ample food and clothing.

Am I right, Brother Tin?

I couldn't make enough money in wrestling.

No luck with pro-wrestling, either.

I offended the gangs who arranged it.

They beat my wife.

I hurried back home

and kicked the ass of them.


gave me a big clap

and smiled at me

I had never seen such a big smile on him!


A lightning bolt struck down.

I saw the rainbow.

Even God approved of what I had done.

Did the lightning strike down

to approve you as a robber?

Or was it a reminder that

you could be struck by lightning

for being a robber? Brother Tin.

Take a pee!

I'm afraid I can't do it.


have prostate issues.

Do it

even if you dribble.

Tell me again where they're going on board.

Lung Ha Wan.

But you said Lung Kwu Tan!

I'm sure it's Lung Ha Wan!


It's not Lung Kwu Tan, but Lung Ha Wan.

How much do you need?

Oh, at least two million dollars.

I need at least seven million dollars.

Why do you need that much money?

To buy a GSH flat, paid in full.

Yeah. Paid in full.

One day we're gone,

our son won't have to bear the mortgage debt.

That's true.

I will buy a villa,

paid in full.

Brother Tin, you have just thirty million dollars.

How can you pay it in full?

It's just 30 thirty million dollars to you.

To me, it's eighty-seven billion

eight hundred million

in Annamese Dollar.

In Kam Kong.

Four beds with three living rooms and a pool.

Six thousand square feet.

It costs twenty billion Annamese Dollars.

We still have over sixty billion

Annamese Dollars that

can spend them wisely.

Melon will become rich second generation kid.

It's enough to spoil him.

If those in Hong Kong dollars

would be spent likewise!

Come with me.

Fai and I

don't have to stowaway, right?

My daughter has dyslexia.

I'm afraid she would fail her study there.

My wife is about to give birth.

My parents are old.

I really can't go.

Once I get on board,

I'll split the money

and set you both free.

Say thank you.

Thank you.

Thank you.

(Annamese) But I ask you to not forget,

my former love.

(Annamese) I cry silently,

(Annamese) I really want to

go with you all my life.

(Annamese) But I ask you to not forget,

my former love.

I cry silently,

I really want to go with you all my life.

Even to the ends of the earth, how much change.

Must there be in this life,

always chasing the wind,

Not wanting to stop and remain alone.

But I ask you to not forget,

my former love.

I cry silently, I really want to go

with you all my life.

(Annamese) Even to the ends of the earth,

how much change.

(Annamese) Must there be in this life,

always chasing the wind,

(Annamese) Not wanting to stop

and remain alone.

But I ask you to not forget,

my former love.

I cry silently, I really want to go

with you all my life.

You are always in my heart

and on my mind.

I can't live my life without you.

Thank you.

After them!

That guy with a knife.

That big bag of money.


Where is the car?

Brother Tin.

You've got enough.

Let's stop finding?

Keep looking.

If we find them, you can have much better cuts.

That way.

This way.

One hundred meter further

on the left side, then turn left.

You got a boat to catch anyway.

Just leave it, okay?

No! I want us all to be wealthy!

Hit the brakes!

God damn it!

He drives like shit.

Oh no. Brother Tin.

You're a tough bandit...

Not a k*ller!

He sat next to me from kindergarten,

primary school to high school.

I've been waiting him for twenty years.

Today, he promised to marry me.

Should I have any concern about it?

You shouldn't sh**t randomly!


Say... say sorry.

I heard it!

He said it, too!

Get marry in An Nam.

Come with me.

Now, things are all right.

To perish together.

Raise your hands, pretend to be surrendered.

Meet at Lung Ha Wan.

Let's split up.

This way!

I might have broken my ribs.

Be ready now.

Where is Lung Ha Wan?

Do you want to leave him behind?

Then we are worse than the bandits!


I didn't sh**t or rob!

I still want to buy a GSH flat.

You still want to save the elderly home.

You're incurable!

You go ahead if you want to be a thief.

I don't want to get struck by lightning.


We will get marry soon.

It's not right.

Things are not right.

Why do you come back for?

You need money most.

We don't want it.

We born to be a good man.

I was!

Whoever is down,

give him the last b*llet.

Don't make brothers... suffer.

The worst of losers.

Yes. Yes.

We are middle-aged losers.

Now we have to send you to hospital.

Go to the back seat.

Hey, hey

Thank you.

I'm sorry.

Make me proud.

Stand still!

Are you alright?

Do you still...

want to partner with me?

Sure... let's find the missing elders.

Really got struck by the lightning.

Electric shock incident

A family in An Nam Taiping City

was att*cked by illegal peripheral gamblers.

Still want to credit today's work

into the service order?

How dare you to use your mobile now!

Did you want to sh**t me that night?

No. Are you crazy?


If I was down, would you give me the last b*llet?

Why would 1?

Brothers fill gaps for each other.

I've filled your gaps

over the past ten and twenty years.

It's like a warship battle.

Ginger, you solved the big case.

Twenty-eight thousand dollars.

What do you mean?

Last time you busted one of my car's headlights,

when you chased the bandits.

Suspicious vehicle.

Suspicious madam.

Alright, guys.

Fuk Kwan has changed the owner.

Everyone will stay in place.

You don't have to move.

Let's sit back and see whom I owe him money.

Uncle Chicken Roll.

I'll come back for you.

Let's go to Chung On Street,

where sells three hundred twenty dollars.

Wait. There's one sells three hundred

ten dollars in Tonkin Street.

No! Cheapest in Shanghai Street.

Only three hundred dollars.

Why must you decide where to buy milk formula?

Just for saving a few dollars?

Now he's back, safe and sound.

Can you stop blabbering?

Eileen's saving money for our son.

What are you bitching about?

I'm just telling Eileen not to boss my son around.

You're the one bitching.

Forget it. Let him speak, Mom.

Since Dad has come back to you,

the most important thing now

is a happy family trip to Disneyland.

Why do the prices matter?

It's just milk formula!
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