Big City Greens the Movie: Spacecation (2024)

Movies which are prequels, sequels or based upon the TV series.

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Movies which are prequels, sequels or based upon the TV series.
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Big City Greens the Movie: Spacecation (2024)

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[male narrator] Space.

Some call it the final frontier.

Others call it the

moon's playground.

All I know is it's a great

place for tellin' stories.

- But I'm gettin' ahead of myself.

- [horns honks]

This story starts in the

biggest city out there,

aptly named Big City,

where an out of place country

family of meager means

is about to have the

adventure of a lifetime.

- Oh, look there! That's Cricket Green.

- Hey!

[male narrator] The family's thrill

seekin' and unpredictable son.

Ah-ha! Come on, you guys.

The faster we harvest

these veggies,

the sooner we can hit the road.

- [male narrator] Ah, Bill Green.

- [Bill sighs]

A loving father and

overwhelmed farmer.

Cricket, are those

apples in your...

- Oh, it is.

- Mmm-hmm.

Papa, if you listen closely,

do you think it's possible to

hear what a carrot is thinkin'?

[male narrator

chuckling] Tilly Green.

The unique and

whimsical daughter.

Um, let's just finish

loadin' the truck, sweetie.


[male narrator] And Gramma.

- The Gramma.

- [chuckles]

[male narrator] Now

here's the thing,

this family has no idea they're

about to embark on a journey

that is so remarkable, it

is truly out of this...

Dad, that weird guy who's always

narrating our lives is back.

Oh! [chuckles] Well, folks, I've

been spotted. Just remember that...

Get outta here!

[groans] Enjoy

the movie, folks.


Some people just

ain't got no class.

Well, family, our final veggie

delivery is locked and loaded,

which means...

Let me say it. Let me

say it, please, Dad.

- Cricket!

- Let me say it, Dad!

[chuckling] All

right. You can say it.

[inhales sharply] The Greens

are goin' on vacation!

- Vacation?

- [gasps]


Ever since our family left

The farm for

the city so big


Each day has

been adventurous

For us and our pig


And our cows, and our goat

and our dog, and our cat

We sell our crops the

whole year through

Survivin' the rat race

Pinch pennies, dimes

and dollars too

Now I gotta get

away from this place

We're goin' on a

Green family vacation

Gonna have the best

time of our lives

On a Green family vacation

Maybe my dad

will let me drive

No chance on Earth.

So where we goin'?

Sorry, guys, can't tell you

It would spoil the surprise

Green family vacation

I can't wait

All right, kids, go

pack your suitcases.

Vacation's about

the exciting and new

And getting all the

fun that you can get

So to make sure this

one's awesome too

I made my dad a pamphlet

It's full of great

ideas for trips

Each one wild and cool

So whichever one Dad picks

it's guaranteed to rule

Which one will be our...

Green family vacation

Maybe surfin'

mile high waves

On a Green family vacation

Or hunting gold in caves

On a Green family vacation

Could be that I'll

soon be braggin'

On a Green family vacation

'Bout ridin'

horses on a dragon

On trips I keep a journal

To note my discoveries

Like the rest stop

where we found Bigfoot

Or the giant

wheel of cheese

Vacation is for

runnin' free

And gettin' into scrapes

Dang leg you best

keep up with me

Better give it extra tape

It'll be so fun to

surprise everyone

With a trip we won't forget

Bill, by all means, I'll

watch Chateau de Greens

And chill here

with your pets

I think of them more as our

friendly livestock than our pets.

You try rhymin' livestock.

See, this is why

we got divorced.

- Hi, Mom.

- Bye, Mom.

Big City, so long!

We're goin' on a

Green family vacation

I'm just ecstatic

On a Green family vacation

It feels so cinematic

Green family vacation

What's in store?

A shark safari?

Green family vacation

- What shall we find?

- Who cares? Let's party

On our Green

family vacation

I could scream,

family vacation!

On a Green family vacation

I can't wait!

Papa, where are we goin'?

If you don't tell me

right now, I'll explode!

Please, tell us, Papa!

Okay, here it is.

- [all gasp]

- We are going

on the exact same sightseeing

road trip we went on last year!


Sorry, I must still have that

family of caterpillars in my ear

because it sounded like

you said we're going

on the same road trip

vacation as last year.

I figured we had such a good

time, why not do it again?

- It was fun.

- Yeah, sure. Why not?

Who cares about last

year's vacation?

We already did it.

I thought we were gonna do

something new. Something exciting.

Oh, what about all

my vacation ideas?

You mean the doodles on

that brochure you made?

Hey, it's a...


Didn't you like any of my ideas?

Cricket, your vacation

ideas are reckless.

Not to mention, dangerous.

Name one thing that's dangerous

about base jumping

off Mount Rushmore.

- [Tilly inhales sharply]

- We'd have parachutes. [chuckles]

Look, this road trip will

be safe, and fun, and...

Oh, remember the fun meters?

Oh, oh, here we go.

Oh, oh, oh, mine's

goin' off the charts!

Dad, not the fun meter.

My fun meter is open-minded

and my journal is

open for business.

The business of collectin'

precious memories, that is.

I don't care where we're goin',

as long as it's not here.

That's the spirit, g*ng.

What's more fun

than predictability?

Everything. Everything is more

fun than predictability. [sighs]

Off to a bad start.

[Gramma] Wait, before

we start our road trip,

we gotta deliver

veggies to BigTech?

Their CEO lady is a real freak.

Well, that freak is our

best payin' customer.

So, let's make

this last delivery

and get our vacation

on the road!

- Whoo-hoo!

- Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!


Hello? Ms. Zapp?

Where is everyone?

Wow! Must've walked in

on somethin' important.

- Wow.

- [male announcer] Give it up

for BigTech CEO, Gwendolyn Zapp.

It's me, Gwendolyn Zapp.

And here at BigTech, we're always

striving for a better tomorrow.

Now let me ask you

this, what is space?

Former NASA astronaut

Scott Kelly here.

I've spent a year in space,

and I still can't

say what it is.

Very confusing.

Security, get Scott

Kelly out of here.

Anyway, space isn't just where

we send our trash anymore.

Sayonara, garbo.

Space is full of possibilities.

Now, like the

naysayers who I fired,

you may be saying, "People can't

survive in space, Gwendolyn.

There's no food or shelter!"

And you're right. That's

where BigTech comes in.

We have successfully created

a food production system

by farming on an asteroid.

I'm talkin' space crops, people.

- Dang!

- Wow!

These celestial

veggies will be grown

with our very own

state-of-the-art farmbots.

Howdy, it's harvesting time.

- Whoa!

- Incredible!

So we got food, but

what about shelter?

Allow me to introduce BigTech's

crowning outer space achievement,

our very own Space Hotel.

[audience cheering]

What now?

It's a hotel, and get

this, it's in space!

This cosmic high-end vacation resort

offers every possible amenity,

including a floating

infinity pool,

zero gravity conga lines, and little

shampoo bottles that know your name.

What's up, Jared?


Oh, my gah!

That'd be the best

vacation ever.

Reservations start

at... [grunts]

The insanely low price of

only $10 million a night.

[grunts] Oh, man, who would

even have that many dollars?

- [Remy] Hey, Cricket.

- Remy?

Good to see you. Whoa!

[chuckling] Easy

does it, buddy.

What the heck are

you doin' here?

My family is going

to the Space Hotel.

I cannot wait to get up there

and join that conga line.

I've never done one before,

but I feel like my curvaceous

body was built for it.

I am so jealous.

Not so much about

the conga line,

but more about the truly unique

experience of goin' to space.

Okay, that's it,

I'm comin' with you.

Sorry, Remy, but you're

gonna have to make room.

Cricket! Now is not the

time to play suitcase.

We have a vegetable

delivery to finish.

Bye, Cricket.

Have fun on Earth.

[man] All right,

that's a wrap, people.

Whoo! Great

presentation, everyone.

Everything's goin'

off without a hitch.

My ideas have finally

come to fruition.

Uh, bad news, Ms. Zapp. You know

the farmbots on the asteroid?

Do I ever? They're perfect!

- They're malfunctioning.

- Say what now?

They won't harvest any of the

space crops no matter what we do.

Is this a fruit?

Well, that's no good. I

need that cosmic produce.

This initiative cannot fail!

[male assistant grunts]

If the farmbots can't harvest those

crops, then I need someone who can.

But who?

The Greens are here.

To deliver your produce order.

Gosh, that spotlight is bright.

Here's your order, Ms. Zapp.

[male assistant groans]

[gasps] Of course!

Green family!

How would you like

to go to space?

[all gasp]

As in outer space?

Where the sun and the moon live

with their friends, the stars?

Uh-huh. Sure, kid.

You see, I've got a team

of robots on an asteroid,

but turns out they lack

that human touch. [gibbers]

A touch that you as

human farmers have.

So, I wanna send you up to my

beautiful, stinky space rock

to harvest some crops

for me. What do you say?

[stammers] Is that

even a question?

Yes! Yes, we have to go.

This is the perfect

vacation for us.

Ms. Zapp, I think

you must be confused.

Our produce may be out of this

world, but we're not astronauts.

Look, if there's one

thing I'm positive of,

it's that it would be much harder

to teach astronauts to farm

than teach farmers to astronaut.

[gasps] I've been

saying that for years.


Dad, this is a once

in a lifetime chance.

We could be the first

farmers in space.

The first Greens in space.

It'd be so much more fun

than a repeat road trip.

Sorry, ma'am, but sendin'

country folk like us into space

would be downright irresponsible,

not to mention dangerous.

- But, Dad...

- Besides

we have a perfectly

adequate vacation planned.

Now let's go, family.

But... [sighs]

Don't worry, brother, there'll be

plenty of space on the open road.


Y'all go on ahead. I need

to, uh, tie my shoes.

Hey, Ms. Zapp? Ms. Zapp.

Oh, yes, Crumpet

Green. Bob's son.

Uh, sure, and business

partner. [chuckles nervously]

Listen, Gweny, baby, my dad was

just playin' hardball back there.

Space travel would obviously be an

incredible opportunity for my family.

Bill Green just wants

you to sweeten the deal.

I see. So instead of offering

you nothing, you want something.

Picture this. We harvest

your space crops,

and in exchange, we get a

free stay at the Space Hotel.

Hmm. Well, we wouldn't have to

pay you for anything else, so...

Crimper Green,

you've got a deal!

[whispering indistinctly]

Ah, I'm told I need to disclose

that while space is

a thrill-a-minute

filled with endless


it's also full of

dangers untold.

You sure your

family's up for this?

Absolutely. Beam us up.

Excellent. And to be clear, we

won't actually beam you anywhere.

We've tried that and,

whoa, what a mess.

Okay, everyone, strap in 'cause

we're officially on vacation

in three, two, one...

- Dad!

- [screaming]

I've got something to tell ya!

Cricket! Throwing yourself

against stuff is not safe, son.

That's why I made you that

[grunts] bubble wrap helmet.

Sorry, Dad. Popped

that weeks ago.

But I come to you now with

a compromise of a lifetime!

Ms. Zapp said that even

though you were a dum-dum,

her words not mine, for

rejecting her offer,

she'll let us try her brand new

top-of-the-line BigTech space simulator!

- Space simulator?

- Ooh. Tell Tilly more.

Yeah, it's a ride that makes you

feel like you're goin' to space

without actually goin' anywhere.

It's all fake.

Buckle up, Cricket.

We gotta hit the road if

we're gonna beat the traffic.

Wait, Dad, you're not listening.

I promise this will be fun.

Hmm. "Fun."

Uh, yeah. And, uh, my fun

meter's dropping dangerously low.

[chuckles] All right.

Anything for the fun meter.

But let's make this quick. Where

exactly is this little simulator?

- [all] Wow!

- Oh, my!

That's the simulator?

They spared no expense,

Dad. Just keep drivin'.

Almost there. And perfect.

Wow, they really went

all out with this.


[all yell]

[Cricket laughing]

[Bill] Hey! Watch

what you're grabbin'.

[gasps] Space suit.

Space suit. Space suit.

- Yeah.

- Oh.

[all exclaiming]

[Cricket] Hang on now.

[all yelling]

[male space shuttle operator]

Checks complete. Clear for launch

This is not a simulation.

Repeat, not a simulation.

Did they just say

"not a simulation?"

Oh, they have to say that 'cause that's

what they'd say if this was real.


[male space shuttle operator]

Begin launch sequence in ten, nine,

eight, seven...

Cricket was right.

This is fun.

Wake me up when it's over.

- Hmm.

- [squealing]

[male space shuttle

operator] one, Ignition.

[all screaming]

[male space shuttle

operator] We have lift-off.

This simulation

feels... [sighs]

so... [sighs] real! [screams]

[all screaming]


Now that's a cheek ripplin'!

[automated female voice]

Outer space achieved.

[all exclaiming]

[chuckles] We're floating!

I mean, this simulation is

pretty cool, huh, family?

Wow. What a discovery.

A simulated moon. Identical

in every way to the real moon.

Whoops. Hey, Mr. Pen,

get back here, you.

[scoffs] You call that a moon?

I got a better moon than that,

and this one's big and yella!

Oh, stop your spinnin', Alice!

Hang on, Ma. I'm comin'.

Why am I on the ceiling?

You did it, Cricket Green.

[automated female voice]

Artificial gravity activated.

- [all] Huh? [yelling]

- [all grunt]

[all groan]

[groans] This simulation may

be fake, but my nausea is real.

I'd better step outside

to get some air.

- Uh, I wouldn't...

- [Bill screams]

- Dad!

- Papa!

[gasps] My journal!

Oh, my gosh! Oh, my gosh!

What is happening?

- Okay, that seemed pretty real.

- Dad!

[alarm blaring]

[all] Whoa!


[Bill breathing heavily]

[Bill whimpers and grunts]

[all] Wow.

[Bill groaning]

[woman] Exiting the ship

without authorization

is against Zapp-stronaut rules.


[woman] But I'll let it slide

since we haven't covered them yet.

Who are you?

I am Commander Colleen Voyd

here to guide you on your

incredibly noble BigTech mission.

Wait, "mission?" Cricket?

Oh, well, [chuckles nervously] she

means the simulated mission to...

Okay, we're in space.

We're in space?

Space! Space!

[echoing] Space! Space!

Space! Space! Space!

Correct, space.

But not just any

region of space,

we're onboard the SS Gwendolyn.

A one of a kind spacecraft designed

personally by Ms. Zapp herself

to feature the latest

in BigTechnology.

[line ringing]

Hi, Green family!

I hope you... Oh.

I forgot to put anything

in this sandwich.

It's just bread.

[chuckles] I just wanted to call

and thank you for volunteering

to take on this crucial crop saving

mission for us. Very generous.

[whistles and

grunts] All right.

Ms. Zapp, there's been

a misunderstanding.

You see, my son duped you and duped

my family. He's a duper, ma'am.

I prefer the term scamp.

We're farmers. We

don't belong in space.

I'm sorry, but I'm

gonna have to ask

that you turn this space

ship around immediately.

I'd be happy to.

All you need to do to go home is pay

back the cost of the rocket fuel which is

[shouting] $2 billion!

Uh, hang on. Just let me

check the bank account.

Hmm. I'm sad to

say we're short.

Looks like we'll have to

[gulps] do your space mission.


[heavy metal music playing]

- [engine starts]

- [engine revs]

- [tires screech]

- [music stops]

Just FYI, Terry

wanted his latte iced.

Then why would you stand there

- and watch me...

- [bell dinging]

- Hey, pal, would you hold this for me?

- Yes, ma'am.

Nancy Green? I never

get to hang with Nancy.

She's like the cool

mom I never had.

I want her to like me so badly.

- Get out. You're done. Goodbye.

- [scoffs] Okay.

Hey, Gloria, I'll

take a black coffee,

and make it extra

black like a nightmare.

You got it, Nancy. One

nightmare-chino comin' right up.

Why would you say that? That

was stupid, stupid. [screams]

[chuckles] So, I heard you're

stuck house sitting. [grunts]

Yeah, it's Bill's turn to

take the kids on vacation.

Knowin' him,

they're probably off

doin' somethin' safe

and responsible.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! This is

so unsafe and irresponsible!

- Bill?

- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

This just in, local

yokels in space.

To hear more about

this scary mission,

let's hear from BigTech

CEO Gwendolyn Zapp.

That's right, lady, my hugely

successful company BigTech

has just sent the

first human farmers

to harvest crops on an asteroid.

It'll be a great test to see how our

tech holds up with the average citizen.

Let's see what happens

when I hit all the buttons.

- [grunts and chuckles]

- [alarm blaring]

What are you doing?


This doesn't make any sense.

Bill took the kids to space?

He's Mr. Play-It-Safe.

Yeah. He once slapped a banana out of

my hand because it was "too sharp."

I've got a bad feeling. I'm goin'

to BigTech to get some answers.

Wait, let me come with you.

I know you and I haven't

had much one-on-one time,

but I've spent so much time

with your family. I can help.

We'd make a great team.

[gasps] Ooh. We'd

be the dream team.


[chuckles nervously and grunts]

Thanks, Gloria, but, um, looks

like you've got your hands full.

I should do this alone.

Um, okay. See you, bestie.

I mean, uh, Nancy. I mean,

uh... [chuckles nervously]


The Greens on a space

mission? This is insane!

Cricket, I can't believe you

did something so reckless.

Our vacation is ruined.

Looks like I have

a new discovery.

Brotherly betrayal.

[sighs] But I no longer have

a journal to document it.

Yeah, I'm as steamed

as a crab pot.

This made my fake

leg all flappy.

What the...

Your shoddy prosthetic

leg has disintegrated

under the immense

G-force of the launch.

Yeah, that ain't good.

You owe me a new leg, boy!

Listen, we could stand around

and argue about who duped who...

You! It was you!

But just look for one second

where we are right now.

Not only are we in possibly

the coolest place imaginable,

but I got Ms. Zapp to throw in a

free stay at her amazing Space Hotel.

This will be the best vacation

the Green family has ever had.

We are not going to

that kooky hotel.

As soon as this mission is over,

we are headed straight home.

Dad, you're just sayin'

that 'cause you're worried.

But if a country family like

us can take on Big City,

we can definitely handle space.

Negative, recruit. Space

is extremely dangerous.

None of you will survive this mission

unless you learn and follow the rules.

Rules? Well, surely

the most important rule

is to have fun, right, Colleen?

First, you will address

me as "Commander Voyd."

And second, you could

not be more wrong.

Space ain't no vacation

It's a dangerous location

Your only w*apon against

it are these regulations

Unless it's your goal to

stroll into a black hole

Listen to the system

Zapp code, here we go

Don't run, no finger g*ns

no staring at the sun

Stand up straight, hydrate

and always clench your buns

Disinfect to perfection

and always pay attention

Mini golf is off

limits no exceptions

Why do you even have it then?

These are the

Zapp-stronaut rules

Learn them all

Don't be a fool

There's a ton more, y'all

On this rocket there's a ton

of hot inventions that astonish

They're not toys

for little boys

They're locked

up in a closet

A no-brainer don't

touch the cryochamber

It'll freeze you

with its vapor

Like a human popsicle You

might need the hospital

Unless you want your teeth to

chatter so much it's comical

In the cockpit there's

no flying the ship

C ontrols are for those

who know and you know zip

Not asking for the moon

Just don't be a buffoon

Try to steer and you'll

veer us into Neptune

These Zapp-stronaut rules

They'll keep you alive

Don't sit there and drool

There's 8,095

Genius Gwendolyn Z wrote

this guide for you and me

For a better tomorrow

Then we all must follow

these rules to a tee

This initiative

cannot fail

BigTech shall prevail

You hear the rules,

now follow them through

Or you won't live

to tell the tale

All right now, any questions?

[all groan]

[Colleen] Yes, Mr. Green?

I'm feeling a bit

nauseous from all that.

May I use the restroom?


I'll escort you to

the proper facilities.

You three wait here in the

lab and don't break any rules.

[grumbles] "Break any

rules." I'll break you.

Okay, now who's ready

to have a fun vacation?

This is what it would look

like if I had a journal.


[groans] I gotta do somethin'

about the vibes in here. Ooh.

Yep. That'll do it.

[inhales sharply then blows]

Wow, ain't science somethin'.

- [object clatters]

- Huh?


What's this?

- [gasps]

- [rasps]

[squeals and gibbers]

Oh, my gosh, you're beautiful.

But what are you?

Let's see. According to your tag,

you're "Failed Experiment 83."

Originally designed to clean glass,

but instead gained sentience,

"and now destroys all

glass it touches." Really?


Failed Experiment 83 doesn't

really have a good ring to it.

Instead, I'm gonna

call you Cookie.

'Cause being around

you is a treat.

[retches then grunts]

Oh, Cookie, you'd make a

journal entry for the ages.

But sadly, [sighs] I'm

without my journal.

And this giant wrench is

a less than ideal crutch.

[screams] What is that?


- Ugh.

- Hey, Tilly. Hey, Gramma. [screams]

- What is that?

- That's what I said.

Rude. Both of ya.

[grunts] Okay, look, I'm sorry this

space vacation's off to a rough start

with Tilly losin' her journal,

and Gramma's leg turnin' to dust.

[both] Mmm-hmm.

But let's see if I can't change

your minds about space with these.

[both gasp]

- A robotic leg?

- A triangle?

- I'll trade ya.

- What?

- Tilly, no. Just wait a second.

- Ooh.

Now what's this

button do? [screams]

Gramma! You okay?

Hot dog! Now we're talkin'.

What else we got

on here? [yelps]

Whoo-hoo! Whoo-hoo!


- Wha...

- Wha...

Cookie, look, it's some

type of space recorder.

Sure beats Earth journals,

huh? Give it a try.

Space log, entry one.

My name is Tilly Green.

Vacationeer and

new journal owner.

Whether I'm ridin' comets

or explorin' distant worlds,

I now have a way to

document everything.

Thank you, brother.

I'm excited to continue this

space vacation adventure

and see what lies ahead.

Okay, changed my mind.

Space rules. I love space.


[both] Space! Space!

Space! Space! Space! Space!

Two down, one to go.

Oh, Dad, you ready

to have some fun?

I found all kinds

of neat space junk

including whatever

this thing is. Whoa!

[Colleen] What do you

think you're doing?

As I stated earlier, this trip

to Gwendolyn's farming asteroid

is a serious mission, not

some la-di-da vacation.

No fun will be tolerated.

Uh, you must be joking, right?

That would be considered

fun. So no, I don't joke.

Wow. You're really strict.

Thank you. [grunts]

Ah, jeez. Right

into the dang Sun.

Come on!

And to ensure you stay in line,

I'll be watching

you every second.

I know I just said I'll be

watching you every second

and then immediately left,

but don't let that

undermine my message.

[groans in frustration]

Well, Crickie,

seems Colleen is

gonna get in the way

of our space vacation

happiness. Unless...

[mumbling] We k*ll her.

What? Gramma, no!

We can't k*ll her.

No, no, no. I said

"weed k*ller."

I just noticed this leg

has a gardenin' mode.

[screams] Obey me!

I will help you deal with the Commander,

though. That woman's harshin' my vibe.

I agree, Gramma.

And I think I know

just what to do.

- [squeaking]

- Yep, up to code.

- Colleen!

- [Colleen yelps]

- What is it?

- Oh, it's terrible.

It's so bad, it's not good...

Gramma's in the cryochamber and

she's breakin' Rule Three-twenty...


She'll k*ll us all!

- You're comin' with me.

- Ow!

Yeah, she's right over

there, Colleen. Go get her.

What the...

[yelps] Hey!


Let me out! This is

against the rules!

And so is havin' fun.

Sorry, Colleen, I gotta

do this for my family.

No. No!

It worked. And she's alive

and well, so that's good.

Commander Iceberg isn't

gonna bother us anymore.

[Tilly gasps]

Entry 32, a startlin' discovery.

Mutiny is afoot.

Chaos is at hand, and

disaster is in my stomach.

Cricket and Gramma have

betrayed our commander.

You can't prove nothin'!





Tilly, I know this looks

bad, but it's for Dad.

Colleen was gettin' in

the way of him enjoyin'

this once-in-a-lifetime

space vacation.

Don't you want Dad

to enjoy himself?

Of course I do. How dare

you assume otherwise?

Then you understand our

pro-freeze-the-commander position.


I don't know.

Cricket, don't you think

it's a bit of a crazy idea

freezin' the only person here

who knows how to fly the ship?

It's fine.

The computers run

everything anyway.

And if we get into any real trouble,

we'll let her out right away.

- Well...

- For Dad?

Okay, for Papa. You

have my Tilly blessing.

And you have Cookie's as well.

- Tilly! Too close to me.

- No! No!

Hello, BigTech?

You took my family to space,

- and I have a thousand questions.

- [whirring]


Your family? You

must mean the Greens.

I know you're related

'cause I can read your DNA.


Hey! Maybe a little

warning next time.

- [Gwendolyn] Warning!

- [screams]

You might wanna watch

your cholesterol.

What's goin' on?

My family is supposed

to be on a road trip,

not some wackadoo star cruise.

Are they okay?

[mockingly] Are they okay?

- [exclaims]

- [grunts]

This is BigTech. Of

course, they're alive.

Uh, that wasn't my question.

Now, your family volunteered to harvest

vegetables on an asteroid for me.

Welcome to Mission Control.

From here, we

monitor their vitals,

fun levels,

horoscopes, et cetera.

And over here, we're

uploading a patch

to get those pesky

farmbots updated.

This mission's being conducted

with the most expensive, and

therefore, best equipment in the world.

So rest assured,

your family's safe.

- [computerized voice] Danger!

- [alarm blaring]

Then what is this?

All totally routine.

[computerized voice]

This is not routine.

I promise you have nothin'

to worry about, Nancy pants.

[computerized voice]

You should be worried.

Ms. Zapp, you know the patch we uploaded

to fix the malfunctioning farmbots?

Do I ever? It's perfect!

It's full of bugs.

- [grunts]

- We fully lost control of the bots.

Well, that's unfortunate.

Unfortunate? You need to

warn my family right now!

And that concludes

your tour of BigTech.

You're gonna bring my

family home, Ms. Zapp. Whoa!

Bye! Buh-bye!

Buh-buh-di-buh-buh buh-buh-bye!

[breathing heavily]

[Cricket panting]

Dad, bad news. Colleen has

a case of moon poisoning

from, uh, starin' at

the moon too long.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that.

Right? Anyway,

while she's resting her

poor, annoying body,

she said we should

invoke Rule 33, F-U-N,

and have a little fun

before the mission.

Yeah, you go on without me.

I'm kinda in the middle

of somethin' here.


Talk to me, big guy.

[sighs] I'm just bummed that

we're not goin' on the road trip.

I know it would've been

the same as last year,

but I just had so much

fun, you know? [chuckles]

Drivin' all day while you

kids goofed off in the back.

Those were good times.

Yeah. But, Dad, we're

literally in outer space.

We don't have to

redo old memories,

we can create

exciting, new ones.

I guess.

Come on! I got

somethin' to show ya.

- [grunts]

- Oh! Cricket, what?

You just need to be shown

how fun space can be.

Space isn't what

you had in mind

And I understand

your frustration

But kick up your feet

and try to unwind

On your new,

exciting spacecation


Space is great

Space is fun

What's more fun than fun?


Space is the best

The best bar none

I'll convince you

before this song is done

We can deep sea fish

out in the stars

And hope for a big bite

Who knows what

we'll catch out here

Oh look, a satellite


Let's explore an

old abandoned ship

And see what we discover

Wait, is that

a chimpanzee?

This excites me

as an animal lover

[screams then gasps]

It's okay, Dad. It's

okay. Just breathe.

See, you're fine.

Space is great

Space is fun

What's more fun than fun?


So clap along, everyone

Open up your ears And

listen to your son

Finally, we'll bungee jump

Right at the earth below

An adrenaline

rush with a view

That's a pretty

sweet combo

So come on, Dad

You must admit

Other than that

chimpanzee bit

At this point you must see

Just how awesome

space can be

- Yeah!

- Space is great, space is fun

What's more fun than fun?

- [can clanks]

- Huh?

Uh, ignore that stuff

'Cause space is fun

- Ow! Whoa! What the heck is goin' on?

- Ah!

[both grunt]

- Huh?

- [gasps] What the...

Oh, no.

Sweet, sweet potatoes!

We're headed for

an asteroid field!

That's no asteroid field.

That's a...

trashteroid field!

Everybody, back on the ship.

[all grunting]

[all panting]

Oh, my gosh.

Ms. Zapp wasn't kiddin' about

sendin' our trash to space.

And where's the Commander?

[all] Whoa!

Cricket, don't you think it's

time we unfreeze you-know-who?

Tilly, I was this close to getting

Dad on board with this space vacation.

If Colleen gets out,

she'll ruin everything.

Then who is gonna

drive us outta here?

[gasps] That's it.

Dad, you should

drive us outta here.

What? Cricket, what makes you think

I'm qualified to fly a spaceship?

- [rumbling]

- Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

It'll be just like driving the

Kludge on last year's road trip.

You're used to navigating heavy

traffic, dodging roadkill,

and you've driven through

all sorts of crazy weather.

How different can

this really be?

A road trip, huh?

Take the wheel, big guy.

Okay, family, buckle up.

Wait, uh, there aren't

any seat belts. Whoa!

[all screaming]

Whoa! Okay. I got this.

Just like rush hour

on the inter-state.

- [both] Whoa!

- [Cricket shuddering]

Kids, please don't play with the

lights while Daddy's driving.

Road trip, road trip,

just a road trip.

[grunts] Dad, Tilly keeps

kicking me with her legs.

Am not! It was an accident.

Hey, no roughhousing. Don't

make me come back there.

- [horn blaring]

- Whoa!

Hey, watch it buddy! Use

your signal Ever heard of it?

[Tilly screaming]

Papa, look out!


[Cricket, Tilly, and

Gramma screaming]

Not on my road trip.

Oh, my gosh!

[Bill] Whoa!

Uh, Daddy's got this.

Daddy's got this.

[alarm blaring]

[Cricket, Tilly, and

Gramma screaming]

Oh, gosh.

A little scrape is

all, it'll buff out.

[Cricket, Tilly, and

Gramma screaming]


Dad, you did it!

- Wow! Great job, Papa.

- I'm finally proud to call you my son.

- Okay, and we're falling.

- [Gramma] Whoa!

[laughs] That was amazing!

Did y'all see that?

- Yeah.

- We saw.

Come here, family.

[female automated voice]

Object approaching.

Oh, my gosh!

It's the Space Hotel!

[Tilly] Is that a

zero gravity pool?

- [slurps]

- [Bill] Look at the space food.

Ooh! There it goes, Martha.

The future of

shuffleboard today.

It's got it all.

[line ringing]

- Hi, Greens.

- [gasps] Remy?

I'm here!

Look outside!


We were just getting a ride in

the hotel's courtesy shuttle.

Look at us in space.

Who would have thought?

- Who'da thought?

- Who'da thought?

[Cricket chuckles]

Who'da thought?

[Remy] Who'da thought?

- [Cricket] Who'da thought?

- [Remy] Who'da thought?

[laser charging]

[sighs] Remy, look out!

- They're firing!

- Get outta there.

Don't go into the light!

No, no, it's okay. This

is just the tractor beam.

It's BigTech's

crowning achievement,

and the most powerful force

the world has ever seen.

It's for helping us park.

[all] Ooh.

Tractor beam, huh? Doesn't

look like a tractor to me.

Entry 41, the hotel's giant glowy

grabby thing has grabbed my attention.

Gotta go. I hope to see

you all on the dance floor.

Dad, as soon as we

finish the mission,

we gotta go to the Space Hotel.

It'll be the best vacation ever.

Come on, Bill.

What do you say we keep

the good times rollin'?

Please, Papa?

Oh, I don't know. Let

me consult my fun meter!

[all] Oh!

And my fun meter is

readin' "off the charts!"

[all exclaiming]

Well, we still got

those crops to harvest

But after that the

hotel sounds marvelous

'Cause now I finally see

Just how awesome

space can be

[all] Yay!

You won't regret

this, Dad. I promise.

Now, let's get to that asteroid

and harvest those space crops

so we can enjoy

our space vacation

at that Space Hotel.

There's a sentence I

never thought I'd say.

- [all laughing]

- Oh, Papa.

[Greens chanting]

Space! Space! Space!

Nancy? Nancy? Nancy!

Gloria. [shushes]

Right, right. Yeah,

cool. [chuckles]

The coffees you asked for.

I'm excited you called 'cause

you said you were doing it alone,

but you probably liked

the dream team idea...

Gloria, my entire

family is in space.

I had no one else to call.

I mean, like, you

still called me though.

So... Eh? Eh? Yeah? [chuckles]

Focus. Look, those BigTech

jokers know I'm onto them,

and now I can't show

my face around here.

- Oof.

- I need your help breakin' in.

You got it. But how?

Coffee delivery for Gwendolyn...

[screaming] I feel

it in my brain.

- Be cool.

- Huh?

[female automated voice] Access

granted. Welcome to BigTech.

Dream team.

Aren't you so glad that

you called [squeals] me...

[female automated voice]

Nancy Green detected.

What do we do?

Brace yourself.

Wait, why? Why are you backing

up? Why are you... [yells]


Now, that's what I call

a strong brew. [chuckles]

[exclaims] That was so good.

Did that just come to you? Why can't

I ever think of cool things to say?

Beep, bop, boop, boop,

boop, boop, beep, bop, beep

- Uh, Ms. Zapp?

- Mmm-hmm?

We've uncovered the source of the

farmbots' malfunctioning code.

Instead of programming

the bots to farm,

well, there was a typo.


Well, that's no good.

Listen up, lady. I know somethin'

went wrong with your bots.

So warn my family right now

or we're gonna have a problem.

Excuse me, do you have

clearance... [yells]

We're the dream team, son,

and don't you forget it.

Nancy Green, don't worry.

Your family's safe.

See for yourself.

They're landing on my

farming asteroid right now.


- [all] Wow.

- Would you look at that.

[Cricket] This is amazing!

Cricket Green takes his first

step on an asteroid in space.

[grunts] Whoa, whoa! Yep,

there I go. Little help?

Cricket, take gentle steps

or you're gonna float away.

[chuckles] Okay.

Don't forget, after this we

get to go to the Space Hotel.

Oh, man. Best vacation ever.

Indeed. Although, where

are all the farming robots?

Probably slackin'

off. Lazy oafs.

Oh, there's some. Those

two look quite active.

- Die.

- Die.

- Die.

- Die.

Well, that's not how

you use a trowel.

These robots need our

help more than I thought.

[Gramma] They certainly

made a mess of things.

[Cricket] Luckily,

the Greens are here.

- Yeah!

- [Bill] That's us.

Holy smokes! Look at

these space silos.

They grow crops in there?

This is... I mean, it's

just... I can't even...

Happy you're happy,

big guy. Let's go.

Looks like this is the way in.

Guess we'll see

if anybody's home.

[beeping erratically]

[chuckles] Sorry, pal.

Break time's over.

[all laughing]

Uh, where to now?


[groans] Well, I'll be.

- [all] Whoa!

- Just look at this place!

We can walk on the

ceiling, or the ground.

Depends on your perspective.

All right, Greens.

Let's get farmin'.

Way ahead of you, boy.

One for the cause,

one for Cookie.


I can't believe I'm

farmin' in space.

I mean, this is a space

carrot. I'm havin' so much fun!

Yeah, my fun meter is

reaching maximum capacity.

[Bill laughs] Mine too!

Eh, don't mind if I do.

Huh? Hey. Hey, come on. Gimme.

[farmbot] Organic

life detected.

Rutabaga? Close enough.

[grunts then yelps]

Uh, guys, something's wrong

with the robots. [yelps]

- Uh, what now?

- Spaghetti squash, must plant.

Monkey shoe, must

jump. [chuckles]

It is fun to say silly things.

Entry 67, I'm beginning to

think these farming robots

do not have my best

interest in mind.

Time to prune.


confirmed. [screams]

[grunts] The farmbots

have gone crazy!

[grunts] They're

tryin' to plant us.

- Errant tomato.

- Errant tomato.

- [screams]

- [screams] How do we get outta here?

- Butternut squash, must plant.

- Whoa! [grunts]

I ain't goin' to the ground

till I'm good and ready.


[silo powering down]

We got an exit,

boys. Follow me!

Oh, no, not again.

[Greens screaming]

Get my family outta there before

those evil robots k*ll them.

Relax, I'll just

call Commander Voyd.

She'll take care of everything.

Hello, Commander?

Uh, I need you to take

care of everything.

Hello? Hello? Hello?

Commander? Commander?

Commander? Hello?

[all panting]

- Ma, the door!

- What?

Not today, bozo.

- Let's get off this rock.

- Right.

[female automated voice]

Launch sequence failed.

- "Failed"?

- Wait a second.

Let me try somethin' else.


[female automated voice]

Error! Error! Error!

Something's not working.

[Colleen] You're not working.

[shivers and breathes heavily]

- Commander Voyd?

- Oh, boy.

It's a good thing someone on the

ship has a little common sense.

Sorry, Cricket. I had to

release her. We need her help.

Release her? I thought

she had moon poisoning.

I'll tell you what happened.

Your son locked me

in the cryochamber.

- What?

- Don't listen to her!

That's the sickness talking.

Must've spread to her brain.

No, Cricket. It's

time to fess up.

It's true. I helped the boy.

And I conspired to keep it a

secret like the monster I am.

Sorry, Papa.

Ugh, Cricket.

Dad, I can explain.

I mean, I had to do it.

Colleen was gettin' in

the way of our vacation.

Of course. Of course!

This is exactly like you.

Someone stands in the way of what

you want, so you steamroll 'em.

You didn't wanna

go on my road trip,

so you tricked us into space.

But you were havin' a good time.

Boys, let's just table this

for now. We got company.

Oh, gosh.

We gotta get this

spaceship moving.

Let's head to the

remote terminal.

Come on!

- [banging]

- [vocalizes]

I know, Cookie.

I'm scared, too.

So, what do we do now?

There's our problem.

Garbage has clogged the engines

and blew out a thruster,

which would not have happened

if I had been here to navigate

the trashteroid field.

- [loud banging]

- Whoa!

- Whoa!

- [sighs]

Let me check the camera feeds.

They're getting closer.

We don't have much time.

- [loud banging]

- [Tilly trembling]

Then we better fix that

thrust-a-ma-call-it fast.

The de-trashification

process will take hours.

Hours we don't have.

- Commander Voyd.

- [grunts] Ms. Zapp?

That's me. Glad to

finally get ahold of you.

It's been really

hard for some reason.

No biggie. We've been

tracking your mission.

Only just now learned

how dangerous the

malfunctioning farmbots are.

We definitely did not

know about this earlier.

[Nancy] She's lying!

Anyhoo, I see the ship's

thrusty has gone busty.

Trouble with the

space garbo, huh?

Yes, ma'am.

Hmm, in that case, why don't

you use the emergency escape pod

to complete the mish, huh?

[chuckles] Do it now!

Of course, Ms. Zapp.

There's an escape

pod? Thank goodness.

Only one seat, huh? Well, if

we squeeze in, I'm sure...

Oh. Or we can have the vegetables be in

the seat. Guilty of doin' that before.

Uh, Commander, you sure

there's room for all of us...

- [all exclaiming]

- Oh, man.

- Mission accomplished, Ms. Zapp.

- Nice.

What? You didn't

accomplish squat!

You're supposed to save us!

[Colleen] To the contrary.

Getting the crops safely

to BigTech is the mission.

And Zapp-stronaut rules state

the mission always comes first.

Even ahead of our own lives?

[Gwendolyn laughing maniacally]

Yes. Especially ahead

of your own lives.

Anyhoo, nice work,

Commander. You saved the day.

And by day, I mean the thing

I care about, my space crops.

- It is my duty, nay, my honor to...

- 'Kay, bye!

That Commander, always

a hoot and a half.

Hey, what about my family?

You need to turn that escape

pod around for them right now.

Hmm. No can do.

Your family will

either figure it out,

or they'll have sacrificed

themselves for a noble cause.

[chuckles] It's a win-win.

How can you value a bunch of

space plants over people's lives?

Oh, you wanna know why I care so

much about these space plants?

- Mmm...

- Not really, no.

I'll tell you why.

It all started when I

was in kindergarten,

AKA, a breeding

ground for mediocrity.

But I rose above all those little

nose pickers because I had ideas.

When I was born

The doctor looked

at me and said

He could've sworn

There were two

brains inside my head

'Cause it was big

It was so big and

full of dreams

She'll have ideas

She'll turn things

into smart machines

[gasps] And he was right.

You wanna know how smart I was?

That doctor wasn't

a he, it was a she.

And that doctor was me.

Yeah, I delivered myself!

Let's find a way to get that

escape pod back to the asteroid.

My future was bright

All the kids

looked up to me

I had foresight

I was a visionary

But then one day

When I thought

I had it all

There came Ms. Kay

And she made me

feel so very small

[Gwendolyn] She was my

kindergarten teacher, you see.

And I drew a picture.

A picture of the future, when I would

one day grow vegetables in space.

And you know what she did?

She laughed and said, "What

a cute little fantasy."

So now you see

It was Ms. Kay who

crushed my dreams

But that fueled me

To take my life

to great extremes

I've devoted each day

To space cabbage and kale

But it was the only way

To get revenge

on a major scale

Which again is why

this initiative

Cannot fail

Wait, is that, like, your

teacher from the song?

Hello, I seem to have

gotten lost in your floor.

At last we meet again,

my sworn nemesis.

"Nothing but a cute

little fantasy," huh?

Well, what's a fantasy

now, you old cow? [laughs]

[repeating] What do

we do? What do we do?

Look, family, it's

obvious what we should do.

We go out there and we

show those bots who's boss.

They're not that scary.

- [screams]

- Howdy, folks.

[all scream]


That glass isn't gonna

hold them for long.

Come on, let's move

to the cargo bay.

Ah, we're doomed.

Let's face it. Commander

Voyd Of Intelligence

cost us our only way outta here.

Need I remind you none

of this would've happened

had you not frozen

every cell in my body!

There must be

somethin' we can do.

To stand any chance of making it off

this charred piece of space dust,

we gotta hit these

toasters where it hurts.

The off button.

Let me show you.

[gasps] You did it!

- That was just the lights.

- Oh.

There's a k*ll switch

in the main power core

that will shut down

every single farmbot.

But it's all the way

on the other side.

We'd never make it on foot.

Oh, great. I guess

we'll just die.



we can drive.

Guys, we're in. We're...

- Do you think they can see...

- We see you. Get 'em.

- [Greens scream]

- Time to move.

[tires screeching]

[Cricket] Yeah!

Wow! That thruster's

got some kick.

You think it'll

hold on the back?

Well, I did use my

best bungee cords.

But I'm havin' trouble

with the steering.

That's because you

steer with this.

The whole system is

tied to the tablet.

Ooh, let me drive.

I think you've steered

this family around enough.

Yeah, you drive. You wanted to

take us on a road trip anyway.

Oh, yeah. This is exactly

what I had in mind.

I reckon you should die.

What is wrong with them?

Whatever their malfunction, these bots

are obviously unstable and very dangerous.

- [shudders]

- What a coincidence.

- So am I.

- [beeping]

Yippee ki-yay, mower-tractors!


- Yeah!

- Whoo-hoo!

- Whoo!

- Ripe for the picking.


Oh, good golly!

Nice severing, Cricket.

[gasps] Cookie!

[exclaims in panic]

You're okay, you're okay.

Oh, you messed with

the wrong glob of goo.

- Get him.

- [Cookie squeals]

[screaming hysterically]

Oh, yeah.

Hey, this is actually

going shockingly well.

- [grunts]

- Papa!

- Dad!

- Watermelon harvested.

- Yeehaw!

- [Bill screaming]

[groans] You, take the wheel.

- On it.

- I'll be back.

Oh, my gosh!

[breathes heavily]

- Ha!

- [Bill yells]

Whoa... Oh.

[gasps] Colleen, you saved me!

- Saving.

- Huh?

I'm saving you.

- [gasps]

- All right, I'll take the left side.

You curl up into a ball while

the right side swarms you

until I...

That works too.

Come on, get in.

We must be close to

the k*ll switch, right?

Looks like we're almost there.

The power core's just up ahead,

right over that large

and jagged cliff.

- [all gasp]

- I'm sensing a problem.

What do we do? It's

a ding dang dead-end.

I got an idea.

We're gonna jump.

What? No, no, that's crazy.

I'm goin' for it.

[Bill] Cricket!

[Cricket] Just

gotta hit that ramp.

- Look out!

- Dad, what are you doing?

Trying to keep this family safe!

Are you two out of your minds?

Give me the wheel!

Dad, I got it under control.

[Bill] Cricket, no!

[all screaming]

[Bill] We're gonna crash!

- [all groan]

- Are we there yet?

The k*ll switch. [grunts]

[breathes heavily]

Sweet dreams, farmnots.

[grunting] Come on.

Y'all come back now.

[laughs] Whoo-hoo!

See, Dad? Told you

jumpin' would work.

And since Gwendolyn got her

veggies, we completed the mission.

So, let's get this

vacation back on track.

- [spark buzzing]

- Now, who's ready

to go to the Space Hotel?

- Oh!

- [all gasp]

That can't be good.

It isn't.

Y'all done goofed again, Greens.

Crashing into the power

core caused an energy surge

that is blowing up the

space shuttles one by one.

Uh, those things were

eyesores anyway. [chuckles]

Let's get off this rock and

head to the Space Hotel.

You don't get it.

Each expl*si*n pushes the asteroid

a little further off its orbit.

If the last station blows, FYI,

that's where you're standing...

[all gasp]

...the asteroid will be set on a

direct collision course with Big City.

[all gasp]

Okay. [chuckles nervously] There's

gotta be a way to stop it, right?

Lucky for you, there is.

There's a maroon wire

you need to find and cut.

Not to be confused

with the burgundy wire.

- Cutting that would sever all communica...

- Found it.

Am I a hero?

- No!

- Cricket!

[chuckles nervously] That

might have been burgundy.

[sighs] Fan out.

We gotta find that wire.

[grunts in frustration]

Uh, Dad, why'd you

grab the wheel from me?

We'll talk about this later.

Cool. Just shut me down again.

You know, I had everything under

control until you ruined my plan.

Are you really trying

to blame me right now?

None of this would've happened

if you hadn't been so reckless

and brought us to space

in the first place!

Do not roll your eyes at me!

Hey, Rule 83-F states "No distracting

arguments during a crisis."

- [rumbling]

- [all yelp]

Well, excuse me for trying to do

something nice for this family

by giving them an

exciting vacation

instead of the same

trip as last year.

At least my vacation

wouldn't have got us k*lled!

Bill, that's enough.

This is all because of

you and your crazy ideas.

My ideas are not crazy.

They're exciting. You're just

too boring to recognize that.

I recognize your ideas

always end in disaster.

Cricket, all your

ideas have been bad.

What do you want me to say?

I'm sorry, I don't

like bad ideas.

I get it.

When you say you

don't like my ideas,

what you're really saying

is you don't like me.

Come on, come on, come on.

Maroon wire. Maroon wire.

And that's fine

because I don't like you.

Cricket! The wire!

[both gasp]

[breathing heavily]


- [Tilly yelps]

- Tilly?

- Gramma!

- Tilly, grab my hand!

[breathing heavily]

- [breathing heavily]

- [both grunt]

Son! Son!

[breathing heavily] No! No!

[alarm blaring]

Ooh, not good.

- [all yelling]

- No.

If there's one thing I

love, it's being alive!

Breaking news.

An asteroid is headed

straight for Big City.

Sources say we're

all going to die.


[people screaming]

Oh, that's terrible.

[gasps] Oh! This is

objectively so much worse!

[male computerized

voice] Package arrived.

Yay! Boop.

What are you doing?

You have to stop the asteroid!

My crops. They're here!

Oh, and they're perfect.

Ms. Kay, my greatest nemesis,

I have finally done it.

I have grown

vegetables in space!

I have finally proved you wrong.

[laughs maniacally]

How wonderful.

[mumbling] Wha...

I'm so proud of you, Gwendolyn.

Have a gold star.




Finally hearing you say

that after all this time...

was deeply unsatisfying.

Well, maybe my next revenge plot

will finally fill the vast void

deep in my cold, dark heart.

Eh, probably not.

What is wrong with you?

An asteroid is headed right

towards us! Do something!

Oh, thanks for the

reminder. Gotta skedaddle.

Time for a little a vacay

at my compound on Mars.

Just until this whole thing blows

over, you know, or blows up.

Either way, bye! Whee!

See ya, suckers!

She left us! We're dead! So

very dead! [hyperventilates]

Stay with me, Gloria.

This isn't over yet.

- Ms. Kay!

- Huh?

There's a button on the

control panel over there

that says "Release."

We need you to push it.


[grunting softly]

Oh, she'll never

get there in time.

[Ms. Kay grunting]

All right, plan B.

For boot.

Second time's the charm.

- [beeping]

- [both yell]

I'm all outta boots,

kid. I'm all outta boots.

I'm so sorry, Nancy. I

wish I could've done more.

Wait, I can. I'm

wearing shoes.

Shoe. I'm wearing shoe.

Come on, Gloria.

Everyone's counting on you.

[breathes deeply]

Just take your shot and...

[shouts] Yah!

[Ms. Kay yells]

- Ooh.

- , No!

Oh! [grunts]

[both yell]


Hmm? Ooh!


Dream team?

[gasps] You said it.

Dream team.

I think you dropped this, dear.

All right, what's next?

We have to find a way

to contact my family.


No. No.

No! We're too late.

- [computer beeps softly]

- Huh?

[breathing heavily]


Uh... Tilly!

[breathes heavily]



I had my fun

Now it's done

And so is my Big City

I wanted to try

somethin' new

Now all I have

is self-pity

I made mistakes I

caused heartbreaks

And now I'm

filled with dread

'Cause by far the worst

Was my outburst

That ding-dang

stuff I said

If you're a dad

It feels so bad

When your son tells

you you're crummy

I told him "No"

like in that tableau

So much it drove

him from me

If I had the chance

I'd change my stance

And show my heart instead

But that ship has

sailed I big-time failed

- With that ding-dang stuff I said

- Ding-dang stuff I said

Now that I know I hurt you

Feels like a part

of me is lost

But I made my choices

Now I gotta live

with the cost

These were to be memories

We'd smile as we recall

But with no family

there to share them with

Why remember them at all?

I really goofed My

world's gone poof

And I'm the one to blame

- Oh, Dad was right

- I ain't too bright

- I think I might

- Our pointless fight

Be forever

filled with shame

I could see I

caused him pain

Now that I know I hurt you

Feels like a part

of me is lost

But I made my choices

Now I gotta live

with the cost

- But it's too late

- Oh, what a fate

- To set things straight

- It isn't great

That dream is nearly dead

If I could redo

one mistake-aroo

It would be

the catastrophe

Of those silly

screams I didn't mean

That ding-dang stuff

That ding-dang stuff

That awful stuff

I said

[Nancy in distance] Cricket!



Pumpkin! You're alive!


[grunts] Mom.

Cricket, look, I don't know

how long this signal will hold

and we don't have much time.

The asteroid's on its way and we gotta

figure out a way to save Big City.

Any ideas, kiddo?


No, all my ideas are bad.

Well, unless somebody thinks of

something, we're all going to die!

What Gloria means is right

now there are no bad ideas.

[scoffs] Tell that to Dad.

He said all my ideas are crazy.

I'm startin' to

think he's right.

It was my idea to go to space,

and look where that got everyone.

If I tried to save

Big City, I...

I'd probably end up hittin' it

with a second, bigger asteroid

and double destroyin' it.

Ouch! What was that for?

Cricket Green, you listen to me.

Sure, some of your ideas

can be a bit crazy,

but crazy problems

need crazy solutions.

I know you and your dad

don't always see eye to eye,

but you two are more alike

than you may realize.

You both do what's

best for the family,

you just go about it

in different ways.

And I believe with all my heart

that if y'all could appreciate

each other's strengths,

there's nothin' you can't do.

- Cricket?

- Mom?

Dang signal. Mom?

You can do this.

I can do this?

I can do this!

Come on, Leggy, we've

got a city to save.




[horn honks]

- Bill!

- Papa!

Hi, Dad.


- Uh, look, -so, um...

- Hey, um...

Enough mushy-mash! How are we

gonna stop that lousy asteroid?

All those people

gettin' smooshed

would put a real damper

on this vacation.

Rule Alpha Prime, "At your

lowest moment, call Gwendolyn."

She will always possess

the answer you seek.

[line ringing]

[message] Hi. This

is Gwendolyn Zapp.

If you're calling about the

imminent asteroid collision,

I've turned my back on Earth

and started a new life on Mars.

Viva la Mars!

- [line disconnects]

- Gwendolyn abandoned us?

Yeah, big surprise there.

I spent my whole career

following her rules

because I believed she was leading

us towards a better tomorrow,

but she abandoned us!

Yep, she's a stinker.

This whole time she was

only in it for herself?

My whole life is a lie?

- [sobbing]

- I'm gonna give you a minute.

Changing the subject, Tilly, look

what I found floatin' around in space.

Good thing you put

your name on it.

[gasps] My journal!


So back to that big death ball

situation, what are we gonna do?

Hmm, I think I've got an idea.

[chef] Huh?

- [laughs] Come on, Remy.

- We're going back into orbit.

Be right there. Just gotta

stretch my little leggies.

[gasps] They made it!

Hey, Green family. We're about to

conga, and my hips ain't wrong-a.

Sorry, Remy, no time.

There's an asteroid

headed for Big City,

and it's gonna blow up

everyone we know and love.


Even worse, Gwendolyn

abandoned us!


No, that's not worse. She's just

goin' through somethin' right now.

Remy, which way to the

tractor beam control room?

That way. Go get 'em, Greens.

Come on, g*ng, hurry!

We need a code to get in.

Hey! Using BigTech

clearance codes

without explicit permission from

Gwendolyn is against the rules.

Come on! Really?

But I'm not living

by her rules anymore.

Whoo-hoo! Okay! I

like Colleen now.

[male computerized voice] Access

granted. Welcome, Commander Voyd.

- Yeah!

- It worked!

My hero may not be a

hero, but I can be.

Excuse me. Would you please

explain what you are doing?

Oh, we were just,

uh, breaking in.

- [all] Cricket!

- I'm sorry, I panicked!

That is what we thought.

Unleashing complementary lasers.

[all gasp]

[gasps] The doors!

Not on Gramma's watch.

- Hang on.

- [both] Whoa!

- Let's go.

- [yells]

What the... [screams]


I'll never forget

you, Cyber Leg.


[Greens gasp]

[sighs] Their lasers

destroyed the controls.

Don't tell me we

came all this way

and the beamy-ma-bob

ain't even gonna work.

The beam still works, but it's

pointed in the wrong direction.

With the controls blasted,

we need a different way

to get the tractor

beam into position.

Ah-ha! All right, Greens.

You're gonna blast me out into open

space through this trash chute.

It's risky, but once I

reach the tractor beam

I can manually move

it into position,

target the asteroid, and...

I can't fit. [sighs]

- Dang.

- Okay.

- Then we go back to the Kludge.

- Papa, there's no time.

The asteroid's closin'

in on Big City!

Well, there has to be

another way to get out there.

[Cricket] There is.


But it's kinda

crazy. Sorry, Dad.



No, it's too dangerous. He's

not tethered to anything.

Hang on. Maintaining

visual on the boy.


[grunts then sighs in relief]

Whoo! You can do it, boy!

See, Papa, Cricket's doin' fine.

You're right. Never

doubted him for a second.

Mr. Green, you're hurting me.

Ah. Sorry.

All right, I made it.

Tell me what to do.

[Colleen] There's a steering

wheel on the back of the beam.

Give it a few turns and

I'll tell you when to stop.

Okay. [grunts]

[computer beeping]

Almost there.

And... stop.

Activating the beam now.


- We have a successful lock.

- Yay!

Oh. Okay, Cricket, get

back inside right now.

Wait. The asteroid is still racing

towards Big City at an incredible speed.

What? But I did the

thing. Why didn't it work?

Pulling in a courtesy

shuttle is one thing,

but the tractor beam isn't powerful

enough to stop a giant asteroid.

[people screaming]

All those people.

Our home.


Dang it! I'm not lettin' that thing

crush Big City, Colleen. What can we do?

Right. Right. Uh...

[gasps] Perfect.

Cricket, see the switches

on the side of the beam?

To stand any sort of chance

against this asteroid,

we have to tap into the

beam's power reserves.

On it. [grunting]

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Whoa! [pants]

Nice job. Now make your

way to the second switch.

You two, k*ll the lights. We gotta

give this thing all the power we got.

[lights powering down]

[Cricket] Hey, Dad?

Yes, what is it, son?

I just... I just wanted to say I'm sorry

for what I said to you on the asteroid.

And for all of this.

I just wanted the family

to have the best vacation.

I know you did.

If I hadn't h*jacked our trip,

none of this would have happened.

And you would've kept us

safe like you always do.

Everything would be

better if I wasn't...

If I weren't so... [grunts]

[yelps then grunts in pain]

The asteroid is slowing

down, but we need more power.

[Bill] It's okay,

Cricket. I hear you.

I may keep the family safe,

but I know that playin' everything

safe can be, uh, [chuckles] dull.


But you, you keep

things exciting.

Without you, this family

wouldn't be the same.

You're bold, creative,

and you take big leaps.

You mean that?

With all my heart.


It's working! The

asteroid is slowing!

We just need a bit more power.

Cricket, make your way

to the final switch.

Got it. [grunts]

[breathes heavily] What the...

Oh, no. The trashteroid field!

Whoa! [grunts]

[Tilly whimpers]



[horn blaring]



[breathing heavily]



[breathing heavily]

Dad, I can't do it. I can't.

It'll be okay, son.

It'll be okay.


I just got a crazy idea.

- What?

- Huh?


Uh, Papa?

Bill, what are you doing?

Goin' on vacation. [laughs]

[all exclaim]



Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!


Huh? Dad? Dad!

What are you doin'?

What I do best.

Keeping you safe.

[grunts] Are you ready

to do what you do best?


Come on, boy.



Cricket, look at me.

[grunting] Huh?




Breaking news. I'm Maria

Media, and Big City is safe!

[people cheering]

Hey! I'm alive! Free

hot dogs for everybody!

Wow! Today really

turned around!

[both whooping] Yeah!

We did it!

[all cheering]

Uh, family,

did anyone turn off

the tractor beam?

No need to panic.

Oh, right. Inertia.

We have to evacuate.

But how are we gonna

evacuate an entire hotel?

And get everyone to stay in

an orderly single-file line?

In a way that doesn't

alarm the masses.

[all gasp]

Let's conga!

Okay, nobody panic.

Just let the rhythm take you

to your designated escape pods.


[Remy grunts]

[both grunt]

That's all of 'em. Thanks for

your help, Remy. You're a hero.

The true hero was the beat,

Cricket. It was the beat.

Wait, Colleen. I

mean, Commander Voyd.

Thanks for everything.

[sighs softly]

You are not alone in your

quest for a better tomorrow.

Because you'll have

Cookie with you.


Cookie is a creature

of the cosmos

and belongs with you

on your endeavors.

Farewell, you

magnificent creature.

[inhales sharply then kisses]

[smacks lips]


[chuckles] Thank you.

Oh, uh, come on,

let's get outta here.

[Greens cheering]


What's up, Gwendolyn?

[Cricket] Hey, you know what's even

better than stayin' in a Space Hotel?

Watchin' one blow up.

Man, that was awesome.

It kinda was.

I have to hand it

to you, Cricket,

even though we almost died...

- Several times.

- Totally worth it.

My fun meter has never

encountered this much fun.

- Me neither.

- I've had better.

You know, this spacecation

isn't over yet.

The rescue ship your mom sent

won't arrive for a few hours.

What should we do

till then, Papa?

Oh, I don't know.

Got any ideas, son?

[gasps] Thanks

for askin', Dad.

We could go to Venus and...

No, wait. We should

drag race on the moon.

I forgot about Uranus.

The funniest planet.

Ah! The possibilities

are bustin' my brain!

[chuckles] Take your time.

You'll land on something great.

You always do.

I tricked my

family into space

It created quite the rift

There was an

epic robot chase

We all ended up adrift

That asteroid was

no fun, you know?

We might've gained

a dent or ding

But that's just

how vacations go

And I wouldn't

change a thing

We're on a Green

family vacation

The best we ever had

On our Green

family vacation

Same time next year, Dad?

We're on a Green

family vacation

We went to space

On our Green

family vacation

Green family vacation

Green family vacation

Green family vacation

Green family vacation

Green family vacation

Green family vacation

So it may appear as if I abandoned

the city in its time of need.

But hey, I'm back! Now

look under your seats

for a free BigTech

space vegetable.

- [crowd booing]

- [woman] Come on!

I did not see handing a bunch of

vegetables to an angry mob backfiring.

Luckily, my PR

team came prepared.



Adios muchachos.

You're doin' great,


Hyah! Let's make

a better tomorrow.

Isn't that right, Cookie?

We are the change!

Thanks for the ride, dearies.

- She's nice.

- You wanna drive home?

- Oh, my gosh. Can I?

- Think you can handle it?

Oh, you know I can, girlfriend.

[yelps and chuckles]

[screams] No, no, I'm fine.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Nancy, help me. Help me.

[chuckles softly]

You got this, kiddo.

Fits great, Doc.

One question.

Where's the lasers?

Surrender now or perish

like your brethren!


[sighs] Precious memories.

Watch out, Dad.

You're in the trashteroid field.

[mock yells] Nope, nope.

- What are y'all doing?

- [Bill] Close one.

And just like that, the Greens

shared a vacation of a lifetime.

[chuckles] Who'd have thought

a country-raised family

could endure such a journey?

With those amazing spectacles,

and set pieces, and...

- Dad! He's back again!

- Oop!

Get outta here!

Time to go. Remember to

watch the normal episodes.

They're pretty good. See ya!

[footsteps receding]
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