Love for Starters (2022)

Valentine's Day, Hot, Steamy, Sexy, Romantic Movie Collection.

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Valentine's Day, Hot, Steamy, Sexy, Romantic Movie Collection.
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Love for Starters (2022)

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The goal is to tie in
your rich history.

To create a one-of-a-kind

that will make guests eager
to come back

to the Skylounge at the Skylyn
Hotel, again and again.

You know, I was worried we were
coming to hear a residential

interior designer pitch to us,

but everything they said
about you is true, Olivia.

You are quite a visionary.

Thank you, ma'am.

Your hotel holds a special place
in my heart.

It would be an honor
to take on this project.

We'll be in touch.

Thank you.

I think you pulled it off.

Designing the Skylyn would be
a dream come true.

My mother and I always used
to stay there,

every time we visited the city.

If this goes through, the
partnership is officially yours.

And, you'll have the highest
grossing client,

which is quite a start
to this new chapter.

Hey, thank you again for letting
me take this trip.

It really means a lot.

Trip? What trip?

To Crescent Lake?

To help my dad get
his hotel ready

to open for the summer season.

That's right. Must have
slipped my mind.

Well, enjoy it.

May be the last break you get
for a while.

I'll see you soon,
and congratulations, partner.

I should be there
just after 6:00.

Did you need me to pick up
anything for dinner?

Peter: No, our new chef
has it covered.

New chef?

I thought you were going
to wait to hire someone

until the design was finished,

so that we could pick someone

that matches the vibe of
the space I create?

Peter: We've had a slight
change of plans,

but you're gonna love him.

He's great.

Now, the two of you get to
create the space together.

Team work makes the dream work!

Who is he?

Peter: Dax Hutton.

He's the one who did that fancy
place in New York City,

the one that celebrities
all love.

The one with all
the fire drinks.


That's the one.

How did you land the chef
from Clovernax?

I guess I gave him an offer
he couldn't refuse.

He's quite a catch.
Get it?

Peter: He's a big name, Liv...

I don't know.

Peter: Which is exactly
what the hotel needs.

Oh, I gotta run.
Drive safely.

Hello, Hotel El Dorado,
can I help you?


How are these all my options?

What kind of place doesn't have

organic, smoked mineral salt?

Where am I?

About an hour northeast
from Seattle.

Do you need some help?

Uh, no, I'm just looking
for some salt.

Well, it looks like you've got
quite a few options.

And they all taste the same, right?

Excuse me?


Can't honestly taste
the difference.

Kosher salt?


Pink Himalayan salt,
different color.

Same salty taste.

Thank you.

Uh, who are you?

Oh, I was just someone doing
my civic duty,

trying to relieve some
salt induced stress.


I'm sure whatever you choose
will be perfect,

but, this one's got my vote.

Table salt?

Yeah, it's my favorite.

It's not on my list.

Good luck.


There she is!

My beautiful baby sister.


- Hi!
- Hi!

- Oh, I missed you.
- I missed you more.


So, how are things
at the pottery studio?


Brian's just closing up
there now.

Oh! Do you want to come by
and make something

for the new restaurant
while you're in town?

Uh, as long as you're up
for making backups,

because I have
zero pottery skills.

Consider it done.

We've got a work station
with your name on it.

So, how are things with Doug
the day trader?

Still no ring, I see.

No, no ring and no relationship.

But why? I thought
he was perfect.

He was on paper,

but I don't know,
something was missing.

Anyway, I don't have time,
with work right now.

I just had a meeting
with the Skylyn.

I know.

And if we land this client
I will finally get

the official offer for partner,
which needs all of my attention,

so a dating break is more
than necessary.

A dating break?

Mm-hm. No distractions.


Believe me, Nancy, I do get it.

The last review given to me
was less than stellar.

I get it.

Please don't read it
to me again.

Nancy: Wasn't "stellar?"

The Social's fillet mignon
wasn't stellar.

This review was horrible.

Thank you, Nancy.

Dax, I tried.

Catch on the Lake was the only
place who made you an offer.

What did you want me to do?

Have you seen this place?

They don't even have
salt options.

Ok? And by the way,
they're good with that.

They have like
four streets here.

Think of it as a change
of scenery.

I'm an award winning chef, Nancy.

Going to LA would have been
a change of scenery.

This is... I'm in purgatory.

I get it, ok, like I need
to reinvent myself.

But like, couldn't I have done
it in some Scandinavian pop up

instead of some small town
motel restaurant?

This is not a motel,
it is a hotel.

You needed a head chef position,

they gave you a head chef position.

I will reach out to a few of
our contacts again,

just to double check,
but don't get your hopes up.

Nancy: Make this one count
and you will be back

in the New York market
in no time, ok?

Fine. Just don't tell anyone
I'm here, ok?

Your reservation's confirmed
and we'll see you soon

when we officially open
for summer, Ms. Smith.


- Dad!
- Good to see you!

How was the drive?

Drive? Beautiful.

Oh, it's always beautiful
this time of year.

I am so glad you are finally
letting me do this, Dad.

Yes. Sad to say,
but I guess it's time.

There ain't nothing sad
about it, Dad.

It is long past time.


It looks like there's a produce
delivery arriving soon?

Yeah, our chef has a new
produce distributor,

so, hey, organic.


- My gosh, are you ok?
- Oh!!

I think it looks worse than
it actually is.

Ok great.
Oh, my gosh.

Oh man.

Let's, uh...

Ah, what are you doing here?

What are you doing here?

I work here.

And I live here.

Well, my dad does.

You're the interior designer
from Seattle?

Well, your dad talks about you
so much.

Wait, so if you work here,
then you must be...

Dax Hutton.

The new head chef.

I've heard about you.

You're the guy that does
the fancy micro meals.

We like to say deconstructed
dining experiences.

Does my dad know about that?

Well, I'm gonna assume
that he does,

because he hired me.

Oh, so you guys have already
landed on a menu?

I have.

We are presenting it tonight.

Not sure how receptive
our guests will be

to having to put together
their own sandwiches.

I would never have them do that.


'Cause, uh, sandwiches
are the least exciting food

on the planet.

I wouldn't ever serve that
at one of my restaurants.

Have you ever eaten at one
of my restaurants?

I have.

Yeah? Oh, good.

The deconstructed coffee you
served in the little beakers.


That was...

That was an adventure.

So, it wasn't a high-concept

multi-layered dining experience
for you?

I really just wanted
a cup of coffee.

Well, it was meant for a very
sophisticated pallet, so...

Well, uh, can't wait
for dinner tonight.

Sure it will be an experience.

I can't wait for you
to experience.


Stuck here.

Oh here, let me help you with...

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I didn't
mean to scare you.

Noise cancelling!

They seem to work really well.

They really do.

- Here, let me.
- Oh, thank you.

Oh, my goodness.

First day with a new client
and I'm a little nervous.

You are Bridge...

- Bridget Benton.
- Oh.

Is this your first time
in the hotel?

Because it's a beautiful place,

but the food, meh,
it's just all right.

But, I'm really excited to know
what the new chef

is gonna do with the menu.

Well, it's a good thing
I hired him then, right?

I'm Peter Adler,
the hotel owner.

Oh, my gosh.
Hi, so sorry.

You're fine, you're fine.

I know the menu needs
an upgrade.

It's nice to meet you, Bridget.

These are my daughters,
Abigail and Olivia.

Girls, this is our new produce
distributor, Bridget.

Yeah, hi, well it's really nice
to meet you both.

- Nice to meet you too.
- Nice to meet you too.

This place is great.

You know, are you open
all year round?

Because I'm thinking that I
might just have to book myself

a little getaway when
you're back up and running.

Romantic weekend?

Oh, no.

No, no.

Oh, no! No, not that I wouldn't
want a romantic weekend here,

it's just, well, I need someone
to do it with.

I'm single!

Oh, geez, why did I say that?

Well, um... the... the...
the kitchen is through here,

so why don't I help you
with these?

- Please.
- And, um...

Bridget: Thank you.

Peter: Just through here,
around the corner.

Bridget: Thanks.

She seems nice.

More than nice, I'd say lovely.

That's the perfect word
for the sweet farmer lady.

Both: Lovely.

So I tried to stick to the brief
as much as possible

but your ideas were a little
all over the place.

I think Lake Yacht is a really
solid jumping off point.

And it was,

but I just want to make sure
The Catch

feels like an extension
of the El Dorado.

By the way, Dad, have you given
Dax any direction on the menu?

I gave him full
creative control.

What's up?

Oh, Brian's just giving me
an update.

Update on what?

We're hosting a little
gallery night

to fundraise for scholarships
to our pottery school.

It gives us a chance to give
back to the community

and also allows for us

to showcase some of
our students' work.

I have a piece there
and I'm really proud of it.

I think I could go pro.

Dinner is served.

First, we have the smoked
salmon crisps

with capers and black pepper Boursin.

Then, we have the frisee
and carrot ribbon salad

with za'atar lemon vinaigrette.

And finally, and I think
you're gonna like this one,

caviar frites with trout roe
and creme fraiche.

And I'm sorry, what kind of salt
was used on the salad?

Only your favorite.

Is that french fries
with fish eggs?

Uh, it's trout roe with...

You know what, yeah.

In layman's terms, that
is exactly what that is.


All right. Well, should we
dig in?

Good. Enjoy.

I'll just be back there.


I can say confidently that
I don't think our patrons

are gonna want fish eggs
on their french fries.

I'm gonna have to second that.

I don't even know what
half these ingredients are.

Dad, this is not what
I had in mind.


This is all very...



What Catch needs
is the "wow" factor

and this certainly has that.

Is it too late to find
another chef?

One who cooks food people are
familiar with?

Honey, Dax is essential.
He, he's a big name.

He, he'll draw in the clientele
that we need.

Clientele we need?
What do you mean?

Is business not doing well?

Business is, is fine,

it just, it could,
could be better.

But, but that's why I hired Dax.

He has a huge following.
He gets lots of press.

Yeah, but Dad,
this is beautiful, it's elegant.

But we can't serve this.

This isn't a fine
dining establishment.

We can't really break
his contract,

I mean, backing out now
would be, well...

It's un, undoable.

I need you to work with him, Liv.

It's the only option we have.


At least we know he's got
a sense of humor.

Dressing, anyone?

Dax: I hate, I just hate it.

Olivia: Hate them?

What do you mean you hate them?

Can we at least agree
on black tie

and like a six-month waitlist?

I hope you're kidding.

Oh, I'm not kidding.

I'm thinking elegance.

There's a reason why
a black tie,

six-month waitlist type of place
doesn't exist here.


But if we make it good,
I mean like really, really good,

they'll get an appetite.

Or, they'll be too scared to try
it because it's super fancy

and they don't recognize
anything on the menu-

I don't think so.

So they'll avoid it
and business will t*nk.

I don't think so.

I'll level with you, ok?


My dad wanted Lake Yacht
as the theme,

and I told him, it's a no go.

But, I do want to give him
something along the same vein.

Just, elevated.


I really don't want to be rude.

That's what someone says
right before they're rude.

But, in my opinion, I think
these designs are...





See, I was going to say
kitschy, boring and ordinary.

Dax, this is not some downtown
hotspot, ok?

- Ok.
- Ok.

Wait, where're you going?

Just, um...

What are these?

Oh, these are my designs.

Oh, ok, so now you're the chef
and the interior designer?

Oh, well, I think it's only fair
the interior designer

has opinions on the menu,

that the chef should have
opinions on the interior design.

Oh, this is all wrong.
What is...

No. No.

No? I mean,
this looks amazing.



What's wrong?
You ok?

You remember that list of
restaurant critics you sent me?

The ones I told you to reach out
to once the design was finished?

I had some time and I put a few
feelers out and guess what?

Walter Gregson has just agreed
to review us

for his hometown hotspot series.

Um, did you just say
Walter Gregson?

Who's Walter Gregson?

He's coming here?

He's only the biggest restaurant
critic in North America.

Wow. Yeah.

This guy is a big deal.


I told him we had our new
celebrity chef redoing our menu

and he was all of a sudden
very interested.

Yeah, I'm sure.

I didn't think he'd get back
to me so quickly.

Or that he'd want to stop by
so quickly.

How quickly is
"so quickly?"

A few days.

Days? Did you say days?

Ok, so we have a few days
to get this place ready?

Did you at all get a vibe
that you could maybe

push it like a couple days,
maybe a year or two?

I don't think that's an option
because he's already confirmed,

and backing out
now would look...

Bad, yeah.


But I have all the faith
in the world in you two.

Oh, good.

You can do it.



Yes, Dad.

Right, Dax?


Don't worry.
We... we can do it.


Then I will get out of your hair
and let you two get to it.

- Ok.
- Ok.

Do you want to get some air?

- Oh, air would be so good.
- Ok.

I mean, what are we supposed
to do?

A bad review from someone
like this could sink this place.

Yeah, it could.

It's why I say we stick
with my plan.

Look, you're clearly
very talented

and Walter Gregson is really
interested in you.

So, what's the catch?

Your father offered me a job
and I took it.

And my father's offer
was far more superior

than all the other offers
you must have received,

Mr. Celebrity Chef.

Fine, yeah, this is a reset
from my last job.

What happened at your last job?

I was let go.

I got a bad review from a critic
that was not fully deserved.

Who gave you this bad review?

Walter Gregson.

Ah. So you're telling me
that my dad hired

the one chef Walter Gregson
already doesn't like.

Like I said, the review
wasn't my fault

and there was too many people,
wanted too many things...

And there was too many...

Too many cooks in the kitchen?

What are you doing?

Looking up your review.

"While the place
is poorly managed,

"the food is no better.

"The food reflects Dax Hutton's
usual flashy style

"but lacks any inspiration."

That was the kind of food
management wanted,

so that's the kind of food
that I made.

Which, in retrospect
was a giant mistake.

And it's one I'm not going
to make again.

Dax, we cannot get a review
like this one.

I mean, my dad would never
admit this,

but he put everything he had
into this place

after my mom passed.

So, we gotta find a way
to make this work.

We need to create a space
that's authentic,

that Walter Gregson cannot help
but fall in love with.

I get it.


Let's get to work.

- Ok.
- Ok.

Black truffle duck confit
with creme fraiche and caviar.

You're gonna love it.


You're not feeling that.

Ok, ok.

I have my signature dish,

I mean this is...
problem solved.


Wild pacific, big eyed tuna poke
with avocado crema

and toasted orange zest.

I dare you to say no.

Do you have anything
like grilled salmon?

Or smoked ribs?

Or chicken, roasted chicken?


Nice, roasted chicken.


You just flew me out
from New York to make roasted chicken.

I feel like you could do a
really good roasted chicken.

You could make roasted chicken.

Hold on, I got it, all right.


You want to take a train
to flavor-town?

You ready?

Simple, Chilean sea bass
with palm puree,

champagne truffle sauce...

Champagne truffle sauce.


How well do you know
Crescent Lake?

I... well, I don't know
Crescent Lake.


Let's go.

You need to get to know the area
to cook for the area.

So you... none of these?

Olivia: No.

What exactly is this?

It's a Seattle style hot dog.
Aka, sea-dog.

- It's delicious, I promise.
- Mmmhmm.

Look, I'll try anything,

but you gotta understand
in New York,

the hot dog is sacred and this
thing has cream cheese on it.

I know, but without it the other
toppings don't shine.

Just try it.

Try it.

For you.


Oh, you want my opinion on it?


It wasn't what I was expecting.

But you're right,

cream cheese kind of makes

the grilled onions and
the jalapeños kind of sing.

I told you.


So, you'd say you liked it?

I'd say, it's surprisingly
not terrible.

That's it?

The sauerkraut and brown mustard
are a little intense.

But I get it, I feel you.

I feel you, Seattle.

I get the charm.

I want something like this
on the menu.

That is what you're up to.


I didn't say this exactly, but,
you know, an elevated version.

I don't do street food.

Then I guess you'll have to make
an exception this time.

You're trouble.

All right.

I'll consider it, if you
consider silk napkins.

We can't do silk,

the maintenance on it
is too costly

and it's not durable enough.

But, I will agree to a high-end

I am a hard no
on granite floors.

I could compromise on that.


Don't get used to this.

What's with the heart locket?
Your sister has that too.

What's inside?

I have no idea, actually.

My mother gave them to my sister
and I when we were really little

with hidden messages inside,

but the key has since
been misplaced,

so until it reappears,

I'm wearing a mystery
around my neck.

I am very curious
to what's in there.

Me too.

Thank you.

It looks like there's some menu
changes really happening.

Yes, there are.

Hey, you wouldn't care to stay
for dinner, would you?

I mean, you're already here.

I wouldn't want to impose.

Oh! Are you ok?

It's no bother. I always
make extra.

Then I'd love to.




Oh, Bridget, thank you
for doing another trip.

It's really not a problem
at all.

Dax, you'll stay
for dinner right,

I'm making my world famous ribs.

Well, I...

I insist.

The more the merrier.

The more the merrier.

I mean... I'll stay.


So, Dax, I heard you went
to the spring fair today.

It's the best, right?

Yeah, it was, um...
It was inspiring.

He had a sea-dog.

Oh, so good.

So, did we land on menu
and design?

I'd say we're off
to a good start.

I would agree.


Pass the wine.

Oh, sorry.

Here, I'll get it.

Pass him the wine,
if you would like?


Mr. Adler, your ribs, delicious.

Oh yeah.

Come on now, it's Peter.

Yes, sir.

I mean, Peter.

The trick to the ribs is long,
slow smoking

with at least four different
kinds of wood.


What's in the sauce?


That's a family secret.

Little brown sugar,

sprinkle of chili
and crushed pineapple.

That's it!

The crushed pineapple.

It gives it that sticky
sweet flavor and texture.

Oh, that's smart.
That's a good combo.

Liv calls is the Catch Twist.

We used to put it on everything,
back in the day.


Dax: I don't blame you.
You should sell that sauce.

So, yesterday when you said
capture the essence,

you meant...

Oh, I think I nailed it. Yeah.

And this is all inspired
by the spring fair?

The color pallet was.

Ah, ok.

That's a step.

I just thought that we were
blending upscale and homey.

I did.


I used white flour instead
of organic quinoa flour.


It's good.


You know what?

Let's just pause on the menu
for a beat

and get started on the design.

Come on!


So, I've narrowed down
the colors for the accents.

You wanted neutrals, I wanted
something more rich.

So, I picked colors that were
solidly in the middle.


And like we agreed,

all of the final decisions
are made together.

So, sand dune cladding
or walnut?

Sand dune.

Ok. That was easy.

Now, sand dune or cherry wood?

Yeah, it's kind of heavy,
I get that.

Maybe as a stain?

Oh. Yeah.

I kind of like a cherry
wood stain.

All right.

I think that's the winner.

Still understated, but it's...

- Still elegant.
- Yeah.

And it won't overshadow
that landscape.


It's beautiful.


I mean, this is the star
of the show.

No matter how good the food is
or how on point the decor.

People will always want to come
to this place for this.

Olivia: Yeah. Exactly.

Dax: Amazing.


It's just funny.

What you notice when you
finally stop and slow down.

It's amazing.


Yeah, it really is.

Well, now we get to
speed up again.


Let's get started.

Come on!

I am so happy my dad's
letting me do this.

Cheers to that.

And once we finish
the dining area

we can give our bar
a little makeover.


What is this?

Oh, my gosh.
This was my mom's.

I wonder how it got here.


Is that you?

Yeah, it is.

We were pretty adorable, huh?


That's my mom.



Oh, my gosh.

It's mom's take out menus.

She would get these
wherever she went

and she'd cross off
the menu item she tried.

And she had a rating system.

So, the heart meant
she loved it,

the star meant she thought
other people would like it,

and then the red X...

She didn't like it so much.


Oh, man. I loved
this place.

Their tochos were so good.

Did you just say "tochos?"

Tater tot nachos.

They're amazing.

We don't have these in New York.

Oh, yeah.

This is the old diner
by the fish market.

They were so good until
they sold to a chain.

Oh, this one.

They had the best burgers
in town,

then they became a brunch spot.

Stuffed blue cheese
salmon burger

with grilled onions
and a fried pickle!

Mm-hm. That one was...

You know this is the most
comprehensive culinary history

of Crescent Lake you're probably
ever going to get.

Some of these are 20 years old. Amazing.

Do you mind if I hang onto these
for a little bit?

Yeah, sure.

I'll give them back, I promise,

I just, these are incredible.

Whatever you need, Mr. Chef.

Thank you.

Now, we paint.

So, when you said
"catch twist" you meant...

Something unique to this place.

To my family, to you,

you know, something to really
make it ours.


Oh you, you missed a spot.

I did not.

Oh, you did.


Right there.

Okay, well, you just pointed
to the whole thing, so.

Yeah, you're not a very
good stainer.

All right. You know what?
I think you missed a spot.


Yeah. Right there.

Actually, a bunch of spots,

it looks like you missed
that spot too

as well as that one
and then that one.

This is my favorite space suit.

- En garde.
- En garde.

Oh! You're gonna pay
for that one.

Olivia: Jab!

Hey, what's going on here?

- Uh, just painting.
- Nothing.


Well, the new light fixtures
just arrived,

do you want me to bring them in?

Oh, no, it's ok.
We can grab them.

Hey, you ok?


Our caterer for the pottery
show just bailed.

Oh, no.

And I'm scrambling to find
somebody in literally 48 hours.

Oh, I'm sorry.



What about Dax?

What about Dax?

Well, it could be
a good trial run?

Could test some recipes
on a smaller audience,

see how they're received.

That's actually not a bad idea.

A trial run for Walter Gregson.

Actually, that couldn't hurt.


Oh my gosh, Dax,
you're a lifesaver.

I'll email you all the info
right away. Ok?


You know, this does mean,
you're my new sous chef.

- Oh, does it?
- Yeah.

Can't wait.

Olivia: Another one done.


What's wrong?

Oh, nothing.

I just, there's just a lot
riding on this fundraiser.

We want to make sure we can
continue to give back

to the community, you know?

Well, sounds like I need to be
using my fancy handwriting.

Yes, that's exactly
what we need.

Item tags no one can read.

Like a little...

Oh, sorry, it's my boss.

Jasmine, hi.

Olivia, darling,
sorry to call so late.

Are you sitting down?

No, why?

You might want to.

We landed the Skylyn!

Jasmine: I'll email over everything now.
They are ready to work.

Oh, I thought the start date
wasn't for three weeks?

It's all in the brief
I'm sending over.

Jasmine: You might have to cut
your trip short, a bit.

I can't cut my trip short, Jasmine.

It's part of being a partner

in the most sought-after design
firm in the country.

Jasmine: Oh, and we landed a
huge new designer, Kenzie Rob.

Have you heard of her?
She's perfect for the Skylyn.

Oh, I gotta go, see you Monday.



No, this design is all wrong.



Fabric for curtains,
which do you prefer?

I like the one on the left.

That was my choice as well.

Great minds think alike.

So, my designer, my chef,
what's on deck today?

Well, Dax is doing
the appetizers

for Abby's pottery fundraiser,

so I was thinking we could head
down to the studio,

get a feel for the space

and then maybe pick out
some pieces for Catch.

You're the boss.

All right.

- Later.
- Bye.

Do you travel a lot for work?

Yeah, well, I have, in the past.

I bet that's hard
on a relationship.

Well, I have one relationship
to maintain

and that's my restaurant.

Anything else has
to come second.

I totally get that.

Relationships just take up
so much time.

And energy.


Energy that ends up taking away
from work.

And it makes the work suffer.


Which is why I am taking
a dating break.

It's always good to do,
once in a while.

Get all that time
and energy back.


So, we're here for you
to see the space

and for us to pick out
some dish-ware.

Hey, guys.

I've got your stations
all set up.

Our what?

Come on!

Uh, Abs, are you sure we
couldn't just buy some pieces

you've already made?

You could, but this is more fun.


So to start,

make sure both of your machines

are turned on
on the right-hand side.

And make sure both
of your hands are wet,

using your water bowl.

Start to pump the wheel quickly,

we're trying to loosen up
the clay.

And as you pump,
push the clay forward.

There you go, that looks great.

When the clay is loosened up,
we call it complies,

you can either continue
to raise it up

into something like a vase,

or push it down for a bowl
or a cup.

The trick is to keep
the clay moving

so it doesn't dry prematurely.

Got it?

- Got it.
- Got it.

Ok, great.

I'll be just over here
if you need me.

I don't got it.

Neither do I.

She lost me at
"get your hands wet."

I don't, I don't know.


Is that your focus face?

I don't have a focus face.

Oh, you have a focus face.

I don't look like that.

Ok, fine, well if that's mine
then this is yours.


I have never made that face
in my life.

Yes, you have.

You were literally
just doing it.

I look nothing like that.

You're gonna charm all
the ladies with that face.


- Yeah.
- Like that.

You two are having way
too much fun over here.

Are we almost ready to get
those pieces into the kiln,

or is this just
a practice round?

- Practice.
- Practice.

Okay, well, you let me know
when you're ready

to take the next step.

I think we should
probably just buy

some of Abby's pieces for Catch.

Oh, wait, so you're saying
you wouldn't serve

my award winning summer salad
in this?

Uh, no, I'm sorry.
I would not.

Whatever, I'm holding out hopes

this might be like a centerpiece
or something.

Don't hold your breath.

Well, it looks like this is
the best we're gonna do.

Should we get these
into the kiln?

Lead the way.

Yeah, so these are better
than ours.

Yeah. Ours aren't
even close.

We should probably buy
some of Abby's pieces.

What? Accept defeat?

I don't think we have
another option.

Anything catch your eye?

Yeah, can you make us
a dozen of these?

Excellent choice,
I'll get to work.


So, I gotta go work on
the recipes for tomorrow.


Do you want to come, taste test?

Yeah, I'd love that.

Let me just see if Abby
needs help cleaning up

and I'll meet you there?


My baby sister finally letting
herself have fun for once.

What? I have fun.

I haven't seen you smile
like that in a while.

Like that, that smile!
I've missed that smile.

You guys kind of make
a great team.

Ok. I need to get back
to work.

He seems like a great guy, Liv.

And he's cute, and he can cook.

Bye, Abby.


Hey, Nancy.

You've had an offer.

I have?

Nancy: Yes. There's this
trendy new tapas bar

opening in the South Village.

They just fired their last chef

and want you in first
thing tomorrow.

What about Catch?

What about Catch?

Nancy: You hate it there,
and you're right,

you never should have
had to take this job

in the first place.

So, how soon can we get you
on a plane back to New York?

Pump your breaks, Nancy.
I can't.

What was that?

I said I can't leave.

Dax: Walter Gregson is coming
to review this place.

Plus, there's Abby's
studio show tomorrow

and there's the grand reopening.

I can't leave them with no chef.

They will be fine.

I can have Tony book you
on a flight tonight.

I'm not leaving them hanging.

They hired me to do a job,
I'm gonna see it through.

If you're not on a plane tonight
they'll hire someone else.

Let em.

I'm not bailing on Catch.

Are you serious?

I think you're making
a huge mistake, Dax.

Of course you do.
I beg to differ.

Bye Nancy.

What's wrong, Dad?

Nothing, I, nothing.

Um, if I were to say,
extend an invitation to someone,

someone I just met who,
to Abby's fundraiser,

do you think...

I think you should just
call her.

You know what, I don't want
to bother her.

She's sweet and funny

and, you know, I've seen the way
she looks at you.

Plus, Dad, you haven't been
excited about someone

in a long, long time.

It's your life, but calling her
has my vote.

Bridget, hi, it's Peter Adler.
Um, how are you?

Great. I'm doing well,
thank you, how are you?

Uh, sorry. I just asked
you that.

Listen, Abby is having
a fundraiser tomorrow.

Um, I thought maybe you would
like to go with me as a date?

Uh no, not a date.

Oh, you would.


Then I'll pick you up tomorrow
at 5:00?



I'll see you tomorrow.


She said yes!


Now we just need to get you
an outfit.


Jeans? Jeans still in style?

Always in style, yep.

- Ok.
- Ok.

Just, maybe not that plaid shirt
you like.

It doesn't work, it's dated.

What's all this?

It's just some little things

to make your life here
feel more normal.

Smoked salt?
Thank you!

This is really sweet.

Look, I am just trying to get us
all a good review.

The sooner we get this place
on the map,

the sooner we can get back
to our lives.



Well, should we get to work?


Yeah, yeah, you're good.


What? You got it!

- Zupa!
- You got it!


Hey, eyes closed, you.

Wait, how do I know
you're not gonna feed me

like, straight mustard
or something?

Oh, you don't like mustard?

No, I do, just not on its own.

I promise I will not feed you
straight mustard.


All right, I pinky promise.

Ok, thank you.

All right. Are you ready?


Wait, is this...

A sea-dog inspired popper, yes.

You did it!

I knew how much it meant to you

so I made it in a way

that wouldn't completely
crush my soul.

I encased the flavorings
and the toppings

in a toasted puff pastry to,

you know, just get away from
that, like, street food thing.

Yeah, it's perfect.
I love it, thank you.

- All right.
- What is next?

This is a riff on one of
your mother's favorites.

The mac and cheese...

Lobster bites!

This is fantastic.

I just thought it would be
perfect for appetizers

for Abby's event.

Yeah, I couldn't agree more.
What's next?

Deconstructed cheesecake.

No, you promised me.

I'm kidding.

I swear.

You were so mad.

A promise is a promise.

And I promise.

Really, what's next is a fig
bite with brie and pear.

Yep, that's good.


I feel like it might be
missing something.

Alright, what's that?

Something to bring out
the sweetness of the fruit

but not overpower it.

Hold on.
Let me see.

Oh, this oughta be good.

Hm, no.

This one.

Do, do you know
what you're doing,

or what these spices are?

No, just following my nose.


This one.



Oh, that'll be perfect.

Let's try this here, put a
little bit of this on there.


Give that a try.

That's, um...

That's fantastic!

Really? Really?

That was cardamom, right?

I'm tasting cardamom.


You don't even know!


Yes. Cardamom.

It's like fruity and piney.
It adds all these extra layers.

I bet you if I soaked pear
in a cardamom marinade

it would add all these
extra layers.

Oh my...
Good work.

Well, what can I say?

I'm basically a world
famous chef.


Are you?

Yeah, I make a mean PB&J.

Well I'd like to try
that sometime.

Oh, I should go.

I gotta prep these for tomorrow.

So, thank you for lending me
your nose, sous chef.


Monday, right?

Hey, kiddo.


You're up late.

Well, no breaks when
you're on a deadline.


How are things in Seattle?

I feel like we haven't
seen you much lately.

I know, I'm sorry about that.

It's crazy at work.

It's just one thing
after the other.

I keep saying to myself,

I'll take a break
after this next one

and then something comes up
and the cycle continues.

Well, you gotta take breaks
to enjoy your life.

I know, and I will, once
this Skylyn project's done.

You don't sound too excited.

Well, I am.

I am, I just...

Well, my boss sent me the brief

and it looks nothing like
what I had planned.

But, I'm not the designer anymore,

I'm managing this job

so I have to let the designers
do their thing.

Is that what you want to do,
manage the jobs?

Well, it's what a partner does.

Plus, I've worked
so hard for this,

it would be silly to be

anything other than thrilled
at the opportunity.

But are you?

I know how hard you work and
you always do the right thing.

But, for what it's worth,

I've seen a change in you
over the last few days.

You seem more present,
less stressed.

More like your old self.

Well that's just because
I'm home.

It's just...

sometimes the thing
we think we want

and the thing we actually want
aren't always the same thing.

Just in case you need
a little guidance.

I was waiting for the right time
to give it to you.

Not saying now is when
you should open it, but...

I think it's time for you
to have it.

Night, kiddo.




What are you doing here?

Ah, I couldn't sleep.



It's so clear.

I didn't realize how much
I missed the stars

until I came here.

Yeah, me too.

You see the big dipper?


Right there.

I don't see it.

You see that big star
right there?



Now just look just to the left.


No. I see that bright one, but...

The bright one...


And then go to the left, down...


Across, up.

I see it.

It's beautiful.

It really is.

I, uh...

I should go.

Yeah, it's getting late.

Get some sleep.

You too.



Wait! No, it's not ready yet!

Woah. I'm on your team, remember?

I know.

Also, that looks crooked.

What? No, it doesn't!

Dax: Yeah.

It does.


Thank you.


Are you excited about tonight?

Dax Hutton, are you nervous?

If this goes well, it'll be one
step closer to a good review.

Yeah, a little nervous.

Well, I have no doubt
that it will go well.

Thank you.

Oh, I have something for you.

Are you serious?

What is that?

Gonna make this official.


Oh, no.

Now, you look like a pro.

I look like a marshmallow.

Little bit.

Hold on. Let me fix it
for you.

There you go.



Well, we should get going.
I don't want Abby to worry.


Ok, how do you think it's going?

Looks pretty good to me.

Right, that's what I thought.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Who did the catering?

The new chef at Catch
on the Lake.

I didn't realize that place
was still open.

It reopens next week.

This is part of
their sunset menu.

You should stop by.

I definitely will.

Nice job.

Get ready, Walter Gregson.

Yeah, I'm coming for that good
review, Gregson.

Nice work.

Yeah, you too, Chef.

Who did this piece?
It's remarkable.

I'd like to put in a bid for it.


Yes, it's exquisite.

That detail.

Ok, well, I'll open up a bidding
spot for this one.


Did she not see the detail?

I mean, it's gorgeous.

Dax: She likes
the droopy part.

Hey, we're all gonna have
a bonfire by the lake

later tonight if you want
to join.

Yeah, I'd love to.


I am gonna start cleaning up.


Looks like the food is a hit.

Nice job, son.

Thank you, sir.

I know a small place like this

probably wasn't
your first choice,

but I am really glad
you came here.

Yeah, me too.

Well, that was a success.

I'll say.

And if you told me Dax's
piece would sell

for the highest amount, I
wouldn't have believed you.

- No offense.
- No, none taken.

You know, I guess fine art takes

a sophisticated pallet
to understand.

Yeah, something like that.

How did we do in terms
of fundraising?

We exceeded our goal.

We can offer four
new scholarships

instead of just two.

Oh, Abs, that's fantastic.

Hey, thank the chef over there.

I do what I can.

Oh, I love this song.

Oh, I do too!

May I have this dance,
my good sir?

The pleasure would be mine.

Come on. Come on.

Do you know this song?

Nope, do you?


Shall we?




Just thinking about
how arbitrary things

like dating breaks are.


You gotta admit
he's kind of great.


Yeah, he's really great.

But, I am going back to Seattle,

so our lives aren't compatible
at the moment.

I think you guys could work
something out.

Dad needs him.

Catch needs him.

And I just made partner.

It's off the table for me too.

So, the dating break is staying
firmly in place

until I have a better grasps
on things.

You know, love is a funny thing.

Sometimes it sneaks up on you
when you least expect it.

And you don't even realize it
until it's too late.

I'm just saying, promise me,

if you think you found
something even remotely close,

you'll at least let yourself
explore it.

Even if it doesn't look the way
you expected.

My lady?

May I have this dance?

You may.

Ok, open your eyes in 3, 2, 1.

Abby: Liv.

You guys.

Olivia: Do you like it?

Honey, it's perfect.

All right.

Who's ready to eat?

Liv, you pulled this off
in record time.

It's amazing.

Wait for the food.

The food is here.

First, we have a smoked
salmon tart

with a side of double baked
rosemary bread.

Then, we have slow roasted
short ribs with Swiss chard

and goat cheese polenta.

And finally,

we have a summer citrus
arugula salad

with a pomegranate reduction.

Now, for the sauces,

we have honey dijon mustard,

a red wine ketchup

and for the Catch twist,

we have Mr. Adler's famous
pineapple barbecue sauce.

I had a friend from New York
do me a favor

and make these up.

They're not perfect,

but I mean, if you like them
we can have them made up

into small batch barbecue sauces

and you could sell them here.

I hope it's ok.

I used Sandra's favorites
as a guide

to make a best of
Crescent Lake menu.

But, with a twist.

Dax, this is...

It's perfect.

It's absolutely perfect.

Well, enjoy.

Wait a minute.

You're gonna join us, right?

Honestly, I would love to.

I call the short rib.

All right, let's dig in.

Abby wants the short rib.

It looks so good.

Dad wants the barbecue sauce.

Abby: T minus ten minutes
until show time!

Copy that, thanks Abs.


Olivia, what's going on?
Are you still not back?

You said Monday.

Well, now I need you tomorrow.

Mrs. Codin moved up
the start date again?

Olivia, you know what this
client means to our company.

I'd expect more from
my newest partner.

Jasmine: What's going on
with you?

Wayward used to be
your number one priority.

I know, I know. I'm...

But I'm, I'm just really...

Jasmine: No, I can't have
any "buts" Olivia.

I need your head in the game.

If it's not, then we might have
to go in a different direction.

Is that what you want?


No, of course not.

If you're not back in Seattle
by tomorrow morning,

we'll have to remove you
from the partner position.

And potentially, reevaluate your
position at Wayward completely.

Do you think he likes it?

It's so hard to tell with him.

That could be a good sign.

What do you think he's writing?

I don't know.

Hold on.


Good evening, sir.


I was just coming to see
if you needed any more water,

but it looks like you're good.



Mandarins. I noticed that
you are enjoying

the mandarins on the salad,

that's also one of my favorite
parts of the salad.

As you were.


Did you see what he wrote down?

I did not.


Oh, I think he's done.

Should I, should
I say something?

Dad, go, go, go.

Thanks again for coming,
Mr. Gregson.

Did you get a read on him,
at all?


Well, it looks like my work here
is done.

Done? Wait, what
do you mean?

Well, we got the place
up and running.

That was the goal.

So, Dax, you can take it
from here, right?

Unless you've got some
other pressing engagement.

What? No.

Don't you want to stay
for a bit and relax?

I mean, you worked the whole
time you were here.

I mean, I would love to
but I gotta go deal with this.

Just call me if...

Well I'm only an hour away
if you need me.

- I love you, Dad.
- Bye.

- I love you too.
- Bye.

Olivia, wait, wait.

Are you ok?
You seem...


I don't know,
is something wrong?

You tell me.

I don't-

I have to go.

You know, Dax, I get it.

Ok, Crescent Lake isn't fancy,

we're not like the cities
you're used to, but...

I really thought...

My family is really counting
on you,

so if you're planning
on making some changes

you should let them know
as soon as possible.

Just so no one gets hurt.


It was nice meeting you, Dax.

I have no doubt you'll find
what you're looking for.

I found what I'm looking for.

I would love a list of
your available chefs,

my family might have a position
opening up at their restaurant

and I just want to be prepared.

Thank you.

There she is.

Look, I saw your second round
of notes on the design,

I'm gonna have to
respectfully disagree.

Why did you offer me
the partnership?

Because you brought in
a huge client.

Not because of my skills
or technique

or unique perspective
or our shared vision?

I mean, sure, but also because
you landed Skylyn.

Firms all over have been wooing
Hailey Codin for months,

but you got her to sign
on the dotted line.

Now, you have a lot
to catch up on...

No, I don't.

You lied to me.

You said that they wanted
to move up the start day,

they wanted to go in a different
direction from my design,

but I just got an email
from Mrs. Codin

and none of that's true.

Sure. The move up was
my idea. But...

And this new designer,
Kenzie Rob?

Was she Mrs. Codin's idea
or yours?

Kenzie Rob is a hot
up and comer.

Getting her on board is huge
for our company.

Even if she's not right
for the space.

I mean, her designs are nothing
like what Mrs. Codin wanted.

Thank you for the offer,

but... consider this
my official resignation.

I quit.

What? Why?

Because I can't work
for a company

that goes behind my back.

That doesn't value or trust
my instincts.

Please give my regards
to Mrs. Codin.

Abby, hi.


I'm sorry for leaving
so quickly.

I just, well, Dax is planning
on leaving.

I guess he got an offer
at another restaurant.

And I was hoping that he would
tell you guys, but...

Are you sure about that?

Pretty sure. Yeah.

Olivia, he just signed
a three-year contract.

I don't understand.

I guess he cares about
the place,

so he decided to stay.

Abby: And now you're freaking
out because you think

you might have blown it with the
guy you're in love with, right?

Well, at least you still have
the Skylyn.

Uh, about that. I quit.

It's about time.

Wayward is cool and all that,

but what you bring to the table
is so personal and so authentic.

They never valued that.

Thanks, sis.

Um, do you think I'm too late?

Oh no. You have hours
until the grand reopening.

Not that.

You know, you're just gonna
have to get here and find out.

Thank you for all of this.

What you created here with
Liv is something extraordinary.

Thank you.

Really, for the opportunity.

Getting to create this
with you all is...

I mean, this is something
I will never forget.

I think your daughter
is really special.

Yeah, she is.

Can I have everyone's attention, please?

Thank you for joining us as we
reopen The Catch on the Lake.

The menu was designed by
the award-winning Dax Hutton

and the space was designed
by my youngest daughter, Olivia,

who unfortunately
couldn't be here tonight.

But with that being said,
please enjoy,

we are so very thankful

to share this momentous occasion
with you all.

Enjoy, everyone!

What are you doing here?

Just trying to follow my heart,
for once.

Have you seen Dax anywhere?

Uh, he's around here somewhere.



- Liv. Listen...
- Dax, I am so...

Ladies first.

Abby told me about you turning
down the job in New York.

I was never even considering it
as an option.

They really wanted you.

I really want to be here,
have a home base.

A menu I'm proud of.

An incredible space
I feel connected to.

So you're staying
in Crescent Lake?

As long as Crescent Lake
will have a celebrity chef.

That's really good to hear.

I think I might be here
a while myself, actually.

Wait, what about Seattle,
the partnership?

I quit.


There were too many cooks in the
kitchen and no shared vision.

And a relatively wise guy
taught me

that listening to my gut
is the only way to go.

What happens now?

I don't know.

I sent an email to Mrs. Codin
explaining my resignation

and thanking her
for the opportunity.

But I'm, I'm going to take
a beat.

I'm gonna actually relax.

Spend some time with my family

and then I'll hit
the ground running, and...

Look for some new clients.

Dax, I'm sorry
for not trusting you

and for leaving the way
that I did.

You know you're
a really good guy.

You're so kind and creative
and a little stubborn,

but you know, that's just 'cause
you know what you want.

I've gotten into this habit of
putting work above everything.

My family, my happiness, love.

I just don't want
to do that anymore.

- I got it open.
- You got it open?



"Success is fleeting.
Love is forever.

"Treat them both accordingly,

I like that.

Dax, Olivia, get in here, hurry!

Come on!

You guys did it!

Did what?

What is this?

Here, you read it.

It's Walter Gregson's review.

"Catch on the Lake.

"A quaint but sophisticated
lakefront spot

"is a must try on my hometown
hotspots list."


"The view is incredible,
the decor is impeccable

"and the food is everything
I hoped it would be and more.

"Catch on the Lake
was the most charming

"waterfront dining experience
I've had in a decade

"and I cannot wait
for my next trip.

"Ten out of ten
hometown hotspot."


We did it.

Oh, my gosh, we did it.

Mrs. Codin.

What are you doing here?

I don't want to impose,
but, I'm sorry,

where are my manners?

You must be Peter.


And you must be Dax.

Uh, yeah, hi.

I'm Hailey Codin,
owner of the Skylyn Hotel.

When Jasmine told me that you
were working on a project here

I wanted to come and see it
in person.

And, it's as perfect
as I imagined.

I wanted to see the design,
but after I tried that food,

I wanted to discuss our options.

Have you thought
about franchising,

or opening a sister restaurant?

Because this is exactly
what I was thinking

for the Skylounge.

I can see it now.

Catch of the Sky.

Oh, Mrs. Codin, I don't work
for Wayward anymore.

I know.

We're also no longer
with Wayward.

Their vision was all over
the place, but yours...

After I saw what you two
created here,

I thought yes, this is it.

Anyway, think about it,
will you?

Let me know if you'd like
to discuss anything further.

Mrs. Codin! Wait!

We'll give you two a moment.

I don't know what to say.

I mean, do we do it?

Another restaurant, together.


I mean, it doesn't
sound terrible.

No, I've definitely had worse
job offers with worse coworkers.

Yeah, same.

You know, Dax, I would love
to do another space with you,

I really would, but...

You're worried
about compromising

your creative vision.

Well, if we're gonna do this,
I think...

I think we need to set
some ground rules.


First off, since presumably
we'll have a bigger budget,

I want silk napkins.


Black tie dress code.


- With a six month wait list.
- Ooh, I like it.

- Liv...
- You know, I...

Sorry. Go ahead.

When I first came here,

I wasn't sure what
I was gonna find.

But now I can't imagine
being anywhere else.

With anyone else.

You challenge me.

You are so unapologetically yourself.

I mean, even though you have
terrible taste in salt.

You helped me, like you really
helped me

remember who I am
and I love making food.

It makes people happy,
it doesn't just wow them.

I was sad when you left.

I'm really happy you came back.

I am too.

And I would love to make
another restaurant with you.


I was just thinking
the same thing.


I could really go
for a deconstructed

cup of coffee right now.

In a beaker?

Is there any other way?

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