Spring Break Nightmare (2023)

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Horror, Scary, Halloween Movie Collection.
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Spring Break Nightmare (2023)

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I was watching that.

You wouldn't have to if you
were there.

I know. I'm sorry, baby.

I know, work.

Okay, come on, my mom
wants to make a toast.

Hey, hey, wait, wait wait wait.


A top 10 spot means turning
pro, getting sponsorships.

Okay, can we at least
celebrate a little bit

before you start counting your half

of the divorce settlement.

Oh, so now we're getting a

Prove me wrong.

I'm sorry, baby, I gotta take this.



Hi, everybody.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Aw, thank you. Thank you so much.

Okay, if everybody would
gather around,

I'd like to give a speech
to my beautiful daughter.

Oh, before you say anything,
may I?

Kayla, I should hate you, but I
love you.

You're my best friend, and
you shredded out there.

But just know that I'm not
gonna sit back and let you

take my number one ranking
without a fight, so...

Okay, okay, thank you.



Kayla, baby.

They said the odds were
against you, but you won.

I knew you could do it.

I'm very proud of you, baby.

Okay, I'd like to thank you
all so much

for being here for Kayla,
and I know everyone

is calling this an upset,
but it wasn't to me.

We all know how hard Kayla
has worked to get here

and for how long, from watching
her dad

compete from the beach,

to surfing alongside him

and winning her very first competition.

I am so proud of you, sweetheart,

and I know your dad would be too.

My surf sensei.

To my beautiful daughter!

To winning the Nekton
Championship next!

No, girl, next is
the awesome beach house

Sarah found us such a good deal on.

Yes. It's super fancy,
and of course, I found it.

Wow, doesn't that sound fun?

Did you know about this?

I wasn't invited.

But you're Kayla's best friend.

Yeah, I thought so too.

I'm sure she didn't mean
anything by it.


She's just been busy.

Aw, honey.

So, you're renting a house?

Just so Ally and I
can recharge and train.

You mean party.

Mom, no, it's not like that.

You don't think I know
what spring break is.

I know you girls wanna celebrate,

but right now is really
the time to stay focused.

The Nekton Championship is the
last contest of the season.

I just want you to have
a plan in place in case

things don't go your way.

You don't think I can win?

Of course I do, honey,

but not if you're off partying
when you should be training.

And applying to schools.

Okay, I said I'd look
into schools after Nekton.

This could be my chance to go pro.

Why don't you just stay here
and train?

What, with you?


We live right next to the ocean,

and you haven't gotten in
the water since Dad died.

He would have wanted me to win.

Your father wanted more for
you than just surfing, Kayla.

And, I just, I want you to have options.

After I win, I'll
have plenty of options.

Sponsors, I could be a brand ambassador.

Those aren't the
options I'm talking about,

and you know it.

Just because you won today
doesn't mean you'll win tomorrow.

I mean, your dad knew that,
even after he went pro,

he never stopped trying
to better his life.

And ours.

I just want some downtime
to hang out with my friends

and relax, it's not that big of
a deal.

I understand, okay?

I get it. I do, okay?

But I really think that
you should bring Becky.

Mom, why?

Honey, she's your best friend.

She doesn't even surf.

Neither does Sarah.

Okay, well, Sarah's Ally's

Well, this way, they
can't team up on you.


But don't go texting her the
whole time,

or I'll have her block your number.

You wouldn't dare.

Wanna bet?

Can I go enjoy my party now?

Yes, go.

You're welcome.

Thank you.

I cannot decide. Hat or
no hat?


Oh, we're so excited
you could make it, Becky.


Hey, are you still talking
with Evan?

Are you kidding me? No, no.

It was so good to see
you again, Miss Miller.

It was good to see you too, Becky.

You all packed up?

Yeah, we're just waiting on Kayla.

She talking to Nick?

Yeah, saying goodbye.

Do you like him?

Kayla does.


I will. Okay, bye.

Nick says hi.

- You ready?
- Yeah.

All right, let's go!

- Bye, Miss Miller.
- Bye, Becky.


Okay, I'll be right out.

Honey, before you go, will
you please just take these

and look over them
whenever you get a chance.

Maybe ask Becky for help.

I know she just got accepted

Mom, I know you're worried.

I promise I'll look through
them as soon as I get back.

Okay. All right, you win.

Come here.

Oh my God.

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

That's what we need.

Let's go!

Okay, I'm coming.

Thank you.

All right. I love you, sweetheart.

If we go any slower,
we're never gonna get there.

I'll miss you. Be safe, okay.

I will.

Bye, girls. Be safe.

Have fun.

Spring break!

♪ I guess I'm going out tonight

♪ The city's quiet when
it rains on Thursday ♪

♪ It's been a while, but I feel
fine ♪

♪ All I gotta do is stay outta
my way ♪

♪ Walked right into it

♪ A sucker for a classic Betty

♪ Time in a sweater, Farrah
couldn't wear it better ♪

♪ Left me unsteady, feeling like
this ♪

♪ No, don't try to go

♪ No goes my world

♪ No, don't try to go

♪ No goes my world

♪ And everything in it now

♪ She's got somebody by her side

♪ A girl like that won't
stay alone on Thursday ♪

- Yo, birds.
- Hey.

Welcome to Sugar Mama. Ally?


You want me to show you around?

Oh, we're good. Thanks, though.

All right, well, keys.

Thank you.

Oh, hey, I have a spot for
those boards in the back.

Thank you.

Also, I run a car service,

in case you need to get to the bars.

- Thanks.
- 10% off for all my renters.

Thanks, we'll let you know.

Yeah, yeah, sure you
don't want the nickel tour?

Oh we're good, thanks.


Hey, do you think you
could show us around?

Yeah, no problem.

Is there AC?
♪ There goes my world

Yeah for sure.

♪ There it goes, there it goes

♪ There goes my world

♪ There it goes and it goes

♪ There goes my world

Come on, Becky. You just
have to have one, okay.

What is that supposed to mean?

I can have other kinds of fun.

- Pour.
- Maybe later.

Later? Come on, no, right now.

Becky! Get wrecky!

Oh my goodness.

I'm gonna party, just not
right now.

I like to take it slow.

Well, not too slow 'cause
there's a lot of hot guys

and you know it's not spring break

unless you break a couple springs.

Okay, all right.

Okay, okay, okay.

Why don't y'all go find your rooms.

I don't think they like me.


No, that's just how they are.

Besides, they're just
here to party any way.

What about you?

Maybe a little, but I'm here
to rest.

Now, let's go find your room.

- Okay.
- Come on.

My parents were leaving
the football game and

this drunk guy slaps my mom's

I know, and my dad was like,
"Hey, man, that's my wife."

And he was like, "What are
you gonna do about it?"

My dad goes, please and head
butts him.

Okay, the guy passes out
and he's like bleeding.

I know and then he got arrested
and we got sued for $2000.

It's illegal to as*ault somebody.

Yeah, so that makes sense.

I know, right?

Kayla, how about a surf before
you go out?

Surf, yes.

Go out, no.

You're just gonna lie around
and text with Nick all night.

That's why I'm here.


He doesn't need to know where
you are

every minute of every day.

You gotta leave a little mystery.

Okay, no, not tonight.

No, not tonight. Can I
please have my phone?

Your mommy texted you.

On second thought, it might
be fun to go out tonight.

Okay, let's get you in
something hot.

Please. Come on.

I have extra miniskirts.

Let's go.

I wanna do your makeup, too.

Okay, okay.

I gotta put you in a
miniskirt, Becky.

Are you okay?

Did my mom tell you to ask me

No, I'm just asking.

I'm fine, I'm gonna go surfing

and then I'm going out tonight.

Do you mind if I tag along, too?

Of course I don't.

I'm sorry I snapped at you.

I really am glad that you're

Now let's go get ready.

- Yeah.
- Go.

Let's get some selfies.



I just can't get the right one.

Are we allowed to be on
this part of the beach?

Who cares?


Looks like somebody
finally found our spot.


How's it going?

And it looks like they
know what they're doing.

Yeah, well, they're pro surfers.

That's Kayla Miller and Ally Gates.

So I'm guessing you all
aren't from around here.

Oh, no. Maybe we should head out.

We're here for spring break.

Yeah, I'm Sarah, this is Becky.


I'm Zeke, this is Dean.


Hey, so we're actually having
a bonfire.

Oh, I love parties.

Yeah, totally.

And you should, I don't
know, bring your friends.

It's right down the beach.

You guys should show tonight.

I mean, if you're lucky, we'll


Okay, well, maybe we'll
see you guys around.

- See ya.
- Yeah.


Yeah, we're definitely going.

You should come.

Yeah, no, I'm gonna go.

Okay, it's decided.

Hey mom, what's up?

Hey, getting some rest?

I was.

That's good.

Well, you sound distracted.

I'm just getting ready to go out.

Kayla, I know I can't
expect you to behave

like a nun while you're there.


Did you get a chance
to look at that stuff

I put in your suitcase?

Mom, it hasn't been a day yet.

Yes, I'm looking at them right now

and no, I haven't even opened
them yet.

I came here to rest.

But you know what?

Now, I think I'll go out
and blow off some steam.

Okay, okay.

I mean, it's spring break, right?

Kayla, I didn't want to
start a fight with you.

This is my fault.

It is all your fault.

Since dad died, you've been
breathing down my neck.

He would understand.

Just go have fun, okay.

I'll call you tomorrow.


You can have it back when
you decide to have fun.

The car's waiting.

Yeah come on.

Let's go.

Come on, let's go.

- Come on.
- I'm coming.

Wow, okay.

Let's do sh*ts, let's do sh*ts.
Come on.

No, no.

Yes, yes.

Just do one shot.


Hey ladies.

- Hola.
- Welcome.

You made it.



- Where's your drink?
- I don't drink.

Kayla right?

Uh, yeah.

Saw you out on the waves
today, you can really shred.

So you followed us?

Sarah, right?

Can I show you something for a


What are you doing?

- Wow.
- Okay

That's fast.

What's going on?

How long are you guys here for?

Like a week. Yeah.

- A week.
- Yeah, like a week.

Cool. Maybe I'll see
you around, hang out more.

We should totally shred some gnar.

- Uh, we'll see.
- Yeah, we're good.

We'll see.

Can I get you a drink?

- Um, I'm good.
- He's so cute, just go.

I'm good, I'm good. Okay.


Yeah, it's actually
Venus actually brings

a very feminine energy.

Oh wow.

Hey everybody check it out.

What do you say that we get
out of here and we go someplace

where we can really party?


Yeah, yes.

- Becky!
- For God's sake,

somewhere where we can get Becky
a drink.

- Yeah.
- Come on, Becky!

You okay?

I think I'm gonna go but
you can stay, it's okay.

I'm gonna go, I'm gonna go.

You okay?

Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm okay. I just,

I'm just gonna walk.

I think, um.

I just didn't really want
to drink, so you know?


I will call a car.

Ally has my phone.

I will be right back.


I had my fun. Phone please.

No, let me...

- Thank you.
- Please.

No, I'm gonna head
out. You should leave.

Bye Sarah.

Wait, wait. Stay. Please.

Becky doesn't feel well.

Put her in a car. Stay.

The cute one likes you.

Okay, okay, okay.

It's late and we wanna
surf early in the morning,

isn't that why we're here?

Relax. Celebrate.

Do you not want me to train?

What? No, I don't care.

You don't want me to win.

No, of course not, but I'd
still be happy if you did.

Okay, okay, real nice Ally.

I'm gonna go, have fun.

Be safe. Or, I don't care.

Wait, early surf in the morning?


You know what, I think
I kind of wanna walk.

Okay, yeah, I'll walk with you.

Oh, okay.



Thanks for walking.

I just could not get in a
car until my stomach settled.

You're fine, it's not even
that far.

Are you feeling any better?

Yeah. Thanks.

How about you?

Me? No, I'm fine.

I didn't even drink tonight.

I know, I guess I meant, well,

I'm worried about you.

Okay. You don't need to worry
about me.

No one needs to worry about me.

I know, it's just that ever
since you've been winning,

you've been different.

Since I'm actually
succeeding at something I love.

And it's great but,

are we even still going

to college together because
I already got accepted

and you haven't even asked me
about it.

Have you even applied yet?

You sound just like my mom.

What if I don't even
want to go to college?

Is that why you didn't invite

No Becky. This is why
I didn't invite you.

You're only here because my
mom told me to invite you

and now I see why.

Where are you going?

To be alone, I'll see you at
the house.


Let me go.


Come on, man!

Let's go!

Help me!

Get her legs!

Shut up!

You don't think she's dead, do

You better hope she is or
we're screwed.

She saw your face.

Man, what happened?

All you were supposed
to do was get her drunk

and bring her here.

I tried.

She was pretty damn sober
when I got her in the van.

But you didn't have to hit her.

Hey, that is your fault.

I did my part.

She's awake.

What are you doing? Your mask.

There's no point. Thanks to you.

Good luck proving whatever it
is that you think you know.

But just in case if you
try, we will come for you

and your mom.

We will always be watching you.

Nobody can protect you.

Do you understand?

Come on.

Come on, hurry.

Hey Becky, it's Michelle,
just calling to check in.

I was hoping to hear
from Kayla this morning.

Hope you girls are having fun.

Nick, hi.

Sorry to bother you, it's

I was just calling to see
if you've heard from Kayla

this morning.

Give me a call when you get this.



Hey there Ally. Good morning.

Ms. Miller. What time is it?

It's 9:15.

I was calling to see
if you were with Kayla,

but I guess if you've
just woken up, you're not.

Yeah, I haven't seen
her since last night.

I'll go look.

Can you go grab her for me?

She's not picking up her phone.



Sarah? Hello?

Hold on, let me go look.

Is anybody home?

Kayla, it's mommy.

She's not here, the bed's made.

What about Becky?

I can't get in touch with her either.

I'm the only one here but
maybe they went to breakfast.

What about Kayla's jeep?

Is it there?

It's still here but we're
supposed to surf this morning.

So maybe she got a headstart.

Well, can you go check?


No, her board's here too.


Send me the address. Now.

- Ms. Miller.
- Hi, Nick.

I'm sorry, I came over as
soon as I got the voicemail.

Has Kayla called or
texted you since last night?

No, I haven't heard from her.

All right. Well, I'm
headed out right now.

If anything has happened to her, Nick,

I could never forgive myself.

She's all I have left, Nick.

Let's go find her.

You're coming too?

Yeah, I'll drive.

You can call hospitals,
check with friends.

Anything else we need.

Thank you Nick.

Hey, I care about her too, okay.

We'll find her.


Hey, Ally, it's Michelle.

I just was calling to see
if you've heard from Kayla.

I understand, I'm upset too.

Finally yes, yes.

I was calling to see if
you had a young woman

admitted last night.

That was a known risk.

Her name is Kayla Miller.

I'm a little busy right now.

What about any Jane Does?

I will take care of it.

I'm sorry too.

Yes, I'll hold, Yes, I'll hold.

Yes, I'll hold.

That's the third time.

How hard is it to run
a search on a computer?


Pull in here.

Wait, Ms. Miller.

Police? I mean, do we have
anything to tell them?

No, but it's worth checking.

Okay, um.

- I'll go with you.
- Okay, okay.

This is work, I gotta take
this. I'm sorry Ms. Miller.

Okay, just keep trying
to get in touch with Kayla

or anybody else, okay.


This is Nick.

Yeah, no, I understand, I'm
upset too.

Hi, I'm here to report a
missing person.

Can you help me?

Has it been 48 hours?

No, no, but it's not like
my daughter to just disappear

and not return phone calls
from me or her friends.

Ma'am, that's one thing

movies get right.

I understand it's spring break.

Your daughter missed curfew
and you're a little worried.

Fill this form out and
if we hear from her,

we'll be in touch.

Excuse me, Officer Poulet,

I'm more than just a little
worried, okay.

It's not like my daughter to
just vanish.

She is a responsible girl.

Ma'am, have you considered
that maybe your daughter

doesn't wanna be found just yet?

A lot of these kids come here
to escape overbearing parents.

That's not what this is.

99 times out of 100 they show
up here

with regrets from the night before.

What about the 100th
time, what happens then?

Can I speak to the chief please?

He's on vacation.

Of course he is.

Ma'am, stop right there.

Ma'am, what are you doing?

Stop, you cannot go back there.

Hey, hey, back up. Up against
the wall.

Have you seen this girl?

Up against the wall.

You wanna go to jail?
You wanna get locked up?

Ma'am! Ma'am!

Hey, have you seen this girl?

Have you seen her? Have you seen

Have you seen this girl?

Have you seen this girl?

Have you seen her?

Have you seen her?

Hey, hey. Have you seen this

Have you seen this girl?

Have you seen this girl?

Have you seen her?

Have you seen this girl?

Have you seen her?

Have you seen her?

Ms. Miller?


Sarah, Sarah, hey, where's

Where's Kayla?

I'm not her mom.

Sarah, I need you to focus
right now.

When was the last time
you remember seeing Kayla?

Are you here to bail me out?

Sarah, listen to me, I
will, I will bail you out

if you tell me where Kayla is.

Tell me everything that you remember.

When was the last time
you remember seeing Kayla?


She was at the boardwalk, okay.

And then what Sarah?

Then what?

Am I in trouble?

Listen to me, listen to me.

When was the last time
you remember seeing Kayla?

What happened?

She was supposed to leave with
me and...

And then leave with who?

The hot guys at the beach.

Hot guys, what guys?


Sarah, who are they?

How did you get back here?

Just tell me.

This way. This way now.

Right now, before you get in the t*nk.

Call your mom!

Let's go!

- Go now.
- Please.

- She was with my daughter.
- Let's go now.

You wanna be in there with her?

Oh, sorry.

Is everything okay?

No, my daughter is
missing and someone in there

knows something.

She needs to leave or she
is going to be detained,

Detective Fisher.

She doesn't seem like

that much of a threat to
society, okay.

Just a worried mom.

I can take it from
here, thank you, Poulet.

Yeah, you're lucky.

All right, come on miss.


Congratulations Ms.
Miller, you're the only one

that's made it that far past Poulet.

Let's talk outside, see if I
can help find your daughter.

Thank you. Thank you.

I understand your concern
but this kind of thing

happens around spring break.

Just text me a photo of
Kayla and let me know

if there's anything else I can
do to help.

Well you can start by
questioning Sarah

back there in the drunk t*nk.

She was with Kayla last night.

Okay, I'll talk to her
and see what she says, okay?


Call me if you hear anything.

I will. Thank you detective.

Find anything?

No, but Sarah is in there.

- Sarah?
- Yeah.

Let's go.

Did she say anything?

Just that Kayla left with some guys.

Have you heard from Ally yet?

Not yet.

Okay, then let's go to the rental.

Hopefully she's there.

I'll go around back.

Ally, Ally?

Ally, are you here?


Oh. Sorry.

Is everyone okay?

Sorry, I was in the shower.

I left it open for you.

Have you heard from Sarah,
I can't get a hold of her.

She's fine.

- Where is she?
- Jail.


Which room is Kayla's?

Upstairs top floor.

Where's Ally?

She's in there.

Okay, Ally I need you
to try to tell me every...


Oh my God, your back.

Yeah that, I fell in
the water and hit a reef.

We went surfing and then to
this whole beach party thing.

But it was like super
lame so then we left.

Yeah, Sarah mentioned some hot guys.

They're not that hot.

Who were they

I don't know. Just like locals.

Do you know their names?

I didn't catch them.

They took us to the boardwalk

and that's where I saw
Kayla and Becky last.

Would you recognize them
if you saw them again?


Okay, we're gonna retrace
Kayla's steps.

Go to the boardwalk, look
for surveillance cameras,


You stay here in case they come back.

Yeah sure.

Come on Ally, let's go.

Okay, hold on my hair isn't

Oh, Becky's mom is calling me back.


You have?

She texted?

Okay, yeah, yeah.

I'd appreciate that. Thank you.

Okay, bye-bye.

Becky's at brunch with friends.

She does not have any other friends.

Ally, stop it. This is serious.

Something is going on, I can
feel it.

Tell me about these guys again.

I don't know, they were just guys.

They brought us here, we got drinks.

Kayla was with one of
them like a lot though.

He had like a really stupid
name but he was kinda cute.

Wait, you think that
Kayla would cheat on Nick?

That's not like her at all.

They've had their issues.

Don't all relationships?

Ally, listen to me, you
have to tell me everything

that you know.

Do you understand me?

Yeah. Yeah, okay.

Okay, we were here and
then they left that way

and that's the last time that I
saw her.

Maybe they have security cameras.

Let's see if they have footage,
come on.

Should we talk to like
a manager or something?

I don't know.

Hi, do you guys need some

No, sorry.

I saw that you have
security cameras outside.

I wanted to see if you
could show us the footage

from last night.

I really shouldn't.

It won't take long and you
could really help us, please.

I'll have to call the owner

Are you sure you have to make
that call?

Please we're really in a hurry.

You guys can play some games
as we wait.

How many tickets would I have
to win to see that footage?

I just, I really wanna see it.

Okay, come on back, I'll bring
it up.

This takes you back, this goes forward.


Yeah, go back, go back.

I think it was around midnight.

That's her. It's them, it's

What is she doing?

Wait, who's she trying to call?

Wait, I think I know.

She was calling a car, rental guy.

We have to go now.

Come on, let's hurry.

Thank you.

Good luck.

- This is the place?
- Yeah.

So the guy's name is Harold?

- I think so.
- Okay.

Hi, are you Harold?


Oh, hey, Ally, right?

Hey, yeah.

Hi, can we come in? We
could really use your help.

I can't.


All right, whatever.


How do you track your customers?

Phone number.

Do you mind, will you check?


I can't be doing that.

Please, it's my daughter.

She's missing and I think she
called for a car last night.

It's not gonna look
good for your business

if we don't find her.


All right.

Nope, sorry. Girls,
I can't be doing this.

Please just...

Can I check please?

Oh, got a hit on that number
last night.

Actually, this morning,
destination was 167

Cliffside drive.

That's you.

No rider at pick up though.

What do you mean?

I'll show you.

See, I record everything.

After a few incidents, I
installed cameras in all my cars.

Here's the pick up.

Okay, I got it. Let's go. Come on.

I hope this helped.

If you need anything else, just ask.

This is where Harold's
driver was called.

They must have
walked here from the bar.

Where was she last night?

We were on the beach somewhere.

There was a bornfire.

Where was the bonfire Ally?

It was around here, I
don't know, it was late.

Which way did you guys leave?

Which way did you go?

I think it was around here.

I can't remember.

Just keep looking for her.


Oh my God.



What is it? What is it?

Ms. Miller.

This is my fault.

Hey, hey, this is not your
fault, okay.

Look at me.

She wouldn't have even been
here if it wasn't for me.

Ms. Miller, you didn't do this
to her.

We're gonna get whoever did.

Do you think she was k*lled?

She could have fallen, it's
hard to say.

She texted her mom this morning.

We know, we're contacting her parents.

I spoke with Kayla's friend,
Sarah Swan like you asked.

Got some coffee in her.

She seemed sober but scared.

Do the names Zeke or Dean
mean anything to you?

Yeah, that's them.

Who are they?

We're looking into
it but first names only

is not much to go on.

Unless you have some more information.

They were buying a lot of drinks.

So that's basically all I remember.

It seems that Sarah was
told to keep Kayla close.

It's starting to look like
maybe your daughter was targeted

and maybe Becky just got in the way.


Best thing that you can do
right now

is go somewhere safe
and be near your phone.

And if anything new comes
up, you call me, okay?

Right away.

You just fine my daughter, please.

I'll take you back.

Is that Kayla's phone?

Yeah, I'm just scrolling
through it

to see if I can find anything.

Any kind of clue, anything.

Something Detective Fisher
said got me thinking.

Who would target Kayla?

Do we know she was targeted?

Do we?

What's that supposed to mean?

Your trip, your plan.


And conveniently you lose
track of Kayla

right before she disappears

and you didn't even go check on her

after you guys had been drinking.

Isn't that what a best friend
would do?

It was late, I thought
that she was asleep.

So you just passed out?

Are you seriously blaming me
for this?

She left me probably 'cause
she was pissed at you.

Hey, this is no way to help Kayla

and why would she be helping
us if she was involved?

So let's all just take
a breath and figure out

our next steps.

We're supposed to stay put
but I don't trust these cops

to move fast enough.

We've already lost so much time.

You want us to find her
ourselves in this city?

We have to do something.

Oh my God.

An unknown number?

What do I do?

Answer it.



Kayla, baby?

Kayla where are you?

- Are you okay?
- Shut up. Just shut up.

Just listen.

Your daughter is alive.

If you want her to stay that way...

I'll, I'll do anything.

If you speak again, she dies, okay.

If you go to the cops again, she dies.

If you don't leave now, tonight,
she dies.

We're watching you.

You say that you'll do anything
for her.

If you wanna see Kayla in one
piece again,

you'll do nothing.

Or else.

Oh my God.

Hey, hey, hey.

Hey, hey, hey.

It's okay, she's alive.

She's alive.

Look at me, look at me.

She's alive. She's alive.

Look, if she's still alive,

it means she can still come home.

What do we do, call the
cops, trace the number?

No, no cops.

You heard them.

Do you really think they can
be watching us that closely?

It's possible.

We can't just leave.

We're not leaving.

Should we call the detective?

Do you really want to risk that?

Doing nothing is not an option.

Kayla is alive but she's in trouble.

So I won't call the police.

What do you wanna do?

I'm gonna head out of town
first thing in the morning.


If they're watching us that closely,

I want it to look like I'm
doing exactly what they asked.

But don't worry, I'm gonna
make a stop along the way.


Hey, you're gonna be okay.

Okay, just calm down or you're
gonna get yourself hurt.

Look, if you promise not to scream

I won't put the gag back in.

You k*lled Becky.

It was an accident.

No one was supposed to get hurt.

You kidnapped me.

We were just supposed
to go out and have fun.

Does it look like I'm having
fun to you?

Please, just let me go.

Look, if you just hold on,

I promise you're gonna be okay.

I'm not gonna hurt you.

What about Dean?

Hey Zeke.

Can I talk to you for a minute?

Just out here.

What do you think this is man?

Play time?

You're not on a date with her anymore.

I know, but you don't have
to treat her like that, okay.

She's here, all right, we've got her.

So all we have to do is
wait and then let her go.

No, that was the plan, man.

That was the plan until you
decided to commit m*rder.

Okay, whoa, that was an
accident. You know that.

Oh, you think that's how
a jury is gonna see it?

You think that's how she sees

Bro, don't you understand?

We can't ever let her go.

Not after what you've done.

All we gotta do is dump her, okay

and get out of here.

I mean, she's hurt,
she can't even compete.

What, and trust her
to keep her mouth shut?

Look, I can talk to her, I'll

She likes me.

Wait, you think she likes you?

Zeke, Zeke, you m*rder*d her
best friend.

Zeke, look at me.

Let me be very clear here, dude.

She's not your friend.

Now I need you on my side, okay

Look, buddy, we're just
gonna stick to the plan

and be ready on schedule, okay?

What's going on?

She's going to the cops.

Come on.

Hey, hey. Hey, Dean!

Detective Fisher, I found my daughter.

Miss Miller, hi.



It's your daughter.

Put it on speaker.

Hi, mom.

Hi, honey.

Sweetie, I'm here with Detective Fisher.

Hi Kayla, I've heard a lot
about you.

Is everything okay?

Yeah. Glad I caught you.

Sorry for the misunderstanding.

I lost my phone...

after I got separated from Becky.

Sorry, I'm just finding out
about it.

Well rest assured Kayla.

We'll find out who hurt your
friend, okay?


And Kayla?

Where are you right now?

The rental.

I mean the beach, the
beach near the rental.

Yeah, we're leaving town today.

Too much excitement.

The girls just wanted
one last day at the beach

to say farewell to Becky.

Kayla honey is there anything
else that you needed?

Just, thank you detective.

Sorry for all the trouble at the beach.

Please don't be.

I'm just glad to hear that
you're okay.

Okay, well, it was good
to see you Detective Fisher.

I should get going.

I'm gonna take you off speaker
phone now.

Okay, honey?



You just don't listen, do you?

You talk to him again and she dies.

We're watching.

Are you trying to get us caught, huh?

I swear to God if he comes
sniffing around for you.

Hey, that's enough.

I told you to stay out of it.

Just stay away from her.

What are you trying to do, huh?

Oh, yeah, you're gonna try to
rescue her?

Let me go.

I'm done man.

I'm done, I'm done waiting
for the cops to show up, man

because her mom's not gonna quit.

We have to move her.

But the plan is to wait.

I'm not getting caught
and I didn't k*ll that girl.

Do you understand?

You did, you k*lled her.

Dean! Dean!

She's gone.

Find her. Find her!

Kayla! Kayla!


We're going on a trip.

There we go.

They knew, they knew.

How did they know?


Can we go through your night

We went to the bar.

She left, that's what happened.

Until what time?

This is pointless.

Are you telling them what we're

I'm not, I'm not doing
this with you again.

So it was just a
coincidence that they called

right when I went to go see

They could be tracking your phone.

Your back. How did that happen

I told you, surfing.

Look, no reef rash.

Did you get this when she fought

Is this because she beat you?

I fell, okay.

Outside the bar, I fell.

And I didn't want to tell
you because I was drunk.

I don't believe you.

This entire trip was your idea.

Did you plan this?

No, Kayla's my best friend.

You were her rival first.

I would never do anything to Kayla.

Let me see your phone.

Give it to me.

Fine, here.

Why don't you read my texts
from Kayla and get a good idea

how she really feels about you.

It's literally all she talks about.

- Where is she?
- You're crazy!

Stop, stop, it's the detective.

It's Fisher. I'll deal with him.

Detective Fisher, hi again.

Is this bad time?

No, no, not at all.

I was actually just headed out myself.

Okay, I just figured I'd
stop by and check in on Kayla

and tie up some notes.

I'm sorry. You just missed her.

Oh, no kidding.

Yeah, she went to surf county line.

I thought you were leaving.

This evening, She takes
every chance she gets to train.

She said she'd be back around four.

Okay, I'll swing by
around five and catch her

before you leave.

- Sounds like a plan.
- Okay.

It was good to see you
again, Detective Fisher.

You too.

Thank you for stopping by.

No problem.

If you keep lying, he's
gonna get suspicious.

We have to figure out how
they know what we're doing

otherwise we can't be sure of anything.

Maybe we talk with the neighbors.

See if they've seen anybody
weird looking around.

We've only been here for a
day, Nick.

Wait, what about Sarah?

Detective Fisher said that she knew

more than she was saying.

Would she talk to you?

Yeah, I mean, she
tells me everything, so.

Nick would you go and
pick her up from the station

and bring her back here?

I don't think they're gonna
let me in after last time.

Yeah, sure.

Are you two gonna be okay?

- Yeah.
- Yeah.

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry too Ally.

I just, I need to be alone right now.

Are you gonna keep quiet?

Yeah, you sure?

There we go.

Make yourself at home.

I don't feel like
defending myself again.

Why don't you and me go for a walk,

get some fresh air, talk things out.

I'm good. I think I'll stay here.

I was out of line Ally, I'm

Please. Ally please.

Fine, whatever.

I would never hurt Kayla, okay.

I don't know why you keep
accusing me.

Look if we want to find her,
we have to work together.

- We cannot be...
- Stop, listen.

We're being watched.

There's a camera in Kayla's


We have to get out of here.

No, no, no, stop, don't react.

Do you think Harold?

He said it himself,
he records everything.

It must be how they know what
we're doing.

They've been watching us this
entire time.

What do you want to do?

We're gonna go back to Harold's.

And this time we're going to
find out what he really knows.

And I'm gonna get my daughter back.

Come on.

I think your detective
friend is following us.

We have to lose him.

Go, go, go, go, go!

I think we lost him.

Zeke, it's almost time.

Get ready to move.

All right sweetheart, time for a...

Help! Help!


Zeke, Zeke. She's getting away!


Kayla stop.

Kayla, Kayla.

Kayla stop.


Kayla, don't.

She's heading for the back.

Hurry before she gets by.

Get her legs!

Help! Help! Help!

Come on Kayla, you
shouldn't have done that.





Stop fighting.

You don't have to do this.

Yeah, I do.

No, no, stop.

Creel Motors.

I found the cameras.

I have video of my daughter.

I know where you are and
I am coming after you.

You screwed with the wrong family.

How was that? Threatening

Convinced me, yeah.

I'm gonna go in.

Let me go with you.

Stay here, and if you
have to, call 911, okay?

They said not to. Michelle.

Stay here.

What are you doing here?

Where is my daughter? I know
you know.

I already told you, I
don't know where she is.

I found the cameras.

There's a perfectly
reasonable explanation for that.

Well, then you can explain
it to me or the police.

Which is it?

Kayla, Kayla!

I told you Ms. Miller.

I already told you, I
don't know where she is.


I really wanna help you in
any way that I can if I can.

But I didn't know about
your daughter going missing

until you came in yesterday.

It's all documented here.

So what is all this stuff?

Are you some kind of pervert or

Do I look like a pervert to you?

People steal stuff, I'm
just protecting my business.

So you record everything right?


Well, I mean not everything, but.

The cameras are there for
security purposes only.

All the footage comes
here and just so you know,

I'm the only one that has access
to it.

So you can pull up all the footage

from Kayla's rental house.

I will show you anything you
wanna see.

Let's just please keep
the police out of this.

All of this stays between you
and me

if you just help me find my daughter.


Ally, it's okay.

Harold's gonna help us, right

In any way that I can.

Have a seat.

Yeah all right, so.

Yo Dean, he's here.


Nick? Nick?

What the hell happened?

No one was supposed to get hurt.

It wasn't as easy as
you said it would be.

Okay, give me a minute.

Hey, are you okay?

I don't understand. Why are
you here?

This is complicated.

Are you taking me home?

Of course.

Right after Nekton.

Hey, listen, I'm in a lot of trouble

and I made some very bad bets.

Baby, I just lost everything
when you beat Ally

and then I bet on her again for Nekton.

And so I just need some insurance.

You bet against me?

These people, they are
very bad people, okay.

And this is the only way.

Trust me.

No, Nick, Nick.


Where's Dean?

He's up top.

I don't even know what I'm
looking for.

Just keep going back. Keep
going back.

There, there, play it.



Hold on, hold on.

Stop, stop, stop, stop.

That's them. Those are
the guys from the party.

They followed her.

She was targeted.

Keep playing it.

I totally know that van, dude.

I know that van.

Belongs to a guy named Dean.

Him and his buddy Zeke rent
out mommy's yacht for parties.


My bet's they're at Hoffman shipyard.

They're not exactly a legit business.

So they don't dock at a marina.

Hoffman. Let's go.

I'll send you a pin.

Hey, good luck. I mean it.

I'm taking this.

It's on the house.

Hoffman, I knew that
name sounded familiar.

It's where Nick works.

It came up with his caller ID.

Have you heard from him since
he left?

Not since you told him to get Sarah,

he hasn't been answering any of
my texts.

He showed up first thing
so that he could be with me

when Kayla went missing
so he could know exactly

what I was doing.

They have had someone
running this entire thing

from the inside.

It's him Ally.

It's how they know where we are.

They're not tracking our phones.

I'm calling Fisher.

Wait, don't you think
we need proof this time?

Let's get there and then call.

Come on. Let's go.

You shouldn't have come here Nick.

Apparently I should have come sooner.

Do you realize how many times
you almost got us caught?

Oh, I am literally the only
one who has done their job.

If you wanna blame someone,
blame Zeke.

He m*rder*d that girl.

And what about you?

You were supposed to make sure
that Sarah

kept everybody close,
but you couldn't do that.

Could you?

Now where is she?

Or, um.

Are we gonna have to make
another stop.

She is out and she knows
nothing, I made sure of it.

All right, all we have
to do is keep Kayla here

until after the competition
and the bets clear.

She can't compete if she's dead.

That won't be necessary

Things are different now,
Nick, do you understand?

She was never supposed to know
who we are.

- I know.
- That part was crucial.

I know. I know.

Okay, um.

The thing is, Nick, we
don't have a choice.

I know. I know.

Even if we let her go now.

I know. I know. I know. I

Nick, we have to k*ll her.

- No, no.
- Yeah.

No, wait a second I can talk
to her.

I can explain.

No, man, you can't explain it.

No. No more explaining, no more talking.

Let me tell you what I told Zeke

when I saw him catching
feelings for your girl.

There is no scenario in which
she lives

and we walk free.

Do you get it Nick, any of us.

Nick, Nick, where are you?

Nick, I'm ready to go.

Get rid of her.

Nick? Come on.

Sarah, hey.

Hey, hey, hey, I told
you to wait in the car.

But you said you'd be quick.

I know.


I'm really grateful you
bailed me out, but I'm tired.

I'm cooped up.

I mean is Kayla in there or

No, no, no, no.

Hey baby.


Look, I told you it's for
work, okay, and Kayla is done.

You promise?


It's getting dark,
let's get you out. Okay?

I know but...

And I'll be back later and
we can chill all night long.

You promise?

I promise. I promise.

We haven't spent any time together.

I want seafood now.

You can have whatever you want.

Go get us some dinner.

Ew, what is he doing?

I knew he was a loser.

Fisher. It's Nick.

He's here, he's in on it.

He's at Hoffman shipyard.

No, Sarah.

He said just to stay here.

There's no time, I gotta go.

Michelle, Michelle, wait.

I'm gonna go save my daughter.

Michelle, wait.


Stay here.

Whoa, whoa, what are you doing?

What are you doing?


Hey! Dean?

What we should have done from
the start.


No, no!


No. No.


That's a good girl.

Oh come on, man. Come on.

Put the knife down.

Dean, Dean, please.

Please, please, please, please
just put the knife down.


Come on, man. You're
gonna make so much worse

than it already is.

Please man.

Please, I'm begging you.

Just please put the knife down.

Hey, whoa.

Let her go.

Zeke, buddy, look at me.

I know you don't like this.

Come on, come on man.

All we have to do is run.

Not if we wanna get paid.
Zeke not if we wanna be free.

Come on.

I didn't sign up for this
either, but I am not the one

who is a k*ller here.

I am not a k*ller.

Oh yeah? What would Becky say
to that?

Shut up, shut up.

Zeke, listen to me.

We do this, that is erased.

Do you understand?

I am not a k*ller.

Stop, hey.

It's too late Nick.

Too many loose ends, we
need to cut our losses.

Zeke, you pull that trigger,

that's it.

You might as well put that
g*n to your own head next.

Just put it down and
think this through man.

Dean, give her to me.

Give her to me, Dean.

I mean, did you two both think

this was all gonna end happily
ever after for everybody?

Somebody has to die.

Not her.


Are you really willing to
go to prison for this girl?


I'm the only one that knows
how to drive the boat.

I'll figure it out.


Hey, hey. Don't. Baby, no,
no, no. Don't, don't. Stay.


This is all just for a bet?

No, no, no, no, I did this for us.

This is for our future.

You have to believe this was for us.

Did you ever actually love me?

After the bets clear, we
can do whatever we want.

We can go wherever you want.

I'm not going anywhere with you.

I'm gonna walk out of here.

You know I can't let you do that.

Then you'll have to k*ll me.

Get off of my daughter.

Stay here.



- Kayla.
- Kayla baby.

Put down the g*n.

Put the g*n down, Kayla.

Baby, put it down.




Kayla just put it down.

Put the g*n down, baby.

It's me.

- Put the g*n down.
- It's me Kayla.

Put it down, honey. Don't do
this, okay.

Listen to your mom.

Don't do this, okay. Please.

Listen to your mom.

It's over, it's over.


So it turns out Nick Sawyer
was part of a gambling ring.

He owed a bookie a lot of money

and he bet against your daughter.

So he wanted her out of
the way? Ew, what a pig.

Thank you for believing
me, Detective Fisher.

I'm sorry we were here so late.

It's okay.

How are you feeling, young lady?

I'm sore, but I'm okay.

Well, you have a very special mom.

I know.

She was like right on my tail.

No, she wasn't, it was not
that close

you're better than you think.

And you were awesome today at Nekton

and totally deserved that win.

Competition was a
little slim without you.

Don't get too excited.

Today is just for fun.

Yeah, right, it's on.

Mom, we're ready to go.

I'm coming.

Look at this.

Okay, so she was like coming
right at me.

And I was like, girl.

Oh my gosh.

Hot momma.

Mom, you're actually
gonna get in the water?


You haven't surfed since dad died.

I know, but I figured it
was time to change that.

It's your last surf
before your first semester

and I really wanted to
share that with you.

It's not exactly my last surf.

I'll get back out there.

Hey, be careful.

She is not quite easy to keep up with.

Take it from me.

Don't I know it.

Mom come on.

I'm right behind you.
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