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Roadkill (2022)

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(loud click)

Of course I'm
excited to meet her.

Just don't make that
shitty lasagne again.

No, I'm not smoking.

What do you mean you can tell?

No, don't worry about it.

We'll look at tickets
at the end of the week

when I get paid.

End of the month,
we're outta here.


Yeah, hey, listen.

I gotta go.

Yeah, I'll talk to you later.

(tires rumbling)

Ty, we don't know how
long this is gonna take.

We don't know how
long he's been out here.

I Just, I'm not comfortable.

We're in the middle of nowhere.

We don't even know
if he's got water.

[Sandra] Don't be a hero.

Oh, I'm always a hero.

We'll be fine.



Hell of a place
to break down, mate.


Get out of the f*cking car!

Get the f*ck out!

Get out of the
f*cking car!

Get out of the
f*cking car!

Oh my god

(tense music)

Get out of the f*cking car!

Open the f*cking door!

(tense music)

- (g*n bangs)
- [Sandra] Tyler!

Get out of the
f*cking car.

Open the door!

(glass shattering)

(Sandra screaming)

Please don't!

Get out!

No, no, please!

(Sandra groans)

(tense music)

(Sandra screams)

(tense music)

(tense music) (baby crying)


(tense music)

No, no.

(tense music) (baby crying)

You can't just leave us!

(baby crying)

Your phone and keys
will be up the road.

(tense music)

[Albert] Wildlife control
found the body at 5:00 AM.

[Ernest] Looks fresh, any ID?

[Albert] Katrina Douglas.

She was celebrating her
18th in the pub in town.

Her friends never saw her leave.

[Ernest] What do you make of it?

Well, the s*ab
wounds on the back

are clearly large in diameter,

so I would say he
used a bowie knife

or something just as big, but...


But the wound on the neck.

What about it?

It's neater, it's smaller.

He's either used multiple
knives in the same struggle

or he stabbed her to death

and bled her out
carefully through the neck

like a wild animal.

He? So you reckon
she's one of ours?

Well, she's got
to be, doesn't she?

She's in relatively close
proximity as the other bodies

and all within a month.


Tell Sergeant Rico to get
forensics on this ASAP

and send everything over to us.

I'll just call the missus

and tell we're gonna
be here a while.

[Albert] Yes, sir.

(soft music)

(tires rumbling)

(intense music)

How was work?


Some guy had a heart
attack in one of the tunnels,

so he had to get an
airlift to hospital.

Jesus, really?


Auntie Kate!

Hey, how you going?


Yeah, no we're looking
forward to it too.

Yeah, you better. (Laughs)

(tense music)

Some cops came over today.

What did they want?

Apparently they
found a body in a farm

just outside of town.

They were just asking
if I knew the victim.

Did you?


What happened?

They reckon m*rder.

They reckon it's the same
guy from the territory,

so they were telling
everyone to be home by eight

and stay inside.

Be careful.

Hey, soon I will take
you somewhere fancy

and cultured and shit
and we can get away

from all the crazy
m*rder psychopaths.

I've always wanted to go
somewhere cultured and shit.

I've gotta go back to the
farm to finish my hours.

But maybe when I'm done,
we can go to the river.

Yeah, that sounds good.


Sergeant Albert, in here.

Did any of the
witnesses say anything

about a white ute
anywhere near the bodies?

Nothing comes to mind, no, why?



Sir, that's one of...

Well, that is the most
popular car in the outback.

In both of the photographs
it's just sitting there.

Hell, he could have
been watching us.

A white ute.

What if we mapped out more
of the recent body locations?

See if we can narrow down
a few towns or road houses,

anywhere he could go
next and go from there.

Good idea, Sergeant.

You start putting
together a list

of the precise coordinates
of all the crime scenes.

(soft music)

(Connor screams)

(both hollering)
(water splashing)

So how long do
you want to go for?

What do you mean?

When do you want to come back?

Who said anything
about coming back?

Where are we gonna live?

I don't know.

But I'm sure as shit
not gonna die here.

Sure you're gonna be
able put up with me?

Pretty sure.

Just promise me that
you're not gonna lie to me.


(soft music)

(engine rumbling)

(tense music)

What's going on mate?

Just a bit of engine trouble.


Yeah mate, whatever you need.

Give me your phones,
wallets and keys!

Oh f*ck, here we go.

Oi, what do you
think this is, mate?

- Quickly.
- f*ck you, man.

You know what?

I don't even think
you have the balls.

Get him.

(g*n bangs)

Shit, f*ck!

Give me your shit now!

Shit dude!

f*ck man!



You f*cking shot him, dude!

Give me your f*cking shit!


Hurry the f*ck up,
empty your pockets.

Aright, here.

And his.

Dude, get your shit out.


Dude, get your shit out, man.

- What are you talking-
- Get your shit out!

[Jordan] Help me!

f*ck's sake.

Hurry up!

Dude, where's your keys?

They're in the other pocket.



Hurry up!

(keys jangle)

You're so dead.

f*ck sake.

Your phone and keys
will be waiting for you

a kilometer up the road.

[Trent] Oh, you are nothing but.

Stay the f*ck back!

You're nothing but
f*cking roadkill, you hear me?

f*cking roadkill!

(tense music)

(pop music)

Everything alright
out here, Sergeant?

Everything's fine, sir.

No, it's f*cking not!

My mate's lying in hospital!

Look mate, we need
you to calm down

if we're going
to help you.

What's your name?

- Trent.
- Okay Trent.

When the Sergeant's back,

he'll be able to
take your statement.

Sergeant Rico is out to lunch.

Oh, but I'm sure
you can handle it.

Anyway, we're waiting for
those files from Broken Hill.

Yes, sir.

A beat up red sports car?

Yeah, that's right.

Did you grab a plate number?

No, he covered it up.

Look, mate.

Honestly, he could
be anywhere by now.


What'd he take?

Well, that's the thing.


He just left everything
for us up the road.

(tense music)

You called about a
suspicious individual?


There was a man here.

Told me he'd committed acts.

- Acts.
- Yes.

He quoted scripture
that he was on a quest

from the almighty.

What exactly did he say?

He quoted revelation.

The cowardly, the
unbelieving, the vile, the

the sexually immoral.

Those who practice magic arts,

the idolators and all liars.

They shall be consigned to the
fiery lake of burning sulfur.

And that he was a
vessel for the Lord God.

Right, did he
actually do anything?

And that he was given authority
from the Lord to purge,

a quarter of this earth.

- Purge?
- Yes.

That he was one of the
four horsemen of the apocalypse.

The four horsemen?

Famine, pestilence,
destruction, and death.

Is that it?


He gave me this.

(tense music)

Give me your phone,
wallet and keys.


I'll just get them out.

Oi, oi, get back.

(tense music)

Where's your phone?

What's that?

Where the f*ck is your phone?

Don't have one.

Never needed it.

Take off your jacket.

You ever shot that thing before?

(g*n bangs)

You ever k*lled anyone,
is what I meant.

(k*ller chuckles)

(tense music)

You want this too?


(tense music)

(tires rumbling)

(tense music)

How did your
little field trip go?

They lost $40 to some
kid in an old red sports car.

How we going here?

Still working on
these locations.

Would it be worth
contacting some motels

and surrounding towns and
seeing if they've seen the ute

or anything suspicious?

Doubt it.

There's far too many
tradies with white utes

going through these
towns and road houses.

No, our best bet,
determine a pattern,

narrow down his location,

and stop him before
he strikes again.

(soft music)

(tires rumbling)

(phone buzzing)

f*ck's sake!

(knocking at door)


Lucy, oh, it's been
such a long time.

How are you, sweetheart?

I'm good.

Ah, Luce, great to
see you, sweetheart.

Ah, a lovely wine for madame.

Thank you.

Well, this all looks so good.

You're so grown up now.

So is what's
his name here?


Well, this all
happened very quickly.

What's the story?

No story, he's
just the coolest guy.

You're gonna love him.

You sure?

[Lucy] Yes.

He's at work at the
moment, but he should be home

[Kate] I can't wait to meet him.

As long as he's looking
after you and behaving himself.

Yeah, yeah, you can trust him.


This is really delicious, Lucy.

I swear, it's almost
identical to your mum's lasagne.

She'd be very
proud of you.


Sorry, I forgot.

I'm here now, it's okay.

Hi, Auntie Kate?


It's lovely to meet you.

- Hello.
- Mr. Ernest.

[Ernest] Detective Ernest.

Pleased to meet you, son.

So we're dying to
hear all about you.

Are you a local boy?

No, I'm from all over the place.

Oh, that's interesting.

Do you have a job?

Yeah, I work in the mines.

And what do you do in the mines?

I mine.

You mine?

What does that entail?

Oh for heavens
sake, leave him alone.

So you're a homicide detective?

You don't really focus on
theft or anything else?

We spend most of our time on
homicide cases, that's right.

We do give the locals
a hand if they need it,

if they're short staffed.

Why, have you had
something stolen?

No, no, I was just
wondering I guess.

You know, I've got some
friends that have been mugged.

[Auntie Kate] Oh goodness.

Can I get you another beer?

No, that's all right.

I'm sure I can get it.

Stay there, enjoy.

Lucy, eat up.

Um, you're out, mate.

I'll get some
more from the shed.

That's all right, I'll get it.

You stay right there.

No, I don't mind.

No, no, no, no, I insist.

I insist.

(tense music)

(camera clicks)


So Connor, is that
your car out there?

Yeah, it is.

Ah, what is it?

It's nothing special.

It's just an old Honda.

Why do you keep it under a tarp?


That's alright Kate.

Mr. Ernest doesn't
really understand how.

Detective Ernest.

Sorry, Detective Ernest

doesn't really understand
how it works out here.

How what works?

The weather.

Seriously, you should see
some of the dust storms we get.

It can turn pitch black
in seconds, can't it Luce?


Even with the tarp.

Well, out here, nothing
stays clean for long.

There you go.

So, why were you late?

I thought you
were excited.

I was.

Something weird happened today.

At work.

What happened?

Someone thought
that they knew me.

Guess it was nothing.


It's fine.

I'll make it up to you.

Oh yeah, how's that?

Do you want me to tell you
or do you want me to show you?

You can show me

after you've done the dishes.

She liked you.

Yeah, he didn't.

(tense music)

His car matches the description.

And I don't want Lucy to know
anything about my involvement.

This is your case Sergeant

and I expect you to
act as a professional.

So get off your lazy ass

and get that douchebag
outta my niece's life.

Yes, sir.

Hi, this is Detective Albert.

We have some new information
regarding a possible suspect

that we need you to
come and take a look at.

I need you to take a
look at a photograph.

Is this the vehicle driven
by the man that mugged you?


Yeah, that's the one.

- Hello?
- Miss Lucy Miller?


Hi, my name's
Detective James Albert.

I'm here acting on a crime
reported by two young gentlemen,

about a crime which saw
the theft of much value stolen.

I'm sorry, I don't understand.

What do you want?

Are you the only one
here at the moment?

Yeah, I am right now.

Are you the only
one that lives here?

No, no.

My boyfriend lives here as well.

And where is your
boyfriend, Ms. Miller?

He's working.

And where does he work?

Sorry, did he do
something wrong?

We believe he might have some
information about the crime.

(tense music)


This guy at work was
playing with one of the machines

and he f*cking...

What's wrong?

What happened to your arm?

I cut it at work.

Are you lying?

What? No.

Can I go and wash
my arm now please?


More cops came today.

Another body?


Apparently a couple
of guys got mugged

on the highway just
outside of town.

One of them got shot

by a young guy

in an old red sports car.

Can I see your arm?

- Ow, f*ck!
- You piece of shit.

Lucy, just stop!


Lucy just wait.

What are you
trying to say?

What are you doing?



Lucy, just wait.

Lucy, stop!

I don't know what you
think you're gonna find

or who told you what,
but it's bullshit.

Lucy, let's go inside.

Lucy, just go inside
and we'll talk about it.

Lucy, Lucy, you're being
f*cking ridiculous.

Alright, stop going
through my shit.

You're not gonna
find anything, okay?

Lucy, can you just listen to me?

Lucy, can you please
just f*cking stop?

What the f*ck?

I can explain that.

How Connor, how
do you explain this?

Lucy, Lucy, stop.

Stop, look.

I did it for us, okay,
so we can go away.

Alright, it f*cking sucks here.

Leave me alone.


Did I f*cking stutter?

What the f*ck?

You take your f*cking jacket!

f*cking idiot, what the f*ck!

(Lucy coughs)


(tense music)

(knocking at door)


I thought I told you
to leave me alone!

(intense music)

(bugs chirping)

Are you right, mate?

Yeah, all good.

So what's with the g*n?

Hunting, mate.



Ah, bag one for me.

[Connor] Yeah, will do mate.

Catch ya'.

(engine rumbling)

Ah, damn it!

Uh, sorry Sarge.

Still can't find a pattern?

Maybe you just need
some rest boss.

Go home, sleep it off.

Come back and look at it
from a fresh perspective.

How many more need to die?

Perhaps you're right.

Go back to the hotel and
keep Kate some company.

I'll stick around here a
bit longer and finish up.


(radio chatter)

That's Connor.

(siren wails)

(tense music)

Get out of the car and
show me your hands.

Put your hands up!

I said put your
f*cking hands up.

You look too scared to be a cop.


You wouldn't happen to know
Detective Ernest, would you?

He's a friend of mine.

Friends, aye?

He seemed to have a
different impression.

Put your hands back up!

Lucy said you're out of town.

Is she in on it?

Or was I the first
person to tell her?

Either way, she's a good liar.

I guess you two are kind of
perfect for each other, aye?

Except she isn't a
criminal sack of shit.

Alright, Mr. detective
man, you've had your fun.

Now why don't you f*ck off
back to where you came from?

You know, I'm out
here on a m*rder case.

You wouldn't happen to know
anything about that, would you?

No signal out here, mate.

I'll just radio it in then.

Sure you will, mate.

What's that supposed to mean?

Wait, show me your
f*cking hands.

Hey, calm your tits.

Oh, I get it now.

What's that?

Lucy found out about
your little hobby.

She kicked you out, didn't she?


Detective, you
self-conscious pile of dog shit.

If you talk about
Lucy one more time,

I'm gonna split your
f*cking skull open.

Put your hands on your
head and your head on the car.

(tense music)

Don't move.

(tense music)

Oh, f*ck me.

(engine revving)

This is Detective James
Albert, code 1080 in progress.

(tense music)

[Dispatch] Repeat transmission.

I repeat, vehicle
pursuit in progress.

[Dispatch] Copy that,
what's your location?

Location is Stoneypinch
Road north of Redmark.

- [Dispatch]
- Vehicle description.

Suspect is driving a red Honda.

Registration number
is Sierra 4-9-8.


(tense music) (tires rumbling)

[Dispatch] Repeat registration.

Standby, dispatch.

[Dispatch] Detective,
repeat registration.

I said standby!

(tense music)


(tires rumbling)

(tense music)

(phone beeping)

God damn it.

(tense music)

Dispatch, disregard
previous communication.

I need several support and
backup vehicles on my location

for search and clear.

(tense music)


Luce, you up?

I know that, I lied.

I'm sorry.

Can you just please
come and talk to me?

I think...

I think that we're gonna
have to put our plans on hold

and I'm gonna have to
go away for a while.

Lucy, please, just
come talk to me.

(somber music)


I just...

I just want to
say goodbye.

I'm gonna have to
go for a while.




Jesus Christ!

Lucy, what the f*ck?

Okay, don't move, don't move.


f*cking hell, hold it, Lucy.

Put your hands...

f*cking hell.

It's okay, look
at me Lucy.

Lucy, look at me.

f*cking hell.

f*ck's sake Lucy, just
put your hand down.


(wood clinks)

Oh, you did your best.

Don't feel too bad
about it, Sarge.

Who knows how long
he's been here.

You've been here what, a week?

Yeah, but he was hammered
and he managed to lose me.

In a vineyard at midnight.

Why didn't you go
straight to the house?

Thought it was too obvious.

Even if he did go there,
he couldn't stick around.

You did all you could.

One of the local boys is on
his way to the house right now,

so let's us big shot detectives

get on with
the real cases.

(knocking on door)

(somber music)

(knocking on door)

Police, open up!

(knocking on door)

Connor Shelby,
this is the police.

I have a warrant
for your arrest.

Come out with your hands up.

(somber music)

(knocking on door)

(somber music)




- Connor Shelby!
- Shit.

(somber music)
(Connor crying softly)

Connor Shelby, I'm
entering the premises.

Come out with your hands up!

(somber music)


Jesus Christ.

(phone buzzing)

Sergeant Albert.

No, he's just in the bathroom.

I'm sorry?

Yeah, I'll pass it on to him.

Thanks, Rico.


Right, what we need to do.

Are you right?

(tense music)

I'm sorry, sir.

It's all my fault.

If I caught him
last night, then.

Get forensics to send
us everything they find.


I'm going.


They found a note.

"When he opened the fourth seal,

I heard the voice of the
fourth living creature

saying come and see, so I
looked and behold a pale horse

"and the name of him who
sat on it was death."

What do you
think it means?

It's biblical.

(tense music)

(engine rumbling)

(somber music)


Hey you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine.

Are you sure?

Yeah, I said I'm...

What happened?

I was in a fight.

With who?

Just some guy.

What did you do?

It doesn't matter.

I got what I deserved.

What's your name?

Connor, what's yours?



Yeah, well I'm not sure
it suits me too well.

Alright, Lucy.

Nearly done there?

You're still bleeding, so
I'm gonna need to stitch it.

You're gonna stitch it?


Shouldn't a doctor do that?

I mean, yes, probably,

but I mean, I've got
fishing wire in my car

the nearest hospital
is an hour away.


Surely I can find a
needle around here somewhere.

Hold that.

Back in a sec.

[Reporter] And now
in our regional news,

it has been two weeks
since local woman, Lucy Miller,

18 years old, was found
m*rder*d in her Renmark bedroom.

Police first
responded to the crime

when they went to
arrest the lead suspect,

her partner, Connor
Shelby, for a high speed car

that occurred the
night of the m*rder.

Shelby, otherwise known
as the outback slasher,

remains at large and
is highly dangerous.

Police are urging
anyone from the public

with any information to
come forward urgently.

[Reporter] And
that's it for the news.

(tense music)

[Kevin] So I've got a bit
of surprise for you, hey mate.

Saturday night, you and me,
we're gonna go to the footy.

How's that sound?

(tense music)


How are you?

And Kate, how's she holding up?

She's been better.

Anything new, any sign of him?

No, sir.

He's gone.

I'm still convinced he's
headed north though.

Easier to disappear.

No, I disagree.

That's where he'd
want us to think.

But Connor, Connor's
a smart bastard.

I think he'll keep heading west

or maybe even south to the city.

Try and blend in.

If it is Connor,

do you think he'll stop
now that we found him?


No, Sergeant.

You find me another
suspect and we can talk about

How beautiful is this?

Did your mum ever bring
you up here, Milo?


It's uh...

Sure is beautiful.



How's it going?

Eh, not bad.

Name's Kevin.

And this is my boy, Miles.

Milo for short.

Where are you blokes from, then?

Oh me, I'm from the city.

Just heading up north.

Picked up my boy
from his mum's place.


Ah, sorry?

His mum.

What is she a bitch? A c**t?

What is it?

Well, she's certainly a handful.

(k*ller laughs)

Daddy, I'm hungry.

Oh, right.

Well, nice to meet
you, I suppose.

Come on then mate.

I'll see you down
the road somewhere.

Yep, everything should
be across by then.

Yep, okay.

Thanks Shaz, yep, good.


So plane leaves at five.

No worries?

Yeah, no worries, boss.

And all backed up?

- Just about.
- Good.

Sarge, why don't you
take an hour off?

Say goodbye to your
Outback girlfriend,

the old fashioned way, eh?

(tense music)


Boss, Geoff!

(tense music)

This footage is from when
I went to question Connor

the first time.

Look sir, I know you
don't want to hear it,

but I think you have to
embrace the possibility

that Connor never
was the k*ller.

That's bullshit Sergeant!

That little shit k*lled my niece

and that's all there is to it.

Her m*rder matches all the MO's.

His fingerprints are
all over the bedroom

and the handle of the
knife sticking out of her body.

Sir, it was his bedroom!

Of course his fingerprints
were all over it!

Okay, granted on the knife
it doesn't look good,

but why would he travel
all over the country

and settle down here?

It doesn't make sense!

What else can we do?

We have to wait.

We have no other options.

- We have have no leads.
- We have to wait.

Haven't we done enough waiting?

Look, sir, we have
a rego number.

We can start there.

See if highway patrol
or any speed cameras

have picked him up.

Or we can wait.

Wait for another
body to turn up.

Someone's daughter,
someone else's niece.

You've made your
point, Sergeant.

Look, sir.

I'm sorry you lost Lucy.

I really am, but there's only
one thing left that we can do.

Right, you get Sergeant
Rico to run those plates

and get 'em on the
highway patrol watch list.

We'll see what
they come up with.

I'll go and cancel that flight.

Meet me at the hotel.

(suspenseful music)

(cars whooshing)

Oh no.

No, no, no, no, no.

Okay, what on earth?


Just hold still, hey Milo?

I'll see if I can
get this sorted, aye?

(tense music)

Thought I'd see
you down the road.

Spot of bother, aye?

Uh, yeah.


What's wrong, mate?

I thought you were
heading the other way.

Well what do you know?

Now give me a look?

No worries.

Sorry mate, I can't
quite remember your name?

Mate, when was the last time

you had your timing
belt checked?

Eh, my what?

Your timing belt,
it's torn to shreds.

Oh, it's been a while I suppose.

All right, I'll
take you back to town.

No need to fret, mate.

I'll just give the RAA a buzz.


Give 'em a try.

Don't think you'll get
much signal out here though.

Ah, you're right.

That's the thing
about this land.

It's when you need help
the most, it's not there.

S'pose you're right, mate.

So you all good to take
us back to town then?

I'll take you back.

Kid's alright to
sit on your lap?

Car's only got two seats.

Ah, shouldn't be
a problem, hey Milo?

Hold still, mate.

Come up here.

There we go, right.

Full steam ahead, aye?

Seatbelt, think it's gotta do

(tense music)

(Kevin grunting)

(Milo screams)

The owner of the
Ute is Janet Holden,

originally from Robe.

Now resides in Burnside
Pensioner's Home.

Reported stolen seven years ago.

It doesn't mean
that it wasn't him.

There's no reason why he
couldn't buy or even steal a car

that was already stolen.

And so what, he drives the ute

to at least two of the
crime scenes, then what?

Ditches it for some
90's sports thing?

I can't see him hiding
a body in there.

There's only one
way to find out.

Camera on Sturt near Loxton

picked him up at nine
and another one at 9:37.

Where was the other one?

Back... Bakaar?


That's due west.

Why is he heading west?

(tires rumbling)

(tense music)

(tires rumbling)

(tense music)

(car whooshing)

(tense music)

[Lucy] Connor!

(tense music)


(tense music)

(engine rumbling)

(country music)

♪ I am a breaking dawn ♪

♪ I am a gathering storm ♪

♪ I am a man on fire ♪


You seen a white ute
come through here at all?

Nup, you getting a drink though?

Whiskey, huh?

So this ute of yours,
who was driving it?

I dunno, in his 20s.

He looks normal enough.

So you're telling me

you're looking for
a normal looking guy

driving a white ute in
the middle of the bush?

Good luck with that.

I know a guy.

He was going down to
the local brothel,

and the security guy
said we're closed.

So the guy says, well
what do I do now?

And the security
guard says beat it.

(drunk man laughs)

It's a wank joke.

(drunk man laughs)

What's the difference
between a light bulb

and a pregnant lady?

You can unscrew a light bulb.

(drunk man laughs)

Do you know where
the next hotel is?

What direction?

- West.
- West?

Ah, well, southwest, there's
a bunch of towns and wankers.

But northwest, there's a
whole bunch of f*ck all.

Just desert and snakes
and dead tourists, mate.


You uh, you know another one?

A thief, a k*ller, and some cops

all walk into a bar.

Who sh**t first?

(tense music)

(engine rumbling)

(tense music)

[Man] Be right with you.

(tense music)

After a room?


How many nights?

I don't know.

Right, well, 60 a night then.

Where's the next hotel?

Not for a few hundred K's.

If someone came
from the Riverland,

they'd come through here?

If they was heading west.

(tense music)

[Reporter] And now
in our regional news,

it has been two weeks
since local woman Lucy Miller,

18 years old,

was found m*rder*d in
her Renmark bedroom.

Police first
responded to the crime

when they went to
arrest the lead suspect.



[Reporter] Shelby, otherwise
known as the outback slasher,

remains at large and
is highly dangerous.

Police are urging
anyone from the public

with any information to
come forward urgently.

(tense music)

What if something goes wrong?

Don't worry, you just
remember what I told you.

Gonna k*ll him?

Nah mate, we're not K*llers.

Just gonna rough
'em up a little bit.

Let's go get our
hands dirty, eh?

Do we have to?

You know the drill.

We'll be some place
new by morning.

Mate, there's not
much I'm good at,

but I'm f*cking good at this.

You're my son.

You've got my blood.

One day, you're gonna
be f*cking great at it.

See, this, this is our country.

It's where we belong.

We weren't ever meant
to leave this place.

We were born true blue
bloody bush rangers, mate.

Now, listen to me, Connor.

We were made out here,

and you can bloody bet
we're gonna die out here.

You remember that.

(tense music)

(tense music) (distant yelling)

(g*n bangs)

(tense music)

(suspenseful music)

Another one's picked him up.




So he's heading back up.

Exactly where was the camera?


Right, so we're closing the gap.

(tense music)

(tires rumbling)

(engine revving)

(tense music)

(engine revving)

(g*n bangs)


(tense music)

Boss, I really think that.

Hang on.

Do you see that?

Is that...

(car whooshes)

(suspenseful music)

(siren wailing)

(suspenseful music)


Dispatch, this is
detective James Albert

requesting immediate backup.

(tense music)

(g*n bangs)

(suspenseful music)

(g*n bangs)

(suspenseful music)

(g*n bangs)

You bastard.

(suspenseful music)

(g*n bangs)

Police, remain in the car.

Hands on the wheel.

(Connor grunting)

Why didn't you k*ll me?

I reckon I just did, mate.

In the bed

with Lucy.

Be f*cking hard to frame
you if you were dead, too.

The pigs had no idea,
really, who k*lled any of them.

Then I find you.

A sinner.

Who steals from the innocent

and lies to the only
person he loves.

No friends, no family.

Shit mate, I couldn't even
find out where you're from.

And if I couldn't, what
hope do the cops have?

Perfect setup.

Why'd you...

Why did you k*ll Lucy?

Well, burning in hell
isn't good enough for you.

You had to suffer.

You had to see the
consequences of your sins.

It's too bad you didn't
tell Lucy the truth sooner.

She wouldn't have
to be involved.

She would've left you


she wouldn't have had
to bleed out like that.

(Connor screaming)

f*ck you!

She took a while to
bleed out, that one.

I wonder how long you'll take.

(Connor groans)


[k*ller] What's that?

The cops are coming.

Yeah, how do you figure that?

That guy you had

with the kid,

you let him loose.

He's getting cops

they're probably
nearly here already.

You little shit.

(tense music)

(g*n bangs)

(tense music)

(g*n bangs)

(tense music)


I'm sorry boss.

I really thought we
could have caught him.

We still can,
stay with the body.

Call for back up.




(soft music)

Boss, wait!


(tense music)

(tires rumbling)

(tense music)


Where are you?

(tense music)

[Albert] Ernest!


(tense music)

I didn't do it.

I didn't k*ll Lucy.

You shut your f*cking mouth.



Do you have handcuffs?

If you think I'm gonna cuff
myself, you really are insane.

What do you want?

Why are you doing this?



I didn't k*ll anyone.

I'm not a k*ller.

Prove it.

If I'm a k*ller, why
haven't I shot you?

Bargaining power, for
keeping yourself out of jail.

But don't worry, I've got
no intention of taking you in.


Keep your hands up.

Keep your
f*cking hands up!

What was it that you said?

Nothing stays clean out here.



(g*n bangs)

(intense music)

(g*n bangs)

(Connor breathing heavily)

(water splashes)

(tense music)


Did you get him?


Yeah, I got him, sir.

Good man.

(gentle music)

♪ Dirt roads and sky ♪

♪ I'm gonna try ♪

♪ try to ♪

♪ take us away ♪

♪ It seems so clear
that I can't die here ♪

♪ So come with
me my baby ♪

♪ These lines are
always blurred ♪

♪ and I can see ♪

♪ This could tear us apart ♪

♪ And if I lose you, don't
know what I would do ♪

♪ Because you girl,
you are my heart ♪

♪ My heart, my heart ♪

(rock music)

♪ I wash your blood
off in the riverbed ♪

♪ And think of all
those words you said ♪

♪ Don't lie to me,
don't lie to me ♪

♪ Just don't ♪

♪ lie to me ♪

(rock music)

♪ Now I'm swimming in
the sins of my father ♪

♪ If you know
what I mean ♪

♪ Because out
here nothing ♪

♪ stays clean ♪

(rock music)

♪ I'm trying to
balance this ledger ♪

♪ With uneven levels ♪

♪ Abandon hope if you enter ♪

♪ It's just dust and devils ♪

(rock music)

(gentle music)

♪ Dirt roads and sky ♪

♪ I'm gonna try ♪

♪ try to ♪

♪ take us away ♪

♪ Take us away ♪
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