Hearts in the Game (2023)

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Baseball, Football, Lacrosse, Basketball, Hockey and more sports Movie Collection.
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Hearts in the Game (2023)

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♪ Hey ya! ♪

♪ Maybe I'm not typical ♪

♪ I could be so cynical ♪

♪ Yeah, I've come
from ridicule. ♪

Try to keep this short.

You've got back-to-back
all day, including Mark Gold.

- Mark?
- Mmhmm.

He wants to do breakfast.

Maybe I finally broke through

and he's ready to give
my new firm a shot.

How long do I have here?

20 minutes, tops.

I only need 10.

Maybe 15.

Did you see gossip train?

I look like a liar.

How will anyone
ever remember me,

except as the girl that lies
about being a vegan.

My career is over.

Here, take this.


You didn't do anything wrong.

You're a successful young woman.
The world is watching.

Instead of hiding from
middle-aged men with cameras

who are waiting for you to feel
shame that they created,

you need to own this moment.

Because if your body told you,
you needed a cheeseburger,

then you did what
all women should do.

You listen to your body.


With over 30 million followers.

You have the power to spin
this story any way you want,

the way it should be seen.


Own it.

Maybe brush your hair first.

Now repeat after me.

Listening to your body,
you know, listening to yourself,

is the only way
that you can become

the woman that you're
destined to be.

You know, it's the only way
that you can become

the woman that the world
needs you to be.

Just like my character
in Teen Revenge

again, which is in
theaters tomorrow.

Turning a meat-infused night
of debauchery

into a viral soapbox moment
for female empowerment,

while simultaneously
driving fans to the box office.

Can I be you when I grow up?

Just wow, [kiss] a classic
Hazel spin.

Hey, mom and dad.

- Hazel, hon, how are you?
- Taking over the world today?


Hi, Hazel's parents.

Jax says hi.

- Hi Jax!
- Hey!

We just wanted to call
and say thank you

for the surprise cheesecake.

It was delicious.

Oh, I know how much you loved it
when you were here, so...

Maybe next time you
can hand deliver it.


We really think
you should come home, kiddo.

We need to make a pit stop.

I promised there will be coffee
at breakfast with Mark Gold.

This isn't about coffee.

Dad, I got to run.
I love you.

I'll call you later.

- Love you.
- Bye sweetheart. Love you.

Fred, we need to head
to the West Village.

You got it.

If I didn't know any better Hazel,

I think you wanted
to be friends.

We are best friends.

So, just a seen?

Not even a double-tap like,
for me.

Sometimes less is more.

Is it?

I write portraits of a person,

not flashing moments of
a never-ending zeitgeist.

She's not my beat.

I did not take you for
an award-winning journalist

who wouldn't want to uplift
a young female voice.

Hazel... you are better
than that argument.

The story is already out there.

It's just not compelling enough.

And plus, I know that that
entire video is all your spin,

which makes you an exceptional publicist.

But it doesn't make her
a good story.

Biggest news in baseball
comes from New York.

That's Strike Zone Weekly.

Sure is, Freddo.
Big announcement today.

"Looks like the New York Mets
have officially lost their minds

"as rumors spread that they are
signing pitcher-non-grata,

"Diego Vasquez."

They want Vasquez.

"The league's top pitcher
was dropped last season

"for freezing on the mound
in the 9th inning

"of Game Seven of
the World Series,

"and Vasquez still
won't comment on why."

I don't know what the Mets
are thinking.

In our humble baseball opinion,
this could be Vasquez's

last chance at pitching professionally.

Okay, what do I need
to do to get an in

Do I need to give you
my proverbial first child?

Or a table at the Met Gala?

My rent-controlled apartment?

I have told you a million times,
but when you have a client

with a story that nobody's
gotten yet, that nobody can get,

the ungettable get

at an angle that my readers will
salivate over, then I'll do it.

But until then, Hazel,

you need to stop stalking me
at coffee shops.

A guy that freezes like that
is not New York Mets material.

We are a team that cares
about tradition, loyalty.

But you cannot deny that Vasquez
is one of the best pitchers

major League Baseball
has ever seen.

I cannot deny that.

Vasquez holds the record
for the most

no-hitters in baseball history.

And that's exactly what
our Mets need, Freddo.

Yeah, well, I sure hope the Mets
know what they're doing,

because they're betting
the entire franchise

on Diego Vasquez.

That's the beauty of baseball.

The theatrics, the heart,
the soul...

Baseball, I take it.



Kid, we're getting pressure
from the GM

to make sure you look good.

I don't look good?

No, kid, you don't.

Look, I understand
you had a moment.

We all do.

Except your moment
happened to be

during the most important inning
of baseball last year.

And since you won't give me
or the league an explanation

- Mark-
- No, no, no, no.

I'm not even going to try

and get the answer out
of you anymore

'cause you promised me
it wouldn't happen again.

The New York Mets Club
doesn't really trust you yet.

I mean, they definitely
need a pitcher,

and you're the best pitcher
this league has seen

in over a decade.

But you don't have a team.

What are you trying
to say, Mark?

The Mets won't make it official

until we start to see
some good press.

Okay, but don't worry,
I've got it handled.

How? What?

We can't-

But Mark-

Let's reschedule.

I have a...

I'm feeling a little pressure
in my sinuses.

So, we're gonna reschedule.

And you know what?
It's gonna be great,

because Martin loves me.
It'll be fine.

Alright. I've never seen you
so shaky.

I'd assume it's an ex,
but I control your schedule

and know you're all work
no play, so...



Diego Vasquez!

The new Met?

The new what?

Met, as in the New York Mets.

Oh, Fred is going to freak.

I can't-

Word broke this morning
that they're signing him

or thinking about it.

While most fans, unlike myself,

doubt whether he could be loyal
to the franchise.

There are fans like myself
that lead with empathy

and think a second chance
should always be given.

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!
Mark Gold!

He did say this meeting was
with one of his sports clients.

Hazel? Is Diego Vasquez,
your new spin.

Hazel, this is huge.

This cannot be happening.

Hazel, you know I'm not
one to overstep,

but Diego Vasquez
would be a huge get.

He hasn't talked
to the press since-

We are avoiding all things...
all things Diego Vasquez.


Hazel Lynn Miller.
Do you know Diego Vasquez?

Have you been holding out on me.



Girl. Come on.

We went to high school together.

Okay, I will do this meeting
out of respect for Mark,

but that is it.

Okay, let's get this over with.

Here comes our safety net now.

Diego, this is...

Hazel Miller.

Oh, I see her
reputation precedes itself.

Yeah, you could say that.

Mr. Vasquez, it's so nice
to see you again.

I am so thrilled you came to me
for help.


So you spin stories now...
for a living.

That's... that's fitting.

Mark, I apologize,
but I don't think my firm

is the right fit this time.

So, I will call you with
another recommendation,

should anyone bite.

- No, no. Wait, wait, wait.
- Thank you, Mark.

They went to high school


It is not worth it.
Mark will call again.

Will he?

Mark Gold has access to every
major athlete on the East Coast.

His roster alone

makes the choice to go out
on your own the right one.

If you get it,

you'll officially
be the queen bee of the PR game.

You need it, and this is
your chance to get it.

It's absolutely worth it.

I cannot work with Diego.

There has got to be
a better option.

No, this is it.

Hazel Miller is one of the best
publicists on the East Coast,

maybe the country.

I've seen her change the court
of public opinion

with one single post.

Alright? I'm not some social
life-gram influencer, okay?

I'm a serious athlete.
I have a career.

Uh, no, you don't, actually.

Diego, no one will sign you.

Not unless she helps spin
the story.

Every news and media outlet
in this country

has been dying to get an
exclusive with Diego Vasquez.

He hasn't done
any press since...

The incident.

Diego Vasquez, top pitcher,
froze on the mound

during Game Seven
of the World Series,

leaving his team with a big I
and no one knows why.

He's the anti-hero for all
of Major League baseball.

Villainized by
every media outlet.

But with the right spin,
the Hazel spin,

he can be back in action.

You could change
the fate of baseball,

the fate of the New York Mets.

And as a die-hard Mets fan,

I could tell you that
if we ever want to win,

the New York Mets must commit
to Diego Vasquez.

You must commit
to Diego Vasquez.

If you ever want to throw
a baseball again,

you're going to have
to suck it up.

Whatever happened
between you guys back

when you were younger versions
of yourself doesn't matter now,

Do you want to pitch again?

Or do you want to choke
on your own pride

and be remembered as the guy
that walked away?

You want that to be your legacy?

I want to pitch again.

You want pitch again?

Right there.

Diego is like...
an ungettable get.

Wait, what did you just say?

An ungettable get.

Especially if you can get him to
give up the goods on Game Seven.

I would excuse myself,
but I don't want to.


- Hi.
- Diego.


My assistant.

If I choose to do this,
it's not for you.

It's for me.
My career.


Know that.


Tell Mark I'll be in touch
with my decision.


It is an honor.

- Jax.
- Yeah.

Oh, man.


And she said she'll think
about it.

Of course, she will.

I have it.

The ungettable get.

The story everyone wants,
but no one can have...

Diego Vasquez.

How in the world are you going
to get Diego Vasquez?

He doesn't do press.
Believe me, I tried.

And I don't try.

To use your words,
I'm exceptional, remember?

Okay, and what's the angle?

Hometown hero rises
from the ashes.

How a boy became a man
on the pitcher's mound.

The only way the profile works
is if he admits why he froze.

So I want the full story.

And I want to do the interview
in his hometown.

Won't be a problem.


I'm calling with good news.

Hazel, you're really
just a suburban girl

making it in the city.

It would appear
that way, wouldn't it?

I mean, your house has a porch.

I can't believe I gave Morgan a
spin that brought me back here.

You mean a spin that brought you
and your high school sweetheart

back to the city you found
in lost loving.

Oh... so you figured that out, huh?

The Internet did exist when
you were in high school,

even though it was ages ago.


Plus, you've been rattled
ever since you saw him.

And you never get rattled.

I get it, though.

The sparkly eyes, makes
it tough to see clearly.

That swing is where
I had my first kiss.

Where he kissed me
for the first time.

That tough of a breakup
to keep you away, huh.

Well, it wasn't just him.

Pam, they're here.


Hey, Jax.

Welcome back city slicker.

- So good to be home!
- You too!

So, Jax, tell me what miracle
brought my girl home?

That miracle would be
Diego Vasquez.

You know what?

I'm going to go for a run
before my meeting.


'Cause the meeting
is with Diego.

The kid who used to live here

turned out to be a pretty
okay pitcher.

Yo, Carlos.

Happy to see you, mijo.

Me too.

Get up here.

Me too.

So... Hazel.


I knew she'd be back.

Come on, let's get you settled.

I'll take that.

The house looks good, Tío.

Thank you.

I know you said I could
pack it up,

but I didn't want to do anything
without you.

- Smells good.
- Mmhmm.

Your mama's recipe.

Thought it'd be nice for you

since this kitchen
is never used.

Feels like she's still here.

You want to help stuff
some tortillas?

- Yeah.
- Come on.

You're still cooking?

Yeah. Helps me feel calm
when I'm feeling...

But I haven't made these
in a long time.

Feels good, no?

- Yeah.
- Like home.

You know it.

How are you feeling, mijo?

You know what I mean.
Being back here with her.

I don't know.

Feels surreal.

Hazel insisted that I meet her
down at the diner, our diner,

to talk strategy.


And they want to do the photo
sh**t down

at the baseball diamond.

Oh, I know.

Hazel's persistence
hasn't changed a bit.

Not at all.

She's really sure
of herself now.

I mean, she's still
so impressive, you know.

I mean, she's supposedly
turning my career around,

which I thought was impossible,
but she's really doing it.

I know it's her job, but I...

I can't stop thinking
about that night

and how she had no idea
why and how I should have-

You need to forgive yourself, mijo.

Because if you can't,
how can she?

They were as in love as you
can be when you're a teenager.

And then he broke up with her.

- Uh-huh.
- On prom.

- No.
- Yeah.

Yeah. Diego was her world.

Too much so.

So after the breakup-

She dated here and there
in college,

but nothing ever
worked out because-

No one was him.

So tragically romantic.

- So she focused on her career.
- Mmhmm.

And built walls so she wouldn't
break again.

Classic arc.


- Hi.
- Hi.

Hope you're not talking
about me.

I would never.

- Hello.
- Hey.

Look, let's just agree
to play nice.

We're on the same team.
I'm here to help.

Here's what I'm thinking.

You don't do social media.

Ironically, in our case,
that's a good thing.

It means we can control
the narrative,

guide the story to highlight
what makes you

worthy, needed, lovable.

As you know, Morgan Lucas is
an award-winning journalist.

But what you might not know

is that she is from a small town
in Michigan.

She doesn't talk about it much,

but she really cares
about her Midwest roots,

which is something the two
of you have in common.

So, basically, we're going
to lead her away

from anything that villainizes
you further.

Because right now,
you're the one to hate.

The one who ruined a team's
chance of becoming champions.

So we need to humanize you.

Show you for
your wholesome roots.

Show you as the boy who became
a man on the pitcher's mound.

Now, Morgan's going
to start easy.

She's going to ask you how
you got into baseball.

And you'll say...

My grandfather.

Just a little more.

Yeah, um, and my grandfather
taught my Tío.

Coach Carlos.

He saved me senior year,
passed me in Phys-Ed

when he definitely
should not have.

And he's been so...

Back on track.
So your grandfather...

He really loved the game.

And he taught my Tío and my mom.

And she, um...

She uh...

I never got to say, you know,
I never got to say in person

how sorry I was to hear
about Angela.

She was such a special person.

Um... so, what's next?

The biggest talking point
is going to be Game Seven.

You and I can craft some sort
of a sympathetic reason

as to why you froze
on the ground-


I don't... I don't want to.

- Diego, it's time for you to-
- No.

- Talk about-
- Talk about... no.

Wait. Are you...
are you leaving?



Diego, wait, stop!

It's just me and you.


- Hey. Are you okay?
- Yup.

Hey. Diego... Diego.

Just tap it down.

Tap, yeah.
Yeah, yeah. Tap but not-

Look at getting
their hands dirty.

Oh, yeah.
Jax is a natural.

Two green thumbs.

I'm fully committed to
this whole small town vibe.

So, how did it go with Diego?

Oh, uh...

Are you okay?

He won't even try.

Your lack of dialogue
is scaring me.

Not to overstep... again,

but I think he's more sensitive
than you think.

Sometimes the toughest ones
are the most breakable.

I come in peace-izza.

Can I come in?

This is pepperoni and mushroom
from Dominelli's

Still your favorite, right?


Thank you.

This house hasn't changed a bit.


Do you still have
that record collection?


Oh, I am so glad you kept these.

Your mom always had
the best vinyl.

Specifically jazz.

She'd laugh if she knew
what was going on now.

She always wanted to know

everything that was going on, remember?

Which you'd actually tell her.

I tried to hide everything from
my parents, but you never did.

It was really great, actually,
looking back.

You guys were so close.
I always admired that.

Is there something that you
wanted to talk about, Hazel?


Listen, this is clearly
an uncomfortable situation,

but it is happening.

So, at the end of the day,
no matter what happened

a million years ago,
you are now my client.

And I care about my clients.

I work hard for my clients.

I make miracles happen
for my clients.

Which means I am going to make
miracles happen for you.

Because for me,
work comes first.

No matter what, aways will.

I promised myself
a long time ago

that I wouldn't let someone else
be my validation.

All this to say you come first.

As long as we are
working together.

- Diego, you can trust me.
- Ok.

You know, Hazel, you turned out
really different

than I thought you would.

Everything is different.

Well, not everything.


- Still good?
- Oh, so good.

This is for both of us.

Morgan Lucas wants to meet up
later after she checks in.


Jax will send you all the info.


Wear something that says,
you know, you want to love me.

Your mom was really amazing.
I loved her.

Oh, really good.

Text me!

Thanks for leaving me a slice!


So does this make you want
to love me?

Morgan! Hey.
Welcome to Ohio.

Thank you, Hazel.

I missed the Midwest
more than I thought I did.

Morgan Lucas.
Diego Vasquez.

- Pleasure to meet you.
- Likewise.

I am really looking forward
to what you have to say today.

- Yeah.
- Shall we?


- After you.
- Thank you.

Are you sure you want chocolate?
They're actually known for...

I am always sure
about chocolate.

She wants what she wants.

FYI he can be a little
slow to warm,

so I say keep tonight fun,
go deeper later.


- One chocolate for you.
- Oh, thank you.

Thank you.

Made best friends back there.

Oh, yeah, he was uh...

Sorry. I'd love to record this,
if you're okay with that.


Yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's why we're here.

Come on, there's a table over...

Okay. Oh, and ready to record.

Mm. So good.

Okay. You said he was...

Yeah, he was actually from
a town near

where my family is from.


He thought I might have been
born there.

Where were you born?

Yeah, and we moved here to Ohio.

I grew up here until I moved
to a farm team for Chicago.

I love us Midwesterners.
We always end up in the city.

You are from Ohio, too,
right, Hazel?

- Mmhmm.
- Mmhmm.

Yeah, we're both from here.

Oh. I didn't realize
you two knew each other.


Oh, not super well.

We just went to
the same high school.

Diego was a legend.
Total hometown hero.

Everyone thought he was going
to do big things, and he did.

We all followed his career
pretty religiously.

Even me.

So, let's start
from the beginning.

How did you get into baseball?

My grandfather.

He could have gone pro
if he'd been in the States.

He just really loved the game.

And he taught me to love it, too.

Thanks for making the interview
happen here.

I just think there's something
so interesting

about how your childhood
molded you into who you are.

Anyway, we'll see you
both tomorrow.

- Night.
- Bye, Morgan.

Good night.

Great job.

Yeah. You think?


Um... I can walk you home.

Oh, no, you don't have to.
It's alright, so close.

Oh, no. I know. Yeah.


Why did you lie to Morgan?

When did I lie?

You said we didn't really
know each other.

Well, we need to keep
her focused on you,

not some uncomfortable nostalgia.

Plus, I didn't really lie.

We didn't know each other.
Not really, anyway.

Thank you for walking me home.

Yeah, no.

- You did not have to do that.
- I wanted to.

So... why haven't you
come back?

Every summer in college,

I hustled to get internships
at top PR firms.

And then when I graduated,

I got a job at a pretty
prestigious one.

It was a job like a million
people were gunning for,

so couldn't give up that
opportunity to come home

and visit people.

How about now?

Now I fly my parents to the city
all the time.

It's really fun having them
in my world.

What about you?

Well, Carlos is still here,

so he takes care
of my mom's house.

And I try to see him
as much as I can,

but usually that involves
me flying him out to games.

- You're busy.
- You're busy.

We're both busy.


- So, uh...
- I'll have Jax...

- You go.
- No, you first.

Okay. I'll have Jax
send you all the details.

- Okay, sounds good.
- Ok.

- Good night.
- Good night.

Morgan and her photog are going
to be a few behind,

but it looks like Diego beat us.
He's on the field.

How do I find the field?
I'll find the field.

Rather, I'll find someone
to find the field for us.

Jax, I know where the field is.

Of course you do, obvi.
You went here.

So tell me, were you a Gretchen
or a Regina?

I was a Janice myself,
except I wore a lot of pink.

I would not have thought that.

Head to toe.
Head to toe.

I feel like I'm in
a John Hughes movie.

This is beyond picturesque.


Coach Carlos.
So good to see you.

Mija, it's been too long.

Thank you so much
for setting this up.

You saved me a lot of red tape.

Did I have a choice?

Absolutely not.

This is surreal, huh.


Uh... is this good
for the photo sh**t or?

Yeah, good.

It is more than good,
sparkly eyes.

What did Jax's call me?

Sparkly eyes.
Jax thinks your eyes sparkle.



Oh, Morgan's here.

She wants to start
with a portrait.

Good, good.

Photo sh**t.

Let's do it.

Does it feel different?


It does and um... it doesn't.

There's great light here.

Let's start with some sh*ts
of the mound.

Those look great.

Carlos, he's a trip, by the way.

He said that you really loved
Phys Ed, Hazel.

Did he?

Well, I'll make sure to tell him
that I run marathons now.


Should we get started?


Yeah, yeah, yeah,
let's get started.

Hey, is everything okay?

It's just looking
really fraught.

Not the guy I met last night.

Hey, maybe try smiling.

Yeah, I'm smiling. Mmhmm.


Maybe you can try loosening
him up or something.

Yeah, I'll go talk to him.

I believe in you, Hazel.

- Hey.
- Looking all right.

Let's do something
to loosen you up.


Teach me how
to throw a fastball.

Be the pitching coach
I never wanted. Come on.

- Right.
- Okay.


Got to stretch.


Get serious.

Look this way.

Check it out.

- That was not great.
- Not bad.

All right.
So teach me, Coach.

Show me how to do it.

Do you want to throw
a four seam or a two seam?

Literally have no idea
what you're talking about.

There are different grip.
Let's just throw a four seam.

It's a classic.

And I learned it right here
on this mound, actually.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

Okay, so that's for you.

You take your pointer finger
and your middle finger

about an inch
apart on the seams.

Yeah, like that.

And then you rotate the ball
like that.

And then throw it straight.
No spin.

- But I love a spin.
- Yeah.

A pun.

All right, give it a shot.

Very serious.

- Hey.
- Okay.

- That was still terrible.
- Pretty bad. Yeah.

But we can get you
up to speed, yeah.

After a few days at camp.


Baseball camp.

I am involved with this charity
for kids with cancer.

That's amazing.

Hazel. Hazel.

Yes. Hi.

So keep it up, Coach.

Yeah, I'll uh...

That should do it.


I didn't say anything.

Thanks, man.

♪ I woke to find the frost
across my window. ♪

You seem comfortable here.

Yeah. I haven't been
back in a while,

but home always
feels like home, you know?

- Ready?
- Mmhmm. Ready.

Well, I guess I could have held
my breath.


Hi Hazel.

How are you?



I'm Jax. Hazel's assistant.


We went to school together.

Fun. Mmhmm.

Oh, thank you.

I tried to call.

- I know.
- Hi.

Hello is she...?

This is my daughter, Brett.

Hi, Brett.


She looks just like you.

Sorry, babe.
She's so fast.

No way!


Hi, Chris.

Oh, my gosh!
So good to see you.

Oh, you too.

Karlee. Hazel.

Walk me through your mindset
in Game Seven.

- What made you-
- No.

I'm sorry.

That's... that's off-limits.

Hazel knows... that.




Come here, man!

What are you...?

- Good to see you.
- Look at this guy.

I haven't seen you for so long.

You're both here.
Are you guys back...?

No. Hudson and Park Magazine
is doing a piece on Diego.

I'm the publicist.

Hudson and Park.
Wow, that's impressive.

Karlee here is a writer.

Hi, Morgan.


- I'm the journalist.
- Oh.

So, how long are you here, dude?

We're leaving tomorrow. Yeah.


Okay, perfect.
We're having a party tonight

because the weather
finally got good.

Our house.
407 Grove.

You guys got to come.

What else are you going to do
on a Friday night?


Kids going to be with my folks.

We are going to rage.
You have to come.


You have to come.

Yeah. Yeah, Hazel. Rage.

I mean...

Oh, this is going to be so good.
Just like old times.

Everyone is going to be there.
When they see you guys...

they're going to flip.

Wow, that's... I mean.


I'm doing a portrait of Diego

and how the town made him
who he is.

I'd love to come.
Maybe interview a few of you.

Yes, of course.

We would be more than happy
to embarrass Diego.

- Karlee...
- Thank you.

I don't have to come.

No. You should.


- I'll see you, bro.
- Alright.

See you tonight, Haze.
I'll see you, too.


It's gonna be just
like old times.


See you guys tonight.

- Okay.
- Yeah.

Everyone is going to be there, so.

Did you want me to swing by
and pick you up?

We can walk together or
if that's too-

No, no... yeah.


No. Yes. That totally works.

Okay. I'll see you...
see you later then.

See you tonight.

See ya. See ya.

Hazel, we need to talk.

Diego will not open up
about Game Seven.

This... this is a problem.

I'll handle it.

You will get that story
one way or another.

You have my word.


Have you ever had
a friend break up?

Karlee, I'm guessing?


I chose work in Paris
over her wedding.

Most important day of her life.

I mean, it is Paris.

Thank you for trying.

Come in, Mom.

You look nice.

Oh, thank you.

Party at Karlee's.
That'll be fun.


I'm happy you're patching
things up with her.

Honestly, I think she was
just being polite.

Because if Diego
hadn't been there-

Then you wouldn't be here.


Okay. Which one?

Oh, that one.

Do you want to patch things up
with her?

Yeah, I really do.

I just hope she can understand

how much she was asking me
to give up.

My boss would have fired me,
but I know how much I hurt her.

And I so wish I could have been
there for her.

I don't know if I could go back
and handle it all differently.

I'm not sure I would.

I made the right choice
for what I wanted.

I understand.

You know, I find
the older you get,

the more empathy and clarity you
have for those that you love.

You've both lived a lot of life
since then.

Maybe you've had enough time

to see the other person's
side of the story.


I hope.

Think about it.

I'll let you finish
getting ready.


I just have to say it.

I think you put a lot of
pressure on yourself

to be perfect.

Just know we don't want you
to be anything but who you are.

You're amazing the way you are.

Thank you, mom.

You know, he never wanted you
to be anything but you, either.

I just don't think she has
the dramatic personality

to be a housewife.

I couldn't agree more,
Mr. Miller.

Oh, honey, you look fabulous.

Oh, beautiful.

Ten out of ten.
Hometown chic on fleek.

I changed.

I'll get it.

A boy is picking you up
from my house.

I will get the door.

It's not like that, dad?

Sure it's not?



Oh, come on in.

Mr. Miller.

It's been a while.
Good to see you.

Oh, man it has.
Good to see you, too.

- Diego. Honey.
- Mrs. Miller.

Oh, you are just
as handsome as ever.

These are for you.


And just as smart.

Should we go?

Morgan's probably already
on her way.

Oh, right. Yeah, we should
probably head out.

But it's great seeing you both.

Have way too much fun.

And text me if you
want me to pick you up.

We can even go through
a drive-through.

Okay. Good night.

This is kind of weird, huh?

Beyond weird.

You ready?


- Hey.
- Hey.

I'm just going to grab
a couple more quotes

and observe for a little bit
longer, then I got to head out.

Everybody really loves that guy.
Like, genuinely.

It's completely refreshing.


Did you know he heads the Board
to a pediatric cancer charity?

And he actually volunteers,
not just gives money.

And he paid to renovate
the baseball field.

That was supposed
to be anonymous.

But that guy's wife's on the PTA
and she's going to keep quiet.

Yeah, and she said that you two
were pretty hot and heavy

in high school.

That's not relevant
to the story.

You see, that's
where I disagree.

Because the story is about
how the town made the man.

And it sounds like

you had a pretty
instrumental part in that.

I didn't.
Trust me.

Any news on Game Seven?

Not yet, but you will get it.

Okay, well, I need to turn
the draft in for my flight,

so tomorrow morning,
the diner, Hazel.



Hey. Hi.

Am I crazy or did there
used to be a wall here?

You're not crazy.

We watch a lot of home
renovation shows.

Well, it looks incredible.
So do these cookies.

Did you happen to save-

Save some cookie dough?
Do I have a soul?

Hazel, would you like
to break into

the secret cookie dough stash?

I would love nothing more.

So you live here?

I do.

And I teach at Northside.
English teacher.

How did that happen?

Are you still writing?

Well, with teaching
and a five-year old,

it doesn't really leave time
for anything.

You could still find time to
write if you wanted to, right?

Maybe you just need to find
the right story.


You feel right in this house.

I tried to leave for so long,
it's funny.

Never did.

You, Hazel, you really made
it happen.

The life that you always
talked about.

The life you made for yourself.

The career that you made
for yourself.

Hey, um...

I'm really sorry I didn't
come to your wedding.

It's the most important day
of your life,

and I was so focused on...

No, I'm sorry.

It isn't black and white
and I made it that way.

Weddings make you crazy.

I think about it all the time.

That I shouldn't have cut you
out like that.

No, I should have been there
for you and I wasn't.

And I know it hurt you
and I'm so sorry.

I'm sorry.

I missed you.

I missed you, too.


We're just catching up.

It really is a seller's market.

Everybody thought they wanted
to be in the city,

buying everything up.

It's like your old place, Diego.

Rehab project is
all a rage here.

You should actually think about
selling your mom's spot.

Even if it is a tear-down.
The land alone is major.

I mean, I could probably get it
off your hand in like a day.

Did I tell you guys that Karlee
roped me into-

What? It's true.

She roped me into chaperoning
the prom later next week.

And I mean, I had a good time
at the prom,

but not enough to go back.
Am I right?

Am I right, Haze?

I'm going to get some water.

- Chris?
- What? What did I say?

- Think about it.
- Oh, I'm a moron.

You stay. I got this.

Alright. Thanks.

So, Diego, what kind of
free swag do you get?


I'm a grown woman.

I should not still be upset
that I didn't go to prom.

It's pathetic.
I blame nostalgia.

Well, to be honest,
it was a let-down.

The food stunk and the punch
was mediocre.

I am so glad you don't
still hate me.

Don't be stupid.
I love you.

I love you.

Oh! This song!

I love this song!

This is nice.
Just like old times.


- You been okay.
- Yeah.

Well, look, I just gotta
say it, man.

I think you two really work.

I mean, you've always worked.

Like, I saw those pictures
of you and those models

and actresses in the tabloids

and you were never
really smiling.

And I hate to break it
to you, buddy,

but tonight you've been doing
an awful lot of smiling.

I just think you two could work.

♪ ...I saw the signs,
it opened up my eyes... ♪

We should probably-

Oh, yeah.
This will be fun.


Thank you.

♪ Come tomorrow
I'll be missing you. ♪

♪ 'Cause you'll
be so far away. ♪

You want to get outta here?

♪ I won't be kissing you... ♪

♪ I'll be on my way. ♪

Guys, goodnight.

We'll see you in the morning.

♪ I have to say I love you
to myself... ♪

So things seem really good
with Karlee.

Yeah, I think we're
in the strike zone.

That's a baseball term.

Now that I'm basically
a professional,

I'm going to be using them
all the time.

- Oh, really?
- Yes.

Like what?


Grand slam?


Don't know what it means,

but it means but we use
it all the time.

Wow. So now we know that
your baseball terminology

is better than your pitching.
That's good.

I was trying to keep
the focus on you.

Thank you very much.

I can play.

I can play.


I can.
I'm actually really good.


- Seriously?
- Really?



I have an idea.


I am suspect, but intrigued.

It's too bad the gate's locked.

You jumped the gate before.

I'm not jumping the gate.
I am in skinny jeans.

Unless those skinny jeans
are an excuse.

I got a better idea.

All right. Just uh...

You can do it.

No, I got this.

Do not help me.

Not unless you ask me to, no.


It's a process I'm getting-

Oh, great, security.

Oh. Diego, I'm stuck.

Okay. I'm not helping
unless you consent.

Consent! Consent!


Ball field is closed.

There we go.


Sorry, sorry.

Holy moly.
You're Diego Vasquez.


Wow. You're the best, man.

Hey, that no-hitter against the
Padres last season, the best!

Thanks, bro.

Listen, sorry.

We were just trying to get
a couple of pitches in

for old-time's sake.

Yeah, yeah, of course.
No problem, man.


All right. Just so you know,
the gate on the right is open,

so you can just walk
right on through.


It is?

I didn't know.


Wow, uh...

Hey, man, can I grab
a selfie real quick?

Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Come on.

Snap away. Tag me in it. Okay.


One, two...

All right, man.

Hey, thank you so much, man.
I really appreciate it.

- You have a good night.
- Thank you.

You too.

- You are in so much trouble.
- I had no idea.

In so much trouble.

Oh, it just opens like that?


- I didn't know.
- What?

All right, let's go
play baseball.

Come on.
Get you warmed up.

Well... did...

Bet I could hit one off you.

Hazel, come on.

Scared I'm going
to embarrass you

in front of all these people?

Sounds like a challenge.


I am not swinging
unless it's a real pitch.


Did you see that?


Well, I don't want to brag,

but my Central Park
softball team

are the reigning champions,

and I may go to
the batting cages

every time I want to scream.

Okay. I can tell.


What happened?

Why did you freeze?

I had a panic attack.

I always get them on the
anniversary of my mom's death.

I wasn't told that I would be
pitching that night

till the morning of.

I thought I'd be fine.

I hadn't had any issues
in a while.

Then um...

I saw this mom and her kid
behind home plate.

And the mom looked
so much like my mom.

I lost it. I... I froze.

I don't know for how long

before Coach came in to take me
out of the game.

I should have told Mark
and opened up about it.

It's just...

My mom meant so much to me,

and we were this
really great team.

I just never been able
to talk about her death.

I don't know what it's like
to lose someone like that.

But what I do know is how much
you loved her.

I think that's why
this hurts so much.

You had so much more love
to give her.

And really that's
a beautiful thing.

And it's strong because you are.

But talking about it,
that makes you strong.

None of this makes you weak.
None of it.

It's what makes you a man.

I found out I was losing her,
and then I lost you.

And then all I had was baseball.

And now that's gone.

Baseball isn't gone.


I'm sitting right here.

I want to show you something.

I've never been able
to go back in here

since the night that she...

and I want to pack it up.
I really do.

I've tried.
It's just... I can't.

Um... I need to tell you
something about that night.

It doesn't matter?
It was a long time ago.

Just let me get it out.

The night of prom
was the same night

that I found out
my mom was sick.

It was already really advanced.

She didn't want me knowing
until after.

But I saw some papers
from the hospital

and I should have
told you, Hazel.

But I couldn't.

I didn't know how to let you
see me that way.

You were there, ready,
in that amazing gold dress.

And like I broke you.

I've never regretted anything
more in my entire life.

Thank you for telling me.

I am so sorry I made you feel
like you couldn't.

♪ Oh, restless night. ♪

♪ Please sing to me. ♪

♪ I'll be awake ♪

♪ when the morning
breaks the sea ♪

♪ I feel it all ♪

♪ when sunrise comes ♪

♪ when I reach for you ♪

♪ and I know that
you'll be gone ♪

♪ you're always feigning
in love ♪

I can't believe you've
done this for me.


I missed you more than
I ever knew I could.

Me too.

Not too old for fun.

We raged!

So loud.

So much fun.

You want some food?

It's Mark... I'll take the call.


I will be right back.
Can you get me a coffee?

- Yes.
- Thank you.

Cutting it pretty close, Hazel.

But I have about an hour
to get the article in.

Morgan, I was thinking...

- Do you have the story?
- No.

I think we have another
exciting spin. We can-

No, no, no. The article doesn't
work without Game Seven.

I'm sure there's another way
we can-


He needs this article.

And without his story,
the article is dead.

Why is the article dead?

Hazel? Why is
the article dead?

Unless you talk about
why you frozen in Game Seven,

the article is a no go.

That was the angle
from the beginning.


Diego, wait, wait.
Let's... let's talk about this.

As my publicist or as my...

As your what?

Your career really does
come first, huh?

You're pretty clear about that.
You sold me out.

No, I didn't.

Did you tell Morgan that she'd
get the story about Game Seven?

Well, Morgan thinks
there's no story without it.

That's not what I asked.

Did you tell Morgan
she'd get the story

even after I said it
was off the table?

But I wasn't going to tell her.

I told you everything.
I showed you everything.

And you just-

Was yesterday just an...
just an act?


To get the story
what you wanted?

No. No. Mark hired me so that
I could change your reputation.

So you could play again.

So I was just going to read my
deepest secret as a headline?


How are you going to spin that,

You know what?

Tell Morgan whatever
you need to tell her.

Spin the story
whichever way you want.

Because you always do that.

Morgan. Bye.


Hey. Hazel.
Are you okay?

I know that there's a lot going
on, but I think-

No, you don't have any idea
what's going on.

You don't understand
how it works.

Oh, and why is that?

Go ahead, say it, Hazel.
I know you want to.

The stakes are higher
for me, Karlee.

You think about how
I got out of here.

And you?

Well, I got the chance
to go to New York

and create this amazing career
and life for myself.

And you think that
your life is so great

because you've crafted
this story for yourself?

Big city hotshot
with a chic wardrobe.

Your only friend
is your assistant,

and the only real relationship
you've ever had

was in high school.

And you won't even fight
for that one... again.

Look, I may not have gotten
to live out the dream I had

when I was 16,
but dreams change.

I have a beautiful family
that loves me

and a job that is fulfilling
every day.

I live in reality.

I don't live in this fake story
like you do.

Karlee, that's not-

I feel like I missed
more than I should have.

I think I really messed this up.

From what I heard,
you absolutely one-hundo P

may have messed this up.

But if anyone can fix this,
you can.

You can fix anything.

Just think about the
right way to spin it.

Or not spin it.

My metaphor is off,
but it sounds good,

so let's just go with that, okay?

How would you feel if I did
the right thing

but that may bankrupt
my new business,

which means you may have
to look for a new job,

and the New York Mets
may never win again.

If it means your happiness.

I would literally love nothing
more in the world, Hazel.

Even over the Mets?

Even over the Mets,
which is hard.

You got this.

You've always got this.

Okay. Let's go ruin
my career.



I apologize, but I am unable
to give you

the information you want.

Well, my editor wants answers,

and I can't keep this quiet, Hazel,

Feel free to serve me up.

Word will get out, Hazel, and
your business may not survive.

I know.

Are you sure you want
to do this?

Because, you know,
above anybody else,

being a woman in a
competitive field,

the job comes first... always.

Otherwise, you can be knocked
out of the running like that.

Are you really sure that you
want to knock yourself

out of the running?

I am sure.


For what it's worth,
I really respect you, Hazel,

for putting your client first.

Mark. Hello.

I have some not so good news.

So you want to talk about it?

Okay. I'll wait, mijo.

She sold me out.

This whole thing was an act

so that she could get
what she wanted.

I don't know, mijo.

Hazel was always a bad actress.

Remember when she was
in that musical? Ooof!

Listen to me.

I know a lot of years
have gone by,

but Hazel always wanted
what was best for you.

Your mom always said, Hazel
will keep you on your toes,

push you to open up,
be a better man.

I think you should talk to her.

Tío, she wanted me to tell
the whole world

about the worst moment
of my life.

And what would be
so bad about that.

Mark. What?

What, what, do you mean
the article's dead?

She k*lled the article.

Yeah, well, hopefully the Mets
will still consider me,

but I don't know what
she was thinking.

Yeah, I'll talk to you later.

Articles dead.

Tío! The article is dead!

The article's dead.
I gotta go!

Hey, I know I've called like
a trillion times already,

but I just want to say
I'm sorry again.

I was wrong.

I was so wrong about everything.

Please call me back.

I need you in my life.

You are my...

you're my best friend
and I love you.


I know you're an adult,
but as your mom,

I need to say something.

You're so strong and so driven,
and we are so proud of you.

But you deserve even more
than what you have,

what you can give yourself.

I don't think Diego is ever
going to talk to me again.

I did the right thing, right?

Like, I didn't throw away

my entire career for nothing, right?

Thanks for coming.

What can I do for you, Diego?

I have about 20 minutes
to catch my flight.

Game Seven of the World Series
happened on the same day

of the 15-year anniversary
of my mom's death.

And the bottom of the 9th, I
suffered a massive panic attack.

Um... are you sure you want
to do this?

This can be a pretty difficult
thing to work through.

And I'll never make sense
of losing my mom.

But I also don't want
to lose someone else.

Someone who taught me
that feeling my pain

doesn't make me weak.

So I'm going to start
this story earlier

on the night that I walked out
on the love of my life.



I texted and DM'd you
like a million times.

I turned my phone off.

I decided I am never leaving
this apartment again.

Even though I can't afford
it anymore?

Do you still love me even
though I'm not your boss?

I really wish you hadn't gone
on a comms cleanse today.

Morgan sent this over
a little earlier.

It's coming out tomorrow.

Oh, no.

I ruined everything.

I won state for oratory
and speech and debate,

so you're welcome in advance.

"When infamous pitcher Diego
Vasquez was barely 18 years old,

"his mother was diagnosed with
aggressive stage four

"pancreatic cancer."

Oh, God.

"His single mom, Angela Vasquez,

"immigrated to the
United States at 13.

"She got here
and didn't speak English,

"but she made a life
for herself, for us.

"I never knew how much
I didn't have

"because everything felt
so full with her."

Quote like Diego said a quote
about his mom?

I'll skip to the end.
Shall we?


"Diego Vasquez looked at me
and spoke quietly.

"Last night, I finally
told someone my story.

"And when she listened,
I felt lighter.

"Like the weight of my anger
and sadness lifted a bit.

"She told me that talking
about my pain made me strong.

"So I thought it was time
to bulk up even more.

"Even if it's the scariest thing
I've ever done.

"Because if I don't, who will?

"I looked at Mr. Vasquez
and couldn't help but think

"there was absolutely no spin
on this fastball."

You think he's talking about me?

Oh, he's definitely talking
about you, Hazel.

Got all your sappy voicemails,

and I decided that I couldn't
let you run away again.

You're my best friend
and I love you, too.

I smell like food and tears.

I'm used to it.
I have a child.

I have to find him.

He's with Chris back home.


He's been hanging out
with us a lot.

Why don't we get you packed

and showered and maybe
bring a dress.

Thank you.

You guys got me.

I cannot believe you roped me
into this.

Blame Karlee.

She signed us up
for two chaperone spots,

and she had to go out of town.

The kids are freaking out.
You know you're super famous.

Oh, yeah.

Hey, hey, hey!

Dude, I'm hungry.

Hey! Shh.




After you broke up with me,

I promised myself that I would
never be hurt like that again.

I built this wall of sarcasm
and stories

and bravado around my heart.

But when I read that article,
I saw how brave you are,

so I knew I had
to be brave, too.

You thought you broke me,

but I think you cracked me open
and open to let you in.

Open to love you.

There has never been anyone else
but you, Hazel.

Will you go to the prom with me?

- Well, yeah.
- Yeah.

Now we just got to work
on your fastball.

Yeah. No spin.

You love a spin, come on.

Not now, Mark.

♪ Listen to your heart... ♪

♪ When he's calling for you ♪

It's Mark.

Hi, Mark.

Mr. Vasquez.
What a comeback.

A no-hitter in your first
professional game back.

How do you feel?

I feel great.
Yeah, I feel really great.

It's been quite the year
for you since opening up

about your mental health
struggles in such a public way.

Yeah, a lot to unpack,
but I'm better for it.

My pitching is better for it.
No way to spin that.

And how are you liking New York?

It feels like home.

It really does.

You better get ready.

You're about to be so busy,

you're going to wish you
weren't so good.

Cannot wait.

Okay, your publicity call with
the publisher is in ten minutes.

The book is officially
a bestseller.

This author is hot.

There was never any doubt.

Karlee, it's official.
You're a best-selling author.

We have been fielding all
kinds of interview requests,

including Morgan Lucas, who
wants you on her new podcast.

Don't be nervous.
You're a mom.

You gave birth.
You can do anything.

Plus, you're my client.

I will be with you
every step of the way.

- Hey, babe.
- Hey.

Look, I got to run. Talk soon.
Love you.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Oh, my goodness.

I am never going to get
used to this.

Or someone cooking
in my kitchen.

Well, get used to me cooking
in your kitchen

for the rest of our lives,
mi amore.

At least in the off-season.
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