Rocketship X-M (1950)

The older Classic's that just won't die. Everything from before 1960's.

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The older Classic's that just won't die. Everything from before 1960's.
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Rocketship X-M (1950)

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X minus 18 minutes.

Blood pressure slightly high.

Nothing to be
alarmed about though.

Quite understandable
under the circumstance.

The weaker sex,

the only one whose
blood pressure is normal.

X minus 17 minutes.

You're in the assembly hall
in another minute, shall we go?

- Good luck.
- Thank you, doctor, and goodnight.

X minus 16 minutes.

Ladies and gentlemen...

Every news service and newspaper
is represented here tonight.

And for your co-operation in the
past, when complete secrecy was vital...

We are grateful.

However, I must make something clear.

Although ours is not
strictly a military project...

A great deal of our
research and knowledge...

falls within security regulations.

Therefore, I must insist...

that you reveal only such
information as appears in the

authorized press release.

Which will be handed to you later.

I'm sure that we can all recall the wild
tales of the flying discs, flying saucers,


and who knows what
imaginative creations.

The Press is to commended for discounting,
in most instances, these premature rumors.

That, so helping to
minimize public apprehension.

Tonight, you are invited here
to witness an important event.

You are all familiar with
our previous work in sending

robot missiles into space.

That phase is at an end.

Tonight, we will launch
the first manned space ship!

The R-X-M.

Rocketship eXpedition Moon.

X minus 15 minutes.

Forever, man has dreamed of
visiting the nearest of heavenly bodies.

Some, for adventurous,
fantastic reasons.

Others, like ourselves,
because they...

visualized a successful
lunar expedition...

as the first step towards
practical interplanetary travel.

Today, there is
even the possibility...

that an unassailable base could
be established on the Moon...

to control world peace.

I will now introduce to you the
head of this expedition and his crew.

Dr. Carl Eckstrom.

Designer of the R-X-M.

And as you all know, one of the
most brilliant physicists of the day.

And an old friend.

Dr. Lisa Van Horn.

His most able
co-worker and assistant.

Doctor of chemistry.

Col. Floyd Graham.


Mr. Harry Chamberlain.


of the Mount Wilson and
Palomar observatory staffs.

Mr. Chamberlain will
serve as navigator.

Maj. William Corrigan.


I shall now ask Dr. Eckstrom
to outline the flight plan for you.


X minus 14 minutes.

The distance between
the Earth and the Moon,

at its closest proximity,
is 238,000 miles.

We expect to cover this distance
in approximately 48 hours.

The first phase of our
flight will be the ascent.

To an altitude of 300 miles.

From the start, while we pass through
the troposphere and stratosphere,

until we reach the ionosphere, the flight
will controlled by our a*t*matic pilot.

After we have climbed through the
atmosphere, we will turn the rocket

into a parallel course with
the surface of the Earth.

In flying parallel with
the Earth's surface..

we receive added
boost from its rotation.

X minus 13 minutes.

The R-X-M is what is known
as a multi-stage or step-rocket.

Upon reaching escape velocity,
the tail section, which has

housed the fuel to attain
this speed, will be jettisoned.

The nose section, which
is a complete rocket,

containing enough
fuel for the entire trip

and also containing our cabin,

overcomes the
gravitational pull of the

Earth and heads in the
direction of the moon.

After we have passed
the equilibrium point, were

the Earth and the Moon's
gravities are in balance...

we will reduce
power to a minimum.

The Moon's attraction will
carry us the rest of the way.

Finally, we will reverse the rocket...

utilizing the thrust of its
motors to make our landing.

A few more details
which might interest you...

The cabin is pressurized
and gyro controlled,

keeping us in a level
position at all times.

We carry radar for navigation,

shortwave for communication.

And most important, more
than twice the amount of fuel we

expect to use, to keep well
within the margin of safety.

X minus 12 minutes.

We still have a few
moments, ladies and

gentlemen, for questions,
if any of you care to...


How do you fit into the picture?

- Do you have any family?
- No, I've been living on mountain tops.

I'm afraid it's too lonely
for such opportunities.

- Have you ever done any flying?
- Only as a passenger.

But, you're the navigator.

You must realize, that inter-solar
flight requires far more exact and

precise navigation than any Earth-bound
voyage, of course that's incidental.

- It is?
- Yes.

You see, as an astronomer, I can
appreciate the perfect observation

conditions on a body without
atmosphere, such as our Moon.

- Do you realize... [fades out] about 800 head grazing down there.

I bought my ranch with the flight
pay I saved up during the w*r.

How does your wife
feel about you going?

Well... she's a Texan too, and...

Well, she knows that when a Texas
man make up his mind to do something.

That it, period!

I wish you fellas coulda seen her
face when I walked in and told her.

In the strictest
confidence, of course.

Honey, I'm going to the Moon.

And what did she say?

She looked at me for a
second, and then said...

What for? They ain't got nothing there that
we don't have more of right here in Texas!

We've already made
the trip a hundred times. - What?

In the training room.

I've done more flying this last month
than I've done in over a 100 missions.

Believe me, this is the hottest
crew I've ever worked with.

Especially in the
brains department.

Yeah, very attractive too.

Yeah, I agree, but you
can quote me on this...

Unless you look like a test
tube or a chemical formula

you haven't got a chance.

So, from the woman's
angle Dr. Van Horn, how does

it feel making a trip like
this alone with 4 men?

To tell you the truth, I...

I never thought much about it.

Tell me Doctor, is
there any specific reason

why one member of the
crew should be a woman?

I'd like to answer
that if I may.

The reason Ms. Van Horn
is making this trip is because

of her pioneering research
with monotonic hydrogen.

It enabled her to develop
the first rocket fuel powerful

and concentrated enough
to make this flight possible.

X minus 11 minutes.

Ladies and gentlemen,
we are pressed for time!

You may view the take-off
from the observation

bunker, and return to this
room immediately afterward.

Everybody return
here, after the take-off!

X minus 7 minutes.

Gyro's controlling compass OK.

Batteries all up, auto pilot
OK. Everything's in order.

I've checked the calculations
many times. They're perfectly correct.

Oh, yes, all commercial flights
have been detoured 100 miles south.

Thank you.

Well, I can't think of
anything we've overlooked.

All we need now
is a little luck.

Doesn't seem real, the moment
finally has arrived after all these years,

It has been a long time.

A long time for two
men to work together.

You remember when we
started, what they called us?

- Young crackpots.
- Yes, and what are we now?

Maybe, just... crackpots.

The only regret I have is
that I must stay behind.

Your job is no less
important, Ralph.

I know, but still...

X minus 6 minutes.


Good luck.

Good luck, everybody.

X minus 5 minutes.

Better take one more look.

You won't be as close as this
to Mother Earth for some time.

I'll give the motors
a final once over.

X minus 4 minutes.

Motor room sealed.

Everything in order!

X minus 3 minutes.

No change of flight
plan, as discussed.

First 7 minutes of flight,
controlled by a*t*matic pilot.

Pilot's ready!

Seven minutes, straight ascent.

Straight ascent
from starting point.

Starting thrust using
all 10 assembly engines.

- 2300 ton.
- Right!

Fuel mixture?

Hydrogen and oxygen, plus A12

After 120 seconds, hydrogen
and oxygen, plus A14.

After 340 seconds,
hydrogen plus A16.

- After 560 seconds, A16.
- Right.

Any questions?

X minus 2 minutes.

Good luck.

X minus 1 minute.

X minus 50 seconds.

X minus 40 seconds.

X minus 30 seconds.

X minus 20 seconds.

X minus 10 seconds.

X minus 5 seconds.


Now, if you will follow me we will attempt
to establish radio contact with the ship.

The human body can
withstand these accelerations.

But, it certainly
was never meant to.

I feel like I was just
tossed off a spooky bronc.

Are you alright, doctor?

Oh, yes, you can't hurt
an old campaigner like me.

- How about you, you alright?
- Certainly.

Radar and gyro compass in order.

a*t*matic pilot OK.

- Fuel consumption?
- Normal!

- Air pressure?
- 15 pounds.


It's a marvelous
sight, isn't it?

It is.

You study maps, globes,
and try to visualize...

But the actual experience...

It's hard to express it.

Stand by to turn!

Stand by.


90 degree turn completed.

We should have a flight
speed... 3400 mile per hour.

Altitude, 360 miles.

How do we stand on fuel now?

?? left in tail section.

- Mixture at thrust?
- A16.

- Harry, contact the base.
- Right.


calling B-W-S.

R-X-M calling B-W-S.


Come in R-X-M. Over to you.

Stand by, B-W-S.

Eckstrom speaking.

We have leveled off
at 360 miles altitude.

And are circling the globe
at 3400 miles per hour.

We will increase
speed gradually until we

reach escape velocity
of 25,000 miles per hour

Everyone aboard ship well.

Over to you.

We'll be standing by.

- 5500 miles.
- Continue acceleration.

Hey, what happened
to the rest of the night?

I'm afraid we
ran right out of it.

If it's darkness you want, wait
until we enter outer space.

The realm of perpetual night.


6,200 miles per hour.

Radar is tracking
them perfectly!

I had contact with
them 4 minutes ago.

Altitude, 1600 miles.

Speed, 21,000 miles per
hour. Constantly increasing.

They are about to
reach escape velocity.


Bill... check the pressurizing
system and oxygen. -Right.

Boy, this kind of weather
makes me feel right at home.

It's like a nice cool
night in East Texas.


Take a reading the moment
we attain escape velocity. - Yes, sir.

Stand by!


Prepare to jettison tail section.

Start the front assembly motors.

Only 40 seconds
supply of fuel left.

Hold on tight, everybody.

- You ready?!
- Ready.


Reduce power.

Look out!

That was a little
too close for comfort.

We might be in a vacuum, but
I sure felt the wind of that one.

Harry, contact the base again.

R-X-M calling B-W-S, over.

Come in R-X-M, over to you.

Stand by, B-W-S.

We are on our way!

We have jettisoned tail section.

And are now reducing power
and speed according to plan.

Until we come within
the attraction of the Moon.

This probably last radio
contact before return flight.

Everybody aboard well.

B-W-S calling R-X-M.

B-W-S calling R-X-M.

Come in, R-X-M.

Ladies and gentlemen...

We had hoped by having the entire
Press represented here tonight...

To eliminate any possible hearsay rumor
or speculation within your reports.

However, I regret to
have to ask you to confine

yourselves to the
official news release.

I promise to hand you any news that
may come in, as soon as it can be cleared.

I don't think I
like all this dark.

It might be alright
for sleeping.

For a steady diet, uh-uh!

I used to hate the daylight,
because I couldn't work.

But up here in
this eternal night...

It's a different feeling.

A fella can get used to
anything I guess, if he has to.

Now, I remember when I
was first assigned to jets.

I said to the colonel, "Colonel..."

"I joined this man's
air force to fly an airplane."

"But nobody's gonna hitch
me to no Roman candle!"

And now I'm sitting
right inside of one.

Boy, oh, boy.

Ain't she pretty?

Can you see Texas?

No, it's in the other hemisphere.

Even so, from this distance it
would only appear a mere speck.

A mere speck!

Texas, a mere speck?!

Listen my friend, I'm broad minded,
I've been around people, but...

Don't you ever let any other
Texan hear you say that.

A mere speck!

It's the funniest sensation.

I feel like I'm walking
on a cloud, no effort at all.

We're getting deeper
into interplanetary space,

gravity will soon be
practically non-existent.

Look, we got a stowaway aboard!

Hey, whoa!

I need you.

Don't you think it's amusing?

Nothing funny about that,
simply the lack of gravity.

Oh, of course, Dr. Van Horn.

Better make sure our
equipment's fastened down.

Now don't get mad at me,
but can't you ever relax?

All these weeks, months...
I've been watching you.

Nothing but work, work, work.

Well, I've been wondering...

How does a girl like you get mixed
up in a thing like this in the first place.

I suppose you think that women should
only cook and sew and bare children?

Isn't that enough?

There's such a thing as going overboard
in the other direction too, you know.

If you know what's...

I'll check the engines!

Bill, pressurize the motor room first.

Motor room pressure up.

We're still drifting.

After 14 hours and 12 minutes...

We've covered 112,000 miles.

We'll come within the
gravitational attraction of the Moon...

That's not important right now, without
power we're helplessly suspended in space.

Even if we were already
within the gravitational

reach, we'd still be
unable to make a landing.

We need power to land!

I checked and double
checked all connections.


Fuel injectors...

Can't find a thing wrong.

Then it must be
the fuel mixture.

How much oxygen do we carry?

Don't worry, we have
plenty left for the trip.

For the trip as
planned, you mean?

If you don't mind...

The differential 6 over M to the 30th
power, the halfway check result is

262,341, both using
tangent 8, correct?

That isn't the result I have.

They must be the same.

There's an error there.

I've made no
error, Dr. Eckstrom.

I have to say that you made an
error, and discard your figures.

I'm sorry!

Don't be...

Surely you're not going to
let emotion enter into this?

Certainly not.

We'll continue computing,
using my results as a basis.

Yes, Doctor.

Except that I feel very strongly I
should say that we should try both.

We can't...

To complete either
calculation will take 6 to 8 hours.

We can't afford the time.

It's either one or the
other, Dr. Van Horn.

but it doesn't have to be...

You can't be arbitrary
about imposing your

will, when these
people's lives are at stake.

Don't you realize that?

You speak as calmly as if
you were saying pass the salt.

Aren't you human?
Are you made of ice?

I'm sorry. I apologize.

For what? For momentarily
being a woman?

It's completely
understandable, Ms. Van Horn.

- Now, shall we go ahead?
- Yes, Doctor.

- Tangent L9.
- Tangent L9.



It's Dr. Hurley at Mt. Palomar.

Yes, Dr. Hurley... yes.

We located the R-X-M's
position at 7:16 this morning.

Since then there has
been very little change.

Apparently, their velocity...

Is far more than we anticipated.

Are you sure, Doctor?

Thank you.

"The wind that blows
between the worlds."

"It cut him like a knife."


Hah, nothing, it's a line
from Kipling's Tomlinson.

A poem about the chap,
ah, somewhat in our fix.

He couldn't get in
to heaven or hell.

Suspended in space.

Would you do
something for me, please?


I need those two graphs
under Dr. Eckstrom's arm.

I'm tired and shaky,
I might awaken him,

I know the feeling.

I wouldn't rob him of
his sleep for anything.

I knocked over a 10 foot
Christmas tree once, while decorating

my cousin's house, just still trying
to do something when I was too tired.

It was about one o'clock in the
morning, kid's woke up, came rushing in.

At first the thought I was
Santa Claus, lying there

with a busted tinsel
star on my nose.

- I spoiled everything!
- Shh...

- Thanks.
- It's no trouble.

Why don't you take
a minute off from that?

- You're worn out.
- I can't.

You'll think clearer if you do.

When I was flying in the w*r, we had a
guy like you on some of our long missions.

Too bad.

Too bad?

He blew his top.
We had to put him in section 8.

He held it in too long,
never let down a second.

You're right, I'm not even
thinking straight anymore.

Numbers buzz in
my head like wasps.

I ought to think of
something different.

How 'bout that?

Something no human
being ever saw before.

You know, it's funny...

one never thinks of
the Earth that way.

As a dying planet with nothing
to give out but reflected light.

A mere moon.

Don't speak so
disrespectfully of the Moon.

I've done some of my
best work by moonlight.

I've found its
light very effective.

For navigation?

For any purpose.

Don't underrate it.
Moonlight's potent.

You're speaking of, ah, it's
effect on men and women?

On women, I don't
need the stuff myself.

- You are immune?
- No.

Just don't need it.

But, did you ever park
in an open convertible

on the cliff's
overlooking the Pacific,

on a warm summer night when a
big moon hung up there like a lantern?

Blue light from it walking
across the water...

Radio playing a nice tune.

Waves swishing on the beach.

No, I uh...

Perhaps unfortunately...

I never had the time, nor the thought,

to do anything much
beyond my profession.

Now don't tell me that
you never looked at

that old moon except
for astronomical reasons?

You're right.

I have..

In Rome once...

In Switzerland... I begged ??

What a nice stroll.


Yes. Yes, we walked slowly around
the edge of the lake for 2 hours.

And never stopped?



Everybody has their own taste.

It was lovely there.

Water black like cold coffee.

The moonlight, like flecks
of ice cream floating on it.

The music from the hotel bar room.

Oh, but that was so long ago...

Another world.

- Fine scientist I am...
- Why?


It's good for you
once in a while.

I suppose it is, but...

Not now.

I still say it...

Say what?

That moonlight's
effective stuff.

You're quite right.

What effect a double dose like
this would have in a convertible.

- Hmm?
- Nothing. Skip it.



I've been through some pretty
heavy flak in my day, but...

that's the worst I've
ever had thrown at me.

Heavenly flak.


Maybe somebody don't want
us to get where we aim to get?

Oh, cheer up, Harry!

After what we've been
through, we'll get there alright.

Maybe it'd been better
if one had struck the ship.

At least it'd been sudden...


Now, your computation?

We have to add 12% O3 to A16.

Right, 12% O3 to A16.

This means we'll have to rearrange some of
the fuel tanks and all the connections.

We'll replace these
H tanks, with these.

The motor room's pressurized.

Do you think you can
manage a half ton t*nk?

Oh, sure. Down on my ranch...

I used to throw a little ol' 1000 pound
steer over my shoulder every morning.

You sure that wasn't a little
ol' bull you were throwing?

Alright, Samson, let's
see you do your stuff.

Think I was kidding, huh?

You'll never
prove it to me here.


Can we be quite sure
these proportions are safe?

We never proved
them by experiment.

The mathematical theory
is beyond question.

O3 though, sometimes
it behaves unpredictably.

Woman's intuition again?

12% O3 to A16.

12% O3 to A16.

And chart deviation
is 32 degrees.

Present position...

We'll correct course when
we're in powered flight once more.

- All ready?
- Ready.

Stand by, everybody.

Will you repeat that
again, Dr. Hurley?

Are you certain?


Yes, I see. Thank you.

They are completely
off their course.

And moving with
incredible velocity.

Out into limitless space.

I can't understand it.




You alright?


Yeah, I'm alright.




We're not getting enough oxygen.


Bill?!... Bill?!

Dr. Eckstrom.

Dr. Eckstrom,
Dr. Eckstrom, Dr. Eckstrom!

How long has it
been since we...?

I'm afraid we'll never know.

How are the others?

I think everybody's
going to be alright.

It must have been days.

Fortunately the
engines were turned off.


I must have turned the
levers off when I blacked out.

But at what speed?

You know the consequences
of a body moving

with unchecked
velocity in free space.

Infinite motion!

So we made a little detour.

Now we gotta double
back to that last road sign

Come on, let's go to work.

Try to determine our
present velocity if possible.

It can't be true. The instruments
must have gone crazy!

I don't think so.

By heading into space we've added
the Earth's orbital velocity to our own.

We're really moving!

I should say at least several times
the maximum speed of your indicator.

Any progress, Harry?

Should at least have an approximation
of our position very shortly.

Fuel consumption?

In just a moment.

- Doctor?
- What?

I cut in resistances to raise the scale.

And look!


Definite acceleration, but...

With the motors off,
that's impossible, unless...

- This can't be correct.
- What?

I seem to be getting a strong refection
of impulse, directly ahead, 50,000 miles.

- That explains it.
- Explains what?

Of course.


It couldn't be mere chance?

I don't know quite
how to tell you it, so...

If I could've even dreamed that...

That an incredible set of circumstances,
each precisely and exactly timed...

would carry us unerringly
though space to our

most congenial
planetary neighbor, Mars...

- I wouldn't have...
- Mars!

It's utterly unbelievable!

No doubt whatsoever,

Mars, what do you know?

What does it mean, Doctor?

It means there are times when a
mere scientist has gone as far as he can.

We must pause, and
observe respectfully, while

something infinitely
greater assumes control.

I believe this is
one of those times.

We shall go on, of course.

Our overall fuel
consumption was...

42 percent!

A martian landing,
approaching a planet with

atmosphere, is far easier
than a lunar maneuver.

Certainly we shall go on.

We should be betraying an
unprecedented opportunity to do otherwise.

Then I'd suggest there's a
couple of little things we might do.

This ship isn't going
to land itself, you know.


Well, I'll be darned.

We must first compute
the correct thrust and fuel

mixture to comply with
anticipated conditions.

Escape velocity
12,500 miles an hour.

Oxygen at surface level 15%.

Prepare to change the parallel
course at distance 1500 miles. - Right.

I've located it!

- Located what?
- The Earth and Moon!

- Well, where are they?
- Here, take a look.

Well, what do you
know about that?

Is it alright to call
Texas a mere speck now?

As we are parallel flight, we
are reducing speed and altitude.

At 50 miles altitude, we will
execute a turn of 90 degrees.

Bringing the rocket
into landing position.

Since the gravitational
attraction of Mars

is only half as powerful
of that of Earth...

A thrust of 1200 tons will be
sufficient to make the landing.

- Fuel?
- Hydrogen and oxygen plus A12.

Altitude 70 Miles.



55 miles!

Stand by to turn.



90 degree turn completed!

Reduce power.

Altitude 40 miles.

- 38 miles.
- I only hope the light holds out.

It's getting dark down below.

Prepare to increase
thrust at altitude 15 miles.

It's getting darker rapidly.

As far as I can make out, the
terrain is suitable for landing.

Altitude 6 miles.

5 miles...

20,000 feet.

- 18,000.
- Thrust and pressure 1250 tons.

Stand by to increase power.




8,000, 7,000, 6,000.

We're losing altitude too fast!

Increase thrust to 3,000 tons.

4,000 feet.


2,000 feet.

Reduce thrust slowly to 1250 tons.



Save the engines.

Nice work, Floyd!

Mars, extending us a welcome!

Ah, we'll prepare to disembark
first thing in the morning.

In the meantime we can rest
and get our equipment ready.

Well, that's what
I've been waiting for.

Yeah, I've been itching to
get into one of these things.

Sorry to disappoint you, Bill.

We have atmosphere here,
we won't need pressure suits.

Which works greatly
in our favor too.

We can accomplish so
much more unencumbered.

Now, as far as equipment's
concerned, we'll take oxygen masks

- Camera, paraphernalia...
- What about data for the return trip?

It must be exact and precise,
hadn't we better begin preparations?

Yes, of course, you're right.

We have so little time
here, such and opportunity.

Let's think about that
for a little while, first.

Look at the rock
formations ahead.

Notice the abundant coloration?

Green, orange, yellow, black?

A sign of tremendous

Manganese, copper,
nickel, pitchblende...

Immense deposits of pitchblende!

You figure on staking
out a claim here?

I'm just making sure we
can find our way back.

All we've seen so far is rock
and sand, sand and rocks.

I wonder when we're gonna run
across some of these martians?

You know, from
what I read, they...

they've got pale faces,

and pin heads, and

fishy eyes!

Shall we go?


The mind that conceived this must
have been of a high order of intelligence.

At least the equal of Earths.

Perhaps considerably above ours.

To think that a complex,
organized society existed here once.

Yes, from all indications,
thousands of years ago.

I wonder how it happened?

There's always the
possibility of a meteor.

But then it would have created
a depression, like a moon crater.

No, this wasn't caused by a meteor...

This is definitely blast effect,
coupled with intense heat.

There's a strong field
of radiation over there.

You better stop, the
radioactivity is at the danger level.

Ironic, isn't it?...

The mind of man...

Wherever you encounter
it, Earth, or Mars...

The highest attainments
of human intellect...

Always diverted
to self destruction.

Perhaps the entire surface of
the planet is one vast ruin, like this.

Don't you think we ought
to start back to the ship?

I agree to that.

We're neither prepared nor
equipped for any stay here.

We have supplies
for several days.

Let's use this precious
time as effectively as we can.

I agree with Dr. Eckstrom.

A day here is more valuable
than years of research on Earth.

Well, OK then, let's get going.

What a lesson
here, for our world.

One blast...

Thousands of
years of civilization...

Wiped out.

Could there have
been any survivors?

I should hate to think so.

We still don't know all the
genetic effects of radiation...

But, that it will produce
mutations, malformities,

disfigurements, blindness, that
much we're sure of from research

A blast like this...

I should hate to think
that any survived.

Why don't you try
to get some rest?

If I ever get back to Texas, I'll know
better than to leave again, yes, sir.

Bill, Floyd, Dr. Ackstrom!

There were men out there!

Look, you gotta believe me!

It wasn't a nightmare,
I haven't slept at all!

- I tell you, I saw them!
- Where?

Right out there!

And when I yelled,
they disappeared!

Alright, let's go see!

Right here.

And when they heard me,
they disappeared in there.

Dr. Eckstrom....

Look at these footprints.

It don't take a Navajo to
figure out what caused these.

It's hard to believe.

Now maybe you'll agree
to return to the ship!

We can't stop now, we must follow,
find out what kind of creatures they are.

It's tremendously important!

We don't know how
many there are...

And suppose they're hostile,
with one r*fle and a p*stol...

- We won't have a prayer.
- That's the chance we have to take.

You wait here, I'm going ahead.

This kind of thing is just my
meat, mind if I come along?

- Thank you, Bill.
- I'm with you, Doctor.

- No Floyd, you three stay.
- Why not?

- I'll have to make that an order!
- Come on, Bill.


Atomic age...

To stone age.


Dr. Ackstrom!

Where's Bill!

Murdering savages.

No, Floyd...

They're crazed, despairing, wretches...

Pity them.

- Pity them.
- Don't talk anymore.

You must get back to Earth!

Tell them what we found!

Maybe this will...

Look out!

I wish Harry were able to help...

It's impossible to get a
precise result without radar!

You've done a wonderful job.

We should have fuel
enough for a landing.

When will we feel
the Earth's gravity?

As soon as there's
an increase in speed.

According to elapsed time and
velocity chart, almost any minute now.

But, without a
check from Harry...

I know, we're in a tight spot,
but we'll manage somehow.

- Any sign of increase in speed?
- Not yet.

You know...

You're a pretty
swell girl, Lisa.

A girl?

I'm not Dr. Van Horn anymore?


Just Lisa.

Doing her job.

No, I don't see
you that way at all.

I see a woman, sweet, gentle...

And beautiful.

I'm not the same?

Somehow, no.

But, I am, you know.

The same, I mean.

Well, maybe I've
changed then, but...

I feel that...

I've never known you before.

Can you ah...

Do something for me, please?

Sure. What?

Say my name the way
you did a moment ago?


R-X-M calling B-W-S.

R-X-M calling B-W-S.

Come in B-W-S.


Come in B-W-S.

Can't contact them...

They won't answer.

- The won't ever answer!
- Of course they will.

Speeds increasing, were
gonna make it, shut off the fuel!

I feel sorry...

I wish I could help.

You heard what Floyd said.

Everything will be alright.

What about the fuel? We...

- We lost so much.
- Yes, but...

We'll have enough for a landing.

How we doing?

Not so good.

Now what's the matter? Everything's
worked out so far, right on the nose.

We haven't got enough
fuel for a landing.

Not even for an approach.

The motors we functioning
perfectly before I shut them off.

And once hit capacity. ??

I'm sorry, it's all my fault!

Maybe it's only the instruments!

It's hopeless.

We're lost.

Everything is lost!

All of Dr. Eckstrom's
work in vain.

Now the world will never know
the terrible truth we learned.


Maybe there's still a chance.

We must be close
enough for shortwave.

We'll try to contact the base.

If we only could.

We must report everything.

Tell them... as much as we can.

What we saw..

The mistakes that we made.

R-X-M calling B-W-S.

R-X-M calling B-W-S.

Dr. Fleming, radio control room just
called, they've contacted the R-X-M!

There's too much interference,
you better use these, Doctor.

B-W-S, Fleming speaking.

Calling R-X-M.

Come in, R-X-M!

Repeat that again
please, Dr. Van Horn.

What about Dr. Eckstrom?

Now, at least they know.

Floyd, hold me, hold me tight!

I wish I know some
words that would help.

I'm sorry that we haven't
had any time, that we didn't

meet and know each other
the way we do now sooner.

Time isn't so important.

- Yes, yes it is.
- Don't, don't.

We can say that
time's behind us.

We've had years together.


I can tell you about a thousand
wonderful hours we spent together,

because I feel we
would have, inevitably.

And there's not much difference
between the future and the past.

Not if you feel this
way about it, no.

- Shouldn't we wake him?
- What good would it do?

None. You're right.

It's only seconds, darling.

Try not to be afraid.


I'm not afraid anymore.

Something happened, like a great
wave, carrying us up, baring us.

Protecting us.

- Dr. Fleming?
- Yes?

The men from the news
syndicates are still waiting.

Alright, let them come in.

Dr. Fleming, the pilot and
crew of flight 19, International

Airlines, observed a strange
object falling over Nova Scotia.

According to their reports, it
could have been the R-X-M.

My office has been getting the
same story over the wires for hours.

We know the R-X-M has
been overdue for a long time.

Is there any connection, Doctor?

As yet, there has been
no confirmation, but...

Yes, I believe there
is a connection.

Then, they all
perished in the crash?

No, two were lost earlier.

But the flight must be
considered a failure.

A failure?...

Every point of our rocket
theory has been established.

Its proven that inter-space travel
is not only possible, but practical!

And it has supplied
us with information...

Which may well mean the
salvation of our own world.

No, gentlemen...

The flight of the
R-X-M was not a failure.

Tomorrow we start
construction of R-X-M 2.

The distance between
the Earth and the Moon,

at its closest proximity,
is 238,000 miles.

We expect to cover this distance
in approximately 48 hours.

X minus 5 seconds.


- 90 degree turn completed!
- Reduce power.

Thrill, as you get a
Moon's eye view of Earth!

Streak though a barrage
of hidden dangers!


- Twenty five thousand!
- Prepare to jettison tail section.

You ready?


Reduce power.

Look out!
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