05x12 - The Nublar Six

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous". Aired: September 18, 2020 – July 21, 2022.*
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Follows a group of teenage campers who become stranded on Isla Nublar after multiple dinosaurs escape their habitats.
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05x12 - The Nublar Six

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[theme music]

[theme music continues]





[dramatic music]



-Where are they going?

They're afraid.


We gotta help her!

Darius, there's nothing we can do.

[dinosaur snarling]

Aren't you at least gonna finish her off?

You know, put her out of her misery?


-[device chimes]

Motivation for the children

to give up that password.

-Now, go get it.

-[device chimes]

[dinosaur snarls]

[low growl]


[footsteps receding]

[suspenseful music]


[device chimes]


[dinosaur screeching in distance]



If he's willing to k*ll Big Eatie,

what would he do to us

to get that password?

Oh, great.

So, either we stay and face certain death

Or we leave the island.


Brooklynn's right.

[Darius] We have to get to the boat.


After everything we've been through?

We're just throwing in the towel

and leaving the dinosaurs

to fend for themselves?

[dramatic music]

[phone beeping]

[man] Still no sign of them.

Every minute we waste on these kids

risks my deal with BioSyn.

It's time we tried a new tactic.

[device beeps, chimes]

[power blaring]


[powering down]

[thunder rumbles]


-[rain pouring]






[soft growl]

Split up! We'll meet at the boat!


They're headed for the boat.

Don't worry. They won't make it.


[suspenseful music]

[creaks, thuds]






That does not belong in here!

[suspenseful music]

[dinosaur screeching]

[yelps, screams]


[Kenji grunts]

[Darius] Hang on!

[Brooklynn screams]


[dinosaur squealing]


I got ya.

-[dinosaur growls]


Keep going! I'll meet you at the boat!


Did we lose them?

[dinosaur bellows loudly]


That answers your question?

[dinosaur snarls]

[device blares]

[door beeps]



[suspenseful music]

[footsteps approaching]

[sudden music sting]

[Sammy breathes heavily]

[suspenseful music continues]


[gasps, shrieks]



[Yaz groans]



[raptor screeches]

-[man yelps]

-[Yaz gasps]




[raptor screeches]


[tense music]


[Sammy grunts]





[man grunting]




[raptors screeching]

[man screaming]

[man over radio] I lost contact

with Kadinas at the warehouse.

No sign of the kids.

We know they're headed to the boat,

so just cut them off,

instead of chasing them

all over this island!

[Kenji] You think Brooklynn's okay?

[Darius] She's got this on lock.


The airlock's just up ahead.



[Kenji] Come on. Come on.

We got to


[suspenseful music]

[dinosaur bellows in distance]


[yelps, groans]

[heavy footsteps approaching]

[suspenseful music]


-[Daniel] Darius.


As soon as I start making

those chips for BioSyn,

this needless carnage can end.

You're never getting that password.

I'm disappointed, but not surprised.

Finish the job.

[device blares]




[device chimes]

[dinosaur snarling]


[suspenseful music]

[Kenji] I'll give you the password. Just

don't hurt him.

[Darius] Kenji, no! Don't do it!

[dinosaur snarls]

[dramatic music]


It's "camp fam for life".

But the "for" is the number "four".

I knew you'd give it up eventually.

[device keys beeping]

[voice operator]

Chip manufacturing initiated.

You've always been so eager to please.

-[device chimes]

-[dinosaur snarls]

[Kenji] I gave you the password!

Sorry. I don't like loose ends.





[breathing shakily]

[device chimes]



-[loud roar]

-[Darius screams]

-[T. rex roaring]



[epic music]

[electricity crackling]



[loud roar]

Big Eatie?

She's okay.

Come on, Darius. Time to move!


[dinosaur roars]

[panting nervously]


[T. rex snorts]



[T. rex roaring]


[heavy footsteps]


[dinosaurs roaring]

[loud thud]

[roaring loudly]

[both growl]


[woman over PA] Warning.

-Warning. System critical. Warning.



What do you mean, "again"?

While you were gone,

the core started going haywire,

and then there was this earthquake and

poisonous gas.

-[gas hissing]

-Warning. System critical.

Warning. System critical.

Something's drawing too much power.

[device keys beeping]

-The chips!

-Warning. System critical.

Geothermal core overload imminent.

Abandon facility immediately.

If the system overloads,

there won't be any safe place

on the entire island.

Then shut it down, Dad.

I can't!

It's too late. We have to go!

-Dad, wait! Dad!

-Geothermal core overload imminent.


-Abandon facility immediately.

-Warning. System critical.

-[Kenji] Dad!

Geothermal core overload imminent.

Abandon facility immediately.


-Warning. System critical. Geothermal

[plane whirring]


If anyone found out I was responsible

That's what you're worried about?

My friends are back there!

Oh, you always let your emotions

cloud your judgment.

We have to protect our name!

It's all business with you, isn't it?

You don't care about people.

You've never even cared about me!

We don't have time for this.

After Jurassic World,

when you thought I was dead,

did you even look for me?

Did I even matter?

Get on the plane, Kenji.

[solemn music]

Get on the plane, son!

Warning. System critical.

Geothermal core overload imminent.

Abandon facility immediately.

No, Dad. I'm staying.

With them. My real family.

System critical.

Geothermal core overload imminent.

Abandon facility immediately.


[dramatic music]

[plane whirring]

Warning. System critical.

Geothermal core overload imminent.

Abandon facility immediately.

Warning. System critical.

I can't believe it.

It worked.

-We actually pulled it off!

-Yeah, we did!

I was so nervous when Kenji

was giving his dad the password.

I know. I was so worried

I'd set off the alarm too soon.

Oh! And thank goodness

Ben remembered the crates

of sleeping gas canisters

in the warehouse.


Who would have thought the raptors

would actually help us?



We did it.

It was a huge risk, but it paid off.

And now, because of us,

these dinosaurs can finally just be.

[theme music]



-[keys clacking]

-[machine blares]

[dinosaurs squealing]

[theme music continues]

[Kenji grunts]



[footsteps thumping]

[Bumpy chittering]

[light music]

[Bumpy chittering]

-[device beeping]

-[both gasp]

[suspenseful music]

-[keys beeping]


Someone's coming.


[ominous music]

[breathing shakily]

[all gasp]

[epic music]


-[Brand grunts]

-[Darius] Brand!








[both gasp]

[girls chuckling]






Missed you, dude.


When I told you to get out

of your room more, I did not mean this.


[Brand] Dad would've

been so proud of you, D.

We all are.

[dramatic music]


[somber music]

Mae told me she made the call.

The police have taken your dad

into custody.

Well, with Mom gone

and Dad heading to jail,

shopping for the holidays just got easier.

[Brooklynn] Oh, I'm sorry, Kenj.

Do you think your dad

will ever tell anyone about the island?


If there's one thing Kons care about,

it's their reputation.

Not all Kons.

[light music]

I knew you'd come around.

Don't ruin it.

[dramatic music]

[dramatic music continues]

[news montage]

We're getting word right now

that the so-called "Nublar Six"

have been rescued

and are reuniting with their families

at an undisclosed location.

-[woman] They're alive.

-[indistinct chatter]

[news montage continues]

Rumors are swirling

that the six took shelter

in a complex of underground tunnels

that run beneath the abandoned theme park

known as Jurassic World.

[indistinct news reporting]

[birds screeching]

[dramatic music]

[Darius] I used to think I knew everything

there was to know about dinosaurs.

The truth is, it was only after

I stopped reading about them and I

We started living amongst them,

that I realized

I had so much more to learn.

As strange as it may seem,

dinosaurs aren't all that different

from you and I.

At their core,

they need the same things we do.

Food, shelter, even safety.

[Darius chuckles]

But most of all,

they're part of something bigger

than themselves, just like we are.

Whether we forge our own path,

or travel in herds

none of us are truly alone.

And at the end of the day, all of us,

dinosaurs and humans alike,

are in this together.

[dramatic music]

The world can be a scary place.

And sometimes, things fall apart.

No one knows that more

than the Nublar Six.

But how we survived,

how we'll all survive

is by working together,

trying to understand each other,

and leaving things

better than we found them.

Thank you.

[applause and cheers]

[computer beeps]

Whoa! Those views are off the charts.

Do I have to start

calling you superstar now?

"Thanks for watching, dinofan 264.

It's actually a common misconception"

No! No, no, no.

First rule of the Internet,

never reply to the comments.

-Besides, it's check-in time.

-[keys clacking]


Hey, guys! How's Texas?


I love it.

Getting to hang out with Sammy

and her family has been great.

Plus, some of the colleges

I've toured here

have amazing sports psychology programs.

And in our downtime,

I've been teachin' her how to lasso.


I'm really getting the hang of it.


Bumpy, get out of the

Oh, hey, guys.

Ben, I still can't believe

your parents let you spend the summer

on our secret island.

Well, I just calmly explained

that I'm practically an adult

who can make his own decisions.

And I called them.

Sammy, thanks for

that last shipment of meat.

-Obviously appreciated.

-Anything to help.

Ooh. Bye! Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.

Super cool of you

to keep this place up and running, Kenj.

You guys are doing all the work.

Like, I just pay the bills.

Hey, I only have a sec.

I'm chasing down a lead.

[Sammy exclaims]

You go, Esther Stone!


Yeah, it's just so weird.

Darius, have you heard

of the Lockwood Estate?

It's a little ways north of you.

No. Why?

They're saying

that dinosaurs have somehow

Look, I, I don't wanna say any more

until I have some real facts.

It's probably just a prank.

Just keep your eyes open.

Will do.


I gotta go. Call you tonight, Kenji.

Okay, real quick, I love you, guys.

Care packages are on the way.

Camp fam for life!


-[Kenji] See you all next week!

-Bye, everyone!


[Brand] Yo, Mom said dinner's ready.

And, uh, if you don't get down there,

I can't promise

there'll be any chili left.

[Kenji groans]

You're replying to those comments,

aren't you?

Just a few more.

[keyboard clacking]

[ground rumbles]

-[keyboard clacking]

-[ground rumbles]

-[rumbling continues]


[light music]

-[loud bellow]


[theme music]
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