11x10 - What Goes Around

Episode transcripts for the TV show "When Calls the Heart". Aired: January 2014 to present.*
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"When Calls the Heart" follows a young school teacher from a wealthy Eastern family, who migrates from the big city to teach school in a small coal mining town in the west.
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11x10 - What Goes Around

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Previously on When Calls the Heart...

I want to meet Dylan Parks.

He's in Granville Prison.

- I still want to meet him.
- No.

But he's my father. He's my family.

I'm your family.

What kind of trouble can I bail
you out of this time, Jeanette?

Actually, I'm here
to bid on your resort.

Dora Watson's better and
she's coming back for Lily.

[TEARY] Oh, Molly, how
am I gonna say goodbye?

[NATHAN] They're ready for more
than we think they are, huh?

So I've been told.

There's no denying it.

My little boy is growing up,

with help from two very
special people in our lives.

Nathan and Bill are taking
turns teaching Jack to ride.

Not too fast!

We got this, Mom.

Yeah, we got this.


As much as I miss rocking him
in my arms when he was tiny,

I feel excited, as every
day he takes another step

toward becoming who he's meant to be.

But I know there will
be growing pains, too.

Allie! Come watch me ride!

Maybe later, Jack.

As I've watched Nathan
struggle with how to tell Allie

the truth about her birth father,

I've seen how, as much as it pains us,

sometimes we have to
let our children hurt

to help them grow.

As for Nathan and me,
Allie needs him right now,

which I completely understand.

So for now all I can do is be here.

For both of them.

Hey, you two.

You're not uh, going
to the office today?


No, not today.

I'm gonna stay home

and Goldie and I are gonna
have a special day together.

Well, that sounds like a lot of fun.

As long as it doesn't have
anything to do with Montague.


He was beaten within an
inch of his life, Lee.

Because of me.

Sweetheart, it was not because of you.

The people of this town
have a right to know

that he was the frontrunner
to build the resort.

If anyone is to blame it's
Lucas for inviting him to bid

in the first place.

I know printing the truth
was the right thing to do.

It just doesn't ease the guilt.


Looks like you've got yourself
a hundred yard stare there.

Henry, you ever find yourself
asking how you got here?


Just about all the time.

I'm thinking about New Orleans.

When I first met Jeanette.

She wasn't just beautiful, she...

existed on a plane above everyone else.

I wanted that, too.

Everything comes at a price.

I realized that and I got
out... or so I thought.

Because here she is, back in my life.

The only bidder left on the resort.

I thought you were dead
set against her bid.

You really believe she's on the level?

So far as I can tell.


Because she's on her way.



I wonder who that could
be. Excuse me, sweetheart.

Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.

Bill, come on in.

- Morning, Lee.
- Hey.

Rosemary... we need to talk.

Bill, if this has to
do with Montague, stop.

What is the point?

Well, I have more questions. Don't you?


Um, Goldie. How about
I read a book to you?

Come here, sweetie pie. Oh, big girl.

Come on.

We couldn't have been more wrong.

Montague had nothing to
do with sh**ting Lucas.

We're back to square one.

Wrong. We know two things.

One, someone paid Clayton
Pike to take the fall.

And two, we know that
it wasn't Montague.

But we haven't the slightest clue who.

Well, you're not giving
up on me, are you?

I might be. Yes.

Rosemary, I need your brain power

in order for us to figure this out.

There is one other
thing that we do know.

Go on.

Someone wanted us to
think it was Montague.

That's why they hired Pike.

Because Pike had a
connection to Montague already

through his employment
at Union City Holdings.



They framed him

because initially he
was the prime suspect.


Well, who other than
Montague would have a motive

to sh**t Lucas?

Where are you going?

Well, to think about that.

You're really doing this?


The train leaves at 12:40,

and I have just enough to buy a ticket.

What exactly happened when
you talked to the prison?

I made a request to see my dad.

So they said yes?

Well, not yet.

But they have to. I'm his daughter.

Allie, you have to tell your dad.

I mean your other dad.
I mean, Mountie Nathan.

He'll just say no.
Don't worry, I'll be ok.

Um... here.

I can't.

Yes, you can.

In case you need to stay
at a hotel or something.

Thank you.

I'll pay you back.

Just... be careful.

I will.


Special delivery!

World's heaviest box of notebooks.

Oh, good.

- Where do you want 'em?
- Just over there.

This book inventory is
becoming an annual tradition.

My team of volunteers
should be here shortly.

Allie said she'd come.

Oh yeah?

She's barely talking to me.

Nathan, I'm so sorry.

I don't know if I did the right thing,

telling her that Dylan was in prison.

I think you had to.

What's she supposed to
do with that information?

Well, unfortunately that's something

she'll have to work out for herself.

So now I'm being the overprotective one?

I didn't say that.



It's hard to know the exact
amount of protective to be.


Here, I think it's stuck right here.

[ALLIE] Whatever you say...

Hi, everyone! Thank
you so much for coming.


[MINNIE] Aren't you hungry, Lily?

Not really. When is Grandma coming?

Uh, Auntie Faith says
tomorrow afternoon.

Lily, I was making your bed
and Rufus asked me a question.

He asked if he could
go with you to daycare

and I said dogs aren't really allowed

but maybe today they'd
make an exception.

I wanna come to the infirmary.

But today's your last day
to be with your friends.

I wanna be with you.

Cherish the day. It's God's gift.

In that case that is
exactly what we'll do.



Hi, Florence.

Granville Prison?

Uh, yeah. Patch them through.

Yes, this is Constable
Grant, how can I help you?

No, I wasn't aware of a
request to see a prisoner.

Allie is my daughter. All
- she's my adopted daughter.

I... I understand, thank
you. Um, I'll look after that.


Jeanette. Thank you for coming.

Is that the best you can
do? You called me, after all.

Have a seat.

We have been taking a second
look at your bid for the resort.

I wondered if that was
what this was about.

After I heard about that
man, Montague, being att*cked.

He took a battering,
but he'll be alright.

Lucas, if someone is beating up people

who are bidding on your resort...

We don't know that
that's what it was about.


Perhaps I should advise
my investors to pull out.

Let's not be so hasty, Jeanette.

I'm all you've got left, aren't I?


Hello, Michael. Mei.

Oh, hi Maisie.

This is a surprise.

I thought I'd pop by and say hello.

I'm early for a meeting
with Mayor Coulter

regarding the surge in crime.

You mean Montague?

It's awful, but I'd
hardly call that a surge.

I am not the sort to
say I told you so...

No, not you, never.

But I have been proven right
about this foolish resort

making our streets unsafe.

You don't know that, Maisie.

There's nothing to say that
Montague being beaten up

had anything to do with the resort.

According to the Valley Voice he
was in town on resort business.

I rest my case.

Oh, Mei, by the way, I've been
telling my mother all about you.

Oh, really?

Did you tell her that she's
smart and funny and beautiful?

Oh, he's biased.

And she's a great cook.

Oh, I'm... I'm just learning.

My mother had all these amazing recipes,

I've been trying them on Mike.

Splendid. I can't
wait to taste them all!

Shall we say tomorrow night?

- Tomorrow?
- Come again?

Oh, I promised I'd bring
mother to see where you work.

And to meet Mei.

So, 7:30? Dinner?

Well, I...

Wonderful. See you both then.

I've never met your mother
and now I have to cook for her?

Just one or two dishes?


[NATHAN] Elizabeth?

What's wrong?

Where's Allie?

She just went to pick up
our sandwiches for lunch

but she should be back soon.

Has anyone seen Allie?

No, but I wish she'd get here.

I'm hungry.

Angela, do you know where Allie is?


she's... um...

Angela, this is important.
I need to talk to Allie.

I promised.

Honey, we just want to
make sure that she's safe.

She's taking the train.

To where?

To Granville Prison.

It's leaving at 12:40.

Thank you everyone for your help today.

You can collect your sandwiches
from Mrs. Canfield in the café.

Nathan, how did you know?

I got a call from Granville Prison.

Apparently Allie phoned them
and requested a visit with Dylan.

Oh no.

Oh, it gets worse.

They were calling to say that
Dylan is refusing to see her.

- What kind of a man...
- I know. We gotta stop her.

Was that the train to Granville?

Yes, sir.

Did you see a young
girl traveling alone?

Yes, ma'am. She was in a hurry.

When's the next train?

Two hours.

Thank you. We'll wait.


What was Allie thinking?

Well, she isn't thinking.

She's just a bundle
of emotions right now.

I should have told her
the truth about Dylan.

Nathan, to tell her that
he was in Hope Valley

and didn't want to see her?

That would crush her.

There's not one ounce
of decency in that man.

There must be something
redeemable in him.

To have a daughter like Allie.

And for your sister to have loved him.

I hope you're right.

Don't worry.

She's smart and resourceful
and she's going to be ok.

When do you intend to
announce we've won the bid?

All in due course.

You used to know better
than to keep a girl waiting.

Miss Aucoin, we haven't
met. Leland Coulter.

- A pleasure.
- What brings you to town?

Hopefully the Governor will
be making an announcement soon.

An announcement?

Wait a second, is Jeanette
bidding on the resort?

Listen, she has presented a viable bid

backed by respectable investors.
Henry's done his due diligence.





[LUCAS] What're you doing here?

What do you want?


[g*n SHOT]

More ice cream, Lily?

No thank you, Miss Mei.

Are you sure?

You always say I can
only have one scoop.

I know, but today is special.

Because Grandma's coming
to get me tomorrow?

Mei, the pharmaceuticals
finally arrived,

do you want me to put
them... why the long faces?

Hmm? Oh, not us.

Are you excited to
see your grandma, Lily?

Oh, she's coming back?

- Tomorrow.
- I see, I see.

Well, your grandma had us
all pretty worried, Lily,

so I'm glad she's feeling better.

Me too.

But how will I feel better?


What are you saying to Rufus?

I told Rufus to remind you
every day how much I love you.

Well, I don't know which is worse.

This Montague being
invited to bid on the resort

or him being viciously att*cked
right here in Hope Valley.

And before you start defending
your pal the Governor,

may I point out that this
process has been shrouded

in far too much secrecy.

I agree.

You do?


I have to admit, the lack of
transparency really concerns me.

And I am worried that
the Governor isn't getting

the quality of bidder he was hoping for.

Mayor Coulter, are you telling
me that you are having doubts

about moving forward with this resort?

Yes, Mayor Hickam.

That's exactly what I'm telling you.

Leland, I think you better
start calling me "Maisie".




Uh... excuse me?

This is no place for you, young lady.

Run along.

I'm here to see someone. My father.

Your father? I don't
suppose he works here.

No, he... he's...

What's his name?

Dylan Parks.

We got a visitor here for an inmate.

Parks, Dylan.

You're name?

I'm Allie. Allie Parks.

Miss Allie Parks.



Hey, you got a minute?

Sure, yes. Come in.


Look, um, I won't
take much of your time.

I just wanted to talk about the uh...

well, the resort.

Well, Montague dropping
out was certainly a setback.

A setback. I see.

Look, Lee, obviously I'm disturbed by

what's happened to him

but we don't know that
that had any connection

to the resort.

Oh, come on, Lucas.

It happened right
after Rosemary revealed

Montague was the bidder.

I'm doing everything in my
power to make this process clean.

I'm sure you are, but is
that even possible right now?

What're you trying to say, Lee?

What I'm trying to say is that

I really think it's
time to cut our losses.

- To cut our losses?
- Yes.

This isn't about you or me,
Lee. This is about our town.

Our territory.

It's about our children's futures.

And if you're too small-minded
to see that, then...


Maisie and I can no longer
offer you our support.

You and Maisie.

I have come to see things
from her point of view.

It would seem that the resort
has already lead to v*olence.

Lucas, my friend, nothing
good is gonna come of this.

I'm so sorry.

If that's all, I have
a resort to get built.





What do you want?

What're you doing here?

[g*n SHOT]





- Allie!
- Dad!

What were you thinking, huh?
I was so worried about you!

Are you ok?

I'm sorry, I should
have listened to you.

Dylan didn't want to see me.

Oh, Allie.

You're ok, you're safe.
That's all that matters.

Can we go home now?

Yeah, we can go home.

That's the best idea I've heard all day.

[LEE] So, how was your day?

I had just a lovely day at home today.


But tomorrow I'm ready
to get back at it,

clacking away on my typewriter.


What's this?

This is a mayor's statement.

Written jointly by Maisie and me.

You and Maisie, together?

Yeah. I just dropped off a copy

at the printer for tomorrow's paper.

There's still time to
stop it if you disagree.

Lee, are you sure about this?

The obvious conclusion
is usually the right one.

The resort is taking Hope
Valley in the wrong direction.

Then let's print it.

Thanks, sweetheart.

My mom loves anything chicken,

so maybe your sesame
chicken with broccoli?

Ok, I'll just-I'll just
take out the chili paste.

That's the best part.

I really want her to like it.

I really want her to like me.

Are you kidding? Of course she will.

You know, I can only imagine

what it was like raising six kids.

Growing up it was
just me and my brother.

- It was noisy.
- Hmm.

And sometimes annoying.

And there was always a fight

over the wishbone at Thanksgiving.

But we did have our fun times.
You never lacked for company.

Well, I like the sound of that.

That's a relief.

What... what do you mean?

Well, I was trying to find the
right way to tell you, but uh...

Maisie called and she's bringing
my other four sisters as well.



[ELIZABETH] Thank you so much
for looking after little Jack.

Oh, it's our pleasure.

How did everything go in Granville?


It was just.. heartbreaking.

Allie's father refused to see her.


Imagine a father rejecting his daughter,

especially one like Allie.

And Nathan was in an
impossible position,

wanting to protect Allie,
not wanting to hurt her

by giving her the
whole truth about Dylan.

Thank goodness you were there.

Well, I...

I really care about Allie.

Elizabeth. That's not what
I meant and you know it.

Nathan needs you just as much as Allie.

Perhaps even more.

I need him, too.

So, the stars were right after all.

I hope so.


I made you some breakfast.

I'm not very hungry, but uh... thanks.

Do you want to talk about it?

Or not.

Whatever you want.

I was right there.

And he couldn't even
be bothered to meet me.


Look at me.

That's his problem.

It's not yours.

I just don't get it.

Well, you know, maybe
he was embarrassed,

or ashamed.

Why would he feel like that?

Because he knew that he let you down.

So now you're defending him?


I didn't know Dylan that
well, but I can tell you this.

He's a fool...

for throwing away his
chance at being your dad.

Because his loss is my gain.

Because I don't want to imagine
what my life would be like

without you in it.

Who would you tell your dumb jokes to?


Watching you grow up has just...

has been the greatest joy of my life.

I'm so proud of how...

how smart and thoughtful
and fearless you are.

And you get all that from your mother.

I don't know.

That sounds a lot like my dad.



Have you seen this?

I have.

The question is, has Lucas seen it.

Has the Governor seen what?

What is the circulation of this rag?

Must be several hundred?

I really wouldn't call it a "rag".

What's going on, gentlemen?

Edwin, what's this?


I will speak to the mayors immediately

about retracting this... this outrage.




What're you doing here?

What do you want?

I came to congratulate you, cherie.

Governor Bouchard has a nice ring to it.

Who's your friend?

This is Mr. Shaw.

He has some business
he'd like to discuss.

I'm sorry.

This isn't the place or the time.


I'm afraid Mr. Shaw insists.


[g*n SHOT]


You were there.

You were there.

What are you talking about?

You were there when I was shot.

You were there, Jeanette.

Don't try to deny it.

In a way I'm relieved you've remembered.

That was such an awful night.

Casimir Shaw, he forced
me to take him to you.

The gangster.

I'm sorry.

I didn't want to involve you,

but when he found out about
our personal connection

he threatened to k*ll
me if I didn't help him.

Help him do what?

Pressure you to letting him
run rum through the territory.

But then you grabbed
the g*n and it went off.

[CRYING] Lucas, I'm so sorry.

Is he still after you?

The publicity around the
sh**ting scared him off.

He doesn't like that kind
of exposure. Except...

Except what?

When you announced the request
for proposals for the resort

he got interested as
a way to launder money.

Casimir Shaw is behind your bid?

One of America's most wanted criminals.


And he had Montague beaten
to eliminate competition.


You have to cooperate with him.

If you don't, I'm as good as dead.

And so are you.


Good afternoon.

How's Allie doing?

She's alright, I think.

I think so, too.

She's strong and she knows
she'll always have you.

Elizabeth, I uh...

I don't know how we would
have done this without you.

So thank you.

Well, I care about Allie.

And I care about you.

Allie needs me right now.

I know. I'm here. I'm
not going anywhere.

She needs you, too.

Then I'm here for both of you.

Well, I should get going.

Lucas asked to see me,
it sounds important.

Of course. Go.


Why don't you and little Jack
join us for dinner tonight?

We would love that.

What can I bring?



Here's an idea.

Why don't you both just
come over to our house?

Well, I thought you'd never ask.

Mrs. Watson is expected any minute.

Oh, Lily is just darling.

And the children at
the daycare adore her.

Oh, poor Faith. She'll miss her so.

- We all will.
- Mm-hmm.

Oh, here she is now.



Mrs. Watson. You look so well.

Better than when you
last saw me, at least.


Lily and Faith are in the parlor.

Oh, hello. You must
be Lily's grandmother.

Yes, I'm Dora Watson.


Aren't you a sight for sore eyes?

Doctor Carter, how can I ever thank you?

Oh, it's been my pleasure.
Lily is very special.

And I'm so glad that
you're feeling better.

Grandma, I've been having so much fun.

We have ice cream and
we get our hair done

and I get to play with
all the kids at daycare.

That does sound like fun.

Please, have a seat. And
I'll bring Lily's favorite.

Cinnamon buns! Yay!

Except Lily doesn't like icing.

Yes, I do. That's the best part.

Minnie, no icing for Lily! Thank you.


Auntie Faith!


Hey. Any idea what this is about?

I think I'm being
called up on the carpet.

Could you blame the Governor

after that wanton betrayal?

Lee, you did the right thing.

Thank you, sweetheart.

Ah, Lucas, before you say anything,

I gave you fair warning on
those mayor's statements.

You did, and I appreciate that, Lee.

You know, it's at times
like these where you realize

who your true friends are.

Rosemary, I owe you an apology

for the way I reacted to
your article about Montague.

Lucas, are you alright?

What's going on?

I've cancelled the resort.

As of now the project is dead.

Have you lost your mind?

Thank heavens.

I'll expect an exclusive.

And it will be yours.

But why?

And why now?

Because certain information
has come to light

and, well, unfortunately that's
all I can say for the moment.

Our readers will expect more than that.

I will prepare a statement.
Thank you, everyone.

Alright, let's get to it.


Gentlemen, I wonder if we could speak

in Lucas's office for a moment.

What's this about?

This is where I have breakfast.

And we read stories
over there on the sofa.

And my bedroom's upstairs.

Isn't that nice?

Lily, maybe your grandma

will let you stay overnight sometimes.

If that's alright.

Of course.

Well, here are Lily's things.


I wanna stay with you.

We'll see each other lots, ok?

Lily, I think I left my
eyeglasses on the table.

Run and get them?

She's so happy with you.

Watching you together...

I've been worrying about
what's best for her.

That's all either of us wants.

The thing is, with my
heart the way it is,

my energy isn't what it was.

I'm not sure I can
give her what she needs.

I'm sorry, I don't understand.

You remind me so much of
my daughter, her mother.

It's so much to ask...

What is?

Doctor, can Lily stay with you?

Stay with me?

Yes. Yes. Yes, of course!


Grandma, I couldn't find them.

What's wrong?

Lily, your grandma said
that you can live here

if that's what you really want.

Thank you, Grandma!

We'll see each other all the time.

Maybe for Sunday supper?

It's a standing date.

Good. No offense but Grandma
cooks way better than you.


No offense taken.

Casimir Shaw.

He shot you and Jeanette was there?

So Shaw paid Pike to take the fall.

Shaw has been using
Jeanette to get to me

and then get his claws into the resort.

He was behind Jeanette's
bid from the beginning.

Well, now that we have you as a witness

we can put him behind
bars for sh**ting you.

Not so fast.

There are other things to consider.

Lucas has concerns
about Jeanette's safety.

She was terrified of
what Shaw would do to her

if I k*lled the resort.

Well, what about your safety?

Do you think Shaw could come
after you here in Hope Valley?

It's possible.

And that's why I'm
bringing you two in on this.

Shouldn't Lee be here for this?

I mean, he's mayor now

and Rosemary knows this
case inside and out...

I don't want Rosemary involved,
for her own protection.

I at least want to talk to
Jeanette and see what she knows.

I'm gonna ask you to
please leave that with me.

For now, this stays amongst us.

Come on, everyone.
Mustn't keep Mei waiting.

Ah, there she is.

Hello. Welcome.

Nice to meet all of you.

It's ok, they're just like
this when they're hungry.

Mom, meet Mei Tsu.

Such a pleasure.

I've heard so many
wonderful things about you.

Likewise, Mrs. Hickam.

Oh, call me "Mom". Everyone does.

Well, let's eat! [CLAPS]

Don't want the food going cold

after Mei went through all that trouble.

Fingers crossed.


It's really good.

It seems everyone loves your food.

And they love you.

And... so do I.

Oh, Mike.

I love you, too.


May I have some more chicken, please?

Mm-hmm. Here you go.

Wow, you're eating like
a horse tonight, Jack.

No, like a pony.

Somehow I think Pal would be
more interested in your salad.

Mountie Nathan, can you give me
another riding lesson tomorrow?

I'd love to, but I'm... I'm
pretty sure it's Bill's turn.

It is.

And aren't you lucky
to have two teachers?

Can I come watch, Jack?

Sure, you can have a turn riding him.

Oh, I think I'm
probably too big for Pal.

Want to help me brush him then, Allie?

Now that sounds fun.

And then after maybe
we can get ice cream?

Ice cream? Yay!


What's for dessert, Mom?

Banana bread.


[JEANETTE] Mind telling
me where we're going?

[LUCAS] Pull over here.

So, what's so special about this spot?

It's the edge of town.

This is where we say goodbye, Jeanette.


Lucas, you've always had a flair
for the dramatic, but really.

I've cancelled the resort.




You don't want to mess with Shaw.

I have protection, and I'm
trying to protect you, too.

You need to go someplace and disappear.

It's that or I'll have
to have you arrested

as an accomplice for sh**ting me.

I told you, Shaw forced me to be there.

You need to leave.

Find someplace safe and stay there.

Do you want to know why I
agreed to front the resort bid?

Because I was looking out for you.

Like I always do.

Then consider us even.

Goodbye, Jeanette.


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