05x15 - Game of Jones

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Ridley Jones". Aired: July 13, 2021 – March 6, 2023.*
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Series is set in a world similar to Night at the Museum with key elements shared between the two.
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05x15 - Game of Jones

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♪ In a place full of mystery ♪

♪ Where the past comes alive ♪

♪ There's a hero of history ♪

♪ Who is ready to thrive ♪

♪ She is saving our future
By protecting our past ♪

♪ She's a hero
Whose moment's arriving at last ♪

♪ Ridley Jones ♪

♪ Daring and bold and courageous ♪

♪ Ridley Jones ♪

♪ Guards the museum with pride ♪

♪ Ridley Jones ♪

♪ Her sense of adventure's contagious ♪

♪ With dinos and dodos
And astronaut chimps by her side ♪

♪ Ridley Jones ♪

♪ Wearing her trademark fedora ♪

♪ Ridley Jones ♪

♪ No challenge can get in her way ♪

♪ She won't ever give in to her fear
She shines when adventure is near ♪

♪ Swinging into the fray
And then saving the day ♪

♪ Ridley Jones ♪

♪ Ridley Jones ♪

[Ridley] Game of Jones.

[Lonny] Hey, stop. What are you doing?

That's Grandma Jones' forklift.

And she's away
at a paleontology conference.

Have you passed the safety training
you need to operate that vehicle?

Ah, shucks, ma'am,
no need to get your gully in a gulch.

This here's a delivery
for the Jones family?

From an old friend.

Happy trails. [chuckles]

-She's gone. It's okay to come out.
-This is weird.

We weren't scheduled to have a delivery.

That crate's so big,
they ought to call it a crate-osaurus.

-Maybe there's treasure inside.
-Let me do some recon.

Says it was sent to Sarah Jones.

It's for Mama.

But she never said
she was expecting anything.

And the sender is Dr. Amanda Cornwallis.

Who's Amanda Cornwallis?

[gasps] No. It can't be.

-I haven't heard that name in a long time.
-[violin playing]

Who is that?

So, Ms. Jones, we meet again.

Mama, do you know her?

Oh, Sarah,
you never told your family about me?

I told my children,
Charles and Miranda, about you.

I came to visit because I managed
to locate the Finder's Stone.

The Finder's Stone is a myth.

And yet, here it is.

Using the Finder's Stone,

I discovered the location
of the famed Cinnabar Serpent.

Imagine my surprise
when I discovered that it's hidden

in one of the exhibits
here in this very museum.

Your museum.

And I brought my team to take it.

This is my team.

Lariat Lawson, Anubis,
Sibusio, and Questa.

We're the Eyes of the Museum,

and we won't let you
take anything that's not yours.

Yeah, don't make me show
just exactly how tough I am.

You want to play tough? [laughs]

Bring it on.

How very noble of you, Ridley Jones.

[chuckles] So much like your mother.

You better believe it.

How will you stop me, when you'll be
busy trying to stop the Amazon River?

Why would we want to stop the Amazon?

[suspenseful music plays]

Good luck, Ms. Jones.


Come on. We've got to get in there
and stop the Amazon.

But, like, what about Dr. Cornwallis
and her bogus brigade?

We're protectors.

We take care of the museum
and deal with her later.

-[Ismat] Yeah!
-[Dante] Let's do this!

Look at all this water.
The Amazon must be dammed up.

And you can bet
Amanda Cornwallis is behind it.

Mama, how would you even know her?

Amanda and I were classmates
when we were both archeology students.

But she realized that she could make
lots more money by selling art, fossils,

and important artifacts
to private collectors rather than museums.

In private collections,
only a few people can see them.

That's horrible.

Her greed led her down a dark path.

Instead of becoming a protector,
she became a raider.

Look, dudes. Beaver dam ahoy.

Now that's awful strange.
There's no beavers in the Amazon.

Dr. Cornwallis must've put
the beavers here to sabotage the river

so we couldn't stop her
going after the Cinnabar Serpent.

We need to relocate those beavers
and get rid of this dam

so the Amazon can flow.

Let's get to work, team.


There's the artifact. Anubis, lead.

I will go.


We found this room's booby trap.

-How are we gonna get across?
-Sibusio, to me.

Yeah! [chuckles]

-Smash through those stone wheels.
-Me? That looks dangerous.

Perhaps you'd prefer I lock you up
in a crate for the next 50 years.

[snorts] Fine.

[gulps] Go, go, Sibusio!



I don't feel so good.

There. That wasn't so bad, was it?

[Fred laughs]

They're cute
when they're not blocking the river.

They'll be even cuter when we get them
back in their natural habitat.

Whoa. Chill your chompers, little dude.
This tail isn't beaver food.

[all laugh]

[Ridley grunts]

[Peaches grunts]

[Ridley] This isn't gonna be easy.

[Dudley grunts]

Got to hand it to those beavers.

Taking apart this dam is tougher
than chimpanzee astronaut training.

What's this?

Bless my biscuits, it's a puffer fish.
And there's a whole bunch of them.


Aren't you just
the cutest little fishy-wishy-woo.

-[chuckles] Gitchy, gitchy.
-Dudley, no!

-It might be a Cornwallis trap.
-[Dudley] It is a trap!


[Peaches] Whoa!

[all] Whoa!


Dante, catch!


Hold on, Rids.

[Dante grunts]


Where's Peaches and Dudley?

-[Dudley] Whoa!
-[Peaches] Yippie-I-O!

-Thanks for saving me and my beak.

I'll always be there to rocket you out
of a river and throw you in a boat.

I don't want to, like, alarm every dude,
but piranhas and electric eels! [screams]

Eels. Why did it have to be eels?

We gotta skedaddle, y'all!

Questa, carry Miranda up to the artifact.

Uh, Mom, are you sure?

You can do it. Listen to Mom.

Do not be afraid, little one. I got you.

Now, bring me the fragment.

Don't worry. I got this.

Rotunda, here we come.

What? It's gone.

-Oh no!
-Back off, eel dudes! [grunts]

Hey! Not the horns.


Dudley, that was really brave.

I can't believe it either.

I got this.

[all] Whoa!


[beaver] Huh.

As the Finder's Stone foretold,

this fragment is the final piece
of the map to the Cinnabar Serpent.

[mystical music plays]

The Serpent awaits!


Is everyone okay?

I can't believe my Compass Eye disappeared
in the middle of a mission.

-Someone could've gotten hurt.
-I'm royally relieved we had an extra Eye.

The last time
your Compass Eye disappeared,

it was because the artifact
in the Aztec exhibit was damaged.

And this time,
I bet Dr. Cornwallis did the damage.

It's time
for another Eyes of the Museum adventure.

Would it be okay
if your mama tags along on this adventure?

-Of course.

-Sure as Saturn.
-I have something for you, Mama.

Thanks, sweetie.
Time to rock it up a notch.

Someone messed this place up big-time.

Someone tough.

Amanda Cornwallis
never did care if she made a mess.

Looks like we were right.
A piece is missing from the artifact.

-[adventurous music plays]

I always forget how mummazing she is.

There's a warning where the fragment was.

I haven't studied Aztec for years,
but I think it says,

"Whosoever removes the Cinnabar Serpent
shall awaken the temple's curse."

[grunts] Knowing Cornwallis, she probably
never bothered to read the warning.

Hey, look. A secret door leading
into this dark, spooky tunnel and I…

-[gasps] Never mind. Nothing to see here.
-That must be where they went.

We're gonna follow the spooky tunnel
right to the ancient curse, aren't we?


I need to stop discovering things.

This way, team.

It's easier making our way
through these Aztec ruins

when someone went through
and sprung all the booby traps.

Amanda Cornwallis is being reckless,
just like always.

I hope we can catch up
before they get to the Cinnabar Serpent.

[kids] Help!

That must be Charles and Miranda.

[both] Help! I'm sinking!

Oh, don't be so dramatic.
You're sinking very slowly.

[grunts] Grab on there, kiddos.

Whoa! There they are.

[chuckles] Impressive. Didn't think
you'd escape the Amazon so quickly.

-Especially without a Compass Eye.
-You didn't count on me having my own.

She gets her own?

You said we were too young.

Ridley has shown
she deserves to have her own.

Unlike you, Amanda.

-Spare me your speeches, Sarah.
-Your kids might've gotten hurt.

You never knew how to be careful.

And you were always
so worried about breaking things

that you never got things done.

All the years you worked at this museum,

and you never even knew
the Cinnabar Serpent

was right under your very noses.

I never looked for it,
because if the stories are true,

it's too powerful
and it should be left where it is.

Amanda, we were friends once.

Yes, it's true.

You were a good friend.
A very good friend.


It's not too late.
You can come to the good side.

It might not be too late for me.

But it's too late for you. Lawson!

Go, go, Sibusio. [grunts]

-Ismat, watch out!


[all scream]

[Ridley grunts]

Is everyone okay?

[all groan]

-Yeah, mostly.
-A-okay, Ridley.

Ugh, just feeling foolish. I actually
thought Amanda was listening to me.

Oh, I was listening,

but all I could hear was someone
who doesn't know

how the world works
outside her own museum.

♪ Sweet little perfect Sarah ♪

♪ Lives by her golden rule ♪

♪ But when it comes to the real world ♪

♪ Sarah's a fool ♪

♪ Kindness will get you nowhere
That's part of life's design ♪

♪ Go ahead and be selfless ♪

♪ I'll take what's mine ♪

♪ Why hunt these priceless treasures ♪

♪ Just for the world to see? ♪

♪ Just think what something so priceless ♪

♪ Might do for me ♪

♪ You're fine with going nowhere ♪

♪ But, Sarah, I decline ♪

♪ While you wind up with nothing ♪

♪ I'll take what's mine ♪

♪ It's how things are, don't mistake it ♪

♪ If you want something
You've got to take it ♪

♪ You want to waste your chances? ♪

♪ So be it, that's just fine ♪

♪ I'll do what must be done now ♪

♪ I'll take what's mine ♪

♪ I'll take what's mine ♪

Amanda, you can't leave us here.

Goodbye, Sarah.

I will get the Cinnabar Serpent,
and you can't stop me.

Miranda, Charles, are you trying
to fall into another pit of quicksand?

Coming, Mom.

-Ugh, we have to find a way out of here.
-Don't you fret. I'll rocket out.

Whoa! Whoa!


[both groan]

Oh, sorry, Dante.

I guess my rocket pack
got busted when we fell.

-[Ridley grunts]
-[Sarah grunts]

The walls are
too smooth and hard to climb.

Couldn't you use your Compass Eye?

Yeah, but if I open a portal,
it'd take us back to the museum.

We'd have to start at the beginning.

We won't catch Cornwallis
if we have to start over.

We can't let her get the Cinnabar Serpent.

What is it anyway?

There's an old legend
told among museum protectors.

I never told you because I thought
it was just a tale.

Legend says the Cinnabar Serpent
is one of three mystical artifacts

hidden in museums worldwide.

If anyone can gather all three,
they'd have the ability

to return all museum artifacts
to their proper time and place.

Or they could use it to steal them

and gain control
of any museum pieces around the world.


Wait a mule-kicking minute.
That means she could steal any of us.

Oh no, Ridley. Don't let them steal me.

No. I'm already the last dodo,
don't you know-know.

Don't worry, Dudley. I won't let anyone…

Wait, what's that?

Uh, it's my beak. I'd have thought
you knew what a beak is by now.

No, not your beautiful beak. That.

I think it says to look
for the Aztec symbol for "family."

Righteous. All I have to do
is find the symbol for…

I have no idea how that symbol looks.

But I do.

Way to go, Mama.

You're all family to me,

so it makes sense that the family symbol
would open the door.

Does anyone else think this is
the perfect time for a family hug?

Mission control, family hug is a go.


I bet this family has time to stop
the Cornwallises from getting the Serpent.

Let's do this.

[dramatic music plays]

Wow, lookee there. The Cinnabar Serpent.

Amanda, stop!

If you take the Serpent from the pedestal,
you'll unleash the curse.


Oh, Sarah Jones,
you always were too careful.


I'm guessing that's the curse.

Uh, look! The walls!

That's definitely the curse.

Go, go, Sibusio!

Whoa. That was pretty tough.


Look out!

Pretty tough yourself. [laughs]

Ah! Stay back. I command you.



-Wow. Um, thanks.

I had to save you.
I can see you are an Egyptian queen.

Finally someone gets me.


Hang on, honeybunch,
Peaches is a-comin'.


Get behind me, Dudley.
I might have to make a monkey mess.



-Dante, that surely was Jurassick.




Come on. Come with me.



Dead end.

Now what do we do?

This way. Hurry.

Thanks… for, you know, saving us.

I'm a protector. That's what we do.

♪ There are people all around us ♪

♪ And our lives are intertwined ♪

♪ Though it's tempting to be selfish ♪

♪ We should be a bit more kind ♪

♪ 'Cause those people need compassion ♪

♪ They're the same as me and you ♪

♪ A protector lives
For more than just herself ♪

♪ That's what heroes do ♪

♪ Through the booby traps and danger ♪

♪ Through this ancient temple's curse ♪

♪ If we're nothing else but selfish ♪

♪ Then the world will end up worse ♪

♪ So we know that it's our duty ♪

♪ We must see each other through ♪

♪ A protector
Always thinks of others first ♪

♪ That's what heroes do ♪

♪ A protector hears the call
To help them all ♪

♪ That's what heroes do ♪

[Dudley screams]

I have to go.
My friends are still in danger.

[Dudley] Help! I'm still in danger!

See what I mean?

-Be careful.
-Yeah. Be careful, Ridley Jones.


Put the Serpent back.
Maybe that will stop the curse.

Never. The Cinnabar Serpent is mine.

-No! Stay back!

-[Amanda grunts]

-[Charles screams]

The Serpent can wait. Hold on! I'm coming.


-Give me your rocket pack.
-But it's busted.

Don't worry. I've got a plan.

Hey! Over here! Catch!



Wow. Awesome. Thank you.

Anubis, Questa, get the kids.

-[Miranda screams]

Looks like it's time to go.

But Sibusio and Lariat Lawson.

We can't leave them behind.

I have the Cinnabar Serpent.
That's all I care about.


Goodbye, Ms. Jones.


[warriors grunt]

Mama, what are we gonna do?

Get off! Get off of Sibusio!

We have to help them.

But how do we stop the warriors?
They won't even listen to a queen.

Cornwallis took the Serpent,
so we can't put it back.

The pedestal lit up
when the Serpent was removed.

Maybe the pedestal controls the warriors.

Worth a try.

[warriors growl]

We still got to get past them.

I can't believe I'm about to say this but…

♪ You can't catch a dodo
Oopa doopa ♪

I didn't think that would work so well.

He's giving us a distraction.

A push on three. One, two…



Get off.


You're safe, Dudley.
You can stop running now.

Being brave is exhausting.

Proud of you, Sunshine.

We're mighty grateful to you.

Dr. Cornwallis left us behind,
but you saved us.

We're museum protectors.

And despite what Dr. Cornwallis says,

it's better to be protectors
than to only look out for yourself.

I speak for Sibusio here
when I say we don't care

to be part of what Cornwallis
is up to no more.

And I believe I speak for Lariat Lawson

when I say we would be honored
if we were allowed to stay at your museum?

That reminds me. Got a gift for you.



Once again, the artifact is fixed.

I think it's time to head home.

This is your museum?

That's right, rhino bro.

Welcome to our home. Your home.

I can't hardly believe my peepers.

You'll like it more than a space
monkey likes asteroid frozen bananas.

That means you're gonna like it a lot.

Come on. We'll give you a special
all-access behind-the-scenes tour.

Now we need to get your Compass Eye back.

Looks like we'll have to wait for Grandma
so she can give you a stamp.

Rids, we don't need to wait.
You're a protector now.

-You can give me the stamp yourself.
-I can? That is so cool.

[clears throat]
Looks like it was a successful mission.

You know what that means.
Passport, please.


This is my new favorite stamp.

Me too.


Ugh, I've missed this.

[gasps] Mama?

[both laugh]

I'm glad you got your Compass Eye back.

And I'm glad to know
that we can rely on yours if we need to.

Still, I'm worried.
Dr. Cornwallis has the Cinnabar Serpent.

That probably means she'll go after
the other two artifacts.

Don't worry, Mama.
We have something she doesn't.

And what's that?

A big loving family.



[upbeat music plays]
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