01x13 - Episode 13

Episode transcripts for the TV show, "Love in the Air". Aired: 2016 - 2022.*
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A Thai story based on a novel narrates the journey of finding true love despite the circumstances.
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01x13 - Episode 13

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I think you just wanted to bring me out on a date.

This room’s filled with memories of you.

Just tell me what to do ‘cause I like you so much.

Yeah, P’ Pai and I are going out.

There’s a race tonight. I’ll meet you late. Wanna eat anything?

I’ll buy dinner myself. Don’t worry. Good luck.

Will there be a prize for me if I win?

If you’re not worn out, I’m up for it.

Hold up, I’m gonna screenshot and print it out.

You’re so in love.

A single guy like me can only be stuck with assignments.

Gonna find myself a girlfriend. Be right back.

Don’t tease me, Sig.

Do you have a boyfriend?


P’ Pai’s really something.

Ever since he went out with you...

His IG’s been swarming with your pics and sky images.

P’ Saifha said he’s turned into a sky gazer.

The Wind Will Always Embrace the Sky

Dad! Dad!

What’s the matter, you rascal? That was quite a loud shout.

Are you really gonna let me go to school in Bangkok?

Are you?

- Do you wanna go? - Absolutely!

- You must study hard when you get there. - Yes, Dad.

Wanna try?

- Is it good? - Yeah, give it a try.

Go ahead. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Use this.

- How do I light it? - Like this.

Put it in your mouth first then light it up.

- Put it in my mouth first? - Yeah.

Light it up. Just like that.

Inhale. Inhale.

- Smoking helps relieve stress. - Really?

- Cheers. - Cheers.

Familiar taste.

- How are you? - Huh?

- How are you today? - My mom kicked me out of the house.

- Again? - Yeah.

- Cheers. - Okay.

I ran away from home. My mom kicked me out.

You’re a naughty boy.

I'm a good boy.

P’ g*n, I love you.

I snuck out again. Let’s go all out today.

It’s bitter. Why didn’t you add more soda?

Oh hey! Sky’s here. Let’s give him a big hand.

- Treat me, okay? - Sure, it’s on me.

- Cheers. - Okay, cheers.


- Sky. - Huh?

What happened to you? You look like you were run down by a truck.

Nonsense, I’m fine. You’re just seeing things.

Don’t tell me P’ g*n…

I told you he’s a f*cking piece of shit!

I fell down the stairs. It’s got nothing to do with him.

Fell down the stairs?

Then what about these marks? Aren’t they cigarette burns?

It’s none of your business.

Forget it. I did this to myself.

P’ g*n, what’s going on? Why are your friends here?

P’ g*n. P’ g*n.

It’s a surprise for you.

You like it?

P’ g*n, don’t do this to me.

P’ g*n, help me. It hurts.

Please let me go. I’m begging you.

Please let me go. Please.

Please. Please let me go.

No. No!


P’ g*n. You love me, right?


Help me, P’ g*n.

Help me.

You’re annoying.


I’m bored.


Why did I dream about that time again?

When will I forget this f*cking nightmare?

What’s up? You miss me?


Answer me, baby.

Sky, are you alright?

Sky, answer me.

P’ Pai, I had a nightmare.

You okay now?

You asked me if I missed you.

What if I tell you that I do?

What? Say it again.

I really miss you, P’ Pai.

Can you hurry up and come to me?

I’m coming right away.

Please hurry up.


Payu, I’m done for the day. I’m leaving first.

But you only raced two rounds so far.

Sky called. He didn’t sound good.

- I wanna go check on him. - Okay, just go.

- Drive safely. - Later.

- You’re awesome today, P’ Pai. - I know.

What’s up, g*n? Long time no see.

Hello. Your boyfriend’s cute.

We saw from your IG. You just couldn’t stop showing him off.

He’s not just cute but very cute.

You’d better stay away from him if you meet him.

I’m jealous.

Alright, see you later.

- Bring him with you next time. - Okay.

Sky, where are you?

I’m here, honey. I’m here.

Have you eaten? Wanna eat anything?

You wanna cuddle me?

- P’ Pai. - Yes?

Will you hold me?

Bad dream?

Are you okay?

P’ Pai, can you do something for me?

What is it?

Don’t let go of my hand.

Okay, I won’t let you go.

Strong summer monsoon causes sharp temperature drop...

As the east wind sweeps through Thailand. Please beware of weather changes.

P’ Payu and P’ Pai are gonna be surprised to see you with me.

I’m the one who should be surprised.

You were still running away from the securities last time.

But now, everyone knows you.

That was ages ago.

It was only half a year ago.

Hey, P’ Payu’s over there!


It’s me.

Why didn’t you tell me you’d come? I could've picked you up.

I’ve missed you so damn much.

I wanted to surprise you.

Honey, I almost went crazy when you told me not to go to your room.

P’ Pai, we’re in public!

I don’t give a damn. My lucky star’s right here.

- Are you tired? - No.

Can I kiss you?

I’ll punch you if you kiss me here.

What about on the cheek?

Did the helmet hit your cheek?

Pai, get ready. It’s your turn next.

Take care of him.

- He’s very precious to me. - Alright, I got it.

Will you just go? You’re wasting time.


Don't just focus on your boyfriend but ignore mine.

As for you, don’t talk to anyone.

If anyone asks, tell them you’re my boyfriend.

So can I talk to other people or not?

Just tell them you’re my boyfriend and don’t say anything else.

You’re still not leaving.

You should go.

He’s pretty possessive of you.

Rain, give me your car key. I must’ve left my phone in your car.

I wanna film P’ Pai during the race.

You sure you can go alone?

- P’ Pai said… - I’m not a three-year-old.

I'll be back in a jiff.



It’s been a while.

You look better than I thought.

P’ Pai, you’re so cool!

Yeah, thanks.

I’ve got a favor to ask.

See that chick over there? I want her.

What’s that got to do with me?

Well, she says if I can take her to your room, she’ll let me do her.

Come on, let me use your room. The one where you brought your hookups to.

Those girls brag about how they got into your room.

If I’m really gonna get that chick, I must use your room.

Please let me use your room. I’ll let people clean it up in the morning.

Aren’t we buddies?

It’s hot. Get your hand off me.

Come on, it’s just one night.

I’ll return the key at your house in the morning.

Pai, the bike’s ready. Prepare for next round.

Please, I’m begging you. I’ll be very grateful.

Fine, go get the key from Saifha. I’ve left it with him.

If you do illegal stuff in my room, I’m gonna k*ll you.

Roger that.

You sure it’s a good idea?

I don’t like him either.

I can see through him.

But I need to know exactly why he tries to get close to me.

If he blows clouds in my room, I’ll be the one to throw him in jail.

But I’m gonna let him go for now, as long as he doesn’t s*ab me in the back.

Don’t let your guard down.

They’ve suddenly come more often. They neither race nor place a bet.

It’s like they specifically target you.

Yeah, I know. Just let it go for now.

Today I’ve got to show my honey how cool I am.

What a coincidence.


I thought...

You were already broken.

Look at you.

P’ Pai fixed you until you’re good as new.

My condition’s got nothing to do with you. If you’ll excuse me.

Where are you going?

You’ve gotten bolder after becoming Prapai’s boy.

You really think he’s serious about you?

Don’t be naïve.

P’ Pai’s not a f*cking scum like you!

Stay away from me.


What did I teach you?

Earnestness is boring.

And who’d be serious about someone like you?


P’ Pai’s not that kind of man.

He takes good care of you. He’ll never hurt you.

He’ll never hurt you. He takes good care of you.

He takes good care of you. He takes good care…

What’s wrong? You’re very pale.

It’s nothing.

I think I’m gonna leave first. I’m not feeling good.

Hey! Wait.

Wanna go to the hospital? I’ll come with you.

It’s okay, I’m really fine.

Hey, I think you really need to go to the hospital.

I’ll take you there. Let the doctor examine you.

Let me tell P’ Payu first. Wait here.

Don’t go anywhere.

You need to tell P’ Pai.

Tell him everything and you won’t have to live in fear anymore.

A guard says P’ Pai wants you to wait for him at his condo.

I’ll drive you to the condo then.

- Do you have the key card? - Yes.

Come on, let’s go.

Are you sure you can be alone?


You should go back to P’ Payu. Thanks for the ride.

Yeah. Rest up. You look like you’re sick.

Drive safely.

It’s okay.

You’re gonna tell P’ Pai tonight.

Tell him everything.

He’ll definitely understand you.

We’ve met sooner than expected.

Let’s have fun again tonight.

- Where are you going? - Let me go!

Let go! Let go! Let me go!

Stop struggling.

Let me go!

When have you become so feisty?

You’re as heartless as ever. Thought you’d be gentler to your ex.

My ex?

The f*ck he is.

He's just a toy.

A toy that I threw away.

He’s f*cking feisty.

I wouldn’t have helped you if I hadn’t wanted to know what P’ Pai saw in him.

By the way...

I’m very curious why P’ Pai readily gave him to you.

What? You're shocked, Sky?

I gave you such a valuable lesson.

But it looks like you’ve forgotten it.

Your dear darling P’ Pai...

Gave you to us.

I don’t believe you.

And how do you think we entered this room?

It was your dear darling P’ Pai…

Who gave us the key card.

That’s a lie! You’re f*cking lying!

P’ Pai will never do something like that!

You don’t have to believe me.

After all these years, you haven’t learned anything at all.

So I’m gonna enlighten you.

Sky, I only told him I was your ex.

And showed him photos of your happy times with me and them.

Do you know...

What he said?


Sky, Sky, Sky, Sky.

He said…

‘Take back your filthy shit!’

- Payu, where’s Sky? - Rain took him away.

And where did Rain take him?

Rain said Sky wasn’t feeling well, so he drove him back.

They just finished the exam today, so he must be exhausted.

It’s a shame he couldn’t see me being cool.

Never mind, I’m gonna check on my honey. He must’ve missed me.

P’ Pai, are you leaving?

Please take care of Sky. He’s not feeling well.

You can count on this nurse.

- Nurse him only. - Okay.

Wait a minute.

If Rain took Sky back to his dorm, then why did he return so soon?

Rain, where did you drop Sky off?

How forgetful of you, P’ Pai.

Didn’t you tell me to take him back to the condo?


I was racing this whole time. How could I possibly tell you?

What? But...

During the race, a guard said you wanted Sky to go back to the condo.


I’m coming with you.


Open up!

The party hasn’t started. What’s the rush?

P’ Pai! Wait! You let me use the room.

- P’ Pai. - Out of my way!

P’ Pai, it’s not what it looks like. Your boyfriend started it.

You can see what’s going on here.

We’re not forcing him at all.

That’s right. We’re telling you the truth.

We brought that chick here and met your boyfriend.

And you know that he used to date g*n before.

He suddenly flipped out, scaring the girl away.

He dragged g*n to the bedroom.

- And the rest is what you see. - You’re lying.

Sky’s not that kind of person.


Sky, get up and talk to me.


Get up.

Answer me!

P’ Pai...

Can’t I be only yours?

Please don’t give me to anyone else. I'll do anything.

Can’t I only be with you?

Of course.

You can.

It’s okay, baby.

You don’t need to be with someone else.

- Rain, take care of him. - Okay.

Are you alright?

Are you okay?

Let's get out of here.

You hurt my boyfriend, huh?

No, I didn’t. He seduced me.

No! P’ Pai! Stop!

Stay the f*ck out of it!

That’s enough! You’re gonna k*ll him!

Sky, are you alright? Answer me.

Sky! Hey!


Sky. Baby.

Look at me, baby.

Just cry if you’re suffering.

I’m right here.

I’ll wipe away your tears.

Let it out.

Don’t hold back.

I’m here with you.

I told you to cry!

I’m begging you.

Let it out.

Let me take care of you.

Why are you crying, P’ Pai?

Because you don’t cry.

If you can’t cry...

I’ll cry for you.

If you suffer...

I’ll suffer with you.

If you’re in pain...

I’ll be in pain too.

Let me cry in your stead.

Nothing gets better even if I cry.

It does.

Trust me.

I’m right here.

I promise.

I won’t let you go through this again.

I won’t give you to anyone else.

I love you, Sky.

Don’t leave me, P’ Pai!

Don’t give me to anyone else.

Love... Love me. Please love me, P’ Pai!

Of course.

I won’t give you to anyone.

I love you so much.

I’ll bring you some clothes.


Aren’t you gonna ask me what happened?

You can tell me when you’re ready.

Then today’s the day.

I’m scared if I don’t tell you today, I won’t be able to bring it up again.

P’ g*n is my ex.

He suddenly started to abuse me.

Little by little.

I’d always thought that it was my fault.

Even when my friends told me to break up with him...

I didn’t listen to them.

I’m trash.

I’m damaged goods.

When I returned home, I was like a broken doll.

I didn’t speak.

Didn’t listen.

I spaced out so much that my dad got worried.

- P’ Pai. - Hmm?

Can I really love you?

- Can I? - Yes.

Why are you crying?

I’m sorry, I should’ve met you sooner.

I should’ve met you at that time.

I’d never hurt you.

Never make you cry.

Never let you go through that incident.

But we eventually met.


The question isn’t whether you can love me.

But I want you to only love me.

I won’t let you love anyone else.

I won’t let you get hurt.

It won’t get hurt as long as you’re by my side.

Stop crying.

Then you should stop too.

Who says I’m crying? These are tears of joy.

I’m happy too that you’re now in my arms.

I won’t make a promise.

I won't make a vow.

But I’ll show you with my actions.

I’ll make you so happy until everyone gets jealous.

I’m already happy.

If I become any happier...

I’ll get scared.

Then I’ll make you very happy until you stop being scared.

I’ll always make you smile like this.

Me too.

It’s time for ‘Chitchat of the Day’ again.

I wonder what everyone’s doing on this beautifully bright and clear-sky day.

If you’re lonely hearts with nothing to do, you can share your answers on...

‘How to win a rocky heart.’

Let’s check out some answers from our listeners.

P’ Pai.

Why did you get out of bed? You could’ve slept longer.

Afraid I’d disappear? Come here.

I won’t go anywhere.

Will your family look at me strangely? You suddenly brought me home last night.

My mom’s most likely to be thrilled to meet Sky who’s put Prapai in his place.

- P' Pai. - Yes?

Thank you for getting me out.

Thank you for waking me up from my nightmare.

It’s my duty as your lover.

Thank you too for telling me everything.

And I let P’ Chai deal with that bastard.

We won’t ever see him again.

What's the condition?

Competing in every race according to P’ Pakin’s order.

But don’t worry, you know how skilled I am.




The one who helped you that time was your dad...

And your favorite actor’s interview, right?

Yeah, I came across my favorite actor’s interview.

He'd left the business many years ago.

Before he accepted an acting role again.

He had relationship problems at that time.

Just like me.

But he got back on his feet again.

I still remember his words.

He said...

‘How sad will my loved ones be if I don’t love myself?’

‘If one person can ruin my life, how could I face my family?’

You know what?

When I saw my dad’s tears, I asked myself who was actually important to me.

I wanted to become strong again.

I wanted my dad to be proud of me.

Instead of obsessing over someone who didn’t care about me at all.

I might not be able to help you at that time.

But from now on, I'll be by your side.

I will cherish you.

Take care of you.

Value you.

I love you, Sky.

And have I told you?

That I love you too.

The last answer is from Khun Prapai.

He says, ‘To win a stony heart, you must use your own.’

Even though we met in an unfavorable circumstance…

But from now on, I want him to know that…

The wind will always embrace the sky.

One Month Later

P’ Pai, Mother asked me to bring you coffee.

So refreshing.

This is your family photo?

Yeah, you met all of them.

Oh, except my uncle. This one.

P' Pai!

Frost Patheera is your uncle?

Hold on.

Yes, I listened to his interview when I was feeling down.

I wanna meet him. Can you take me to your uncle?

Please, I wanna meet him. Please take me to him.

That’s enough, enough, enough, enough. Stop looking.

- But I wanna… - I’m jealous even if he’s my uncle.

Just look at this Black Giant for the rest of your life.

- Jealous? - Obviously.

I almost wrote the word on my forehead.

- You know what, P’ Pai? - What? I know nothing at all.

I can look at Black Giant for the rest of my life.

Because I love you, P’ Pai.

I’d better go see Phan. Bye.

If I can’t make you pass out tonight, don’t call me Prapai.

The End
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